Can the nutrunner be used as an electric screwdriver

The electric impact wrench. the specialist for wheels!

It is not uncommon to encounter difficult situations during work where the use of a wrench alone is clearly insufficient. Then it is necessary to use special tools: they help with parts that are threaded. Among them we can distinguish an electric screwdriver and a nutrunner. These technical aids serve one purpose. to speed up work involving a large number of nuts, bolts and screws. Despite the similarity of their tasks, they have a number of important differences. To find out more about this and which tool is better to use, please see the overview below.

An electric screwdriver is an electric tool whose primary purpose is to perform work on screwing or unscrewing various screws, bolts, and self-tapping screws. One can only imagine how much time it takes to screw in several hundred screws by hand when assembling, for example, an ordinary built-in closet or shelves for tools. With this device the work can be done in minutes. In addition, this power tool has some other additional features:

  • Use as a cordless drill;
  • Replacement of conventional hex wrenches with special tools;
  • backlighting function in low visibility conditions.

An electric electric screwdriver is also convenient because it can screw in screws to a predetermined depth. So all the screw heads will be in the same plane, which will give the work a nice and finished look.

The electric screwdriver look and feel

Additional features of screwdrivers

Modern equipment has a number of additional functions that make it much easier to operate. Such features include:

The speed of rotation is very important for the work of an electric screwdriver, because the more revolutions per minute the tool performs, the less the load on the motor.

  • The impact mechanism is a pretty useful feature that allows you to drill holes in stone and brick.
  • Impulse torque boost comes in handy for easier sinking of the fastener into the material, when unscrewing a jammed screw or drill.
  • Backlighting is a useful option when working in hard-to-reach places or in places with poor lighting conditions. The most successful option is to place the light source above the battery pack.
  • An important function of the device is the ability to regulate the speed of rotation. Almost all modern models are equipped with this function. With it, you can independently set the necessary speed of rotation of the drill, which allows you to perform the tasks better.

Pros and cons

Like any technique, the wrench has both advantages and disadvantages, with which it is necessary to become familiar. It is worth starting with the first one. These tools are quite easy to use. They can be used for various activities, even in the field. Wrenches make your job a lot easier, especially in places where a conventional wrench is no longer useful. Practically everyone, even inexperienced ones, can cope with such a tool. The disadvantage is that most of these tools are characterized by the fact that they can not adjust the speed of rotation. Some models also work with great vibration, which puts strain on the hands, and can lead to joint problems if you use the wrench a lot.


How to make a wrench from an electric screwdriver

For a variety of reasons in everyday life you may need to unscrew a couple of dozen nuts. Buy for the sake of such a fleeting need nutrunner, pretty pricey, but in the manual twist does not want to, when in the possession of an old-fashioned electric screwdriver. It performs the main rotating function, now it needs to be reconfigured for nuts unscrewing. Here everything is very simple.

To make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver, you will need a special adapter for bits and nozzles themselves, the size for your nuts. Adapters cost around 300 and are sold in most construction stores. When all components are at hand, we clamp the adapter’s shank in the chuck, put on the needed accessory and use the home-made nutrunner from an electric screwdriver. In connection with the low power of an electric screwdriver, you have to loosen and tighten the nuts by hand, but the time for loosening will be reduced by a factor of ten. Of course, it is possible to go further, to get into electronic components of the tool and to increase rotation power. We do not recommend this kind of manipulation, as it is very likely to lead to a breakdown of your tool. Do not ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations. article from Topic Rating

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A few words about the impact wrench

Industrial or homemade wrench is used for installing and removing bolts and nuts. Some people may confuse it with a drill, but experienced craftsmen will immediately point to a special attachment in the holder, which does not have a regular drill. Without it will not do, if you need to unscrew an old nut, which is so rusted that the hands or a wrench just can not unscrew it. The tool is available in the following performance:

If we talk about the types of wrenches, they can be divided into impact and impactless tools. It is worth considering these main varieties in more detail.

