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Agricultural braid for grass. Characteristics, types and choice

In modern reality, not everyone knows about such an agricultural tool as a manual braid for grass, especially that it has different types that differ in sizes and the shape of the working part, which are created for operation in specific conditions.

At the same time, a braid for grass did not lose its relevance primarily due to cheapness, simplicity of use and satisfied high efficiency, and in some cases it is simply indispensable.

Hand braid for grass assignment

A manual braid is used for harvesting hay and animal feed, mowing tall or hard grass, trimming the lawn and plants on the site, and even cleaning of cereals.

This tool has a simple device that is slightly different in different configurations.

Device, characteristics and principle of action

A manual braid for grass consists of the following elements:

  • Canvas. is a bent long one.sided blade, the reverse (non.ostra) part of which is called a butt. The place where the blade converges with the butt is called the nose. For attaching with a braid in the opposite of the nose, there are heels and a train. Fabric cobblestones can differ among themselves with a length that directly affects the capture area, as well as the shape.
  • Kosovishche. a stalk on which the canvas is planted is also known as Kosie. Can have both a direct and curved shape. Regarding the bracket, the canvas has a slope, which allows in the process to maintain a horizontal relative to the Earth orientation of the blade.
  • Handle. is installed perpendicular to the bracket, provides convenient maintenance of the tool during operation (usually at the navel level). Option that enveloping the stalk is called a ray.
  • Wedge. used to attach the canvas to the Kosovischi.
  • The inlet ring is another element of fastening the canvas to the Kosovischi. Together with the wedge, it is motionless to connect the Kranium and the canvas among themselves. There are several types of such a ring. Sometimes two rings are used.
  • Shpagat is a strong thread that is used when creating an adjustable handle, in a design resembling a clamp.

All braids for grass on the principle of action are the same, differ only in some details.

In the process of work, the kosar performs sweeping movements of the tool, which are laid out on such components as the “swing” and “working phase”.

During the second action, a scythe is simultaneously separated by a nose a certain number of plant stalks from the bulk of the mass, and they are mowed.


The working part of the braids for the grass is made of instrumental steel grades U8 and U7, a solid elastic wood, like spruce, sometimes pine and birch, covered with wax solution, serve as a material for a braid.

Also braids are metal, produce them from light metals such as aluminum and other similar alloys.

The wedge is cut out of wood of dry species. The handles are also made mainly of wood, sometimes made of plastic.

Dimensions and weight

The length of the classic braid for grass is 1.7. 2.2 m, however, in some types of this tool, the handle can be shorter. from 1.4 m.

The width of the braid for grass is, in fact, the length of its blade can vary widely.

So, for example, in Serpan, it cannot exceed 350 mm, and the “Lithuanian” can boast of 0.5. 1 meter blade.

In the latter case, by the way, dimensions from N5 to N10 were introduced, where the digital designation corresponds to the length of the canvas, expressed in decimeters.

At the moment, for all types of braids, you can apply an extended dimensional classification within N4.5. N10.5.

The width of the canvas is usually 40. 43 mm, and weight 255. 750 g.

The point of the radius of the bend of the braid for the grass is approximately 110 cm, from the blade, usually corresponds to the location of the handle.

Types of handles for braids for grass

Auxiliary hilt braids for grass can be two types:

  • fixed. reliable and stable, inserted into the body of a bracket “.
  • adjustable, convenient in that it allows you to use the tool with several people of different growth.

The diameter is 25. 30 mm, and the length is 350. 400 mm.

The pole is enveloped around the Kosovicheity, and is pulled away by the twine.

What to mow, what not to mow

“Feed preparation is a responsible process. Understanding the principle is quite simple. For example, we people also eat plant foods: dill, salad, cucumbers, cabbage, watermelon and so on. over, an unripe watermelon or an overgrown cucumber we do not want to eat. In the same way, our agricultural animals also occur: some herbs are useful, others are harmless, and others are dangerous and can destroy. Ripe or unfinished herbs. are also not suitable as high.quality food.

