Power take-off shaft on the walk-behind tractor

Overview of attachments for motoblocks Ugra

Earth drill

An earth auger is designed for mechanized digging of earth and drilling holes of various depths. This equipment is attached to the back of the walk-behind tractor by hanging it on a three-point mechanism. The drill is powered by the power take-off shaft.

In the photo below you can see what an earth drill looks like for a mini tractor. You can find such equipment in your city by searching on the Internet. Average).

The lineup

Among modern motoblocks “Kadvi” there are several popular models.

Milling cutter. cultivator: we study the assembly rules

One of the most useful attachments. With the help of cutters, you can easily loosen, crush the soil, and also mix fertilizers with the ground.

The cutters are placed on the output shaft, capture the soil to a depth of 18 to 20 cm.The gripping track width is 10.5 cm.The diameter of the factory cutters is 34 cm.The weight of the equipment is 17.2 kg.

The figure below shows a diagram of the installation of cutters on a single-axle tractor “Ugra”.

User’s manual

In the kit of any walk-behind tractor there is a manual for use. It contains detailed information on how to assemble the unit, how it starts up, how it is serviced, as well as the repair and replacement of component parts.

Before starting work, it is important to carefully read the operating rules and strictly follow them.

Before running in the equipment, it is necessary to carry out a preparatory procedure, including:

  • filling the fuel tank with fuel;
  • pouring oils into the places designated for this;
  • checking the pressure in the pneumatic system.

In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it is necessary to run it in. This is done within 24 hours. On the day, the equipment is turned on for 1.5 or 2 hours and the work is done in a gentle mode. After the running-in is over, you should change the oil in the walk-behind tractor and add fuel.

Correct maintenance of the unit will help to extend the service life, which includes a number of actions.

  • Timely change of oil fluids. For power mechanisms, it is recommended to change after 19-20 hours of operation. For transmissions, replace them after 100 hours of operation. Certain brands of oils are provided for different installations.
  • Routine maintenance includes checking the readiness of the walk-behind tractor for work. An inspection of the reliability of fasteners, wheels, the presence of a sufficient amount of oil is carried out. At the end of the work, it is also necessary to clean the components from dirt, dry, lubricate.
  • In the absence of a working period for a long time, it is recommended to prepare the equipment for downtime. To do this, it is freed from oils, collected, placed in a place where it will not be exposed to the negative effects of the external environment.
  • It is important to remember that even if there is no visible damage, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance. The check will prevent possible breakdowns, injuries that may arise due to malfunctions, as well as extend the service life for many years.
  • It is not recommended to use a single axle tractor in a hazardous area.
  • If the machine will be operated at temperatures below 10 degrees, then it must be kept indoors for about 10 hours.

Failure to comply with the rules of operation can lead to rapid damage to parts or assemblies.

It is important to note that in the event of problems, you need to seek help from specialists. Any work performed on the gearbox should only be carried out in specialized workshops.

For an overview of the Ugra model, see the following video.


Device for coupling SUM-1 for all motor-blocks “Ugra”. Main function: attachment of additional implements to mini-tractors and walk-behind tractors. Allows you to adjust the position of tools before carrying out agrotechnical manipulations.

The dimensions of the coupler produced by the Kaluga motorcycle plant are 435 x 130 x 175 mm, weight 5.2 kg.

Types of shafts and principles of their work

The abbreviation PTO, stands for power take-off shaft, equip motoblocks and tractors. It is more often located at the back, front or side.

With the help of the PTO, torque is transmitted from the engine drive axis to the mechanisms, which are attachments. These shafts can be classified into 4 types:

  • dependent;
  • independent;
  • synchronous;
  • asynchronous.

The dependent power take-off shaft and the clutch rotate at the same time. When the clutch is turned off, the gimbal stops. It affects the operation of the walk-behind tractor or tractor under the following operating conditions:

  • stopping the operation of the machine entails stopping the PTO;
  • when the unit accelerates, the rotation of the shaft is limited;
  • the shaft can be disconnected only when the tractor has come to a complete stop.
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Such a power take-off shaft on a tractor is controlled by a lever located in the tractor cab, and only after the clutch is disengaged. When the lever is in the lower position, the PTO is turned on, when the lever is raised up, it turns off. If debris gets into the mechanisms, the tractor must be stopped without disconnecting the take-off drive. The tractor should be given the opportunity to restore the normal load level and then continue to work.

