Screwdriver lost power what to do. Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD)

Why is a screwdriver scroll through and what to do?

In the case of a sufficiently active use of the tool in domestic conditions or in professional activities, many (if not most) are faced with a situation where Makita, Interskol or any other brand scroll through a screwdriver in a screwdriver. In our catalog you can also buy a belt for the machine.

Often this happens as a result of exposure to long loads, but it can also occur with a relatively new tool. It depends on the brand, model and quality of components.

Determining the malfunction and restoration of the screwdriver battery

Before proceeding with the battery repair, it should be determined by its malfunction, otherwise the repair will be quite difficult or completely impossible. It should be noted that the failure of all the elements of the battery is impossible, with the exception of rare cases when a long.Term closing of the battery terminals could occur.

To determine the malfunction follows:

  • Put the battery on charging and wait until it is fully charged.
  • After that, disassemble the case, and measure the voltage of each charger. The difference in voltage in banks for nickel-cadmium batteries can be in the range of 1.2-1.4 V, and the difference in lithium can be about 3.8 V.
  • Banks with voltage are less than the nominal, you should mark. After that, the battery must be assembled again and give it the full load until tangible discharge.
  • Then disassemble the battery again and by the new measurement of the voltage of each can.
  • Typically, the largest voltage subsidence will be in marked elements that will need to be “reanimated” or simply replaced.

If a voltage of 12 V is necessary for the work of a screwdriver, you can try to find faulty elements in a simpler way. For this you need:

  • Carry out the battery, then disassemble it and measure the tension of each element.
  • Then, with the help of a 12 volt bulb, completely discharge it and measure the voltage of all elements again to determine which of them are faulty.

Instead of a light bulb, you can use the appropriate resistor.

Repair and replacement of the elements of the screwdriver battery

The most effective method is how to restore the screwdriver of the screwdriver is Simple replacement of failed chargers, which were discovered during their verification.

To repair, you need a donor, that is, a second battery, which also has failed banks, if this is not, you can purchase new elements via the Internet. Today there are enough online stores who are ready to deliver new batteries directly to the house with a courier service.

Important. Acquired elements should clearly coincide with the replaced tanks and dimensions.

For repair, you will need to prepare: a soldering iron, tin solder and alcohol flux (preferably).

The process of replacing charging elements itself does not provide any complexity, if only there was a solder skill.

Restoration of the screwdriver battery

Attention. In order not to harm the battery when working with a soldering iron, the soldering must be done quickly.

screwdriver, lost, power, nickel-cadmium, ni-cd

To connect the elements, it is recommended to use native plates, and if it is impossible to use them, completely replace them with the same size, but from copper. This is necessary for the correct charging process. With a different section of the connecting plates between the elements, they will heat up, and of course, the termistor will constantly work to protect the charging cans.

You need to carefully take the assembly of the batteries. The connection must be consistent. The minus of each battery is connected to the plus of the next element.

After the full assembly of all elements, it is made alignment of their potentials, Since they will be different at this time. To do this, you need to carry out a certain charging cycle/discharge. The renovated battery is completely charged, after which it should stand for about a day. After a day, it is necessary to measure the voltage separately of all elements, and if the assembly was made correctly, the voltage indicator of each element must correspond to 1.2 V.

After that, the battery should be completely discharge again. To do this, the assembled battery, using a screwdriver, is given a complete maximum load before its full discharge. The main thing is not to overload the screwdriver itself so that it does not have to repair it in the future. This charging/discharge procedure must be repeated several times in a row.

In the same way, approximately every three months, it is recommended to carry out the procedure to erase the “memory effect”, which will extend the operation of the battery and the screwdriver itself.

Alteration of the battery screwdriver in network with your own hands

One of the frequent reasons for the failure of the screwdriver is the wear of the battery, that is, the onset of the moment when the battery ceases to accept the charge necessary for the work of the tool.

This always happens unexpectedly and always causes bewilderment: all nodes and mechanisms are working, but it is impossible to achieve the result due to the lack of nutrition. Battery repair, as well as acquiring a new one is not the cheapest way out.

But, there is an opportunity to remake a portable model into a network operating from a 220 V source, and return the working condition. How to do this will be discussed in this article.

The prospect of the working capacity of the converted tool, “pros and cons” of its use

The condition for a successful reconstruction of the old screwdriver is the serviceability of its main parts: engine, gearbox, launch button, and clamping fist. Only the supply element is subject to alteration, so the rest of the “filling” should be in working condition.

