Which is better than a chainsaw or battery. Battery parameters

Which chain saw is better to choose: gasoline, electric or battery

A chain closed into the ring, which is set in motion with a motor. This is the basis of the design of each chain saw. There is a tire and asterisks to send the chain movement, together with the chain, they make up a removable cutting headset. When moving, sharp teeth and green are cut along the line. The tool is well thought out, designed for sawing wood. Depending on the engine power, tire length and chain step, chain saws are used for household work or for professional cuts. Household tasks include cleaning the garden, repair work on the site, small construction work. Professional work is a roll of trees in a forest or park, clearing forest rubble, volumetric construction. In addition to a tree, concrete and even ice are cut with such a saw (in the manufacture of ice sculptures, to perform an ice hole).

The structure of the chain saw is simple and understandable, tested by many decades, and working with it is very comfortable and productive. In fact, for a wood saw, a more convenient and functional tool does not exist. The first devices resembling manual hacksaw and sawing chain were invented back in 1830. By the end of the 19th century, the chain was stretched onto the tire, and already at the beginning of the XX, an internal combustion engine on gasoline was actively used for its movement. Inventors tried to use pneumatics, hydraulics, and mechanics, even a steam engine in a chain saw. All these drives have gone the past, leaving only two of the best options:

Thus, having existed for almost two hundred years, the chain saw almost did not change on the principle of its work. It was and remains the most popular tool for both homework and professional tasks related to the cut of wood.

That the chain saw is necessary on the farm, and there is nothing to think. The modern user is only interested in the issue of choosing the type of engine. About which saw is better for certain business tasks, which is more economical and profitable, electrical, battery or chainsaw, I will tell in this article.

Choosing the type of saw for its intended purpose

There are several types of sawing tools and the first step to a profitable purchase. Compliance with the tasks. It is not as simple as it seems: you can saw anything and in any conditions. But some patterns are still.

Let’s start with the most popular saws. Saber. This tool with the most extensive spectrum of tasks: from trimming trees to thin carpentry and molding of aerated concrete blocks. Until recently, their low mobility was considered the main drawback of saber saws, because the high ergonomics of this tool simply “screams” about the need to get rid of the mains. With the advent of devices that feed autonomously, this problem is completely solved.

Chain batteries are also highly popular. This is an almost complete replacement of the gasoline engine, and even more: thanks to the simplicity of the service with an electric drive, it receives new advantages. There are no problems with the launch of cold and wet weather, the work does not interfere with the exhaust gases and the noise of the gasoline engine. It does not do without flaws: with a high of the issued charge power, except for a fragmentary cut of a small tree. Therefore, the charging station has to be kept at hand all the time.

From a tool with a narrower specialization, you can name batteries and disk circular saws. By and large, the only benefit from the battery is one: the network cord does not interfere with work. In addition to increased ergonomics, the batteries and jigsaws do not have any outstanding features, although they allow you to work at unelectric facilities and in hard.To.Reach places.

Design features of chainsaws

Chainsaw or motorcycle, regardless of the manufacturer, has similar design features and differs only by the manufacturer, the quality of the assembly and parts. The scheme of the general device of the tool is shown in the figure by which you can familiarize yourself with the main components of the elements.

As already mentioned, the power unit in them sets a two.Stroke, one.Cylinder with natural cooling. Carburetor fuel supply system with contactless, electronic ignition. The withdrawal of spent gases from combustion chambers is carried out through a compact muffler.

All the advantages and disadvantages of the battery power over a conventional chainsaw

With such a large number of achievements in the field of electrical tools, it is not surprising that people are increasingly interested in electrical models of saw. Possessing such energy and simple maintenance, battery electric saws are more attractive for those who do not want to spend additionally on consumables and do not make a choice in favor of more modern models. New electric models have long left a short battery life in the past. And the power of their work is also an outstanding. But there are still some tasks in which the chainsaw exceeds its electric opponent.