An independent PTO is not connected to the clutch, therefore, all disadvantages associated with it are completely or partially absent. This allows you to evenly load the drive, turn on additional mechanisms with the engine off, start the mower to full working speed and, having approached the field, start mowing the grass. Independent shank facilitates work on the walk-behind tractor.

Synchronous cardan shafts include those that rotate simultaneously with the main wheels of the walk-behind tractor. They only work stably at a constant rotational speed.

The speed of the non-synchronous axles is not tied to the speed of the tractor. They are used for mechanisms that produce spraying, hay harvesting, for pumping hydraulic systems and others.

As a rule, the PTO is located at the rear of the walk-behind tractor or tractor. It activates devices such as:

  • mowers;
  • harrows;
  • watering equipment;
  • cutting devices;
  • seeders;
  • stump removal device;
  • sweepers.

This list can be continued with several dozen more examples of mounted installations. Shafts run at standard speeds of 540 rpm or 1000 rpm.

The working part is also called the shank. It connects to the universal joint of the attachments or, less often, to their hydraulic pump. The connecting part of the attachment shank must be commensurate with the PTO shank. If they do not match in size, then an adapter is used. But its use will reduce the reliability of the structure in the event of a sharp increase in the load in operation.

Today’s modern single-axle PTO tractors often have a front-mounted shank. This is very convenient when you need to remove snow or mow grass.

What tasks does the power take-off shaft of a tractor and a walk-behind tractor carry out?

What is the function of the power take-off shaft in the tractor and walk-behind tractor? For the cultivation of land and plants, the owners of gardens and land plots use attachments. To put it into operation, the main equipment is equipped with a power take-off shaft.

Drive motors for walk-behind tractors

a single-axle tractor with a power take-off shaft of domestic production has a drive, which consists of a classic internal combustion engine. Units classified as light or medium are equipped with four-stroke gasoline engines. Some outdated motoblocks still have two-contact gasoline engines.

Machines considered to be heavy most often have diesel engines powered by the following systems:

  • fuel receipts;
  • cooling;
  • lubricants;
  • starting. starter;
  • gas distribution;
  • ignition.

The engine’s crankshaft transmits rotation to the gearbox through its gearbox. It is possible to stop such a unit without stopping the drive. When changing gear, the gearbox is disconnected from the engine. This prevents jerks when the walk-behind tractor starts with a power take-off shaft, and you can also stop the unit without turning off the drive.

The clutch takes place through a clutch. The clutch is operated with a lever. To make the walk-behind tractor work smoothly and without jerks, an additional unit is installed on heavy machines. with a differential. This mechanism makes it possible to exclude parallel rotation of the wheels, which makes it possible to set the wheels to different speeds of rotation.

Safety requirements and advantages of motoblocks with PTO

For a Russian manufacturer of power take-off shafts, there is a Russian standard, which specifies the dimensions of the shafts, the parameters of the latter and the permissible deviation from the specified standards.

The document prescribes the requirements for the drive of the shanks, their position relative to the base surface, the dimensions of the location.

Russian-made PTOs must comply with international safety standards. Both driveshafts and protective guards must match it. Its appendix lists all the significant hazards that can arise when working with a shank. There are also recommendations for avoiding non-standard situations.

Motoblocks with a power take-off shaft can be opposed to expensive tractors. They are not very expensive, many owners of suburban and garden plots can become their users. After all, such a device will greatly facilitate the hard work on the site. The unit can be used throughout the year, because it is versatile. In addition to summer work, a single-axle tractor will help to remove foliage in autumn, in winter. to clear the area of ​​snow, transport materials weighing up to 500 kg, fertilizers.

Thus, a single-axle tractor with a PTO shaft is not inferior in efficiency to a tractor, although it costs much less, has a compact design and therefore does not require a large storage space.

What is PTO on a walk-behind tractor. description and functions

The power take-off shaft is an element that is necessary for installing various types of attachments on a uniaxial tractor. Motoblocks with a power take-off shaft allow the use of such types of attachments as mulchers, seeders, harrows, stump grinders, mounted-type mowers, as well as attachments that are installed directly into trailers used for work.

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The main function of the PTO is to receive and transmit rotational forces from the engine to the attachment. In most cases, this important element is located at the back of the walk-behind tractor, which allows you to connect almost all known types of attachments to it.