  • Impulse. This tool can also be called a percussion and rotary tool. It allows you to make movements with a special nozzle. Such tools are able to regulate the work of the torque element, as well as calculate how many blows will be needed. At first, such a tool makes rather long blows, and at the end of the work they become short. At the end of the whole, the last blow will be the strongest, in this way it makes the connection quite reliable. This type of models is most often used by professional workers.
  • Non-impulse. This model is most often used for work in the home. It has a high torque. This wrench costs several times less than a pulse wrench.

In addition, screwdrivers are also distinguished by the type of drive. They are represented by several varieties.

  • Geared. Such a model is mechanical. Inside the wrench there is a cylinder with a reduction gear. It is also called a torque booster. This is why they are referred to as torque wrenches. It has a handle on one side that you can turn to put the drive shaft and head in motion. This wrench is most often used to “break” rusted nuts, such as on car wheels.
  • Electric wrench. This model is powered by the mains. It is characterized by a low noise level, as well as small size. Such a tool is quite powerful, but at the same time consists of a simple switching mechanism of the rotating head, as well as with an adjustable torque.

Electric nutrunner is characterized by high performance, which allows it to be used in different areas of activity, so it is also called a universal.

  • Cordless. One of the main features of this type of model is its autonomy. It can be used by professionals and in household conditions. Even rusted nuts can be unscrewed with this technology. Such models also have a torque regulator, which can reach up to 500 Nm. The most popular wrenches have an impact rate of up to 3000 strokes per minute. For cars use wrenches that are powered from the car at 12 volts.
  • Pneumatic. This model is very often used in car repair shops, as it consists of a metal body, and has a system of connection to the compressor. They come in both impact and nonimpact versions.
  • Hydraulic. You need this wrench where you need a lot of force to undo the nuts. Its power rating reaches up to 10 thousand. This model is also different in that it can be used underwater.
  • Petrol-powered. The work of such a tool is provided by an engine that runs on gasoline.

The power of this track screwdriver is very large, so it is used on a larger scale, for example, for work on the railroads.

In addition, impact wrenches can be divided into two varieties.

  • Angular. They have a convenient pistol shape, which allows using them even in awkward places. In these models, the spindle rotation axis is perpendicular to the motor axis, which makes it possible to cope even with quite dirty nuts.
  • Straight. In such wrenches, the axis of rotation is parallel to the motor axis, which makes it possible to develop a torque of up to 4 thousand bits.

What is the difference between the tools

The nutrunner is considered an expert’s tool, while the electric screwdriver

Generally used for more minor household works. The main differences between the nutrunner and the electric screwdriver are their following properties.

  • A nutrunner is more cumbersome in comparison with an electric screwdriver and does not even have a chuck. It has a special rod at the end where the wrench head is attached.
  • The power of the wrench applied to the object is far superior to that of an electric screwdriver. Any “problems” can be solved with the help of the first one.
  • Significant difference in weight and size of these devices. Nutrunners are usually not easy and are heavier.
  • Screwdrivers have several operating modes that can be adjusted. In contrast to them, other special tools do not possess this ability.

Thus, wrenches are used more often for demanding mechanical work, although his rival is often used for more routine household repairs. Today, for light tasks, you can try to make a screwdriver

What is the best tool to choose?? The answer to this question depends directly on the type of work, where these tools are used. Bearing in mind that the impact of the impact wrench during work is tangential, it can not be used to tighten screws, because it will simply tear their heads. But if you ensure the absence of the stop, it is able to make such a fixing, which will not get to do even the most massive screwdriver. When you have to do a small amount of work, including only screwing in screws, then an ordinary electric screwdriver will be enough for this purpose. Therefore, decide what to choose to perform work. an electric screwdriver or a nutrunner, it is necessary, from the parameters of certain events.

Pros and cons of the impact wrench

A significant advantage of the impact wrench is its ability to tighten fasteners with increased force and unscrew rusted connections. This tool becomes an excellent assistant when working with large equipment. Unfortunately, an increased power of a tool makes its work more noisy. While the electric screwdriver can work quietly after a breakdown, the impact wrench will quickly make itself felt.

To twist small elements with a screwdriver, you need to have a certain knack, otherwise there is a great risk of damaging the material. with an electric screwdriver in this respect everything is much more convenient, although it takes longer. A tuned ratchet mechanism will prevent you from twisting the self-tapping screw by placing its head exactly on the surface of the material.

