DIY adapter for neva tiller

Construction device

The Tiller Adapter is a special trailer with a seat. Such a unit is based on a two-wheel frame and makes it easier to work with the tiller. You can make your own steering device, which is characterized by a rigid articulation with the tiller and the steering gear in the form of a separate unit. The steered wheelset can be located in front or behind. In the design of the movable joint, you can change the angle about the vertical axis located from the tiller to the trailer.

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The main elements of the device are presented:

  • ladder or backbone frame;
  • pavement, axle, portal or rotary suspension;
  • if there is a rear location of the adapter, the attachment portal is used;
  • if there is a front location, a tiller portal or blade attachment is used;
  • a workplace for the driver;
  • steering with a rigid hitch.

The most important structural element is the coupling device, which is designed to provide the most reliable connection between the adapter and the tiller and is necessary to create the stability of the vehicle. Steering assumes a rigid hitch. The swivel device, when changing the articulation angle, needs to fasten the horizontal hinge.

Adapter for Tiller Neva. types and how to do it yourself

Taking care of agricultural land is an incredible physical labor, so you can’t do without small-scale mechanization. Thanks to tillers, you can significantly simplify any agricultural work, because the versatility of the device is really amazing. In addition to plowing, hilling, lawn maintenance, transporting goods and working in the winter, the aforementioned unit can function as a vehicle. This is only possible thanks to a special adapter for the Tiller Neva.

It allows you to sit comfortably in the seat and do your usual tasks, but with even more comfort. The steering adapter is considered the best choice, as it can be purchased or made with your own hands. Often, the drawings describe in detail all the features of assembling the adapter for the Neva Tiller with your own hands.

DIY front adapter for Neva tiller

It is quite possible to make a convenient home-made adapter yourself if you have minimal skills in handling the main tool. The scheme of such a device is extremely simple and intuitive.

Manufacturing steps

The step-by-step technology for self-manufacturing of the structure is as follows:

  • the kinematic diagram is independently developed. It is allowed to use ready-made options that are adapted to specific goals. A prerequisite is to ensure the maximum balance of the created structure;
  • the main frame is made on the basis of a fork with a bushing, which will allow the trailer to turn freely;
  • the body is made on the basis of sheet steel. It is allowed to purchase a factory product that is suitable in size and shape. It is tedious to pay attention to the sides, the height of which should be at least 30-40 cm;
  • fixing the seat with a distance of 75-85 cm from the front of the frame;
  • installation. Hex pipe is often used for connection.
At the final stage of self-production, testing of the completed design is mandatory, which will allow you to detect and correct all the flaws and shortcomings. It is recommended to paint all metal parts to protect against rust.

Types of adapters

There are two types of adapters on the market today:

  • bodywork;
  • bodyless.

The first adapters are designed to move loads during the harvest season and other similar agricultural work. Depending on the type of tiller, they can carry from one hundred and fifty to five hundred kilograms. As a rule, they are universal and suitable for all types of tillers. Such adapters for MTZ tiller have the highest carrying capacity.

The second type of adapters is designed to maximize the ease of soil cultivation. An adapter of this type with a steering wheel showed itself well with the light Neva tiller, turning it into a full-fledged mini tractor. This adapter can be either front or rear. In the event that a front tiller adapter is used, due to the steering it turns the device into a full-fledged mini tractor at an affordable price.

Before purchasing an adapter for a tiller, it is worthwhile to carefully study its dimensions and drawings, so as not to encounter an unpleasant surprise during operation. The size of the adapter should be comfortable for its owner.

Spudding potatoes with disc spudders part 2

Homemade adapter to the tiller with your own hands: photo and description

Hello to all homemade gardeners! I present to your attention a homemade adapter for a tiller made by hand. I made such a device to facilitate labor when hilling potatoes and other work in the garden.

I started with a search for wheels, but the necessary motoblock trailers assembled with hubs cost like two hackapelits, and as a result I found motorcycle wheels on the cheap at a flea market.

Having studied it, I started to do my own thing, there are no problems with materials and equipment. I tried to make it as collapsible as possible so that it could be transported in a car if necessary. As a result, something worked out, something will be shown by tests in the garden.

I made such a coupling with a tiller.

