Which Screwdriver Is Better For Home Use

How to choose a screwdriver for home use To start choosing a screwdriver for home use, you first need to know what this tool is and for which.

How to choose a screwdriver for home use

Like any other power tool, screwdrivers come in both professional and home use. Of course, the difference between these types of screwdrivers is not only in price. They have different characteristics and a set of different functions.

Such a tool is twist-boring. Therefore, with its help you can:
– fasten;
– drill;
– turn out.

Many men know what it is like to screw plastic skirting boards throughout the apartment with a screwdriver or to assemble furniture by hand. This is a rather long and tedious process. In addition, it often turns out that the screw was screwed in obliquely, since it is more difficult to maintain the vertical position of a screwdriver than a screwdriver. In addition, usually some screws have a flared head when screwing in / out. And then you have to start all over again.

Most often it interferes with the process of disassembling something. Anyone who has tried what it feels like to unscrew a rusted screw, especially a small one, perfectly understands that this is far from easy. A screwdriver greatly simplifies this task. He is also capable of performing other work with this tool, you can drill any material no worse than using an electric drill.

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Which Screwdriver Is Better For Home Use
  • How to choose a screwdriver for home use
  • How to choose a screwdriver
  • How to choose cordless screwdrivers

How to choose a screwdriver for home

Screwdrivers, depending on the method of feeding, are of two types:
– with a battery (autonomous voltage source);
– powered from an outlet (mains).

In terms of independence from the mains, of course, cordless screwdrivers are preferable. Manufacturers offer 4 types of batteries. When choosing, you need to ask the seller about the following battery parameters:
– capacity;
– voltage.
– charging time;
– how best to store the battery between uses;
– battery weight and dimensions;
– torque;
– number of hours of work;
– rotation frequency.

The power of the battery determines what kind of work can be performed with the tool. For everyday tasks, about 2 A / h is quite enough. Typically, there are 2 batteries included. One of them ensures the work of the screwdriver, and the second is charged. This time for different types of batteries varies within 15-45 minutes.

Torque determines how hard your tool drives the screws. For home use, approximately 30 Nm will be sufficient. As for the rotational speed, about 500 rpm is more than enough for domestic needs (for household models it varies from 300 to 1300).

The screwdrivers also provide various additional functions, which are also worth knowing about.
Multiple speeds. Naturally, it will not work to screw in and drill at the same speed.
The presence of an impact mechanism. This function can come in handy when drilling brick, concrete.
Pulse mode. This feature is very useful when loosening hard-to-handle fasteners.
Some manufacturers produce backlit instruments. This makes it much easier to work in dark places where there is no additional lighting.

Screwdriver power

The capacity of cordless models depends on the operating voltage of the battery. It ranges from 1.2 to 36 V.

  • For simple work, 3-6 V (Volts) is sufficient.
  • For screwing into wooden beams, plastic and drywall, 10-15 V is optimal.
  • For drilling hard materials, minimum 18 V.

The more power, the more functionality the screwdriver has. Powerful models are heavier than their counterparts.

Tool performance is directly related to the work of torque (force). The more powerful it is, the more you will tighten the screw or drill the hole deeper.

For household work, screwdrivers of three powers are chosen.

  • Powerful: torque 30-40 Nm (Newton meters) and above. Professional models are equipped with torques up to 130 Nm. In addition to screwing, they are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces.
  • Usual: with a force up to 20 Nm. They can easily unscrew / tighten the bolts and screws on drywall and plastic.
  • If only twisted this is a cordless screwdriver. Its torque is about 10 Newton meters. Suitable for working with small fasteners: repair children’s toys or tighten loosely clamped furniture bolts.

In most screwdrivers, the maximum torque is adjusted using the stop ring with digital markings located behind the chuck. You will be able to set the optimum torque to tighten the screw. The more graduations the limiter has, the more accurately you can meter the torque element.

Sparky BUR2 10.8Li-C HD: 20 torque steps drilling

To determine the drilling coverage, a separate division is provided. Therefore, the rotational speed in screwdrivers is indicated in two ranges:

  • Unscrew the screws on a low one. It ranges from 400 to 800 rpm.
  • High drilled. In professional models, the rotation speed reaches 1300 rpm.

