Which Mower Is Better

Stiga Combi (Stig) self-propelled gasoline and electric lawn mower;

The whole variety of Stig lawn mowers can be safely divided into groups, where the Collector, Combi, Multiclip, Turbo and Excel lawn mowers are considered the main ones. And now let’s dwell in more detail on each of the types.

About the manufacturer

It is necessary to say a few words about the company itself, which has faithfully served the benefit of the consumer since 1934. 80 years of experience of finding a company in the market allows us to judge its competitiveness.

Stiga is a Swedish representative that leaves its mark on products. Due to the severity of the country’s climatic features, the company’s products are designed to withstand aggressive environments.

Stiga’s strategic goal is to offer high quality garden equipment and tools designed for all consumer needs and year-round gardening work. Tools and equipment are highly safe, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. However, there are other models with these characteristics, which we will describe in the rating of electric lawn mowers for reliability.

Stiga is nothing more than a brand of GGP (Global Garden Products) a leader in the production of lawn mowers and other mechanized equipment for the garden and vegetable garden.

The company is ready to offer the buyer multiple models of lawn mowers, made according to the latest Multiclip technology, thanks to which the cut grass is crushed to minimum particles and then spilled back onto the lawn.


Series The collector is intended for use in areas up to 1500m2. This type of mower is perfect for low grass heights, thereby simultaneously coping with clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris, for example, the Stiga Collector 34E device. But, this unit is not intended for large territories, and if you are a happy owner of a large land plot, then it is better to take a closer look at the KZN mower.

This model has the following differences:

  • Engine with a power of 1 (1.36) kW;
  • Capture 0.34m wide;
  • Grass bevel height from 25 to 65 mm;
  • Herb collection volume 25;
  • You can also switch to Multiclip mode.

Model performs work on mowing and mulching the soil. Forget about rakes and hoes, and even more so about cleaning up scraps. If you asked the question: “What is mulching in a lawn mower?”, Then do not hesitate and click here.

Minimal effort and excellent lawn density are the benefits of this device. The price of the model is 6000 rubles. But, there are inexpensive electric lawn mowers that are detailed in this article.

Lawn mowers are very popular today. They are actively used for processing both household and industrial plots. Depending on the type of device, technical characteristics and manufacturer, units of different price categories are distinguished.

Not every mower is ready to operate at full capacity 7 days a week. And sometimes this level of workload is required from such devices. For quality work, who needs a so-called ephemeral ?!

In this case, it is worth giving preference to a company that can provide quality products at a reasonable price. Does this exist? Certainly! The Stiga lawn mower can provide invaluable help in mowing any lawn.

Stiga is ready to offer customers a fairly wide range of rotary lawn mowers. Among the product names, there are the Stiga electric lawnmowers with a gasoline engine, which are so popular with the modern buyer, as well as equally functional electric models. And their main competitor is the Sterwins electric lawn mowers, detailed information on which you can find here.

Details about all the models of interest can be found on the official website of the company http://www.Stiga.ru/.


The Combi series is a collection of versatile mower models capable of collecting cut grass in a grass catcher. When working on particularly thick and long grass, the mowers resort to rear discharge.

The current version of the device combines 4 main technologies:

  • Collecting grass in a grass catcher;
  • Mulching
  • Lateral discharge;
  • Rear discharge.

Most of the models are self-propelled.

Available in electric (a prime example of the Stiga Combi 44E) and gasoline (Stiga Combi 53 SB).

The Stiga Combi 44E is different:

  • 1800W motor;
  • Grass bevel height from 25 to 75 mm;
  • Herb collection volume 50;
  • You can switch to Multiclip mode.

The price of the device is about 13,000 rubles. As you can see, this unit is ideal if you regularly monitored your site and did not allow the formation of dense thickets, otherwise you should choose a special lawn mower for uneven areas and wild vegetation.