Of course, as a result of constructive changes, the tool will lose its main advantage. Mobility. It will depend entirely on the presence of a nearby electric point with a voltage of 220 volts. But he will maintain performance for a long period of time and even receive a number of advantages:

  • Saving funds;
  • Lack of the need for periodic recharge;
  • The complete exclusion of the possibility of loss of the functionality of the product after prolonged inaction.

One way to solve the power problem is the use of extension cords, but this option is not always available. However, the power tool will remain useful and will be able to serve in the home workshop.

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Various devices used in the re.Equipment of a screwdriver

The most optimal option for turning the battery tool into a network is the use of a remote power supply. Its main purpose is to convert 220 volts into an acceptable voltage for the product (12, 14, 18 volts). It must correspond to the rated voltage for which the consumer is designed.

Among the devices most commonly used in the alteration of screwdrivers, the following can be noted:

  • Power supply from laptops or personal computers;
  • Car chargers;
  • Professional power sources for screwdrivers.

On the features of the use of the listed products, it is set out in the following sections of the article.

Use of computer power supply

These devices can have a power of 250-350 W, and the voltage at the output of 12 volts for PCs and up to 20 volts for laptops, which is quite enough for the operation of the power tool. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the ends of the wires of the low.Voltage part of the block to connect with the curls of the screwdriver.

In the case of the adapter from the laptop, it is enough to cut the plug, determine the “positive” and “negative” conductors on the wire, mark and clean their ends.

Preparation of a network adapter from a laptop to connect a screwdriver

When working with a power supply from a personal computer, the operation will occur more difficult, since many wires connected at the end in the connectors come out of the low part.

A voltage of 3.3V, 5V and 12V comes out of the PC power supply for various wires. The main task is to choose the color of guides corresponding to a voltage of 12 volts.

  • On the largest square connector (power), determine the green wire and connect through the button with any of the black wires of the same connector (the remaining wires can be removed);
  • On a smaller connector called “Molex”, a yellow wire and one of the black wires are selected;
  • They are connected with the ends of the extension cable, which will subsequently serve to connect a screwdriver.

Color marking of wires on the connectors of the computer power supply

Further connection of the tool itself is made according to step.By.Step instructions:

Замена старых NI-CD аккумуляторов на новые, в шуруповёрте интерскол

  • The battery body is disassembled from the screwdriver
  • The batteries in it can be removed, but it is better to leave to maintain the convenience of holding the tool in the hand
  • A hole is made in the back of the case through which the cable is passed from the adapter
  • The wires connecting the nutrition elements with the contact terminals of the battery are trimmed and enjoyed with the cable conducted from the adapter
  • The joints are thoroughly isolated
  • The battery is assembled and fitting with a screwdriver.

The final step is to check the operability of a modernized tool.

Using charger for automobile batteries

The best option will be an adjustable analogue device. It will play the role of a variable voltage converter 220 V in a permanent 12-14 volt consumed by a power tool. The advantage of this option is the lack of the need to change anything in the design of the “charger”.

Connection is as follows:

  • In the disassembled battery from the screwdriver, it is necessary to cut the wires connecting the batteries with contact terminals;
  • Through the hole made in the housing, draw a cable 2.5-3 meters long, the ends of which are connected to the wires sold to the terminal terminals;
  • The opposite ends of the cable are switching with the output of the charger;
  • Click the battery, apply voltage. The tool is ready to work.

The appearance of the charging device for car batteries

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Professional power sources for screwdrivers

These devices are most convenient in use, as they are made specifically for the conversion of battery models into network power tools. They are produced for different voltage: 12, 14, 18 and 24 volts.

Professional power sources for screwdrivers

These devices do not need to be altered. They are already configured for the specified parameters. Their connection will not be difficult. It consists in the connection of wires with the contact terminals of the screwdriver.

Review of models, capacities and batteries

Every business man must have tools in his arsenal, including a screwdriver, which cannot be dispensed with during construction or small housework. This power tool will be required for screwing and turning screws, screws and screws.

The modern market offers all kinds of models of good screwdrivers, which are distinguished by functions and technical characteristics. It is extremely difficult to choose the best option, because buying the most expensive one does not mean to fully satisfy the need. So how do you choose the best model?

The purpose of the screwdriver consists in twisting and twisting, drilling holes in a tree, metal and brick. In addition, the tool can be used to assemble furniture, mixing building mixes, paints or when drilling holes for fishing.

