How to work with a perforator correctly. How to insert / pull a drill or drill

Perforator. Purpose, types, characteristics and features

The closest relative of the drill who does not drill, but actually breaks the holes with a drill. A punch.

Inside a Drill

Combining the rotation of the working element with progressive strikes allows it to work according to materials that the classic tool is not able to cope with.

Perforators can have several operating modes, differs in the location of the engine and the type of drive as a whole.

This is one of the main tools during the repair and construction work, and in some situations it is simply indispensable.

The main rules of use

This tool is very often used in construction and repair, since it managed to replace monotonous and ineffective manual labor. However, while working with him there are certain nuances that every user should know.

It is allowed to use only a proper perforator precisely in the mode declared by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to work with a device, the cable of which is damaged, or its cross section does not comply with the stated power standards.

If the perforator was transported to the desired object in the cold season, after getting into the warm room, 30 minutes should be waited. In the reverse situation, lubricants in the mechanism will not have time to soften, and there will be a risk of breakdown. The device user can only work in good health and healthy condition. He should also carefully study the safety rules in advance.

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Drilling and drilling with a punch

First of all, it is necessary to put the required equipment on the shaft of the perforator, a quick.Sitting clamping cartridge or a cpin fixer for the drill. Then install the switch on the case in the desired position.

Pre.Marking the hole can be started to work. The drilling itself must begin to smoothly, it should be borne in mind that the pressure pressure pressure regulates the speed of rotation. For this reason, you need to start drilling at small speeds, orienting the drill or drill as accurately as possible in place.

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With a deep hole, sometimes weaken the pressure on the handle of the tool and take the drill a little back, this will remove the dust from the channel of the hole and cool the working surfaces.

work, perforator, correctly, insert

The depth of drilling can be adjusted with a removable probe or strip of adhesive tape or insulating tape wrapped around the drill at the required depth of the hole.

Preparation of tools for work

Before carrying out work, you need to carefully inspect the tool. It is important to make sure of its completeness. It is worth ensuring that there is no damage on the case or cartridge. The integrity of the cable should also be determined. There should not be cracks or chips on the surface of working elements. All edges should be sharp.

After that, it is recommended to test the device in idle mode. Of no small importance is the evaluation of the functioning of buttons and tolerance, which are used to switch speed modes and change the direction of movement of the cartridge.

The tool needs to be prepared for work

Preparation of the punch for work

It is necessary to prepare the tool before work if in the process they plan to change drill, rogue or nozzles. The following actions are performed for this:

  • Remove and clean the cartridge;
  • Lubricate it from the inside;
  • Install a cartridge with a shifted lubricant;
  • Turned for reliable fixation;
  • Lubricate the landing part of the drill or spray;
  • Insert a drill or a spoon into the cartridge (at the same time check the fixation).

You also need to check the integrity of the connection cable to the mains. Everything is done according to the safety instructions for safety, where they indicate how to work with a perforator in the right mode. Before use, the power tool must be launched in idle mode. This allows you to check the serviceability of the device. Next, we will consider the use of a perforator in different modes.

How to work with a perforator.

From this article “How to work by a perforator”, we will find out how to drill, drill, rub, in general, correctly carry out any work with a punch with a punch. And so, welcome to the article “How to work by a perforator”, which is perfectly useful to all beginner builders and finishes, and of course, experienced, and experienced!

Before I begin to disclose all the nuances of proper operation by a perforator, I want to remind you that you need to be able to handle the same with a grinder. In this matter, you can get to the topic. How to work correctly a grinder. Safety precautions during work by a grinder.

No less interesting topic. Drill Burim without dust, here the issue of work by a punch for the ceiling was discussed here. How to work so that dust, crumbs do not fall on their heads or in the face.

Well, whatever you work correctly by various tools for a long time, I advise you to get acquainted with the article under the name your neighbors drill, in this material you will learn from what time and day of the week you can work with the help of a perforator, and other tools and other tools.

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To AK work correctly by a perforator.

The first rule when working with any tool, in our case, this is a perforator, it is worth remembering that the tool, and even more so by a perforator, should be drilled, drilling without force on the perforator itself, giving the perforator to do the task on his own. Just if you press the punch when working with a concrete surface, the drill can bite and a couple of times it will get away with you, but then having such a snack of drilling puner will lead to licking the internal rotation mechanism, which is sometimes impossible to replace. About how to drill different surfaces, concrete, tiles, etc.D can be read here. Of course we do not forget to initially disperse the drill before drilling or drilling.

