How To Use A Stihl Chainsaw

Chainsaw start

Having filled in the fuel mixture and chain lubricant, you can proceed to the second stage. starting the chainsaw. Here you will also find the manufacturer’s instructions useful.

It briefly and clearly describes the main stages of this operation:

  • Checking the chain tension (pulling the upper middle links). If they give in with some effort, it means that the chain is tensioned well enough. If the saw chain sags, then you need to use the tensioning mechanism and tighten it.
  • We pull the chain along the tire. It rotates easily under normal tension. If you have overtightened the chain, then you need to loosen it a little. Along the way, we look at the position of the chain brake (a wide plastic shield next to the front handle). It must be turned on (pushed forward from the front handle that is holding the saw). At idle, when the engine is warming up, we don’t need the chain to rotate. That’s why we put her on the brake.
  • We install the chainsaw on a flat surface. Hold the front handle with your left hand. We put our right foot on the rear handle, turn on the ignition button, extend the throttle and several times sharply pull the starter handle. As soon as the engine gives the first "flash", push the throttle and again sharply pull the starter handle until the engine starts.
  • Disengage the chain brake, making sure that there are no foreign objects under the saw chain that it can pick up, and press the gas a couple of times to warm up the tool.
  • We check the supply of lubricant to the chain. To do this, we bring the saw to any light object (sheet of paper, board, stump cut). If a trace of oil appears on it, it means that sufficient lubricant is supplied to the chain.

The starting procedure described above is performed on a cold engine. If the saw has already worked for some time and has been muted, then its start is done with the starter handle without using the throttle.

Stihl household chainsaws

  • MS 170 power kW 1.3 / 1.8 HP;
  • MS 180, power kW 1.5 / 2 HP;
  • MS 180 C BE, power kW 1.5 / 2 HP;
  • MS 181, power kW 1.5 / 2 HP;
  • MS 181 C BE, power kW 1.5 / 2 HP;
  • MS 211, power kW 1.7 / 2.3 HP;
  • MS 211 C BE, power kW 1.7 / 2.3 HP;
  • MS 230, power kW 2 / 2.7 HP;
  • MS 230 C BE, power kW 2 / 2.7 HP;
  • MS 250, power kW 2.3 / 3.1 HP;
  • MS 250 C BE, power kW 2.3 / 3.1 HP (the model is realized without a cutting attachment).

How To Use A Stihl Chainsaw

Chainsaw operation overview

Stihl chainsaws for horticulture and agriculture

  • Stihl MS 271, power kW 2.6 / 3.5 HP;
  • Stihl MS 291, power kW 2.8 / 3.8 HP.

Basic configuration of stihl chainsaws:

  • Chainsaw;
  • User’s manual;
  • Packaging;
  • Instruction;
  • Universal key.

Instrument preparation

A chainsaw is a motorized tool based on a two-stroke internal combustion engine. It cannot run on pure gasoline, so a gas-oil mixture must be prepared to start.

Its proportion is simple: for 1 liter of gasoline of the brand not lower than A92 (for expensive imported chainsaws, the brand is not lower than A95), we take 20 grams of special engine oil for chainsaws. In the instructions, this proportion is designated 1:50. After stirring fuel and oil in a plastic container, open the filler neck and fill the tank with a combustible mixture.

Beginners are advised to be careful not to confuse the fuel filler neck with the chain oil filler neck. On some models of chainsaws, they are both located on the same side of the body. They can be distinguished by a special marking applied next to the hole. You will see a gas station icon on the fuel filler neck. A drop symbol is applied next to the oil filler neck.

Good chain lubrication is essential for the quality of your chainsaw and the long life of your bar. The chainsaw instruction manual recommends using only the manufacturer’s original oil. In addition to it, it is allowed to fill in high-quality automotive engine oil with a viscosity of W30-W40. We do not recommend using dirty mining and other oil surrogates for chain lubrication.

