How To Properly Cut A Tile With A Tile Cutter

3 ways to cut tiles at home Ways and tools for cutting and adjusting tiles with your own hands to the required size. How to use a manual tile cutter and grinder to cut tiles.

How to choose the right disc by tile

For cutting, metal discs are used with diamond plating along its edges. But they are different: for concrete, brick, stone. Tiled discs do not have any holes, the soldering on them is uniform and smooth. Discs for concrete have slots on the solder, and will chip when vibrated. If you cut ceramic tiles with them, then these chips can fly into your face.

How a manual tile cutter works

  • The tile is inserted into the tile cutter, and the markings on it are aligned with a special mark.
  • The handle is lowered and held away from you. It must be driven at the same speed and even pressure so that the roller cuts the glaze to the same depth. It will be enough to run the roller once. If you drive several times, the breakage can turn out to be of poor quality.
  • Next to the roller there are special paws that lower and break the tiles into 2 parts after a sharp push on the lever. Over, all tile cutters have a metal tubercle on their platform, and soft pads along the edges. When you press down on the edges of the tile with your paws, maximum tension will be created at the notch, if correctly aligned with the backing, and it will evenly break off.

It is difficult to explain this in words, so it is easier to look at which shows how to cut tiles correctly with a tile cutter:

High-quality tile cutters allow you to cut even 10 mm thick tiles without any problems. And it doesn’t matter at what angle you cut it: at least 45 degrees, at least 30.

3 ways to cut tile at home

Any process of laying ceramic tiles is not complete without cutting it. There will be a lot of it especially if you use some kind of non-standard layout, for example, diagonally. In the last article, we talked about which layout is better to choose in order to get uniform and beautiful cuts everywhere. Now we will talk about how to properly cut tiles at home.

As you know, tiles are made of baked clay, which is covered with glaze on top. It’s hard to break it with your hands, but if it lies on any unevenness, then it easily cracks from a small load. To simplify this process and make the required break line, you need to loosen the top layer of the glaze, that is, cut it, and therefore make efforts to break.

There are 3 main ways to do this:

  1. Special hand tool, electric tile cutter or special tongs.
  2. Bulgarian.
  3. Other handy sharp tools.

Let’s talk in more detail about each tile cutting method.

How to cut porcelain stoneware

It is believed that porcelain stoneware is the hardest material from which floor tiles are made. You can trim it in the same way as a regular tile.

Sometimes simple floor tiles are more difficult to cut than porcelain stoneware. There is a hardened tile on which, after cutting with a tile cutter, almost no notch in the glaze is visible. And even the diamond disc on the grinder does not take it, the cut turns out to be torn, like after a tractor. In such cases, you need to use a grinder, and saw off a 23 mm groove on the back to mark the place of the break.

We cut the tiles with a grinder

Sometimes there are cases when you need to cut a narrow strip of 0.52 cm tile, and a regular tile cutter does not take it, because it has too wide legs.

In such cases, you need to draw an incision with a pencil and make a cut with a grinder with a diamond disc. But if you try to cut it off in one go, the narrow strip will break off in parts. Therefore, you need to smoothly and without pressure walk the grinder along the markings to get an incision about 2 mm deep. You need to walk along the mowing line with the disc, and not directly along it, then the width of the already narrow strip will not decrease.

Using the same method, running several times along the same seam will cut a narrow strip. The second and next time it will be possible to drive the grinder faster, but try to press it to the opposite side, then there will be no chips.

It is better to do this work by weight, so the vibration will go into the hands. When you already see that the strip will soon fall, it is advisable to put something soft so that it does not break.

Cutting tiles with a grinder with a special diamond-coated disc on tiles

Be sure to wear glasses when working with a grinder.

We make a drink at 45 degrees

Ceramic pencil skirting is best for protecting the sharp outer corners of tiles

If you are using a professional electric tile cutter, the tilting platform there makes it easy to make a 45-degree angle on the tile bevel, but not everyone has such a tool. It is easy to make such an angle on your own using the same grinder by eye. The disc is guided along the cut line with the disc tilted slightly inward.

Undercut tiles at 45 degrees

How to cut tiles with an electric tile cutter?

If you plan to work with very hard and large-format tiles, then it is best to use professional equipment, an electric tile cutter. To work with such equipment, certain professional skills and abilities are required. In particular, since the cutting process is quite complex and time consuming. However, nevertheless, if you are interested in how to cut ceramic tiles as quickly and accurately as possible, even with very large volumes, then an electric tool is the best choice. Such equipment is quite expensive, but it pays off with repeated use and can serve for several decades. The design of the electric tile cutter is almost identical to the modern circular saw. The main differences are the discs used and the presence of water trays.

