How to assemble a starter of a chainsaw partner. How to remove and disassemble

How to assemble a chainsaw partner

With regular and intensive work, as well as after the mud enters the moving elements of the matting chainsaw gradually wears out. In contrast to the replacement and prevention chain, it is required much less often. Common malfunctions requiring repair:

  • Damage to the spring. It can be represented by a vitkov type or steel plate. Deformations on this element appear due to stretching, mechanical damage. Removing the drum is required.
  • Damage and wear of the drum. You can determine such a malfunction by the appearance of the clutch mechanism. It has chips, cracks and damage. The blue shade of the surface of the metal may indicate.
  • Development of the coupling. As a rule, threaded joints wear out or springs stretch. A complete replacement of the entire coupling is required.
  • Star wear. Replacing and correction of asterisk. Planned work, which is part of the service of the chainsaw.

The duration of the clutch operation depends not only on the quality of components, but also the correct use of the chainsaw. Avoid the bite of the chain in wood, use the old and proven oil. In addition, it is not recommended to increase speed with a manual brake on. Determining defects of the mechanism is easiest during sawing a small workpiece. If there is a decrease in the speed of rotation of the circuit or its stop, you need to check the internal parts of the tool.


The device of the chainsaw starter includes the following elements:

  • Screw of the ignition system;
  • Return spring;
  • Launch system coil;
  • Deflector;
  • Lid;
  • Magneto;
  • Drum;
  • Spark plug;
  • The electronic unit;
  • Wiring;
  • Power button;
  • Pen and cable.

The main parameters of the chainsaw launch system:

The system appears in the system. The current current using an electronic unit is converted into electrical signals, which are transmitted to driving elements. A spark forms that provokes ignition of the fuel-air mixture.

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How to pull a spring on a chainsaw

High.Quality repair of a homemade starter chainsaw

Chainsaw is the main tool that can be used to store firewood for a bath or fireplace, as well as for working in a country house or in a private house. If all operational criteria and precautions prescribed by the manufacturer have been executed, chainsaws can last a long time. However, over time, small problems may arise that can be solved without the help of others. For example, the repair of the starter of the chainsaw with your own hands is quite capable of performing the sequence of operations.

Husqvarna 365 Special Chainsaw: Pull Starter Repair

Starter device with a chainsaw: 1. Starter screw, 2. Building, 3. Light launch spring, 4. Screw, 5, 6. Starter coil, 7. Partition, 8. Starter cover, 9. Pen and cord, 10. Screw.

Typical disadvantages

Below are the most common instrument malfunctions:

  • Interference in the ignition system;
  • Cessation of the chainsaw in the cutting process;
  • Loss of power during operation;
  • Wear of some parts of the chainsaw (brake tape, drive stars, vibration.Insulating parts);
  • Tasks in the fuel supply system;
  • Malfunctions associated with the starter.

In addition, it is necessary to create a visual inspection of the chainsaw before starting work and take preventive measures. These include the lubrication of the chain, control of the consistency of the fuel and the required amount of oil.

Turn off the candle to check its condition.

Any defect is eliminated by its own technology. How to tighten the shutter spring? Tell me how to tighten the spring on the handle, mention the chainsaw of the taiga 214. Adjust the carburetor on the Husqvarna chainsaw after we installed. For example, the repair of the fuel system of the chainsaw should start with the correct filter. After that, they check that the carburetor will be screwed correctly. The gaps must be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer annotation, which should be added to the chainsaw. To repair the ignition system, turn on the candlelight inspection. If a strong deposit is detected, the gap or other visible damage to this subject should be changed.

How To Assemble A Recoil Starter System. Treestuff.Com Chainsaw Maintenance Video

Starters repair work

Obstacles for the starter may not allow the tool to launch. In other words, after stretching the cord, the chainsaw does not begin to work.

Before repairing the starter, you need to prepare the tools with which you can do the work:

Chainsaw repair, starter. Do it yourself.

How to start a chainsaw yourself? How to bend a spring at a chainsaw starter? How to wrap spring

Chainsaw repair: replacement of the starter spring

Make yourself repair of the chainsaw. Replacing the spring starter.

  • Set of screwdrivers or a special tool that comes with the tool from the manufacturer;
  • A rope that will be used as a replacement of a torn cord if necessary.

A large amount of black soot on the spark plug indicates an engine malfunction.

