Which eccentric grinder is better. Makita BO 6040 the most powerful in its class

Rating of eccentric grinding machines: TOP 10 best models according to owners

Very often in everyday life, people have a need to carry out repair work in the apartment, in the country. At the same time, many are faced with the need to align something, grind, remove the old layer of paint and varnishes and t.D. Such processes can be done manually using the good old sandpaper, but then a lot of time will be spent.

To optimize such actions, it is worth purchasing special equipment intended for such purposes, namely a grinder. The domestic markets are full of their all kinds of varieties. They differ in the principle of operation (there are tape, vibrational, orbital), type of power (from the network or battery), power, assembly quality and parts and in other parameters.

This article will present a rating of eccentric grinding machines. Recently, it has been preferred by users. They are universal devices with which it is easy to process any surfaces.

The best household tool

The grinder of the domestic class is used for episodic work with a short duration. It has a small power engine, a limited number of useful options for choosing a processing mode.

Zoshm-450-125 bison-inexpensive in its class

Inexpensive, simple and convenient tooling tools. Designed for half-willed and finished grinding and polishing work. It is possible to smoothly change the number of revolutions through electronic setting. Comfortable work is facilitated by light weight and two.Component handle.

Makita GA5030 или Metabo W650-125, сравнение двух популярных угловых шлифовальных машин

Black Decker KA-198-Optimal for its own car

The compact with an ergonomic grinder body will successfully fit into the kit for the care of her own car. Perfect for performing thin grinding and polishing processes before coating the surface of varnish or enamel. Formed dust captures a bag of dust. With intensive work, a vacuum cleaner is connected.

  • High performance when polishing.
  • Suitable for processing large surfaces in area.
  • The main purpose is thin grinding and polishing of metal planes.

Hammer OSM-430-commercial use in a private workshop

The eccentric orbital machine equipped with a powerful engine will perform an expanded series of operations: cleaning, grinding and polishing surfaces made of wood, metal and plastic. The optimal processing mode is facilitated by the electronic system of adjusting the speed numbers. Abrasive equipment-grinding and polishing circles are fixed by means of “Velcro”.

Interskol Ashm 125/270E. The lightest

Easy practical unit for rough and finishing grinding. Performs polishing operations. Processes wood, metal, plastic. It is possible to use the premises. The peel and smoothing of irregularities on plastered or putty surfaces. Thanks to a small mass, it is convenient to work under the ceiling.

Ruobi Ros300A. The highest quality

A rather powerful, qualitatively assembled eccentric grinding machine will make it rude and finishing the products of plastic, metal and wood products. The capabilities of the unit allow restoration work with ancient furniture. An advanced innovative dust removal technology has been introduced into the design. A cyclone mechanism has been installed.

  • He copes with his purpose perfectly. Polishes and polishes perfectly.
  • High assembly quality.
  • Great price for household model with advanced characteristics and configuration.
which, eccentric, grinder, better, makita

Criterias of choice

Popular manufacturers of orbital grinder (eccentric type)

Power consumption It is considered one of the main characteristics of the choice, which affects the performance of the process. It is also necessary to take into account this indicator so as not to overload the mains. A tool with greater power is chosen mainly for black work, like grinding concrete and metal. The range varies from 50 to 1200 watts.

Platform stroke size, mm. Can vary from 1 to 20 mm. The larger the amplitude, the faster the processing process moves.

Disk diameter, mm.Can be divided into three types: small 100.125 mm, average 150.180, large 200-230 mm. Each of them is selected depending on the work performed. The larger the number is in the table, the lower the degree of granularity.

which, eccentric, grinder, better, makita
Type of grindingGrain
Finishing 180. 320
Forting blades 170. 220
Round finish 60. 100
Round pendant 24. 36
Flat 16. 36

The equipment is classified:

  • P40. P120. Intended for gross work, for example, primary stripping of the surface before grinding wood, metal, IT.D
  • P140. P180. Removing small flaws.
  • P400. P1000. Polishes the products.

