Correctly Prick Injections to the Child

How to put injections in the buttock to a child or adult

Quite often there are such cases when the doctor prescribes medications that are given in injections. Undoubtedly, in a medical institution an experienced physician will easily enter the necessary dose of medicine for you, and he will not have a question about how to prick an injection in the buttock. But what if the injections are for home use?

Of course, in this case, you can find a familiar nurse and ask her for help, but sometimes it is simply impossible. What to do then? How to put injections in the buttock yourself?

Correctly Prick Injections to the Child

The acquisition of the necessary funds

Sometimes the doctor prescribes antibiotics in the form of injections. In this case, you will have to pre-mix the solution with the powder medicine. Always pay attention to the shelf life of the drug and the method of storage. If it is indicated that the medicine should be in the refrigerator, then this instruction must be strictly observed.

In addition to medicines, you will need syringes. They come in different volumes: from one milliliter to twenty. Choose the one that best suits your injection volume. Consider the number of ampoules. You can not do an intramuscular injection with one tool twice.

Drug preparation

When you have acquired the necessary funds, it is necessary to properly open the ampoules and draw the medicine into the syringe.

Before making an injection in the buttock, open the syringe and put a needle on it. When handling, your hands should be perfectly clean. To do this, wash them with soap or disinfectant.

Open the ampoule by filing a little neck with the special attached file, then break the glass with a sharp movement away from you. Dip the needle of the syringe neatly in a glass container and fill in the solution.

If you need to mix the liquid with the medicine in the form of a powder, then insert the needle into the package with the bulk product through the rubber cover. After that, press the piston and pour water for injection into the flask. Mix the medicine thoroughly and put it back into the instrument.

Before the injection

So, the syringe with the medicine is ready. How to put injections in the buttock?

First, make sure that there are no air bubbles inside the tool. If they are, then they must be deleted. To do this, lightly tap the wall of the syringe with your fingernail. After this manipulation, all the air will gather at the top, and you, slightly pressing on the piston, release it.

How to put injections in the buttock to a child?

If your baby has been prescribed an injection course, then you may well be able to do it yourself. When buying a syringe, give preference to special children’s devices. If your child is very small, then it is quite possible to take an insulin syringe. Its needle is much shorter and thinner compared to a standard tool. However, it must be remembered that such an adaptation is not suitable for an adult. The needle simply does not reach the muscle, and you inject the drug under the skin.

Divide the buttock visually into four parts. If this is your first injection, then you can draw a separating grid in order to get to the right place. For the child it will be a game and fun, and you will be helped.

It is necessary to select the upper right segment of the outer part of the buttock pair (or left. For the left). It is in it that the drug will be introduced. Moisten cotton with an alcohol solution (you can take regular vodka or alcohol-containing lotion). After that, remove the cap from the syringe needle and make sure once again that all air is released. Squeeze the required area for injection with your fingers and squeeze it. With a sharp movement, insert the needle of the syringe and make an intramuscular injection into the buttock.

Some drugs (for example, vitamin preparations) are quite painful when introduced, so you need to press the syringe plunger slowly, gradually introducing the drug.

How to put injections in the buttock for an adult?

Injection to an adult is administered somewhat differently than to a child. You still have to divide the buttock into four parts and select the appropriate segment. After that, wipe the skin with cotton wool and alcohol, and slightly knead the surface of the body.

If, during an injection, the child’s buttock region needed to be squeezed a little, then for an adult, the opposite is true. Slightly stretch the skin to be injected. With a sharp movement of the hand, insert the needle about two-thirds. Gently press the piston and pour in the medicine.


Sometimes situations arise when there is no way to ask someone to give an injection. In this case, you can well carry out this procedure yourself.

Prepare the medicine in a syringe and cotton wool with a disinfectant. Sit on the couch, turning a little to one side. Determine the area necessary for the injection and wipe it with cotton. After that, similarly to the previous methods, inject a syringe perpendicular to the skin. Place your hand in a comfortable position and carefully pour the medicine into the muscle.

How to remove a syringe after an injection?

After the medicine is fully administered, you need to properly remove and dispose of the syringe. Take in one hand the cotton wool that was disinfected before the injection. Gently but surely pull the needle out of your skin and quickly squeeze the wound with cotton. After this, it is necessary to leave the disinfectant tissue on the injection site. This is necessary so that the smallest drops of blood do not stain clothes.

If you give an injection to a baby, then in this case it is better to replace the alcoholized cotton wool with a clean gauze pad or cotton pad. Otherwise, you risk burning your baby.

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With an independent injection, you will not be able to simultaneously pull out the needle and put cotton on the injection site. In this case, you must quickly remove the syringe and place the tissue in the desired area. In this case, a few drops of the drug may come out. Nothing wrong with that. Most of the drug is in the muscle.


After the injection, close the syringe needle with a cap and place it back in the package. Injection vials should also be placed in a plastic bag. After that, you can throw these items into the bin.


Now you know how to put injections in the buttocks of an adult, a child and himself. Even if an experienced nurse comes to your aid, knowledge of the process of this manipulation will be useful.

If you give an injection to a baby, never fool him or say that it will be completely painless. Say you have a little patience. And in the event that the child steadfastly endured all the trials, praise and encourage him.

Never show your baby that you are afraid. All your movements must be sure. Do not show syringe to child. Try to prepare the injection outside his gaze.

The ability to give injections may never be useful to you, however, knowing the principle of work, you will always be in a winning position.

Be healthy and do not get sick!

Analgin with diphenhydramine appointment and dosage

In acute pain symptoms with a high temperature, which other antipyretic compounds do not knock down, injections can be made with a solution of dipyrone with dipyrone. The effectiveness of medicines in a pair is higher, but they are considered ideal. It is possible to prick a double injection for adults and children. But starting in 2010, pediatricians began to have a negative attitude towards these injections. What purposes and contraindications does an injection of double composition have: analgin and diphenhydramine, our specialists will tell.

Why are drugs effective in combination?

Thanks to a combination of active ingredients, analgindemedrol is effective in several directions at once: analgesic, antipyretic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

The absorption of drugs is high, and the effect on the patient’s body is long (up to 6 hours). High injection efficiency makes it possible to use the composition in the most severe cases.

The components of the solution

Analgin is a pyrazoline-based analgesic. Relieves pain cramps of various origins. Pharmacology produces in the form of pills and solution. An injection is made intramuscularly or intravenously. Absorption in injections is faster and more efficient.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. You can buy it in the form of pills and solution, only by prescription.

Analgin and diphenhydramine with urine are excreted in a day.

In what cases can contraindications be used?

In combination, the solution is used to relieve symptoms:

  • prolonged fever associated with viral or bacterial diseases;
  • pathologies of varying severity with pain syndromes;
  • burns, headaches, muscle pains.

Solution for patients with diseases is contraindicated:

  • asthma and acute forms of an allergic reaction;
  • heart failure;
  • kidney disease
  • neurology of varying severity.

Side effects are associated with improper dosage of the medication and injections performed at home, without the advice of a doctor.

Dosage by age

For pain and high temperature, analgin with diphenhydramine in the complex can be used in the form of pills or injections.

We do not recommend giving an injection to a small child without a doctor, since the baby may have an individual intolerance to the solution.

To calculate the dosage, you can use the table:

It is better to make the solution intramuscularly, since the gastrointestinal tract is not damaged and the components begin to act faster. There are norms of a ready-made composition: For an adult and a child from 10 years old, 1-2 ml / 2 times in 24 hours, a young child, from 3 years old per 10 kg of weight 0.2 ml. But in total no more than 1 ml.

Before the injection, carefully recount the patient’s weight and mg of the solution, otherwise it may cause irreparable harm to the patient. It is better for the child to try to remove the temperature with candles or other drugs before injecting the solution.

Read more on how to make an injection in the buttock, they will tell on the video:

An injection or intravenous injection?

With a large dosage, the drug can be administered intravenously, but only for adult patients. Children are prescribed single injections, intramuscularly. The drug is administered intravenously to adult patients and not more than once a day. The patient is constantly monitored for 24 hours after the dropper.

Intravenous injections begin to act after 5 minutes, intramuscular after 15 minutes.

It is unacceptable to use intravenous and intramuscular injections in combination with drugs: vasoconstrictor or dilating, normalizing pressure, diuretic and choleretic compounds, antihistamines.

If the rules and dosage are not followed, you can harm the body, which will lead to disastrous consequences. Before any injection, consult your healthcare provider.

Injections for young children: we provide assistance correctly

Any purpose of injections means the severity of the situation and the complexity of the disease, however, children have to do injections quite often. There are many reasons for this, one of which is complications after the disease. In hospital care, injecting is a common practice, but it happens that a child can stay at home if it is possible to give him an injection. In addition, injections can relieve an acute condition, including prohibitively high temperature.

    Injections for children: how to do it yourself

    Types of injections

    Injections are done not only in the ass. depending on the purpose and method of administration, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous injections are distinguished. Subcutaneously, drugs are administered when there is no need to achieve an instant effect or, if necessary, for the drug to act for a long time. For example, most childhood vaccinations do this.

    Intravenous administration of the drug is carried out when the instant action of the substance is necessary. This injection requires strict observance of the rules of the conduct, it is technically difficult, therefore, intravenous injection and dropping is the destiny of a medical professional only.

    Another thing is intramuscular injection. It is in this way that the vast majority of injections are carried out. For intramuscular injections, there are several favorable places: thigh, buttocks, shoulder. Buttocks are preferred.

    How to give an intramuscular injection to a child

    When injecting a child independently, it is important to know where to prick, and to strictly follow the sequence of actions during the manipulation. You will need:. ampoule with medicine ;. syringe for injection ;. sterile cotton wool ;. alcohol.

    Choose a syringe with the thinnest needle that will make the injection less painful. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and wipe them with a sterile cloth. Massage the baby buttocks with massage movements.

    Open the medicine vial with cotton wool moistened with alcohol and print out a disposable injection syringe. Make sure that the piston of the syringe is lowered all the way, i.e. there is no air in it. Put the medicine into the syringe in a slightly larger amount than necessary. Holding the syringe vertically, up with the needle, release the air that has formed inside the syringe and the excess amount of the drug.

    The success of the manipulation largely depends on the behavior of the child, because a frightened, dodgy baby is difficult to keep. Therefore, it is important to prepare the child for an injection, to agree with him

    Lay the child on your lap, stomach down, or on a flat surface. It is important that at the time the needle is inserted, the baby does not wriggle or twitch. It is better if you have an assistant. another adult who will help gently fix the small patient in a stable position.

    Locate the injection site and wipe it with alcohol. An injection should be placed in the outer upper lobe of the buttock, where blood vessels and nerves that cannot be touched do not lie. Gently insert the needle at right angles to the buttock.

    After inserting the syringe, slightly extend its piston. If suddenly the medicine starts to enter the bloodstream, you are in the artery, and the injection site should be changed. If there is no blood, gently administer the medicine. After entering the desired dose, remove the needle from the muscle and treat the injection site with alcohol.