Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw

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What Gasoline Should You Fill Your Chainsaw

What gasoline should be poured into the chainsaw

Hello! Glad to see you, dear readers and subscribers of Andrey Noak’s blog. Anyone who has a chainsaw already knows exactly what gasoline is and how to fill it. But for someone who wants to purchase such a unit, the article will seem interesting.

Chainsaw. one of the most convenient and versatile household appliances. Before use, you need to prepare the fuel mixture. But in order for the device to work correctly, you must follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each model is individual, and what kind of gasoline is poured into the chainsaw?

Under the brand

For modern brands, for example, Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Echo, STIHL, AI-92 gasoline is suitable. Today, just a huge number of people complain about the premature failure of chainsaws due to poor gasoline.

Therefore, some experts recommend pouring AI-95 into such chainsaws. At the same time, a good AI-95 can “burn the piston”, and again a certain number of people found a compromise and mix AI-95 with AI-92.

In general, it all depends on the quality of gasoline and in the end it is up to you.

For domestic instruments, Ural, Druzhba, it is recommended to take AI-80 gasoline. It is very important that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

Fuel consumption

One of the most important questions for tool owners because everyone wants to know what to expect.

Almost all containers have a volume of about 500 ml. If the power of the chainsaw is 2 kW, the fuel consumption will be approximately 1.2 liters per hour of operation. Simply speaking, such a tool will be able to work at maximum speed for half an hour without interruption. If the chainsaw is not as strong, then the volume of the tank will be smaller. Thus, the user can independently control the fuel consumption.

Over time, the user will learn without any help to maintain their tool. The main challenge will be to keep the economic unit in good working order using high quality fuel mixtures. Observe safety rules when preparing flammable liquids. This will help to preserve the instrument and not harm yourself and the environment.

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw

Consider how the mixture is prepared for a chainsaw. It is necessary to calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for the chainsaw. For a chainsaw, they take fuel with a high octane index: AI-92 or AI-95.

To prepare the fuel mixture, it is necessary to add 30 g of oil to 1 liter of gasoline, which corresponds to the design of the saw. The resulting fuel fluid is poured into the fuel compartment. Before diluting gasoline, you should consult a service specialist who specializes in the repair of chainsaws.

In order for the saw to have a long service life, it is necessary to properly prepare a gasoline-oil mixture, for which only AI-92 and AI-95 brands can be used. The fuel must be unleaded, otherwise the internal combustion engine may break down. Do not use an old product that has expired, because over time, the fuel can change the octane number. The proportion of lubricant and fuel is strictly adhered to.

You should not save when choosing oil for Husqvarna chainsaws and others. The proportions must be observed due to the fact that excess oil can lead to the growth of carbon deposits on the chainsaw units. Excess gasoline can cause damage to the piston and damage to the internal combustion engine. So, 1 liter of fuel is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. Husqvarna recommends adding 100 ml of grease to 4 liters of gasoline. This proportion is suitable for saws with a power of up to 1.5 kW.

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For structures with a power of more than 1.5 kW, an oil ratio of 1:50 is used. That is, it is necessary to dilute gasoline like this: add 5 liters of gasoline for a chainsaw to 100 ml of oil. Partner recommends when refueling the chainsaw with fuel, dilute the fuel fluid at the following rates: add 100 ml of lubricant to 3.3 liters of fuel.

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When using supersynthetic oils, the indicators are 1: 100. That is, the fuel mixture for the chainsaw must be prepared according to the recipe: add 100 ml of lubricant to 1 liter of fuel. When choosing components, you need to use the information that is given in the instructions for any modification of the saw.

Plastic bottles and other containers are often used to mix ingredients. Be careful with plastic and glass. Mixing the components may generate static electricity. Care must be taken to prevent pebbles, sand or water droplets from entering the fuel mixture. The fuel mixture must be mixed well. The prepared fuel mixture should not be stored for more than a month, as oxidation of materials may occur and the composition of the mixture will change.

Engine breakdown, which was caused by expired fuel, is recognized in the services not under warranty. At the same time, the cost of repairs can reach 80% of the price of a new design.

After all work with the use of a chainsaw has been completed, you need to spend the remaining fuel, turn off the engine, remove the remaining mixture.

For the best operation of the device, it is necessary to make a mixture that will ensure uninterrupted operation of the motor, complete combustion of the gasoline-oil mixture without the formation of carbon deposits, smoke or damage.

Gasoline to chainsaw oil ratio

The proportions of oil and gasoline for refueling two-stroke engines of chainsaws of different brands is 40 to 1 or 50 to 1.

This ratio is standard, which is used not only by beginners, but also by experienced sawers.

