Which Mower Is Better For A Walk-Behind Tractor

Rotary and segment mowers for walk-behind tractors. Which one to choose, requirements and features of the equipment, advantages and disadvantages

How to choose a mower for a walk-behind tractor User reviews Recommendations for safe operation.

Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • You need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • Traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.

How to choose a mower for a walk-behind tractor

Grass. Universal feed for a whole group of livestock. The vegetation mown in the summer and properly dried turns into hay, the nutritional value of which is quite high. The dried product allows animals to exist from autumn to spring, producing food: milk and meat.

Traditionally, hay harvesting was done by mowing grass with a simple tool, a must in every farmhouse. Today it is difficult to find a craftsman who can perform this operation with the help of a manual scythe of a Lithuanian. The skill is lost for various reasons, one has to look for technical devices to do this work.

Motoblocks and mini tractors are convenient power-generating units on which you can attach a variety of agricultural implements and machines. They are equipped with additional devices for cutting grass and making hay.

User reviews on the operation of segment mowers on motoblocks

In addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages:

  • Attachments, due to the large number of parts used, have a significant weight;
  • To access individual units, intermediate elements have to be removed, which somewhat complicates repair and maintenance;
  • The segment mower is much more expensive than the rotary mower, so the demand for them is much lower.
Which Mower Is Better For A Walk-Behind Tractor

Measures for the safe use of segment mowers

  1. Before you start mowing, you need to check the connection of the attachment and the walk-behind tractor. Make sure that the screw connection is tight.
  2. Check the ease of movement of the movable bar with knives. Clarify the integrity of the segments.
  3. All work must be performed only with the motor-block engine stopped. The power take-off shaft can be connected from vibration, then injury to the operating personnel is possible.
  4. Stop the unit periodically (at least once every two hours) and check the belt tension. Carry out an inspection for loose and loose threaded connections.
  5. Move across the field, measuring the speed and power of the grass stand.
  6. Before mowing, check the field for stones and objects that could damage the mower tool.

Segment mowers for motoblocks

The design, developed in the middle of the 19th century, has not undergone significant changes. A number of fixed segments are fixed to the frame. Above, there is a movable rod (it reciprocates relative to the fixed frame), a second row of segments is installed on it. The stem caught between the segments is cut.

Similar mowers are used for high grass stands. They are effective in overgrown areas. Traditionally, segment mowers are used to cut grass for hay.

Many users note that it is convenient to work with a segment mower both on plains and in areas with difficult terrain. The cut is made near the ground, which increases the mass of the harvested material. When mowing, the device puts the mown vegetation into a swath. This improves the conditions for drying and obtaining high-quality hay.

The speed of the unit can be up to 4.04.3 km / h, which corresponds to the normal gait of a person.

The devices are produced in two versions:

  1. Finger, they use additional protection of segments (overhead fingers) from solid objects entering the cutting zone;
  2. Fingerless do not have additional protection. It is assumed that the mowing has been in use for many years. There are no objects on them that can destroy the segments of the cutting organ.

Attention! Practice has shown that the presence of a protective finger over the segments increases the maintenance-free operation several times. The complex design pays off with lower costs for restoring operability.

The advantages of rotary mowers

  1. Simple and compact attachments, it is not difficult to transfer, mount on a walk-behind tractor.
  2. In the trunk of a car, the machine-tractor unit is transported disassembled, at the intended site it is assembled and started to work.
  3. Service is simple. At the end of the work, it is easy to remove the remnants of the cut material. Performing routine maintenance, rubbing units are lubricated.
  4. The presence of guards contributes to the safe operation of the equipment.
  5. When mowing, the operator can easily maneuver. The center of gravity is located on the wheels, so sharp turns and changes of direction of travel are not difficult.
  6. Rotary mowers are relatively inexpensive. They are purchased more often to equip them with energy-rich units.

Lawn mowers for walk-behind tractors

What if you need to mow the lawn around your home? Neither a rotary nor a segment mower for a walk-behind tractor can cope with this task because of its size. For this, there are mechanical or gasoline lawn mowers, which are purchased as attachments to the walk-behind tractor. They are easy to operate and have proven to be reliable companions in small working areas.