Stiga Combi 53 SB has the following physical and technical characteristics:

  • Engine with a power of 4 kW;
  • Grass bevel height from 27 to 90 mm;
  • Herb collection volume 60;
  • Weight 34kg.

The price of the device is about 27,000 rubles. If this unit does not suit you, then we advise you to familiarize yourself with other options for gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers.

Turbo and Excel

This series is a harmonious combination in one device. If comfort, efficiency and versatility count for anything, you can’t pass up such a model. It’s time to get to know her better.

Stiga Excel 50 SQ B has the following characteristics:

  • 4400 W motor;
  • Grass bevel height from 22 to 95 mm;
  • Grass collection volume 75;
  • Price from 36,000 rubles.

This device has especially sharp knives, which means that the lawn will always be luxurious and perfectly cut.

In any case, it should be noted that this Stiga equipment is what every summer resident needs.

Technical features of the mower on.

Table. Technical and operational characteristics

Assessment criterion Description
Power and noise Gasoline units, all other things being equal, will be much more powerful than their electric counterparts. Electric mowers are powered from the mains, therefore, the possibility of installing high-power motors on them is simply absent, the generated voltage will exceed the permissible limits and the network will simply fail. Along with the, many models come with a battery that allows you to work up to 2-3 hours at a distance from the power source. The level of noise generated by the tool during operation directly depends on the power of the installed motor. In view of this, the inclusion of headphones in the package of many gasoline lawn mowers is not an attempt by the manufacturer to earn extra money, but an urgent need to protect the user’s hearing. It is important to understand that high power is not always an advantage. For example, it is better not to use a high-performance engine on difficult areas. To understand the essence of the statement, we give a simple example: a site is processed with a medium power tool. A bone dragged by a dog, a small stone or any other hard foreign object gets under the cutting element. What will happen to the engine? It will stall. To resume work, it will be enough to remove the obstacle and restart the mower.
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When using a high-powered lawnmower, such circumstances may lead to damage. The motor will most likely not shut off and continue to rotate seized cutting tools. As a result, the knives will bend, deformation of the shaft and destruction of the bushings will occur, and this already requires expensive overhaul.

Generally to service a medium-sized plot, the capabilities of a model with 6-7 horses will be enough. Buying a more powerful unit in most cases is meaningless and impractical.

Key selection criteria

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to compare the available options according to several groups of criteria: firstly, technical and operational properties, and secondly, in accordance with the features and operating conditions. Follow the link where, especially for you, we will tell you in detail how to choose a lawn mower, based on your wishes and preferences. For greater ease of perception, information on this subject is presented in the form of tables.

Table. Comparative parameters

Assessment criterion Gasoline Lawn Mowers Electric lawn mowers
Power Up to 16 horsepower Average from 1 to 1100 kW
Bevel height On average, up to 7-9 different levels, up to 9-10 cm. It is not recommended to use lawn mowers for processing areas with grass more than 10-15 cm in height. Similarly
Bevel width Up to 100-110 cm On average up to 50 cm
Weight Average 25-45 kg Average 10-25 kg
Land area On average up to 6000 m 2 Up to 900 m 2 for high-end models
Duration of work without interruption In practice, it is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank and the manufacturer’s recommendations. On average, up to 15 minutes. After the break, at least the same duration.
The cost On average 10-250 thousand rubles 4-70 thousand rubles and above

