How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

What kinds of adapters to a power tiller are available?

Externally, the design of the adapter is a small frame with two wheels, a foot platform, a drawbar, and a seat for the operator. Equipping a single-axle tractor with such “updating”, you actually turn it into a mini-tractor. to work becomes times more convenient, faster and easier, and the ability to adjust the seat will make the work more comfortable.

There are several varieties of adapters for single-axle tractors. To buy or make your own version of the most suitable for you, you should familiarize yourself with all kinds of this equipment.

According to the type of coupling adapters are divided into adapters with steering and movable joint. Depending on the location. into front adapters and rear adapters.

Also one can classify adapters according to the purpose of use: with elongated drawbar for big power tillers and with shortened drawbar for small light aggregates.

Adapter with steering control

This kind of adapter makes your power tiller actually a complete comfortable carrying vehicle. The adapter is in close contact with the power tiller and is securely connected to it. The wheels can be in the back or in the front of the construction.

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Adapter with movable joint

This type of adapter has its own distinct advantages. it is easier to make, you can easily adjust the angle of inclination relative to the power tiller. On the downside, it’s a little harder to maneuver, the turning radius increases, and more effort is needed.

Front and rear adapter

Classification, respectively, depends on the place of attachment. The choice according to this type of adapters depends purely on the individual preferences of the owner of equipment and the works to be performed. For example, a front adapter is better for plowing and cultivating, because you do not need to constantly monitor the attached equipment during these operations. But when hoeing beds, the rear adapter is more suitable, because it allows you to comfortably monitor the work process.

What are the adapter designs?

With this attachment, the use of a power tiller can be greatly simplified. After all, it serves as a transitional link that connects the machine itself with other functional elements: nozzles for planting and plowing potatoes, ploughshares, plow Installing the equipment can automate the maximum gardening and gardening work. For example, when using special equipment with attachments, you can increase the operating speed from 5 to 10 km/h.

There are several kinds of adapters. In general the design is a cart attached to the back of the walking tractor with a comfortable seat

Some models are equipped with a lever for lifting, which greatly simplifies the control of the mechanism and the movement of the unit itself on the site. Other adapters, in addition to performing agricultural work, can also be used for transportation of goods. They have a special body. Depending on their function, adapters may have short or long drawbars. Models with short drawbars are designed for light tillers, and with long drawbars. for heavier machines.

Models with telescopic drawbars are also available, as well as those in which you can adjust the track width.

Adapters are fixed to the power tiller with a single enlarged coupling, which consists of two parts: the first part is needed to connect the equipment to the machine. And the second serves as an adjustable adapter between the equipment and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of implements used at the same time, the adapters are equipped with a double universal hitch.

Area of application

If in general to consider the purpose of adapters for power tillers, their purpose is to unload the user and facilitate his hard work. Depending on what auxiliary attachment type equipment will be attached to a power tiller, its scope of use can significantly expand.

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For example, in addition to plowing, weeding, hilling and root crop harvesting, it will be possible to remove hay, clear certain types of surfaces from snow, level the surface of the ground. over, it will be possible to carry bulky loads.

The preparatory stage of making an adapter

The adapter has a simple design, but the procedure of making it can not be called simple. Initially it is necessary to take into account the drawings and dimensions, which will help to create a fixture without defects.

The following materials and tools are needed:

  • Electric drill;
  • By welding;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • A file;
  • Angle;
  • A sheet of steel with a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • A few square tubes with a diameter of one inch;
  • A set of fasteners.

The key elements of the structure are made as follows:

  • Coupling. Mounted on the frame and secured with bolts. Coupling is two welded parts of square pipes and part of a water pipe. The latter is inserted into the stem with a welded tee;
  • A knot for securing the wheels. Two pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. The horizontal section is inserted into the mounting tube and securely secured with a bolt. The axle and bearings with wheels are mounted on the vertical billet.

When all the tools are prepared, the main parts are made, you can assemble the adapter.

The dimensions of the power tiller

The power tillers can be divided into two classes:

The weight of power tillers, regardless of class, is at least 60 kg and can be up to 300 kg.

Standard dimensions are the following parameters:

  • length. 174 cm
  • Width. 65 cm;
  • Height. 130 cm;
  • track. 32 cm;
  • Ground clearance. 14 cm;
  • The smallest turning radius is 110 cm.

