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Best disk saws

Those who had to work out for several hours with a hacksaw, do not need to explain the advantages of a disk saw. It will be able to directly and smoothly cut the sheet material or thick boards at such a time, for which hacksaw she will only start washed down. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur disc saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but it will always help out in work. It is also important that manual disk saws are safer than ordinary circulars, safety precautions when operating which you need to know like your seven fingers. The best disc saws 2021. Early 2022 are presented in our ranking.

The main areas of application of disk saws:

  • Finishing and carpentry work: cutting sheet materials (laminate, chipboard, OSP, plywood) and thin boards (platbands, lining, block house, parquet).
  • Plotnitsky construction work: transverse and longitudinal sawing of boards and timber up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy work (construction of a house from a beam, woodwork): transverse and longitudinal sawing of the beam and logs with a thickness of 100. 200 mm.

Therefore, today we will interfere with a review of several market segments at once. From compact models with a low cut depth to professional models that can cut a thick beam with minimal time spent. What to choose bypassing the shelves of tool stores in 2022?

Zubble PDP-55

  • Great appearance
  • Light at work
  • Quality assembly
  • Sits comfortably in the hand
  • Clear and convenient adjustments
  • A good disk included

Varieties and choosing the necessary type of circulation saw

To choose the type of circular saw suitable for planned work, you must imagine their existing varieties.

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Circular saws depending on the design

The mobility of the device and the size of the processed parts depend on the constructive performance:

One. Stationary. Such a saw is suitable for performing a large volume of monotonous work, for example, in production, where a large number of lumber are constantly processed. Such a tool is installed on a separate frame, has the corresponding size and requires a separate place to install, and in some cases even the room.

Desktop. Reduced version of a stationary circular saw. Are also installed on a stationary base but much smaller. Suitable for large volumes of household works. For example, when building a house, a bathhouse or a similar structure.

Manual. A mobile device that can be processed in several planes. Used to work with different materials: wood, plastic, soft metals, etc. D. Of all types, it has the smallest power and requires periodic rest, but is mainly used for such types of work where it is not critical.

Circular saws depending on the intensity of use

Here it is necessary to take into account the volume of proposed work and the planned speed of its implementation. Depending on this, the corresponding type of circular saw is selected:

One. Professional. Materials and design solutions used in such devices allow you to use them without a break throughout the working day. Usually these are universal tools that are suitable for processing materials of different stiffness and size.

Household. Modern household circular saws, like professional models, can boast of universality in work, but they must require compliance with the load mode. This is usually about 15 minutes of work for the same amount of rest time.

Circular saws for the type of work performed and the materials used

Using a conventional circular saw can be cut into parts of various wooden elements. The usual circular saw can cut various wooden elements at different angles into parts. However, there are circular saws of special purpose. Some of them are able to plunge into wood, others are adapted for working with metal.

One. Circular saw for metal. The saw involving work with metals should be more powerful and adapted for working with different cutting disks. Standard abrasive and increased strength. In fact, this is the most universal tool that allows you to cut any materials: sheets, pipes and metal profiles, wooden blanks, plywood, plastic and similar.

Submissive circular saw. This class includes a hand.Type circular saw and stationary, with a mobile saw disc. The cutting edge of such tools can fall into the center of the part and start sawing from this place, which allows you to cut through the through holes in the blanks. Such devices are most often used to work with plywood, OSB and similar leaf materials.

A visually noticeable feature of submersible circulars is the absence of a lower protective automatic casing and a special design of the supporting plate, which allows you to configure the cut depth with an accuracy of a millimeter. This allows not only to make through slots, but also to make straight and curly (if the design of the saw allows the sawdust at an angle) grooves, gutter and cracks.

Before choosing a wood saw for a home, it is necessary to consider such devices, since they have maximum versatility.

Circular saws like electricity supply

Here you need to very carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tools:

One. Network. The bulk of disk saws are made with power from the network 220 (household manual) or 380 volts (stationary professional). They can only distinguish two shortcomings: the need for an electric network and the ability to get confused in the wire.

Battery. For such a saw, you also need a socket, but only to charge the battery. Then it works completely autonomous, though only for 30-50 minutes, depending on the battery capacity. The main drawback of such devices in the battery charging time, which is 5-8 times higher than the duration of autonomous operation.

Go circular or stay linear?