For attachments.

And so, the clearance height adjustment is made.

Adapters for the Neva tiller can significantly increase the driver’s comfort when driving the tiller. In fact, a person does not need to constantly drag behind the unit, but just sit on a comfortable seat and carry out all work in a comfortable environment.

The design of such adapters is quite simple, so their independent production is quite possible at home.

Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that self-assembly presupposes the presence of certain skills in working with welding, as well as with the accompanying tools. If this appears in your head, then you need to stock up on a sufficient number of metal pipes and corners so as not to break away from work due to lack of material.

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In general, the expediency of self-assembly of the adapter is, given that the savings in this case are significant.

Adapter for Tiller Neva. types and how to do it yourself

Steering wheel tiller front adapter: how to make a homemade front. drawings and dimensions

The cultivation of agricultural land involves a rather laborious work. Owners of private households and vegetable gardens usually use manual labor or small-scale mechanization to make this process faster and easier.

Such a technical device as a tiller can significantly simplify any agricultural work, which distinguishes it from other devices.

the tiller can be used separately, as well as a variety of additional equipment can be attached to it.

Devices such as a mower, harrow and cultivator can dramatically increase the potential range of work a tiller can handle.

In addition to this, the tiller can be used as a means of transportation if a special adapter is provided for it. Such a device allows you to sit quite comfortably on the seat with which it is equipped, and then perform exactly the same work, but with a fair amount of comfort.

How to make an adapter for a tiller with your own hands

Today it is difficult to find a person who would not use a tiller when processing his site. Further improvement of technology led to the invention of a special device with which the tiller can easily be converted into a comfortable mini tractor. At the same time, it became possible to carry out field work while sitting, which greatly facilitated the work of the villager. This mechanism is called a tiller adapter.

Tiller adapter design diagram

The adapter for the tiller is a kind of towing device made on the frame and having two wheels. Structurally, adapters are divided into several types, by simple, they can be simple and more complex. The main types are considered universal, these are those that are capable of transporting goods and perform soil cultivation, and simple ones, capable of performing only soil cultivation.

For tillers of different power, different adapters are used, for a low power one, an adapter with a short drawbar is installed, for a powerful one with a long one. Also, universal adapters are equipped with additional functionality, an increase in track, lifting attachments, etc.

Adapter for tiller: do-it-yourself attachment for the Neva, front with steering, how to make a homemade one with a steering wheel. drawings and dimensions

Making a device with a movable joint

This is the simplest device. The adapter itself will be located behind the tiller. It is not difficult to make it, but the process requires attention and concentration. The service life of the mechanism depends on the quality of work. This adapter is suitable for heavy tillers, for example, “Neva”. It has an engine power of over 7 liters. from. and weight from 105 kg. This allows, without skidding, to pull not only the adapter, but also agricultural implements.

For manufacturing, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • electric drill with the necessary set of drills;
  • DC welding machine and electrodes;
  • angle grinder with a set of cutting and grinding discs;
  • hammer, file, square, various hardware;
  • sheet metal with a thickness of at least 5 mm;
  • several profile pipes with dimensions 40 x 50 and 50 x 50 mm;
  • round water pipe with thick walls with a diameter of 30-45 mm;
  • steel rods with a diameter for a round pipe;
  • channel 40 x 50 mm;
  • two wheels from Zhiguli or Oka with bearings and hubs;
  • driver’s seat.

Any sizes of the adapter can be chosen, but based on the needs of the mini-technician. The frame itself can be made slightly above or below the tiller axis. For the wheels, the optimal suspension is the portal, which provides a decent ground clearance. It is not necessary to install shock absorbers on the adapter. this complicates the design. The easiest way is to take a seat with built-in elastic elements.

Next, go directly to the manufacture of individual units.

  • Coupling. This is a welded mechanism, which is a hinge that works in two planes. It is then installed in the base of the adapter frame and bolted to it. It consists of two pieces of 40 x 50 pipes welded together and a piece of round water pipe. A welded tee is inserted into it. The tee itself consists of a rod and part of the same pipe. This is the most critical unit, so the welds must be perfect.
  • Adapter frame. Here you will need a profile pipe and a channel. They are welded together, strengthened, and then wheel stands are made. Further, the struts are fixed with braces welded to the frame and wheel hubs. Install and secure the wheels.
  • Several pieces of pipe are welded to the main frame to install the seat.
  • Fixes and adjusts the seat. It is positioned so that when the steering wheel is turned, the operator’s back does not come off the back. Tiller controls do not need to be removed. this is done when the power plant is located behind the driver.
  • Install the finished hitch.
  • Attached to the tiller.