A large selection of electric and chainsaw models needs a competent approach from buyers. After meeting with the assortment, you need to understand how to look for a suitable model correctly.

Let’s start our review with battery models. There are quite a lot of advantages on their account today.

Battery saws are light and compact, so it is easy to carry them everywhere with you. They are quieter than chainsaws and do not leave behind the smell of burnt gasoline. Over, when using an electric model, you do not need to worry about the amount of fuel available at your disposal. And the most pleasant thing in this is that the work of the battery saw begins with a light pressing of the button.

Electric chainsaws are best used to cut down trees, trimming branches, trimming of small logs and other cutting work on their own site. As a rule, their capacities to solve such problems are more than enough and the owners always have the opportunity to put the tool for recharging if this is necessary.

It is also worth noting a high degree of instrument mobility and the improved battery time. Batteries in new models can safely work for hours. In this case, it is much more likely that the user himself will get tired much faster or the work will already be completed. Also, the simplicity of the use of the saw should be included. Turning on and off it is much easier, which means that such a model is a safer.

Although electric saws are smaller in size and it is easier to endure them, the majority lack energy and endurance to cut down large trees. If you have large trees that you want to remove or in the list of household chores often appears a billet of firewood, then a gasoline model is your best choice. Therefore, such models are not the best option when you choose a tool that will use to work and receive income.

Having familiarized himself with the advantages and disadvantages of battery models, we proceed to the traditional and well.Known tool. A chainsaw.

Chainsaws are ideal for hard work in the literal sense of the word. If you own a lot of trees, you live on a farm or engage in the work of trees directly related to cutting down, then the gasoline model will surely be the best choice. This tool cuts large trees and turns thick logs into firewood. Gasoline saws are also supplied with various lengths of the guide tire to comply with the requirements of your work.

Unlike battery power tools, these models are not afraid of even the most complex tree species and work in large volumes. The design does not have a battery that could be discharged at the most inopportune moment, so the user who has a sufficient amount of fuel has at their disposal, there is nothing to worry about. It is also worth noting that manufacturers of modern tools paid attention to the consumption of gasoline, and in new models saw, this indicator is reduced to the minimum.

But here it was not without a spoon of tar. Daws working on gasoline are often heavy, which can cause fatigue in their hands before the moment the work is done. They are also louder than electrical models, and require you to always check how tank the tank is. Many include a strong unpleasant odor to the list of minuses, which stands out in the process. Well, the very last of the unpleasant moments. The range of models presented on the market often starts at a higher price than the choice among electric devices, which can make them less attractive options for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this type of tool.

Step 1. Volumem and the complexity of work.

Go to your site and evaluate what trees you will saw in the next year. Two. What a height they are, what diameter. How many of them. Will you saw firewood for a bath and/or at home, take a hunt for hunting or fishing, use it in construction.

Let’s calculate the volume of work in the m3 of wood. Suppose your trees with an average diameter of 25cm. You will saw them with a chain on churbaki 40 cm long. Then in order to drink 1m3 of the wood that lies on the ground, you will make 20 transverse cuts and the total length of the cut tree will be 8m. If you cut the trees you need much more time, t.To. You will need to work on top, and this is less convenient than on Earth, takes more time and is not very safe for you. In time, you will spend about 1. 1.5 hours and consume 1-2 liters of gasoline, 50. 100 ml of engine oil and 0.3. 0.6 l of chain oil when using a chainsaw. When using an electric saw or a battery saw, there will be no gasoline costs. So calculate what amount of work you have to.

The larger the diameter of the tree, the more powerful you need a chain saw, and, accordingly, the tire is longer. Of course, you can do the work and a small chainsaw power, with a bus 35-40 cm. At the same time, the costs of your time will be greater, and the cost of the tool and supplies below.

If you work with a ladder or stairs, which we do not recommend you, the saw should be easier in weight and it was convenient to keep and work.

which, better, chainsaw, battery

For the construction of a house, the use of a saw can be considered from several points of view. You work more on the street or inside the house, saw you round or boards and bars. Depending on this, the type of saw is made: gasoline, electric or battery, power and weight of the saw.