Among the main advantages of the power take-off shaft, one should highlight its versatility, high strength and reliability. In addition to the advantages of the PTO, it has several significant disadvantages, which are the large weight of the element and the need to use an additional gearbox with it.

Types and description of power take-off shafts for walk-behind tractors

The power take-off shafts that are equipped with agricultural machines are subject to a certain classification. Depending on the principle of operation and design features. PTOs are divided into the following types:

  • dependent. such PTOs rotate simultaneously with the clutch of the walk-behind tractor. When the clutch is disengaged, the propeller shaft stops, which causes the PTO to stop. This kind of shaft is controlled by a lever located near the driver’s seat. When the lever is lowered, the power take-off shaft turns on, and when it is lifted, it turns off;
  • independent. these PTOs have no connection to the clutch. Thanks to this, the drive of the walk-behind tractor lends itself to uniform loading. The presence of such a shaft allows you to use any instruments available on the walk-behind tractor with the engine off;
  • synchronous. this type includes those power take-off shafts that come into motion together with the driving wheels of the walk-behind tractor. Such shafts become the most stable only at a constantly stable wheel speed;
  • asynchronous. these elements are not associated with the wheels of the units. This type of PTO is used only for attachments that are used for spraying, haymaking or pumping water.

All of the listed types of PTO shafts rotate at 540 or 1000 rpm. This is quite enough for use on motoblocks of the most overall hinged structures.

Power Take-Off Demonstration

single-axle tractor with PTO

A modern single-axle tractor is a complex unit, the design of which consists of many interconnected elements and mechanisms. The latter include the power take-off shaft. an element whose presence allows you to install and use different types of attachments on the walk-behind tractor.

Motoblocks with PTO and differential allow you to fulfill a huge list of agricultural tasks. However, it is sometimes beyond the power of even experienced farmers to choose one of these units correctly. Below we present to your attention our review of motoblocks with a power take-off shaft:

  • on the 5th place are the Chinese motoblocks of the Salyut 100-6.5 modification. Among the advantages of motoblocks in this configuration should be highlighted the presence of a soft start system, excellent traction and modest fuel consumption. With small dimensions and medium power, these models plow virgin soil well. The high-quality power take-off shaft of these motoblocks allows you to use any of the known attachments;
  • The 4th place is taken by professional walk-behind tractors Huter GMC-9.0. These powerful machines are capable of plowing any soil density without rest breaks. Last but not least, this was achieved due to the presence of a universal PTO, which allows the use of attachments of any size for work;

Replacing the shipper shaft (PTO) assembly on the 1969 Gravely model L project Part 1

  • on the 3rd place are the Russian motor-blocks AGAT KMD-6,5. The equipment of this brand is equipped with a durable universal power take-off shaft, which allows the use of large attachments in tandem with walk-behind tractors of this modification;
  • The second place is taken by medium-sized motoblocks Neva MB-2B-6,5 Pro. The advantages of this brand of equipment should be highlighted by high maneuverability, versatility and excellent handling. The only drawback of the models is the illiterately thought out mechanism for adjusting the gas;
  • The first place is rightfully taken by the Centaur MB1012E units, which are equipped with a high-quality reliable PTO shaft that can easily withstand even the most severe loads. The design of the Centaur MB1012E walk-behind tractors is based on a reliable diesel engine with a capacity of 12 liters. from.

Classification of power take-off shafts for a walk-behind tractor

The PTO is a mechanism that transfers the torque generated by the engine to the working elements of the attachments used. All PTO shafts can be classified according to their operating principle.

Given this factor, the following mechanisms are distinguished:

  • dependent PTO. a feature of these power take-off shafts initially lies in their simultaneous rotation with the clutch provided for the walk-behind tractor. If the clutch is disengaged, the used PTO also stops;
  • independent PTO. the drive of walk-behind tractors with such mechanisms lends itself to more uniform loads, which makes it possible for the owner of the unit to use various auxiliary mechanisms of the walk-behind tractor even with the motor turned off;
  • synchronous PTO. stable operation of such power take-off shafts is ensured only with an uninterrupted rotation speed of the unit’s wheels;
  • asynchronous PTO. the principle of operation of these mechanisms is completely opposite to the shafts of the previous type. Such power take-off shafts are actively used for the installation and use of a sprayer, seeder and other attachments on the walk-behind tractor, the operation of which is carried out at low speeds and with frequent stops.

