How to mow with a circular saw blade

How to mow with a trimmer with a knife

Have you ever wondered? How to mow grass with a trimmer. No? This is an interesting question. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

The grass trimmer is the most versatile tool you have ever had at your disposal. Powerful grass trimmers, popularly called brushcutters, can not only level the edges of your lawn. They can be equipped with metal knives to remove weeds, reeds, bushes and even small trees.

As powerful grass trimmers cut larger and tougher plants than conventional electric grass trimmers or grass trimmers with a curved shaft. Handling them and safety precautions will also be, as special.

So, how to properly and safely mow with a trimmer:

Protective equipment when working with brushcutter (trimmer)

Tip: this article does not supersede the instructions in the use and safety manual. Always read the product manual before using it and observe safety precautions.

To work safely with a brushcutter (trimmer), you will need:

  • Helmet;
  • Headphones;
  • Eye protection (goggles or glasses, or better yet, use both);
  • Long sturdy pants (the shins are in close proximity to the knife or fishing line, so must be protected);
  • Boots with non-slip soles (preferably with a steel toe);
  • Soft gloves (for protection and vibration absorption);

Getting to know the tool

The question of how to properly mow with a chainsaw and trimmer is asked mainly by beginners who have recently acquired these tools. Before you get started, it is advisable to know the design and construction of the lawnmower. The main structural elements of the tools in question include:

  • 2-stroke gasoline engine. There are tools with 4-stroke engines, the disadvantage of which is their high weight
  • Fuel tank. tank for storing diluted gasoline and oil
  • Gearbox. the transmission mechanism by means of which the torque is transmitted from the engine shaft to the actuator
  • Starter. a device for starting the gasoline engine
  • The boom is the rigid base that connects the motor to the implement

In addition to gasoline trimmers, manufacturers also produce electric and battery-powered analogues. The main disadvantage of gasoline units in comparison with electric and battery-powered ones is their heavy weight. The weight of gasoline-type trimmers reaches 8-10 kg (4-stroke), which depends primarily on the power. To simplify tool operation, manufacturers supplement their units with special belts, which are also called unloading belts.

know the design of the tool in order to learn how to operate it correctly. unlike their electric and battery-powered counterparts, gasoline-powered trimmers need not only know how to mow grass, but also how to start the engine.

This is interesting!To start the electric mower, you only need to press the start button, while the petrol unit is started by using the starter.

How to take care of your appliance

For a long and trouble-free life, the lawnmower requires a number of care measures.

  • The grass trimmer should be stored in a dry place.
  • Clean grass and debris from the appliance after each use.
  • Air filter and cooling radiator grid on the motor gasoline grass trimmer must be periodically cleaned in the way described in the instructions for the technique.
  • Check the gearbox for grease.

If the petrol grass trimmer is not needed for a long time, you should empty its tank, let it idle for residual fuel to burn off, lubricate the engine. The composite rod should be disassembled and the joints should be treated with preservative grease to prevent rusting. All the nuances of storage and maintenance are explained in detail in the user manual, which can be downloaded in case of loss.

Tool varieties

Three versions of garden trimmers are available. electric, battery and gasoline. Mains models, plugged into the socket, are less common, as they have minimal opportunities for autonomous operation due to the connection to the mains. In addition, in terms of economy, it is not the best grass trimmer for mowing. An electric unit can justify itself only in the work on the areas adjacent to the house, if there is an opportunity to supply extension cords for connecting cables.

Potential for churning flying rocks puts windows at risk in homes and cars. Shields around the trimmer head are in place to reduce flying debris and protect the operator. no one removes the shields after the modified grass trimmer is no longer under warranty or can be used safely.

When refueling, make sure the engine is stopped and the grass trimmer is placed on a flat, level surface. preferably not grass. The grass trimmer should never be left on the grass for long periods of time. Re-filling should be done with a proper system to avoid leakage or overfilling.

Gasoline models have always been considered a direct competitor to electric models. They offer high power, virtually no restrictions on movement, and can even handle the cutting of shrubs. But, the gasoline grass trimmer for mowing the grass is also characterized by high weight, noisy operation, strong vibrations, exhaust emissions and high cost. Cordless versions are also not tied to a power source, but they lose out to gasoline trimmers in terms of power.