The main characteristics of chain saws

The power of the industrial chainsaw motor (for example, for firing forests) reaches 5-6 kW, while an electric saw has no more than 2.5 kW. This is easily explained by the production necessity of each of the tools.

Comparison of the saw of the same power shows the difference in performance. With a single value of 2.0 kW of electric saw, it works in a continuous cycle of no more than 30 minutes. She needs a 15-minute break so that the motor cools completely.

The chainsaw does not have this problem. It works until gasoline in the tank or oil lubrication ends.

Electric chain saw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and works from the 220 V network. You do not need to buy fuel and refuel the saw. It does not emit exhaust gases, so suitable for use in closed rooms. Usually the electric saw is not as noisy as a tool working on gasoline. In most cases, it is easier and more convenient in operation: the engine does not need to be started manually.

But there are weaknesses. The electric motor is unstable to voltage drops. What does it mean? Imagine that you have stupid teeth on the chain and you saw the barrel. In this case, the load on the engine is growing. It does not cope and at a critical moment simply fails. The same happens when the voltage drops. Therefore, it is important to follow it, especially when you are outside the city. In addition, electric saw can not work in the rain and with increased humidity.

The main differences between electric saw models

The higher this parameter, the greater fluctuations in the network can withstand the tool. But, on the other hand, the weight and size of the saw will also be larger. Higher. For work in the garden, a tool with an engine for 1,000 watts is suitable, for regular sawing of trees or construction in the country, a saw with a capacity of 1.5–2.5 kW is preferred. Aggregates with higher indicators are used for daily long.Term work.

There are electric saws with a transverse and longitudinal location of the engine. The former is usually shorter, more compact, however, the center of gravity is displaced, which complicates management. It is easier to control saws with a longitudinal engine, and it is more convenient to wield them.

Additional functions and parts of chain electric saws

Smooth engine start protects the network from overload. This is especially true in the city where electric equipment may not be in the best condition.

Blocking random inclusion eliminates injuries. In order for the chain to rotate, you need to unlock the power button with the thumb and only then press it.

Chain brake Stops the saw. It is located on top of the tool and made in the form of a shield. If the saw discards the saw from the workpiece, you automatically press it with your hand.

5 Best Cordless Chainsaws 2021 | Battery Powered Chainsaws 2021

Thanks to overheating protection system the saw stops working when the engine reaches a critical temperature.

A non.Closing chain stretch: you manually pull the handle so that the chain does not sag. It does not need a key or screwdriver.

Automatic lubrication of the chain. The oil pump works with the saw engine. There is no need to manually supplier the oil on the chain or dip the entire tire in grease.

Tundra’s electrical chain saw of random inclusion

Differences from the chainsaw

The principle of operation of the saw on batteries and benzomotor units is similar: the sawing is carried out by a chain that is included in the hook with the leading star and moves along the groove of the special guide tire. Therefore, the saw node is practically identical. There is also an oil tank and a plunger pump for lubricating the cooling of the chain during operation.

The absence of a gasoline engine made it possible to get rid of a gas tank and a bulky crankcase. There are no clutch on most of the saw. The electric motor can be located across or along the saw, the drive of the straight or conical gearbox circuit. Centrifugal clutch is only on very few models of powerful professional electric saws. The heaviest element of such a saw after the engine is a battery, they try to place it closer to the operator to improve the weight.

The most powerful batteries

Safun CCS-36-401

  • Without clock adjustment of the chain tension yes.
  • The location of the engine is longitudinal.
  • Voltage, in 36.
  • Weight, kg 7.8.
  • Tire length, cm 40.
  • Oil tank volume, ml 75.
  • Number of links, pcs 57.
  • Chain step, inch 3/8 (0.375).
  • Tire length, inch 16.
  • The speed of rotation of the chain, m/s 21.

