Which Cutting System For Lawn Mower Is Better: Fishing Line Knife Or Disc

Mowing juicy green grass with fishing line is easy and pleasant. Even fun. But it is worth stumbling on dry hard stems, and the fun will decrease. Such a task is unbearable for fishing line. It just glides, and the weeds remain intact. Need to replace it with a knife. That is why high-quality and powerful motokos always come with a replaceable cutting headset: fishing line, knife and disk, for example, on the site https://storgom.ua/motokosy.html you can conveniently and quickly choose a braid with any cutting system, make sure yourself, but do not leave the topic and read on.

The better mowing grass

Before you install the cutting tool, figure out what exactly you will be mowing. If fresh grass, then the answer is unequivocal. choose a fishing line.

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Fishing line is a thin nylon thread. It is also called cord, string or wire. The mowing head inside has a spool (bobbin) on which this wire is wound. The spool is mounted on the shaft, engine speeds are transmitted to it through the gearbox. The ends of the fishing line are exposed. When the spool rotates, they also rotate with great speed and force. This is how grass is mowed.

Mowing widths range from 40 cm to half a meter. The wider the mowing of the wire, the faster you mow the lawn.

The line cuts grass of any height well. even the tallest, which the lawn mower cannot handle. In general, there are many places where the lawn mower will not go through. bottlenecks, the edges of lawns, near curbs, flower beds, under benches. All these are places for Lawn Mower with a string tucked into it.

The wire is especially effective when mowing grass in the garden, since it only glides along the trunks of trees easily and does not harm them.

It is convenient to mow grass and hay, but if the vegetation is hard and dense. install a knife.

Types of Steel Knives

Not all scythes are designed to mount discs or knives on them. In order for the engine to “extend” the knife, it must be powerful, at least 1-1.2 hp. In addition, a hard forged shaft must be installed inside the rod. If you have a gas scythe or an electric trimmer with a curved bar, then inside it is not a metal shaft, but a cable. He can’t stand the knife. it will burst right there.

But, if everything is okay with the scythe, and the manufacturer provides the knife in the kit, then safely use it.

The knife is indispensable in the case of:

  • mixed vegetation;
  • the presence of thick and hard growth;
  • abundance of hard weeds;
  • cut stalks of corn, sunflower;
  • sprouting of fresh shoots of a bush.

The principle of cutting is the rotation of the knife on the shaft. The mowing width, as a rule, is standard for all motokos. a quarter of a meter, but there are knives and more in diameter.

By design, the knife for Lawn Mower. blade. The blades are sharp blades sharpened on both sides. The blades can be two, three, or four.

  • The double beam resembles a plate. Lightweight and suitable even for household trimmers;
  • Three-lobed. the most popular when cutting weeds. It has a small base and three long blades;
  • Four-beam differs in that its base is larger, and the blades are shorter. With this design, grass is cut less, which is important when mowing hay, since finely cut hay is difficult to harvest later.

The larger the blades, the higher the mowing productivity. After all, it is the blades that perform the effective cut of hard vegetation.

Often, victorious soldering is applied to the blades to increase the strength of the knife. Such a knife element is much stronger and more durable. But it is heavier in weight. Therefore, do not rush to install a multi-blade knife if you mow, for example, a soft clover. Better save it for gardens where you need to cut thick and hard corn stalks.

When mowing with a knife, carefully inspect the area. if there is any insidious stone or hard bumps. Stumble. break or skew the knife, and the engine will put unnecessary stress.

What to mow with a gear disc

If a knife has eight or more blades, then it is already called a disk. The number of teeth is from eight to forty. The multi-tooth disc is made of strong steel. Sharpened on both sides. Its base is large, and the teeth are small and sharp. It works on the principle of a saw. rotates and saws. The disk must be installed very carefully. it must be fixed evenly and well.

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A saw blade is needed for cutting thin tree trunks. Even a well-formed trunk can be cut, gently filed it from different sides.

But the disk is intended not only for cutting young growth of trees. You may well mow them with grass and hay. Especially dry and hard. The main thing is to choose the right disc. lightweight and with a perforated base. Then the grass doesn’t cut too much. This is important when mowing low grass for hay.

If you are going to saw trunks, you can install a disk from the circular. He cuts perfectly, especially if the teeth are slightly apart. But when installing a circular disk, you are very at risk. There is a risk of ditching your tool, since the load on the gearbox increases tenfold. A powerful engine (2-3 hp) will easily pull such a disk, but the gearbox is unclear how it will behave. Therefore, such a substitution can only be done if you are sure that the gearbox is hardy and professional.