Before the direct launch of the starter and determining the cause of the malfunction, it must be removed from the tool body. To do this, unscrew a few screws that hold the side cover to which the starter is attached. This is done using a screwdriver or a special tool.

After unscrewing the lid, it is turned over and examined. Then unscrew the screw with which the starter is attached. How to draw a chain on a chainsaw. Then the clamp and the spring are dismantled for smooth start. The pulley, on which the cord is wound, is now available for removal. After the knot on the cable is released, it can be removed from the pulley and replaced with a new. Provided that the loss of the starter’s functionality is associated with a breakdown, this may be enough to eliminate the malfunction. Nevertheless, the rest of the components that make up this element of the chainsaw should be carefully examined.

When checking the components of the starter, the following malfunctions can be identified:

Most often, a smooth starting spring is damaged from the end, where it is visible when disassembling the case.

  • The pulley can be damaged. Cracks or tears, as well as damage to the back. How to pull the chain? To properly tighten the chain on the non.Working chainsaw of Husqvarna, first weaken the screws. Because of these problems, the tool cannot do the work.
  • Damage to the soft start of the spring. In this case, the spring itself can be mechanically faulty, and defects may occur at the place of its mounting. The weakest place of this element is the mounting point and the tip of the spring, which is inserted into it.
assemble, starter, chainsaw, partner

If the starter details are faulty or partially damaged, they must be replaced with new. In this case, the new elements must correspond to the model of the repair of the saw.

After the repair is completed, the starter must be properly assembled.

The pulley is installed on the top of the spring. In this case, you need to check how much they connected. Installing the chainsaw on the chainsaw how to tighten and check the tension if you have a chainsaw at home, you should know that it requires special care. To continue repairing the pulleys, you must wrap them. This must be done so that during rotation he pulls the cord into the starter. After this is released, you first need to replace a smooth spring. Chainsaws and how to shoot video with a chainsaw, how to draw a chain, if. It is enough to make 3-4 turns to submit the necessary voltage. Previously, the rope is passed through the hole in the chainsaw cover.

Practical recommendations

You may have to make a few more revolutions to install holes in the pulley and body. A new rope is strung in a technological well and a loop or knot is made: this will allow it to slip out of the pulley. The rope is laid out so that it does not interfere with further work. Then fix the pulley.

Firstly, the smooth starting spring should be replaced. It can be used the same if it does not show any damage. Or new, if you need to replace. The starter clamp is installed on top of the spring, which is fixed by a special screw. In the article we will explain how to set the carburetor on video using a chainsaw. He reliably fixes the collar for a long time, preventing his inclination and swinging. I have a carburetor chainsaw hanging on a shoulder blade. How can I change this? Then you need to make a few turns of the rope and keep it inside. Cover with a starter assembly on the spot. It is attached with screws.

How to repair a chainsaw starter with your own hands

Repair of the Partner chainsaw starter

Torn cord

The repair of the starter of the chainsaw is presented after a breakthrough of the launch cord. Without a starting cord, a chainsaw becomes completely non.Working, there is no other way to start the tool. Repair is shifted on the example of the Partner P350S chainsaw, a cunning reliable launch of this saw requires at least 4-5 times to pull the launch cord so that the saw earns, therefore, probably, the first fault was in the cord cliff. The cord does not break right away, first the protective stocking of the string of the cord threads breaks and interferes with the launch of the saw. It is better not to wait for a cliff of all threads and fix the cord in advance. It is not necessary to invent anything, the repair should not cause difficulties, but accurate compliance with the assembly conditions is required. Step by step instructions with a scheme of actions with photos and videos are given below.

One. Unscrew three screws of fastening of the starter cover. The candle key with a straight screwdriver is suitable for this process, but it is better to apply a normal tool to accelerate the work.

How to Repair the Starter on a chainsaw starter | spring installation | स्टार्टर की मरम्मत कैसे करें

Remove the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a smooth start mechanism, it is located above the coil with a cord.

Unscrew the screw of mounting a smooth start and starter coil mechanism. Do not lose the puck carefully!

Starter removed unscrew the screw screw unscrewed

The mechanism of smooth starting the starter coil coil is removed

Cooking a suitable diameter cord 1.2-1.3 meters long. For repair, a nylon linen rope was used :).

We melt the ends of the rope on the fire so that it does not bloom.

How to Repair the Starter on a Chainsaw

Eight. Ties on one end complex knot. The node is necessary in large in diameter, but when installed on the reel should not protrude out.