It is this ratio for preparing the fuel mixture that is close to ideal, and provides lubrication of the rubbing parts of the crank mechanism and the piston.

Mixing ratio

! Before mixing petroleum products, external factors should be considered. If the chainsaw is new, then it requires running-in, and for this you need to add 20% more to the fuel oil than the standard values.

What Happens When You Put Regular Gas In a 2 Stroke

20% more lubricant must also be added if tooling is carried out at low temperatures.

How much oil should be poured into gasoline in milliliters? Per ml, the proportion of oil and gasoline 1 to 50 is 20 ml per 1 liter.

To prepare the correct mixture, you should fill 1 liter of gasoline in a plastic bottle and dilute it with 20 ml of oil. To correctly measure how much oil to pour, you should take a special measuring container and fill it up to the appropriate mark.

If you plan to immediately prepare 2 liters of fuel, then 40 ml of lubricant must be added to this amount of gasoline.

There are other ratios that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the ratios differ insignificantly, but if you have subtracted other values ​​in the instrument’s passport, then you need to adhere to them.

Knowing the recipe for preparing the mixture, you should also figure out what kind of gasoline to pour into the chainsaw?

How to refuel the saw

A plastic bottle is best for refueling your chainsaw. The volume of the container should be equal to two liters if you will use the tool frequently. A smaller container should be used when you rarely use the saw.

Dilute fuel and lubricant in a separate bottle. It is necessary to observe the exact proportions, which are indicated in the instructions. It is recommended to leave an empty space in order for the liquid to mix well.

Such a mixture should be stored no more than two weeks. Be sure to shake the bottle before use. Experts do not recommend diluting a large amount of the mixture at once and storing it for years. The storage temperature should not exceed twenty-five degrees Celsius. If more, then the shelf life is reduced.

Long-term storage of the mixture greatly impairs the traction capabilities of the engine. Carbon deposits form, the ability of the pistons to move quickly is reduced.

Fuel consumption

One of the most important questions that arises from the owners of the saw tool, because everyone wants to know what he can count on.

How much fuel is stored?

During long-term storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of the brand), a sediment falls at the bottom, it loses its properties, in other words, it deteriorates. It is worth knowing that it is not the gasoline itself that ignites, but its vapors. Therefore, if there is a canister of gasoline in the garage since last year, then think, is it worth it? Better leave it to light the BBQ fire.

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The use of “stale” gasoline for a chainsaw entails many problems:

  • difficult start;
  • decrease in maximum power;
  • increased wear of engine parts.

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline with oil) is stored for no more than a month, after this time it should be disposed of.

Using old mixture increases wear on the engine parts of the chainsaw. do not forget about it!

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Which octane number to use. 92, 95 or 98?

This is where the fun begins. Can I refuel my chainsaw 95 with gasoline? In all operating instructions for chainsaws, manufacturers indicate in bold type: “Do not use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 92 for preparing the fuel mixture.” It is understandable, but apparently not for everyone. Once from time to time, they bring chainsaws with a burnt-out cylinder to service centers!

Let’s figure out which gasoline is worth pouring into a chainsaw and which is not! For all two-stroke saw engines, you need to use 92 gasoline, this is what the tool is designed for. Filling 95 gasoline, the engine will begin to detonate (pushing the piston in the opposite direction), a kind of micro impact that will occur at almost every revolution of the crankshaft. About 98 gasoline, I think everything is clear, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be mini strikes.

What gasoline to pour into a chainsaw

The resource of the chainsaw, as well as the performance, depends on the quality of the gasoline being refueled. Many neglect this, considering this issue to be secondary and fill the saw with whatever is horrible: 92, 95, 98 and even dirty and expired! As a result, from such fuel, the tool fails and requires repair. In this article, we will analyze the importance of using the correct gasoline in a gasoline saw.!

Why you shouldn’t fill in dirty?

Some owners of chainsaws are sure that if the tool works in conditions of constant dust (there is even an air compensator in the carburetor in case of a clogged air filter), it means that it is capable of swallowing gasoline with pieces of rust, and working with small pieces of metal will go to lubricate the chain, so?

This is another common misconception, never use gasoline from the bottom of a canister (especially a rusty one). The chainsaw has a carburetor, in which there are small channels that can clog up from these small particles, which in turn will lead to damage to the chainsaw and contacting a specialized workshop.

If there is no way out, you urgently need gasoline, and only a “rusty canister of liquid” is at hand, then make a filter from a very fine mesh, such as gauze, and filter it before refueling.

In order for the chainsaw to serve for many years, never fill it with old gasoline, and you do not need to use grade 95 and even more than 98 gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture, only 92. Also, do not forget about the purity of gasoline. no odens!

