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How to independently drill a perpendicular hole?

It will be quite frequent inconsistent that the drill slides with a mark, and the hole is not made in a suitable place. Catching cardboard adhesive tape, glued on top of a tree, can fight this. Also, sometimes such difficulties appear in this case if you have to work with a very thick drill. Then you should first make a recess in the material with a narrower drill, and then drill, resting on the label made. Fundamentally direct attention to the quality of sharpening. If the edges are not sharp enough or sharpened unevenly, then hinders may appear with the accuracy of drilling.

Subtleties of drilling for various materials. We recommend reading. At what revolutions should be drilled

One of the fundamental characteristics in drilling is the number of rpm. The speed with which must be drilled is depending on the type of material and the type of drill. There is a generally accepted rule: the harder the material and the thicker the thicker, the smallest the amount of rpm should be. As for certain numbers, they can be seen in the table below.

Drill diane, mm Soft tree hard tree plastic (acrylic) copper aluminum steel Notes
one.5-4.Eight 3000 3000 2500 3000 3000 3000 When drilling metal thicker than 3 cm, lubricate the drill adhesive drill.
6.4-9.5 3000 1500 2000 120 2500 1000
eleven.1-15.Nine 1500 750 1500 750 1500 600
17.4-25.4 750 500 400 1000 350

This table is created for ordinary spiral ruins. For specific options (Frostner drill and t.D.) the drilling speeds of different materials are slightly different from the above.

With an ordinary mirror

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For any drill, a mirror method is suitable. It should only be put on the processed material by the reflecting part upwards, and when the drill is reproached, to achieve a perfectly flat line between the reflection and the very cutting nozzle. If there is a deviation in the process, the line at the place of convergence will bend.

The way is really very good. The disadvantage is that the perfectly even angle is obtained from only one plane. You can change this by using two mirrors.

There is a combined method for using a corner and mirrors. Mirrors are attached to two internal walls of the corner, and at an equal distance from the point of passage, lines are drawn. This method can be considered the best among the rest, since the accuracy of the work done will be very high.

How to drill a hole in the wall without a slope of the drill?

Only at first glance it seems that drilling is very simple. If you need to get a hole, namely the hole, then the task is not so simple. Several tricks will help to solve the problem.

First of all, how the hole differs from the hole? The hole is drilled in a strictly defined place, and also has certain sizes and direction. In other words, if what happened after drilling exactly corresponds to the master’s idea, then this hole. Otherwise, the hole turned out.

It is especially difficult to make a good hole in the wall. I have to work with a drill on weight, often in an uncomfortable place, almost looked. And the drill went from an angle. How to drill a hole in the wall strictly perpendicular? I must say, the human eye accurately determines the right angle. At least, the accuracy of the eye with more than is enough for most drilling works necessary in everyday life.

The whole trouble is that the perpendicularity of the hole in the wall is determined by two straight angles. Vertically and horizontally. But to track such a human eye is no longer able to. The way out is to provide one of the straight angles automatically, without human participation. Then you will have to monitor only one of the corners, and it is much easier to do work.

Most often, the drill horizontal is fixed. It is very convenient to substitute some kind of drilling stand, for example, to move the drill along a solid support surface. Unfortunately, this is not possible to do this often, since the holes are made at different heights and it is not always possible to choose a stand. Highly facilitates the work Drill with level. After a short training, the holes are strictly horizontal.

If there is no level on the drill, then do not run to the store for a new. Quite enough Temporarily attach a small building level to the drill housing tape.

Another original way is based on the fact that the human eye can very well evaluate the straightness of various objects. So, for example, they evaluate the evenness of the skeleton of the carpet, “shooting” with a look along the part.

To do this, the holes are strengthened over the place of drilling Subtle mirror. After that, it is enough to place the drill so that the reflection of the drill seemed to be its exact continuation, without bends and fractures.

Subject to this condition, the drill will Strictly perpendicular mirror, and, consequently, the wall.

How to insert a drill into a cartridge

Step 2. We rotate the adjusting ring counterclockwise with your hand. Fists inside the cartridge diverge into a distance, a little larger size of the drill.

Step 3. We insert the drill into the cartridge to the entire possible depth. The diameter of the closed tool is allowed 2. 13 mm.

Step 4. With a rotation of the adjusting ring with the hand, pinch the drill by hand.

Step 5. We insert the key for the drill into the hole on the cartridge case so that the teeth on the key and the cartridge are closed.

Step 6. With a little pressure, we turn the key clockwise to the stop to reliable fixation of the drill. Turnkey holes are 2. 3, insert into each in turn for uniform clamping.

Less commonly used is a fast.Packed fist cartridge, which is twisted without a key. Happens with one or two adjusting cartridges with notch against sliding. If the sleeve is one, the drill housing is stationary. If there are two sleeves, the part fixed on the spindle remains motionless. The mobile part is crap with your hand: when fixing the drill clockwise, when extracting against.