To summarize, we can say that the wrench is a powerful and noisy tool, designed to tighten large fasteners. Suitable for household needs, but not necessary for everyone. An electric screwdriver, on the other hand, works at a slower speed. At the same time it is very easy to use and does not require special skills and adapters.

A impact wrench is for those who know exactly where they will use it. An electric screwdriver is good for most everyday jobs.

What are the breakdowns of a nutrunner?

According to the type of causes of breakdowns of pneumatic wrenches can be divided into three groups conventionally:

Parts wear and tear caused by time and inadequate loads;

Severe contamination that prevents you from working.

Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Power wobbles, even at high speeds and maximum air pressure.

Speed change does not work, reverse does not work.

An air screwdriver gets very hot during operation.

Tool becomes very noisy and vibrates while working.

These are the main breakdowns to which damage to the rotor, fan blades, bearing wear, spring breakage, fraying of gaskets and so on lead. But, the fact is that all this is fixed either by repairing the part or replacing it. This is a big plus of the air wrench over the other models.

Types and main differences from screwdrivers

Cordless screwdriver. A hand tool, designed for screwing in and out fasteners (screws, self-tapping screws, screws). This is a small, lightweight, easy-to-operate assistant for light DIY or professional tasks. The undisputed advantage. Affordable price of most models with good features.

Read the article until the end, you will have an accurate understanding of what types of electric screwdrivers are, what their features, and, finally, you can condition itself, which option is better to elect specifically for your purpose.

What is the difference between a screwdriver and an electric screwdriver?

Today’s cordless tool manufacturers offer a very complete range of products that are identical in versatility and purpose. But that does NOT mean they can always interchange. Catchy example. Electric screwdriver and electric screwdriver. Point out that the electric screwdriver can replace the screwdriver, but the opposite is not possible. But do not consider it a useless thing, because in all its purpose and scope of implementation.

You must agree that the first thing that catches your eye is the size difference. Electric screwdrivers are compact, some models even fit in the But that’s only the visual difference from an electric screwdriver. In fact, it is advisable to judge by technical features. Let’s consider the most important of them.

If you take cordless screwdrivers, which are great for drilling and screwing fasteners into any material, power is the main indicator of their work. In cordless screwdrivers, on the other hand. Drilling can be only in certain models, and it is not very effective, because the speed is low and the torque is low. There is hope that you can screw a long fastener, but it will be a single case, after which the battery power will be at its final.

It makes no sense to use a high-capacity battery in tools for household implementation or small production. It is faster, necessary for screwdrivers, which are intended for huge volumes of work. In electric screwdrivers, the batteries are much weaker, work for a short time, because in most models, the battery itself is built into the body, and for small size, light weight and convenience of operation, the volume of the tool. The most fundamental element. There are, of course, professional series with replaceable batteries, but at a cost they are expensive for the average buyer.

A cordless screwdriver is equipped with a slotted hole for accessories with a hexagonal shank. On account of this, it becomes impractical to use it as a drill. Screwdrivers with a drilling function are equipped with a self-clamping chuck that allows you to fix an expanded range of accessories.

So, after breaking down the differences in the main properties, I would like to recall that this information is against the background of a comparison with an electric screwdriver. And, if it is associated, for example, with a strong drill, then it will also lose. It should be understood that when the tool is used as intended, it perfectly copes with its functions.

I suggest to find the advantages of the electric screwdriver right:

  • Small dimensions;
  • Light weight;
  • Mobility;
  • Most products are equipped with modern batteries of lithium-ion type;
  • Ability to work comfortably in inaccessible places;
  • Narrow specialization, which significantly increases the efficiency of each model;
  • Affordable price.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver?

The work of this tool is directly dependent on the battery. On the one hand this guarantees mobility. And on the other hand. It does not work for a long time, and when the battery runs out, it needs to be recharged or fully recharged. This option is likely only if there is a power source. So there is a dependence on power supply and power point. Will take 3-6 hours (for residential series) and up to 1 hour (for pro-class) to fully charge. A sensible solution. Buy a model with a quick battery swap. These devices with the type of battery “AAA”, allowing to use for replacement of ordinary finger batteries, but functioning for a shorter time.