To design a homemade adapter to a motor-block, no special education is required, it is enough: to rely on the recommendations of professionals and drawings, and have welding skills

Tools and materials needed for work

All the materials and tools you need, which are reasonably priced, are readily available at construction stores. For the work on making an adapter to be effective and uninterrupted it is necessary to prepare everything you need in advance:

  • A pair of wheels with an axle on which they are attached;
  • Ready-made chair or for making it: frame, upholstery and filling material;
  • Metal profile for the frame, an angle;
  • a steel circle with holes for making a hitch
  • Bearings to support the axle;
  • fasteners;
  • tools for lubrication, primer, paint;
  • a welding machine;
  • lathe, grinder and drill.

Types of designs

All options are divided into three large groups, each with its own differences. You should choose based on the characteristics of the work to be performed and the design of the motoblock, for some models only one of the options is suitable. If desired, you can assemble different designs. Everything depends on your desire and skills.

  • rear adapter. The simplest solution, which is attached to the motoblock through a hitch, on it usually put a tooling. At the back one more module is added to hang and hitch the equipment there. Operated with a standard handle, it is not very convenient when making sharp turns, you have to lean hard. This variant is the easiest to assemble.
  • Front version. The frame is set so that the engine is in the back, and the attachment is installed on a standard hitch. This solution is much more difficult to assemble, because you will have to think and make steering on the front axle or make a flexible articulation of the two parts. But it is more convenient to steer, there is a usual steering wheel, and we will have to transfer all the controls.
  • all-wheel drive design. It is distinguished by the fact that the torque is transmitted to two axles at once, and this increases the cross-country capability and power, you can perform heavy works. The PTO provides the rotation of the second axle and is connected to a small cardan shaft; the frame is much more solid and rigid. This is the hardest variant to make.

Homemade versions are not worse than ready-made, if you make them correctly and adjust them to the design of the power tiller. Consider your own abilities and skills, understand the features of each type, decide which one to assemble. Consult with someone who has an adapter, take into account all the shortcomings and try to eliminate them in your own.

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Scheme and design of the adapter to the tiller

Adapter to the power tiller is a trailer with a seat is made on the basis of a two-wheeled frame. Its purpose is to facilitate the work with a power tiller, which he transforms into a device for transporting goods, similar to a mini-tractor.

The adapter provides a significant reduction in labor intensity of agricultural work and increases the efficiency of power tiller operation many times over. It is worth noting that heavy adapters come in two kinds: long and short. They can be docked to different tractors. Also known is the lightweight adapter for a tiller, which is attached to one wheel of the motoblock, as opposed to the heavy adapter.

Adapters are the link between the powerpack and implement, and are fitted with a seat, long or short frame (drawbar) and couplings. Structurally, the adapter has two couplings. One of them provides connection of the adapter to the power tiller, and the second one is used for hitch mounting of various attachments: harrows, plows, cultivators, hoes, mowers, etc.д. Connecting the attachments to the adapter is usually done with a single hitch.The headstock is manually operated into the working position.

Today many different kinds of adapters are produced, which, according to the main features of their design, can be referred to two main types: body (universal) adapters are suitable for both agricultural work and for trucking; bodyless adapters. only for machining.

Adapters with long or short drawbars are docked to power tillers of different capacities. Adapters with short drawbars are used only on light power tillers, and adapters with long drawbars are used on heavy. As a rule, adapters’ models are equipped with track width adjustment devices, sliding drawbars, as well as lowering and raising mechanisms of attached implements.

How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

Adapter to the power tiller was created for the convenience of cultivating the garden. You can widen the range of applications for your machine by adding an attachment:

Adapter is a device that is designed for driving on a power tiller. With its help it is possible to control the unit while sitting in an armchair and to cultivate the soil. The trailer to the Neva power tiller has a steering control. It simplifies the use of the power tiller.

This trailer speeds up work in the field. With this design you can increase the speed of the cultivator from 5 to 10 km/h. Let’s take a look at the adapter device. The adapter to the power tiller consists of:

After attaching the adapter, the power tiller looks and is used like a mini tractor. To create an adapter for a cultivator with front steering, you need a frame. An operator’s seat is mounted on it. The frame is fixed to the chassis.

The seat is fixed to the frame. It makes it easier for the operator to control the cultivator. The system of wheels helps to move the unit on the site. There are 2 types of wheels: metal (used in the field) and rubber (used for driving on the road).

