Can the machine be polished with an eccentric sander

Is it possible to polish paint without varnish?

As for VIKO paint specifically, you can polish it. However, look at the purchase to have it with the hardener. This paint is polished in the same way, only in this case you need to try not to wipe the varnish, but the paint itself to the ground.

Subtleties of work

Part wetting with water. if the paste dries quickly, then slightly moisten the surface with water.

Cleaning the circle. this must be done periodically, as paste sticks to its surface and the efficiency of polishing decreases.

Overheating of the paintwork. it occurs in cases where one place is polished for an excessively long time. The varnish overheats and there is a feeling that it is as if a circle is getting stuck in it. In such a situation, you just need to wait a little and allow the surface to cool.

Turns. if you immediately turn on the machine at full power, then the paste from the rapid rotation will scatter on the sides in drops. First, you need to smear it at slow speeds, and then gradually increase them. RPM is not recommended to exceed more than 2500 rpm.

Paste transitions. if you switch from an abrasive to a non-abrasive paste, then you need to wash the surface, and change the circle (if you only have one circle, you can leave it, but wash it thoroughly beforehand).

Cord. Most people forget about the power cord, which slips over the fenders and doors while polishing the hood or roof and scratching them. To avoid this, you need to throw it over your shoulder or ask someone to hold it.

Divorces. a similar problem arises when the machine is held at an angle. As a result, the circle simply does not touch the surface with its entire working surface.

Plastic. it is highly advisable not to cling to plastic parts (bumper, moldings, etc.) around, as a rapidly rotating and hot circle, together with an abrasive paste, leave such marks that cannot be removed.

Butt-ends. don’t polish too hard to avoid rubbing. In addition, the circle can be damaged by sharp corners.

How to polish small parts?

Small parts are best polished by hand. It is necessary first of all to wash it and completely clean it of dust particles, and then start working with the machine. Be very careful on the edges while polishing, rub very gently. On protruding elements and edges, it is quite easy to wipe the varnish.

How to properly polish your car

In the modern world, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also an indicator of the social status and respectability of its owner.

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Pleasant to the eye color, impeccable shape, shiny, perfectly smooth surface. all these characteristics are source of pride for their “iron horse“.

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However, a car is not a decorative item that is stored only in extremely favorable conditions, where it is not threatened with a rapid deterioration in all qualities.

The medium for using a vehicle is an open space with all its negative effects, including both weather changes and a large number of anthropogenic and other factors.

Traces of frequent washing, stains, chips, scratches from branches or careless loading can easily spoil the mood of a motorist.

But you can fix the situation by resorting to polishing. a process, the result of which is the recreation or restoration of paintwork.

But not every vehicle owner decides to carry out this process on his own, but only trust the specialists from the auto repair shops, and assume that only they know how to polish the car correctly.

In fact, any car owner can do it with his own hands, you only need to follow the main rules, as well as listen to recommendations and advice.

Bosch GEX 125-1 AE Professional Random Orbit Sander

How to know when to polish a smudge?

You can touch the drip with the edge of your nail. If paint leaves traces, it is too early to polish. If it is already difficult to push through the smudge, then you can already polish it.

For clarity, polishes can be divided into three main categories:

  • Protective
  • For manual application
  • For mechanical application

There are a large number of all kinds of polishes for mechanical processing on sale, but in most cases, medium abrasive, highly abrasive and, of course, restorative polishes are used.

The highly abrasive polish erases a fairly large layer of paintwork, so only as a last resort it is recommended to use it.

A medium abrasive polish removes a small layer of paintwork and is used if there are small, minor scratches on the vehicle.

Restoration polish returns its original light due to easy paint removal, as a rule, it is used at least twice a year. In addition, there is a universal product that combines the qualities of all types of mechanical polishes.

They do not contain protective polishes of abrasive particles and are designed to make the surface of the vehicle shine, mask abrasions and prevent exposure to an aggressive environment.

Why polish your car

Polishing is carried out not only for cosmetic purposes, it is also a technical procedure that protects against damage to the enamel, which leads to the formation of rust. In addition, if there is a similar need, you can polish the headlights and even car windows.

The paint coating of most of the entire surface of the body prevents the corrosion procedure, but the paint is easily covered with small cracks.

The Difference between Orbital Sander & Random Orbit Sander | Bosch Power Tools Sanding Solutions

It is into such minor defects that all kinds of substances seep, which start a seemingly imperceptible, but rather rapidly progressive corrosion process.

Festool Rotex 125, sanding from rough to a polish finish.

This is caused by dust and dirt, which have abrasive qualities, which, if not properly maintained, renders the coating unusable.

In addition, to improve the shine of the surface of the car, direct exposure to sunlight for a long time can also.

Conventionally, polishing work can be divided into four stages:

  • Preparatory stage
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • The final stage

Kia Spectra, 2011

In the middle version, the representative of this line is endowed with a power of 250 W and provides a frequency of 12,000 rpm. In addition to good performance, the owners of the device note small but pleasant ergonomic features. for example, a 4 m cable, a dust collector with a pleated filter, high-quality fiber wheels and general ease of use. Therefore, if you need a comfortable model for home use, then the Bosch orbital eccentric sander from the GEX series can be the best choice.