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Another feature of these machines is the ability to carry out a neat cut with a slope. This is very useful when cladding outside corners. In this case, the need for aluminum or plastic corners completely disappears. The product, which is docked in a corner with a 45 degree cut, looks very interesting.

We present to your attention a short instruction manual:

  • Pour water into the bath so that it overlaps the disc by 2-3 centimeters;
  • We measure out the part of the tile that needs to be cut off and put it on the machine;
  • Then we press our canvas to the machine and slowly bring it to the disk. It is not recommended to press hard on the disc, as it may stop;
  • Now you need to make a cut along the second mowing line. To do this, carefully lift the tile and do a similar procedure.

How to cut ceramic tiles correctly: 4 ways

Ceramic tiles are a very durable and attractive facing material in all respects. However, the tiling process is not as easy as it sounds and requires patience and preparation. In order to successfully install this material on the floor, on the wall, around the edges of the room, around electrical appliances, window frames, pipes or various projections, it is necessary to use specialized equipment. However, before starting directly to work, you will definitely need to decide how and how to cut ceramic tiles.

How to cut with a manual tile cutter?

This tool is only used for making light straight cuts. With it, you can cut the tiles either evenly or diagonally. In this case, the direction does not matter. This equipment is very easy to use. At the same time, before cutting a tile with a tile cutter, you must have a general idea of ​​its structure. The tool is a base where special tubular runners are fixed. A carriage with a hard alloy roller slides over them. After the marking is applied, the tiles are laid on this base as required.

Here are the basic guidelines for using this tool:

  • It is necessary to apply a roller to the tile and make a neat cut using a special handle. In this case, only one cut is needed. Don’t cut the same spot two or three times. The result will be disastrous material will break completely in the wrong way. It is also because of this that you need to carefully monitor the sharpness of the cutting device. On specialized professional models, it is removable, therefore, if necessary, a dull roller can be easily changed.
  • It is worth noting that in order to obtain high-quality tiles when working with such a tool, you also need to be able to correctly break the material. On the basis of the equipment, in the course of the cut, a small tubercle is provided, which lifts the edge of the ceramic product clearly above the cut and then releases its ends. It is thanks to this that the tubercle, together with the slot on the tile, acts as a guide for breaking. In addition, the product also breaks with the help of a movable T-shaped heel, which is located in front of the roller. This heel must be set exactly in the middle of the cut so that when the lever is pressed, it presses on the blade. Also this tile cutter can be cut diagonally.

Working with a glass cutter

The simplest, cheapest and easiest tool for processing ceramic products is a glass cutter. It can be of two types: with a small diameter roller and with a diamond tip. There are practically no special differences in work between them, however, the first tool is more convenient to use. In addition, cutting tiles with a glass cutter is no different from cutting glass.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions for working with this tool:

  • Firstly, before cutting the tile with a glass cutter, you need to accurately mark the cut line with an erased marker or pencil on its glossy side. For this, it is also advisable to use corners or metal rulers. With a ruler on the mowing line, you only need to run the glass cutter once from the far edge of the ceramic to you. Over, trying to distribute the force as evenly as possible when pressing the tool. Thus, you will get an absolutely even line, a depression that weakening the strength of the canvas.
  • Secondly, you need to position the tiles on the table so that the line of the notch on the product and the edge of the table completely coincide. Further, carefully holding part of the tile on the table, you need to press on its other edge: the product will break gently and precisely. After all work, the edges can be sanded.

Ceramic cutting tool

The quality of the cladding will depend on how the ceramic material is processed. If you are interested in how you can cut ceramic tiles, then, first of all, pay attention to the following tools:

  • Manual tile cutter;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Electric tile cutter;
  • Bulgarian.

Using this equipment, you can perform both standard cutting operations and rather complex procedures. For example, cutting rectangular and round holes, trimming edges. Each of these tools is used for a specific amount of work. In addition, it has its own functional features that must be taken into account when starting the process of processing ceramics.

How to properly cut ceramic tiles: 4 ways How to properly cut ceramic tiles with a tile cutter?

Laying tiles requires certain skills and qualifications. This is especially true when you need to adjust the tile to the desired size and you have to work with a grinder or tile cutter. Most of the damaged tiles occur during pruning.

Tile cutting scheme with glass cutter.

The main rules when working with a tile cutter

It is necessary to check that the wheel is securely fixed and rotates strictly along the axis, and does not stagger to the sides. If the wheel is loose, then it must be secured by tightening the fastening bolt, otherwise an even cut will not come out. It is better to lightly lubricate the wheel and guide frame with machine oil immediately before operation. But do not overdo it, you need 2-3 drops of oil, no more.