The mark up to which the chain oil is poured into the tank is always close to the filler neck. When working with a chainsaw, do not forget to glance at it periodically so as not to miss the moment of refilling the tank. In addition to the saw chain, occasionally (once a month) the bearing of the bar located on its outer end part should be lubricated. Some tires have a hole there, into which a few drops of oil are sprayed with a syringe. Refueling the saw should only be done on a horizontal hard surface.

General information

The characteristics of this saw are a reason for the pride of the German manufacturer. In this case, the unit is a tool that is designed to perform a small amount of work. The tool is positioned for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its use, which should not exceed 20 hours per month. Having such a unit at your disposal, it will not be difficult for you to maintain order in your garden, to prepare firewood for the winter, and also to clear areas. At the same time, he will be able to help you in solving other problems where there is no need to perform complex manipulations.

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Clockwork device

As with other saws, the carburetor acts as the main starting device. Considering in more detail the carburetor that the Stihl 180 chainsaw is equipped with, it should be noted that it has a single tuning screw. In other words, it is a kind of idle speed adjustment screw. In this case, the nozzle, which has a full load, is stationary all the time.

In other words, the regulation is not applicable to it. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load in any way. You also need to pay attention to the factory settings, due to which the supply of the air-fuel mixture is carried out directly to the engine. over, this principle remains regardless of the operating conditions of the tool.

Main characteristics

The saw in question can be considered a compact option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large oil and fuel tank. A two-stroke engine helps the device to perform its working functions, the power of which is sufficient for solving simple tasks. In addition to this, during operation, this instrument does not generate strong noise, the level of which does not exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it is enough to say that human speech creates noise at a level of 76 dB.

  • The Stihl 180 chainsaw has a power of 2.6 watts. In principle, this is sufficient, bearing in mind that we are talking about a tool for household use.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.145 l, the fuel tank is 0.25 l.
  • Designed for 350mm tire with 0.325 inch pitch.

Other malfunctions

  • For many owners, the question regarding the correct idle speed after emptying the fuel from the gasoline tanks is relevant for many owners. According to experts, there is no need to worry too much about this. However, if you have to deal with a similar problem often, then it is enough to manipulate the carburetor by reducing engine speed in order to restore normal operation of the tool.
  • In some cases, the owner may need to clean the muffler as this part may be causing the malfunction. This operation is easy enough. It must be remembered that many owners are faced with problematic chainsaw operation due to a faulty carburetor.
  • Although in some cases it can be quite simple to troubleshoot a malfunction, it is preferable if specialists will repair this equipment. After all, not each of us has the necessary knowledge and skills, and this is fraught with the fact that during self-troubleshooting there is a risk of completely disabling the tool.

Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start: main reasons

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in the production of units for agricultural and construction work, among which the most demanded is the equipment manufactured by Stihl. The high level of quality is not the only reason why the products of this manufacturer are popular in the market. This was also facilitated by the democratic price and optimal power that the models of this brand have.

It seems that many have had to use a chainsaw of a similar brand. And not just use, but regularly perform a wide variety of work and make sure of the high performance characteristics of this tool. Such a proliferation of these products is no coincidence, given that in addition to power, this instrument stands out for its graceful design. However, one must remember that this is still a technique for which the resource of work is limited. Therefore, each owner of such a unit at some point is faced with the need for repair. Next, we will talk about the features of repairing the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