Which diameter of fishing line is better?

For different grass freshness and softness, a different diameter of the fishing line (cord) is needed. But just say. carefully read the technical passport of your device. If the manufacturer indicated that the permissible fishing line is not more than 1.2 mm, then do not try to wind a two-millimeter line. Do not mow for a long time. The engine will overheat from the load.

The diameter of cords for Lawn Mower sold in Ukraine is in the range from 1.2 mm to 4 mm.

  • 1.2 mm. 1.6 mm. thin. It is used for lawn care, constant and frequent mowing. Most often recommended for electric trimmers with a power of 0.5-0.7 kW.
  • 2 mm. 2.4 mm. the most popular version of the cord. Suitable for medium power units. the most common among summer residents. Cuts both young and old grass, hard and grown.
  • 3 mm. 3.2 mm is suitable for powerful professional gasoline braids. Thick strings easily cope even with rough weeds and dead wood.
  • 4 mm is the thickest. A little aluminum is added to the nylon for strength. It is rarely used, since engine power, as a rule, puts restrictions on this diameter. But, if the motor allows it. fill and cut weeds.

Often manufacturers paint a fishing line of different diameters in different colors. green, blue, orange, so that it is easier for users to understand. The footage of the bay is from 10 meters to 100.

Section. what the shape of the line affects

The shape of the thread also affects the result of mowing. Like diameter, it directly depends on what exactly you will mow. The cutting edge is in cross section:

  1. Round. Most common. Mows well both dry grass and fresh grass. One of its advantages is low noise, but users say that this feature is not important, as the growling gasoline engine drowns out all other sounds.
  2. Polygonal. The cross section can be triangular, square and even hexagonal. Polygon pluses. sharp cutting edges. They better interrupt coarse stems, even young shoots of shrubs. Hence the highest performance. Minus. spend too quickly.
  3. Figured. The section is intricate, ribbed. It looks like an asterisk or a twisted square with recesses, in general. a complex geometric figure. This is a specialized cord. Each is accompanied by instructions on what it cuts. For example, an asterisk. ideally mows lawn grass. Although it costs a little more, it cuts neatly, the tips of the grass cover look attractive and do not dry out after the cut.

How to easily wind a fishing line onto a trimmer head

3 to 10 meters of wire can be wound around the spool. During mowing, the nylon thread is erased, you need to set new tips. There are several ways to accomplish a similar task:

    • Manual. To do this, you need to stop work, remove the spool cover and set the desired length. The process is simple, but it does not add any speed to mowing.
    • Semi-automatic feed. With this method, the new tips are set independently. To feed them, you only need to slightly hit the head on the ground. The anchor mechanism is triggered and can be mowed again. This option is a win-win. You do not need to stop the engine, stop mowing, and the feed is strictly regulated, therefore. economical.
    • Full automatic. A very convenient way. you just slow down, and the ends of the cord are replaced with new ones. The system takes care of this on its own. The speed of work is greatly increased. But there is a small minus. a large consumption of fishing line. You cannot control it.

    When the thread ends, you need to rewind a new one. Refueling methods also vary. There are two types. manual and quick charge.

    The most common is manual. Stepwise actions:

    1. Unscrew the mowing head. Open the lid. To do this, there are latches on the sides.
    2. The coil is removed, on it, as a rule, the information is applied, what diameter, into which hole you need to shove it. An arrow is also drawn indicating which direction you want to wind.
    3. Inside the coil, in the middle there is a side. On it is a groove for threading the loop.
    4. We measure the length of the wire. Users on the network are advised to cut 3-4 meters, not more. Since winding too tight is inefficient. Remember also that the thicker the fishing line, the less it needs to be wound.
    5. The cut cord is folded in half. Pass the loop, fix the bracket. The coil is held by a spring from itself. Wound manually counterclockwise. You need to do it tightly and evenly. One thread lies at the bottom of the spool, the other at the top. The turns should not intersect.
    6. The tips are inserted into the holes and exposed. Spin the coil. And the head in place. Fit the ends by knocking on the ground.

    Sometimes a reel involves winding two separate pieces. This is visible when the reel is open. In the middle it has a high ledge, and two holes for fixing. two. The method, in principle, is the same, but the thread is divided into two parts, we fix the brackets in the spool and wrap it.

    The fast-charging method is better; it differs in both speed and comfort. It is not necessary to disassemble the coil. It is enough to put the loop in a special hole and turn the mechanism. He wraps the fishing line on a bobbin. It remains only to adjust the tips.

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