The choice of screwdrivers by parameters

For the unmistakable acquisition of the power tool, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

How to revive dead NiCd battery from cordless power tools

  • Brand and price. The world leaders are Bosch, AEG, DeWALT, Metabo and Sparky (Germany), Makita and Hitachi (Japan), Hilti (Liechtenstein), Black Decker (USA), Intercker and Bison (Russia), Skil (Netherlands).

Many of the above firms produce their products in China, which does not affect their quality. Bosch is very popular with our men, thanks to durable work. All other German and Japanese brands have approximately the same operational parameters and cost.

Makita is a good option for the ratio of price and quality. American instruments are rarely found in the domestic market, because their cost is higher than other similar products.

  • Dimensions and shape. In this case, compactness matters, small models are suitable for homework, but for frequent work with a tree it is better to give preference to big.

Before buying, it is advisable to hold the tool in the hand.

Important! The right angle between the handle and the body of the screwdriver can cause corns.

  • Battery:
  • Nickel.Cadmium (nicd). Affordable cost, frost resistance and the possibility of storage in discharged state. Ideal for periodic work.
  • Nickel-metal-gidrid (NIMH) is a compact harmless device that is not in demand due to a short service life.
  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion)-have a high capacity, practically do not discharge, quickly produce a charge and at the same time serve much longer than previous options. They are universal, differ in high cost and intolerance to excessively low temperatures.

There are models working on batteries, that is, in the kit with a screwdriver there is an additional battery, which is replaced in case of category. After all, buying a new model is more expensive than just replacing the battery.

How to choose a battery screwdriver for home and professional use

Regardless of where the tool will be operated, it is necessary to decide which types of work it will face. For infrequent use, about a couple of times a month, there is enough simple screwdriver working on an inexpensive battery.

Budget models have all the necessary functions for small housework, while they weigh much less than professional.

For daily use, it is better to give preference to powerful options that have impressive sizes and weight. Such models can be both impulse and network. They can easily cope with a large volume of work.

How to determine the power of screwdriver

The power of the tool depends on the battery voltage. That is, it is equal to the work of voltage and current strength. If anything affects the voltage, it is on the power of the device.

Today on the market you can find batteries 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 volts, their values ​​are indicated on the finished product.

Naturally, when the figures are increased, the dimensions of the screwdriver are growing and the price for it. The growth of value affects the use of the tool. Therefore, the higher the “voltage”, the more it is suitable for professionals.

How to choose a powerful battery screwdriver

In addition to the value of “voltage” and “steering”, screwdrivers are classified according to the indicator of torque. It can be soft and hard.

The first is characterized by the maximum effort, which is calculated in newton meters (n.M.) for screwing and twisting, and the speed of rotation can reach 350 revolutions per minute. The purpose of the second is drilling, the speed of rotation is more than 1000 revolutions.

As in the case of the TT and Volt indicator, the turns affect the power. Thus, 25-30 N.M. Suitable for self.Tapping screws less than 7 cm, and for large sizes. 40 N.M. For screws longer than 10 centimeters, it will require drilling the hole for him in advance.

How to convert an old Ni-Cad battery drill to Lithium Ion!

Different types of screwdrivers (drills) are presented on the modern market. To select the tool that is suitable for you, you need to decide on the goals of operation, then understand which power will be enough for a particular work. It is also important to deal with the financial component, because the type of battery and brand depends on it. Additionally, the tool can have a speed switch, backlight or other beneficial functions that will make work easier and faster.

The battery of the screwdriver does not hold the charge

The battery does not hold the charge: probable prerequisites, methods for solving interference and tips

Once a day we start a car and sometimes we don’t think about the dynamics of the process. For the possibility of the engine, the engine began to work, a whole range of systems and devices is used. The most important of all in this chain is battery.

Without it, it is impossible to launch the motor. Over the years, the battery loses its capacity. The car starts to start worse. Also, the owners often have a problem of lack of charge.

Why the battery does not hold the charge? We will find out in our article today.

When it is worth sounding the alarm?

At what voltage can it be argued that the battery does not hold the charge? The minimum value for starting the motor is 12.5 volts.

In this case, the motor will resume work at the first turnover of the key. If this figure is less than 0.5 volts, the motor will also start, but with great difficulty. The voltage of 11 or less volts is considered critical. In this case, there is a risk that the engine will not start at all.

How much holds charge battery? Ideally, he should maintain a stable value without recharging up to three years (but subject to regular operation of the car, as the generator charges). If, after arrival home in the evening, the battery sat in the morning, this means that the battery is faulty.