Saw won’t start: reasons and solutions

  • Speaking of the saw 180, it must be said that this tool has many advantages. At the same time, this unit is not devoid of disadvantages. Attention will be paid to them.
  • It is a common situation that many owners find themselves in when the Stihl chainsaw does not start and fills in a candle. This is usually attributed to the formation of a leak in the oil used to lubricate the chain. The same happens for the reason that over time, the area where the hose of the oil pump and the oil tank joins loses its former tightness.
  • In principle, this problem is solvable, but in order to do everything correctly, you need to take into account the design of the chainsaw in question. By itself, this process provides for certain nuances, first of all, it is necessary to disassemble the unit, and without this it will be impossible to get to the required place.
  • For many owners of this saw, the question is, why does the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? Experts give the following recommendation on this matter: the first thing to do for those who have encountered a similar problem is to open and then close the lid located on the gas tank. There is another solution. you need to remove the candle and let it dry. You can also create the effect of artificial ventilation for the combustion chamber. Most often, these recommendations are enough to bring the device back to working condition. However, this does not always help to restore the operation of the Stihl chainsaw.
  • If there is a spark, but attempts to start the chainsaw do not lead to anything, then in this case you need to check the supply of gasoline, the air filter, and then make sure that the spark plug is working. Such manipulations must be done for the reason that most often such malfunctions are caused by contamination of the breather. And if a plug forms in it, then, naturally, a vacuum environment will be created in the gas tank, due to which the fuel will not flow. A similar problem can be solved quite simply, for which it is enough to remove the dirt using a needle.
  • Some owners face this problem when the saw itself starts, but immediately starts to stall. Look for the cause of the saw not starting in the carburetor. Most likely, he managed to get clogged and therefore does not allow the tool to work correctly.
  • To make sure that the breather is not the cause of the malfunction, and it is in working order, you must first disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, and then find out if there is a fuel leak.
  • Keep in mind that it is natural for a properly functioning chainsaw to have a strong and stable jet of gasoline. In addition, it is often possible to observe a situation when the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start up hot and immediately stalls at the same moment or after a while. Usually a similar malfunction is associated with a muffler. Most likely, it has accumulated a lot of deposits associated with long-term operation of the tool, which is usually accompanied by the formation of exhaust.
  • At the same time, the saw may stop starting if the tool chain is poorly lubricated. This can be facilitated by channels that have a plug, or the reason should be looked for in an oil pipe that has a leak.
  • A serious problem can be leaks in the connecting pipes or at the installation site of the oil pump fittings.
  • There are cases when the Stihl 180 chainsaw begins to stall due to a failed cylinder. To make sure if this is really so, it is enough to conduct an inspection. If, as a result of the examination, you find irregularities and chips, then this is a clear sign of breakage.
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Saw Specifications

This kind of chainsaw is simply indispensable when working with sawing large tree trunks, and is also great for cutting solid wood structures. STIHL MS 660 is a true professional who is the embodiment of sophistication and practicality thanks to its design.

Today, millions of consumers use this tool and unanimously speak of its undeniable benefits. So, let’s first take a look at exactly what features this "giant" of technology has:

Now let’s talk directly about the technical characteristics of this model. So:

  • The tool is equipped with a powerful motor with a total volume of 91.6 cm2;
  • Indicated power. 5200 W;
  • Total weight. 7.3 kg;
  • The length of the tire on the chainsaw is about 63 cm;
  • The chain pitch of the device is from 3 to 8 cm;
  • The tool is equipped with two tanks. oil and fuel with volumes of 825 and 350 cm2;
  • Idling speed. 2500 rpm;
  • Maximum speed. 13500 rpm;
  • Vibration level. 7.0 m / s2;
  • Sound pressure level. 101 dB;
  • Sound power level. 109 dB.

The cost of the saw corresponds to the declared characteristics of the manufacturer.

Stihl MS-660 chainsaw China: operating instructions, specifications Stihl MS-660. how to use

Today, progress has stepped forward and has greatly simplified our lives. After all, now we do not spend so much time on this or that work, which we previously performed twice as long, and our strength is being taken care of. Including progress "jumped" up in the production of power tools.

For information on how to choose the right chainsaw for your home, see here.

A chainsaw has become an indispensable helper for us, with the help of which you can easily and with minimal expenditure of effort cut large logs and already prepare firewood for the winter with pleasure. Ease of use and practicality are the main advantages of this "assistant".