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Rotary mounted mower for walk-behind tractor

An important role in choosing a mower is played by the relief, size and vegetation of your site. If low grasses or grain crops grow on it, then the Zarya rotary mower will do. For a walk-behind tractor, it is the best budget option. Such a mower mows well on a flat area or with a deviation of no more than 20 degrees. The principle of operation is based on the rotation of the discs mounted on the rotors.

Pluses of a rotary mower:

  • The cut grass is laid in swaths;
  • Simple disc design;
  • Easily repaired.
  • Traumatic in operation;
  • When working, you must always be on the lookout so as not to damage the knives with stones.

Many landowners buy a rotary mower because of the different ways the blades can be mounted on it (front or rear).

Segment mower for walk-behind tractor

The design of this model is somewhat reminiscent of a hand saw. The knives here move back and forth due to the motor shaft. Such a mower can work on a large area and any relief. It features good performance and an extended working width of up to 1,100 millimeters.

The advantages of the segment mower:

  • Cuts the grass almost at the very root;
  • Equipped with a manual emergency shutdown mechanism;
  • Creates a minimum of vibration in the knife blade;
  • The inclination of the web is regulated.

Disadvantages of the segment model:

  • Difficulty in servicing the mechanism;
  • Quite high price;
  • Large dimensions and weight.

Mower for walk-behind tractor: choose wisely

Owners of walk-behind tractors always face a choice when buying attachments for their assistant. It is not cheap, so you need to approach its acquisition responsibly.

Mower models are different

Whatever your mower for a walk-behind tractor, it requires correct operation. When starting the mower for the first time, after half an hour of work, stop the walk-behind tractor and check all fasteners. If the scythe vibrates strongly, then it is necessary to stop working and eliminate possible malfunctions (fix or replace the knives). If unmown areas of grass appear, check the sharpening of the blades and the tension of the drive belt. Also, before work, the oil in the gearboxes is checked.

Useful information

A mower for a walk-behind tractor or MTZ, LTZ tractors is a modern and effective way of caring for your site, mowing grain crops or wild plants. Technological models are used in the warm season and allow you to quickly put in order the backyard or summer cottage area. Mowing vegetation, making hay and keeping order takes a short time. It is much more convenient to use attachments for a tractor or its mini-version than outdated tools.

Modern mowers are presented in several types, each of which has its own advantages. The choice between a rotary and a segmented unit depends on the characteristics of the site and the goals set. Both devices in high-quality performance are productive, efficient and durable, and also affect the reliability of all equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of a rotary mower

The range is quite wide and you can choose suitable devices for different types of leading machines. All rotary mowers share the following advantages:

  • Even mowing and neat folding of the grass;
  • Protection from stones at the disc with knives (the main difference from other types);
  • Easy maintenance and excellent maintainability.

The cutting parts adapt to the relief.

  • Lower performance compared to segment;
  • Low quality of work at low speed.

Not very suitable for mowing soft grass.

Rotary or disc implements must be selected for specific conditions. Powerful cultivators are suitable for removing thick and tough stems. The large weight and width of the mower can cope with vegetation in large areas with difficult terrain.

Service features

One of the main advantages of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance. Such equipment is chosen by farmers due to its simplicity of design and the absence of the need for frequent repairs. The condition of the device will need to be monitored, because spare parts for trailed mowers wear out over time and require replacement or maintenance. The repair is not complicated, one person can handle the actions.

For efficient operation, the lubricant is checked, parts for malfunction or damage, and knots and chain adjustments are made.

The need for frequent maintenance of the segment mower depends on the model. Attachments for large equipment may need this every shift and at the end of the working season. A mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass and other things, the reliability of the attachment of the cutting plate knives is checked. Periodically, the elements will need to be sharpened or replaced, and lubrication is also required. The segment mower is more difficult to maintain, as it has a more complex structure and a time-consuming hanging process.

Design differences

A rotary mower is a base frame on which several cutting discs are installed. On the sides there are sleds for sliding the device on the ground. Cutting of grass is carried out by discs with knives, which rotate while driving. They rotate in different directions so that vegetation is cut evenly. In the mower, you can change the angle of inclination.

On MTZ, devices are attached to the front, side or behind to the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The cutting system is based on the use of several rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is installed on. The hinged structure, which is located at the rear, does not have its own chassis, but it can have one or more wheels. The hitch, located in front of the walk-behind tractor or tractor, has its own frame, to which cutting parts and controls are attached.

