Lubrication for drill punch makita. Assembly of the shock mechanism

How to lubricate the Makita 2450 peorator

Greetings on my site! This article will talk about the lubrication of the penetrator. The operation of this tool requires not only a simple careful attitude. Be sure to periodically lubricate the gearbox and cartridge.

At the same time, the gearbox, of course, is already coming from the factory. But over time, the lubricant leaks somewhere, somewhere dries. In addition, it is intended only to reduce friction, and not to eliminate it. Therefore, one way or another, and the details still rub against each other, which is why fine metal dust is gradually formed, which remains in grease.

As a result of such mixing of metal and lubricating material, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and the wear of the parts is accelerated.

Inexpensive Chinese peorators can be poorly lubricated at the factory. Experienced masters of service centers recommend after buying even a new such device to immediately disassemble it and miss it

The cartridge from the plant goes dry. Here, in fact, not the cartridge itself is smeared completely, but only its place, which is in contact with the drill, since it is in it that severe friction occurs, without reducing which the cartridge itself and the tail of the drill itself can be damaged.

So, below, consider how and how to lubricate these elements. The SDS peorator with the horizontal location of the engine will be considered, since it is they who in the vast majority of cases are used by home craftsmen, and the article is mainly written for them.

How to lubricate the peorator

Different types of lubricants are used to lubricate the gearbox and a cartridge with drill.

lubrication, drill, makita, assembly, shock

Lubrication for the gearbox

A special lubricant is used here, which should be called. gearbox. It can be like under the brands under which the pies themselves are produced. Makita, Bosch, Aeg, etc.D. But it can also be released by a company that is engaged in this type of product, for example, Ravenol, Shell, XADO, etc.

Some use simple lilet or salutol for these purposes. But compared to special lubricating products, they dry faster, and they do not eliminate friction as it should.

Lubrication for drills

Everything is exactly the same here. Special lubricants for this purpose are called. for drills. And are also usually produced by the same firms that are done by peorators.

For lack of special lubrication, you can use graphite. But it does not so well remove the heat from the shank, but this is important, since sometimes with prolonged work the shank happens and is flattened, which is why it is difficult to extract later.

What details in the oorater need lubrication

There are main details that need mandatory preventive maintenance.

Sights of nozzles

The tailings of the working tooling of the tool smear whether they have to install them. Carefully wiped before that. With intensive use of the tool, you need to watch and control the degree of lubrication of the landing site of the nozzle. There is no need to apply too much oily composition. Why this cannot be done? The lubricant will flow out, sprinkle from a rotating cartridge, as a result will be on working surfaces that are difficult to clean. The drill will rotate slower.


After the engine, the main in the ashorator is the gearbox is considered. It works in conditions of constantly changing speed of rotation, severe friction, increased heating, penetrating small contaminants and dust. After prolonged operation, a lubricant is necessarily applied to the inner surfaces of the gearbox. This will protect the shafts and bearings.


This part has no protective coating. Before you start working on landing surfaces, 1-2 g of a cooling grease is added for a replaced tool. Otherwise, due to shock loads and large friction, the cartridge will break. The layer of the composition will not let small particles and dust penetrate into the internal device.

Features of the choice of oil

Before lubricating the Bosch peorators, choose the right oil. When buying it, you need to pay attention to viscosity. High.quality compositions are expensive, but you should not save. For such an expensive tool as the peorator must be careful constantly. What types of lubrication and how much can be used indicated in the instructions. If there is no such information, the best composition will help you choose specialists of the outlet or service center. On sale there are universal compositions for processing various models of peorators.

Many prefer to use graphite lubricants that have:

In the absence of a lubricant, you can use a lithol or solidol. But they cause slight inhibition of rotating details and help increase the heating of the tool during operation. It is advisable to buy a special composition in the near future, remove Litol and apply a new composition.

Before lubricating the bug of the pedorator, you need to make sure that the oil taken is suitable for him. The compounds used for gearboxes are not suitable for lubrication. For the latter, they take more liquid agents, they must fill out the free cavities, completely cover the parts that contact each other. If there are plastic elements in the gearbox, silicone grease is used. It is suitable for processing cartridges.

The transmission mechanism is allowed to lubricate with plastic compounds. But not all tools when using the means of such a consistency will work uninterruptedly. Thicker mixtures are suitable to reduce the degree of wear of tail nozzles. The packaging marks their purpose for drilling. In the absence of those, you can take graphite, but they take heat worse.

Electric tools manufacturers produce their branded lubricants. They are also engaged in their manufacture by enterprises that specialize in the production of lubricating mixtures.

