Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Idle

Tell me what kind of malfunction of the Stihl 180 chainsaw? Each time it is necessary to blow out the carburetor before you start, and not blow the piston dry.

The gasket needs to be replaced.

Why, when the tool heats up, does the chain begin to spin at idle?

I will share a little experience in the repair of this motor chainsaw. The problem was that after the saw warmed up, after about 10 minutes, the chain began to spin at idle, the more it heats up, the more it spins. If you stop her forcibly, then the saw is deaf. If you try to spin the drum itself, then it goes tight, after the chainsaw is still standing, the chain starts spinning easily. Replacing the clutch did not bring any result. It turned out that it was an oil drive, the one that is behind the clutch. He had a sleeve squeezed out, replacing with a new one completely eliminated the problem.

What is the clearance on the rings of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw?

On new ones. 0.2-0.4 mm.

Tell me, for what reason can gasoline go to the air filter of a chainsaw?

Problems with the carburetor.

The chainsaw has been in operation for 9 years, something began to rattle inside the muffler, as it seems to me, as if a nut had been thrown where, what could be? It works fine, but with a grunt, drowned out, shook the saw, a characteristic sound is also heard.

The net inside the muffler may have burnt out and fallen off.

Black color. fake, the original parts must be registered, the sign is printed "S".

Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Idle

MC 180 chainsaw, how and how to clean the carbon deposits on the piston to clean without removing the cylinder and harm the engine? And the groove depth of the saw bar became 7mm, how soon should I change it?

We do not recommend rinsing off any soot with additives, only disassembling. If the groove depth is less than 5 mm, the tire needs to be changed.

Today I had to disassemble my gas saw, the first time in 4 years. became idle after 10-20 minutes of operation. Carburetor disassembled to a screw. everything is in oil-and-dirt mud, everything is washed out, blew, collected, started up from the 5th. Normal, but a lot of speed. adjusting screw did not remember how he stood, screwed as he could. Twist by ear? and what does it regulate in general, idle speed or mixture quality?

This is the idle speed adjustment screw; turn it off while the engine is running until the chain stops rotating. In a 180m calm unregulated carburetor, only idle speed are regulated. I usually screw this screw after the carburetor overhaul so that the gap between the screw head and the carburetor body is slightly more than 1 mm. And then I spin a little idle. Put on the tachometer. but you can. so that the normally tensioned chain does not move on a warm engine.

The saw began to start up poorly, I think something was jammed. The air filter is normal, even without it tried. jerk Ten times. I twist the candle dry. If you start it, then you need to hold the gas; if you let it go, it will stall at idle. What could be?

Remove the muffler, look at the piston condition. Vertical furrows are possible. Or, with the piston lowered, the intake side area is visible. there you can see traces of abrasive wear on the surface of the cylinder. And you can also indirectly check the status of the piston on the starter. It is necessary to raise the saw by the starter handle. If it does not fall, the condition of the piston is very good. If it gradually slides down, in such jerks, then the state is average, the working capacity is saved.

Tell me, who came across? The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is new, gasoline is constantly leaking, from where it flows it is not possible to determine. The more gasoline in the tank, the more it flows.

Fuel tank breather. You can see by removing the starter. Can leak a little. Do not hold the saw with a full tank. Tucked in. work. If the tank is not full and do not lay on the left side. nothing wrong. But if an incomplete tank flows. It would be necessary for the service, while the warranty.

Tell me what exactly to clean in the carburetor. The mesh is clean, it’s clean under the needle, I did not unscrew the adjustment screws, I’m afraid if I add a carb deregulation to these symptoms. for sure it will be possible to put a cross. can soak it in acetone?

By carburetor. Turn out everything that can be twisted. remove covers, locking needle, adjusting screws, nozzle. We don’t pick out the small lids inside, but rather, we check to see if they have come unstuck. And we blow from a thin nozzle under high pressure into all holes, starting from those where the adjustment bolts were screwed. Then, when assembling the carburetor, screw in adjusting 1 1/4 turns and start adjusting by the tachometer.

I have a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, about 6. This problem. You start the saw as much as it works, and sometimes immediately, at full throttle starts to think and does not develop power. As if choking, but puffing. Gas let go stall. And it won’t start. Fresh gasoline. Filters changed. The silencer is clean. He cleaned the carburetor too. And this problem is not permanent. Yesterday it was, but today it’s working like a watch. Sinned on a candle. But she’s fine.

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I would start by checking the seals and bearings, make a pressure test and it will be visible. Pressure testing means checking with reduced pressure. When the piston is sucked in, this pressure rises, due to the lack of internal opposite pressure, the tongue of the crankshaft seal. If the pressure shown is delayed, or the pressure rises within 20 seconds to no more than 0.3 bar, then the shaft sealing rings are in good condition. But, with a further decrease in pressure in the crankcase, it is necessary to replace the crankshaft seal ring.

In the process of working with a chainsaw, there is a knock in the clutch, palpable, turned to the service center for this reason, to which I was told that there is nothing to worry about, it will pass, after which I asked if it would break the crankshaft main bearings, which I heard not. The instrument is 3 years old, someone threw it away, and I picked it up, AL-KO became, it turned out that the fuel and air filters were clogged and the idle was knocked down, I managed this and other little things. That’s just the knock of no resting dates, recently gone, maybe the clutch cams have worked out. The clutch does not slip. On MS 361 this is not. Help, tell me what to do, Well-KO saw, and so she got from the previous owners, this is an indispensable assistant at home, and everywhere.