In case of downtime, she should hold at least one month.

Banal reasons

You need to start a search for a problem with a small. Inspect visually the contacts that go to the battery. The terminals should not have oxidations. If they have, it is possible to launch the engine both on hot and cold. The reason is simple. The terminals are not suitable for the conclusions of the battery. Accordingly, a smaller start current goes to the starter.

And after the launch of the battery cannot fully recharge from the generator due to the same oxidations. As a result battery Holds badly charge, And the car is difficult to start.

Разборка NI-Cd никель кадмиевого аккумулятора 1,2 вольт от шуруповёрта через год эксплуатации

As a result, all electrical appliances will take energy from the battery, but it will not be replenished. Solving the problem. Replacing the fuse.


This is a more serious reason. Banks are the same six holes that are in the battery. Each jar contains lead plates. The latter are placed in acid electrolyte.

During the contact of the plates and electrolyte, electricity accumulates, which is further used to start and work of the car. The voltage in each bank is approximately 2 volts.

And if one of the cans does not work, the battery will only charge up to 10 volts.

screwdriver, lost, power, nickel-cadmium, ni-cd

These elements become unusable for two reasons. This is:

  • Evaporation of electrolyte. How to determine it? When unscrewing the lid, you can notice a low fluid level. In a certain bank, it will be less than in the rest. But it also happens that the liquid evaporates in several compartments at once.
  • Showing the plate. In such a situation, the level of electrolyte can be normal. But the liquid itself is not transparent, but black (almost black) color.

Not Holds the charge battery screwdriver

You can buy the battery for replacement here. The last more thoughtful way.

The real way to restore 100% Squirrel battery, According to my method of Ni-CAD 1.2V peeling

Link to good batteries 10pcs: how I restored two nicd battery) I have been twisting for six months.

And if in the first case the problem can still be tried to solve by adding distilled water, then with deformation of the plates the only way out. Buying a new battery. Note that the battery capacity will not fall after adding distilled water. It is she who evaporates in banks, not acid. The latter is much heavier and remains on the plates.

Closing the plates

Incorrect operation can cause this phenomenon. This happens if the battery often sits on zero. There may also be freezing of the electrolyte. But this happens if the car often costs more than 30 degrees in the cold. To exclude freezing of the plates, it is recommended to store the battery in severe frosts in the warmth, that is, bring it with you into the house.

The battery is not Holds the charge: restoration of plates

Some try to restore such a battery by long charging with low current force. But it will not give anything. This battery is restored as follows. First, flushing the cans with distilled water. It fills the compartment to the maximum.

Then mix (in this case, it is possible and even necessary to turn the battery upside down) and drained. If necessary, repeat the procedure again until clean water goes from the holes, without dirt and a dark shade. In some cases, it is possible to clean the plates from the oxidized particles in this way and return life to the old battery.

But if there are too many dirt, such plates may no longer take charge and after 10 cycles flushing.


If a battery does not hold the charge, perhaps the deposit of salts occurred on the plates. They need to be removed. To do this, in the store we purchase a special desulfatizing additive for electrolyte.

Also, the removal of salts can be done using a special item. The desulfatation procedure is carried out in a few steps:

  • First, in the fresh electrolyte (its density should be at least 1.28 grams per cubic centimeter) the purchased additive dissolves the purchased. It takes a lot of time. 48 hours.
  • Then the electrolyte is filled into the banks. You should check its density. This is done using an area. This parameter should be at least 1.28 grams.
  • After that, plastic plugs in banks are unscrewed and charger is connected to the battery. So that the battery has been holding a charge for a long time again, it is necessary to make several charging cycles. On the memory you need to set the minimum current strength. It should be no more than one tenth from the maximum. When the voltage on the battery reached 13.8 volts, the charge current should be reduced by half. Next, we measure the density of the area with an area. We leave the battery for two hours. Then we make measurements again. If the density did not fall, then we managed to restore the dead battery.

How to make a screwdriver correctly. Instructions for beginners

Before repairing the device under consideration, it must be correctly and gently disassembled. Beginners do not always cope with this task, so it will be interesting to know how the disassembly is performed correctly. The instructions for disassembling a screwdriver have the following view:

  • Disassembly should be carried out on the table so as not to lose your components. Initially, you need to unscrew all the screws with which the device body is attached
  • Open the body carefully so as not to damage it. To exclude damage to the plastic structure of the case, you can use a plastic spatula
  • If the case does not understand after the fasteners of the fasteners, you need to carefully examine its internal structure. The design may contain brackets that need to be extracted
  • After disassembly, you need to have the details in the order of their removal so as not to mess and collect the device back

If there are signs of oxides inside, this means that water fell into the device. There is a high probability that the reason for the inoperability of the device is high humidity, which entailed the failure of the parts of the screwdriver. After disassembling the tool, you can proceed to its repair. Video Description of the Disassembly process below.