Choosing a screwdriver: for home and for work

The difference between home and work screwdrivers in power and functionality. Accordingly, their tasks are different.

  • With the help of household models, you can change the lock, hang a mirror or assemble furniture. They are designed for tightening bolts, screws and self-tapping screws. Designed for short-term operation.
  • Professional screwdrivers, in addition to screwing, are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces. They are tough: able to work non-stop for eight hours, five days a week.

Screwdrivers are chosen according to two parameters.

How to choose a screwdriver

The battery determines how quickly the tool is discharged. And if the question has become an edge: How to choose a cordless screwdriver?, It is worth understanding the types of batteries.

  • Li-Ion (lithium-ion) they have the highest capacity and, in comparison with other batteries, the largest number of charges up to three thousand times. They are lightweight, charge fast and have no memory effect. To extend the life of the battery, do not fully charge / discharge it, keep it half charged. There is only one drawback:
  • Works intermittently in the cold.
  • Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) are resistant to voltage surges, they have good internal resistance. It works like a clock, even in cold weather. 15C. The number of charge cycles is up to 1500. There are not many disadvantages, but they are fat:
    • The battery discharges quickly and takes a long time to charge up to 7 hours. Professional tools (Sparky, Hitachi, Makita) live faster from 30 to 60 minutes;
    • Has a charge memory effect, if you do not discharge the battery to the end, its capacity will decrease. To keep the charging service longer, keep it discharged.
    • Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hybrid) discharges more slowly than other batteries. It is better to store such a battery charged, and after a long period of inactivity, discharge and charge it completely. The number of charge cycles is up to five hundred.
    • How many batteries do you need

      Most users of such devices use 2 batteries for a day fishing. As a rule, one fully charged battery is enough for 10-20 holes, but it all depends on the thickness and complexity of the ice, as well as the quality of the blades of the drill. It is very important that both batteries are kept warm while fishing, for example under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity. And wearing a pair of heavy battery packs under your clothes is terribly uncomfortable. The screwdriver itself does not need heat, but it is worth considering that after prolonged cooling in frosty air, this tool is then placed in a heated machine, where the inner parts are instantly covered with condensation, which is dangerous for electronics.

      Important: when buying such an expensive tool, pay attention to the battery manufacturing time. They must be fresh. Discard batteries that are 2 or 3 years old, as there is a high probability of irreparable loss of their capacity.

      Screwdriver for ice screw: rating of the best models

      Our selection includes screwdrivers that have the right torque and very reliable and durable mechanics. If you already have an inexpensive, relatively powerful screwdriver for home use at home, then it doesn’t make sense to buy another one separately for fishing.It’s best to try an adapter with a gearbox. Perhaps he will be the best screwdriver for an ice screw. The rating of the models presented below will allow you to choose which cordless screwdriver for an ice screw is better and has an acceptable price.

      Makita DHP458RFE

      This model differs from the 481RTE version in its ability to hammer very quickly, which will be very useful for home repairs, but not for fishing. Despite the similar price of about 20,000 rubles, this screwdriver’s torque value is significantly lower than 91 Nm, and the battery capacity is only 3 Ah.

      ZUBR DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

      This screwdriver attracts, first of all, with a low price of less than 9,000 rubles and a sufficiently high power, its torque is 60 Nm. This should be enough for drilling with a drill with a screw 100-110 mm in diameter. The set includes two Li-Ion batteries with 18 V and a capacity of 1.5 Ah. They should be enough for 15-20 holes. The small case with the charger is convenient to use and, if desired, can be protected with thermal insulation. The machine has a compact size and light weight of only 1.7 kg. What is very important, the battery packs are flat here and it is very convenient to hide them under the jacket while fishing.

      Which screwdriver is best for an ice screw: 6 reliable models

      Winter ice fishing is both active outdoor recreation and a serious hobby that requires skills and good equipment. Along with fishing rods and a tackle box, an ice drill is needed. A screwdriver will make it easier to drill holes.

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      Many winter fishing enthusiasts pay attention to more advanced anglers who use unusual devices for drilling holes, which allow using a screwdriver to significantly speed up the ice drilling process. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: facilitating the very laborious process of drilling and increasing productivity in this matter. But which screwdriver should you choose for drilling ice?

