How to Insert a Bit into a Makita Screwdriver

Screwdriver: how to use it correctly?

  • Date: 03/26/2015
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A screwdriver does the same as a screwdriver, but hundreds of times faster. Therefore, if you need to tighten one or two screws, use a screwdriver. But if you need to assemble a wardrobe or, for example, insulate with BAL-KON drywall, then you can not do without an electric screwdriver. It looks like an electric drill, but it does not drill with drill bits, but with bits. The bat is a special nozzle for a screw, screw or self-tapping screw. Each screw (screw, screw) has its own bit. It can be of different sizes.

How to Insert a Bit into a Makita Screwdriver

A screwdriver is like an electric drill, but instead of a drill, it has a bit.

How to use a screwdriver?

The screwdriver is designed specifically for screwdriving, self-tapping screws, screws. Its great advantage is autonomy, that is, there is no need for an outlet and the cords will not interfere underfoot. It runs on a battery that charges from the AC mains through the adapter (the process of charging the battery resembles the process of charging a mobile phone). After charging, the battery, gently pressing, insert into the tool handle.

Batteries are nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion. Which one to choose? Nickel-cadmium. the cheapest, but toxic. Lithium-ion is environmentally friendly but expensive. Nickel-metal hydride is intended for professionals who, on duty, have to repair for a long time.

Replaceable tips, bits, are fixed in a three-jaw chuck manually no deeper than the upper edge. To make it more convenient to hold the cartridge in hand when attaching the nozzles, the cartridge is covered with ribbed rubber on top.

How to use a screwdriver.? After the necessary nozzle is installed, we put a self-tapping screw on the bit, put it in the right place, press the screwdriver button. the self-tapping screw is twisted.

The screwdriver can be used as a standalone electric drill. They cannot be drilled for a long time, as the battery runs out quickly. But a few holes in the profile or drywall can be done.

Nevertheless, the main purpose of the screwdriver is to tighten the screws without drilling the profile. With a certain effort, a self-tapping screw will drill both an aluminum and even a steel profile.

On the instrument, if necessary, there is a button for smoothly changing the speed and a reverse button, if you need to unscrew the self-tapping screw.

The instruction prescribes to use a screwdriver after all the settings are made.

When the tool is on, you cannot adjust the frequency and direction of rotation of the handpiece (bits). The tool must be protected from water. The room in which repairs will be carried out should be well lit.

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If the screwdriver is operating from the mains, the power supply must be stable, and the socket must be in good working order, in order to avoid electric shock or fire.

Do not touch grounded objects with a working tool in order to avoid electric shock.

It is only necessary to work with a working tool in work clothes and gloves. Do not use the device continuously to prevent it from burning out.

How to work with a cordless screwdriver

Naturally, the main feature of the cordless screwdriver is its mobility in operation. You can use it in places where there is no electricity or access to it is limited. When performing various kinds of installation, furniture assembly and other works, a screwdriver will become an indispensable assistant. The presence of a second battery in the configuration allows you to continuously work with a screwdriver, using one and charging the second. When operating any tool, it is necessary to remember the observance of safety precautions, as well as its proper use, which will be discussed later.

To start working with a screwdriver, you need to fully charge the battery, it doesn’t matter if it is Makita or an inexpensive Chinese tool. Well, if the screwdriver has an indication of the battery level, which will make it convenient to use the battery. To start charging, you must connect the charger to the network. the green indicator light will turn on. The battery has a special groove, due to which it can be inserted into the charger only in the correct way, which will protect the battery from reverse polarity. The battery must be installed tightly so that the contacts of the charger and the battery fit snugly together.

After installing the battery in the adapter, the red indicator lights up, which signals the charging process. When charging is complete, the indicator changes color to green. After fully charging, install the battery in a screwdriver. So. you can get to work. It is worth noting that the color of the indicators may vary from different manufacturers, however, the process itself is always just that.

A distinctive feature of the screwdriver is the presence of an adjusting ring, which is responsible for the torque. This feature allows you to avoid excessive screwing or disruption of the screw slot. Thanks to a special mechanism, the cartridge stops when the screw is tightened, and the engine continues to work. The adjustment ring can set the drilling mode. In the remaining positions of the regulator, the clutch will begin to slip at a certain force. The engine speed switch (if any) allows you to use two speed modes with a lower or higher speed.

An absolutely necessary thing in a screwdriver. This switch is used to change the direction of rotation of the cartridge. In the central position, the switch blocks the pressing of the start key. In the remaining two positions, the cartridge will rotate clockwise and against it, which allows you to screw and unscrew the screws. This key is always located above the start button so that you can change the direction of rotation of the cartridge with your thumb and forefinger without using your second hand.

Installing bits in a cartridge

Screwdrivers can have a plastic or metal keyless chuck, which greatly simplifies the process of installing the bit and removing it, but many models have hexagonal chucks, i.e. allow you to directly insert a bit or snap without twisting. To fix the drill or bit in the keyless chuck, insert it into the screwdriver until it stops and tighten the chuck by hand. You can also, holding the front of the cartridge, pull the trigger and the cartridge will unwind.

Storage, maintenance and cleaning The drill and charger do not require any special maintenance. It must be stored in a dry place that is not exposed to low temperatures and direct sunlight. You must regularly check the integrity of the device, and make sure that the mounting bolts are tightened. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use active solvents or aggressive chemicals, which can damage the screwdriver. Keep the device in good condition, which will extend its service life, keep the batteries in a warm place, cooling in the winter can negatively affect the quality and service life of the batteries.