Block: 4/11 | Summer characters: 1252 Source: https: // moiinstrumentu.Ru/kak-vupolnjaetsa-world-shurpovertf-byz-pomoshhi.Spigalista.HTML

How to redo the screwing unit 12 and 18 volts to work from the network with your own hands

An indispensable assistant in the work is a screwdriver. Its use is effective not only in the household, but also in professional activities. It is currently difficult to imagine repair and finishing work without this universal power tool.

Shurovyrt can work anywhere, regardless of the presence of a supplying electric network. But the battery (battery) of power tools has the ability to discharge, and the number of charge cycles is limited.

On average, the battery lives for about three years, and then you have to change it, so the craftsmen began to redo the food on the network version.

When the battery stops holding a charge, an indispensable mechanical assistant turns into a useless tool. Buy another battery is unprofitable, After all, the cost of the battery can sometimes reach up to 50% of the price of a new tool. Therefore, each dazzling owner begins to think about the issue of alteration of the screwdriver for power from the network.

You can try to restore the characteristics of the battery, but it will be a temporary solution. Anyway, in the future, the device will be quickly discharged. Alteration of the screwdriver from the network 220 in with your own hands is the best option for restoring equipment performance. What gives such a solution:

  • The device can fully work further;
  • There is no need to use battery requirements;
  • The torque of the equipment does not depend on the battery charge state.

The disadvantage can only be called dependence on the length of the network cord and the presence of source of electric power.

Mobility of the device

When transferring battery equipment, one of the main distinguishing properties is lost. Mobility is lost from the power supply. Therefore, if you decide to remake a screwdriver power, you need to determine exactly which device you want to use in your work in the future.

There are two concepts, how to redo the battery type to the network:

  • Power supply (BP) will be external. This execution option provides for the presence of a separate device. But let it not scare you, even a heavy and large rectifier can simply be near a power outlet. All the same, you will be limited by the length of the power cable either to the outlet, or to the supply unit. According to the law of OM, a reduction in voltage with the same power increases the current strength. Therefore, the power cord for 12-19 volts should have a cross.Section more than a 220 volt network cable.
  • The power supply is mounted in the battery housing. In this device, mobility is almost completely preserved, only the length of the network cable can limit the movement of the operator. One problem may arise if necessary to install a high.Power transformer in the hull body of the screwdriver battery. But the modern radio engineering industry allows you to solve this problem, there are a large number of compact rectifiers in the radio equipment markets.

Each of the methods finds supporters, as it has a certain set of characteristics.

There are several options for converting a screwdriver to work from the mains. The task is to write down the device electric motor using an intermediate source.

We use charging from the laptop

You can make a power supply 12 V for a screwdriver with your own hands without even having technical knowledge. It only follows Find an unnecessary charger from a laptop, which has technical characteristics similar to parameters for feeding screwdriver. The main thing is that the output voltage corresponds to the desired (12-14 volts).

To achieve a given goal, you must first disassemble the battery and remove faulty elements from there. Then the such manipulations follow:

  • Take a charger from a laptop.
  • Cut out the output connector, expose and carry out the end of the ends of the wires.
  • Save the cleaned wires to the input wires of the battery.
  • Isolate the rations to avoid short circuit.
  • We make a hole in the housing so as not to squeeze the wire, and we assemble the structure.

Basic. A power supply from a computer

For the manufacture of such a device, you will need a block from a personal computer of format a. T. Finding it is easy, this is an old model of a supply device, which is easy to buy in any radio component market. It is important to know, that you can use a 300-350 watts with a current in a power circuit 12 in at least 16 A.

It is the block format blocks that correspond to such parameters. The power button is located on the housing of this device, which is very convenient when working. The cooling fan is installed inside and the protection circuit from overloads is mounted.

The procedure for the reconstruction of the block:

  • Remove the lid of the case b. P. Inside we will see a fee with many wires going to connectors, as well as a fan.
  • The next step is to turn off the protection against turning on. We find a green wire on a square large connector.
  • We connect this wire with black from the same connector. You can make a jumper from another piece of wire, or you can just cut it briefly and leave in the case.