The main task of agricultural selection is to supply people for food for animal protein, which is contained in meat, milk, eggs. In order to make this task to them as much as possible, you should feed animals with high.protein herbs. clover, alfalfa, goat, lupine, amaranth.

And mow, harvest herbs, should not be heard before or at the beginning of flowering, during the maximum content of nutrients. If you are belated with cleaning even for a couple of weeks, then the nutritional value of the grass falls by 30, or even 50%. Cows, sheep, goats eat, and digest, and absorb coarse grass much worse, and piglets, bird and do not accept at all. Before cleaning herbs on hay, conduct a visual inspection of the field. Plants should have a high ratio of leaves to the stem. The more leaves, the better, because they are filled with nutrients (proteins and sugars).

Than mowing, what not to mow

It is clear that almost every rural resident knows how to handle a scythe, so we will still talk about the mechanization of labor during mowing.

There are many mowers. Both self.propelled and aggregated with tractors. The capture of both those and others can have up to 9 meters, that is, performance in the region of 150 hectares per shift. With a tractor, both one mower and 2, and 3 can work with a tractor. As practice has shown, with an annual mowing less than 1,500 hectares, it is more rational to use tractor units, and with a wider scope, self.propelled self.propelled.

Spit for grass, while the dew is a proverb about a braid. Start a kosbu with a mow, it is better when the dew is already completely dry.

Mowers can mow both in the lines and in the roll. In my opinion, mowing mowers are preferable. True, they cost more than ordinary ones, but flattening the grass, significantly accelerate its drying. Just cut grass. closes the pores, tries to survive, tries not to dry out. In addition, legumes are unevenly dry, that is, the stem is still raw, and the leaves are already dry and flying around. And the main nutritional value lies precisely in the leaves.

If you put the not.free raw materials for storage, then the whole workpiece is empty chores. That is, pluming not only accelerates drying, which is very, very important in our rainy parts, but also significantly improves the quality, nourishing of hay. Further, weeds are ordinary, and there are high.yielding, tall. up to 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 meters tall.

Ordinary mowers, with such, do not cope. But, with high.yielding cultures, technology, for example, Macdon. Mowing the grass of any height in the roll, and in disinfect, and hesitates. In addition, this technique moves along the roads between the fields with automotive speed, that is, the time of unproductive shifts is minimal.

To accelerate drying, use a rake, rings, roller forms. There are comprehensive machines that can replace all these units, for example, Recon 300, which can plug the grass several times before drying, turning into hay not only traditional fodder crops, but also high.yielding tall thick.nisted. amaranth, sugar sorghum, and grain crops. barley, oats, wheat in milk. wax ripeness, which takes hay to a completely different level of nutrition. Well, for trifles. spread the roll, assemble a roll of disasters, double a roll to increase the performance of the collapse. this complex unit can also, no worse faster than a rake and fleece.forming. Say, Recon makes a roll not just in the form of a long heap, but in the form of a triangular pipe, which increases the speed of drying of grass.

Our scientists, practices, recommend not packing the overdry haying in the PVC, and even more so hay, and even more so straw, because dry hard stems can damage the film. violate tightness. They are right, but modern units are how to grind everything. On one of the agricultural exhibitions during the demonstration of the same Recon, two pieces of cable were loaded into the car. A multi.core telephone and power with veins in a peasant finger, as a result, everything was flattened. Telephone and power copper veins, have become the same thickness.

mowing, kosba, knives

Preparation of braids for grass for work

Before starting mowing grass, the tool must be sharpened or repelled. Experienced masters do it quickly and efficiently, and beginners of this business will have to sweat. Blows for the grass takes place using a special device called Knowbolia. This metal structure, which, when exposed to a hammer, gives the strength of the strength and slightly brings it.

During the intensive work of a scythe, it is necessary to beat it off about 1 time in 2 weeks. However, in parallel with this, you will have to sharpen the tool many times with a donkey. For this you need:

  • Raise the braid with a blade up, clean from the remains of grass;
  • fix the tool, sticking the sharpened edge of the bracket in the ground;
  • sharpen the cutting canvas, acting on the blade alternately from both sides.