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When cutting tiles, the rule applies: the denser the tile, the thinner the strip can be cut from it. But still, cutting a strip less than 5 mm with a tile cutter will not work, for such cases you need special nippers.

Choosing a tile cutter

Regardless of which tiles you want to trim, wall or floor, and regardless of the direction in which you need to trim them, the edges of the cut pieces should be as even as possible. After all, an uneven, carelessly cut tile, if laid on the surface, will immediately catch the eye.

It is best to cut the tile with a tile cutter.

However, an electric tile cutter is expensive, so if you have tiling in your renovation plans, it’s best to purchase a manual tile cutter.

Externally, the tile cutter looks like a platform with attached tongs. But according to its principle of action, it rather resembles a glass cutter. As in the glass cutter, the main working body in the tile cutter is a heavy-duty alloy wheel. Compared to a glass cutter, it is significantly larger, since other surfaces have to be cut. But the principle of operation is the same: the wheel makes a scratch on the tile where the break is needed.

How to cut tiles correctly?

First, you need to measure the required distance on the tile and apply the cut line with a construction marker or felt-tip pen. At this mark, you need to cut the tile to get a straight cut. The tile is laid on the base of the cutter with the applied line up, and so that the wheel and the applied line coincide.

Holding the tile with one hand, with the other we raise the handle with the wheel so that the wheel is on the tile in its upper part in relation to you at the very beginning of the future fault. Having put the wheel, you need to move the handle towards you with a little pressure so that the risk remains. Only one pass needs to be done. If you do more, you will not be able to accurately trace the mowing line and the break will turn out to be ugly, crooked.

The tile cutter is a versatile tile cutter.

The cut tiles are divided into parts using special stops, similar to wings. When cutting, the roller does not allow the stops to press on the surface, but when the risk is cut, they are put into action. To do this, reinstall the bar in the lower part so that the stops press on the lower third of the tile near the base of the handle and on the lower part of its surface.

Stops should be equipped with special pads so as not to leave marks on the surface. If they are not there, then they can be replaced by wrapping the ends of the supports in several layers with adhesive plaster or tape. Having secured the tile, we hold the lever with our left hand, and with our right hand we lightly hit it from above. The tile should split in two. But even if the tile did not crack after the impact, you should not immediately panic. You may not have hit hard enough, hit again harder.

How To Properly Cut A Tile With A Tile Cutter

If the cut is made correctly, the split will be flat. But even if the break turned out to be not very even, then it can always be corrected using a grinding stone or sandpaper.

How to properly cut tiles with a grinder and glass cutter?

The tile cutter is the best solution when you need to cut tiles. However, it so happens that the amount of work is too small to buy a tile cutter. In this case, a grinder or glass cutter will come to the rescue.

When working with a grinder, you need to remember that this is a tool of increased danger. This rule becomes even more relevant if you cut tiles with a grinder, because they were not originally designed for such work. Therefore, it is impossible in any case to cut the tile with a grinder that is not equipped with a protective cover. You also need to take care of your own eyes and ears by wearing safety glasses and headphones.

Only a diamond wheel should be used for cutting tiles. A circle for metal cannot cope with such work. The tile must be securely fixed. After turning on the grinder, you need to wait until the disc picks up speed, and then, pressing down a little, run the disc along the mowing line of the marking. You must drive the disc from yourself.

When working, the grinder must be kept level so that the disc is always at an angle of 90º to the cut line. Compared to a tile cutter, the cut will not be as high-quality, but after processing with a grinding wheel it will look decent.

If you do not have a tile cutter or a grinder, and the tiles need to be cut, you can also use a regular glass cutter. But when using a glass cutter, the tiles will need to be soaked in water for at least an hour. And only after that start marking and cutting.

The tile cutting technique is no different from glass cutting. Place the tiles on a flat and stable surface. A ruler is placed near the drawn mowing line. Then, with a glass cutter, run along the marked mowing line, while you should not make the cut too deep. Once the cut is made, the tile is moved to the edge of the surface so that the edge of the surface and the cut are aligned. Now it is enough to press on both sides, and the tile will crack exactly along the notch.

You can use a carbide-bladed jigsaw to trim the tiles. But working with him is too slow. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to trim one tile with a jigsaw, which is too much, especially considering how many such operations need to be performed during installation.

Today, ceramic tiles have become one of the most demanded materials for interior decoration. And if you decide to save money and put it on yourself, then you will definitely face the need to cut.

If you have not had to cut tiles before, then before starting work, it is better to practice on defective material. So you will fill your hand a little, and there will not be a bad tile for AL-KO. The main thing is not to despair and not give up after the first setbacks. And then everything will work out for you.