Then, in the output beam, we find a smaller connector (Molex) and make the following operations with it:

  • We leave the black and yellow wires, and cut the other two briefly.
  • For the convenience of location of the BP, when working, we solder to the black and yellow wires extension cord.
  • The second end of the extension cord is attached to the contacts of the empty battery compartment. You need to do this by soldering, you can make a good twist, while it is necessary to strictly observe the polarity.
  • We make a hole in the case so as not to squeeze the wire when assembling. The device is ready.

If there is a desire to ennoble your design, t. E. Hide it into another case, drill holes for an air flow to exclude overheating.

Screwdriver current, measurement Radio Master Info

The theme of the battery of the battery screwdriver from the 220 network was partially considered on this site. It was talked about how to choose a power supply for a specific model of a battery screwdriver, shows tests for twisting screws. The current measurements were not presented, which consumes a screwdriver in various operating modes. This will be discussed later.

We will test the same Squad:

He will eat from the same power supply:

To begin with, we measure the idle current at slow speed:

Left current values ​​in amperes, on the right voltage in volts.

Then the idle current at fast speed:

Now we measure the current at the maximum load when the rattle is triggered:

The photo has established value, although short.Term throws slightly exceeded 6a. Power supply was not triggered. The resistance of the wires that Squad connected to the power supply (about 2m).

When turning the controller of the rotating moment to the maximum and the maximum load, when the rattle is no longer triggered, the engine stops, the current reaches almost 10 A and the power supply is turned off. This is an unacceptable operating mode.

But, a stopped engine for a power supply, this is an almost short circuit. As you know, a short.Circuit current of a stopped engine is determined by the purely omic resistance of the winding and can reach very large values ​​until the protection of the power supply units works. If the power supply is powerful and its protection is triggered on currents of 20-30 A, then the engine winding wire burns. As indicated in the previous article, the maximum current of the engine of this model of a screwdriver 4 A, the diameter of the wire of its winding is about 0.5 mm.

Current 10 and this is more than twice as permissible, not to mention currents 20-30 A.

The conclusion is the same, it makes no sense in power supplies for 20-30 and to power screwdrivers in which the engine is designed for the maximum current 4a. You can not operate Squad loading it before stopping the engine, turning off the rattle.

If the engine has a different power, greater power, for large currents, then you need to select a power supply under it.

The material of the article is duplicated in the video:

Malfunctions of the electric part

Unlike a drill, screwdrivers function mainly from batteries. This means that different electric motors are used in the design of these tools. Determining the malfunction of the electrical part of the screwdriver is not difficult. If the battery is charged, but when the “Start” button is pressed, the sound of the electric motor is not heard, then the reason is the breakdown in the electrician. Consider the main types of malfunctions of the screwdrivers on the electric part.

  • Battery malfunction. Initially, you should pay attention to the battery. As a rule, boat-quality nickel-cadmium batteries are used at screwdrivers. They have a significant drawback, which consists in the need to charge it only when it completely “sits”. Such batteries cannot be recharged, as this reduces their service life. If one day the screwdriver refuses to function, then do not rush to disassemble it, make sure that the battery is working and gives out a charge. You can check by connecting the second battery. The battery charge can also be checked using a tester, which should show the corresponding voltage value.
  • Charger malfunction. There is a special charger for charging the battery. If the battery is discharged even after you have charged it, then you should check the integrity of the charger. For these purposes, there are usually light indicators on charging devices. If they are not, then you need to use the multimeter.
  • Failure to include button. It is necessary to check the start button, since often the cause of its inoperability is the oxidation of contacts or dust. The tool should be disassembled, then clean the contacts. Buttons usually in screwdrivers have a function of regulating the speed of rotation of the cartridge, for which the transistor is installed. If the tool works, but the function of regulating the speed number is absent, then you need to replace the transistor.
  • If the reverse function does not function, then you can correct the breakdown by cleaning the contacts of the polarity switch button.
  • Electricifier malfunction. The electric motor is one of the most expensive structural elements of the screwdriver. If everything is verified and it is revealed that the problem lies in the electric motor, then you should find out the reason. Most often, the problem arises with brushes, which over time simply abuse. It is impossible to repair the brushes, so they should be replaced. The anchor should be replaced if, when it is a call of its conclusions of the windings, a break is detected. No one will deal with a rewinding of such a small rotor, so it’s easier to purchase a new unit. The stator of the permanent electric motor is presented in the form of 2-3 magnetic plates that do not fail.

