Which is better a screwdriver or a screwwoman. The main details of the screwdriver

How to choose a tool

Pieces in most cases are supplied only with a simple, but powerful adapter for attaching nozzles, screwdrivers. Universal fast.Piercing three.Cubed cartridge. The first type of tool, designed to tighten powerful screws and nuts, is often pneumatic or works from a power grid, for a second type of tool that differs in maneuverability, is enough power supply from batteries. Pieces and gayworts, often used for car repair and in engineering, can be equipped with a shock mechanism. Thanks to its action, a reliable clamp of the threaded connection is provided using short jerks. Therefore, with large volumes of stationary work (for example, at car maintenance stations), requiring high.Power tools, you should pay attention to screw veverts feeding from the network. However, in other situations, especially when carrying out work in the distance from sources of electricity, users more often prefer tools with autonomous power sources. Light models are not supplied with the function of impact, but they have proven themselves in finishing and repair work, where the main emphasis is not on power, but on maneuverability, multifunctionality and speed of the tool.

Most often, manufacturers of rotational tools with autonomous food use three types of energy carriers for their configuration: nickel-metall-hydride, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries. The former are characterized as batteries that withstand about five hundred charging cycles, and are considered environmentally friendly. The second. About a thousand, but the cadmium contained in these batteries is considered harmful to human health. The third species-lithium-ion batteries. The choice of manufacturers is due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries have a high density of accumulated electrical energy, therefore, with the same capacity with analogues, they have half the mass and dimensions. The second plus of this type of battery is a low percentage of self.Discharge.

Our store of power tools is ready to offer you a wide selection of models of such tools both for household use and for production purposes, but about how to choose a good inexpensive screwdriver or a high.Quality and reliable screw.Notrty, our experienced specialists will be happy to tell you in detail in detail.

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The main difference between them is the adapter for attaching nozzles.

If the screwdriver has a rapidly packed cartridge, which allows you to fix both the cylindrical shank of the drill and the hexagon bite, then the screw vert is designed to attach exclusively bit and is not able to hold the drill. We can say that the screwwoman is a more specialized tool. He copes more effectively with the tightening of thick and long self.Tapping screws.

Another difference may be in the principle of the work of the screwwoman. The tool uses the principle of tangential strike. While the screw easily enters the surface, the tool quickly rotates it, and when a more or less serious effort is required, it passes to a frequent blow. Pieces are often used when carrying out large volumes of stationary work, for example, in repair shops or one hundred.

Shurovyrt or dinters. I understand what is better

For 19 years of work at a construction site, I tried a lot of screwdrivers of different brands. And I bought the first rifles in the summer of 2019. At the time of purchase, I did not understand why I needed it, I bought it because there was a good price for the promotion.

This tool is called differently: Rifle, Gaikovyrt, Impact. From English Impact Driver translates: shock drill. We mean another tool by a shock drill.

SCREW DRIVER BIT V 17W 2×6 35x100N OHMI 100-2250

I understand that the rifle has a 1/4 inches cartridge, the gaykovert has 1/2 inch. The moment of the stroke of the gaykovrta is more than the rifle, the rest of the differences does not seem to have no differences.

The first two months after the purchase, I tried to use the rifles everywhere, and realized that he had virtues that he did not know about.

Impact due to the absence of parton has a smaller size, this allows you to work in limited spaces. I recently had to stretch the pipes through the partition of the frame house, and the size was of meaning.

If you insert a feather drill into a screwdriver, then the tool size is about 40 cm, sometimes this design did not fit between the racks. And the impact with a feather drill had a length of about 25 cm, so I drilled them.

When twisting large screws and screws, the screws do not twist his hands.

Recently my son and I decided to make a simple bench. I found two hemp and board. First, I nailed the board with a nail, and then gave my son a task to fasten the board with clouds 8×180 mm.

which, better, screwdriver, screwwoman, main

The worships he could dig a capercaillie only to half, then the screwdriver began to twist his hands, and he could not hold him.

Best Anti Slip Magnetic Screwdriver Bit – 2021 Drill Attachment

But the rifle he calmly twisted these grouse. He liked it, and I gave him cape and log, let him train to twist.

Now, if they ask me, what’s the difference between the screwdriver and the rifle, I will say: Try to twist a capercaillie or a long self.Tapping screw on the outstretched hand, and you yourself will understand everything.

I completely drive the blacker 8×180 mm into the board at the first speed with a screwdriver, but I can’t do it with one hand. BUT rifle with one hand, even on weight, you can wrap such a capercaillie.

which, better, screwdriver, screwwoman, main

What are gaycroverts?

In the photo: Hilti battery.

