Normal fishing line, but the price is high!

Normal fishing line, but the price is clearly too high!

All owners of trimmers fishing line refers to consumables. During the season, you can even use more than 100 meters. Therefore, the consumption of fishing line directly depends on its quality. It’s not very convenient to constantly refill the trimmer coil.

Normal fishing line, but the price is high!

At the same time, the packaging is clearly not expressive. But the seller actively trumped the manufacturer, Italy.

Distinctive characteristics of SIAT fishing line from other manufacturers:

  • High degree of wear resistance.
  • Efficient operation at high temperatures and loads.
  • A single diameter for the entire length of the thread.
  • A wide variety of diameters and sections.
  • Saturated color.
  • During prolonged storage and at low temperatures, it does not exfoliate and does not lose its qualities.

In fact, it turned out that despite the fact that Italy was declared on the packaging, this is a marketing ploy. Made fishing line in China. But the brand is Italian.

In any case, it is strange to write down the producer Italy in the pluses, because in any case, it is not some kind of expert in forest production.

Country of Origin China

Although I experienced many curly woods (star, square, triangle, circle, and even wicker), more often I choose a square. Of course, we are talking about fishing lines up to 2.4 mm thick.

Video: Normal fishing line, but the price is high!

It has long been concluded that saving in quality. The more elastic the fishing line, the longer it lasts. Therefore, it is sometimes better to overpay and take more expensive. Although the price is not always an indicator of quality.

If the fishing line is 3 mm thick, then I take an exclusively round section because on the "squared" The mower is tight.

In the case of thin fishing line (2-2.4mm) I do not pay attention to the form.

Everyone chooses the thickness of the fishing line to their taste. If a thin fishing line goes easily along the grass, but then it is spent quickly. A thick fishing line mows more complicated and gives more load to the mower motor, but it is spent economically.

In the case of 2.4mm fishing line, an average option is obtained. By the way, there are options with metallization, but this is a common advertising move and metal sawdust does not affect the durability in any way. fishing line torn from torsion, not from rubbing.

2.4 mm square cross-section

Fishing line length 15 meters

This version of fishing line wound well on the bobbin of the trimmer head.

This time the fishing line was successful. This is the case when the overpayment was not in vain. Mows without problems, moderate consumption.

What is the result?

Despite the not expressive packaging, the fishing line was not bad. This is the case when the appearance does not match the content (for the better).

I’ll take off one star for cheating the buyer in terms of the manufacturer. Like it or not, it’s China and not some Italy. If the manufacturer was honest, then the price of the line was lower and would get its 5 stars.