      Seasoned fishermen often treat such innovations with fair criticism. Real winter fishing is a kind of sport for men of all ages. Try it, walk 1-2 km in full ammunition along a frozen reservoir or river to a suitable fishing point, and then do a decent job with your hands and body, manually storm 5-10 holes. This is a really decent load for the body.

      But sometimes it is drilling that becomes too burdensome, especially for the elderly, when fishing has to do more than 10 holes to find fish. And if the ice rises over 600 mm or has water layers, then the task becomes difficult even for very high-quality drills. The question arises, which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw?

      That is why (and of course, for those who do not really want to sweat in the icy wind), many users began to use automation using a screwdriver. But not everything is as easy with these autonomous electric assistants as it seems. Here are just a few of the features that light drilling enthusiasts have to face.

      What power should be a screwdriver

      Experts have found out through practical tests that the minimum power of a screwdriver for use with an ice screw should be more than 60 Nm. Because most of these tools for standard use and with an acceptable price of 2,000-5,000 rubles have a torque of about 15-45 Nm, it becomes clear that this pleasure will not be cheap. According to preliminary estimates, screwdrivers with a torque of 60-110 Nm cost from 8,000 to 35,000 rubles. In addition, such a powerful device will weigh a lot of 2-3 kg, including the battery. This allows you to understand which screwdriver is best for the ice screw.

      But for inexpensive screwdrivers, manufacturers have made a kind of solution with an adapter with an integrated gear reducer, which reduces the output speed, thereby reducing the load on the screwdriver itself. This way you can save on the purchase of an expensive power tool if you already have a less powerful model. But the adapter itself with a built-in gearbox costs about 5,000 rubles.

      Best screwdrivers for home 2020

      Top 10 rating according to KP

      A screwdriver from a well-known American manufacturer of repair equipment in a corporate yellow color. Although the price here is significant, this device can be considered almost a standard. There is a keyless chuck here, adapted to work with bits or drills up to 13 mm in diameter. The electric motor of the device produces 1500 rpm, which allows the screwdriver to develop a maximum torque of 42 Nm. The engine brake stops operation instantly when you release the trigger.

      By the way, the set includes two batteries, which dramatically increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for the home. However, there are some remarks about the model. For example, for some reason, even an elementary additional reinforcement for bits is not provided on the case, and the built-in LED, which should highlight the place of work, does not do it well.

      Excellent workmanship
      Additional (and not cheap separately) battery included
      Engine brake

      An extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. The origins of such popular love lie in the fact that the creators managed to maintain a balance of characteristics, quality and value, which is difficult to compete with competitors. The screwdriver is very compact, and its weight is only 800 g. For a small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case. The electric motor allows the screwdriver to develop a torque of 34 Nm.

      If this “baby” is too loaded, then the electronic protection will work, which will not allow the device to break. Not only that, the chuck is removable here, and the hex bits can be used with and without a screwdriver. Finally, there are two batteries included, which charge relatively quickly. Confusion is caused only by a huge case, in which it is easy to lose a small screwdriver.

      Excellent value for money and quality
      Weighs only 800g
      Hex bits can be used without chuck

      Rotational speed

      Olya household screwdrivers, it is within 800 rpm. Some models provide speed control. This can be done either by pressing the start button or using a toggle switch. It all depends on the equipment of the screwdriver.

      If it is necessary to use a drill for its intended purpose, the rotation speed determines the quality of the work performed.

      Electric drills have double speed. To use the tool as a screwdriver, the speed is set to 300 rpm. For drilling operations up to 1300 rpm, depending on the model and class of the tool.

      Tool classification

      Any tools are subdivided into classes, depending on the technical characteristics and field of application. In total, there are 2 main classes: professional tools and for household needs.

      1. Professional screwdrivers are designed for a large amount of work. They are equipped with a powerful engine that can cope with any task. Most often, they are a universal tool that combines the functions of a drill, screwdriver, perforator.
      2. Household tool. Scope for performing simple work around the house, in the country or in a personal plot. Engine power does not exceed 1200 rpm.