Battle Gaykowert. This, by and large, is the same screwword, only designed to work with nuts and bolts. He has a slightly higher tightening moment, and instead of a cartridge with an inner hexagon ¼ “there is a square ½” under the end heads. It is not surprising that today these two tools are often supplied to the market with a couple, in the form of two compact models with minimal differences. Network gayworms. A completely different case. They are heavy, overall and the twin-Wintrovert they do not have. Battery corner gaykoVERT. A machine with a long narrow case, capable of tightening nuts in hard.To.Reach places.

Specialty Screw Driver Review & Comparison

What is a screwwoman, and why it is needed

The main function of the spiral is screwing and extracting screws, screws, screws and other fasteners, connecting or separation of parts. The tool is driven by an electric motor, which is powered by a battery or electric current through a network cable. The device operates with an angular pulse with tangenting with a shock screwing the fasteners.

High efficiency and speed, as well as ease of operation, allow it to have a wide area of ​​application. This power tool is used both in everyday life and in professional activities. In car repair shops, maintenance stations, in the construction sector, in the process of manufacturing cars, devices. For home or inactive use, mobile battery models are purchased, in other cases they prefer network.

Advantages and disadvantages

To understand how the screwword differs from the screwdriver, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the tool. Despite the similarity with the latter, it has specific distinctive features. This is a highly powerful device for specialized use.

The advantages of the screwbert include:

  • It copes with the fastening of a large length and diameter;
  • It works impeccably with different types of fasteners (for example, if there is a square head or with 6 faces, external threads), high.Quality screwing;
  • Saves time when working with wood. Screws are screwed at high speed;
  • Economically consumes electricity when powering from the network.

Although the tool has a number of advantages, it also has disadvantages. Thinking on the topic that it is better to choose. A screwdriver or a screw.Vert, you should pay attention to the shortcomings of the latter:

Home and work screwdriver. My choice of choice (voltage, power, etc.D.)

Screwdriver is a tool with which it is very convenient to twist screws, the main purpose of it is precisely the same. However, not only this is limited to the functionality of this useful tool, you can also drill wood, metal and even brick (if there is a blow function).

Of course, it is not at all necessary to have a screwdriver in the house, when there is a drill, however, if you often work with self.Tapping screws, then Shurik is simply necessary.

Screwdrivers are divided into 2 main types. Battery and network.(Read about the network “Shurik” for the home you can here here.) Of course, the vast majority buy precisely batteries, since they can be used where there is no electricity. For example, in the country, when the wires have not yet been held. So, whatever one may say, the battery screwdriver is the tool necessary and very useful. So, how to choose this tool, what to look for, what characteristics and which brands to look at? Answers in this article.

If you went shopping for the tool, you saw that there are 9 screwdrivers.6 volts, 12 volts, as well as 14.4, 18 and even 24 volts. What all these numbers mean and how they affect work? The voltage supplied to the battery determines the power of the tool.

Simply put, the higher the voltage. The higher the power. In turn, the higher the power, the more slowly the battery is discharged. Since we choose a tool for home, do not take the most powerful, because it will be heavy. Why do we need a difficult tool if we plan to use it only when twisting screws?

12 volts are enough for home use, and I think the most optimal.4. The difference in price between Shurik 12 and 14.4 volts are insignificant, so it is better to overpay a little and buy more powerful. However, there is no big difference in the torque, 14.4 will be more powerful by 20 percent. Therefore, first of all, estimate what work you will do and based on this already choose a model of a certain voltage.

By and large, this is the most important parameter “Shurik”. Measures the moment of tightening in NM (Newton per meter). If you estimate it, then most models for the home have a moment of not more than 18 nm. How powerful effort is to wrap the screws? The question is of course interesting.

The wrapping of thick screws requires a much greater force than to twist the thinner. Take, for example, a 3.Thick self.Tapping screw 3.5 mm (standard for wood) and roofing thickness 6.3 mm. The difference in thickness is significant. We will also take into account the length of the self.Tapping screw, agree that it is one thing to screw 30 mm or 100 mm.

To tighten standard black wood screws for wood, a small tightening moment is quite enough, as a rule, all household 12-volt screws have a 10-15nm moment. This moment is enough to tighten the screw on wood up to 150 mm long.

However, it is quite another matter if you are going to cover the roof in the country using roofing screws. They are usually very thick (thickness 4.8 and 6.3 mm), so the tightening force should be much stronger.

which, better, screwdriver, screwwoman, main

As you already understood, 15 nm is not enough here, so choose models with a more powerful puff moment, usually from 20 nm. And here, when choosing, confusion begins, like a powerful screwdriver, 18 volts, and the torque is weak. Or vice versa, a 12.Volt screwdriver has a moment 28 nm. How it turns out? Let’s understand.