What fuel to use for a chainsaw?

Choosing the right fuel is an important and significant issue. The only correct approach to its solution is a careful study of the user manual, which indicates the type and brand of fuel, the proportions of mixing gasoline and oil, and also reflects all the features of this tool. Modern standards require the use of high-octane refined fuels and special types of engine oil.

Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw

How to mix the fuel mixture correctly?

The mixing process is quite simple. you need to measure out a certain amount of oil and pour it into the appropriate volume of gasoline. Prepare a clean container for mixing. Usually, plastic canisters are used, which are quite suitable for this purpose. However, some species have a serious drawback. they accumulate static electricity, which can lead to the formation of a spark and ignite the fuel mixture.

The best option is to use a special canister with two necks, into which gasoline and oil are poured, but they are quite expensive. For accurate dosage of oil, many use medical syringes with marked divisions. The more carefully the amount of the mixture is measured, the longer the service life and the higher the quality of the tool.

Attention! Do not mix gasoline and oil directly in the fuel tank of the tool. on how to turn on your chainsaw.

Risks of using fuel and oil surrogates

The design features of the internal combustion engine of domestic and imported chainsaws exclude the use of more affordable biofuel and gas condensate gasoline substitutes. The performance characteristics of such a fuel are currently far from perfect.

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In the total sales of motor oils, counterfeit lubricants, according to various sources, range from 8 to 15%. Only an experienced specialist can distinguish an original product from a fake.

To eliminate possible risks of early breakdown of the saw, it is recommended to purchase consumables at branded outlets and representative offices of dealerships.

With all the external similarity, it is forbidden to use oils for two-stroke internal combustion engines of mopeds and light motorcycles to prepare a working fuel mixture. The use of non-recommended lubricants may initiate a denial of warranty by the service department.

Features of the preparation of the mixture

For safety reasons, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in a metal canister that is not subject to the formation of static electricity.

  • The recommended proportions of gasoline and oil for each model are individual. In most cases, this is a ratio of 50: 1 and 40: 1. Chainsaws running on a gasoline-oil mixture in a ratio of 25: 1 are much less common.
  • According to the manufacturers of branded chainsaw equipment, their products do not need running-in. Nevertheless, during the first hours of operation, experts advise to operate a new chainsaw on a fuel mixture with an increased m of oil and, if possible, in a gentle mode.

For preparation of the working mixture, containers with built-in dispensers are convenient. The selectivity of fuel filters at gas stations, in some cases, leaves much to be desired, therefore, it is recommended to filter gasoline through suede or non-fiber material.

The implementation of these recommendations will save you from spontaneous equipment failures associated with a malfunction of the carburetor.

The specific characteristics of mineral or organic chain oil are focused on the lubrication and cooling of the saw set, therefore not suitable for preparing a fuel mixture.

How to properly refuel your chainsaw to extend its life?

The engine of a modern chainsaw is a one- or two-cylinder carburetor engine. As a rule, two-stroke models are installed, although four-stroke models are also occasionally found. The rotational speed of the working shaft reaches 13.5 thousand revolutions, which puts forward stringent requirements for the quality and composition of the fuel mixture.

possible, pour, gasoline, chainsaw

Manufacturers inform users in sufficient detail how to refuel a chainsaw, but for many this question remains not entirely clear. Let’s take a closer look.

Gasoline selection

Many are interested in what gasoline the chainsaw works best on. Most models require clean, high-quality fuel with an octane rating of no higher than 90. Sometimes there are recommendations on the network to mix 92 or 93 gasoline with 95 to increase its efficiency. In no case should this be done, since higher-octane grades are often faked, and no one will dilute the A92 or AI92 grades.

Therefore, when choosing which gasoline to pour into the chainsaw in the domestic market, it is recommended to use just such a fuel. It is necessary to ensure that the gasoline is fresh enough, since during long-term storage it begins to release resins and other elements that deteriorate the quality. Manufacturers recommend using:

  • Chainsaw STIHL (STIHL) 180. it is better to fill with gasoline A90 and higher;
  • STIHL 250. runs on gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. Do not use fuel with an ethanol content exceeding 10%;
  • Partner. it is necessary to use only unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90;
  • Husqvarna. gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90, it is allowed to use clean fuel or with the addition of tetraethyl lead. Catalyzed engines require a fuel / oil mixture made from unleaded gasoline.

As a rule, the owners of such tools use AI92 gasoline, which fully meets the requirements of the manufacturers. However, for most domestic chainsaws, A72 or A80 gasoline is quite suitable. It must also be borne in mind that the failure of the chainsaw due to the use of low-quality fuel is not a warranty case.