As a result, given the high cost, it makes sense to purchase battery tools only with frequent short.Term work in hard.To.Reach places where it is easier to take a wireless saw than to conduct a temporary cable for power supply. For example, it can be roofing or similar work at high altitude, where you have to constantly move with the tool.

The best disk electric mini-saws

Mini-saws are small in size, which allows you to use the tool in conditions of cramped space. This is multifunctional equipment for wood, metal, plastic. They are equipped with low.Diameter discs, but are distinguished by good performance. Manufacturers offer network and battery models. In our top, 4 brands with good functionality, reliable electric motors and thought out ergonomics.

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

For work on metal, wood, concrete, soft stone. Design features provide a good overview of the cut line, and the guide tire makes the cut more accurate. A small electric motor is economical, accelerates a disc 85 mm to 4500 rpm, allowing you to quickly solve the tasks. The spindle blocking function makes a convenient, simple, safe replacement of equipment.

The cut depth is regulated in the range from 0 to 25 mm, to remove dust, there is an adapter of an industrial vacuum cleaner. It will protect the lock involuntary on, and forced cooling will make it possible to intensively use. The wire has a double braid.

Makita HS301DZ

A battery of battery, which has no memory effect and self.Discharge. Designed for sawing wooden blanks, there is an adjustable angle of inclination to 45 degrees. Blowing the working area simplifies complex tasks. The low.Cost engine allows you to work with a small amount of dust, despite this manufacturer, it provided a pipe for an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Smooth start protects against jerks, the appearance of chips on the cutting line. A pen with an anti.Slip elastomer lies conveniently lies in the hand. From random start, the button fuse protects. The case provides a key holder, which prevents the loss of this indispensable tool.

  • Low weight;
  • Good performance;
  • Complete autonomy;
  • The presence of a case;
  • Professional quality disk in the kit.

Blackdecker Bes510- QS

Designed for intensive use in a woodworking workshop. The designers provided a double handle for reliable capture, parallel emphasis for more accurate processing of blanks. The sole of their durable aluminum alloy has a system for adjusting the cut parameters. Fast, safe replacement of equipment provides spindle lock.

For protection against overheating in the housing, additional openings of the ventilation system are provided. The switch lock protects from unintentional launch. The lower casing makes safe transportation, storage of power tools. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to support cleanliness in the working area.

Worx WX426

Comfortable for working with one hand, it cuts wood well, soft metal, ceramic tiles, plastic and drywall. The laser pointer helps to make even cut. Suitable for submersible cuts. The depth adjustment is convenient, accurate. The blade is shifted to the center for a convenient viewing of the working area. A special channel removes dust from the cutting line. For safely replacing equipment, spindle lock is provided.

The maximum angle of inclination is 45 degrees, the smooth start system makes it even, without chips. The design provides an adapter for an industrial vacuum cleaner, lock button to protect against random inclusion. 3 disk is included in the set of delivery, one of which has diamond spraying. Electronic systems control the level of engine heating, overload, support stable speeds under load.

The best disk saws with depth draped 70-85 mm

For use in everyday life, a cut depth of 70 mm is almost never needed. Therefore, almost all tools of this class are professional devices and which circular saw is better, you need to choose, starting from the set production tasks.

Makita 5008MG Bosch GKS 190
Power, W 1800 1400
The number of revolutions, rpm 5200 5500
Revolutions adjustment
Disk diameter, mm 210 190
Planting diameter of the disk, mm thirty thirty
Max cut the depth at an angle of 90 °, mm 75.5 70
Max cut the depth at an angle of 45 °, mm 57 fifty
Smooth start
The ability to work with the guide tire
Maintaining constant speed under load
Weight, kg 5.1 4,2

Disco Makita 5008mg saw

Work disk 210×30 mm is a drink of 75.5 mm and 57 mm when tilted at 57 °. The confident operation of the tool provides an engine with a capacity of 1800 watts, accelerating the saw disc up to 5200 revolutions per minute.