The most popular products of firms include:

  • Bosch. for tail nozzles and gearboxes.
  • Makita. for drilling.
  • Interskol. for Boers.
  • Nanothek. for shanks.
  • Turmogrease. universal compositions.
  • LubCon Thermoplex. for gearboxes.
  • Kress. to lubricate the drill.
  • PRORAB. for processing seaming seats.

Lubricant for the Peakita brand

What nodes of the device should be applied to the lubricant

The instructions for the use of the inferator states that it is necessary to periodically process three main details of the tools periodically with a special composition. This will improve the efficiency of work as a whole, and will extend the life of. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with how to care correctly for the peorator.

Working equipment

This part of the device consists of a drill and crowns that experience an increased load. After all, it is the working equipment that allows you to process solid materials such as concrete, brick, artificial and natural stone by shock and rotation.

The instructions for the device say that the lubrication of the tail of the drill must be carried out before each use. And if you work as a tool during the day, you must regularly check the availability of the product.

Before carrying out the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with how to lubricate this part of the penetrator. To do this, you need to apply the product to the grooves that fix the locking wings. But before updating the layer, you need to remove the spent composition with a dry cloth, as well as additionally clean the surface from dirt and dust. After that, you need to squeeze out the grease from the tube and distribute it evenly with your hand over the entire surface. Usually 1 g is enough.

Important! Lubrication not only reduces friction, but also protects from the instrument from entering the tool of small particles of fragmented materials, dust.


When buying a new tool, it must be borne in mind that its cartridge is dry. And before starting work, the equipment of the equipment should be processed with a special composition. After all, it is in this place that the greatest friction arises during operation.


This part of the tool provides the transmission of the torque from the electric motor to the cartridge. The gearbox experiences increased load when working at high speed, which causes an increase in temperature. Therefore, the case should be periodically disassembled and an uniform layer of oil should be applied to it.

Instructions on how to lubricate the peorater gearbox:

  • Pre.clean the part of dust and dirt.
  • Using locksmithing tools, disassemble the case, carefully remembering the location of the structural elements.
  • Rinse with gasoline initially components, and then wipe dry with a rag.
  • Pay attention to the details without lubrication, since they do not need to apply the product on them.
  • Process all the elements of the gearbox, put them in place, observing the assembly sequence.

Important! Benchy lubricants should be used, since they not only reduce the load, but also have water resistance, which prevents the corrosion of parts.

Oarm lubrication inside: how often you need to lubricate

Experts recommend updating the lubricant on the details every 12 months with the average operation of the device. At high load, update the composition every 6-9 months.

What lubricant is recommended to use for each model of the peorator usually indicated in the instructions for the use of the tool. Until the warranty period has come out to use only certified compositions, otherwise the service center in the event of a breakdown will refuse to fulfill its warranty obligations.

But since the cost of branded compositions is high, later many owners of such tools switch to budget options. As a universal lubricant, you can use oil for diesel engines. Wide popularity was also gained by graphite.based compounds.

What oil can still be poured into a peorator? You can replace a special lubricant with solidol or lithol. The composition called “Litol-24” is especially popular.

Lubricants for drill and cartridge

This category includes the best tools with which you can lubricate the drill (drill) and the cartridge of the penetrator. Such compositions have a number of characteristics that allow them to use them only for power tools with certain power indicators, the number of shocks, and the number of revolutions.

Metabo 631800000

This high.quality lubrication from Germany has a rather great cost. It is explained by the high heat resistance of the composition, as well as its ability to biological decomposition. Among other advantages, buyers note resistance to aging and ensuring reliable protection against corrosion.

METABO 631800000 is used to lubricate drills, adapters and other workshop elements. Also, the product is suitable for garden equipment and various power tools.

Makita 196804-7

This expensive remedy from Japan will definitely appeal to the owners of peorators of different brands. It is intended for applying a drill to the shank and the inside of the cartridge in order to reduce friction between the working details.

Makita 196804-7 is produced in small, but comfortable tubes, where 95 g of grease fitting. Such its amount will be enough for 30 days of daily use of the peorator. Among other features of the product, it is worth highlighting resistance to high temperatures and the possibility of long.term storage in a closed capacity.

Patriot, Arsenal AR-401

Arsenal AR-401 is a high-quality and relatively inexpensive lubricant from the famous American company Patriot. The product is available in small tubes and consumed economically, so it is enough for several months of active use of the peorator.

The lubricant is intended for drills that rotate at a speed of up to 4,000 rpm. Subject to this condition, the composition does not lose its viscosity and reliably protects the working elements from severe heating.