      Before choosing a cordless screwdriver, you need to decide what exactly you need a tool for home use or do you plan to use as source of making money.

      You also need to pay attention to such a moment: whether the tool works from a mains cable, or from a battery. Let’s highlight the advantages and disadvantages of such models.

      The electric screwdriver has more power, less weight, more convenient use.

      Battery products have the advantage of being more mobile. They can be used outdoors and in conditions where the power supply cannot be connected. The rechargeable battery requires constant recharging, especially if the tool is used intensively enough. Many manufacturers have foreseen this fact and offer their customers models with a spare battery. Its advantage is that you can continue your workflow without long interruptions. This significantly speeds up the execution of work. When choosing a screwdriver of such a model, you need to pay attention to the type of battery.


      Before deciding which network screwdrivers to choose, it is necessary to note the torque characteristics. This is an indicator of how hard the bit acts on the fastener. As the speed decreases, the torque increases. These efforts are enough to screw in the self-tapping screw.

      The ability to work with fasteners of different sizes depends on this parameter. The larger the fasteners, the higher this indicator should be.


      If you need to purchase a cordless screwdriver, how to choose it according to properties such as power?

      Most household models are rated at up to 900 watts. If you plan to use the tool from time to time, to unscrew the screws, then a power screwdriver of up to 500 W will be quite enough. High power in this case can only do much harm.

      In cases where the amount of work is large: repair, assembly / disassembly of furniture, car repair, then the unit must be more powerful. And here the best choice will be a tool up to 850 watts.

      Above the indicated indicators, the tool already belongs to the professional class. They are designed for intensive work with tasks of different difficulty levels.

      Therefore, you yourself need to decide which network electric screwdriver is better.

      Network screwdrivers: which is better and how to choose

      The screwdriver is a multifunctional tool that is actively used not only for working with fasteners, but also for performing work such as drilling holes.

      The quality and speed of construction work depends on the correctly selected tool: a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer drill. For ease of use, you can pay attention to the power drill-driver. But which one is the best and what should be considered when choosing such a tool?

      Rechargeable batteries. Kinds

      The type of battery depends on the intensity of the use of the tool, its service life and safety of use. There are batteries:

      • Lithium-ion batteries are quite common, withstand up to 3000 charge cycles, are lightweight and environmentally friendly. There are difficulties when working in cold air, they must not be completely discharged.
      • Nickel-cadmium batteries are rated for 2000 charging cycles. Do not allow the battery to completely discharge. At the same time, they must be stored in a discharged state.
      • NiMH batteries are rated for 1500 charge cycles. They require special charging conditions.

      Makita screwdrivers

      Second on the list is Makita, a Japanese company that has been making professional construction tools for 60 years. The range of the company includes both cordless and cordless Makita screwdrivers, coping with tasks such as:

      1. Tightening screws, self-tapping screws and nuts in wooden structures;
      2. Drilling holes in wooden surfaces;
      3. Installation of plasterboard structures.

      In addition to the standard models, those who make the Makita screwdriver offer a range of devices equipped with an impact function. If the idle speed of the shockless device reaches 2300 rpm, the impact drivers reach speeds of up to 3200 rpm. With this strength, the tool works well even on stone and iron surfaces.

      With their small size and ergonomic appearance, the company’s screwdrivers operate at high power, reaching high values ​​of torque and working speed. The result is a perceptible vibration that even the ergonomic handle does not completely contain. Despite this, the company’s devices remain one of the most convenient on the market thanks to rubberized handles and LED backlighting.

      The Achilles’ heel of Makita devices remains a weak battery that needs frequent recharging. Experienced craftsmen advise buying the best network models (such as FS4000 or FS2700), as for a modest surcharge, they significantly reduce time costs. However, if a screwdriver is needed not for professional purposes, but for home fastening work. It’s not that important.

      TOP-10 best manufacturers of screwdrivers which brand is better

      Manufacturer. One of the main criteria when choosing both a professional and a household screwdriver. And if the buyer is already wondering which company a screwdriver to choose, he is looking for tools from only the most reputable companies. Companies distinguished not only by a wide range of products, but also by high customer ratings.

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      Among the manufacturers of screwdrivers, we have identified 10 that show excellent results, both in construction and in home fastening work. Here you will find information about each of them.