Be sure to use the appropriate string weight as indicated in the owner’s manual. A grass trimmer string that is too thick for the motor can cause damage. Some grass trimmers can accept a trimming blade, but never use a blade on a trimmer that is not designed to use trimming blades. Accessories that are not designed for a particular grass trimmer can create excessive vibration, motor wear, or binding. This can lead to motor strain, possible component failure and potential damage to the operator.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a metal blade

As you move the edge of the mowed area, also move the fuel and bag.

If the grass has fallen: you must bring the handlebars forward and mow to the left with the handles tilted to the left (sector ~11 hours) and to the right with the handles tilted to the right (sector ~1 hour), and take your time!, To mow the grass cleanly and to avoid “digging up” the ground.

As you mow the grass (and turn around), don’t forget to look around!:

  • To notice the gestures of others, turn off the engine and remove the headphones,
  • To keep children, animals, spectators and helpers closer than 15 m.к. when a metal blade collides with a stationary object in the grass, the grass trimmer or lawnmower (brushcutter) can be strongly thrown to the side or reversed, and the grass trimmer blade rotates at up to 10,500 rpm. And it can cut off an arm or a leg. Also, different objects (chips, glass, debris) can ricochet out from under the blade when mowing grass with a trimmer.

How to mow grass correctly with a trimmer (more about mowing techniques)

Engine speed when mowing with a trimmer is set depending on the load on the engine. the thicker the grass and, of course, heavier the engine, the bolder you must open the “hole” (throttle in the carburetor diffuser).

Try to keep the engine speed constant (slightly above average) while mowing grass with the trimmer. or less gas. only depending on the overall load on the engine. Don’t have to drop the throttle completely (and immediately accelerate again) with every swing of the grass mower. So also clutch “burn” not long, and the edge on the drive shaft can “overtake”, and the total wear and tear trimmer for grass (brushcuts) dramatically increases.

Before you mow the grass, find out the parameters of the area

(to know what blades to take, how much fuel and time)

  • the density of the grass;
  • grass hardness;
  • The lodging of grass;
  • weave of the grass;
  • (the height and thickness of the grass is not important)
  • the boundaries of the area;
  • what bumps (how to go in);
  • the presence of hidden obstacles (remember)
  • what not to cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

Mowing grass in the summer is a disaster, not just a chore of how to use a trimmer. If your yard or plot is heavily overgrown with grass, you may be intimidated by this, but this part of the article will help you understand how to mow grass with a trimmer easier and less annoying.

Assembling the grass trimmer in STEPs

Fix tool handle

Remove thumbscrew 2. Remove the upper cover of the fastener

To adjust the handle, you need to loosen the thumbscrew and move it. After that, you have to fix the screw.

FUBAG electric trimmers have rubberized grips that make them very comfortable and safe to use. They hold the tool securely in your hands, even in moist conditions.

Install the blade guard

Align the holes in the protective hood and the mounting bar.

Fasten the cover to the rail with screws and washers using the wrench provided.

In this model, the cover is attached with metal plates on both sides. This ensures extra durability and longevity of the grass trimmer.

The sheath is made of hard but flexible plastic. This material is sure not to break off when hitting small obstacles. We advise to pay attention to this, if you are going to choose an electric trimmer for grass or a gasoline trimmer.

Fixing the shoulder strap

One of the easiest operations at assembling the electric trimmer. Many will understand how to attach the shoulder strap intuitively. For those who are not sure, we decided to add some important points to the instructions:

Connect the carabiner to the shoulder strap attachment ring 2. Adjust the position of the attachment ring on the boom 3. Fix the ring with the retaining screw

Install spool of fishing line

To begin with we align the hole on the washer with the hole in the cup of the reducer and lock with a special rod.

Unscrew the mounting nut from the hub clockwise. 3. Remove the cup from the shaft and the pressure washer

Screw the spool of fishing line counterclockwise as far as it will go and hold the rod.

When choosing a grass trimmer, you should take into account the quality of the bobbin from the kit. Often it is the spool that becomes the subject of savings to reduce the overall price of the product. How to find the flaw? A good bobbin is plastic quality, easy to open, and allows you to tuck in your trimmer line without too much difficulty.