This is the most affordable model with a 40-centimeter bus. The longitudinal location of the engine makes the saw rather narrow, but at the same time very weighty. 7.8 kg. Not every gasoline unit of household purposes weighs so much. However, the presence of gear stops, a good chain and weight makes a vertical cut of logs remarkable. Unfortunately, batteries will have to be changed quite often. There is nothing to be done. You have to pay for great power. Small amenities are also delighted in an obviously budget instrument like non.Clock access, a semi.Warbar lid and a window to track the lubricant level.

Pros Minuses
Great power The unimportant quality of plastic
The longitudinal location of the engine Too fast battery discharge
Convenience in work
Low price

Oregon CS300

  • Battery voltage 36 in.
  • Oil tank capacity 0.12 l.
  • Tire delivery kit, circuit (without a battery and charger).
  • Weight 4.2 kg (with a bus and a chain, without a battery).
which, better, chainsaw, battery

A well.Known manufacturer of chains and tires simply cannot be ignored. A powerful battery unit will not yield to gasoline counterparts in everything. Speed and accuracy of cut, power, ease of work. But the battery does not last long. Therefore, although with the help of the CS 300 model and you can bring small trees, it will not work for a long time even with a large supply of power elements: the electric motor overheats overheat. But for summer use, the thing is simply indispensable.

Pros Minuses
Easy for their power The battery quickly sits down
Quality assembly
Good saw set in the kit

Greenworks GS-180

  • Tire length 45 cm.
  • Type of batter Li-Ion.
  • Battery voltage 82 V.
  • Battery capacity 5 a/h.
  • Oil tank capacity 0.05 l.

The most powerful saw of those that can be found in free sale. The engine is powered by a voltage of 80 volts! Fortunately, all contact sites and electrodes are made safe, so you can’t get there with your hand. On the saw bus, you can read the Commercial inscription, which apparently reminds of the semi.Professional purpose of the saw. Indeed: it is more logical to see it at a construction site of frame or timber houses than in a summer house. Albeit for a short time, but this tool can be safely used for rolling several trees. The main thing is not to overheat the motor.

Pros Minuses
Great power High price
Small weight for its size With a battery and charger, the price grows almost twice
Quality assembly

Which is better electrios or chainsaw

Electric saws are similar both externally and in design to gasoline models. However, between these devices there are a number of fundamental differences.

Electric saw device

  • Electric motor hidden in a plastic case.
  • Oil and tank supply supplying oil products.
  • Front and back handles with launch buttons.
  • Emergency braking lever.
  • A saw node, including a chain, tire and mounting elements.

In electric saws, unlike gasoline analogues, as a rule, there is no clutch disc. Instead of it uses a fluid button, which allows you to gradually gain speed.

The principle of operation of the electric saw

After included in the network and pressing the Start button, an electric motor begins to work, which creates rotational movements and transfers them to the canvas through a conical gearbox or using a direct drive. The chain mounted on the tire begins movement, at the same time oil is supplied to it with a pump from a tank.

Advantages of electric saw

Electric chain saws are very popular in everyday life. Their main advantages are:

  • Compact dimensions and simplicity of design.
  • Light starting from weather conditions.
  • A small number of key nodes increases the reliability of the tool.
  • Low noise and small vibration.

Electric saws do not require preliminary preparation before starting work. The only thing the operator is required is to check the tension of the chain and the oil level in the tank.

Disadvantages of electric saw

The main disadvantage of this tool is its attachment to the power supply and a limited radius of work. So that the electric spil can work away from the networks, an autonomous generator will be required. The length of the cable also limits the radius of the device. To use the saw on the roof or in the basement you have to use the extension cord.

Good and very good: comparison of electric saws and chainsaws

You are the owner of your own home with a fireplace or wood stove, take care of the garden and even plan to build a bathhouse? Then the issue of buying a reliable saw will sooner or later stand in front of you.