Table. Features of use

Assessment criterion Description
Site dimensions Electric lawn mowers are effective when processing areas that do not exceed 100-300 m 2 (depending on the individual characteristics of the particular case). With a more impressive size of the territory, preference should objectively be given in favor of the gasoline model. One of these models is the MTD gasoline lawn mower, which is able to put things in order in your territory in a short time. Users who do not want to pollute the environment with exhaust gases and experience other inconveniences typical of gasoline mowers will have to additionally solve the problems of arranging reliable power sources at the place of use of the tool.
Distance from the power source Optimally, when several suitable sources of electricity are mounted in the garden, in such a situation there will be no difficulties using an electric mower. If you do not want to burden yourself with attachment to the network, buy a gasoline unit. In addition to these devices, you can purchase a rotary mower for a mini tractor, which, as the name implies, works with the help of transport.
Duration of the mowing process The wider the tool’s working area, the faster it will cut grass. So, mowers, the indicator of the working area of ​​which is kept within the limits of 250-300 mm, allow you to process about 400 m 2 of lawn in up to 30-40 minutes. An average mower with a working area of ​​300-400 mm will do it 2 times faster. The purchase of a device with more than half a meter working area is advisable if it is necessary to process an area over 1000 m 2.
Lawn shape An area with smooth edges is more convenient to work with a powerful mower with a large mowing area. For irregularly shaped lawns, a tool with a small working width is suitable.

In addition, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristics of gasoline and electric lawn mowers in terms of basic parameters in numbers.

Gasoline or electric lawn mower how to choose and which is better

Regular care of the lawn guarantees the preservation of its attractive appearance and health. An indispensable assistant in this matter is a lawn mower, a tool that is familiar to almost every owner of a personal plot.

The modern market offers a large assortment of considered devices, differing not only in operational and technical characteristics and cost, but also in the principle of operation and the energy source used.

The undisputed leaders are gasoline and electrical appliances. In the course of studying the information below, you will find out which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric and how the arguments in favor of this or that option are reasoned.

Lawn mower basics

The key difference between the units under consideration lies in the used energy resource, which becomes clear from the names of the devices.

Gasoline models are characterized by higher performance and power ratings. They are optimal suitable for large lawns, They have excellent mobility and are not so dependent on the source of electricity, compared to their electric counterparts.

In the case of gasoline mowers, there is a direct relationship between the installed engine power and the mowing width: the larger the first characteristic, the more impressive the second.

But in terms of cost, a gasoline-powered lawn mower is significantly inferior to its electric counterpart. Here the buyer must decide for himself what is more important to him: economy or usability and productivity.

The power of electric lawn mowers can range from 300 to 1500 watts depending on the location of the engine (in more powerful models it is located on top).

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On the features of different types of mowers.

  • The inability to use in rainy weather (a subjective disadvantage, since few people have a desire to mow the grass under the downpour);
  • Relatively low engine power, in accordance with which the index of the capture area decreases. As a result, other things being equal, you will have to spend more time on processing the site with an electric mower than when using a gasoline equivalent.

The main advantages of units using electricity as an energy resource, the following:

  • Practicality;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Affordable cost, etc.

Which is better or how to choose a brushcutter

Every summer resident or gardener sooner or later has a question of mowing grass, as well as a question of weed control. Many people solve it with the help of the old but reliable old-fashioned hand scythe tool. Who does not remember the proverb koshi scythe while the dew is. But if the site is large enough, but there is not enough time, or simply laziness overcomes, then you can use mechanized assistance. Today we will talk about how to choose a petrol cutter.

A petrol brushcutter (petrol brushcutter, trimmer) is a special garden tool that is designed to mow grass or small bushes using a petrol engine.

For petrol cutters, as well as for chainsaws, gasoline of the A-92 brand is mainly used, although it is better to look at the instructions for each specific tool.

In addition to petrol brushcutters, there are also electric brushcutters, which use an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. However, for a robotic electric brushcutter, a connection to the electrical network is required, and this is not always convenient and possible.

We list the main parameters of the petrol brush, which are key when choosing it:

1. Power petrol cutters.

Brushcutter power is measured in watts or horsepower. The conversion of watts to horsepower is as follows: 1 kilowatt = 1.36 horsepower.

In order to mow a relatively small lawn with grass, 0.8-0.9 kW of power may be enough, however, in order to mow areas with weeds, etc. You need to choose a petrol cutter with a power of 1.2 kW or more. Professional petrol cutters can have a power of 3 kW or more.

2. Engine type.

Most brushcutters have two-stroke engines. This can be said to be the standard for brushcutters. However, over time, petrol cutters, which have a four-stroke engine, are increasingly beginning to appear on sale.