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A segment mower, like a rotary mower, is suitable for a mini-tractor and its more powerful version. The design resembles a set of scissors that cut grass. A walk-behind tractor with equipment performs well the tasks of mowing vegetation along the roadside and in tight places on the site.

The main units of the segment cultivator include a frame base on a wheel base, a cutterbar consisting of many knives, a drive and a bar. Height adjustment is carried out using the side slide. The executive body of the equipment is of two types: segment-finger and double-knife fingerless.

Principle of operation and scope

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and place them in even shafts or evenly across the field, which greatly facilitates hay transportation. Many models have a safety catch that deflects the knives when they hit an obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, the knives can be deflected up to 45, which will provide a better clean cut.

Modifications of this device differ in the number of cutting parts, the method of attachment and the processing area. Many models can be used for harvesting forage, as they are equipped with a weed grinder. The work of the device takes place with the help of the tractor selection shaft using a bevel, cardan or other transmission.

Rotary mowers are ideal for:

  • Clearing the field from weeds;
  • Pasture mowing;
  • Removing grass.

The unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of use. Its width must be selected taking into account the amount of work and the size of the treated area.

The saw blade for the segmental finger mower consists of two metal parts: movable and fixed. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles a scissor. Cutting parts are shaped like sharp-edged triangles called segments or fingers. The grass is cut between the edges of the knives, stacked in rows and easy to collect. The double-blade fingerless mower is characterized by two moving parts that move in opposite directions. Such a device cuts cleaner, does not get clogged with debris.

  • Mowing thick stalks of dry grass;
  • Weed removal;
  • Mowing of naturally growing grass and seeded crops.

Principle of operation

In this particular case, we take into account mowers designed for aggregation with the Neva walk-behind tractor, which is extremely popular with many farmers. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the model of this brand shows very decent characteristics of its work for more than one year and in any weather conditions.

The design of the mower includes a support wheel and several discs with cutting elements. As soon as this support wheel begins to move, then the knives on the discs come into action.

In general, the whole design of mowers for motoblocks does not look very pretentious, which does not at all mean insufficient efficiency of work with them. As a rule, depending on the configuration, the mower is equipped with one wheel, several metal beams connected to a support frame and a cutting system, which mows the grass.

When choosing a unit, you should pay attention to several of its characteristics:

  • The height of the mowed grass surface;
  • Area to be treated, i.E. The number of hectares that the mower can mow at a certain time, for example, per day;
  • Rotational speed of the knives on the discs.

In addition to these characteristic data, mowers are divided into rotary and segment mowers, which differ from each other not only in appearance and design, but also in technological characteristics.

Homemade construction

The first thing that any person who decides to design homemade equipment should know is that it should be, above all, safe for him and those around him. In such cases, the quality of the unit’s operation fades into the background, when the question of a real threat to human life and health arises, because the mower has a lot of cutting and sharp elements, which are very easy to suffer from.

Having understood this rule, you can start the process of assembling the mower. However, you first need to choose the material from which it will be made. For an example of a homemade mower, see.

The main point here is that a person who is fired up with the idea of ​​constructing a home-made mower wants to significantly save already modest finances. Therefore, the material must be used from old and already used agricultural equipment, which can be found at home or in abandoned warehouses and farms. There are many different options for how to make a do-it-yourself lawn mower from available tools, which you can learn about from this article.

Consider the process of assembling a segment mower for a Neva walk-behind tractor with your own hands. Having decided on the material, you can proceed to the assembly itself.

Along the edges of these beams, we install clamps and skids, with which you can adjust the height of the grass bevel. The segment mower has a wheel, which you can take, for example, from an old baby carriage. It is on this wheel that the driving force from the walk-behind tractor will be supplied when it is activated.

We invite you to read the article, which tells in detail about the permitted maximum weight for KamAZ 4308, because the service life of the tractor depends on this.

The answer to the question: “How to choose a saw for cutting firewood?”, You can easily find here //machinspec.com/lesozagotovitelnaya/benzopila/kak-vybrat.html.

In general, this description is quite schematic, only the main points regarding the manufacture of a homemade segment mower are described here. But for a person who is well acquainted with the principles of such work, it will be quite easy to apply this data in practice, and it is possible to add something of his own, from his personal experience.

A do-it-yourself mower for a Neva walk-behind tractor, the drawings of which can be easily found in publicly available sources, is an excellent way out of a situation when there is not enough extra money to purchase additional and, which is important, expensive components. But if you are not eager to mess with the drawings, then you can safely familiarize yourself with an alternative in the form of inexpensive electric lawn mowers.

