DIY tiller towing vehicle

We make homemade caterpillars for the tiller: photos, videos, recommendations

Many people involved in the manufacture of homemade equipment also develop tracked ATVs and homemade tracks for a tiller. When translating this idea into reality, people use a variety of solutions. But the manufacture of tracks remains a big problem for lovers of this type of transport.

After all, if an all-terrain vehicle or a snowmobile is made by hand, then the caterpillars should also be homemade.

Homemade track for a motorized towing vehicle

It is very common among home-builders to make tracks using car tires. For this, tires are selected, which have a suitable tread pattern, from trucks.

To make such a caterpillar, you need to cut the beads from the tire, and leave the treadmill. This is a rather laborious work that requires good patience, because the tool used is a sharpened boot knife.

To make the work easier, from time to time the knife blade can be moistened in a soapy solution to cut the rubber faster. One option is to use a homemade cutting device, or use a jigsaw with a fine-toothed file.

After cutting off the beads, if the track is too hard, you can remove the excess layers of rubber inside the resulting ring. If the tread pattern is not suitable for the conditions of use, then a new lug structure is cut.

The undoubted advantage of a home-made caterpillar from a tire over a caterpillar from a conveyor belt, in an initially closed circuit, and therefore reliability. The disadvantage of this caterpillar is in the limited width of the workpiece, which can be corrected by using a double-width option.

How to make homemade tiller tracks

Here we will consider several methods of making tracks with our own hands, with good performance characteristics.

The easiest version of homemade caterpillars

For light all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, the tracks can be made from a conveyor belt and a sleeve-roller chain. To make such a caterpillar, it is not necessary to own a special tool, everything can be done “on the knee”.

To extend the service life of the tape, it is necessary to stitch it along the edges with a fishing line, observing a step of 1 centimeter, which will protect the tape from fraying. To connect the ribbon in a ring, you can sew the ribbon from the ends, or use a hinge.

Choosing the thickness of the tape should be based on the power of the engine. If you use engines from domestic motorcycles, it is enough to take a belt with a thickness of 8-10 mm, used on conveyors in agriculture.

Such a do-it-yourself snowmobile track has a good resource, and is easily repaired if necessary.

Belt tracks

This caterpillar manufacturing option is attractive for its relative simplicity.
To do this, you need to connect the belts with V-shaped profiles into one piece with screws or rivets, using lugs attached to the belts.

To make holes for the drive sprocket in such a track, you need to make gaps between the belts.
You can find many ways to make caterpillars with your own hands. the main thing is to have patience, desire and perseverance. then everything will work out.

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The snow blower has the same engine as the chiller. the mechanical parts and controls are similar. I thought: why not adapt it for other jobs? For example, for the transportation of goods on the site. Specialized self-propelled carts (dumpers) are mass-produced and available for sale. But the price, in my opinion, is unreasonably high, and this makes them unpopular.

There was no need to interfere with the design of the snow blower. It was enough to disconnect the snow thrower from the chassis with the engine and wheels and remove the auger drive belt. The operation is simple. everyone who knows how to use ordinary locksmith tools (keys, screwdriver, pliers) can do it.


This design serves to make it possible to move comfortably in the snow. This will require wide enough wheels. The caterpillar can be retrieved from an old snowmobile. She will be able to fit under the wheels of the tiller. The snowmobile itself is made from a frame, tracks, some suspension elements. The mount can be used from the tiller. This makes an excellent snowmobile, which is also suitable for hunting in the swamps. Therefore, the result is both a swamp vehicle and a snowmobile.


Many fishermen no longer want to go fishing with a conventional drill, so some of them decide to convert the tiller, which is not needed in winter, into an ice ax. You will not need to apply special efforts for this. You just need to rearrange the wheels of the “Zhiguli”, as well as make a nozzle to set the drill in motion. Then you can safely go fishing. In the summer, the tiller will be used again for its intended purpose.

What materials may be needed?

To remake a tiller, you need simple tools as well as blueprints. Only when everything you need is at hand, you can start work on the alteration.

Home made, mdified tow behind, power lift tiller

Tools you need:

  • a set of keys, as well as drills;
  • electric drill;
  • welding machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • different elements for fasteners;
  • screwdriwer set.

Building a Hitch to Pull the Tiller

We make a wood splitter

Among other things, a log splitter can be made from a tiller. To do this, you need to carve a cone on a special machine, as well as a thread. After that, the already finished cone must be mounted on a shaft that has suitable bearings. Then, on the end of the shaft, you need to install a flange, as well as an asterisk. It can be taken from a motorcycle wheel.

The cone can be fixed to the shaft with a bolt. After that, a spacer made of pipes, as well as a pair of nuts, must be installed between the motor and the shaft itself. This will help tighten the chain. In order to make supports for the shaft, you can take supports from the Zhiguli. The motor must be taken from the tiller. With this redesigned structure, you can easily cope with the splitting of firewood.

Do-it-yourself tiller dumper

Tips for making a karakat

To assemble a homemade karakat, first you need to decide which technique you can take the frame from. A frame taken from a Ural motorcycle is perfect. Next, you need to make a suspension, as well as a rear-wheel drive. Then you need to use a corner to connect the steering column, side members and a special bracket.

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After that, you can start attaching the wheels. You can take rubber from cars such as “Ural” or “KamAZ”. The last is the motor from the tiller, as well as all additional systems. it is necessary to connect the brakes and clutch, as well as to take care of the gas emission system.