      Dewalt screwdrivers

      The American company Dewalt remains one of the best brands of screwdrivers, combining compliance with high safety standards, ease of use and versatility. Compact units equipped with a powerful motor help to achieve the required torque values ​​without high vibrations and time losses.

      Another positive quality is the presence of lithium-ion batteries. They not only allow to develop the required rotation speed, but also, thanks to the double-sided fan, do not need to be recharged too often. Dewalt screwdrivers have several operating modes, which allows the craftsman to choose his own speed for each type of fastening work.

      In addition to multitasking and high power, the devices of this company stand out for their compliance with high requirements for safety and ease of use. This is what they say:

      1.LED illumination, allowing you to work in dim and hard-to-reach places;
      2. An automatically locking keyless chuck that allows quick and effortless change of attachments;
      3.Rubberized handle, which makes working with the tool much easier.

      Among the model range of the company, the buyer will find both cordless screwdrivers for more complex areas, and networked. While most models work with soft materials such as wood and plastic, there are impact models that work with metal and stone. The most popular among them. DCF815D2 and DCF895M2. The models’ high power open frame motors help to achieve sufficient speed for numerous types of home and professional fastening applications.

      Sparky screwdrivers

      The fourth position in the list is occupied by the Sparky Bulgarian screwdrivers. An experienced craftsman will distinguish them from afar thanks to the inherent red and black colors of the company’s models and an ergonomic shape that makes it possible to work in the most inaccessible places.

      Despite the low prices, Bulgarian screwdrivers are not inferior to German and Japanese competitors in terms of safety and quality standards. Experienced craftsmen highlight a number of design features that make fastening work an order of magnitude easier and more comfortable:

      1.Possibility without tool replacement of the nozzle thanks to the keyless chuck;
      2. Light weight, ergonomic design and compact size, increasing the range of applicability of the device;
      3. The ability to adjust the torque, an order of magnitude higher than the accuracy of work;
      4. LED illumination, giving work in low light conditions;
      5. Reliable motor and two-speed synchronized transmission, helping to achieve trouble-free operation in the most challenging areas.

      Sparky Bulgarian drills and screwdrivers are capable of handling a wide range of materials. Among the models, the buyer will find both simpler models used for wood and drywall, and impact models for stone and metal (such as BUR2 18 Li and BVR 63 E HD).

      Among the range of models, you can easily find both network and battery models. If you want fast discharging batteries not to limit the operating time, the devices use a pair of lithium-ion batteries at once. When one battery is dead. It should be put on charge, quickly replaced with a second one. The device is equipped with energy indicators, so a discharged battery will not be a surprise to the master. So the work with the screwdriver will be continuous.

      Bosch screwdrivers

      Multifunctionality, reliability and quality tested by more than one generation. What makes Bosch tools the market leader. Having been producing construction and household appliances for over 100 years, they do not lose their grip and are constantly improving their numerous assortment. Bosch screwdrivers are no exception.

      Professionals highly appreciate the products of the German company, highlighting a number of qualities:
      1.Durable motor with high speed and torque;
      2. Light weight and compact body, helping to work at height;
      3. Selection of modes of rotation speeds.

      The screwdrivers of the German company are universal, capable of working both with wood and with drywall and plastic. Individual devices such as the GSB 14.4 V-LI Plus or GSB 10.8-2-LI are powerful enough to cut holes in metal and stone. If we talk about nutrition. Among the devices it is not difficult to find both mains screwdrivers and those that run on batteries.

      If you want to distinguish between devices for household and industrial use. You can easily distinguish them by their color. Household tools are green when professional appliances are blue. Although Bosch tools remain among the most expensive on the market, the difference in price is more than offset by high quality standards and ease of use.

      In addition to the basic device, customers receive a selection of different bits and tips to fit all the screws they need. Therefore, whatever the task of fastening is not faced by the master. Bosch devices help you cope with it.