  • 4.8 kg. Not the highest weight for a saw with such characteristics.
  • When working, high power is immediately felt. The saw “goes” evenly and without jerks.
  • Good weight and general ergonomics. If necessary, allows the saw with one hand.
  • Even pure cut on all materials of suitable thickness.
  • Rubber overlays on handles. Confident holding the tool when working.
  • Small network cable. 2.5 meters are not always enough for comfortable work.
  • Parallel emphasis is not always confidently “holding a trajectory”.
  • There is no groove in the working sole for moving along the guide tire.
  • At the start of the saw, the backlight automatically turns on. Even when it is not needed.
  • Difficult review of the working area-due to the design features of the tool.
which, circular, better, home, additional

Disco Bosch GKS 190

Professional circular saw with a 1.4 kW engine, which rotates a disc with a frequency of 5500 revolutions per minute. The saw gives out a cut depth of 70 mm, and when the disk is tilted by 45 °. 50 mm.

  • Long network cable. 4 meters enough to move with a tool for a large room.
  • The weight of 4.2 kg is very little, as for a professional class device. If necessary, the tool can be held with one hand or work on a vertical plane.
  • High speed disks give out a pure even cut. In most cases it is not even required to additionally process it.
  • The angle of inclination of the sole relative to the disk can be set within 55 °.
  • The depth of the cut is enough for all situations when the processing of the boards of a manual circular. If you need a little more, then by removing the lower casing you can put 200 mm disk and the cut depth will increase to 75 mm.
  • The hexagon for the clip of the disk can quietly fall out of the mount on the case. It is better to store it separately.
  • The sawdust system does not always correctly perform its functions-with a working vacuum cleaner, chips fly out from under the knife quite often.
  • Lack of smooth start. At starting, you must firmly hold the saw in your hands.
  • Difficulties may arise with the search for a disk with an external diameter of 190 and internal in 30 mm.

TOP-4 of the best mini circular (disk) drank in price/quality for 2021-2022

Makita HS301DZ

Reliable tool with excellent build quality. It differs in resistance to loads and is suitable for both domestic and professional use.

The battery model works within an hour with full charge. A great result for a tool with a large disk and cut.

Sold together with the bed, which allows you to change the angle of inclination, but the battery and charger in the kit are not supplied.

However, this issue is resolved quite easily, especially if the house already has any other brand tool. The saw works great on batteries from a screwdriver.

It is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle, and thanks to a low weight it is convenient to hold in your hands for a long time.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 26 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Makita HS301DWAE

A small saw is equipped with an ergonomics of a rubberized handle thought out in terms of ergonomics, due to which the convenience of use increases significantly.

Light weight also contributes to the comfort of operation, due to which the tool can be used with one hand. Works for the battery, which is enough for an hour of continuous work.

High performance is provided by the speed of torque and the height of the cut.

The security is responsible for the inclusion system and the blowing system of the working area, which not only removes the sawdust, but also prevents them from getting into the device mechanism.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Saw height: 25.5 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Bosch Universalcirc 12 0

Lightly household circular saw copes well with the cut of wood, plastic, ceramics and other materials, but does not work with the laminate.

It works for a battery, the charge of which is usually enough for an hour and a half continuous operation.

The adjustable cut angle greatly simplifies the work, at right angles the maximum height of the cut is provided, but at an angle of 45 degrees it decreases to 17 mm.

Ergonomics is thought out to the smallest detail. The start button is conveniently located, the hilt is rubberized, the weight of the device is relatively small. The saw is protected from random inclusion.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 26 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Bosch GKS 12V-26 0 Box

Powerful with small sizes and weight of the saw has high reliability indicators due to high.Quality components and assembly.

Works for the battery (not delivered in the kit), easily replaced. The battery is fully consistent with the drones and screwdrivers of the same brand.

It has a deep cut, a clean cut and a built.In vacuum cleaner, which relieves the need to collect sawdust after work.

An additional bonus is the presence of a backlight that simplifies the work of a small volume and with illuminations of lighting.

Easily copes with chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, laminate and even tiles. It also differs in low noise during operation.


  • Design: manual;
  • Work from the battery: there;
  • Sprinkled height: 27 mm;
  • Discount/landing diameter: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

TOP-4 best professional disk saws

Makita SP6000

For professional work with solid wood, we first recommend that you look at this Japanese circular saw.

It is equipped with an electric engine with a power of 1.3 kW, and a disk with a diameter of 16.5 cm rotates at a speed of 5200 revolutions per minute.

Weighs a saw a little more than 4 kg, it is best suited for fixing on the table.

The engine has electronic protection, there is a locking of a spendel, there is a smooth braking of the motor.

It is important that the manufacturer took care of smooth speed adjustment.

