How to properly dilute chainsaw oil

The main task of creating a mixture for lubricating the chain is uninterrupted operation of the engine, complete combustion of the fuel, so that as a result, smoke, soot or scuffs cannot form. Compliance with the right proportions, correct operation and high-quality ingredients will help you use the chainsaw for various household tasks as long as possible.

In what proportions to mix liquids?

The proportions of the gasoline-oil mixture for each brand of saw are determined by the manufacturer. The most common proportion is 1:50, optimal for saws above 1.5 kW. However, some manufacturers may focus on other proportions: Chinese. 1:25, Partner. 1:40. For chainsaws with a power less than 1.5 kW, Stihl and Husqvarna recommend a ratio of 25 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

It is very important to correctly maintain the required ratio, since with a lack of oil, rubbing of rubbing surfaces is possible, and bearing wear accelerates. At the same time, an excess of oil leads to a reduction in the engine resource due to an increase in shock loads on the cylinder-piston group and carbon formation

It is best to prepare a gasoline-oil mixture immediately before use and immediately refuel the chainsaw, and leave the unburned mixture in the tank for more than a few days. This is due to the fact that oil additives are destroyed during storage. Therefore, it is better to drain the mixture from the tank, and then use up the remaining gasoline at idle speed. To make the mixture, you can purchase a special canister with separate holes for gasoline and oil. The ingredients should be poured into the appropriate holes and then mixed by tilting the canister. It is better to start with oil and then dilute it with gasoline. You can also use a plastic or glass bottle, but there is a risk of static electricity, which can cause an explosion.

dilute, chainsaw

A plastic bottle is also dangerous because it can bend spontaneously, which will lead to the mixture getting on the saw and on the skin of the hands. It is inadmissible to get into the mixture of water or small particles. The container for mixing fuel must be thoroughly rinsed and completely dried before starting work. To dilute the mixture correctly, the bottle must be graduated. For example, for a 1:50 mixture, mark the bottle in a multiple of 51. You can use water as a measuring liquid. Then for the 204 mark, you need 4 ml of oil to dilute with 200 ml of gasoline. A plastic syringe can be used to add ingredients to the scoop, but without a needle. Keep volumetric containers tightly closed. Both the measure and the syringe should be protected from dust.

The chainsaw can be your helper for years to come if you handle it carefully and carefully.

How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil?

To prepare a mixture of gasoline and oil, the gardener will need a small container, a measuring cup, and a watering can. As a rule, manufacturers of garden equipment complete their chainsaws with branded cans or cans, made mainly of plastic. However, it is best to use metal cans for fuel preparation. they do not react with oil additives and gasoline components, ensuring the safety of the operator and the environment. In addition, metal cans can stand for longer in direct sunlight, while plastic containers begin to melt in hot weather.

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Fuel mixture preparation container

graduated canisters

You can also use simpler containers that are always at hand, for example, plastic bottles or glass, but static electricity appears in such objects. It is imperative to make sure that dust or moisture, solid particles do not get into the container, if all proportions are observed, then you need to mix everything well.

When the mixture is finally ready, it can be poured into the tank without carefully developing the fuel and so that it is not completely filled. Depending on the use of the chainsaw, you need to either completely use all the lubricant or drain it into a container and then refill it as necessary, but no later than 30 days.

It is good to use various additives recommended by equipment manufacturers so that the fuel is of better quality. There are a lot of additives on sale and you can choose the right one for your chainsaw.

Saws of the new generation

Sometimes the future is not easy to predict, but there is a lot to be said about new chainsaws that have not entered the mainstream market. It’s just a matter of time before the electronic engine management system is used in the world of chainsaw development.

Modern carburetors will soon give way to what the automotive world calls an electronic fuel injection system. These technologies control the operation of the engine and regulate the flow of the fuel mixture. This system will enable professional tools to achieve greater work efficiency and reduce emissions.

BioPlus chain oil overview

Bioplus is plant-based, which allows it to disintegrate in the shortest possible time when it enters the soil. This very property has been awarded the European environmental label. According to the official information on the manufacturer’s website, BioPlus has been tested in accordance with the OECD three hundred and one B.

For the greatest convenience of consumers, it is packed in four types of containers, these are:

  • Liter bottle.
  • Canister with a capacity of three liters.
  • Five liter canister.
  • 20 liter plastic canister for those who use a chainsaw once a day and waste a lot of lubricants.

BioPlus cost may vary depending on the region of implementation.

Shelf life of BioPlus. Four years. Brown color.

How to make the correct chain lubricant mixture

it is better to dilute the mixture 1:40

For self-preparation of the mixture, you need to use A-92 and A-95 gasoline, if the octane number is lower, this can lead to engine breakdown. If gasoline has stood in a canister or other container for a long time, it is considered stale and loses its properties. Chainsaw on poor fuel will not be able to work powerfully and efficiently.

Experts advise choosing an oil for most chainsaws that are used in our regions, with API-TB and API-TC classes designed for two-stroke engines. You should not save on ingredients, but buy high-quality oils from well-known manufacturers and precisely observe the proportions for preparing the mixture.

If you add more oil to the mixture, it will lead to the formation of deposits in the candles and pistons. Excess gasoline will contribute to the appearance of seizure marks on the pistons and the rapid failure of the chainsaw engine. Before preparing the mixture, you must carefully read the instructions for this model of equipment.

It is not recommended to store ready-made mixtures for a long time, maximum 1 month; it cannot be kept open or in the sun. Water or dust trapped in the mixture can damage the carburetor, as the installed filter will not be able to completely clean the fuel.

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How to dilute chainsaw oil. expert advice

Stihl oil

Stihl produces its own oil for its tools. High quality Stihl 2-stroke oil with high lubricity.

Consider the table of the assortment of oils for chainsaws from the official site of Stihl.

How To Fix A ChainSaw If It Won’t Oil The Bar And Chain. Video

Here we see two types of motor oils:

  • HP
  • mineral base,
  • has a shelf life of 4 years,
  • minimum application temperature:.10 ° C
  • available in volumes from 20 ml to 55 l.
  • HPUltra
  • synthetic,
  • has a shelf life of 4 years,
  • completely burns out in the piston group,
  • biologically safe and degrades more than 80% in 21 days,
  • low smoke,
  • minimum application temperature:.25 ° C
  • available in 100 ml and 1 l volumes.

The manufacturer also, in the description of the lubricants, suggests how to dilute the mixture for refueling the saw. in a ratio of 1:50.

Stihl HP Review

Stihl HP is a high quality chainsaw lubricant designed to lubricate internal engine parts during engine operation. It is made on a mineral basis and has good combustion performance (it has a low level of emission of harmful substances during combustion).

Original Stihl HP is red and sold in Stihl branded packaging.

It comes in several packaging options, the most popular of which is a one liter bottle with a built-in dispenser. You can also find Stihl HP in cans of five, ten and fifty-five liters.

The smallest package of Stihl HP, which is convenient to use in cases where you need to prepare only one liter of fuel mixture, is a twenty-gram plastic bottle.

Also, the company produces one hundred gram bottles of Stihl HP, which can be used to prepare five liters of fuel mixture.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Stihl HP can be used to mix for any two-stroke engine.

The shelf life, if stored in a closed container, is 4 years.

What gasoline to pour into a chainsaw?

According to experts, you should use unleaded gasoline, obtained by adding lead-free additives, the octane number of which exceeds 90. For foreign models, it is required to fill in gasoline of higher grades and use branded oils from tool manufacturers. The AI-92 grade fuel is considered perfect. How to dilute gasoline for the Stihl 180 chainsaw? In this case, oils are meant in a mixture of 1:40. AI-95 fuel is also quite suitable for it, but according to professionals it is better not to use it for chainsaws.

The fact is that it is made on the basis of AI-92 with the use of certain additives that change the quality of the fuel. These components are deposited on the inner parts of the tool and, upon reaching a critical mass, begin to flake off, disrupting the operation of the mechanism. The best option is to follow the instructions that come with the selected model. It is recommended to use fresh gasoline, because during long-term storage in containers, octane properties are lost.

Gasoline with chainsaw oil. how to dilute and why it is done

Chainsaws from different companies are based on a two-stroke internal combustion engine, which drives the cutting headset of the tool. To drive the internal combustion engine, the proportions of gasoline with chainsaw oil are used. Combining gasoline with oil is a mandatory procedure, so if you just bought a tool, then you need to understand the features of its refueling.

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Correct proportions

Most often, when preparing fuel for saw operation, proportions of 1:50 and 1:40 are used. This means that for 50 or 40 parts of gasoline, one part of oil is added. Calculations are made as follows: 1 l = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, that is, in the first case, pour 20 ml into each liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there are no instructions and you do not know the proportions for preparing the mixture, then use the following recommendations:

  • Tool and oil from the same brand. For example, for a Stihl chainsaw, the ratio of gasoline to Stihl oil will be the same as indicated on the container with oil, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different brands. a ratio of 1:40 is chosen.
  • There is only one brand, but there is no information on the ratios of substances in the oil. they dilute 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on saw and oil, dilute the mixture in a ratio of 1:40. The only thing to make sure that the oil is designed for two-stroke engines.

To run a new saw in the first three refueling of the fuel tank, add 20% more oil. In this case, instead of a ratio of 1:50, it will be 1:42, and the ratio of 1:40 turns into 1:33. A liter of gasoline will require 24 or 33 ml of oil, respectively. No other running-in measures are carried out with the new saw. Manufacturers advise to work only at the highest speed at all times. After running in the tool, use the usual proportions of 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment indicates other ratios, for example, 1:25 or 1:32, they must be observed.

Mixing ratio

Very often people ask the question, how much oil per liter of gasoline is considered the norm. It is easy to answer it, because the instructions for any Stihl chainsaw, as well as on the additive package, indicate that when using original Stihl products, the proportions of oil and gasoline should be 1:50. This means that for one liter of fuel, it is necessary to add 20 ml of the additive.

During the running-in period of a new chainsaw, it is allowed to slightly increase the amount of oil by one liter of gasoline. For example, you can dilute one liter, 25 ml of oil, this will reduce the load on the rubbing parts and extend the life of the chainsaw.

What happens if you do not take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations?

In case of violation of the rules for the preparation of fuel and lubricant mixtures and non-observance of the proportions when adding oil to gasoline at the Stihl 180 chainsaw; the following problems arise:

  • With an increase in friction, the wear of the working surfaces of parts will increase.
  • Insufficient lubricant will cause bearings to deteriorate.
  • The full functioning of mechanical assemblies is disrupted due to premature wear of parts, their service life is significantly reduced.
  • When using low-grade gasoline and oils, the performance of the unit decreases with the subsequent breakdown of important components and parts.

The fuel is prepared before refueling the saw, avoiding excessive contact with oxygen. After finishing work, the remaining mixture must be drained.