Made of steel or cast iron by welding. It attaches the cart to the cultivator. The U-shaped mounting system is considered the best. With this design the unit will be stable.

  • The highest travel speed on a power tiller with a trailer is 12 km/h.
  • The maximum payload is 100 kg.
  • Track diameter is 67 cm.
  • The dimensions are 130x70x71 cm.
  • The weight of the device is 22 kg.
  • The warranty period is 5 years.

Variety of adapters for the tiller

Several types of adapters for power tillers. The design is differentiated by the method of coupling:

  • Sturdy connection to the tiller. The machine has a separate steering wheel. The steering wheels are on the front or the rear (both are possible).
  • Movable coupling. The angle between cultivator and cart changes all the time. Turning requires a lot of force, because the joint is movable.

The devices are also subdivided by the presence of driving wheels into:

In addition to gardening, the multi-purpose hitch is useful for transporting crops.

The design with a short drawbar is attached to small power tillers. Long drawbar trailers are attached to the heavy-duty cultivators.

There are 2 types of trailers: 1 axle or 2 axles. These hitches are created by the factory. Such a design is calculated in the factory and a towbar is mounted on it. A leaf spring has been installed under the seat, designed to run the machine smoothly over rocky terrain.

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Mount on a mini tractor or how to make a simple hitch adapter with power tillers/ part 2

On the APM, special footpegs are made, a brake that is pressed by the foot to stop the cultivator. Pneumatic tires are mounted on the adapter, which provides a smooth ride at high speed.

You can buy the device in a specialty store in a disassembled package. Assembling it is not complicated. There is an instruction manual for this. No additional knowledge or skills are needed to assemble the device. After you need to check how the design works.

If all components work well, you can start using the device. When buying the construction you should also choose a soft padding for the seat. Then the work of the driver will be more convenient. Very popular among farmers are KhorsAM IS 1 adapter to motor-block Magnum, adapters for cultivators PNO-1, AM-3 K, BUM-3, KTZ-03.

With steering control

Quality adapter with a steering wheel for the tiller makes it easier to control the cultivator. Such a single-axle tractor is comparable in its functions with a mini-tractor, only it is more economical in fuel consumption. The standard APM unit from the manufacturer “Krasny Oktyabr” has no steering wheel.

The machine is controlled by the tiller’s steering wheel. But other manufacturers produce units with steering. The cart is designed to make working on the cultivator more comfortable, so having a steering wheel will make it easier to steer.

make, adapter, power, tiller, your, hands

With a movable joint

When the trailer is movably coupled to the power tiller, the angle of the vertical axis between the carriage and the tiller changes. It is easier to make such a machine, but it requires more force to turn. This type of trailer is inferior in geometric characteristics: the turning radius becomes larger.

Front and rear adapters

There are several types of trailers depending on which wheels are driving:

  • Front wheel drive. The machine is fixed at the back of the tractor. This is the simplest and most popular modification. The angle of the vertical axis changes as well and makes it easier to control the machine and do a lot of work.
  • Rear-wheel drive. The unit is at the front of the cultivator. This design makes it possible to perform work when a hitch is used, located at the back of the cultivator.
  • All-wheel drive. Trailer can be on the front or the rear of the rotary cultivator. This design differs from the previous model in that not 2 wheels rotate but all 4 at once. Such a device performs the functions of a mini-tractor. The maneuverability of the machine is increased, as well as its flotation capability and the additional traction. The 4×4 drive is considered the most efficient.

Rear adaptor is the most common type of trailer for a power tiller. It can be used as a carriage (load capacity of about 100 kg), for hitching to implements for ploughing, mowing, snow clearing, etc.д.

Trailer with steering makes it possible to maneuver on different terrains, facilitating the operator’s work. It can be inconvenient and dangerous to operate the machine using the steering wheel of the cultivator. When working in the field with uneven terrain or in the garden, it is better to use a trailer with a steering wheel for a motorblock, as it is easier to control.

In order to make a rear adapter with your own hands, readily available materials will do. The basis of the design of the trailer. the frame, it can be made of metal profile or metal pipe. The coupling unit can be movable or rigid. In the second case, the cultivator itself will need to be modified, so creating a movable hitch is less complicated.

Rear adapter is used to carry out work that requires constant supervision (bed-planting), so the design necessarily includes a seat for the convenience of the operator. Also facilitates the work the presence of steering, which is made from the steering mechanisms of any vehicles.