Perpendicular opening: Features of the drill

During drilling hollows, sometimes there is a situation that it is very difficult to make perfectly smooth angles. Many worries how to make perpendicular hole specific depth? And here the advice of experienced specialists will come in handy, which are shared by the options for getting out of the position that has arisen.

When the hole is to drill, it is necessary to remember the principles of this work:

  • Drill hole It follows exclusively at the indicated point;
  • Hole has a certain size;
  • The tool during the drill should be placed at right angles;
  • The exact fixation of the material will be able to protect and facilitate the work as much as possible;
  • Press on the drill you need to evenly.

Before working with a drill, it is important to check that there is no dirt on the drill.

To perform a perpendicular opening, you need to stock up on a square or a transporter. If the work is carried out in the conditions of the house, put the CD-disk under the product under the product. The reflection of the disk equipment is obliged to coincide with the piece, which is noticeable. In this situation the perpendicularity of the hole will be preserved.

When the task is to drill a hole under 90 °, for fixation it is worth using the vice. In turn, the part must be tightly pressed in order to get perpendicular to screw the drill.

Accurate drilling of metal on the machine

When drilling accurate holes, you should always use a special lubricant-cooping liquid that reduces friction and cools the drill when working.

In addition, it is necessary to use clamps and a vice for the exact motionless installation of the processed product.

The days of marking the drilling place should be used by a corener, with the help of which not a large recess is done at the place of drilling.

When drilling on the machine to determine the position of the hole, you need to carry out two short mowing trimmer line using the ruler, intersecting at right angles in the center of the hole. To prevent the drill slipping, it is necessary to make a small recess in the found center using a corener and a hammer.

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Cast iron drilling. How to do it competently

Cast iron is a fairly solid material, so drilling it is very, very difficult.

In addition, cast.Iron products are fragile, therefore it is important not to crush them.

Like other materials, cast iron has its subtleties in the issues of drilling.

  • No haste. This is perhaps the most important rule when working with cast iron. Everything needs to be done slowly, with extreme accuracy and attention.
  • The drill should be from a very firm and strong alloy, in addition, it should be perfectly imprisoned. In order for the cast iron to crumble, you need to take drill with an angle of 114-119 degrees.
  • Unacceptable to drill Overheated. Sometimes that the tool has overheated, they do not pay attention. And this can lead to low.Quality work or even breakdown.

Features of concrete coating

First, select the drill. If the wall is made of concrete or brick masonry it is better to give preference to winning nozzles, since the material turns the material into crumbs at the place of drilling. But not suitable for other surfaces, for example, if you drill the wooden boards of the fibers to break, and the hole will turn out to be inaccurate.

When drilling a concrete surface, it must be taken into account that there will be a lot of dust, so you need to prepare a vacuum cleaner to collect garbage from the hole. This of course does not guarantee absolute cleanliness when performing work, but allows you to reduce the amount of dirt.

Before starting to drill, it is necessary to check if they pass in that place of communication. Damage to electrical wiring will entail the injection of additional funds into its restoration. Previously, the wall must be called for this you can use the signaling device or metal detector.

Now you can proceed directly to the drilling of holes in the concrete wall. First we plan the place where the future will be hole construction pencil.

drill, perpendicular, hole, opening, hand, best

We begin to drill at low speed, this will increase the accuracy of work. After that we increase the speed.

Serlo should enter the surface at one angle so that the direction of drilling does not get down and the hole turned out to be the right size.

If a hole is made for the dowel, it should be longer than the dowel itself so that it can be installed on a flush with the wall and it does not stick out.

Drilling accurate holes with a hand drill in metal

If there is no need to observe accuracy when drilling holes that the vertical-warlord machine provides, you can use a powerful manual electric drill. However, if this drill It is not multi.Speed, then when drilling holes in the metal, it should be included in short periods of time by short.Term sequential presses to the switch.

The key to success in most cases depends on how to hold drill. Before the start of drilling, the workpiece is clamped in a vice or pressed tightly to the table. Then, not including the drill, the end of the drill is installed at the point applied by the coreer. In order to increase the starting point, you can handle the drill cartridge several times by pressing the drill.

drill, perpendicular, hole, opening, hand, best

After applying the lubricant-cooping fluid, the voltage is turned on. The drill housing is held motionless with the left hand, the tool itself is pressed with the right hand when drill It will begin to increase speed. If possible, a drill is placed next to the drill vertical a square to facilitate the installation of a drill in a vertical position.

This will provide more convenient drilling accurate holes.

Dyold SMS-43

The device consists of three main nodes. The base, the column and the traverse for attaching the electric drill. The base and traverse are made of silumin. The surface of the table and legs are polished for one installation, that is, they are parallel, which provides perpendicularity when drilling. Grozes are milling at the base for attaching a vice. Colon height. 50 cm, diameter. 25 mm. The diameter of the hole for the drill is 43 mm. To limit the depth of drilling, there is a locking ring. The guides for the factory manufacturing drill unites:

In the process of drilling the recesses, a situation often arises, in which it is not easy to get impeccably even angles. How to drill a perpendicular hole of a certain depth? To do this, use the advice of experienced masters. They offer several options for leaving such a situation.