A bracket for attachments is made. It is located on the rear cross member of the frame. To do this, add several levers and rods that will change the lifting height of agricultural implements.

Next, a wheel locking mechanism is made. To do this, use a ready-made brake system from any car and adjust it to the installed wheel hubs.

steering wheel tiller

With this method, the power unit will be located behind the driver’s back and rigidly attached to the front adapter. Consequently, the coefficient of adhesion of the driving wheels to the soil will increase. This, in turn, will increase the tractive effort, which will make it possible to work with any attachment. For such experiments, the light tiller “Salyut”, which has a mass of about 75 kg and a power of 6.5 liters, is best suited. from.

In this case, you will need a steering column with a gearbox. But this is for this case, if you dare to make a tiller with front steering. This procedure is much more complicated and painstaking than a simple articulation, but the result will please. you will get a tiller with a steering wheel and a seat, and you will have all the necessary levers at hand.

During the manufacture, you will need not only a steering wheel and a gearbox, but also tie rods with openers. You will definitely need gas, clutch and brake pedals located under your feet. They are connected to the standard controls for homemade rods or steel cables.

On the right side of the seat, a lever is installed to raise or lower the attachment, as well as a parking brake handle. Fenders with headlights are placed on the front wheels. And the mini-tech finally gets the finished look of a tiller with a front adapter.

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It should be noted that. At the same time, the adapter has good technical characteristics that allow you to fully appreciate the advantages of working on your mini-equipment.

Purpose and types of adapters

An adapter is a trailer with which the functionality of small-scale mechanization equipment is increased. It has a frame and a wheel axle. With its help, the tiller is converted into a full-fledged mini-tractor that is capable of plowing and planting. In this case, the speed of soil cultivation increases from 5 to 8-10 km / h. In addition, the adapter gives the tiller stability and the ability to fully use agricultural implements.

Nearly all adapters have a driver’s seat and levers that raise agricultural implements. This mechanism has footrests and a brake pedal that locks the wheels when stopped. All parts are mounted on a sturdy frame.

A hitch is located in front or behind the adapter, which allows the entire structure to be connected to the tiller. In addition, many devices are equipped with an additional coupling mechanism. It is convenient to hang tools for cultivating the land on it.

There are two main types of construction:

  • With a movable joint. It is also called a fracture adapter. This is the simplest device and the easiest to make. In it, the hitch is located at the front. But in this case, control of the tiller will be harder, since you will have to turn the entire power unit completely.
  • With steering gear. Here, the articulation of the adapter and the tiller is rigid, and the control is carried out due to the integrated steering unit. This design is the most convenient to use, but difficult to manufacture.

In addition, there are body and bodyless adapters. The bodywork includes a 130 x 110 x 80 cm metal box for transporting tools and crops. Bodyless. these are the simplest, they are needed only for hanging agricultural implements.

Therefore, when making a homemade adapter for a tiller, you need to have a good understanding of the goals and objectives of this device, as well as know what materials and spare parts are available. If necessary, you need to collect all the missing parts.

Preparatory stage of manufacturing the adapter

The adapter has a simple design, but the manufacturing procedure cannot be called simple. Initially, you need to take into account the drawings and dimensions, which will help create a device without flaws.

You need to acquire the following materials and tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • Welding;
  • Electro-chop;
  • File;
  • Square;
  • A sheet of steel with a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • Several square pipes with a diameter of one inch;
  • A set of fasteners.

Key structural elements are manufactured as follows:

  • Coupling. Frame-mounted and bolted. A coupler is two welded pieces of square pipes and a piece of a water pipe. The latter is inserted into the stem with a welded tee;
  • Wheel fixing unit. Two pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. The horizontal section is inserted into the fixing pipe and securely fixed with a bolt. An axle and bearings with wheels are attached to a vertical workpiece.