You can make something simple or cut off thin branches, of course, using an ordinary hacksaw or ax. But if you do wood work often, then you can’t do without an electric or chainsaw. The question is only which one to choose. Let’s try to do this by evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of both tools.

Old Vs New! Echo Battery Chainsaws CCS-58V4AH Vs DCS-5000 #222

This characteristic is the main difference between two types of saws. Electric saws are powered by electricity, so you can buy it only if you have the opportunity to connect the tool to the mains.

The simplicity of manipulations will be a plus. Turned on/off, the disadvantage is the presence of a cord. When sawing firewood near the house, it will not be an obstacle, but difficulties may arise if you want to process the entire site and, moreover, actively move: you will have to buy an extension cord several tens of meters, make sure that you do not accidentally damage the cord.

Portativity is a significant advantage of the chainsaw: you can freely move around the site or go to the forest for firewood. She will help out if there are jumps in the mains in the countryside (sometimes the voltage drops to 150-180 V). Another significant argument in favor of the chainsaw is the opportunity to take it for a sortie or fishing.

Some forum users talk about such positive characteristics of electric saws as weight and compactness. However, it should be borne in mind that electric saws in their parameters relate to domestic tools. Therefore, they can be compared not with professional or semi.Professional chainsaws, but also with household. In this case, the dimensions and power of both types of saws will be approximately the same.

If you often work with a dense or thick tree, it is better to use a chainsaw. Electric saw is more suitable for construction work. Those who regularly use electric saw noted that it is smoothly adjusted, while the chainsaws often gets away, the cut is crookedly, it is inconvenient to cut thin boards or cut the tree along.

The electric saw engine should cool after 15-20 minutes of operation, some models of chainsaws can withstand the load of 8 or more hours without interruption.

Burova Anna, specialist in garden technology all tools.Ru, calls another advantage of electric saws. The ability to choose a model with a longitudinal or transverse location. It is believed that the former are more balanced in the work. When performing, for example, figured cut, the engine sticking out from the side will not interfere.

“You won’t go to saw with electric saw in bad weather,” one forum user defended his point of view. “And who will go to saw in bad weather?”. Retorted another. Meanwhile, this dispute reveals the most important feature of both tools. The dependence of their work on weather conditions.

Electric saws cannot be used in places with high humidity, during rain and snowfall. You can work with a chainsaw in almost any weather, even in great frost, although users note that problems with launching are possible.

Many consumers buy electric saw because of the convenience of work: it is less noisy and vibrates, and therefore a person experiences less voltage, can work longer. It is important that the electric saw does not emit exhaust gases, unlike the chainsaw. Thanks to this electric saw, you can use without harm to health even in closed and impatient rooms.

which, better, chainsaw, battery

Supporters of electric saws also note that working with it faster: you do not need to prepare the fuel mixture, measure the number of components, monitor their quality. Some scare more complex manipulations with a chainsaw, they say, it is more difficult to get it, it requires greater technical literacy.

In fact, the algorithm for launching a tanning engine is not so complicated. Feeling with videos on the site all.Tools.Ru, you can easily perform these manipulations yourself, especially since many of the tools are equipped with a slight start.

For many, an important indicator when buying a saw is its cost. For electric saws below the cost of their gasoline “counterparts”. Also, electric spike is more economical in operation: electricity is cheaper than gasoline, such a saw requires less spare parts and consumables, you will not have to fight the smells of gasoline from clothing.

You should not save too much on the tool or in engine oil, buy high.Quality and well.Known manufacturers: a higher price. A guarantee of reliability.


The performance of the saw is determined by the amount of work done for a certain period of time. The performance of the saw mainly affects two factors: the power of its engine and the quality of the cutting headset. If you choose a helping assistant for garden needs and do not plan to work daily, then opt for low.Power household chainsaws or electric saws of unprofessional class. Up to 2 kW with a capacity of up to 2 kW. For small construction and other summer cottages, semi.Professional units are suitable. From 2 to 3 kW.