      Dnipro-M screwdrivers

      The next position in the list is taken by one of the best brands of screwdrivers in Ukraine Dnipro-M. The company’s models are famous for their great popularity among Ukrainians. Affordable than imported screwdrivers, they remain suitable for jobs of varying difficulty levels. Over, both for home and professional fastening work. The most popular in Ukraine are the following models of Dnipro-M screwdrivers:

      Main characteristics of corded screwdrivers

      As with any equipment, the utility of a screwdriver is determined by its tech. Characteristics:

      • Power. This parameter can be used to judge the performance and weight of the tool. Typically, the power value ranges from 450 to 650 watts.
      • Torque. This characteristic of the screwdriver determines what materials the product can interact with.
      • Rotation speed. The accuracy and evenness of the drilled holes depends on it.
      • Reverse function. This option must be present. Here it is more necessary to consider how convenient it is to switch modes.
      • Ergonomics. The tool should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. In addition, it should be as comfortable to use as possible.

      Which screwdriver is better for home use

      In order to say which network screwdriver is better, you need to understand what exactly each of its technical parameters is responsible for. Indeed, even based on the shape of the case, one can draw a conclusion about the features of the use of such a tool.

      Brief content of the article:

      • Main characteristics of corded screwdrivers
      • Additional functionality
      • Varieties
      • The best manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers
      • Selection rules
      • Network screwdrivers

      The best manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers

      Today on sale you can see a huge assortment of electrical equipment produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. As seen on corded screwdrivers, the individual models have a similar design. Differences become visible during operation.

      The most popular Russian companies on the household electric screwdriver market are:

      • Bison.
      • Interskol.
      • Energomash.

      Their products are distinguished by stylish laconic design, reliability and financial affordability.


      Today there are the following types of network screwdrivers:

      • Screwdriver with keyless chuck. The most common. Its advantage is the ability to quickly change the bit.
      • Screwdriver with hexagonal chuck with magnetic holder. The design of the cartridge is simpler here, since there are no moving parts.

      In addition, the shape of the screwdriver body is different:

      • In the form of a pistol;
      • In the form of the letter T;
      • Like a drill body.

      Additional functionality

      Modern mains powered screwdrivers are multifunctional devices. This explains their high cost.

      But besides them, you can take a closer look at the following possible additions:

      • Spindle stop. Provides safety when changing bits.
      • Backlight. Allows you to use the device in the dark.
      • Switching speed. Required when drilling metal.
      • Speed ​​control. It is necessary when working with materials of different structures. The option allows you to set the required rotation speed.
      • Power button lock. It is justified if the power characteristics allow using the tool as a drill.

      Selection rules

      When choosing a tool, it is necessary to focus not only on the popularity of the manufacturer’s brand. The following points should be considered:

      • Several speed modes are required if you have plans to work with different types of material.
      • Ergonomics. It is important that you feel comfortable working with the instrument.
      • The presence of an impact mechanism. This option will allow you to use the device as a punch. It is justified if you are going to work with hard surfaces of all kinds.
      • If you are going to work with drywall sheets, then take a closer look at equipment equipped with a depth gauge function.
      • The magnetic holder provides increased comfort. Therefore, if convenience is important to you, then such an addition must be there.
      • Estimate the length of the wire, because if it is not enough, you will need an extension cord, and this is an additional cost.
      • If you are going to work frequently at height, it is better to get a model equipped with a belt holder.

      Which screwdriver to choose is up to you. You should try to take into account all the nuances. The main thing is to have a clear idea of ​​what you need. And then choosing the right model will not be difficult.

      Which screwdriver is better for home use

      How to choose a drill / screwdriver

      This tool is in great demand both in the professional field and among home craftsmen. In everyday life, speaking a screwdriver, they usually mean a drill-screwdriver, but in fact these are different tools.

      The screwdriver is intended for use with fasteners only. As a rule, this tool is equipped with a cartridge with a depth stop (for working with drywall) or a quick-release, spring-locked, for bits.

      The power tool has a built-in mechanism that stops the rotation of the chuck at the moment when the resistance to this rotation reaches its maximum. Also, many screwdrivers work when you press on the screw, you no longer need to press the trigger button. This greatly simplifies the work with fasteners and saves time. Screwdrivers are lighter and more mobile than drills and screwdrivers, and if there is no need for the drilling function, you need to choose a screwdriver. This tool is in great demand among those who work with drywall.