Only the advanced professional class tools are equipped with a replaceable battery and charger with sharp charge function. They are numbered flawless option for long jobs. Want to buy such an assistant? Then be prepared to splurge, because the cost of it is not the lowest.

The choice of a cordless screwdriver. It is not difficult, if you know correctly where and how you plan to use it. As for the class of the product, everything is clear: household are used to solve household problems, and prof will be needed for builders, installers, carpenters, furniture makers, auto locksmith. The need to buy a professional device for home use. The decision is personal.

Advice! Do NOT chase after the cheapest or most expensive. Choose the golden mean, it will be the best combination of features and price.

What else you should pay your attention to? I propose to break down the main aspects of the choice concerning multifunctional capabilities.

  • Battery type. Divided into nickel-cadmium, also lithium-ion batteries. efficient, of course, Li-ion. They are more durable, can withstand more charge-discharge cycles, and are more durable. Less: The nickel cadmium ones do not tolerate low temperatures very well. Consider this aspect when buying;
  • Speed. One of the main characteristics, indicating the performance of the device. It’s great when you can adjust the speed of the bit;
  • Number of speeds. If there are two, the 1st one is usually designed for screwing fasteners, and the 2nd one can be used to drill;
  • Torque. You plan to work with hard materials? Choose the tool with the highest torque. The more adjustment options, the better;
  • Reverse stroke. Allows to turn fasteners in a counterclockwise direction. Not every cordless screwdriver has this option;
  • Case design. The advantage is the adjustable handle that can be set either straight or at an angle. Thanks to this device is comfortable to work with the edges, and even in areas with difficult access;
  • Conceived ergonomics, easy to operate. The electric screwdriver must rest comfortably in the hand. Better to have rubberized inserts. An intuitive level of control awareness is welcome. All components must be within easy reach.

Which screwdriver is best to choose?

The answer to the question depends on what kind of work needs to be done. No screws can be tightened with the impact wrench, for example. Because of the so-called tangential impact, it will simply tear off their flats. In the absence of a stop screwdriver is able to create a fixture that even a powerful electric screwdriver will not repeat. If you have to do a small amount of work that involves only screwing in screws, then an ordinary electric screwdriver is enough for this. That is why the choice of tool depends on the application.

What is a wrench

Designed for fastening construction elements with threaded nuts. Operated with mains or battery power. Shaped like a gun, the body and working parts are elongated. As wrench: works for tightening and unscrewing. Operating principle is similar to an electric screwdriver, based on torque, high speed rotation. Used at car service stations, construction sites and in the home.

No tire changer is complete without a impact wrench

Impact wrenches can be mains operated, battery operated, pneumatic or hydraulic powered. Fastenings are tightened with a gear unit. Reverse stroke available. And the rotation speed is the same. Included with the impact wrench is a full range of impact sockets for nuts, anchors and bolts. Equipped with a switch to change the direction of rotation and a ratchet to adjust the degree of clamping.

The main differences

An electric screwdriver is a tool for installing a variety of fasteners. If equipped with an adapter and socket head, it can also be used as a impact wrench. An electric screwdriver can only do small jobs. The impact wrench is a professional tool. The following are the differences between these devices:

  • Power. Screwdrivers are less powerful than wrenches. There are models of wrenches that are equipped with a gasoline engine and are used in the railroad industry.
  • Weight. Impact wrenches weigh less than screwdrivers. The weight of the “home” does not exceed a couple of kilograms. Pneumatic or hydraulic wrenches, common in industrial production, weigh many times more.
  • Dimensions. Professional impact wrenches are up to 60 cm long; screwdrivers are about 20 cm long.
  • Screwdriver. The impact wrenches have none in principle. No chuck is provided by the design. The tool has a special socket for socket heads instead of the impact mechanism;
  • Functionality. electric screwdriver is designed for installation of various types of fasteners: bits with straight and Phillips head, disc cutters, nozzles for chamfering screws, polishing, metal cutting. It is mainly used for construction work, for screwing or drilling in low-density materials. With the adaptor, it can be used for tightening nuts or as a conventional drill. The nutrunner is not very multifunctional. It is designed only for tightening or tightening nuts with bolts of different diameters.
  • With a hammer mechanism. The impact wrench is not designed for drilling holes, its impact block serves for gradual loosening of a stuck bolt and has a different operating principle than that of an electric screwdriver. The latter has a direct impact on the bit, while the impact wrench has an angular momentum.
  • Resistant to stress. the impact wrench is wear-resistant, t.к. it has a more powerful motor. the competition is not designed for hard work.
  • Accessories. an electric screwdriver works with bits and drills, while a nutrunner only fits heads.
  • Cost. The difference is not in favor of the nutrunner.

What is the difference between the tools

Thus, wrenches are used more often for heavy mechanical work, while its competitor is more often used for simpler domestic repairs. In addition, for simple tasks you can try to make a nutrunner yourself with the usual attachments.

Which tool is better to choose?? The answer to this question will depend on the type of work that you need these tools for. Considering that the wrench has a tangential impact, it cannot be used to tighten screws, because it will simply tear their heads off. However, if you ensure the absence of a stop, it can make such a fastening, which even the most powerful screwdriver will not be able to create. If there is to be small amount of work. which involves only screwing in screws, then an ordinary electric screwdriver will be enough to do it. Therefore, to decide what to choose for work. an electric screwdriver or a nutrunner, it is necessary to proceed from the specific circumstances.

Is it possible to make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver

Of course it is possible, but with one important proviso: it is unlikely that you can get the same power as an industrially made tool. But, very often too much power and is not required. For example, if you have to Change the rubber on the car. Many people know how long the process of tightening the nuts from the wheels. Of course, it is possible to go to a specialist, but it will cost money. If you have an electric screwdriver handy, you can quickly convert it to a wrench: all you need is an adapter with a head of a certain size, which must fully match the dimensions of the cylinder wrench. Simply insert the adapter into the chuck and mount the drive head. The nutrunner from an electric screwdriver is completely finished.

Of course, it will not be a complete tool, because it is still necessary to loosen the nut by hand, but the time required for all wheels is only one minute.

Pros and cons of the nutrunner

The main advantage is the ability to unscrew difficult rusted fasteners. Thanks to the tangential impact, the tool does not just unscrew the nut, but rips it off the bolt first. Nutrunners are in demand in production, often used at service stations and tire dealers.

Significant disadvantage. high noise level. The impact wrench is much noisier than an electric screwdriver because of its higher output.

The impact wrench is hard to tighten small fasteners. Without control of speed and power there is a high probability of material damage. In many modern models, this problem has been eliminated, but with an electric screwdriver such work is easier to carry out.

In the end, a screwdriver is only good for a limited range of tasks. This is why it is often called a professional tool. And an electric screwdriver due to its versatility is more convenient and useful in everyday life.

How to make a nutrunner from an electric screwdriver

There are situations where several nuts need to be unscrewed. It is not justified to buy a special tool for this purpose. If you already have an electric screwdriver, you can quickly turn it into a wrench with your own hands. In terms of power, of course, such a homemade version can not compare with a real tool, but greatly simplifies the task.

To convert an electric screwdriver to a wrench, you need special adapters and attachments for the size of nuts. You can find these accessories at any construction store. Then simply install the adapter in the chuck, clamp the tail and put the appropriate nozzle.

Because there is not enough power, you have to loosen and tighten nuts manually, with a wrench. But the main part of the work the self-made nutrunner will perform “perfectly”.

To increase the power of the equipment, you can make changes to the battery. Install the brake buzzer, re-solder the indicators and reassemble the device. But such interference in the design is not safe and can lead to tool failure. Therefore, it is not recommended to engage in such manipulations without professional skills.

To summarize, we note that the nutrunner is a specialized tool, with more power and a tangential blow. Purchase of such a device is justified only in the case of regular work with the nut joint. electric screwdriver is more versatile, simple and convenient tool for screwing and unscrewing threaded fasteners.