How to Wear a Patriot Trimmer Strap

A successful harvest requires a good harvest. To achieve it, you need the right technique. land care technique and the technique on which to care for the land. Therefore, the presence of a large number of home equipment and a variety of equipment is a sign that a person knows how to conduct business. But, any factory product costs money that can be spent on more important needs. A homemade cultivator can be made by resorting to buying parts for it only, in the worst case, when it is completely impossible to do it yourself, using improvised materials is physically impossible.

What is a cultivator

Cultivators, different designs, and different specifics of work, this is exactly the equipment that is rarely used, but brings great benefit.

Cultivation is on the list of priority tasks for any farmer, since it helps to prevent the appearance of weeds, at least in large quantities, helps to saturate the earth with oxygen, thanks to loosening.

It is not in vain that the most popular product drawings are a homemade cultivator for a tiller and a homemade cultivator hiller. They are relatively easy to make on their own, at home, so there are a lot of variations of schemes on this topic.

The principle of operation and the purpose of homemade cultivators is the same as that of the cultivators Patriot, Champion, Strizh, Texas, Viking, Cayman industrial production.

Next, we will consider the most successful and simplest options for homemade cultivators. Also see the articles “do-it-yourself tiller harrow drawings” and do-it-yourself tiller discs.

For more details on the cultivator, see the video:

Necessary materials

Among the materials that will be needed in order to manufacture any equipment presented in the list, first of all there should be profiles of all kinds and steel sheets.

Metal pipes of at least three diameters will make it possible to assemble strong and lightweight constructions, make long handles without fear of seriously shifting the center of gravity.

With the help of corners and channels, you can assemble excellent frames, in which there are initially niches for mounting various parts and details. Also, for work, you will need an angle grinder, a welding machine and a drill. Without quiet, the most popular tools, it will not be possible to assemble a single product.

How to make a hiller do it yourself

For t 16

One of the easiest tractor products is the cultivator. do-it-yourself for t 16 do it yourself it is done in just a few days, or even faster if you already have experience in similar work.

Such a cultivator does not need a special frame. a rather simple rectangular design with wheels on both edges.

Plane cutters are mounted on a small extension, about half a meter behind the center of gravity, and immediately behind them a small harrow is installed on a floating platform, thanks to which the loosened soil is further crushed, becoming softer.

Out of the bike

A homemade hand cultivator from a bicycle is great and cheap way cope with weeds that have flooded the garden and interfere with the growth of beneficial plants and crops. Making a hand cultivator with your own hands is simple, even at home.

With just a bicycle frame with one medium-sized wheel and a strip of high-carbon steel. To make a strong and reliable cultivator design, you need to install the rear wheel on the frame and fix it well.

If you turn the frame over, the pipe in which the saddle is mounted will face down. It is here that the plane cutter itself is mounted on a tripod, which is welded exactly in the middle of the metal strip.

The other part of the frame, the one where the carriage is located. now it is at the top, is equipped with long handles with a cross member and a stop, which are fastened to the frame by welding in two places, so that during work with the tool it could be applied, without breaking its parts and connections.

For tractor

To make good homemade cultivators for tractor, First of all, it is necessary to determine their size, since this is, in fact, the only thing that they differ in particular. It is clear that the greater the tractor power, the larger the cultivator.

In any case, it should have several main parts.

The following are installed on the frame: a mount made taking into account the mounting characteristics of the tractor, plane cutters that are supported by wheels and a harrow that can be installed as desired. But its presence is more than necessary to break too large clods of land.

How to Wear a Patriot Trimmer Strap

For inter-row machining

In the household, a homemade cultivator for inter-row processing is very useful. This item should be enough compact, simple and convenient in use, since it will be used for processing narrow aisles.

For this purpose, a hand-held cultivator Hedgehog is suitable, which is simply made with your own hands. you just need a handle, a U-shaped bracket with holes at the ends, a shaft and wheels with metal spikes.

The wheels can also be made independently, as one of the options, it can be small steel pancakes with welded steel spikes, which are made of reinforcement, sharpened in the shape of a cone.

Currently, special mini-class equipment has become very popular among land owners. A Chinese mini tractor is a very economical purchase for you for many years to come.

The manual potato planter is an indispensable assistant in your farm. Here is all about how to do it yourself and how to use it.

Video: How to Wear a Patriot Trimmer Strap

Here you can read about how many cubic meters of various materials fit in the Kamaz body.

These "milling cutters" of a manual cultivator are put on an axis, which, in turn, is attached to the bracket. its edges are fixed at the holes. The handle must be inserted into the mount welded to the end of the bracket. the inventory is ready for inter-row weeding and cultivation.

For mini tractor

To make a homemade cultivator for a mini tractor or for a tiller do it yourself square metal plates, 1515 centimeters in size, rectangular. 254 centimeters and a steel pipe. You need to start making a cultivator with cutters.

In order for the milling cutters to turn out reliable and suitable for processing all types of soil, and not only loose chernozem, they need to be assembled with bolts. holes must be drilled in the workpieces, the number of which depends on the size of the metal strips, which will act as blades.

The greater their length, the more holes are needed to secure them securely. Further, the strips are fixed on the workpieces, overlapping each other in a circle, and clamped with bolts.