Although there is nothing to understand here, logic. The more voltage. The more torque. However, professional models are not at all like that, all 12-volt models have a solid torque from 24 nm and above. In households, in order to reach a tightening moment of at least 20 nm, the screwdriver will be high power, most often from 18-24 volts.

Also, various models have 1 or 2 batteries in the kit. When purchasing a screwdriver, think whether there will be You need a second battery. As a rule, it is useful when there is a lot of work to do. While you are working alone, the second is on charging. The first battery was discharged. Insert the second and continue to work without a break, and put the discharged right away on charging.

And if you work on the force of 20-30 minutes per day, then one battery is enough for the eyes and you will not need to overpay.

Model with 2 batteries costs 20-30 more expensive. It is worth saying that the most expensive thing in the tool is a battery, it takes 80 percent of the cost of the entire tool. For example, the battery for 14.4 volts for the Black and Dekker model costs about 1800 rubles, while Shurik himself with 1 account costs 2400.

Note that the service life of the batteries is only 2 years, so you should also not buy a tool with 2 batteries if you do not plan to work often. Regardless of whether you often worked as a tool or not, the battery will be poorly kept by the charge after 2 years, it will be quickly discharged.

The battery capacity is measured in amperes/hours, the larger the value, the longer the battery will keep the charge. If I may say, the more the charge will “fit” into the battery. The standard for household models will be 1.2- 1.3 ah. For a household tool, such a container is enough, you can work 2-3 hours from 1 battery. Only in professional models, the container is increased to 1.5 ah and even up to 2 ah, which is already very many.

A screwdriver with a blow. Is it worth overpaying?

In addition to ordinary unstressed models on the market there are options with a blow. The analogy is the same as that of the shock drill, when the blow is carried out due to the mechanical effect of engine parts with each other. Do you need a shock function? The question is rhetorical.

If you do not have a shock drill on the farm, then it makes sense to buy a shock screwdriver, sometimes you may need to drill brick. Concrete will not take, don’t even try. Well, if there is a drill on the farm, then IMHO it makes no sense to buy a “shurik” with a blow. It is more expensive than ordinary, and there is practically no sense from a blow. A blow is also needed to “pull” the bitten bolt. Here it is better to buy a special shock screwdriver.

Rating of the best screw vests 2019

5th place: screwwoman Stanley SCI12S2 (5 350 rubles)

A shock screw control that has a cartridge under the bit. This is a pulsed model with a high torque (in this case, a puffing moment). The tool copes with long bolts and screws, good for pulling two surfaces of fairly soft materials (wood, plastic). Has its own lithium-ion battery, which is the most effective for tools of this class. For greater efficiency, the kit includes a similar spare battery. According to the reviews of the owners of this screwword, it is suitable for domestic use and screws the “capercaillie” in size up to 8 × 140. A convenient rubberized handle facilitates the work and lies well in the palm of your hand. For transportation and storage, a company case is provided. Opportunities of this screwbone: shock mode, return, backlight, engine brake.

  • Type of instrument: shock screwword;
  • Type of cartridge: for bits;
  • Number of speeds: 1;
  • Power: from the battery;
  • Max. Number of shocks per minute: 3200 beats/min;
  • Max. The number of revolutions of idle: 2500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 110 N m;
  • Functionality: reverse, electronic adjustment of the speed, backlight;
  • Type of battery: Li-Ion;
  • Battery capacity: 1.5 A h;
  • Battery voltage: 10.8 c;
  • Removable battery: yes;
  • Complex: additional battery, charger, bag;
  • Dimensions (DHVHSh): 155 × 200 × 66 mm;
  • Weight: 1 kg.
  • Budget;
  • Shock;
  • Ergonomic;
  • 2 batteries;
  • There is a reverse;
  • There is a backlight.


These assistants of amateurs and professionals can eat from batteries like Ni-CD or Ni-MH. Ordinary lithium-ion batteries are also often used. The first two batteries are even more common due to the low price, the possibilities of storage in discharged state, as well as work at low temperatures.

Ni-MH batteries slowly discharge. This is noticeable if you compare them with more capacious Ni-CD.

which, better, screwdriver, screwwoman, main

But the price of such batteries is more expensive. But according to the cycles of the charge-discharge, they are noticeably weaker. Up to 700 cycles are allowed here.

Battery screwdriver. What it is better? Reviews say that standard Li-Ion batteries have practically no shortcomings. Here we observe a short charge of charging, there is also no loss of charge with a simple. Among the advantages, higher capacities, lack of memory, and work life can also be distinguished. Also fully correspond to high characteristics. Such a battery will cost from 3 to 8 thousand.