Nine. Twist the cord into the coil hole. We do not wound the cord!

assemble, starter, chainsaw, partner

Ten. We insert the coil in place. An error may be made here when installing. The coil has two slots, one of which should get a hook of a spiral spring. Set the coil so that it firmly rises in its place, and the hook gets into the slot. Checked by turning the coil clockwise with determining the occurrence of a return force.

The cord node on the cord is fixed the ledge of the spring

Eleven. Install the mechanism of smooth start. The protrusion of the mechanism should get into the recess of the coil.

Flow a fixing screw with a puck.

Thirteen. We fill out the second end of the cord into the exhaust hole.

Installation of a smooth start mechanism, a screw is screwed outwardly released

Fourteen. We fill the cord into the launch handle. We tie a large knot at the end of the rope. With a small node, there is a possibility of slipping the rope and the entire cord is wrapped in the starter and to get it the starter will need to be removed again. Check the reliability of the node. Look at the photo.

Cord in the launch handle fixing node the handle on the cord we tighten the spiral

Fifteen. The most important point! We release the loop of the cord inside the starter and begin to rotate the starter mechanism clockwise without wrapping the cord! For this saw, you need to make at least five revolutions. We fix the coil with your hand. We knit the loop by the handle out. Holding the cord and the mechanism allow you to wind the cord to the coil. Watch a video.

Install the starter in place and fasten it with three screws. Repair was made.

Updated starter

assemble, starter, chainsaw, partner

Repair of a ragged or damaged cord when using step.By.Step instructions will take 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than contacting the Center Service.

If the instruction helped you report this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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How to avoid premature breakdowns? Chainsaw service tips

Your assistant should be the operating instruction. If you have lost it, you can contact the dealer of the company, which you use, will provide you with electronic instructions.

So, Before each turning on the gasoline chain saw Be sure to make sure the chain is in good condition, whether her teeth are sharpened, whether it is well stretched (it does not sag, but not too tightly stretched, it can be slightly pulled away from the canvas).

You can sharpen the chain using a special machine or file with a special template (depending on which step to the tooth of the chain, there are different templates).

Each time after use, the chainsaw must be cleaned: a chain, a tire, an air filter, a case, cooler ribs, cracks and other grooves are cleaned of sawdust. After using the saw, we turn the tire so that it wear out evenly, lubricate the star (if there are grooves for lubrication in the front of the saw).

With prolonged storage, be sure to drain fuel and oil! The chain and tire form an electrochemical pair, because they rust together, they need to be stored separately.

Babble partner 340. Description of the tool

This model is designed and fully adapted specifically for operation in domestic conditions. Among its technological solutions, an innovative CCS air purification system is highlighted, designed to improve the quality of the fuel mixture. Among other design features of the chainsaws, it is necessary to highlight high.Quality chrome carburetor, as well as an improved system for launching internal combustion engine.

The P340C partner is equipped with a high.Quality ignition system, which consists of a coil with a primary and secondary winding, as well as a candle transmitting a spark to the engine cylinder. The coil is protected by a side plastic lining, the dismantling of which allows you to perform an independent repair of the node.

Partner saw saw organs are represented by a light, but sufficiently resistant forged tire, as well as a hardened chain. A productive unregulated oil pump is provided for lubricating the headset in the tool. The chain tension is key, and is carried out using a separate screw.

The branded benzo tool in this configuration is equipped with a long.Term clutch, for the continuous operation of which a wear.Resistant leading star is responsible.

In the instructions, the manufacturer recommends the use of unhealthy gasoline mixed with special engine oil designed for two.Stroke engines

In reviews and in the video, the chainsaw users partner 350 often recall the importance of maintaining the ratio of gasoline and oil: 1 part of the oil per 40 parts of gasoline. Pure gasoline in no case should be poured into the fuel tank

This can provoke serious engine breakdown.

To lubricate the chain, it is necessary to use the highest quality oil with air cooling, which is designed for two.Stroke engines

It is also important to maintain the ratio of 40: 1. Neither in the video, nor in the instructions, it is not recommended to be used for oil lubrication, the proportions of the mixing of which are 100: 1

The fact is that if the chainsaw does not receive sufficient lubrication of the engine and circuit, the motor will quickly fail, carrying significant breakdowns that the guarantee does not cover.

Carburetor adjustment

A separate section illuminates the sequence of carburetor adjustment. Proper setting up the fuel system contributes to the stability of the traction characteristics and economical fuel consumption.