How to attach a disc or fishing line to a trimmer

The cutting mill is attached to the drive. The place of installation is called the gearbox. It is not difficult to cope with the task of installing the blade or reel. The principle of attaching the cutting discs to the trimmer is as follows:

  • The washer is fastened first with an Allen wrench.
  • Install the disk on the shaft
  • Then install the top washer, and then tighten it with the retaining nut
  • You need to turn the nut with a special socket wrench, which is usually equipped with each tool
  • The nut rotates counterclockwise
  • During rotation the shaft must be jammed with the hexagon socket wrench

In the opposite sequence, the disc is removed and replaced with the trimmer. For more information on how to install the line reel on the hedge trimmer, see. This article.

How to mow tall grass with a trimmer correctly

Ideally, tall grass can be mowed with a powerful trimmer with a thick line. But you must admit that the land where weeds grow is not always smooth, and landowners often find bushes and all kinds of debris, stones, etc. on their plots. To avoid wasting expensive equipment you’d better mow in two stages. That is, first we cut the tops of the stalks, look through the territory, analyzing the “difficult areas”, and then perform the full procedure of mowing with a gasoline mower.

If you have to make hay and you are more or less familiar with the condition of the ground, it is easier to predict your work. Any machinery, designed for mowing grass. can cope with high overgrowth as well. The main thing is not to hurry and to approach the process correctly, as we have demonstrated in the practical video.

  • Do not overload the machine;
  • If the grass gets tangled, immediately turn off the device;
  • Do not mow wet grass even with a gasoline trimmer.

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Filling up your brushcutter

To fill a chainsaw, not pure gasoline is used, but the working mixture, which must be prepared in certain proportions.

The fuel mix consists of 95 octane gasoline and high-quality, air-cooled two-stroke oil.

The proportions should be 25 parts gasoline to 1 part oil.

It is better to mix the components in a separate container, from which with the help of a funnel then pour the mixture into the fuel tank.

After filling up the grasshopper you must wipe the entire surface dry in places with traces of spilled liquid.

How to correctly mow grass with a line trimmer?

Practical garden tools are increasingly popular. With the purchase of a new helper are inevitable questions, how to correctly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. It is a great addition to an existing lawnmower to begin with. She can be trusted with large areas, and the finishing work will produce grass trimmer with a fishing line. Let’s clarify, the line for the trimmer is designed to cut weeds and delicate branches. For rougher work, models equipped with metal blades or chain are used.

Safety precautions during work

Techniques of the trimmer with a string and disk has some differences. For example, a trimmer line cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is used. The result is that stems are not cut, but grass is wound up on the cord, which overloads the engine. That’s why it’s important to choose the best line speed. And when you mow tall, tough grass, trimmer lines go faster than when you mow lawns.

There are a few simple recommendations that make mowing more efficient and effective.

  • Trimmer with a motor below is convenient to mow garden paths, flower beds and the edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the reel of such a device can be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Dense thickets, large weeds and bushes should be mowed with the rotary disc or special attachments.
  • When mowing large areas the machine should be tilted to the left, in the direction of swinging.
  • To cut grass around flower beds, shrubs and other areas, turn the blade of the grass trimmer toward you. In this way you can mow the objects themselves without damaging them.

Do not allow the bobbin or disc to touch the ground or any obstacle other than grass or twigs that you want to cut.

Safety precautions when working with brushcutters include.

  • Do not use trimmers in rain or high humidity.
  • Keep people and animals at least 15 m away from the cutting head: grass clippings, small debris and stones may fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and cause injuries.
  • The grass trimmer operator should wear heavy cloth clothing that fully covers arms and legs.
  • Work in protective goggles, gloves, headwear, closed shoes, special headphones or earplugs.
  • Grass trimmer lead must stay behind the mower.

So, the use of handheld devices for grass mowing allows you to maintain order on a small area. Mowers are best for large areas. Grass trimmers are also useful for haymaking and landscaping: fine trimmings can be used for mulching strawberries and other useful plants. See how this tool mows visually in the video.