After assembly, it is imperative to test the made karakat. With the help of such a homemade all-terrain vehicle, you can easily drive even to swampy places.


This unit is considered the most important snowmobile mechanism. Compared to other structural elements, such as a bar or chain, the engine must function properly and the snowmobile will not even move without it. Therefore, the long-term performance of the device will depend on the reliable and trouble-free operation of the engine. If you want to install an engine from an imported chainsaw, you can purchase a used “Stihl”.

tiller, towing, vehicle

Another important structural element on which the trouble-free operation of the snowmobile depends is the gearbox.

DIY chainsaw towing vehicle


A snowmobile is a home-made version of a vehicle on snow and ice. Making them is easier than making a snowmobile. Self-propelled sleds are equipped with a chainsaw engine with a pushing propeller, have a chassis with 3 or 4 skis. They can reach high speeds. The only drawback is the impossibility of driving through hard-to-reach areas, so they are operated on a flat surface.

Brake system

Usually, such a vehicle does not have a braking system, and it is not required, since the snowmobile does not develop high speeds, especially a homemade one. Although, if you seriously approach this problem, you can build a primitive braking device.

Due to the fact that most people do not have the skills to independently make any structures, they find that it is rather difficult to assemble a snowmobile with their own hands. And if it is possible to build something similar to a snowmobile, then it is unlikely to go, and if it does, it will stop very soon. And it will not look like a snowmobile at all, but a pile of spare parts assembled together. Fortunately, this is not the case, and with the proper approach and level of imagination, you can assemble a similar structure from improvised means, which are at least a dime a dozen in any garage. And if you have at least some experience with these spare and improvised materials, then the task is simplified altogether. Here the principle of desire already begins to operate and if it does not exist, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to collect anything at all, let alone a snowmobile.

The fact that the problem is urgent in our time is not just a statement, but a belief based on the problems of today. To our great regret, the state does not go to meet broad layers of consumers, but has taken a course towards the production of only expensive equipment intended for sale to the consumer with money.

tiller, towing, vehicle


Control. steering on support-steering skis. The support levers are rigidly connected to the steering shaft bipod. Two-handed steering wheel, gas handle is mounted on the right side.

Homemade chainsaw snowmobile

The assembly of any structure begins with the development of drawings. All the necessary units can be placed on them, after which you can proceed to the practical implementation of the idea. Therefore, at this stage, you should decide on which brand of chainsaw is suitable for the implementation of the plan.

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Choosing a chainsaw

In retail outlets, you can find several models of chainsaws. The most popular of them are the Druzhba chainsaw, the Ural chainsaw and the Stihl chainsaw. Before choosing, you should think well, comparing their technical characteristics.

Do-it-yourself motorized towing vehicle: a photo of the “motorized dog” assembly

Self-made motorized towing vehicle made by hand: assembly photo, test video.

A motorized towing vehicle is a tracked vehicle that is coupled to a sled by dragging.

A homemade towing vehicle is usually equipped with a carburetor engine from a motorcycle or chainsaw. A track with roller or skid suspension is used as a propeller.

This vehicle is popularly nicknamed. motor dog, motonart, mini-snowmobile, it is an indispensable assistant for residents of the northern regions, hunters and fishermen.

Assembling a motorized towing vehicle.

“Lifan” engine with a power of 6.5 l / s, with a V-belt variator.

Caterpillar from the motorized towing vehicle “Bars partisan”.

Frame. 540 x 1000 mm.

Caterpillar. 500 x 1040 mm (lugs).

Distance between axles:

  • front shaft to the axis of the first roller bogie 180 mm.
  • the first bogie to the axis of the second bogie. 480 mm.
  • from the second bogie to the rear (drive) shaft axis. 190 mm.
  • from the rear shaft to the end of the frame. 100 mm.
  • between the axis of the front shaft and the top of the frame. 150 mm.
  • from bogie axles to the top of the frame. 200 mm.
  • Between the axis of the rear shaft to the top of the frame. 150 mm.

To build a homemade product, the author used a Chinese-made Lifan engine (6.5 l / s).

Acquired a caterpillar and suspension elements.

I welded a frame from a profile pipe.

In the photo there is a shaft with leading sprockets for a caterpillar.

Dismountable handle with cable tensioner.

The photo shows the steering lock, it is needed to hold the steering wheel in the upper position when the variator belt is loosened. To get under way, you need to remove your finger with a cable and lower the steering wheel.

A throttle handle with an engine shutdown button is put on the steering wheel.

With the help of the variator, you can more smoothly change the torque and increase the traction force to overcome difficult road sections.

Torque is transmitted by the chain drive from the drive sprocket to the driven sprocket of the drive shaft of the caterpillar.

tiller, towing, vehicle

Lever cable pulls the engine off allowing torque variation.

Made sledges with seat mounts.

Since the author made a collapsible structure specifically for the possibility of transportation in a car, it can easily fit in a car and is assembled directly on the spot. Further on the photo is the assembly process which takes no more than 5 minutes.

The engine is mounted on the frame.

Attached steering handle with cable and protective mudguard.

The sledges cling to the towing vehicle.

Loading platform is being installed.

The folding seat is fixed with legs to the sled.

The turn is carried out by turning the tug relative to the drag.

A self-made motorized dog confidently overcomes deep snow, the maximum speed on flat areas can reach. 30 km / h.

In the video, the author shows in detail the assembly of his motorized towing vehicle.