Work is carried out provided that the air filter is completely cleaned and the power unit is heated to operating temperature. Rotating the screws, quantity and quality, the engine is displayed for the optimal mode of operation with good acceptance and stable idle speed.

Additional adjustment may be required when switching to combustible with another octane number, when transferring the tool to winter or summer operating modes.

How to assemble a chainsaw partner

Partner chainsaws are durable and ease of use. They can be used in any weather conditions. Correctly executed balance and ergonomic arrangement of tools allows you to use this tool as conveniently as possible when working at a height and in hard.To.Reach places.

The basis of each saw is a reliable 2-stroke gasoline engine equipped with a forced air supply system. The engines used must be reliable. A strong supply of torque allows you to use it to perform various household and industrial tasks.

To start the engine, each chainsaw is equipped with a hand starter with a simple launch function. This does this possible without any difficulty. The ignition of the fuel mixture is carried out using a branded spark plug and electronic ignition. Long.Term traction reacts to transmission.

All details and mechanisms of each saw are placed in a durable plastic case. It is made of multi.Layer polymers, which gives him the opportunity to resist random blows and falls from a small height. The manufacturer has access to filters and other frequently replaced products. This greatly simplifies the self.Healing of the chainsaw of the partner.

The partner is responsible for the tire and chain. The steam set is controlled by an oil pump, which automatically supplies oil when the chain moves along the tire. When it enters the headset or any other hard item, an inertial brake is turned on, which makes the tool completely safe for the operator.

Each partner model means ease of use. The front and back handles of the tool are covered with high.Quality rubberized means, which eliminates the sliding of the operator’s hands during operation. An effective system of anti.Vibration tools extinguishes strong engine vibrations. This allows the use of a chainsaw both on Earth and at a height.

All types of breakdowns of the starter of the chainsaw and the technique of correctly eliminating defects

Starter, like any other details of the tool, is subject to wear. Sooner or later, he will become unusable, and you will need to either replace it, or repair it. Of course, repairs are a more rational way to solve the problem, however, the possibility of its implementation depends on the cause and type of malfunction.

The resource of the starter depends on different factors:

  • The quality of the components of the mechanism;
  • The frequency of launching the tool motor;
  • The correctness of the implementation of the process (you can not sharply pull the handle of the mechanism, and it is also strictly forbidden to hold it in an elongated state with a running motor).

To determine that the starter of the chainsaw is faulty, it is possible by characteristic features. When pulling by the handle, the lightness of the process is felt. Which says that the drum is not included in the engagement with the flywheel. However, the signs depend on the type of malfunction, so we will analyze them in detail.

Starter for a chainsaw

Starter is one of the most important mechanisms in the device of any modern chainsaw. The launch of the tool engine under any weather conditions depends on it. The starter for the chainsaw is released by a simple design, it is easy to serve and repair it with your own hands. However, in order to eliminate the breakdown, you must first find its cause. For this, most often it is necessary to completely disassemble the standard mechanism.

Most chainsaw starters have the same design. It is because of this that some stores offer customers universal start-up mechanisms that are suitable for installation on the model from STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner. Nevertheless, some differences from the majority have starters of domestic chainsaws Ural or forester.

In standard configuration, the starter of the chainsaw consists of a number of details.

A protective cover is installed on top of all the elements of the starter. The initial principle of work of most starting mechanisms is also almost the same. There is a pen that holds the cable in the special groove of the chainsaw case. With a sharp raising of the handle, the latter is understood. At this moment, a ratchet is triggered, which through the drum transfers an effort to another drum with slots located on the engine shaft.

When stretching the standard cable, the shaft of the chainsaw motor begins to rotate, which leads to the compression of the existing fuel mixture located at that time between the cylinder head and the standard piston.

With an increase in the volume of the ICE cylinder, the amount of fuel mixture consumed at the same time increases, which is required for its future ignition. Accordingly, the operator of a powerful saw needs to make more jerks than the owner of a household tool with low power. To increase the speed with which the drum returns to its starting position, manufacturers of powerful chainsaws use elastic return springs.

Typical breakdowns and repair of the chainsaw starter

To eliminate each of these malfunctions with your own hands, certain tools will be required. There must be a set of screwdrivers and a spare cable with you. Extract and inspect starter For a chainsaw, you need in the following order:

  • To find the cause of the breakdown, the starter from the chainsaw will need to be removed. To do this, unscrew the screws with a screwdriver with which the protective cover with the starter attached to it is held;
  • After removing the lid, it is necessary to carefully unscrew the screw through which starter attached to the protective cover;
  • Then you need to try to smoothly start the starter. For this, remove the spring and clamps from it;
  • Next, a coil with a cable is removed from the starter for the inspection.