Mowing with a cord trimmer is safer, but not always optimal. As they say, it is worth choosing a cutting mechanism under the peculiarities of your site of work or use integrated systems, where you can operate both the disc and the line for the trimmer, if necessary, setting the first, then the second.

As we’ve written before, a lawn mower with a fishing line comes in automatic, semi-automatic and manual. In the first case, the cutting element is “thrown” itself after each new start of the machine. This is very convenient but not economical enough, for example, if your area is irregularly shaped and has corners, jagged edges, and you have to turn the mechanism on and off for a long transition to each of these areas.

It is important for the operator to understand that the length of the line ends that he sees in front of him when extended is exactly the diameter that the device will mow. You can read the rules for threading the line into the spool in one of our articles, but the main thing to remember: the length of the line ends must be optimal to carry out a competent mowing.

How to mow with a chainsaw correctly? This should be done so that it will last you as long as possible:

  • keep the spool at a height of 10 cm from the ground;
  • When working with high grass. mow it on top, and then already at the stem to protect yourself from its winding on the device;
  • Drive the machine in the same direction in which the spool rotates;
  • Lawn grass, especially near walls and garden décor, is best mowed with the tips of the line so as not to overload the engine;
  • Give the machine a break every 15 minutes.

Any answers to questions about mowers you’ll find in this section of the site, but we’re also happy to offer spare parts for lawn mowers among our other range of gasoline tools.

Ideally, tall grass should be mowed with a powerful trimmer and a thick brush line. But, agree, the land where weeds grow is not always smooth, often landowners have bushes and all kinds of debris, stones. To avoid wasting expensive equipment it’s better to mow in two passes.

If you are preparing grass for hay and you know the condition of the ground to a greater or lesser degree, then you can predict your work more accurately. Any machine designed for grass mowing. can also cope with high overgrowth. The main thing. do not rush and competently approach the process, as we demonstrate in a practical video.

  • Do not overload the mechanism;
  • if the grass gets tangled, turn off the device immediately;
  • Do not mow wet grass, even with a gasoline trimmer.

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What’s better: grass trimmer or lawn mower

Each grass trimmer has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, you should choose the one whose advantages will be greater in this situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of lawn trimmer for grass

  • Compactness. Compared to a lawn mower has a much smaller size.
  • Mobility. grass trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • Is indispensable in hard-to-reach places.
  • Can be used in areas with uneven terrain.
  • Requires no special care after work. Simply wipe grass residue off the appliance and check the trimmer line.
  • Convenient for transportation.
  • Price appeal. Grass trimmer is cheaper than lawnmower.
  • The device has low power.
  • Mowing grass spreads on the lawn. After cutting, the grass cuttings must be gathered.
  • Can pull poorly rooted grass with roots.
  • There is a prohibition on mowing wet grass.
  • Noisy operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a lawn mower:

  • Mowing quality is even and neat, 30-40 cm wide.
  • Does not pull grass out by the root.
  • Practically silent.
  • Grass catcher box, so there is no need to collect the grass cuttings after work.
  • No special skills or physical exertion is required to use the appliance.
  • Suitable for work only on medium and large lawns.
  • Used on young lawns with not very tall grass.
  • Productive on flat areas and on slopes not exceeding 10 degrees.

It is better to buy a gasoline grass trimmer for lawn care. It will allow you to mow vegetation with varying stem thickness. If the lawn at the cottage is homogeneous, it will be sufficient to buy an electric grass trimmer with a capacity of 1 kW. Before buying, you should think about the conditions of storage of the device and its transportation.

Did you know? The first invented garden trimmer for grass was designed to remove weeds around trees. Its uniqueness was that as a result of the work did not damage the bark of the trees.

For areas with wild vegetation, it is better to use a metal knife as a cutting tool. Select unit based on the work it will regularly perform. Excessive power greatly increases grass trimmer weight and fuel consumption. The disadvantage. leads to poorly executed work and even breakage of the tool.

Rules for mowing

Lawn mowing is carried out in order to prolong the growth and development of grasses and prevent their blooming, to increase the root system of the grass and increase the density of green mass. In order to achieve positive results it is necessary to carry out the mowing process correctly. It will increase the life of the lawn and its ornamental value. Periodic mowing also helps control weeds.