      As you may have guessed, you can also drill holes with a screwdriver drill. Next, we will consider this tool in more detail.

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      Criteria for choosing a drill driver:

      Engine’s type:


      Brush motors have stood the test of time. But, despite all their advantages, they also have a number of disadvantages. The brushes wear out quickly enough, during operation sparks often occur at the point of contact of the brushes with the armature, a lot of heat is released. The power consumption is much higher than that of the brushless ones.

      Brushless motors are free from the disadvantages of the opponent. They have smaller dimensions with the same power, emit less heat, do not spark during operation, and do not have wear parts. You can read more about brushless motors in a separate article.

      If you have the option to choose between a brushed or a brushless motor, the brushless is definitely worth taking.


      The torque determines the application of the tool. The drill driver is a fairly versatile tool capable of both screwing in a screw and drilling a hole.

      A wide range of special attachments allows you to expand the tool area even further. With their help, you can even turn the drill into a metal nibbler.

      Of course, smart craftsmen expand the scope even more.

      Let’s go back to the torque. Measured in Nm (Newtonmeter) The greater the torque, the more force the tool can overcome, the more powerful it is. The torque is determined by the power of the tool, which depends on the engine and battery. The documentation for the device usually indicates the maximum possible diameter and length of the screw. In household screwdrivers, the average torque is from 10 to 30 N / m. This is enough to cope with most of the necessary tasks. A professional screwdriver can have a torque of 100 N / m or more.

      A very important characteristic of a good drill driver is the ability to adjust the torque. The adjustment clutch allows you to set the desired torque, thereby choosing the force with which we will work the tool. If you do not calculate the strength of the tool, you can break the nozzles, spoil the heads of the screws. Therefore, for such purposes, an adjustment clutch equipped with 20 or more adjustment steps is intended. The higher the step, the more effort the tool applies when working.

      Rotational speed

      Rotation speed indicates the number of revolutions of the working nozzle per unit of time. It should be noted that for ordinary work with screws and self-tapping screws, a speed of 450-550 rpm or even less is quite sufficient. If a drill driver is used for drilling, then this requires a speed of 1000 rpm.

      These are relatively small indicators of the rotation speed, since, for example, the rotation speed of a grinder can reach 11,000 rpm.

      Often, the rotational speed of the drill / screwdriver is controlled by the force at which the trigger is pressed. But some tools have 2 or 3-speed gears that are switched using a special toggle switch.

      The drill-driver can be equipped with a single-sleeve keyless chuck or a double-sleeve chuck.

      In the case of a double sleeve chuck, in order to install the tooling, you need to clamp it and tighten it. In this case, you have to rotate the ring with one hand, and hold the cartridge with the other. Which is not very convenient.

      Most power tools now come with a single sleeve keyless chuck. You do not need to hold the chuck to clamp the drill. This convenience is provided by the spindle lock. In the running state of the spindle, the blocking is not active. But as soon as the electric motor stops, when the blocking is activated. It becomes impossible to turn the spindle by hand. This makes changing the drill considerably easier. It is enough to insert the snap into the chuck and tighten it.

      Despite the fact that such a design of the chuck makes the drill-driver universal in use, at the same time, the chuck can interfere with work. As the dimensions of the tool increase. To solve this problem, manufacturers equip models with a quick-release chuck. This allows the cartridge to be quickly removed by retraction of the ring at the rear and the bits installed.

      Dimensions, weight, ergonomics

      When a person chooses a screwdriver for use in everyday life, he does not always pay attention to these parameters. Of course, if you use a screwdriver a couple of times a month, they are not critical. But if the tool will be used almost every day for several hours, then such criteria as weight and ergonomics are extremely important.

      The sharper the angle between the handle and the working part, the faster you will rub yourself a callus and the faster your hand will get tired during use. If with short-term use this is not critical, then with long-term use it is a very significant problem.

      Such a seemingly trifle can entail such unpleasant consequences.

      The heavier the tool, the easier it will be to drive the screws into hard surfaces. But the hand gets tired much faster. A small tool is more convenient for use in hard-to-reach places, the hand does not get tired so quickly, but at the same time we lose power. Makita also manufactures specialized tools for hard-to-reach places such as angle drills and screwdrivers.