At the same time, an important nuance should be taken into account: with the declared identical power of the motor, gasoline engines are much more productive than the same electric. The gasoline engine has much higher coefficient of useful action, that is, the engine power is almost completely transmitted to the cutting part, but the electric efficiency is much smaller. Thus, an electric saw with a capacity of 2.5 kW will give the same result and effect when working as a gasoline capacity of up to 2 kW. In addition, electric saws are mainly equipped with engines up to 2 kW (less often up to 2.5 kW), that is, they are always positioned by the manufacturer, as amateur. Smaller electric saw productivity is compensated by their slight weight and ease of work.

But gasoline saws can be built in a very high power engine. Even up to 6 kW, but this is already a professional type used mainly for firing forests. Powerful chainsaws are mostly heavy and overall, it is difficult to manage with them, so they are completely unnecessary for the summer resident and gardener of an amateur.

If you compare the cutting parts of the saw with a different type of drive, then the chainsaws often have a larger bus. It is convenient to cut thick trees or logs with a wild tire. It can be made deeper, but an electric saw with a short bus works faster and gives a smaller load on the hands. If there is a choice between two saws (gasoline and electric) with the same productivity, then for small boards and trimming branches it is better to take a power saw, which has a shorter tire. So you will increase the speed of sawing and facilitate your work.

The complexity of maintenance and use

Preparation for work and maintenance

Electric saws are more convenient when preparing for work. It is enough to install the saw set, pour oil and turn on the fork in the outlet. At the same time, most high.Quality electric saws are equipped with fast.Packed devices that allow you to tighten the chain or replace it in a few minutes.

Quickly collapsed chain tensioner.

The chainsaws with this are more difficult. Semi.Professional and professional saws are equipped with traditional clamps on nuts that cannot be disassembled without a key. And the chain is tightened using a screwdriver or a special hexagonal key. This takes a slightly longer time, but the settings are also guaranteed tightly.

An ordinary chain tensioner.

The preparation of the fuel mixture for the chainsaw takes several minutes. Special containers with graduation allow you to mix gasoline and oil in a given proportion in any quantity. As a rule, one tank gas station is enough for 40. 50 minutes of work. Having prepared 2-3 liters of fuel in the morning, you will be provided with it for a whole working day. It is not necessary to harvest the mixture for several days, with prolonged storage, its properties worsen.

Comfort of use

The electric saw does not require a fuel mixture. To start sawing, just insert the fork into the outlet and press the button.

However, if the chainsaws are perfectly balanced and it is very convenient to hold them in their hands, then it is more difficult to do with electric saws. In addition to the fact that the cable interferes quite significantly, they are also produced in two varieties of the location of the motor. Longitudinal and transverse.

Longitudinal saws are distinguished by the location of the axis of rotation of the engine shaft along the tire direction. They differ in a small width, but rather long. Although they are perfectly balanced, the presence of a cable limits their mobility.

The transverse saws are short, but the engine body protruding to the left side violates the balance and requires certain efforts to hold the tire in the cutting line from the operator. The force is small, but with prolonged work increases the level of fatigue. The inconvenience of the cable in such saws is felt less.


By the level of security, the chainsaws are ahead of electric due to the absence of an electric cable, which you have to constantly pay attention to. In raw and rainy weather, power plants cannot be operated, as in raw rooms.

Regarding the possible injury of the cutting part. The saw is absolutely identical, you can get injured only with a gross violation of operation rules.

Lever for instant stopping the circuit in the case of a reverse impact. They are equipped with both electric and gasoline chain saws.

Ultimately, it is quite difficult to determine what is better electrios or chainsaw. It all depends on specific tasks and operating conditions. Judging by the prevalence and popularity of tools, both varieties of chain saws are entitled to life and do a great job of their tasks. It is only important to buy a quality tool, not cheap fakes.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw?

