Which Home Puncher is Better

Which Home Puncher is Better

To choose the right drilling tool means to facilitate repair work on the house for a long time. How to successfully choose a hammer drill, so as not to overpay for the brand and get high-quality equipment?

A few decades ago, only powerful electric drills equipped with drills for metal and concrete were used in everyday life. A truly branded, specialized tool was sold only abroad, you could not just go to a construction supermarket and choose the right device.

What is the difference between a drill and a perforator and vice versa

A rotary axial movement of the working part, similar to a percussion drill, is characteristic of a punch. Therefore, perforators are confused with a heavy drill. There is practically no difference in words, but the punch operates on the basis of pneumatics, and any percussion (heavy) drill works thanks to the mechanics.

Hence the difference in surface speed. Drilling holes in concrete, brick and stone walls pneumatically reduces the physical load on the user. For any impact drill, similar work is associated with great fatigue, and the “hammer drilling” mode wears out the internal components of the drill very quickly.

We conclude that the punch should be larger and more massive than a drill with a shock function.

The device and characteristics of the punch

All punchers according to their functionality are divided into three types:

  1. Singlemode Only hammer drilling function. Most often, such punchers are not used in everyday life, but are used as professional additional equipment for narrow purposes.
  2. Dual mode. Hammer drilling plus classic drilling mode or only chiselling.
  3. Three-mode. The tool is equipped with all the functions specified in paragraphs 1 and 2.

The choice of a hammer drill is based, first of all, on the characteristics of power and impact force. The higher these indicators, the better the selected hammer drill.

The impact force of a tool is sometimes not proportional to power due to design features.

Types of a working cartridge for a perforator:

Which drill chuck to choose? For housework or housework, a keyless keyless model is best suited. Changing the nozzle in this embodiment is convenient, easy and quick.

Classification of rotary hammers by weight:

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  1. Lungs. Up to 4 kilograms. Power no more than 700 watts. Only have an SDS-plus cartridge for a drill no more than 26 mm.
  2. Medium. From 4 to 8 kilograms. Power from 700 to 1500 watts. Depending on the configuration, both SDS-plus and SDS-max are equipped.
  3. Heavy. than 8 kilograms. Power is above 1500 watts. Only equipped with SDS-max cartridge for diameters up to 60 mm.

Bosch manufactures the latest models of its rotary hammers with SDS-top chucks for diameters from 16 to 25 mm.

Energy and frequency of impacts

For a punch, the impact function, measured in joules, is very significant. The productivity of the device, as well as the diameter of the hole being machined, depends on the impact energy. For daily work with a hammer drill, this is one of the most important indicators.

It is essential that the impact drill at the "maximum" very quickly develops its life, and the perforator performs this work for a long time without wear, especially with a single-mode model.

The frequency of impacts also affects the speed of the tool. The more often the perforator piston strikes the working element, the faster the hole breaks through.

It turns out that energy and frequency determine the level of performance. When choosing a puncher yourself, you need to evaluate the amount of work on chiselling, then calculate the approximate productivity using the specified characteristics of the impact frequency.

How to choose a hammer for home

It is most correct to start the selection, starting from weight and power. Super-productive models for the home are definitely not needed.

Hammers for home use are mid-range tools in terms of cost, power and weight.

Suitable criteria for home conditions and the following brands:

  1. Power from 600 to 900 watts.
  2. Impact from 1.2 to 2.2 J.
  3. Three-mode medium punch. Drilling, drilling with impact, impact without rotation.
  4. The rotational speed is necessarily adjustable.
  5. Protective coupling against jamming.
  6. Keyless chuck.
  7. Replaceable branded cartridge included.

According to these characteristics, three leading brands are distinguished:

  1. Makita. Fairly light drills and rotary hammers, with a guarantee of several years. They have established themselves as tools for everyday household work, easy repair. Average affordable market price, easy to operate. Which puncher to choose for a home is a brand? Users refer to the Makita RK 2450 model. Required (useful) power is 700 Watts, Impact of 3 Joules, revolutions of up to 4.5 thousand.
  1. Bosch. German quality and assembly. Advanced in the field of professional power tools and equipment for homework. Any models are checked by time, weather conditions. Rotary hammers are equipped with the function of fine adjustment of the nozzle speed (drill, drill). When purchasing equipment from this manufacturer, pay attention to the color of the case. Blue classifies precisely the professional purpose. The most popular model is the BOSCH GBH 2-24 DF. With a capacity of 790 watts, a shock of 2.7 joules, a replaceable SDS-plus cartridge and a quick-clamping classic cartridge are included.
  1. Hitachi. The best tool in our market from Japan. At prices in the same category as Makita, but some models of power tools, including rotary hammers, are lighter in weight. You think, what to choose a puncher from this manufacturer? Pay attention to Hitachi DH 22 PG, with a capacity of 620 watts, strokes of 1.4 J and weighing only 1.9 kilograms.

Trust the consultant in the selection of a hammer drill, and any other equipment is not necessary. The maximum is to listen to recommendations. To choose and buy a model you need the one that best suits your personal requirements.