Wood band saw which one to choose

TOP 12 best band saws for the home by price / quality for 2021

Milwaukee BS 125

High-performance and very powerful hand-held band saw for easy handling.

It has a small size, comfortable shape, minimal vibration and practically does not heat up.

Illumination of the entire working area and smooth speed control are provided for comfortable operation.

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The speed switch is four-section, with a range of 0-116 m / min. The design of the gearbox has a motor protection against web jamming.

The technology of the model allows for quick blade change without a key. The thrust sole is also manually adjustable without the need for an auxiliary tool.


  • power: 1100 W;
  • number of modes: 1;
  • cutting width: 125 mm;
  • working speed: 116 m / m.
  • high power;
  • build quality;
  • protection of the engine from web jamming;
  • LED backlight.
  • no battery included;
  • price.
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How to choose a band saw for your home?

The main parameter that you need to consider when buying a tool is what material it will work with.

Saws for wood have a vertical band, and for metal, as a rule, a horizontal.

It is most optimal if the device specializes in cutting one thing, but it can also be used to work with other material.

Other important characteristics of band saws:

  • power. a device from 500 to 900 W is suitable for a home, a power of 900 W is typical for a semi-professional instrument;
  • speed. it is better if the device has 2-4 modes of operation, which can be adjusted in accordance with the goals and complexity of processing;
  • web width. the thicker the tape, the coarser workpieces it will cope with; the average is considered to be a 40 mm canvas.

You should also pay attention to the frequency and size of the teeth: short and frequent are intended for metal sheets, long and rare. for denser and thicker products.


Bright, lightweight, compact and handcrafted lithium-ion battery power tool.

The model is designed for accurate cutting of metal, aluminum and plastic and allows you to cut even in hard-to-reach places.

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The output power is 460 watts. Operates thanks to 18 V lithium-ion battery.

Battery and charger are not included, so you need to purchase them separately.

With this model, work can be carried out even in fire hazardous environments: the formation of sparks when cutting metal is excluded.


  • power: 460 W;
  • number of modes: 1;
  • cutting width: 63 mm;
  • working speed: 174 m / m.
  • light weight;
  • you can work with metal;
  • high power;
  • ease of use.
  • no battery included;
  • no speed regulation.

Milwaukee M18 CBS125-502C

The hand-held band saw is battery operated and allows you to cut various workpieces, including metal.

The maximum cutting height and width is 125 mm.

Supplied with 2 x 5 Ah, 18 V lithium-ion batteries.

The advantages of the model are the presence of bright illumination of the entire working area, electronic motor protection, spindle lock.

The device is equipped with a brushless motor and has a five-step speed control with a limit of 116 m / m.

The canvas changes by pressing one key.


  • number of modes: 1;
  • cutting width: 125 mm;
  • working speed: 116 m / m.
  • 2 batteries included;
  • the maximum section size is 125×125 mm;
  • fast charging;
  • spindle lock;
  • hook for easy storage.
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Makita DPB181Z

Cordless hand saw with powerful motor, light weight and ergonomics. The appliance is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the voltage of which is 18 V.

wood, band, which, choose

Protection against restarting is provided for safe operation.

Cutting speed is selected in accordance with the material with which you plan to work.

What you really should be looking for in a band saw for woodworking

The device starts up smoothly and gradually picks up speed. In case the load reaches its peak, the engine speed will stabilize automatically.

For convenience, there is a backlight for the entire working area.


  • power: 100 W;
  • number of modes: 1;
  • cutting width: 64 mm;
  • working speed: 3.2 m / m.
  • light weight;
  • quality of materials;
  • fast cutting;
  • does not heat up;
  • little waste (shavings).
  • no battery included;
  • one operating mode.