As dozens of cutting teeth erupt dense wood, they inevitably dumber, reducing the effectiveness of the tool and making it physically more complicated for your control. Regular sharpening, Conducted by sawing, will make your chainsaw purr like a very rude kitten.

It is clear that STIHL has the largest area. Both companies sell both gasoline and electric products, and also offer products for household and commercial users. STIHL against Echo [trimmer, trimmed machine, bluff, chainsaws, multifunctional tools]

CompanyHeadquartersamount of workers
Echo Inc. Corporate. OME, Japan Echo.Lake Zurich, Il. 700 employees of the company 6600 dealers

Greenworks Digipro 80V

Main characteristics

  • The manufacturer is China.
  • Battery capacity. 2 a/h.
  • Lubrication tank volume. 0.18 liters.
  • Tire length. 45.8 cm.
  • Weight. 6.45 kg.


If you need a chain battery saw, the rating of the best models also includes the GreenWorks Digipro 80V model. This is a professional model for forestry, which effectively copes with the trimming of branches, sawing firewood and other tasks.


  • Long.Term autonomous work;
  • Ergonomic gear stops and handle;
  • Quick completion of work using an electric brake.

Review of a real buyer:

I bought a saw for a summer residence, already sawed a huge amount of firewood for the winter. Cuts thick logs very easily, without much effort. From the battery engine did not even expect such a power. There is no gasoline, there is no cord, excellent equipment, I am very glad that I chose just such an option.

Overview of gasoline chain saws

Chainsaws-manual devices operating from a 2-stroke internal combustion engine with a crankshaft speed up to 14 thousand. About./min. For launch, they are seasoned with fuel mixture of high.Octane gasoline and engine oil.

Advantages of chainsaws

  • Autonomy;
  • High power;
  • A wider range of working conditions;
  • Maintainability. The absence of the proximity of service centers or workshops will not become a problem: owners of chainsaws themselves can diagnose and eliminate their most common malfunctions.

The disadvantages of the chainsaw

  • A complex structural scheme. A number of working nodes are associated with the engine. Clutch coupling, guide, asterisk, butter, the cutting headset itself, the interaction of which requires constant control to avoid breakdowns and repairs;
  • Large mass in collected form;
  • A tangible vibration.Sound effect in the process of sawing;
  • The release of harmful gas emissions, poisonous to humans and nature as a whole;
  • Demands on the quality of the combustible mixture.

Gasoline or battery? We find out what saw the most productive

High.Quality chain saw on a suburban area is not excessive luxury, but a useful and desired tool, without which most garden and construction work is not complete. What assistant to choose for a quick harvesting of firewood, trimming trees, roof building?

At the next dealer conference, Stanleyblack Decker, as usual, demonstrated new items. Including new patterns of battery garden equipment, in particular chain saws. One of them. The DeWALT DCM575 model from the FLEXVOLT series. Was especially interested in us.

We tested it in the work and appreciated the speed of sawing. By subjective sensations, it is no worse than that of a chainsaw. Reviews of dealers, who also happened to experience the novelty, were also positive. Some of those present also noted that the tool not only saws quickly, but also holds the load perfectly. The engine does not reduce speed, if hard to press on the handles.

Best Chainsaw Brand (ROUND 1 of 2)? Milwaukee vs DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi & WORX

Then the idea arose to conduct a comparative test and find out which saw works faster. Battery or gasoline.

Dewalt or STIHL. “alien” against the “predator”

Alt = “Comparison of the benzo and battery saw” Width = “460 ″ Height =” 345 ″ /

As a competitor for this competition, we chose the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw with a capacity of 1.5 kW (2.1 liters.With.). Why exactly this model? Firstly, this is one of the most massive STIHL chainsaws that are very popular in Russia. That is, we compare with something for a long time and well-known. Secondly, the power of the batteries of the Flexvolt series is precisely and corresponds to one and a half kilowatts. That is, comparing the “Devilov” chain saw with “Shtil”, we compare models of the same power level.