Now you know the main signs and types of screwdrivers of screwdrivers. To repair it, you do not need to be a specialist, but enough to stock up on the tool and free time.

The screwdriver is slowly twisting

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Measure the inner length, width, depth of the battery block

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The connectors were bought: the 2nd dads for connecting the balanced connectors in the blocks and 1 mother for connecting to a balance/charger.

Block with soldered balanced connectors

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Collect the block, and do not forget to sign on each block with what kind of charging should be charged.

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The main causes of malfunctions

Screwdrivers are network and battery. Their main malfunctions are almost the same, and the differences are associated with the type of nutrition.

Network screwdriver

If the device does not turn on, first check the condition of the outlet, and then, if it is working, inspect the fork. Often the screwdriver does not start, because the contacts are burned. If both nodes are intact, you should inspect the cable, make sure that it is intact, is not interrupted or not overheated. Also, possible reasons may be a faulty button for turning on, wovered electrographs or a burned.Out engine winding.

If the technique sparkles, you need to look for a defect in anchor, electric shock or a motor collector.

The starting screwdriver independently reports that there was a breakdown of the power button.

With the backlash of the cartridge, the reason for damage to the gearbox shaft. If the cartridge is jammed and it is impossible to extract a drill or bit, this means that the clamping fists are chopped. The reason is the lack of lubrication or breakdown of the internal nodes of the cartridge. If this mechanism is scrolled, it is a malfunction of the gearbox.

With a defect, the rattles examine the petals of its lock, a spring and pin.

Battle screws

If the technique does not turn on, check the charger and the serviceability of the battery. With quick discharge, its condition is diagnosed using a special tester.

Other faults of the battery type screwdriver are similar to network technique.

General recommendations before checking the battery

Before checking the screwdriver battery for possible malfunctions, you should remind you that nickel-cadmium batteries installed in most power tools have the so-called “memory effect”. Briefly his essence lies in the fact that due to frequent and irregular recharge, the capacity of the “banks” of the battery decreases, and the battery does not use its resource in its entirety.

Before checking the battery, it should be fully charged so that the indicators taken by the tester are as accurate as possible. Keep in mind that the testing will be optimally accurate if it is carried out under load. It is for this that the battery will need a sufficient amount of charge.

A set of tools that you need is simple:

How to eliminate malfunctions

We carry out repairs using locksmiths, drill and drill of the desired size. You will also need nippers and several screws.

The repair process will not take you very much time and attention. If you still decide to fix the erased cloves of the old coupling, and not buy a new one, then you will need a drill and a drill. To do this, it will be enough for you to drill several holes in those places where there were cloves and screw the required number of screws into these holes.

If parts of the screws protrude, then shorten them with the help of nippers and turn on the screwdriver to check the tools of the tool.

How to load batteries correctly

To cope with the effect of memory of nickel-cadmium batteries and extend the life of lithium-ion power sources, several important rules must be observed:

  • Immediately after buying a screwdriver, it should be charged to the maximum level. If we are talking about NI-CD elements, the procedure must be repeated three times in a row.
  • The temperature in the room where charging is carried out should be within 10-40 degrees.
  • Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries must be disconnected from the network after the charging is completed. Lithium ion sources of power are equipped with controllers who do it automatically.
  • If you do not plan to work with the tool for a long time, it is better to extract batteries and store them separately. At the same time, it is desirable at least once a month to recharge to the maximum level.

How long does it take to charge the battery? If it comes only to short.Term recitle, it is better to take at least half an hour to it. Full charging should last about 7-8 hours.

The screwdriver does not twist

The screwdriver can be safely considered a tool, which quite often has to be used not only in everyday life, but also to work at construction sites. But, like any complex technical accessory, the product may break. How to repair a screwdriver on your own we will consider in this text.

The basic parameters of the device and the principles of action of the screwdriver

Equipment in the construction market, where screwdrivers occupy a separate place, is quite large. Many models have individual criteria, are characterized by assembly quality and cost. However, most models are characterized by basic principles of action and internal performance.

The basic elements of any screwdriver include:

  • The presence of an electric motor;
  • Planetary reductor;
  • Adjustable functional button “Start”;
  • Reverse switch;
  • Effort regulator;
  • Power unit.

The electric engine is powered by a direct current network, structurally represented by a cylindrical shape. Inside is an anchor with brushes and magnets. The peculiarity of the engine circuit of the engine suggests that the direction of the voltage supply will be directed to the brushes. When the powerful polarity changes, reverse motor movement occurs.

