How to Cut Springs Properly on Prior

The car Lada Priora was able to win the hearts of many motorists due to the fairly affordable price and unpretentiousness in operation. However, in the distance, not every driver agrees to ride a standard car. Say, many do not like the length of the springs, because of which Priora looks a little bullied. The question therefore arises. how to cut the springs?

How to Cut Springs Properly on Prior

You will need

  • – Angle Grinder;
  • – blowtorch;
  • – instruments;
  • – cotton gloves;
  • – a set of understated stubbornness and springs.

Instruction manual

1. Find a place where you can repair and improve the car. The most perfect option is to do all the procedures in the garage. If you don’t have one, then ask the nearest service or car wash to park the car during the lunch break. This time will be enough for you to underestimate the suspension of your Priora.

2. Thoroughly wash the machine. With a strong jet pressure, wash all the dirt that has accumulated there from the wheel arches.

3. Install the car on a jack. If possible, it is better to raise the car on a lift. This will speed up the process, and also give the possibility at the same time to study the exhaust system and other cars under the bottom.

4. Remove the wheels from the machine. To do this, disconnect the caps, if any. Carefully unscrew all nuts securing the disc and hub. After this, grab the wheel and pull it towards you.

5. Observe the struts and springs of your Priora. If “barrel-shaped” springs are installed on your model, then cutting them is highly discouraged, since a powerfully shortened spring may not primitively fit into a glass. If you nevertheless decided to shorten such springs, then you need to cut off an equal number on either side.

6. Remove the rack by carefully unscrewing the bolts of its fastening. Later, remove the spring. Measure out the length you want to cut. Visit the forum of Prior owners, there you will be able to find approximate data on how many turns need to be cut in order to get the desired suspension height.

7. It should be remembered that an understatement of more than five centimeters is fraught with consequences, say, an imbalance in the suspension.

8. Heat the spring with a blowtorch. Heat should be in the place where you will cut. Take the angle grinder and saw off the indicated part of the spring. Replace the spring and suspension later. Saw off the same length on the remaining springs.

9. If you do not want to take risks, then buy a set of lowered springs and stubborn. Install them instead of shabby.

10. Contact your nearest service if you do not want to engage in understatement yourself.

Whatever car enthusiasts are doing in order to improve ride quality. Among the countless tricks, there is also a metamorphosis of the ride height inherent in the design of the machine. This can be done by introducing metamorphoses in the size of a screw springs shock absorber, that is, simply saying, cutting it. To carry out a similar "surgical tying" is allowed independently. The main thing is to perfectly think over the results of such an operation.

You will need

  • – angle grinder ("angle grinder");
  • – a hacksaw for metal;
  • – a set of car wrenches.

Instruction manual

1. When deciding to do your own pruning, first free springs , removing the rack. Support each side of the vehicle alternately with a jack. Disconnect the wheels. Remove the bolts that secure the bottom of the rack. Disconnect later springs. Fold all fasteners neatly in one place, cleansing of dirt in advance.

2. Decide how much you need to trim springs. Consult car service experts for this. For a significant metamorphosis of the ride height, it will be necessary to cut off one and a half to two turns. If in doubt, shorten first springs one turn and try them in action. If necessary, the procedure will be allowed to repeat. Cutting off springs to a larger number of turns at once, you certainly will not be able to restore them later to the required tier, then carefully think carefully before taking up the tool.

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3. Direct cutting of metal springs make using an angle grinder ("angle grinder"). If not, use a hacksaw for metal. Mark up in advance where you need to. Trimming should be marked at the top of the product. This will reduce the negative results of the deformation of the updated springs.

4. Repeat the same operations for all springs, zealously, so that as a result they all turn out to be the same size. It’s exceptionally important that the size of the cut springs coincides along the axes of the car, in order to prevent a decrease in handling as a result of even the slightest skew design.

5. To avoid bold mistakes, use the probabilities of an automotive service representative to trim the springs. A highly qualified master will allow you to evaluate how much such a procedure is desired for your vehicle, and it will execute it at the highest professional tier. Inexcusable pruning of springs may in the future require their complete replacement, and, consequently, unforeseen financial expenses.

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Instruction manual

1. The 1st method is to put the onion in the refrigerator before cutting for 10 minutes. So volatile substances, which cause us to tears, will be less issued.

2. A further method is to continuously wet the knife with cold water. By the way, there are several more methods with cold water, but I want to say the strangest thing. type a mouthful of water before cutting onions. I certainly do not know how this works, but eyewitnesses vehemently argue that this helps not to shed a tear.

3. Allowed to use a fan. It should be placed directly opposite the onion. Only this is a small problem. All volatile substances will fly away to another room, where they will cause tears, but only not with you, but with households. So tidy with this method.

4. Wear swimming goggles. True, it will look funny, but you really won’t cry.

5. As is well known, a flame is capable of burning all impurities that are in the air. Place and light a candle next to you before cutting the onion. All the substances that cause our tears will easily burn out. Good luck!

Useful advice
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Removing the spring on the VAZ-2106 is made to replace it. Over time, the spring loses its elasticity, its work becomes less solid. Convenience is reduced, and even third-party sounds appear.

You will need

  • – jack;
  • – a set of keys;
  • – ball joint puller;
  • – steering rod puller;
  • – a device for compressing the spring;
  • – wheel chocks;
  • – safety supports.

Instruction manual

1. Set the car on a flat surface, under the rear wheels, place wheel chocks. The VAZ-2106 car is rear-wheel drive, therefore it is allowed to turn on the speed for safety. Remove, but do not unscrew, bolts of fastening of a forward wheel to a nave. Now raise the side of the car on the jack and unscrew the wheel bolts completely. Place a safety support under the vehicle and lower the side of the machine onto it. A strong stump, and several wooden blocks stacked together can be in the role of a support.

2. Remove the pin from the tie rod and use a 22 wrench to unscrew the nut that secures the tie rod finger. Later, you need to carefully put on the tie rod puller, so as not to damage the boot. If the boot was damaged during disassembly, it must be replaced. Screw in a bolt of a stripper, from time to time slightly tap with a hammer on it. Only in this way will the steering rod tip come off the cone. When remove the pull, pull it to the side so that it does not interfere. Now the hub rotates freely on ball bearings. To remove the spring, you need to disassemble the lower lever, because it abuts against it.

3. Unscrew the nut that secures the shock absorber rod to the body. Later unscrew the two nuts that secure the shock absorber bracket to the lower arm. The shock absorber extends from below, for comfort, its stem should be moved into the body. Now it is allowed to put a puller on the spring and compress it. Be careful to wear the puller so that the two sides of the spring are compressed evenly. Both parts of the puller must be opposite each other. But later, the compression of the spring is allowed to carry out subsequent dismantling. First you need to unscrew the stabilizer bar. After that, you will need to remove the lower ball joint. This can be done in two different ways.

4. Unscrew the nut on the 22 nut that secures the ball pin to the hub. But you have to use a puller for ball bearings. It must be used in the same way as the steering puller. Be careful not to damage the ball joint, and if it is more damaged, be sure to replace it. But it will be easier to unscrew the three bolts that secure the ball housing to the lever. This can be done with a cap and socket wrench at 13. Later, after the hub is separated from the lever, the end must be lowered down to remove the spring. If the spring does not come out, you will have to remove the lever completely. To do this, unscrew the two nuts that secure the lever to the body. Just keep in mind that under the rectangular bolt there are metal washers that adjust the camber. The spring on the 2nd side is removed similarly.