Zubrov, ZSB-125

This domestic agent is perfect for peorators, whose drills experience increased load. Especially for this, various additives are added to the lubricant, which help to maximize the friction and prevent excessive wear of parts.

ZSB-125 is resistant to moisture. In addition, the lubricant has anti.corrosion properties that protect the metal elements of the structure of the penetrator.

Elitech 2006.000100

Elitech 2006.000100 is one of the best lubricants presented in the budget price category. It is very simply applied to the shank of the drill and the inside of the cartridge, easily distributed over the surface and reliably protects these parts of the structure from excessive friction.

Excision Cutting Tool Lubricant. Overview

The product is produced in comfortable tubes. It is consumed economically, so it does not require frequent trips to the store. The only disadvantage of the composition is the short period of its storage.

Features of the choice and use of lubricants for the peorater. a certificate of the editors of Zuzako

Before turning on the peorator again, you need to check its lubricant. If necessary, replace the old composition with a new. When choosing the latter, be sure to be guided by the advice of our editorial office. They will help to find the highest quality tool at an affordable price.

Gear lubricant

Lubrication for different elements of the radiorator gearbox is used to prevent dust and dirt from entering the working parts of the power tool. In addition, it helps to reduce friction, the high values ​​of which quickly disable various elements of the gearbox.

  • Try to buy a lubricant that will protect the metal parts of the gearbox from corrosion. This will make it possible to avoid the formation of rust on their surface, which will only increase friction and accelerate the wear of the tool.
  • When choosing lubrication, pay attention to its adhesive properties. They will depend on how much time will last on the gearbox, which vibrates greatly during operation.
  • Best choose waterproof lubrices. They will protect the gearbox from condensate, which is often formed on the internal details of the power tool.
  • The lubricant you have chosen must restore its properties after completion of work. Otherwise, the funds are enough for only one working day.

Lubrication for working equipment

The working equipment of the peorater (BUR) experiences a huge load during its rotation in the cartridge. To protect it from excessive heating and quick breakdown, use special lubricant. It helps reduce friction and extend the life of the tool.

  • We recommend choosing branded lubricants designed for peorators of certain brands. Such funds have a suitable composition and set of properties that allow to achieve maximum decrease in friction force.
  • Buy grease depending on the frequency of using the power tool. For daily work, compounds designed for long.term operation at high temperatures are suitable. If you use the peorator 1-2 times a month, then there will be enough universal composition.
  • Lubrication for working equipment should be as thick as possible. Otherwise, when heating the drill during operation, it will simply drain on its surface and provide protection only for a short period of time.
  • Before ordering grease for drill and cartridge, be sure to study customer reviews. They will help to know in advance about all the pluses and minuses of the means under consideration.

To drill holes in solid materials, it is advisable to use a non.ordinary drill with a standard drill, but a peorator with a special drill. This power tool will become indispensable when performing work at home, at the cottage or in workshops of industrial enterprises. For its normal functioning, you will need a special lubricant, our article will help you find and buy you. It presents the highest quality compositions designed for tools of different models.

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The choice of lubrication

Before dealing with the question of how to lubricate the peorator, you should get acquainted with the means that can be used to carry out such a procedure. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the type or brand of lubricant that is optimally suitable for the equipment of a particular model. In any case, there are such instructions in the instructions of the peorators produced under authoritative brands. If there are no such recommendations, you can ask the consultant in the store, what lubricant for you purchased is best suited.

Service centers use proprietary lubricants, which are difficult to find in the store, but you can order, knowing the product code

Universal and relatively inexpensive lubricant that can be used for most modern models of peorators, is oil poured into diesel engines. Actively and quite successfully, compounds are used for lubrication of peorators, the basis of which is graphite. Such compositions, in particular, are used to lubricate open.type worm transmissions.

Lititol-24 is also actively used as inexpensive lubrication of structural elements. Meanwhile, such a lubricant can cause overheating and inhibition of rubbing parts, in addition, its actions are enough for a short time.

A few more recommendations on the lubrication of the peorator

The question of how often the lubrication of the peorater should be performed, users of such equipment often occur quite often. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of the lubrication depends on the intensity of the use of the peorator, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer, necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period has ended for the device you use.

Hidden surfaces of the parts of the gearbox must be lubricated before assembling mechanisms

To the question of how to lubricate the peorator of one of modern models, it is much easier to answer, since the advantageous majority of these devices already have a special container in their equipment, in which you just need to fill the lubricant, unscrewing the drain cover and drain the old lubricant. Before pouring a new lubricant, the level of which should not exceed the control mark, it is better to blow the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse using spindle oil or ordinary gasoline.

Lubrication for repairing power tools

Where it is used?