When all the tools are prepared, the main parts are made, you can assemble the adapter.

Varieties of adapters for motor vehicles

Tiller adapters are divided depending on how they are attached.

There are the following types of devices:

  • Rear adapter for the tiller. The hitch is located in front of the device, therefore, after connection, the adapter will be located at the back of the unit;
  • Tiller front adapter. Accordingly, the clutch occurs at the rear. The adapter is located in front of the motorcycle and will definitely have a steering wheel for control. Steering devices are of a more complex design type, therefore their price on the market is much higher.

The following adapters are available by area of ​​use:

  • Shortened. Small in size, which are operated with a light type tiller. Low weight allows the adapter to be attached directly to the wheel of the unit;
  • Elongated. Cope with heavy agricultural machinery. They are distinguished by their significant dimensions and relatively large mass.

Depending on the availability of the body, the following designs are distinguished:

  • Bodywork. The existing body allows you to transport various cargo over a long distance. They are actively used for everyday tasks and harvesting;
  • Bodyless. They are used only for connection with a tiller.

When choosing an adapter, you need to pay attention to the design features of the device. It must fully meet the needs of the owner.

Tiller adapter

The modern tiller is a high-tech machine for high-quality soil cultivation. With its use, the strength and time of its owner are significantly saved. Many units are subject to modernization due to the use of additional structures and sheds. Among them is the adapter to the tiller.

Features of the adapter design

In fact, the adapter looks like a cart, significantly increasing the functionality of the tiller and making it easier to use.

The adapter design consists of the following parts:

  • A solid frame, all structural elements are attached to it;
  • A support for the feet, near which the brake pedal is located;
  • A manual brake lever, when lowering which, the wheels are finally fixed;
  • Wheelbase of two wheels of medium size;
  • Lift Lever Seats.

The hitch, which allows the adapter to be attached to the tiller, is located at the front or rear of the unit. The standard type is a single design that includes two main elements. The first is the link, the second is the regulator.

Separate adapters with universal double hitch allowing additional attachment of various awnings.

How to make an adapter to the tiller with your own hands?

After reviewing the drawings, you can proceed to the phased assembly of the adapter. It is important to strictly follow the described algorithm.

If an adapter with a seat is used, the tiller turns into a mini-tractor. The chair is selected at your discretion, but products with built-in shock absorbers are more suitable so that you do not have to install springs.

The frame is assembled in a certain sequence:

  • A shank is welded to a piece of pipe with a diameter of about 6 centimeters. A swivel bracket will be mounted on it, fixed with a pin;
  • The frame is welded perpendicularly with a cross-member with dimensions of 55 centimeters;
  • A sheet of steel is welded to the frame with a corner, the thickness of which is three millimeters;
  • The lateral edges of the sheet with a length of about one centimeter are folded down to protect against cuts;
  • The wings are bent and welded. The wing covers are welded onto the upper part, which are equipped with reflectors.

The main frame must be equipped with an additional retractable one, the thickness of which is 5 centimeters. They are fastened together with a bolt.

It is better to supplement the structure with a trunk, which is manufactured according to the following scheme:

  • The frame is assembled. The required central water pipe with a diameter of 1 “and somewhat labor with a smaller diameter (½ and ¼”);
  • The central tube is reinforced with additional tubes for support, the structure is welded to the trunk;
  • Support pipes are connected to the block rod and gearbox.
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The height of the legs depends on the location of the boot It cannot be above the instrument panels, fuel and oil tank.

The swivel bracket is manufactured following the following scheme:

  • A billet from a pipe with a diameter of 5 centimeters is welded and bent. Two steel bushings are welded to the upper part, which provide swinging of the device along and across the axis;
  • One side of the bracket is fixed on the shank, and the other on the tiller itself;
  • For free installation and removal of the bracket, you can weld on the handle.

You need to take care of the rear-view mirror (suitable for a car or moped). The part is installed on the handle of the unit or attached to the rear of the trunk.

You need to purchase a ready-made mechanism. a brake system.

It is installed according to the following scheme:

  • The rod of the blocking unit is dismantled, the thread on its surface is extended using a special die;
  • A durable steel stop is created;
  • A hole is drilled in the rod, the diameter of which is within 3-10 millimeters;
  • Powerful return spring is installed and secured.