For these compounds, you can also apply welding, but in this case they will not be strong enough, and repair and replacement of knives will be a difficult process. Welding is used here to join the cutters together. To do this, holes are made in the workpieces, the diameter of which must correspond to the outer diameter of the pipe.

Milling cutters are put on over it and are fixed with tacks, or short seams. This product can now be worn on the minitractor shaft and used as intended.

From a Chinese chainsaw

One of the most successful inventions and a good example of how to reuse old equipment is a makeshift cultivator from a Chinese chainsaw. Such a product will look like a miniature tiller, because their designs will not differ much.

The frame of the product is a cube, made of metal corners with an approximate size of 3232 centimeters. The engine must be mounted on the upper cross member of this structure. The fuel tank must be installed a little lower on the brackets.

On the front vertical struts of the frame, it is necessary to install mounts for the intermediate shaft. The bearings for the bearings of the running shaft are mounted on the longitudinal corners of the frame. The result is a mechanism in which the center of gravity is exactly above the supporting surface.

The weight of the product can be increased with the help of the load, moreover, by loading the mechanism in front, you will not shift its center of gravity. The control knobs are best made from pipes with a diameter of at least 30 millimeters, using a cross member, for greater structural rigidity.

To the frame to strengthen them is best in four places. Wheels for the mechanism you can use any but rubber-coated rollers are best suited.

From trimmer

Another way to use equipment with a low-power engine is a makeshift trimmer cultivator. Such a product is wonderful suitable for quick processing of small areas, and to make it from improvised materials is very simple. To do this, it is enough to make a cutter that will be mounted on the trimmer shaft.

The milling cutter can be made from the teeth of the pitchfork, bent in the desired shape, fixed to the base. a nickle with a diameter of about 10 centimeters. The base should be perfectly round, with a mounting hole located exactly in the middle.

The teeth of the pitchfork, sharpened, and pre-flattened to a width of one centimeter, are mounted on several bolts, in a circle, to the base. The finished mill copes well with loose soil at a shallow depth.

At MTZ 80

In order to make a homemade cultivator on MTZ 80, you need to stock up on patience and materials. The fact is that, unlike a simple trailed cultivator, this one should have special mount suitable for use on MTZ 80.

Otherwise, their designs are not very different. a rectangular frame made of square profile, to which plane cutters are attached in an amount of seven to eleven pieces. A pair of wheels attached between plane cutters, for stability and adjustment of the depth of capture of soil and harrow, fixed by chains over the edge of the supporting frame.

Mounting the cultivator with the tractor should be done so that with the help of the control mechanism it is possible to adjust its height and pressing force, without the risk of breakage or jamming of one of the parts, that is, exactly repeat the form of attachment of the factory attachments and MTZ 80.

With gearbox from vases

All those who planned to assemble a tiller with their own hands will encounter a certain problem, namely the types of gearboxes. All gearboxes installed on factory tillers are: cheap. they are non-separable models, and collapsible, which are much more expensive.

Regardless of which one you choose, the result will be the same, in terms of final cost. But you can compromise by making a homemade cultivator with gearbox from VAZ.

The difference in designs will be significant, and you may have to recalculate the rated power and transmission torque, starting from the characteristics of the VAZ gearbox, but as a result you will get a mechanism based on the work of a relatively cheap, reliable and easy to repair part.

In addition, all the parts that have failed can be found on any market, since VAZ cars are much more popular than any, even the best tiller.


One of the most practical and budget site processing solutions, this is a homemade electric cultivator. It is necessary to connect a reduction gear to an electric motor that is already fixed on the base. It can be purchased, or used second-hand.

Corners are welded to the crankcase of this gearbox, to which the wheel axles are welded. The wheels should not be small, because in this case they will dig into the ground. The handles can be made of two slightly curved pipes, between which a jumper is installed.

As a shaft, you can use scrap turned on a machine tool scrap, which is inserted in place of the hub of the gearbox. It is firmly and reliably fixed, after which cutters can be welded to it. Milling cutters, in turn, can be made from car springs. they are very strong and will last a long time.

Important tips and tricks

Starting to manufacture attachments and other equipment intended for cultivating the land, it is necessary consider some features production of products. If you personally assembled and launched a cultivator or hiller, it will be impossible for you to guess how it will behave on the ground during operation.

Especially if a tractor equipped with a homemade product has to work on different soils. Thus, a homemade cultivator for the T 25 may be too light, because it was assembled according to the scheme for the T 16 model, which has a lower power engine.

The same applies to equipment such as a homemade cultivator on the T 40. although this tractor has great power, it will not be advisable to put large equipment on it.

The work will be much more productive if the cultivator is not wider than the rear axle of the tractor, and in length not more than the width of the rear wheel.

In this case, he will be able to process a larger area, in a short time, with the same workmanship.


Although home-made equipment does not have a pleasant appearance comparable to factory machinery and equipment, in all other respects they practically do not differ, except for value.

Therefore, in order to successfully plow the garden, cultivate the field, or weed the beds, it is enough to just take the time to construct a convenient and practical product, practically using what lies under your feet.

Such a device will serve no worse than a stamped one under production conditions, but it will cost several times less. And this is the most important thing in things done by yourself. high quality products for a lower price.