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Segment mower for walk-behind tractor Zarya or rotary Neva which is better mower and lawn mower

Most people own not only city apartments, but also various country houses, which are a kind of transitional world between everyday bustle and quiet, rural life and Stihlм. But this peace also has two sides, because the specificity of the countryside makes you take care of the local area in every possible way throughout the year.

This circumstance prompted the developers of agricultural machinery to design a compact and convenient device that would help people to significantly simplify the whole process of improving their home. Simply put, a walk-behind tractor was designed as an extremely useful unit that combines a variety of functionality and ease of use.

There are many additional hinged structures on it, allowing for snow removal, plowing of land holdings, watering, hilling and, of course, mowing the grass surface. It is this equipment, i.E. Mower for a walk-behind tractor, we will consider in more detail.

Segment model

This type of mower is a more complex design than a rotary mower. It is used on various sites, both with a flat surface and with a more complex relief. Thanks to the design of the cutting elements, the segment mower cuts the grass very evenly and thoroughly, regardless of the density and germination of the grass surface. Read about another mower model for tall grass and uneven terrain here.

The design of the segmental mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor is a main frame attached to the front of the walk-behind tractor, a wheel, which receives rotational movements from the running gear of the walk-behind tractor, and cutting elements, including two metal bars, between which there are knives. On the edges of the cutting system there are special skids, with which you can adjust the height of the cut grass.

Let’s consider in more detail using a specific model as an example. Take the segment mower for the Neva KN 1.1 walk-behind tractor, which is an excellent option for people who have a lot of cattle that need to constantly harvest hay.

Segment mower for walk-behind tractor Neva KN 1.1 is designed for motoblocks MB 1 and MB 2, which are varieties of the Neva walk-behind tractor. Due to its design, the mower for the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor allows you to mow the grass and lay it in special windrows, i.E. In even rows, so that later you can easily assemble it.

This model, which can work even in the most problematic places with thick and sprouted grass, is produced at several domestic factories.

Technical characteristics of Neva KN 1.1:

  • Weight 45 kg;
  • Grass bevel height from 40 mm;
  • Width of the mowed surface 110 cm;
  • The area of ​​the treated surface is 0.35 ha / h;
  • Total speed 5 km / h.

Indeed, this problem occurs often, because not everyone has enough money to buy one or another unit. Below we will consider a way out of such situations.

Rotary mower

This type of construction mowers for the Neva walk-behind tractor is a support frame and several discs, usually two or three. Such a mower is attached in front of the walk-behind tractor and cuts off various grass surfaces, including dense and sprouted grass with weeds.

In operation, it is very simple, you do not need any special technical knowledge to work with it. This circumstance also affects the ease of repair of the released unit in this configuration, it is significantly simplified than in the segment one.

But dry descriptions are clearly not enough and it is necessary to consider specific examples on specific models of rotary mowers for the Neva walk-behind tractor.

One of the most the popular and common options are the Zarya rotary mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor, but there are other models of this type, such as a rotary Polish mower. At the moment, the Zarya mower is also produced in China. In our country, the Kaluga Engine plant, which has long been engaged in the production and subsequent sale of agricultural machinery, is responsible for the release of this model.

Features of the mower on.

Technical characteristics of the Zarya rotary mower:

  • Weight 32 kg;
  • General speed from 2 to 4 km / h;
  • Area of ​​the treated surface 0.2 ha / h;
  • Width of the mowed surface 80 cm;
  • Disc rotation speed from 2000 to 2400 rpm;
  • The height of the bevel of the grass surface is up to 1 meter.


We examined the main types of mowers for the Neva walk-behind tractor. As mentioned earlier, each of its varieties has a number of competitive advantages among themselves, and there are also a lot of shortcomings, and in the question of which lawn mower to choose, you should rely only on your own preferences. If the options above do not work for you, read a mower for tall grass and uneven areas.

However, in the age of progressive growth of technology and production, we can expect even more improved models of mowers for motoblocks. But those that do exist meet many of the requests and requirements of farmers who are used to relying on themselves, but they are clearly not against innovations in the form of auxiliary agricultural equipment. If you have a mini tractor, then you may be interested in an article that describes a rotary mower for a mini tractor.

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