      Food type

      Drill drivers can be powered from the mains or battery.

      It is advisable to use a network screwdriver if work is carried out in a permanent work area with access to the network. However, cordless screwdrivers are more in demand due to the benefits they charge. They are mobile, the power cord does not get underfoot, and it is not necessary to have a power supply in the place of work.

      Let’s consider in more detail what batteries are and how they differ.

      Battery capacity, voltage and type

      Battery type

      Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) is an outdated type of batteries that large manufacturers refuse to use in favor of better ones.

      Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries are also an outdated type with minor advantages over NiCd and are a thing of the past.

      Lithium-ion batteries (Li. Ion) are a new type of batteries that are actively used in modern cordless tools. This is the best battery type available today. The price is justified by the long service life. Also, thanks to interchangeability, you can save money. For example, purchase a drill-driver with a battery included and an angle grinder without a battery and use them in turn.

      Working voltage

      The higher the battery voltage, the higher the maximum torque of the tool. The minimum battery voltage is 9.6V, these batteries are used in screwdrivers or cordless screwdrivers. Then there are batteries 10.8 V, 12 V, 14.4 V, 18 V and 24 V. 24V batteries are already quite serious batteries and are already used in cordless angle grinders or hammer drills. The maximum voltage is 36V, but such batteries are rarely used, since above 36V they are already dangerous to humans and the explosion hazard is higher.

      Battery capacity

      Battery capacity is measured in Ampere hour (Ah) and the operating time of the tool depends on it. The minimum capacity is between 1.5 Ah and 3 Ah. Of course, it is difficult to say exactly how much the tool will work on one charge. Many factors affect the operating time, among them the load on the tool, the ambient temperature and much more. Unambiguously, the larger the capacity, the longer the operating time from one charge, but the weight also grows with the capacity. Most drills run 3-4 hours on a single charge at average load, and take less than an hour to charge (many Makita drills charge in 22 minutes using the modern DC18RC charger). Choosing a battery with a large capacity, you will need to work with a lot of weight during working hours. Therefore, it is more advisable to charge a battery with a lower capacity during a break. Of course, if you want to pump up without going to the gym, choosing a battery with a large capacity will undoubtedly be justified.

      Additional functions

      Impact mode

      The impact mode allows you to increase the torque at times, which significantly expands the capabilities of the tool both when drilling and when tightening screws.

      Locking chuck

      This chuck has a special fixation that prevents the possibility of unwinding during operation. This option is very useful when working with the instrument at high torque.

      LED lights

      Quite often, we are faced with the fact that we need to tighten a screw or drill a hole in a place where the room’s lighting does not reach. Working with a flashlight at the ready is inconvenient to say the least. This backlight greatly simplifies such tasks.

      Battery charge indicator

      This feature is very useful for any rechargeable device. Thanks to her, you will avoid the situation when the tool is discharged during work at the most inopportune moment. Knowing the battery level makes it much easier to plan your work.

      Additional a pen

      For a powerful drill-screwdriver, an extremely necessary thing. You get an additional stop when drilling hard surfaces, without which it is extremely difficult and inconvenient to drill them.

      Contents of delivery

      The set with the drill / screwdriver usually includes a case for transportation. Makita has more complete packages. For example, the scope of delivery of the Makita BDF458RFJ cordless drill also includes 2 BL 1830 batteries, a charger, a keyless chuck, nozzle No. 2, a side handle and a Makpac transport case. By purchasing a tool with two batteries in a set, you can increase the time of continuous operation by alternating batteries. Also, thanks to the interchangeability of lithium-ion batteries in your Makita tool, you can save money by purchasing a tool without the included battery. For example, LBM DGA452Z.

      Drill. Screwdriver is a very popular tool in both professional and household spheres. Remember, when choosing, the main criterion is the type of work and the tasks that you set for the tool. With constant work with plasterboard structures, it is enough to purchase a screwdriver, which is much lighter and more mobile. When working with harder materials and larger screw diameters, it is better to choose a drill / driver, with which you can pre-drill a screw hole if necessary.

      The versatility of the tool is a definite plus, but if you constantly need to hammer in nails, you should not buy an ax.