You can always connect an industrial vacuum cleaner using a special adapter to clean the workplace and provide a good overview of the processed area.

  • Pilage power. 1300 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 165 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 5200.
  • Cable length. 4 meters.
  • Weight. 4.1 kg.

Dewalt DWE576K

The company has developed this model of a circular saw for regular, long.Term work with solid wood rocks.

A reliable and powerful electric motor rotates a 19-centimeter disk at a speed of up to 5200 revolutions per minute, and engine power is 1.6 kW.

It is possible to adjust the slope of up to 57 degrees, reaching the depth of cut up to 61 mm.

The handle of the tool is thought out in such a way that it provides a reliable grip and does not slip during the operation of the device. You can work with such a device for a long time without tired, driving even with one hand, while neither the case nor the saw engine will overheat.

To simplify transportation and storage, the manufacturer equipped the saw with a convenient and durable case.

And a long network cable will not hurt you when working and will not be constrained by your movements around the working area.

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  • Pilage power. 1600 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 190.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 5200.
  • Cable length. 4 meters.
  • Weight. 4 kg.

NZXT H1. This Case

  • Power, convenience, low weight;
  • Long cable;
  • Tilt adjustment to 57 degrees;
  • High.Quality assembly, firm alloy sole.

Makita HS0600

A powerful, professional circular saw, which will be indispensable for regular work with thick boards and beams made of hard wood.

The power of the electric motor is 2000 watts, it rotates a saw disc 27 cm with a speed of 4300 revolutions per minute and provides a clean and even sawing with a depth of up to 10 cm.

Ideal for construction and other serious needs. Connected to the 220 W network, the length of the cord is 4 meters, which will freely move through the free zone.

Immediately note the balance of the price and power of the apparatus. He is highly valued by experts and professionals.

You can connect a vacuum cleaner to the saw. For better performance, table fixation is recommended, since the weight of the saw is quite significant and with large volumes of work you can quickly get tired.

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  • Pilage power. 2000 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 270 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 4300.
  • Cable length. 4 meters.
  • Weight. 6.9 kg.

Bosch GKS 18V-57 G

The recognizable quality of the brand in combination with reliability was embodied in this model of the circular saw.

It works on the battery, using a 165 mm disk rotating at a speed of 3400 rpm.

Quite light, quiet, easy to maintain and management, is completely repairing, which means that it will last a considerable time even with regular use.

The cut depth is 57 mm, suitable for solid woods.

Users indicate long.Term work from the battery, so such a tool can be taken without fear of taking with you to the construction site without connecting to electricity.

The front LED backlight will provide an overview of the working surface, you can connect a vacuum cleaner to the device to remove garbage and sawdust behind you.

which, circular, better, home, additional

But the model has one drawback. The price for it is still overestimated.

  • Pilage power. 800 watts.
  • Disk diameter. 165 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 3400.
  • Cable length. From the battery.
  • Weight. 4 kg.

Technique and safety rules when using a disk saw

Circular saw. Potentially dangerous power tool. Safety rules when working with it are reduced to the prevention of mechanical and electrical injuries, fires and other damage.

Recommendations of manufacturers for safe work with circular saws:

  • Use the saw along with a special system for removing chips;
  • Work only with the use of personal protective equipment (glasses, respirator);
  • Clean the saw with a brush designed for this;
  • The minimum excess of the height of the crumbling knife above the saw canvas is 5 mm;
  • Perform the replacement of the canvas only with a completely disconnected device;
  • Monitor the order at the workplace. It is impossible to allow accumulations of a large number of sawdust and dust;
  • The requirement for work clothing: it should not be too free so that it does not fall into the working mechanism;
  • The power of the tool must correspond to the volume and nature of the work. For example, you cannot use a low.Power tool for cutting a thick log;
  • Using a disc saw should only be in a well.Lit room;
  • Avoid approaching the tool cable to the work disk.

In no case should you use damaged and deformed saw canvases. It is allowed to use disks of only the diameter that is spelled out in the instructions for the tool. It is also prohibited:

  • Work with wood, which contains metal elements. Before starting work, all brackets and nails should be removed;
  • Use a saw in a state of illness or even a slight malaise;
  • Operate the tool with a faulty start button;
  • Use a saw with an improper location of the canvas.

When you fail one or more components of the tool, you should contact the service center. This is a guarantee that only original spare parts from the manufacturer will be used during the repair.