Knock. this is the cause of a broken crankshaft bearing. Repair is urgently needed, because when the crankshaft bearing falls apart, the balls will damage the cylinder and piston group!

Tell me, how is the ignition installed? By tags taking into account TDC or otherwise?

The magnetic pair should be opposite the ignition module at a certain distance.

Is it possible to use mineral oil for preparing a fuel mixture for 2-stroke engines with air and water cooling?

It is impossible! You can use oil for 2-stroke engines with air cooling! We recommend only original oil.

Is there an adjustment to the oil supply to the circuit?

Not. Standard adjustment. At full throttle, oil is supplied to the circuit; at idle, no.

I was interested in the service that if black fluid flows between the cylinder and the exhaust pipe, then this is due to the break-in of the saw. If a run-in has already been made and there are such problems, what can be done to operate it further and how to get out of the situation? And also a candle is also thrown with an unburned liquid black mixture and the exhaust gases are wet and black

It is possible to operate, but you need to ventilate the combustion chamber, change the spark plug and wipe away smudges. And in the future, do not repeat the run-in and do not let the unit idle for a very long time.

A friend changes the piston on a chain saw Stihl 180, bought a Chinese kit. They wanted to put two gaskets between the crankcase and the cylinder. Goal. slightly reduce the degree of compression in order to reduce the negative impact of low-quality gasoline. Do you think it makes sense? If so, what thickness would you recommend laying?

How are you going to implement this? On this model, the connector goes in the middle of the seat of the crankshaft bearings. And there are no gaskets, everything is on sealant. With a compression ratio, compression will also go away. And on the Chinese piston, it rarely happens more than seven kilos. Yes, and let the familiar oil seals check for elasticity. And when assembling under oil seals, it is not necessary to smear with sealant!

Stihl 180 chainsaw broke. Builders sawed aerated concrete at a construction site. The result is no piston, the saw will not start, the tire and chain are in the trash. I called the service center, they say the original piston 6300, and the Chinese (Champion).2000. Plus glands and gaskets. Work for free (he was surprised). Does it make sense to restore this saw if you put a Chinese piston in there (the saw will rarely be used in the country) and change all the gaskets? I have a new tire and chain. you won’t have to buy it. According to estimates, the entire repair will cost about three and a half thousand. Is there any reason?

It is worth replacing the crankshaft, the bearings are likely to wear out. Be sure to disassemble and rinse the carburetor. it’s full of dirt. The filter must be changed. you’ll end up with a Champion saw in Calm. For rare use in the country. quite go.

Recently I bought a chainsaw MS-180, worked somewhere in tank 4, when cleaning, I found that the chain was not stretched, although this was not felt during operation, I began to tighten, the screw was turned. When I looked at the screw, I was horrified, it was sufficiently bent, tried to unscrew it. Did not work out. Tell me, please, can I somehow get it without contacting the service?

It is pulled out simply. screw up with a screwdriver, take out together with the guide. The thread on it is metric, nuts are easy to pick up. Only after editing is it necessary to drive off the nut. check the condition of the thread. The nut is long, it can jam if the screw is slightly crooked.

Stihl ms 180 the combined lever at switching jumps out from a groove of the saw case. What to do?

The seat of the control shaft was worn out. Replacing the saw body (crankcase).

What should be the pressure in the piston?

If you mean pressure. compression, then it should be at least 8 bar.

The saw started up normally when it started, it works at high revs and does not take off, does not want what needs to be done to work at idle?

Trigger the trigger.

The MS 180 chain saw does not suck fuel from the tank. Washed, cleaned the channel into the combustion chamber. What could be the reason?

The problem with the breather (valve creating a vacuum in the fuel tank).

Tell me, what size bearing is on this chainsaw?

Deep groove ball bearing 6002.

I bought a new chainsaw. No experience. To change the chain tension, I follow the instructions: I raised the wing nut handle and try to loosen the wing nut by turning it counterclockwise. But the handle does not turn. Maybe I missed some kind of procedure?

Raise the wing nut handle and loosen the wing nut; in doing so, loosen the tension wheel by turning it to the left.

Is it possible to replace only a burnt-out piston or should it be replaced complete with a cylinder?

You need to know the state of the cylinder. If everything is in order with the cylinder, then the piston can be replaced separately.

Saw ceased to wind up. When turned off, the shift control shaft flew out of the socket. from the abalone. He removed the casing. I look, the thrust on the throttle from the carburetor flies. Put this whole thing in place, put it together. And she did not start. I noticed that when the lever is down to the start, the air damper does not completely close the hole in the carburetor, it should be so, or it should completely close. maybe because of this not start?

Must completely close. Maybe because of this, the cold will not start. Perhaps the axis of the choke needs to be changed. Although you need to look. if the groove in the lever where the rod is inserted is not well developed, you can try to slightly bend the rod. For a little while, until it starts to close tightly. Most often, it does not completely close, and it is very difficult to start a cold one, and even there is no primer. This is one of the diseases of these models, a frequent occurrence.