A properly honed and planted braid for grass cuts the grass low and evenly, without leaving weeds and without delivering discomfort to the braid.

How to mow it correctly?

So that a braid for grass fulfills its function to the maximum, it is best to start kosbu at dawn, when there is a dew on the grass, or after rain. It is also necessary to take into account the direction of the wind and become so that it blew in the back. If the grass is leaning forward, it is much more convenient to cut off with a scythe than it will lean towards the mower.

So, the tool is ready to work, we are going to mow. To do this, you need to perform the following steps step by step:

  • Stand straight, put the right leg forward. The distance between the feet is about 35 cm.
  • The body should be located straight, you should not bend forward.
  • With your right hand, take the handle, the hand should be slightly bent.
  • Put an end to the bracket in the left palm and clamp the fingers tightly, the hand is bent at the elbow.
  • The heel of braids for grass should touch the ground, while the tip should be slightly raised up.
  • The most important point: movements are made not by hands, but by the whole body of the body. Hands only hold the tool tightly.
  • After each wave, you need to take a small step, thereby moving forward.

Grass capture should be made within 15-20 cm. If we take more, then, firstly, it is hard, and secondly, mowed areas may remain. Hands with kosba are involved in the work when crushing hillocks, pits and other irregularities.

Tips for choosing a device

In order to choose the right trimmer for the grass, it is necessary to take into account the features of the work, the technical characteristics of the tool, and also determine who will use it. Trammers for grass are classified into two large categories: gasoline, electric. Their power, performance, functionality depends on the type of power. It is also important to choose the most suitable type of cutting element: a fishing line for a trimmer or a disk.

Gasoline models are equipped with a powerful engine, which provides the tool with high performance. They can be mowed in any weather, they are hardy and comfortable. With a mowing gasoline trimmer, it is necessary to monitor the level of fuel and oil in order to prevent overheating of the motor.

Gasoline models are heavy (the minimum weight is 5 kg), they are not suitable for women, older people. They pollute the environment, issue a lot of noise during work, require high.quality maintenance. Such an unit is suitable for frequent mowing of grass, work in distant, spacious territories. Powerful units are suitable for harvesting hay, mowing pasture.


Electric trimmer for grass. a good country option. In this category, two types of trimmers can be distinguished: network, battery. In terms of power, they are inferior to gasoline, but suitable for mowing a small household territory, cleaning paths, flower beds.

Network models are more productive and powerful. With their help, you can mow grass for several hours. At the same time, make sure that the device does not overheat, take breaks. The only drawback of a trimmer for grass is attachment to electricity.

Interesting video

Watch the video about how the mowing of herbs occurs using a disk:

The disc, the drive equipped with a trimmer effectively mowns hard grass with a thick stem, as well as a young shoot of trees or shrubs, but for mowing vegetation with a thin stem it is much worse than a knife or a thick curly fishing line.

Now you know how to use an electric or lawn mower with a disk cutting tool Effectively and safely, this information will help you avoid injuries and breakdown of equipment, as well as qualitatively shake the grass in even areas.

General rules of use

General rules of use should be reminded to those who first think about how to remove grass with a trimmer and still does not know how to use it. It is such foundations that will help to start to remove your site qualitatively.

Among summer residents, there are more and more tends to use precisely trimmers, because, unlike the lawn mowers, they allow you to remove grass in hard.to.reach places, and professional models can even help process trees branches. Another advantage of the trimmer for grass is the ability to work on top and sawing branches, which can also greatly help in cleaning on its territory.

Remove the grass from extraneous things. Before work, make sure that there are no stones, ropes, steel and other hard materials in the grass. If the cutting element may be damaged, it will be necessary to repair it or change it.