Did you know? The word lawn is of French origin. In England, lawns are widely used because of a suitable climate. regular rainfall and not harsh winters.


There are a number of rules that should be followed when mowing:

  • The most favorable time for mowing is a warm evening the day after watering. Mowing a lawn right after a rain or watering is not recommended. Such actions can lead to furrows in the ground. Mowing on a hot day also has a negative effect on the lawn. Additional stress may negatively affect the grass growth.
  • There should be a certain order of cutting. First the two opposite sides are mowed in one pass. Then mow in stages in a perpendicular direction, starting at the edge. To ensure even mowing, each time you pass over a small part of the mown area.
  • For a uniform green carpet, the direction of cut should be changed by 90° with each successive cut.
  • Never cut more than 30% of the height of the plant in one go. Too much cutting can lead to the death of the plants.
  • After mowing, the lawn should be watered and fertilized. This will help remove stress from the plants more quickly.
  • Do not leave grass at least 3 cm high. This would be fatal, especially in dry periods.
  • After the procedure, remove the grass with a rake. Plant cuttings can be thrown into the compost heap.
  • Mowing should be done from May to mid-October. In late autumn, this procedure is dangerous. If the shoots do not grow in time for frost, such plants may die.
  • The instrument blades must be sharp. Otherwise, the tips of the grass might turn brown and yellow.
  • Regular cutting prevents the grass from becoming rigid. The frequency of mowing depends on the growth rate and is not less than 4-7 days.

How to adjust the brushcutter fasteners

Let’s start with the fact that some lawn mowers, especially those of Chinese origin, are simply impossible to balance due to too small dimensions of the boom and handles, lack of adjustment and support belt. Let’s go into the last point in more detail.

The brushcutters usually come with oblique cutting straps (sometimes not at all). However, professionals prefer special backpack straps, the design of which is designed so as to distribute the load evenly over the body. That’s why it makes sense to buy a backpack strap, especially if large areas need to be mowed regularly.

Before you start working with your brushcutter you should adjust the belt to make it more comfortable:

  • The hook should be just below. at palm width (10-15 cm). your hips in a strictly horizontal position.
  • You should hang it between the engine and the handles.
  • The balancing and anchoring of the device is done with the help of a lath or hinge. If the latter is the case, you can make fine adjustments by moving the loop on the bar.

Ideally, after these adjustments, the chainsaw should hang loosely with the belt without touching the ground or scraping upwards. In this case, the distance from the ground depends on the task at hand. when mowing the lawn is enough 5-10 inches, and when working with high grass should leave 20 to 30 cm.

If you have a shoulder harness, you need to adjust the shoulder straps so they do not sink in or hang loosely in your body during cutting. If you have trouble fitting the backpack strap, it is worth looking at the instruction manual. In addition, it is necessary to find such a position of the boom that it prevents accidental overlapping of the engine exhaust system.

Adjustment of the handles consists in choosing such position when your hands do not hold the tool in the air but only set the direction of mowing. In doing so, you need to let the bar move freely so that the handle does not strike your leg when mowing.

Warning. If after adjusting the handles the balance of the lawnmower becomes out of balance, the adjustment procedure must be repeated.

How to hold a brushcutter correctly

After the tool is completely balanced, and the operator wears protective equipment and an off-load belt, you can start the tool, attach it to the suspension belt, and start mowing the grass directly, observing the following recommendations:

  • the filament spool or disc should be held at a consistent distance from the ground, which depends on the task at hand (see above);
  • move about the mowing in a leisurely (duck-like) step;
  • The movement of the shaft should be smooth and not too fast;
  • avoid swinging too far so that the handle doesn’t strike your leg;
  • it is better to mow in the direction in which the trimmer line or disc rotates;
  • if the chainsaw cannot cope with tall grass, you should make two passes. firstly mow the top and then the lower part;
  • it is no use to keep the revolutions at the same level (if we speak about a disc, not a cord coil), because you can save a lot of fuel when you cut them backwards.

We hope that these simple tips will help users learn how to operate a chainsaw correctly. After all, with this tool, with the right approach, you can quickly improve the homestead or dacha site so that after this work “nothing hurts”.