This kind of classification allows each farmer to choose the right type of power take-off unit for himself. If necessary, you can also purchase a different type of power take-off shaft separately for its subsequent installation on an existing single-axle tractor.

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What is PTO on a walk-behind tractor?

PTO, or power take-off shaft, is a mechanism designed for stable transmission of the energy generated by the engine to the working elements of attachments, stationary or mobile machines, as well as active trailers used on walk-behind tractors. Most of the commercially available motoblocks are equipped with a power take-off shaft pre-installed at the rear of the agricultural machine. In some cases, you can also find walk-behind tractors in the PTO shaft and differential, in the design of which the power take-off shaft is provided in the front of the agricultural unit.

The main function of the PTO on the walk-behind tractor is to solve the following tasks:

Power Take Off (PTO) Shaft Basics

  • the power take-off shaft is responsible for starting mechanical components in trailed or attached equipment. At the same time, the connection of the devices used with the walk-behind tractor can be carried out both directly and through all kinds of transmission mechanisms. the latter include V-belt drives, cardan shafts and gearboxes. This is the most important function of the PTO of the walk-behind tractor, during which the mechanism is fully loaded;
  • The PTO is also used to start the hydraulic system of the towed implement. In this case, the PTO of the walk-behind tractor acts exclusively on the pump of the equipment used. Specifically for these purposes, the power take-off shaft is used extremely rarely, since farmers do not often use attachments with hydraulic systems.

The ability to perform these functions makes motoblocks with a pre-installed power take-off shaft extremely popular among farmers who own large agricultural farms.

Motoblocks with power take-off shaft (PTO)

Power take-off tillers are always highly sought after by experienced farmers. This technique makes it possible to intensively use various attachments for daily work on the site, which, of course, bears fruit and has a positive effect on the amount of the harvested crop.

In the modern domestic market, you can easily find various models of walk-behind tractors, whose factory equipment includes a power take-off shaft. All of them are actively used in tandem with numerous attachments, which allows them to perform a wide range of agrotechnical tasks assigned to them. We offer our review of motoblocks with a power take-off shaft for use in both small and fairly large farms. The units we have selected include:

  • UGRA NMB-1N15. powerful motoblocks in this configuration are in high demand due to their cross-country ability, stable operation in any conditions and durability. Thanks to the power take-off shaft, these units are able to help in effective plowing of virgin lands, harrowing, hilling, planting, collecting and transporting crops, with a total weight of 500 kg;
  • Motor Sich MB-8. these professional units are considered universal agricultural machines. They are equipped with a motor with a capacity of 8 liters. with., wide wheels and a durable steel body;
  • Caiman QUATRO MAX 70S TWK. motoblocks of medium weight allow, in any weather conditions, to use an overall plow, harrow, seeder, potato digger, trailer and other mounted structures for work on the site;
  • Salyut 100 L6.5. these Russian motoblocks have earned demand due to their exceptional reliability, the highest build quality and stability. At the same time, walk-behind tractors of this brand are quite compact and do not consume a large amount of fuel;
  • Zirka GN 151 E. Chinese heavy motoblocks are distinguished by their increased power and the maximum possible working resource. A reliable power take-off shaft in their design allows each such diesel unit to be used to work with a plow, a hiller, a harrow, a snow plow, a seeder and other devices common among farmers.
power, take-off, shaft, walk-behind, tractor

The presence of PTO in the design of all of the listed units significantly expands their capabilities, and makes the units almost universal assistants when working in the garden and in the house area.

Motoblocks with power take-off shaft

Most farmers and owners of personal land plots seek to acquire multifunctional machines for soil cultivation.

An alternative to a universal tractor on small private plots is compact and economical installations with PTO, which are easy to operate and can be purchased by most summer residents and gardeners.

The power take-off shaft is a mechanism that transfers the energy generated by the engine of the machine to the attachment to ensure its functioning.

Thus, the torque is transmitted by means of the PTO from the axle drive to the auxiliary devices of the trailed type.

The presence of the PTO option significantly expands the possibilities, allowing productive use of the power of the equipment for driving trailed structural elements. brushes, mowers, snow blowers, seeders or potato diggers.

A single-axle diesel tractor equipped with a PTO shaft is designed to perform complex agricultural tasks, and a gasoline tractor is recommended to be purchased for servicing small household plots.


cleaning of dust, dirt, fallen leaves and snow from the local area;

hay mowing and pet food preparation.

The most reliable motoblocks with a PTO this year at STORGOM: