Which lawn mower model to choose?

Top 11 petrol lawnmowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are very popular around the world. This is quite justified. On the one hand, they have more power, which allows you to easily clear vast areas from excess grass and even bushes. On the other hand. they have a great autonomy, as there is no need to connect the mowers to the network. just fill a full tank of fuel. No wonder that many people have a desire to buy them. But how do you choose the right one in such a wide range?? Exactly for such readers we will make a rating of the best gasoline lawnmowers and describe ten really successful models from popular manufacturers.

Approach the choice of a suitable model should be as seriously as possible. after all, it is quite an expensive purchase. What you should pay attention to when buying?

First of all, the power. It depends on it, whether there will be problems when mowing tough weeds and young bushes.

In addition, you should not forget about the noise level. it will affect not only the comfort of the neighbors, but also the work process itself. it is not too pleasant to work for hours under the deafening noise.

You should definitely pay attention to the presence of the mulching function. shredding the cut grass for subsequent use as mulch.

Quality models are produced by different large companies, but the most popular are still the products of such companies:

Of course, this is not a complete list of good manufacturers. And not all of their models are flawless. But you won’t regret it if you buy one of these companies’ products.

Mowing width. the bigger it is, the faster the job is done. If the lawn is square or rectangular, you can follow the recommendations in the table below.

Surface area, sq. m. м Mowing width, cm
up to 70 30
70-140 36
over 140 40 and up

For sharp corners, narrow places, various obstacles. of all the options suitable for the area, a smaller mower is preferable, as it will be easier to manage.

which, lawn, mower, model, choose

The grass catcher box is a container that collects the grass during mowing. It is installed on electric, battery-powered and petrol lawnmowers. Available as an option on mechanical mowers. Without it the grass stays on the lawn making its growth worse.

What else can affect your choice of lawn mower

Before you buy a lawn mower, the question is: “Where will you store it after the season??” Leaving valuables at the cottage is not always possible. Have to take the tool into the city.

Problems can arise with models equipped with a gasoline engine or a battery. The first ones are difficult to keep in the apartment because of the persistent smell of gasoline. garage would be a good place. The latter, namely their batteries, need to be kept in a heated room. deciding on storage, attention is also paid to dimensions and weight. Gasoline models have higher ratings than others. It is recommended to get acquainted with the care of different types of mowers, this can also influence your choice.

Makita PLM4628N

Powerful self-propelled petrol lawn mower for tackling large land up to 1400 sq. km.м. The model is equipped with an adjustable handle with a three-stage system. The body is made of rugged steel with additional side discharge. The mulching function does a great job. Grass box can be easily mounted and dismounted. According to the users’ opinion, it is not a bad model, but it is more suitable for professional purposes and not for home use.

Huter GLM-4.0

(China, about 15 000). gasoline mower with a powerful engine and a cutting width of 46 cm with a 60-liter grass catcher box. Designed for professional use on large plots. According to users, it can even tackle very neglected terrain, which proves its high power and performance. Despite the fact that the authorized brand centers exist in Russia, necessary spare parts are hard to find, so you have to order them directly from China and wait a long time.

Bosch ARM 37

Electric lawnmower designed for small areas without overhangs and hills. It has a wide grass cutting adjustment from 20 to 70 cm. Low weight for easy transportation. This model is very well suited to smaller lawns. Of the disadvantages, users note the thin plastic body and a slight play in the wheels. Also a thin grass catcher box, which is only suitable for clean lawn grass. Despite the presence of small disadvantages, the model is in wide demand among owners of cottages and private homes.

Interskol GKE-40/1200

Electric type mower, designed for small area treatment. It has a mulching mode, which is convenient for additional fertilization of the soil. Easy to assemble, requires no special skills. Compact enough to be easily transported or moved to another site. Safe in operation, as it has special protections against overheating and other unforeseen circumstances.

Stiga Twinclip 50 SQ B 29451282828/ST1

The model priced at about 50,000 is designed for lawn care up to 2,000 m², equipped with a powerful and reliable BriggsStratton engine with reduced noise level, has a solid functionality, a large fabric grass box with a fill indicator. Of course, such equipment also weighs a lot. about 40 kg, and costs above average.