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Cars for sale

Kia Spectra, 2007

Tool cost

The price tag of orbital sanders depends on the level of operational parameters. Low-cost devices for household use can cost 2-3 thousand rubles. With the help of such equipment, it is difficult to obtain high-quality processing, but it is better than performing similar operations with improvised means. The class above is followed by eccentric grinders, the price of which varies from 4 to 7 thousand rubles. In this range, by the way, most of the models of the above-described manufacturers are represented. Such a power tool is distinguished by decent performance, well-thought-out ergonomics and a wide range of functions. For 10-15 thousand rubles. you can also purchase a professional model that will quickly cope with materials that are difficult to process, regardless of their surface condition.

Varieties of devices

The use of a design with the presence of eccentrics complicates the device, but for the most part, the models are similar to each other. The only fundamental division can be made between household appliances and professional equipment. The household version is characterized by its compact size and modest weight, which gives it excellent ergonomics. Basically, this category is represented by eccentric sander for wood, which have low power indicators and are designed for short-term processing sessions. Professional models, on the other hand, have high productivity and can be used in stone and metal processing. At the same time, these are massive units, the parts of which are distinguished by a long working life and good endurance.

Ryobi P435 One

The RYOBI P43S One Orbital Buffer is perfect for those newbies who don’t want to carry a long cord around while they rebuild their vehicles. This orbital polisher is cordless and powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery.

In addition, it has an orbital action that prevents streaking or “swirling” and also removes scratches from the surface of the vehicle.
The clipper is extremely easy to use because it is simply turned on or off by pressing a button located next to the handle.

Areas of application of eccentric sanders

  • fine sanding of wood, plastic and metal
  • polishing paintwork

Based on the listed possibilities, ESHM are used in the repair and manufacture of furniture, finishing works, bodywork in car repair

The disadvantages of ESM include the impossibility of processing corners and embossed surfaces. Do not try to crawl with the edge of the sanding disc, for example, into the recess of the door panel. the edge of the sanding disc can leave deep scratches on the wood. If the processing of small parts and complex surfaces is required, it may be better to choose something from engraving machines or renovators with the appropriate attachments.

Polisher. is a 2-in-1 tool efficient?

The polishing sander easily removes paint and varnish, removes scratches or irregularities from surfaces, and with its help a protective coating is easily and evenly applied. Often, different polishes and attachments are used with this tool. The standard designs of this device consist of the following elements: disc, body, main and auxiliary handles, switch and spindle lock button. For high-quality work, use additional nozzles. They are usually made of foam or felt.

In order for the polishing to be even and smooth, use the appropriate paste and nozzle, and the process itself takes place in levels. Surface polishing begins with the application of the paste to a special polishing disc. Then, with its help, the paste is carefully spread over the entire surface. Then you need to create a protective coating on the entire treated surface with wax. Performing each level, you need to make sure that the remnants of the polish are removed. This process is best known to the body shop workers, where the car polishing sander is the main weapon.

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ECM vibration amplitude

Another parameter that affects the surface quality and depends on the rotational speed is the vibration amplitude, or, as it is also called, the eccentric stroke of the grinder. As noted above, the ECM performs a reciprocating circular motion. And if the speed of rotation strongly affects productivity, then the amplitude of movement of the grinding plate is responsible for the quality of processing.

In fact, the vibration amplitude and rotation speed are interrelated. It is the combination of these two movements that makes perfect sanding possible. There are models on the market with amplitudes from 2 mm to 5 mm. DWT shredders have the smallest amplitude. The photo shows the movements of the grinding plate of an eccentric grinder, you can see how the surface finish changes depending on the vibration amplitude.

Vibrating and delta grinding

The machine is a sole with an abrasive coating. Provides accurate and high-quality processing of small surfaces. Vibratory car polishers are quite heavy and poorly suited for large surfaces, but work great on uneven surfaces.

Delta grinding devices function on the same principle as abrasive ones, but their sole is in the shape of a triangle. This further reduces the area and speed of work, but allows you to reach the most difficult-to-reach places. Professionals use this type of tool for sanding seams, defective surfaces and other natural and acquired irregularities.

How to choose a polishing machine for a car

When choosing a polishing machine for work, it is necessary to take into account the power and principle of operation of the device, the number of straight surfaces and seams, hard-to-reach places on the car, the type and thickness of the paint layer, the number, depth and density of small defects on it.

By type, polishers are divided into:

  • tape;
  • vibrating;
  • delta grinding;
  • orbital (eccentric);
  • corner (disc).
machine, polished, eccentric, sander

Each model has its own characteristics and advantages.

Meguiar 63500 DA Power System tool

Meguiar 63500 DA Power System tool is the ideal choice for those who are just looking to purchase a new tool for their vehicle. The device is a drill attachment and is recommended for use with a 3/8 ” drill bit with a rotational speed of 1200 to 2500 rpm.

Plus, it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including cars, interiors, tiles, and even carpet. The tool is fast and easy to use.
DA Power system easily removes oxidation and other defects in your vehicle.

DeWalt DWP849X

DeWalt is a well-known name when it comes to developing robust tools and DeWalt DWP849X is no exception. Designed for automotive professionals and car enthusiasts, the car polishing sander features a powerful 12-amp motor.

The total weight of the system is 6.7 kilograms, making this polisher incredibly portable and easy to carry.