The maximum speed of the disk (revolutions per minute). This parameter depends on the maximum size of the disk for a particular model, the larger it is, the less the number of revolutions becomes.

It is exhibited mainly for specific material and nozzles. The smaller the granularity of the skin, the higher the processing speed (from 5000 to 13,000 rpm).

Additional functions
Rotation frequency adjustment Allows you to do work better.
Limiting the starting current Gently accelerates the engine, reducing the wear of the tool, and does it safer to work.
The stabilization system of revolutions Fixes the desired value by typing the speed and preserving them.
Cracking protection Disconnects the engine during overload or jamming, which prevents the tool breakdown.
Anti.Vibration system Works as a dynamic counterweight, reducing strong vibration.
Rubberized body There is more comfortable grip and there is less vibration.
Blocking button VCL Prevents the launch of the grinder from random pressing, also holds the VCL button with prolonged operation.
Case Convenient for carrying tools and storage of equipment.
The weight Less weight does not allow the hand very much, which improves performance.

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Types of grinding tools

There are several varieties of grinding tools that are often used in Ashm. The most common varieties include the following:

  • Circles made on an organic or ceramic basis;
  • Elbor Circles from ceramics for processing metal products;
  • Diamond tool for hiding knives and other cutting products;
  • Synthetic bars made of diamonds designed for hining details.
which, eccentric, grinder, better, makita

Popular manufacturers

There are a large number of different grinding machines from different manufacturers in stores of construction equipment. But experts recommend paying attention to the following brands:

For many years, these manufacturers have been producing construction electronic and pneumatic equipment, and have proven themselves from consumers.

As soon as a person has the need to sharpen the first stone knife, then the grinding technology arose. A natural exit was found. It was necessary to apply stones with greater firmness for these purposes than the processed material.

Along with this, a person began to use polishing art products in order to give them aesthetic species. For this, minerals differing in hardness were used. Sand, pumice, shells. Even plants were used. For example, until recently, in villages for cleaning and grinding of metal dishes used horsetail, whose stems contain silicon. Then a homemade technique appeared in the form of sharpener machines with a foot or manual drive.

How to choose an eccentric type grinding machine

Given the above information, the master will be easier to make the purchase of the tool. It is not enough to know how an eccentric grinder works, you need to decide on the criteria of choice:

  • Budgetism. For household needs, when the device is used from time to time, it is not rational to buy an expensive professional machine.
  • Class. First determined with accents:
  • The weight. He depends on him convenience. If you have to work hard on vertical surfaces or grind the ceiling, then the tool should be lightweight. It is better to give preference to a medium.Power apparatus.

The choice of the manufacturer matters. In order for Ashm to serve for a long time, it is recommended to pay attention to the brands who managed to prove themselves in work from the positive side.

No. 3. Bosch Gex 150 Turbo

Price: 26820 rubles.The second creation of the Germans from Bosch and the third place of the rating is the grinding machine GEX 150 Turbo. Its main advantage is a power of 600 watts, which, along with a rotation speed of up to 6650 rpm, provides effective and high.Quality grinding of various materials. In stock, a vacuum cleaner, to which you can connect a vacuum cleaner and get rid of dust in the course of work. Bosch Gex 150 Turbo. One of the most powerful and productive grinding machines. Yes, not the easiest, but the weight plays on the hand, so that together with the anti.Vibration system, shaking is reduced to naught. Yes, not the most silent, but quite ergonomic, pleasant in work, and most importantly. Durable.

Price: 36234 rubles.Mirka Ceros 650CV is an eccentric grinding machine with very modest dimensions, and it weighs less than a kilogram. At the same time, its power indicators of 350 W and the rotation frequency up to 10,000 rpm with the possibility of adjustment provide high quality work. The maximum disk diameter is 150 mm.

Low vibrations, insignificant weight and ergonomics allow you to control the model literally with one hand without unnecessary stress. Mirka Ceros 650CV was awarded second place for the optimal combination of power and maximum compactness. If you work to work in conditions of limited space, then this model will become just an indispensable tool.