This article is devoted to one of the models that are overwhelmingly popular and in demand among Russian consumers, but what about domestic consumers, the whole world enjoys its work and unique characteristics. Here you can familiarize yourself with the chainsaw of the Chinese manufacturer stihl 660. The analogue is the stihl ms 180 chainsaw, a copy that is definitely worthy of your attention, and if you also consider how much the device costs, then it will be difficult to find fault with it.

About the manufacturer Stihl

In the early twenties, the stihl company was born, the head of which was the unsurpassed engineer A. Stihl. In the first years of its activity, the company was exclusively engaged in the production of steam boilers and washing machines. But apparently this was not enough for the manufacturer and chainsaws began to appear from his machines.

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Today this manufacturer is represented by a huge company, which consists of more than thirty enterprises located throughout the world. The manufacturer began to produce motor vehicles, taking into account the fact that these products will perfectly serve for consumers, both for construction work, and for garden and household needs. And most importantly, what I would like to emphasize is that chainsaws of this brand are the best and most popular around the world.

The Stihl 660 chainsaw is democratic and affordable. As a rule, the price of a Chinese chainsaw Stihl ms 660 ranges from 3100 to 5500 rubles. To see the rating of chainsaws for giving go here.

Manual for the operation and start of the MC Stihl chainsaw. how to start the device

When putting the device into operation, it is important to remember the following aspects:

  • Before starting work with any kind of chainsaw, including our model, you must take into account certain precautions, which we will talk about in this section. This is actually an important point in the work, since the operation of the chainsaw is carried out at high speed, unlike an ax or a hand saw, and the teeth located directly on the saw are quite sharp.
  • Most importantly, before using any tool in practice, read the instructions in advance, in which you will find detailed information on what and how to do so as not to harm yourself and others. Therefore, if you are using the tool at the moment, then you must turn it off and put it at a safe distance so that it does not interfere with anyone. If the saw is new, it is imperative to run it in, how to run a new chainsaw in, see here.
  • You can only give this device for use to those people who have previously encountered this model or know how to use this kind of chainsaw, since you are responsible for unforeseen accidents that threaten other people. , you can only use the chainsaw at certain times of the day, as it makes a loud noise and can disturb the people around you. You can agree on such prescriptions with the people who live in the area of ​​your work.
  • Before starting work, you should be well rested and not tired so that you have complete control over both the saw and your surroundings. Without fail, before using this device, you must undergo a medical examination, which will determine whether it is permissible for you to work with this kind of tool, since there are times when a person does not have the right to pick up a chainsaw and manipulate it for health reasons.
  • It is forbidden to use the saw after you have taken any medications that affect and slow down the nervous system, as well as after taking AL-Kogol. In addition, it is very dangerous to operate the saw in rain or snow, as the rate of accidents increases. Activities should be carried out exclusively in calm weather.
  • This tool is only intended for sawing wood materials and should not be used for any other activity.

This applies in particular to guide bars, cutting tools, accessories or saw chains. Otherwise, you can injure yourself and others, or damage the device itself. The manufacturer of this brand says to use the original tools of his brand. Since they are specially designed taking into account all the technical characteristics of the saw, and also fully meet all the necessary and important requirements.

  • In no case, do not make any modifications or changes directly to the very design of the saw, since you are putting yourself in danger with your own hands. Remember that the company is not responsible for the damage caused to you, or accidents with other people and property, if you use, say, “foreign” spare parts, that is, not “native” ones. And finally, remember that a strong pressure of water can damage parts and parts of the chainsaw. If this happened and a new chainsaw does not start, then contact one of the service centers near your city.
  • Summing up.

    Undoubtedly, every owner will be happy with this kind of acquisition, since this technical "giant" will not only help you cope with construction or agricultural concerns, but will also cost you at an acceptable cost.

    Do not doubt that if you opt for a chainsaw of this particular manufacturer, then you will not regret your choice for a second, since this tool will pay off all its costs over the years of its work. To date, the price of a stihl 660 chainsaw (China) starts at 3000 rubles or more. If you are interested in Russian-made chainsaws go here.

    If you have a replacement Stihl chainsaw attachment, then you can do it all.