Another important point is safety. Since motorcycles have a high speed of rotation (they reach several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out at high speed and harm a working person.

mowing, kosba, knives

Check all parts of the trimmer for the grass and view before starting work. Provide the work of a trimmer for grass. Since they are electric and gasoline, you will need to organize their work depending on the type of technique. The electric one should be included in the power supply and charge if it is not charged, and season gasoline if it is required.

At the first launch, give the trimmer to “work”. If you bought a new device, you must let it work for a few minutes without a load so that the motor, knives, fishing lines, rotational elements start. This can be called some warm.up for technology, moreover, this can help prevent some troubles before direct work, because the assembly and quality of garden equipment are different.

The engine of the trimmer for the grass must be run in advance. The gasoline is the roller circulation as follows: turn on the trimmer for the grass at idle, but first on a small number of revolutions, and then increase their number.

Playing an electric trinemmer includes several stages.

  • First, start and work with a trimmer for long, literally 5 minutes.
  • Then you can increase the working hours to 10 minutes, but you need to monitor the engine so that it does not overheat.
  • After several samples of the electric trimmer for the grass, it will be possible to work on it on an ongoing basis. Do not forget about the engine cooling system, which is available as an additional function in some models.

If you do not know what kind of mowing it is better to start with, it is better to try to cut a low lawn with a fishing line. This will allow the engine to smoothly enter the work. No need to immediately load it with a large volume of work.

How to put on and hold it correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what technique you use. For the right technique, you need to be able to hold the unit, and for convenience to wear it correctly. The fact is that not all trimmers for grass are equipped with a shoulder belt. If he is, then it needs to be worn so that you are comfortable. There are models of devices whose belt can be inconvenient, so try to put on a trimmer for grass as convenient as possible how it will succeed.

During long work, it also happens that pain in the back and muscles arise, so the most convenient tool can reduce the number of such troubles as conveniently as possible.

how to make grass into hay bales

Another function is to adjust this belt. On better models, its convenience assigned a special role and made special positions that will allow the manager of a scythe not to experience inconvenience. You can adjust the belt in height, choosing the necessary for yourself.

Now let’s talk about how to hold the unit correctly. Various types of trimmers have different handles. For someone it is made in the form of a bicycle steering wheel (which ensures the distribution of the load on both hands). On some units you can see the handle of the letter D. The bicycle option must be held with two hands, and tight.

Despite the presence of rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and not hope that they will not slip. Keep the handle in the shape of the letter D with one hand, and with the palm of the palm to provide a large capture area. This will give you full control over the handle, which will positively affect control.

How to mow a trimmer with a fishing line correctly?

The mowing of grass with fishing line (cutting string, cord) differs from the same operation, only performed with a knife or saw disk.

This is due to the fact that the trimmer cord affects the vegetation differently.

Therefore, we compiled a detailed instruction that will help you use the trimmer for the grass correctly and competently mow any vegetation fishing.

Stages of mowing

The process of mowing grass, that is, the implementation of certain movements by the trimmer, is only a part of a more complex process, which includes:

Therefore, we recommend reading the articles in which these actions are highlighted, that is:

The choice of fishing line

For an effective haircut of the site, you need to choose the right cord in shape and size.

The string of irregular shapes will also mow vegetation, but in terms of speed and quality will yield to the one that better corresponds to this particular vegetation.

When choosing a size (diameter or section), one has to take into account the following. the thicker the cord, the better it copes with its task, but the stronger the load on the tool.

mowing, kosba, knives

Too thick string will break the gearbox and shaft bushings, and in particularly unsuccessful cases can greatly damage the trimmer for the grass. Detailed information on how the coil works and the instructions for choosing the cord you will find here (which line for the trimmer to choose).

Coil winding

To charge a fishing head with a fishing line, insert a cord of sufficient length into it and, leveling both sticking pieces, then tighten the button in the corresponding direction.

Remember, the direction of rotation of the shafts of trimmers with a straight and curved bar does not match, so different coils are installed on them. Be careful, a fishing line for a trimmer is drawn on the head of the head, indicating which way you need to twist the button.