Peorators: HR2470, HR2800, HR3200, HR4001C, HR4501, HR5001, HM1801C

lubrication, drill, makita, assembly, shock

Jumping hammers: HM0870C, HM1213C, HM1304B, HM1307C, HM1317CB, HM1801C

Maintaining brushless drill- Gearbox Grease lubrication

Where it is used?

Peorators: HR1830, HR2020, HR2432, HR2440, HR2450

Shock drills: HP1620, HP1640, HP2050, HP2070

These are two main types of specialized lubricants for repairing power tools. The remaining lubricants are delivered in a fairly large package (from 500 grams, up to 16 kilograms) and are intended mainly for use in service centers.

Freaking data is allowed to be used not only in peorators, junk hammers and shock drones.

For example, the lubricant 183477-5 can be used for gearboxes of screwdrivers, jigsaws, shock gaycroverts and disk saws, and a lubricant 181490-7 for gearboxes is angular grinder, polishing machines and scissors for metal.

Lubrication for SDS cartridges

Where it is used?

This lubricant is used exclusively to lubricate the working tool (drill, peaks, chisels) in order to minimize the wear of the cartridge during operation. Due to its thick consistency and a high threshold of operating temperatures, this lubricant prevents the entry into the cartridge of abrasive particles.


Lubrication for drills (181573-3) is very often confused with grease for the piston system of the Makita Grease RA (183477-5) peorators system.

This is primarily due to the external similarity of lubricants.

Secondly, inexperienced sellers can sell it to you under the guise of “lubricant for the peorator”.

Never lay a lubricant for drills in a peorator gearbox!

Lubricant for the Makita Peotor

This material for the Makita Peorator meets the requirements for the care and maintenance of the tool. It is originally used to prevent the friction of parts in its most important nodes. In this case, the wear of these parts is significantly reduced. Lubrication has an anti.corrosion effect and washing function, since when settling dust and particles, the mechanism may break. The assortment of the company contains several types of lubricants for various nodes of the tool, various volumes. For example, for a gearbox and drill, the type of substance will differ, since the working conditions of these nodes are different. When buying the material of Makita, you carefully study the instructions for the use and purpose of the substance in order to competently use it. The assortment of the lubricant of this brand includes:

How to lubricate Makita peorator

To properly grease the Makita peorator, you must first get access to them. disassemble the tool case. Nodes that must always be processed is a gearbox and a cartridge. The cartridge is first cleaned of the old lubricant and particles. According to the instructions, a new lubricant is applied. Before use, it is necessary to lubricate the shank of the drill to reduce friction and extend the resource of the mechanism.

The lubrication of the bead of the penetrator is important because it does not allow particles and dust from the tools of the tool. Before using the drill, the grooves are treated with special lubricant material, which prevents the pollution and dusting of the unit nodes.

Than to lubricate the drill

The lubricant for the bends of the penetrator is slightly different from the gearbox. After all, working conditions in the cartridge of the tool are strikingly different. Therefore, it is not surprising that the products have a different composition.

  • All loads have a variable vector. over, they go, both in the transverse direction and the longitudinal.
  • There is a technological backlash, and it allows the tip of the separation from the surface. And this is fraught with the risk of rupture of the oil film.
  • Most movements are chaotic and multidirectional. And at the extreme points, the shock load can completely displace the lubricant.

Dust and construction garbage, which are present on the work site, are significantly worsening. And in some cases a large amount of moisture. And all these factors allow the working characteristics of the lubricant to be only for one cycle. Therefore, when changing the tip, it is necessary to apply a fresh composition to a new drill.

Tough requirements that have a lubricant for drills do not allow the use of universal compositions, such as “lithola”. Well, is that in critical situations when there was no need at hand. over, immediately after disposable use, it is recommended to carefully remove the universal lubricant from the surface, both from the shank of the drill and the inside of the cartridge.

Given the critical working conditions, it is better to stop attention on specialized compositions from leading tool manufacturers. All the same Bosch, Makita, as well as the domestic Interskol release compositions that are ideally suitable for cartridges and drills for them. And all products of well.known brands guarantees reliable protection of the peorator and its components.

Briefly about the main thing

To increase the duration of the operational periods of power tools, it is necessary to use only high.quality lubricant. In particular, for the uninterrupted operation of the penetrator, it is better to opt for specialized compositions with which the manufacturer equips its products. This will be a guarantee of the correct selection of the necessary lubrication components for this model.

You can also use products from leading manufacturers of oils and lubricants. Their universal materials are of high quality and are not much inferior to specialized products. The only condition in this case is the need more often than usually to replace the oils.