The planetary gearbox is an important element that can convert high.Frequency fluctuations in the electrical shaft into a low frequency of cartridge shaft.

As a rule, these parts are made of wear.Resistant plastic or metal. Many screwdrivers are equipped with gearboxes at 2 speeds.

Switching to the first speed mode is necessary for working with self.Tapping screws, and at the second speed you can drill in a wood, plastic base or metal.

The Start key is starting the device. It is able to control the number of revolutions, providing for the ability to choose the optimal speed of rotation for the cartridge shaft. Accordingly, a powerful press will drive the engine at high speeds, and with a decrease in the power of pressing the power criterion, it will weaken.

The reverse switch is necessary for the operation of changing the rotational direction of the screwdriver engine. This functionality is convenient to use not only for twisting, but also to twist screws.

Regarding the regulator of efforts, we can say that it determines the speed of tightening screws. Actual models provide for a 16-speed adjustable gradation, which allows with maximum accuracy and convenience to determine which tightening speed is relevant, working with various material.

The power supply of the screwdriver is the battery batteries, where the power of the supply voltage (depending on the model of the model) can fluctuate from 9 to 18V.

screwdriver, lost, power, nickel-cadmium, ni-cd

The main malfunctions of the screwdrivers and their reasons

If at some point you found that your screwdriver does not turn on, then most likely it has some kind of malfunction. Practical experience indicates that the instructiveness of the tool can be observed for two reasons:

Understanding the objective causes of electrical breakdown, it can be noted its characteristic features:

Mechanical problems with a screwdriver include problems with the wear of the internal parts, for example, a characteristic crack of the mechanism is heard. As a rule, a faulty screwdriver will begin to make characteristic sounds, where, for example, bushings were demolished or a bearing fell apart. Often this happens on the Hammer tool.

How to repair a screwdriver with your own hands?

For example, if the tool has stopped turning on, then initially you need to check the serviceability of the battery. If the breakdown did not disappear when the device is based, then you have to arm yourself with a multimeter, and start scanning the device in searching for the root cause.

First of all, take a look at the voltage indicated on the device case and compare it with the indications of measurements on the battery. Data must approximately match. If the voltage is underestimated, then, most likely, the problem is hidden in a charging device or a battery block.

For example, a charger can be checked using a multimeter by including it on the network, and by making measurements on the clips of the device during idle. It is important that the voltage criterion is slightly larger than the nominal.

In general, to correct the defect, characteristic knowledge in electronics will be required or you will need to purchase a new block.

If a battery problem is detected, for example, the Makita screwdriver, you can open this block with your own hands, where the supply elements are placed.

As a result of the autopsy, research of the connecting wires should be carried out and verify the quality execution of the soldering. If there are no visible defects, then using the scanner, voltage measurements should be made in each element.

Values ​​should show 0.9. 1 in voltage power. If a block with a small voltage indicator is found in the row, then it must be replaced.

How to repair the device button?

When everything is in order with the battery and charging passes without problems, but the tool refuses to activate, he will make the serviceability of the device button.

To do this, you will have to disassemble the device on its curls coming from the button, you should measure the voltage with a multimeter that comes at the input of the buttons. Surgery must be carried out with an active battery. If the signal is on, then the battery must be extracted and using the clamps to short of its contacts.

On the multimeter, you need to switch to OM mode. The screwdriver button is clamped to the stop and measures the output voltage. If the value of the resistance indications on the device strives for the zero mark, then the button works properly.

And this means that the problem should be sought in brushes or other electric motors. In case of a signal break, it is recommended to fix the button, thereby returning the screwdriver to the work of the tools.

The performance of the screwdriver cartridge

The run of the screwdriver cartridge indicates the availability of problems with the serviceability of the reducer tool, which is located directly behind the electric motor. This is another reason why the screwdriver does not work with a full return.

Spare parts for planetary screwdrivers

The output shaft of this gearbox is the place of attachment of the cartridge; Therefore, if we are talking about the mileage of the cartridge, we must remember the inconsistency of the gear shaft. The reasons for this may be as follows:

  • A) the curvature of the gear shaft;
  • B) the wear of the gearboxes;
  • C) the failure of the supporting bearing of the gear shaft;
  • D) the maximum production of pins on which the satellites of planetary programs are installed.

All of the above parts of factory origin are not subject to this repair. The problem of beating the cartridge of the screwdriver in this case is solved by replacing the parts of the gearbox with new.