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Manual tile cutter device

The manual version consists of parts such as:

  1. Base.
  2. Tube guides for precise movement of the cutting element.
  3. Cutting element.
  4. Metal wheel with sharpened edges.
  5. Lever handle that allows you to move the carriage with a wheel along the intended mowing line of the notch.

Scheme of using a manual tile cutter.

The hand cutting tool has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Simplicity of execution and operation;
  • Minimal effort to cut tiles;
  • Compared to other hand cutting tool, glass cutter, more accurate result.

However, it is not possible to cut off a tile edge less than 5 mm with a manual tile cutter. Basically, the cutting of tiles is as follows:

  1. The line of the cut is outlined.
  2. Ceramic or tile is fixed to the base of the tile cutter.
  3. An incision is made along the intended mowing line using the cutting wheel.
  4. A lever is lowered, which breaks the tile into 2 halves.

How to properly cut tiles with a tile cutter?

Facing walls and floors with ceramic tiles implies precise adjustment of its dimensions to the geometry of the room. However, few people know how to cut tiles with a tile cutter. Professionals do this in a mechanized way with an electric tile cutter. For domestic purposes, a manual equivalent is suitable.

For household renovation work, it is most convenient to use a manual tile cutter.

How to cut ceramic tiles: nuances

After the ceramic tile is firmly attached to the base of the cutting tool, raise the lever so that the wheel is placed on the cutting line. The handle must be moved smoothly. It is necessary to monitor the force of pressing the lever. If you press lightly on the handle, the cut will be shallow. It will be difficult to break such ceramic tiles. If the lever is pressed more firmly, cracks and chips may appear on the face surface.

With the correct use of the tool, tiles break easily and evenly.

If you are cutting products for the first time, you should first practice on small pieces so that the cut is even. It is also necessary to remember that the cut with the cutting wheel must be made with one movement of the lever. If you do not do this right away, you may not get on the cut line again.

Tile in its composition does not differ much from that made of ceramics. The only difference between the two is the base color. The tile is lighter in color. It is necessary to cut tile in the same way as ceramic.

After making the cut, the ceramic tiles are laid on a flat surface. It is necessary to sharply press on the cut line and break it.

If the edge is not completely flat, it must be smoothed with sandpaper or a grinding stone.

How to cut tiles: preparatory stage of work

Before making an incision, the instrument must be prepared. To do this, inspect it and check for damage on its surface. Tubular guides are subject to inspection.

Precautions must be taken when cutting tiles.

After that, it is worth checking the smoothness of the movement of the cutting tool. The surface of the wheel must be cleaned of possible dirt. Before starting work, a little machine oil is applied to the tubular guides and the cutting tool. It is necessary to check how the wheel is fixed. If it dangles from side to side, the cut will be uneven. The wheel should be checked for wear and replaced if necessary.

To work with a cutting tool, you need to think about your safety. Gloves must be worn. Care should be taken not to get your fingers caught in the cutting wheel. Eyes also need to be protected with construction glasses from small particles of tiles and dust.

The hand tool is ready, you can start working with the tiles. First of all, a cut line is applied to its surface. This can be done with a felt-tip pen or construction pencil. The wall or floor tiles are then installed on the base of the tile cutter. Some designs of hand tools provide special clamps to ensure its rigid fixation.

How to cut floor tiles: tips

It is more convenient to cut porcelain stoneware with an electric tile cutter.

If the floor will be decorated with ceramic granite, then there are some peculiarities. This flooring is more durable than conventional floor or wall tiles. Hand tools will not work for cutting porcelain stoneware.

To cut a porcelain stoneware floor, you must use an electric tile cutter. With this tool, you can make a high-quality and even cut. The electrical unit consists of a platform with a fixed cutting element, a motor and a container with liquid.

In the process of work, the place of the cut on the tile is wetted with water or the disc is partially immersed in water. This reduces the formation of construction dust. In addition, the use of water prevents the ceramic from cracking.

The electric tile cutter allows you to cut edges less than 5mm wide. The design of this tool provides the ability to make an incision at an angle of 45, as well as make a hole or recess. The cut edge is smooth and does not require additional processing.

The floor structure can also be cut with a grinder. Even an unprepared person can do this. It is best to choose an adjustable speed grinder.

However, the cut edges are uneven and require additional sanding.

Ceramic tiles are the most common material for wall and floor cladding. You can cut the tiles with different tools. You should know some of the features of this process. So, tile and ceramic almost do not differ from each other, so the process of cutting this material is the same. You can cut tiles with a conventional glass cutter, or with a manual or electric tile cutter, grinder. Porcelain stoneware flooring is most often cut with power tools.

As is clear, there is nothing complicated here. The main thing is patience and minimal skills of such work. Good luck!