To charge a semi.automatic head, act like this:

  • Squeeze your fingers with fixers holding the lid, then remove it;
  • Pull the spool;
  • Remove the remains of the old fishing line;
  • Wind a new string, the winding direction is indicated on the rogue, lid and coil body;
  • insert the rogue into the housing;
  • bring both ends of the fishing line outside;
  • put the lid to the click so that the latches fix it.

The method of charging a mechanical coil depends on its type (in some cases, you will have to wrap the cord on the removed head, then put it on a benzo- or electrocos).

A detailed description of such trimmer heads and tips on winding the fishing line on them will be found in these articles:

Preparation of the site

The trimmer cord is made from various types of nylon, and this material does not differ in high strength or abrasion, so prepare the site before cutting.

To do this, go through its territory and remove all the garbage, from plastic bottles to large stones or pieces of reinforcement.

If any obstacles could not be removed, then you will mark their perimeter in order to mow most carefully along it, otherwise, with the mowing of grass in this area, you will spend a fishing line for a trimmer much faster, and there is also the possibility of damage to the trimmer for the grass.

Enorossi Disc Mower

The choice of equipment

To understand what equipment is needed, it is necessary to disassemble the processes that occur in the process of mowing grass with fishing line.

Moving at high speed, the cord crashes into the stem or foliage of the grass and cuts them off, after which the upper part of the plant falls to the ground. Sometimes the falling fragment falls under the fishing line for the trimmer and cuts it again, maybe even several times.

Each blow of the cord on the fragments of the grass leads to spraying the juice and flying up small fragments of crushed vegetation, which fly out at different angles, so there is a high probability that such a drop or fragment will fall into the eye.

Given the speed of rotation of the fishing line, their blow can cause serious injury to the eye, and in the field to clear the surface of the eyeball from them is extremely difficult. Therefore, the main element of equipment is glasses or mask that protect the eyes from the opening of drops and crushed grass.

The remaining important elements of equipment are:

  • protective headphones (relevant when working with motorcycles);
  • a convenient suspension system (relevant for any trimmers with the upper location of the motor);
  • Comfortable shoes with corrugated sole sole.

Preparation of a trimmer for grass

Any apparatus is suitable for working with flat mechanical coils. If you are going to mow grass with an automatic or semi.automatic head, then a higher protection is needed.

Devices originally designed to work with fishing line were equipped with a protective casing of increased heights, and part of the models, which included wheels or knives, were equipped with a casing with the so.called “beard”, that is, a removable lower part. This made it possible to change the height of the casing, adjusting it under the cutting tool.

But the devices, in the configuration of which there was no standard coil at all, was equipped with a low protective casing without a “beard”, therefore, either a “beard” or a casing of increased heights are needed to work with collapsible mechanical or any plastic coils.

In addition, when working with a knife, the protective casing often received damage, so for mowing grass the fishing line, it was required to replace it. The most effective was the choice of a universal casing with a “beard”, for example, such.

We also suggest you learn more about the principle of the electrimmer from this article.

Directly mowing

Theoretically, mowing herbs with a motorcycle or electric shock is similar to the use of a conventional braid braid, that is, turning the device to the left and right, gradually move forward.

At each passage, the fishing line for the trimmer will cut the vegetation strip with a width of 1-5 cm, and the mowed grass will either fall into the dangled area or fly apart.

However, in reality, a lot depends on:

Unlike a lawn mower, which collects beveled vegetation in a grass receiver, a trimmer for grass only cuts the grass and leaves it on the site.

If you choose the irregular trajectory of movement, then the mowed grass will fall under the cord again, which will have to grind it, reducing the speed of movement.

Description of the tool

A braid for grass for grass came to from developed European countries thanks to Peter I. At first, decrees were even issued so that this tool began to en masse. The basis of the braid for grass is a knife with a sharp and bent blade. Most often it is made of steel. The length of the mowing knife can be very diverse, from 30-50 cm. Kranium is often made from spruce, it is the cutting element that is attached to it. It is considered to be ideal even and long shaft, but its length should not exceed 2 meters.