The 4th stroke engine is less noisy and more reliable, but it weighs more and such tools are more expensive.

3. Type of cutting element.

There are two main types of cutting elements used in petrol cutters: knives and a special line.

The brushcutter line is used when mowing grass. It can have different diameters (mainly from 2 to 3 mm).

The brushcutter blade can be metal or plastic, and it can also have 2.3 or more cutting surfaces. With knives, you can cut harder grass, weeds and even bushes. If handled carelessly, the knife can also mow a young tree.

Most modern models of petrol cutters are designed in such a way that they can be hooked to both a bobbin with a fishing line and knives. Be sure to make sure there is such an opportunity when choosing a brushcutter.

4. The weight of the brushcutter.

Although the scythe is easier to mow than a regular scythe, it also needs to be handled. The weight of the tool determines how long you can work.

On average, petrol cutters weigh from 4 to 8 kg. The weight of the brushcutter is directly affected by its power. The more powerful the instrument, the heavier it is.

On average, focus on a weight of 6.5-7 kg. For a medium power streamer.

Be sure to make sure that a special belt is available in the set of the petrol cutter, which allows you to redistribute its weight not only on the arms, but also on the body, which greatly facilitates the work and reduces fatigue.

I also need to say a few words about brands and prices.

Manufacturers of petrol brushes can be divided into three conditional groups: famous brands, good china, just china

Well-known brands such as Alpina, Stihl, Oleo-MAC, Husqvarna produce quality but expensive products. Low-power models from these manufacturers start at 250, and medium-power models from 300-350.

If you want to have a really reliable unit that you will often use, take a look at these brands.

If you do not want to overpay for the brand, look for normal china petrol cutters. Almost all of them are now called by big names such as Temp, Vityaz, etc. It doesn’t hit here once at a time. You yourself need to look at the quality of materials and assembly of a particular braid. There are quite good models of brushcutters with a price of about 140-180.

Ordinary China is anything that costs about 120 or less. There is already a real lottery, the tool may or may not work well. Such Chinese brushcutters can be taken only if you need to mow something not very large-scale from time to time.

Well, I hope now you will be aware how to choose the best brushcutter for your garden, vegetable garden or cottage.

Top 4 lawn mowers in the low-cost price segment

Huter GLM-5.0 S

Which Mower Is Better

This model performs ideally on relatively flat surface areas. The device is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled engine with manual start. The maximum power of the model is 5 hp. The two main levers, responsible for acceleration and braking, are placed on the handle, made in the form of an arc. It has height adjustment, if necessary, it can be removed completely.

The lawn mower is equipped with four plastic wheels with polymer treads, which will not harm the lawn grass. The model is fully self-propelled, rear-wheel drive. The user only needs to set the required direction. The cutting width is 46 cm, and the body is designed in such a way that the cut is larger than the width of the wheel axle. This makes it easy to handle areas adjacent to a fence, house wall or tree. As with previous models, the cutting height ranges from 25 to 75 mm. The cut grass goes into the collection box. All the main elements are very conveniently located, so it is very convenient to get to them in case they need maintenance or repair. The engine is equipped with a durable air filter, which reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, making the equipment safe for the environment.

  • The engine starts very easily;
  • A full gas tank will be enough for a 1000 sq. M. Lawn. M;
  • High maneuverability.
  • The oil filler neck is not very convenient.
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TOP 10 best gasoline lawn mowers of 2020

Many owners of private houses and household plots dream of a beautiful and well-groomed lawn, but it needs the most careful care; it must be watered regularly, and the overgrown grass must be cut from time to time. The old technologies of lawn care are a thing of the past, today they are replaced by the latest equipment, in particular, gasoline lawn mowers. If a person has not come across such products before, then it will be quite problematic for him to decide on the choice of quality products. It is for such people that we wrote our article.

In addition to a direct review of the best gasoline lawn mowers of 2020, we have included here the basic rules for choosing such products, as well as the parameters that you need to pay attention to.

