Which is Best to Choose a Chainsaw For Household

A chainsaw is one of those amazing and unique tools that have a wide scope of use. Chainsaws are simply indispensable for employees of public utilities, lumberjacks, builders, homeowners, as well as for sculptors. There are a huge number of criteria for choosing a tool for one or another area of ​​work. In order to understand how to choose the right chainsaw, you first need to figure out what types of chainsaws exist, how they differ from each other, what is the best chainsaw, what specifications of chainsaws play the most important role, what brand of chainsaw to choose.

Nowadays, the markets are represented by a huge number of different models of chainsaws. Conventionally, they are divided by type into professional, domestic and semi-professional, they are also distinguished by area of ​​use, design features.

Types of Chainsaws

  • Professional chainsaws. Used for such work, when you need to work hard, and use the tool every day. They are used, for the most part, by lumberjacks. This type of chain chainsaw can be characterized by the greatest resource, high productivity. Such chainsaws have a good level of vibration protection. Due to the fact that they perform daily functions, their body is well balanced and the handles are ergonomic. The advantages of this type also include the fact that they are comfortable in repair and maintenance.
  • Household chainsaws. When the use of a saw passes from one case to another, household chain chainsaws will come in handy. Such a chainsaw is just perfect for a small working volume. The power of saws of this kind is small, but at the moment, nice, reduces the cost. The design of this type of chainsaw is also quite simple. They focus on small working volumes with a slight continuous cycle. The only thing you should not save on when choosing this type of chainsaw is safety.
  • Semi-professional chainsaws. Among the people, such chainsaws are better known as farm chainsaws. Their main focus is activity of medium intensity. The characteristics of this type of chainsaw in terms of closer to professional, and the working resource is slightly less. In some of the models of such saws, manufacturers specifically integrate a simplified view of the anti-vibration system. For the price they are in the average price range. They are bought for professional needs (urban landscaping services), as a tool for the household. In the first case, the choice is determined by the fact that saws of even small power are far from always cost-effective, and home saws have a very low resource, power.
  • "One-handed" saws. This type of chainsaw is an excellent tool for caring for tree crowns. According to the technical level of implementation, they correspond to quite professional tools, but are designed for professional use by both landscapers and employees of landscape gardening facilities. Of the features of this type of tool, it is worth positioning the handle exactly under the right hand. from above, and not from behind, exactly above the center of gravity. Such a design of a chainsaw makes it possible to work with it with only one hand, which is considered a useful quality.

Which is Best to Choose a Chainsaw For Household

In terms of lightness and compactness, such chainsaws have no equal. In this regard, they have found a very wide range of uses, are in demand not only by professional landscapers, but also by hunters, tourists and fishermen. Such categories of owners like the low weight, modest dimensions of this tool. For those who decide which chainsaw is best, it’s important to know about the small drawback of these mini chainsaws. Chainsaws like the entire professional plan tool bite a little for the price.

How to choose a chainsaw for a summer residence

Question: Which chainsaw to choose is determined initially by the purpose of its purchase. For infrequent use (not more than an hour every day) in a garden, a suburban area, for harvesting firewood from boards, a petrol chainsaw with little power is quite good. It is convenient and easy to use.

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If the tasks of sawing a tree require a systematic daily approach, the problem of how to choose a chainsaw suggests the answer. semi-professional saws that are used for repair and construction, forestry, when you need to knock down a large tree, cut branches, cut a log. You can work with this saw for six hours in 24 hours with short breaks.

For work, for example, a forest feller (up to 8-10 hours in 24 hours), special professional chainsaws are produced with high power, characterized by a large set of functions. Their resource is 3 times more than that of household models. When you will understand which chainsaw is best for the home, remember that the length of its saw part is important. tires. The larger it is, the larger the diameter of the tree can be sawed in 1 pass.

If the saw is rarely used for a small amount of work, then do not overpay for additional functions of chainsaws, such as a double air filter, anti-vibration system. This is important for professionals who do not let the chainsaw out of their hands.

And the most important thing is that you should not choose a chainsaw manufacturer based on the principle of economy. It is important to understand that poor quality material, because of which the chainsaw is so cheap, will not allow you to use it for a long time without problems. It is these tips and tricks that will help you understand how to choose a good chainsaw, and not miscalculate with your purchase!

Chainsaw Specifications

In order to figure out what a good chainsaw, you need to understand well why you need it. The technical characteristics of chainsaws will help to figure this out.

STIHL Chainsaw Features

Chainsaw STIHL. good chainsaw for pruning trees, planting and harvesting firewood. It is also well suited for felling small trees.

Garden chainsaw Stihl. logging for a fireplace, thinning of green spaces and pruning of trees. Convenient and small STIHL chainsaws are indispensable for performing various water works in the yard, in the house, in the garden. Also, this chainsaw is good for arranging parking places for fishing, hiking, hunting.

Classification: STIHL compact lightweight saws

Power (kW) 1.5

Displacement (cm 3) 31.8

Weight (kg) up to 4 kg

Saw mass per unit of power (kg / kW) 2.6

Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.25

Oilomatic saw chain (pitch / type) 3/8 P Picco Micro

Benzipila Ural Specifications

Chainsaw Ural. mechanized tool, designed for bucking, felling, sawing, logging.

Weight up to 11.7 kg

Sawing productivity, cm2 / s 100

Overall dimensions, mm. length. width. height 880x455x460

Chainsaw movement while felling Right to left

Cutting speed at a rotational speed of the crankshaft = 6200 ± 200 min. 1 (calculated), m / s 11

Specifications saw Friendship

Friendship chainsaw. an excellent technique for harvesting firewood in the country, sawing trees, cleaning dryness

Engine Type: 2-stroke. petrol

Displacement: 45 cm3

Tire length: 45 cm.

Power 2,1 kW

Fuel Type: Gasoline (A-92) two-stroke engine oil

Chain pitch: 1.5 / 0.325 inch

Start Type: Manual

Oil tank capacity: 260 ml

Fuel tank capacity: 550 ml

Chain lubrication: automatic

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Specifications

The HUSQVARNA chain saw is a versatile, powerful chainsaw with the SmartStart® system for professionals.

Engine Power 2.8 HP

Cylinder capacity, cc 45.4 cm cube

Chain pitch 0.325 inch

The volume of the oil tank is 0.32l

The volume of the fuel tank is 0.44l

Noise level, Lwa 104 dB (A)

Sound Level 113 dB (A)

At the end

A chainsaw is a very powerful tool that makes it possible to cut thousands of times faster than with a hand saw. If you feel the need to saw logs lying on the goats, then this should not cause great difficulties. But to fill up, to clear the tree, to disassemble the veiled is a much more difficult task. In case of lack of skills, you can even jam the saw tightly, hang a sawn tree on others, get injured.

A chainsaw in case of careless handling is dangerous. a light touch with a rotating chain. the cause of a serious injury. Most often this happens in the case of the so-called back strike, when the saw bounces sharply back. A kickback happens when the top or front of the saw comes into contact with something solid: a pebble, a knot.

Do not try to learn by mistake and trial. If you cannot attend special courses, then at least ask the help of someone who has the right skills. In addition, simple instructions for a chainsaw outlining the basics of safety will also help you. One way or another, be extremely careful, watchful, never work alone!