Honda HRX 537 4 HYE

As they say, “full stuffing”. One of the most powerful machines with a Japanese engine, with a mulching function, a very large textile bag for collecting grass (88 l), various adjustments of the working elements. Productive, handy, reliable. All these qualities justifiably determine the high price of the model. in the region of 90 000.

Comparative table of the best gasoline lawnmowers

Has extensive functionality, including mulching, side and rear discharge, while it is easy to manage.

Husqvarna LC 153 9613100

Equipped with quality, reliable and low-noise BriggsStratton engine, the volume of the grass catcher box is 56,6 l.

Ryobi RLM46175Y 5133003671

Runs on Japanese Yamaha engine, easy to start, not too noisy, mulching function is present.

There is a variator that allows you to change the speed in the range of 3-4,5 km / h in different operating conditions.

Lateral discharge, mulching, grass catcher box and rear discharge), with quiet engine, big wide wheels and different adjustments.

Approx. 31 kg weight, low noise, easy to operate, no ripping, with mulching function.

Fitted with a powerful and reliable BriggsStratton engine with reduced noise level, solid features and a large textile grass catcher bag with filling indicator.

One of the most powerful machines, Japanese engine, mulching function, extra-large textile grass bag (88 liters).

The most popular questions about electric lawn mowers

How much the electric lawnmower heats up?Electric lawn mowers can get hot due to breakage, low current, improper use: long hours of operation, overload, when mowing too tough or high vegetation, as well as when the cutting elements are blocked by foreign objects, etc.д.

Can I mow wet grass with an electric lawnmower?? Sometimes users are faced with the question of whether an electric lawnmower can mow wet grass. Experts advise to wait for the grass to dry out, and of course not to mow vegetation in the rain, in conditions of high humidity. Otherwise there is a real risk of an electric shock, especially if an extension cord is used. Damaged supply wires are not recommended to work in any weather. Walking on wet grass is dangerous in itself, you can slip and fall with the cutting blades of grass. Wet vegetation is more difficult to mow, grass sticks to the chassis, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to clean the machine. Wet grass rests on the ground, the cut is uneven and the lawn looks untidy, with ridges. In wet weather, the load on the blades and motor of an electric mower increases, which can lead to breakdowns.

How to choose the best electric mower

Self-propelled vs. conventional wheeled

Self-propelled lawn mowers are equipped with a drive system that eliminates the need to push the device forward. They’re more massive and more expensive than non-self-propelled, and are designed to work on large areas (up to 20-30 acres). If you don’t need that much “space,” it’s better not to overpay for a self-propelled model.

If your choice is. specifically a self-propelled machine, look for a polypropylene platform to help reduce weight, and wheels with bearings and low rolling resistance that will make your job a little easier.

Grass catcher, mulch, or discard grass?

Many buyers choose lawn mowers with mulching to return nutrients to the lawn and not have to stop every 10 minutes (literally) to empty the grass box.

which, lawn, mower, model, choose

However, sometimes the weather doesn’t permit mowing as usual. This is when side (or rear) ejection becomes useful. In addition, the side discharge will help you move forward when the grass gets long, to effectively control the mowing process.

which, lawn, mower, model, choose

Look for a mower that gives you at least 2 of the three options.

Mowing width and height

Inexpensive models in the top electric mowers have a mowing width of 32-40 cm. It’s enough for a small area of 4 acres. The greater the width, the faster you can landscape the area.

For a small and neat lawn, 3-4 cm mowing height is enough. You want to leave the grass at a lower height. 7-8 cm. Modern lawn mowers allow you to change the height of mowing.


The best electric lawn mowers for dacha are:

  • Low-power. up to 1.5 kW. They are chosen for their compactness and maneuverability, for a small area they are quite sufficient.
  • Medium power. up to 1,5-2 kW. Handles grass with tough and thick stems, but can be a bit heavy for the hands of a teenager or a woman.
  • Powerful. more than 2 kW. They are taken for large areas with old and stiff vegetation. Noisy, heavy, truly brutal lawnmowers.


The rating of electric mowers by quality and reliability opens the inexpensive model, which, in addition to a rigid grass catcher box of 35 liters and the function of throwing grass back, is also equipped with a mulching nozzle.

Mowing height can be adjusted in 6 positions, and the high maneuverability and compact size make this mower perfect for large open areas, as well as for beautifying areas with many trees and bushes.