There are practically no carpentry works in which a drill and fasteners would not be used. In the process of drilling, it is worth knowing about the important principles of this activity:

If all these requirements are clearly fulfilled, we can talk about success in the work:

  • Use of special drills;
  • Clear consolidation of the material will help to protect the work and noticeably facilitate it;
  • Uniform pressure on the drill.

So, for these purposes, you can use a wooden block of square shape, greatly press a drill with a drill to its base and perform the desired action.

Another method is also associated with the use of a home.Made device, only it has the form of the letter “T” with an inner angle of 90 degrees.

The drill is placed in one of these points and placed on the label, after which the drilling is carried out. Taking into account the length of the drilling device, the depth of the groove is determined.

To get an exact hole at a right angle, you can use the guide. Its strictly fixed position will avoid errors, deviations from a given angle. Some varieties of such a tool help to make grooves not only vertically, but also under other angles.

The nozzle has a limiting depth of the device adjusted by the stop and the spring. The acquisition of such a tool will protect from damage to blanks, furniture.

Using the conductor

You can drill a deep hole in the perpendicular sample using a special device. Conductor. Over, such measures are carried out not only on an even base, but also on rounded parts of the workpieces, in the corner points.

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Features of the position of the conductor for drilling in different sections of the workpieces

Kern is taken to mark the central point of the groove.

Making a home.Made device

In practice, it is very difficult to drill a groove at a right angle. Often for this, many masters use special devices. However, these options are often intended for specific types of drilling equipment. Some are suitable for hand drifts with seats for additional handles, while others are for batteries.

Universal options are also found, but they are expensive. For people involved in the manufacture of furniture, you can not do without this device. For a person who makes something in rare cases, the cost will be quite high.

Such an assistant can be made independently, from the remains of chipboard. The initial workpiece of such a device looks like a bars stuffed on the basis of this material.

Here later you need to drill holes that help the drill find the right point and angle of inclination. A small part of the material is installed by the end on the main panel.

3 screws are taken, the diameter of which corresponds to 5 mm, 6.3 mm and 7 mm. According to these sizes, grooves are drilled in 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 4.5 mm.

Such a device will make grooves only as a drilling device to create a right angle in the end part of the panel.

Power Tools: How to drill into a brick wall

For centering the drill and drilling the hole on an even base, an additional device is made from this material. To do this, in a bar, holes are drilled from a chipboard in an amount of 3 pieces with a diameter of 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 4.5 mm.

Next, marks on the cooked panels are fixed, the drill should go through the item, the groove is planned.

As soon as the marking is made correctly, you need to lower the device on the panel, put the drill, observing the right angle. Now you can drill.

Similarly, grooves are made in the end part. The drill passes through the assistant, the hole is noted, the design is tightly connected to the side of the manufactured item, after which you can use the drill.

Practical recommendations of specialists

In order for the drill to get exclusively vertically in the process of drilling the openings, the square is used. It is placed strictly at right angles, in one parallel with a drill.

Regular carpentry implies the purchase of a special rack, it will hold the power tool perpendicular. The stand allows you to control the depth of the grooves.

For strong fixation of a wooden bar, you should use a vice or a workbench. Holding the material in the hand is completely unsafe: at the time of its processing, the dry base can crack and split, injuring the master.

Useful video:

How to drill concrete and brick, video: a screwdriver: video:

How to drill concrete: tools, preparation, process technology

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The need to hang a chandelier, install hinged cabinets, a socket is not t.D., The moment comes in the current life of every owner of the living space. Given the fact that concrete columns, ceilings are not ceilings. This is a very common thing for modern apartments, it may come out so that the fasteners have to be mounted on a concrete structure. If you are “lucky”, then it will quite be what will ask the question of how drill concrete?

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials at the moment. For what materials is a perforator used. Is it possible to drill wood, metal or tile with a perforator. However, its strength is the main problem here, since it is prohibited to drill reinforced concrete without specialized equipment. With all this, the call of specialists to form several small.Sized holes will cost you a disproportionately large amount.

Drilling the wall with a perforator drill: photo

If you want to save money, it will be useful to think about an independent solution to this problem. Despite the obvious difficulty. The correct approach is not a clear observance of the technological part of the process helps to achieve a qualitative result. Below you will be given a detailed instruction what is really, how to drill concrete in artisanal conditions.

How to drill a tree?

For high.Quality work, it is enough to follow several recommendations:

  • Accurate markup. In order for the holes to be in the right place, it is necessary to make preliminary markings.
  • If you need to make a through hole, then a small drill is used first, then the workpiece is finished with a large drill. This method will avoid the appearance of chips.
  • For undeveloped holes, an island from the desired edge is wound on the drill.

Work on wood requires high.Quality tools and technology compliance. With a good tool to drill a tree is easy.