The first rule of drilling with a perforator of the hole in concrete is the fact that when the concrete coating passes, every one and a half centimeters, you must definitely pull the drill without turning off the punch. Like giving the opportunity to go out the accumulated concrete crumb in the hole. This will also give you the opportunity to carefully approach the reinforcement, which will prevent injuries and breakdown of the drill.

At the further moments of work by a perforator on the functions of the blowrotation, I think you should not pay attention, but about the function of the blow in the perforator, let’s talk a little.

How to work properly by a perforator on the blow.

So, the function of the blow is designed to scrap and dismantle concrete, plaster not dense basics, using a tooth. The technology of working on it by a punch, it seems, is painful. The button crossed to the stroke position, most often you need to turn the steeple in the left until it stops and crush the button poking in the dismantled surface. But there is one nuance when working, if not really pressed on the perforator when dismantling concrete, plaster, etc.D, giving the perforator to walk freely in his hands, then the dismantling work of concrete, under the same entrance doors, slightly expand the opening, will pass a little faster than if you stupidly bite a teeth into a concrete base.

How to work properly with a perforator, finally.

These tips are given for home and personal equipment, and are aimed at reducing the breakdowns of the tool, based on personal experience. If there is a conversation about large.Scale construction, where people do not have their own tools, buy expensive perforators or chipsters, then you will not need these tips.

Well, if you buy for home, personal use a real punch of a company in the likeness of Makita or Bosch, another popular company, in most cases, these tips will not come in handy.

Well, lastly an interesting video in which the testers test, completely different companies and models are held. Such a test drive will undoubtedly appeal to those who already know how to work with a perforator and those who have recently acquired it for themselves. This video for users of the site construction from A to Z. Enakievo. Donetsk.

How to work properly a perforator in different modes?

Now we move on to the operation of equipment.

A small instruction will help to do it quickly and safely:

Почему вылетают свёрла из пеоратора \ SDS \ Патрон СДС не держит оснастку

  • Drilling. The perforator is included in the drilling mode without impact. The lever is installed opposite the tags with the designation of the drill. After that, the working body is installed in the right place and the tool is launched. In the process of drilling, it is not necessary to make great physical efforts. To exclude the failure of the cartridge, the tool is equipped with a lock function that must be used when working with a wooden or metal surface. Prior to the start of operation, the punch should be inspected, launched and held for several minutes at idle. At this time, no extraneous sounds and smell, strong vibration or smoke should arise. Such signs may indicate malfunctions.
  • Drilling. This mode is also called drilling with a blow. The unit is installed in the desired mode, at the mark with the designation of the drill and hammer. A working element is installed at the planned point and launch is made. In the process of drilling, it is necessary to hold the power tool tightly so that it does not shift from the desired point. The drill must be periodically removed to clean the cavity of dust and developed material to facilitate and accelerate the process. It is necessary to first find out if there is a reinforcement in concrete and how it can be located there.
  • Shock mode. It is used when it is necessary to make a strob under electrical wiring, or hire a certain cavity. The mode switch is installed near the image of the hammer. The unit should be kept tight, but without excessive pressure, since this will not improve the result.

Basic rules governing the operation and caring for a perforator

Perhaps to any of us it is clear that the key to the durability of the punch is proper care. And especially attentive one must be to lubricate its nodes. This is of particular relevance in case of concrete. Because it, as a rule, is accompanied by the formation of a huge amount of dust.

After finishing work, the tool should be wiped with a soft rag. If necessary, you can also treat with soap solution. It is also necessary to contain the ventilation holes available on the housing.

Cartridge malfunctions and the procedure for their elimination

As a rule, the main loads are on the cartridge. Which, in principle, is fraught with increased probability of its failure. If this happens, then the knot can only be replaced.

work, perforator, correctly, insert

To reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, you should pay especially close attention to caring for this element. Over, the main thing is its cleaning from dust and pollution. As a rule, it is produced using gasoline.

If the breakdown did not work out, the cartridge is replaced. To do this, they dismantle the following details:

  • Rubber anthers;
  • Stop ring;
  • Plastic anthers;
  • Pucks that provide a pressing of balls;
  • Fixing plate;
  • Springs.

Perhaps it is worth emphasizing that the number of plates and rings can be different on different models.

The removed elements are subject to replacement with new.

So, we told you briefly how to properly operate a perforator. However, in order to exclude the likelihood of any negative points, one should always be guided by the recommendations set forth in the instructions for this tool.