Key Features of Gasoline Lawn Mowers

First of all, you should decide which design will be most suitable: manual wheeled or self-propelled. The first is much cheaper, but it will be more difficult to move it around the site. Self-propelled ones move on the ground themselves, a person can only set the right direction for it. Such models are perfect for areas with a large number of fruit trees, shrubs, and large lawns.

The level of noise pollution must be taken into account, it is especially important to take this factor into account if the work will be carried out near the residential buildings of neighbors. Additional features and price also play an important role. The size of the blade is selected depending on how densely and often the lawn grass grows to each other.

The cutting system is also very important, there are models with one type or combined. A side discharge will be most suitable for a lawn that has coarse and thick varieties of grass. Chopping and mulching is designed for frequent mowing, especially since finely chopped grass will be an excellent fertilizer, and will also keep the lawn intact on dry days.

Rotary motors in lawn mowers are most often found here, mowing occurs according to the scythe principle, the function of which is performed by blades rotating at high speed. These models are quite heavy, but quite powerful. These devices are best suited for large areas and overgrown lawns. The rotating blades can be removed and sharpened or replaced altogether if necessary.

Cylindrical structures are usually moved on wheels, and the grass is cut like with scissors. With these mowers a very high cutting quality is ensured. Such models should be used regularly, as they do not cope very well with overgrown lawns.

3. Champion LM4630

Another self-propelled model with a fairly reasonable cost. It is designed to care for a medium-sized lawn no more than 16 acres. The design is quite reliable, durable and easy to use. The model is equipped with a four-stroke engine with high environmental performance, engine power is 4.1 hp. The cutting width of 46 cm is ideally matched to the power of the motor, which allows you to cut grass at high speed. The central system for adjusting the level of the cutting height is represented by one lever, the range is from 25 to 75 mm. The knife is made of high strength material. It does not become dull and does not wear out for a long time. Accordingly, it does not have to be changed often. The blade consists of two specially shaped blades that will also pump air, creating good suction force. Thanks to this constructive solution, not only cut grass, but also leaves and even small twigs will be sent to the grass catcher.

The volume of the grass catcher is 60 liters, it is made of high quality fabric-type materials, the upper part is plastic, equipped with a very comfortable handle. The maximum speed of the lawn mower is 3.5 km / h, which is quite a good figure for a 173 cc engine. See The gas tank is designed for one liter of gasoline. The design is quite heavy with an empty gas tank and an empty grass catcher, it will weigh about 34 kg.

  • Decent power
  • Long service life;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Self-propelled.
  • Significant vibration;
  • The handle is finished with polyurethane foam, which wears out rather quickly.

4. Hammer KMT145SB

Our rating is opened by a self-propelled model, which belongs to a semi-professional line, well suited for constant operation. It works on the basis of a four-stroke engine with a power of 3.5 hp and a volume of 145 cc. See The valves are located at the top, which ensures good air cooling. In addition, this design feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and prevents the formation of a large amount of harmful emissions to the environment. The air filter here is double made of foam rubber and paper. The cylinder liner is made of cast iron, the crankshaft is cast iron. The design includes a muffler that reduces noise pollution.

The device is capable of operating in one of three modes: side discharge, collection of cut grass in a grass catcher and mulching. The cutting width is 46 cm. The cutting height is adjusted with a seven-position lever in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The collection volume is 60 liters. It is made of fabric and is attached to a metal frame. Plastic wheels, front diameter 200 mm, rear 255 mm. This reduces the turning radius and increases the maneuverability of the device. The handle can be adjusted in height and is foldable for easy storage and transportation. The handle has a neoprene pad, it will reduce vibration and allow you to ensure the most tight grip.

  • Quite sturdy and comfortable design, not satisfying;
  • Sufficiently voluminous grass catcher;
  • Easily passes through uneven areas without additional effort.
  • It is undesirable to mow wet grass blades clog quickly.