Handles on a spit, usually two. One of them is used for the hand that performs the main work, and the other for the one that supports. Often, both handles are fixed in a fixed position on a bracket. However, practice has shown that the most convenient are braids for grass with adjustable handles. They easily configure to different growth.

The fastening of an ordinary braid for grass looks like a wedge and a ring. Most often, dry wood is taken for the manufacture of a wedge. The ring allows you to reliably connect the entire design. Some tools have a bolt mount. In small areas of gardeners, a manual lithium often comes across and

It is worth noting that the number means the length of the knife blade. Lithuanians are good and simply mowed the grass both in open meadow and under the trees, around the bushes, between the beds.


Varieties of braids today are many. The following 3 types are distinguished in farms.

  • Black or pink salmon. When you mow it, you have to bend too much, since the shaft has a curve shape. The advantage of the tool is a long curved knife, which allows you to easily mow grass in areas overgrown with bushes or with bumps.
  • Litovka is in greater demand. This tool can work with an absolutely even back. The cranous of this species is long, and the knife panel can be of different lengths. Often about this braid they say that it is garden.
  • Serpanka is a merger of braids with a sickle. The main advantage is that it is easy. This is due to small dimensions of the tool.

Various types of cos are also distinguished on the basis of the principle of their work and appearance.

  • Manual, which makes you work not only hands, but also the rest of the muscles.
  • Mechanical or lawn mower looks like a block with knives on wheels. This unit has one knife remains motionless, and the rest moves, working on the principle of scissors.
  • Spindle.spindle consists of spindle knives operating from spinning wheels. Divided into 2 types. The disadvantage of such devices can be considered the need to constantly adjust the speed. And these units are not suitable for large areas.
  • contact, in which the blades of the cutting elements intersect;
  • Contactly, in which the blades are located at a certain distance, and the mowing occurs by capturing and serving grass to knives.
  • Folding is easy to transport and convenient in storage. Small sizes of braids for grass due to a shortened pole are considered convenient. Some models of this type are released with a pen, and some with a rubberized nozzle on a knife. Such a small braid for grass is suitable for compact areas and is completely not suitable for haying.
  • Mini-cos for grass with the shape of a knife resembles a sickle. However, its metal handle is more powerful, straight, and its length does not exceed 1 meter. The cutting element reaches the length of a maximum of 35 cm. Suitable if the area of ​​mowing grass is small.

There are also professional motorcycles, but they are practically not used in summer cottages.

What nozzle to choose on a benzotrimmer?

To choose the right nozzle, consider the following:

  • The thicker the fishing line is for a trimmer, the better it copes with the overgrown weeds, but her cross section has to be selected by coil. Too fat will not fit into it, so to work with a large cross.line fishing line will have to change the coil. This is especially relevant for automatic and semi.automatic heads that we talked about here. Nevertheless, even a thin fishing line for a trimmer effectively cuts even thick stems of perennial herbs and weeds, the only drawback is that it has to be changed often, but installing an automatic or semi.automatic head solves this problem.
  • The saw disk copes with soft grass worse than the fishing line, and also ineffectively discards the cut stems, so use it only where, together with Buryan, you will have to cut off the thin shoots of shrubs or trees.
  • Two- and three-lobed knives are most effective for mowing high grass, because they cut and throw it well, but they cannot be used where there are stones or thick branches, a collision with them will damage the sharp edge and can bend the blade.

The strength and rigidity of high grass is many times higher than decorative or even just well.groomed, so equipment for cutting lawns is ineffective in areas overgrown with stormy or wild herbs.

The most popular tool for clearing such sites is the gasoline trimmer for grass, however, if you need to do the work quickly and with maximum comfort, then use hinged braids for tractors and motoblocks.

From the article you learned, with a benzotrimer with what nozzle it is better to mow high grass. with a fishing line or disk, as well as how to do it correctly in order to avoid a breakdown of a gas station and how exactly they do this work on a large area.