As a result of the inspection, you can find a number of typical malfunctions. These include:

  • Various damage to the pulley in the form of tears or cracks mainly in the back of the part. They interfere with the normal operation of the entire starter;
  • Damage to the starter spring of lightweight launch. In such cases, not only the spring itself can be faulty, but the place of its fixation is the most vulnerable part of the spring;
  • Damaged by the dog Starter flywheel.

In any case, any faulty part should be completely replaced by a new spare part.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

With frequent launches of the chainsaws, some starter details are constantly subjected to dynamic loads. As a result, a cable may burst, several teeth of the ratchet chill, and the shaft will turn out at a much lower speed. Therefore, the audit and even the repair of the starter. Operations, sometimes carried out several times per season.

Replacement of the cord

When it is pulled, there is a constant friction of the cable about the starter case

For replacement, disassemble the hull of the node, and carefully lift the rattles in such a way as not to allow jumping from their nests of the return spring. It is better to do such work together: the assistant fixes the spring, while the cable is replaced

After fixing the cable in the handle and in the grooves of the drum, the cable is wound on the roller, and the case is assembled.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Placing a starter spring in the desired groove is not easy to do with an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the hub of the drum. The outer end of the spring is fixed for the restrictive ledge, and the external using the screwdriver should be placed opposite the holes in the lock. The loop at the inner end of the spring with a screwdriver is combined with the hole, after which the disk is lowered. The disk is checked whether the dog of the ratchet has become in place. Next is the assembly of the ratchet itself.

After installing the spring, it is necessary to adjust its tension. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove on a circle, and a return spring is twisted around it. After eliminating the slack, it is better to wind the spring at an additional several revolutions to guarantee the required part of the part.

It is not recommended to carry out the repair of the ratchet mechanism itself at home, since many operations will require the use of CNC machine. It’s easier to purchase a new node in specialized stores.

In the design of the chainsaw, the starter is responsible for the working tool starting the engine

Over time, the owners of the chainsaw are faced with the need to repair this important unit. And, the sooner the malfunction can be eliminated, the less other important details and tool mechanisms succumb to wear

Starter for a chainsaw: work and repair of the tool with your own hands

A frisky launch of at least a chainsaw is not complete without a starter. In the process of the tool, thanks to the accelerated scrolling of the crankshaft, the fuel-air mixture is supplied to the engine, compressed and ignited. Based on this, an excellent selected starter for a chainsaw is able to guarantee the long and good operation of the entire mechanism!

Replacement of the cord

In the case of stretching the cord, the cable begins to rub on the starter case. The replacement of the cord begins with the analysis of the hull body, during which the rattling drum is neatly rises so that the returning spring does not slip from its own nest. Or rather, it is more convenient to do this together, where during the substitution the 2nd cable will hold the spring! After the cable is successfully fixed in the grooves of the drum and the handle, it is wound on the roller with the next assembly of the case.

Repair of the launch mechanism

When examining the disassembled starter, it is necessary to inspect the following parts (nodes) for their damage:

  • Drive pulley. The pulleys subject to high axial and radial loads should not have cracks and damage on the back. If there are such, it is required to replace it with a new part.
  • Starter spring. The main loads when starting the chainsaw are experienced by the spring. Made of high.Quality carbon steel and passed special heat treatment, it loses its properties over time. If cracks or impulses are found, you will need to install a new spring.
  • The launch rope. Made of synthetic wear.Resistant materials, the starter cord wear out over time. With its gusts, it is necessary to install a new rope on the pulley.

After the repair work done, it is necessary to collect the launch mechanism in the reverse order. The pulley with a ratchet is installed on top of the spring. Before the final fixation of the chainsaw starter cover, it is necessary to wrap the rope and make several trial jerks.

Where is the sapun

In the chainsaw, partner 350, as in other chainsaws, there are two saps. One is responsible for leveling pressure in the oil tank, the second. Fuel. The oil tank saephus is installed next to its lid, and a special disposable metal plug is installed on top of the cabin, passing the air.

The fuel tank saep, partner 350 is located in the area of ​​the carburetor installation, as well as the previous one is closed using a plug.