At the last stage, an axle with wheels is installed. Parts from old technology are suitable: a motorcycle or a moped. The axle may be too long, so it is shortened with an electric hacksaw.

In addition to detailed drawings, it is worth considering the proposed videos on the manufacture of the adapter.

A homemade adapter according to the schemes described above can be used with the following brands of tillers: Salyut, Agro, Neva, MTZ.

Transformation stages

  • It is best to use a ready-made drawing of the kinematic diagram of the minitractor to ensure proper balance. To do this, you can use the data of the tiller Neva adapter with a steering wheel.
  • The frame is created. For the trailer to turn, the structure must have a fork with a bushing.
  • Body creation. A sheet of steel is used. Manufacturing of a structure involves the construction of boards with a height of more than 30 cm.
  • The seat is mounted using bolts at a distance of about 80 cm from the beginning of the frame.
  • Installation of equipment for work.
  • Quality control.
  • Painting the required parts.

How to make an adapter to a tiller: instructions from a farmer

Tiller is an economical tractor option for small-volume jobs. Such a device is most often used to cultivate land in a country house or on a plot of a private house. It does not take up much space, it allows you to perform many procedures, for example, the whole range of measures for planting and harvesting potatoes. As a result, the unit enjoys great success among the villagers.


So, let’s figure out how to make an adapter. We make its base from a profile pipe (1.7 m. length), to which we weld the pipe (0.5 m. length) perpendicularly. The wheel fixing stands will be connected to the latter. The distance from the wheel axle to the top of the rack is 30 cm. The wheels can be taken from the garden carriage; bearings are put on its bushings. To do this, the bushings will have to be bored so that they fit the size.

Then we fix the braces, the length of which depends on the required angle. We weld them to the main pipe and to the wheel hubs. Next, we are engaged in welding the frame for an additional device. We attach the frame pipes located on the side to the wheel stands. To do this, we use bolts of a certain size that will withstand the expected loads.

We attach a channel at the rear of the frame (practice shows that it is better to use 0) using welding. The rear channel and the pipes located on the side are made 40 cm long.This allows you to get a square frame. A lever with 3 “knees” is also attached to it by welding, the length of which is 19, 30, and also 50 cm. To increase the applied force, another 75 cm long is welded to the side of the lever.

Such a structure moves quite well on different soil. In its front part there is a do-it-yourself coupling or purchase. A self-made snow blade can also be attached to the adapter.

In addition to the main pipe, a metal “leg” must be welded to position the seat.

Product design

The adapter looks like a cart with a seat, made on a single axle frame. It is needed to universalize the device. Thanks to him, a semblance of a mini tractor can be made from the device. As a result, the labor intensity of tasks in agriculture is greatly reduced.

It should be noted that the adapter for the Neva tiller may differ from the adapter for the MTZ tiller, since the former are of 2 types: elongated and short.

In addition to the seat, the adapter has two couplings and a frame. One hitch provides the use of various devices: plows, diggers, harrows, and others. And the second is necessary for the contact of the adapter and the device.

It should be noted that steering adapters can be of two types:

  • bodyless. used only for working with soil;
  • bodywork. for freight transport and agricultural work.

Short-bed adapters can only be used for lightweight tillers, long-bed adapters can be used for heavy-duty.


Let’s give a drawing of the adapter to the tiller in order to clearly understand its structure and general view. The standard device includes the following components and mechanisms:

  • coupling elements;
  • seat;
  • wheelbase;
  • frame.

A homemade adapter to the tiller must have the necessary level of reliability so that you can safely sit in it and perform all the necessary manipulations.

The constituent elements that will be required to create a structure with your own hands, as in

It is both pleasant and economical to create designs on your own.

Indeed, by creating an adapter, as in the photo, with your own hands, you can save a little money, especially if all the component parts are in stock, you do not need to buy them. And as a result of the work done, you can get great pleasure from both the process and the result in the form of a convenient, practical adapter for any of the commercially available tillers. This will greatly facilitate many of the processes that have to be done manually, working the land. Consequently, efficiency will increase significantly and more time will be saved.