Tip: Sapuns are subject to replacement in the case when a vacuum is created in the tanks and the supply of fuel and oil is stopped.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

Chainsaw is an indispensable tool for the construction and harvesting of firewood. Proper operation with moderate work provides a long life of the tool without breakdowns. However, troubles can arise completely unexpectedly and the serviceable chainsaw is losing performance, and the malfunction can be completely trifling.

The repair of the starter of the chainsaw is presented after a breakthrough of the launch cord. Without a starting cord, a chainsaw becomes completely inoperative. And there is no other way to start the tool. Repair is considered by the example of the chainsaw Partner P350S. The cunning reliable launch of this saw requires at least 4-5 times to pull the launch cord. And this was the first malfunction of the saw. A break of the cord. The cord does not break right away. First, a protective stocking of a cord thread breaks off. This lump interferes with the launch of the saw. It is better not to wait for a cliff of all threads and fix the cord in advance. Do not need to invent anything. Repair should not cause difficulties. True, accurate compliance with the assembly conditions is required. Step.By.Step instructions with a scheme of actions with photos and videos are given below.

Dismantling the starter of the chainsaw

  • Unscrew three screws of fastening of the starter cover. The key with a screwdriver is suitable for this process, but apply a normal tool.
  • Remove the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a smooth start mechanism, it is located above the coil with a cord.

Installation of a new cord and assembly of the starter

  • Cooking a suitable diameter cord 1.2-1.3 meters long. For repair, a nylon linen rope was used :).
  • We melt the ends of the rope on the fire so that it does not bloom.
  • We tie a complex knot at one end. The knot is required large in diameter. But when installing in a coil should not protrude outside.
  • Twist the cord into the coil hole. We do not wound the cord!

Repair of a ragged or damaged cord when using step.By.Step instructions will take 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than contacting the Center Service. In my case it is for sure. Watch the video of the repair.

How to fix a starter on a chainsaw

The reason for the malfunction of the launch system of the chainsaw may be:

  • Drive pulley. This part is subjected to high axial and radial loads, therefore, before starting work, it is recommended to inspect the pulley for damage and cracks on the back of the case. If necessary, repair the part or replace it with a new.
  • Spring mechanism. If he has lost his properties or there are cracks or breakthroughs on it, it is necessary to replace this element. It is also recommended to inspect the places for the presence of defects.
  • The rope of the launch system. The rope should be examined for wear and injuries. If necessary, replace the part and install it with the pulley.


Diagnosis of the tool launch system is carried out as follows:

  • Unscrew the fasteners and remove the lid.
  • Turn a screw that attaches the mechanism to the protective cover.
  • The starter smoothly launch, removing the spring and clamps from it.
  • For examination for wear and defects, a reel with a cable is dismantled.
  • Check the fuel system for water in it. If there is water inside the system, then the fuel fluid must be replaced.
  • Conduct an inspection of the power unit for overflow with fuel fluid. In this case, you need to unscrew and dry the spark plug, pull the starter, dismantling the air damper.
  • Check the spark of spark.

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Replacement of the cord

In order to replace the cord, the following tools will be required:

Replacing the launch cord is as follows:

  • You need to unscrew the fasteners that hold the side cover with a screwdriver.
  • Then dismantle the starter from the tool body.
  • After that, you need to turn the lid and conduct an inspection.
  • Then dismantle the clip and spring.
  • Untie the knot on the rope.
  • You need to pull out the pulley on which the cord is wound. Remove the cord and replace it with a new.
  • Then get the pulley in place and tie the rope on the knot. Set the clip and spring.
  • After that, tighten the lid using fasteners.
  • At the end, install the starter in place and fasten the fasteners.

Spring repair

The procedure for repairing the start of the launch system:

  • Dismantle the starter from the tool.
  • Remove the protective cover.
  • Wind the cord from the end of the pulley to avoid scrolling the mechanism.
  • Pass the second end of the cord in the hole of the protective cover.
  • Pull the cord 17-20 cm to check the turn of the pulley of the spring mechanism.
  • Check the operation of the spring after stretching and releasing the mechanism.
  • Unscrew the circle circle from the side of the generator, removing 3 fasteners.
  • Demolish the pulley and cord.
  • Check the condition of the parts for wear and the presence of damage and cliffs. If the cliff is small, then you can eliminate the defect by welding.

How to put a spring

In order to install a new spring, the following actions must be performed: