Not Adjustable Idle Stihl Trimmer

Adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw ensures efficient operation of the tool at full power with economical fuel consumption. Adjustment should be made with a clean fuel and air filter. For a larger number of carburetors, the adjustment is carried out by three screws: for maximum and minimum speed and idle adjustment.

Not Adjustable Idle Stihl Trimmer

Screws H and L adjust the ratio of the gasoline-air mixture determined by opening the carburetor throttle. When the screws are loosened, the mixture is enriched, and the revolutions accordingly fall; when the screws are twisted, the mixture becomes leaner. the revolutions increase.

The designation H refers to the maximum speed screw controlling the main jet, L. to the minimum speed screw controlling the idle jet. Screw S provides precise idle speed control. Sometimes, to simplify the adjustment, the number of carburetor adjusting screws available is reduced.

Setting the carburetor of the chainsaw is divided into two stages. the basic (factory settings), carried out with the engine turned off, and the final, made with the engine running warm. The exact angle of rotation should be taken from the operating instructions for the particular chainsaw. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions could result in engine damage.

Video: Not Adjustable Idle Stihl Trimmer

Basic carb adjustment.

The adjusting screws for the maximum H and minimum L revolutions are slowly turned clockwise until they stop, after which they are turned back 2 turns, other settings are also possible

Check and adjustment of idling.

We find the highest idle speed, for this, slowly turn the screw L in different directions. After finding the position of the highest engine speed, turn screw L 1/4 turn counterclockwise. If the chain rotates at idle, screw T or (S) should be turned by turning it clockwise until it stops.

Checking and adjusting the maximum speed.

Changing the maximum number of revolutions is carried out by screw H. When it is screwed in (clockwise rotation), the revolutions increase, when inverted. are decreasing. Chainsaw engines have the highest rotation speed of 11,500 rpm. up to 15000 rpm Ignition does not provide a higher speed, in addition, it becomes dangerous for the engine. The maximum speed can be determined by interruptions in the ignition. If they come, screw H is slightly turned counterclockwise.

If the engine is not tested for acceleration and maximum speed, then the adjustment of the chainsaw cannot be considered complete.

By smoothly pressing the trigger of the gas, the engine must confidently and quickly gain speed from idle to maximum (from 2800 rpm to 11500-15000 rpm, depending on the unit). If the speed is slow, delayed, screw L must be slowly turned out counterclockwise, but no more than 1/8 turn.

After adjusting the acceleration and maximum revolutions, you should again check the operation of the saw at idle. the engine must run stably, the chain must not move. Chainsaw setting should be repeated if this condition is not met but with the exception of the basic adjustment step.

Bosch 850 Angle Grinder Adjustable

The presence of an angle grinder in the household makes it easy to solve the problems of processing solid-state surfaces in the repair process. In addition, this equipment, also known as the “angle grinder,” may be needed in locksmith events, as well as when removing unwanted raids. Today there are many models of angle grinders from different manufacturers, but the choice is recommended to make in favor of reputable companies. These include the Bosch GWS 850 CE Professional, which comes in a wide configuration, is characterized by build quality and reliability. Despite positioning as a professional unit, the angle grinder is quite suitable for private needs. The tool is not difficult to handle, but a set of useful options and high performance will not be superfluous. However, this model should not be overestimated either, as competing grinders also have something to offer.

Model Overview

Bosch 850 Angle Grinder Adjustable

The device is presented in the line of professional equipment, which is designed for a wide range of operations. In particular, the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder handles the processing of metal materials, stone and wood. The operator will be able to perform cutting, grinding, painting, and also remove traces of paintwork and rust. High power helps the instrument to perform the listed actions qualitatively. However, this does not affect the dimensions and ergonomics of the device. The user can easily manage all the capabilities of the unit without outside help. of course, basic training and knowledge of the handling of an angle grinder will still be required.

In addition to compactness and maneuverability, the device will please the owner with electronic filling. Actually, the introduction of control systems with a hint of intelligence has long been practiced by other manufacturers, but this concept is implemented most successfully and without serious errors in the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder.


Not only advanced electronic systems, but also the basic technical potential speak of the accessory of this unit to professional models. So, the German angle grinder has the following characteristics:

  • The power potential is 850 watts.
  • The number of revolutions. a range from 2 800 to 11 000 with the possibility of adjustment.
  • The size of the grinding wheel in diameter is 12.5 cm.
  • Grinding spindle thread. M14.
  • The length of the spindle thread is 2.2 cm.
  • The mass of the device in full is 2.6 kg.
  • The mass of one tool is 1.6 kg.

The main thing that the tool pays attention to is a high level of power and an extensive speed range. Thanks to these characteristics, the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder shows its effectiveness even when working with stone surfaces.

Features and benefits of the model

The user controls the instrument using an electronic settings system. Compared with the adjustment in traditional models, this innovation allows you to set the machine optimal parameters for working with a specific material. In addition, the Bosch GWS 850 CE is equipped with a soft starter. This means that a sharp start of processing is excluded, as a result of which the largest number of errors are made. The user of this angle grinder will start work quietly, slowly and accurately. To ensure stable processing in the future, the device is also equipped with a current limiter, which will eliminate the negative effects of voltage drops.

Video: Bosch 850 Angle Grinder Adjustable

So that the operator can easily and quickly change the components of the machine, a fixed spindle is provided in its design. Facilitates maintenance operations and the location of carbon brushes with direct access. To increase the overall structural strength, the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder was provided with reinforced plastic and armored winding. On the one hand, protective barriers protect the user himself, on the other hand, they increase the tool wear resistance.


The manufacturer strongly recommends keeping the tool clean and in good condition. For this, it is necessary to use work elements that correspond to the characteristics of the material and processing conditions. It is also necessary to regularly check all slots and ventilation openings of the device, since their contamination can lead to breakage directly during the operation. In case Bosch GWS 850 CE spare parts or accessories are required, the manufacturer’s service department provides original components upon request. In addition, the user can get a wiring diagram of the device. then, in accordance with it, independently determine the malfunction and eliminate it. However, without appropriate preparation, such actions are not recommended.

Operation Nuances

You can start work if several conditions are met. Firstly, the tool must be in good condition, and all its components and functional parts must be correctly selected from the point of view of the upcoming processing. Secondly, the workpiece must be securely locked. During operation, the Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder must not be subjected to excessive pressure. Even coarse abrasive work should be carried out with moderate tension, correctly grasping the handle of the tool. After the operation is completed, it is not necessary to turn off the machine immediately. You should leave it idling for a few minutes. This must be done, as sudden changes in voltage in the mechanical elements adversely affect the durability of the device.

Each material has its own processing characteristics. For example, in the process of cutting metal should lead the working body against rotation. This will bring the Bosch GWS 850 CE to the end of the intended section without leaving the laid line. In the case of stone, another nuance is important. The dust generated is dangerous for breathing, therefore, an effective suction of dirt should be provided, and work must be done in a respirator.

Almost all Bosch angle grinders are renowned for sophisticated ergonomics in every way. And the adjusting capabilities, and the device handles with protective coatings cause only positive feedback. Despite its high performance, the power tool can be operated even with one hand. this is evidenced by user experience. In terms of the direct function of the processing machine, the Bosch GWS 850 CE also shows its best. Opportunities for working with stone and metal are implemented in accordance with advanced German standards.

Price issue

Professional equipment is not cheap. The difference with a budget power tool can be several thousand rubles. However, in the case of the Bosch GWS 850 CE, the price is quite acceptable and averages from four and a half to five thousand rubles. Given the high level of the manufacturer, the considerable power of the device and acceptable functionality, the price really looks attractive. But, with a detailed analysis, the angle grinder all falls into place. In addition to electronic adjustments and a really high-quality housing, the German company does not offer anything special. Therefore, the price justifies the purchase, but no more.


If you need a modern functional tool for periodically solving simple problems at home, then the modification of Bosch GWS 850 CE Professional may be one of the best options. The tool is easy to use, convenient and safe. In addition, the ability to process metal and stone makes it almost universal in terms of operation. However, if you plan to purchase an angle grinder for permanent work at construction sites, you will have to think about it. If we talk about the purely professional qualities of the device, it will not please anyone with anything special. Sufficient power, functionality at an average level. these same qualities are provided by less famous models of the segment. Ergonomics can be called the only trump card of this angle grinder, so if a short cable does not bother you, then you should consider this option.

Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Turnovers

Stihl 180 chainsaw review

Do you have a summer house, a country house or you live in the countryside. To maintain the site, to prepare firewood for a bathhouse or barbecue, you need to have an easy, convenient, and most importantly, reliable tool that allows you to solve all the problems. The Stihl 180 chain saw, the characteristics of which allow you to perform simple tasks for sawing wood, is ideal for you.

Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Turnovers

Description and purpose of the saw

The creation of German engineers. the Stihl 180 chainsaw, was developed specifically to perform simple tasks in garden areas, but as the practice of its operation shows, it is also well suited for solving more complex tasks. For example, a saw easily copes with cutting ten cubic meters of wood into chocks, while consuming much less fuel than is necessary for more powerful Stihl chainsaw models.

Stihl 180 chainsaws can be fitted with tires of various sizes. It is equipped with a 14-inch tire as standard, but you can also install 16. If you wish, this increases the speed of work, but may affect how long the tool does not require engine repair, due to the increased load on it.

The engine of the chainsaw is two-stroke, single-cylinder and uses a mixture of gasoline with oil for operation. The proportion of the mixture is 1:50, i.e., to prepare five liters of the finished mixture, only one hundred milliliters of oil will be required.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw body is made of impact-resistant plastic and does not have metal parts, which allowed the manufacturer to significantly reduce weight compared to similar saws from other brands.


The Stihl 180 chainsaw has the following specifications:

  • engine displacement of 31.8 cm 3;
  • engine power 2 l. from;
  • the weight of the saw without gasoline, oil and a saw bar is only 3.9 kg;
  • Picco Micro 3 chain (PM3), in 3/8 ”P increments;
  • oil tank capacity 145 ml. Fuel tank 250 ml;
  • the sound pressure parameter is 97 dB (A).

These parameters are official because are listed on the manufacturer’s website and are publicly available.


The stihl ms 180 chainsaw has a fairly simple design designed to be serviced by users with no specific experience. The saw carburetor is designed so that it is not possible to adjust it to the maximum number of engine revolutions. The only adjustment screw available is responsible for stable idle operation.

The stihl ms 180 chainsaw consists of the following structural elements:

  • engine;
  • starter;
  • flywheel, he’s a cooling fan;
  • ignition module;
  • clutch;
  • saw chain brake mechanism;
  • carburetor;
  • air filter with replaceable filter element;
  • oil and fuel tanks;
  • muffler;
  • side cover with chain tension adjustment mechanism;
  • control handle and saw handle.

Consider the device of the chainsaw, and how the work of the main elements occurs in more detail.

To start the engine, pull on the starter cord.

The starter transmits the force through the flywheel to the crankshaft and drives the piston. At this moment, under the influence of an air impulse from the crankcase, which indulges through special channels to the carburetor, the fuel pump starts supplying gasoline and oil to the carburetor, where the fuel-air mixture is formed and supplied under the piston.

At the same time, when the piston is in TDC (top dead center), an electric discharge is supplied from the ignition coil to the spark plug, which ignites the fuel mixture under the piston in the cylinder and makes the piston move down, thereby making a stroke.

After a successful launch, the saw cyclically repeats all work processes and works stably.

To avoid fire, start-up must be carried out at a safe distance from the refueling point of the chainsaw.

Consider how the force from the engine is transmitted to the drive sprocket and causes it to twist the saw chain. For this, the stihl ms 180 chainsaw has a centrifugal clutch, which is installed inside the drive sprocket and is rigidly fixed to the crankshaft of the engine.

With an increase in engine speed, the clutch unclenches and abuts the sprocket body, transfers force to it from the engine crankshaft, forcing it to rotate the chain mechanism.

The next element of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is the chain brake. The brake device is quite simple and consists of a control lever and a metal plate wrapping around the drive sprocket and installed in the saw body. In the working position, the chain brake plate securely holds the drum sprocket.

At the moment when the chain brake is set to working position, it is forbidden to increase the number of engine revolutions, since this will lead to violations in the clutch mechanism.


The modern stihl ms 180 chainsaw has several design features that must be mentioned.


The ms 180 compensator is a special valve in the saw carburetor that allows the chainsaw to work stably, even if the air filter of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is too dirty. This feature extends the life between scheduled maintenance of the chainsaw and allows you to flush or replace the filter only with a very noticeable loss of power.

Single lever control

Turning the ignition on and off, switching the air damper to the cold or hot start mode, all these actions are performed with one lever and make working with the saw as convenient as possible.

Anti-vibration system

The anti-vibration system scheme is implemented using rubber shock absorbers, which significantly reduce the vibration transmitted from the saw engine to the operator’s hands, which allows the use of a chainsaw without fear for harm to the operator’s health.

Stihl 180 chainsaw modifications

Along with the basic modification of the saw, Stihl launches an improved version of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. The C-BE prefix is ​​used to indicate the tuning model.

The Stihl MS 180 C-BE chainsaw has the following improvements:

  1. STIHL ElastoStart. smooth start mechanism. It is implemented by installing a special spring in the chainsaw starter, which compensates for the engine resistance at startup, making starting smooth and easy.
  2. The quick chain tensioning system is designed to adjust the chain tension without using any additional tools, which is very convenient, since there is no need to constantly carry a universal key with you.
  3. Side chain tensioner, some models that are not equipped with a quick chain tensioner, have a slight improvement in the standard chain tensioner. Simply put in such tools, the mechanism tension screw is located on the side cover, which makes the chain tension much more convenient than in the standard version.


As standard with the saw, a 35 cm (14 inch) tire and a chain suitable for this tire length (50 links) are required. The manufacturer cares about the safety of customers and, as standard, offers customers a protective cover on the tool bus.

Also included is a universal wrench-screwdriver for unscrewing the spark plug, unscrewing the side cover and chain tension, and an adjusting screwdriver to adjust the idle speed.

Without fail, an operating manual is supplied with any saw, which describes in detail how to use the Stihl 180 chainsaw, as well as how to carry out diagnostics and maintenance.

Chainsaw Scheme

The photo diagram shows the original Stihl MS 180 saw with a description of all the nodes. To enlarge a picture, click on it and it will open in a new window.

Comparison of saws with competitors: advantages and disadvantages

The main competitors of the Stihl 180 are the saws of the Swedish concern Husqvarna. The quality of Stihl and Husqvarna products is considered the same, but depending on personal preferences, many users tend to praise the model they use.

Based on the design features, we can distinguish one purely technical moment, which slightly elevates the Stihl 180 over its competitors. In Stihl ms 180, two compression rings are installed on the engine piston, this gives:

  • stable arrangement of the piston in the cylinder;
  • increased compression;
  • enhanced cooling (as you know, rings transfer thermal energy from the piston to the cylinder and, accordingly, the larger the contact area, the more energy will go to the cylinder and it is better to cool the piston).

All these points make the Stihl 180 chainsaw a little more reliable than its competitors, but this is the author’s personal opinion, based on the experience of repairing and operating Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws, and is not official in nature.

A video review of the tool, with the author’s comments, in which the new chainsaw is assembled and prepared for operation, can be viewed below.

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is perfect for simple work on the farm and at the same time does not cause problems from the technical side, because it is quite reliable. Due to its characteristics, the tool is economical, and the owner, when used correctly, is protected from injury during operation. Stihl 180th is a good option for lovers of German quality.

Chainsaws Stihl (Stihl) 180

Among the entire range of chainsaws of the German brand Stihl, the MS 180 model is in the highest demand among gardeners. The advantages of this reliable household tool include reliability, increased endurance and an impressive working resource. The Stihl 180 chainsaw stands out for its ease of maintenance and high serviceability, which makes it easy for any budding gardener to use it confidently.

Stihl 180 chainsaw device

The Stihl MS 180 household chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality branded internal combustion engine, from the manufacturing plant tuned to work in difficult weather conditions. The single-cylinder engine of the model successfully withstands long-term high loads without increasing the amount of fuel consumed, and the forged piston group is not susceptible to corrosion and the formation of burrs. Engine cooling. improved through intake air masses. For more convenient operation, the Stihl 180 chainsaw is equipped with a factory vibration reduction system, and to reduce noise during operation, with a proprietary silencer.

The tool clutch includes a proprietary drive sprocket. It withstands long-term loads and does not slip with a sharp increase in speed. This increases the efficiency of the Stihl chain saw when cutting dry, thick logs.

To facilitate starting a cold factory engine, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is equipped with a decompression valve designed for manual pumping of fuel.

The working tools of the garden tool are a reinforced metal tire on which a chain is stretched. For more precise adjustment of the tension of the saw headset, the Stihl model includes a proprietary frontal device. For protection of the operator from the broken chain are guards for the front and rear hands, as well as a catcher. To lubricate the saw set, the device of the model has a proprietary Ematic lubrication system with a durable oil pump. In addition, the manufacturer included a gear stop for a more accurate sawing of logs in the set of garden tools.

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw stands out for its ease of use, which was achieved thanks to the manufacturer’s thoughtful layout of controls. The engine start button, the gas lever, the factory plastic starter handle and the standard throttle position switch are located at the rear of the model. Front mounted lever inertial brake.

Chainsaw Stihl МС 180. specifications

The high efficiency of the Stihl model in the garden area was achieved thanks to decent factory parameters.

Features of a chainsaw include:

  • gasoline engine power. 2 l. s./1.5 kW;
  • factory cylinder volume. 31.8 cm3;
  • the permissible length of the used tire is 30–35 cm;
  • fuel consumption. 200 ml / h;
  • step of the used chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight with a saw set. 4 kg.

Among the advantages of the chainsaw of the German brand Stihl is the low noise level, which, when the factory engine operates under maximum loads, does not exceed 105 dB.

How to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

It is necessary to start a Stihl chainsaw in the following sequence:

  1. First of all, you need to turn on the inertial brake by pulling its plastic lever away from you;
  2. Next, you need to carefully remove the protective plastic cover;
  3. Then you need to press the standard button of the fuel pump. Due to this, fuel will fall into the cylinder and it will be easier for the starter to start the engine;
  4. Next, the combination switch must be set to the permissible position indicated by “Cold Start”;
  5. Then you need to grab the Stihl saw with both hands, and slowly pull the plastic lever of the built-in factory starter until you feel resistance. Immediately after this, it is necessary to quickly pull the starter lever toward you several times until the standard engine starts and dies;
  6. In the end, you need to pull the inertia brake lever toward you, and start working with the tool.

By adhering to this procedure, the owner of the Stihl MS 180 model will be able to protect its main working bodies from increased wear and significantly extend their life.

Proportion of oil and gasoline for Stihl 180 chainsaw

In order to prevent premature failure of the carburetor, factory cylinder-piston group and other important components of a garden tool, it is important to observe the ratio of gasoline to engine oil used.

First of all, you need to study the corporate manual. The instruction manual will indicate the correct fuel proportion, suitable gasoline, as well as suitable oil for the lubrication of the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain.

According to the manual of the German Stihl saw, for its refueling it is necessary to use only gasoline of a brand not lower than AI-92, as well as branded oil for 2-stroke engines Stihl. The ratio of fuel to oil should be 1:40, that is, 25 ml should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The fuel mixture will need to be thoroughly mixed by shaking the container several times. After that, the contents of the vessel will need to be poured into the fuel tank.

Running chainsaw Stihl МС 180

After preliminary preparation of the necessary mixture of fuel and used engine oil, you need to proceed to the planned run-in of the new Stihl tool. This procedure plays a huge role, since during its execution all the working mechanisms of the tool fall into place and closely rub against each other.

To run around the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you need to take the following steps in turn:

  1. First you need to fill in the fuel mixture and a suitable oil to lubricate the saw chain. For this, separate tanks are provided in the saw device;
  2. Next, you need to turn off the factory inertial brake. this will prevent the plastic body from melting in the adhesion area;
  3. After that, you need to turn on the chainsaw and let it work at idle for about 15-20 minutes;
  4. Then you need to proceed to sawing thin branches. Gradually, the thickness of the branches needs to be increased.

During the running-in of the used Stihl MS 180 saw, it is important not to allow the engine to run at the highest possible speed, as this can lead to burrs on the surface of the cylinder. Also, during the break-in process, it is not recommended to use motor drills, bark beetles and other common nozzles for chainsaws.

Do-it-yourself carburetor adjustment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw

The factory carburetor of the Stihl brand chain saw plays one of the leading roles in the device of the model. During her work, he is responsible for mixing the fuel mixture with air and supplying it to the engine cylinder.

Before adjusting the carburetor, you will need to remove the plastic tool body and clean the inside of the saw from dust and carbon deposits. Under the housing cover there are 3 adjusting screws. The first 2 screws. marked with the letters H and L. they are needed to adjust the proportion of fuel and air, which determines the level of opening of the throttle valve. During the loosening of the propellers, the fuel mixture is enriched with air, because of which the engine speed drops. If you tighten the screws, the amount of air used in the fuel decreases, which leads to an increase in the engine speed.

A screw marked H is required to set the maximum engine speed. Screw L is responsible for adjusting the required minimum operating revolutions of the motor. The third screw, marked S, is needed to fine tune the working idle of the internal combustion engine of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw.

Setting the carburetor saws of the German brand consists of two stages. The first stage is the basic, or, as it is also called, factory. It can only be done with the engine of the garden tool turned off. The second stage is the final one. For its implementation, a warmed-up motor is required. To know the extent to which adjusting bolts are turned, you need to read the saw instructions in advance. It indicates the exact configuration for each individual screw. Arbitrary adjustment of the bolts without knowing their exact end position can damage the chainsaw motor.

During the basic carburettor setting with the cold engine turned off, the H and L screws must be turned slowly alternately in the direction of the clock hand until they stop. Then each of them needs to be turned out 2 full turns in the opposite direction.

The final carburetor adjustment is performed in the following order:

  1. First, you need to start the chainsaw motor and let it run for 5 minutes until it is fully warmed up;
  2. Next, you will need to start turning the screw H in different directions one by one until the maximum engine speeds are found at idle;
  3. Then the screw marked L must be turned 1/4 turn counterclockwise;
  4. If, after completing the steps, the chain on the tire starts to rotate, then screw S will need to be turned counterclockwise. Manipulation of the S screws is only necessary when the saw chain stops completely;
  5. Next, you need to configure the maximum engine speed using a manual tachometer connected to the motor.

After adjusting the carburetor, you will need to check the engine. To do this, on the switched-on tool, you must sharply press the trigger of gas several times. If, with a quick pull of the trigger, the motor abruptly picks up speed, and when it is released, it loses them, then the factory carburetor has been adjusted correctly.

Stihl 180 chainsaws. malfunctions and repairs

The simplicity of the Stihl MS 180 household chainsaw makes it possible for its owner to fix most of the tool malfunctions with his own hands. To successfully repair the model, first of all, you need to determine the causes of the breakdown. The repair algorithm in each case is different and depends on the type of malfunction.

Why not start a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The reason for the lack of launch of the Stihl model, in this case, is to fill the spark plug.

To fix the problem, you need to disassemble the upper part of the tool and unscrew the candle. If a thick layer of soot has formed on the candle, it will need to be cleaned and dried. After that, a clean candle can be screwed back.

What to do if a candle is poured on a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

With frequent use of the tool, one of its fuel tubes may be cut off, which will result in fuel falling onto the candle and other parts of the saw.

If the fuel pipe breaks or a hole appears in it, the tool owner will need to remove the damaged hose and replace it with a new one. In this case, the junction of the new hose with the factory fitting must be carefully treated with sealant.

Oil does not flow to the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain

One of the main causes of the problem in which oil is not supplied is a breakdown of the pump that supplies oil to the saw set. To eliminate the malfunction, you will need to remove the tire and chain, as well as to dismantle the side protective plastic cover. After that, the place under the housing will need to be cleaned and the pump replaced.

If the chain is not lubricated, the cause of the breakage may also be the breakage of one or more oil pipes. In this case, you will need to remove the hoses and replace them.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw stalls when you press the gas

In this case, the cause must be sought in a contaminated air or built-in fuel filter. Over time, they become worthless, as dirt accumulates on them. To eliminate the malfunction, it will be necessary to clean or completely replace the filter parts.

Another reason for this breakdown lies in the incorrectly configured carburetor. The owner will need to first clean the unit from accumulated dust and oil residues, as well as configure it, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Saw Stihl 180 stalls idling. how to solve the problem?

In this case, the cause of the sudden breakdown must be sought in the ignition system of the instrument. Often during mechanical shocks, the gap between the flywheel and the factory ignition coil is violated, which leads to breakdown of the entire system. In this case, you will need to disassemble the tool and check the distance between the elements.

To adjust the clearance, loosen the flywheel mount. After that, you will need to insert a template between the flywheel and the ignition coil, and start screwing the bolts back in. As soon as the flywheel comes into contact with the template, the screwing in of the bolts must be stopped.

Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is bad to start on a cold

First you need to make sure that the spark plug is not filled with fuel. If a thick layer of soot has formed on it, then you will need to inspect the fuel system. She could lose her tightness as a result of a broken hose or a broken fuel pump.

If everything is ok with the candles, then you will need to check the air filter. As a result of the intensive operation of the chainsaw, it could become clogged or become unusable. In this case, cleaning the filter or replacing it will help.

The third element that could fail is one or more compression rings. They are not recoverable, so they will need to be replaced.

Main malfunctions and repair of the Stihl 180 chainsaw

An excellent choice among all chainsaws is the Stihl 180. The best in its segment both in price and in the work performed. Compact, lightweight, economical, unpretentious and reliable tool. In fact, this list of positive qualities is very long. Even so, the Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions and repairs are an integral part. It should be noted that this problem in Calm, unlike other brands, occurs much less frequently.

Description of the device and technical parameters

Stihl 180 has a standard configuration. However, like all modern chainsaws. Its components:

  • Front and rear handle with anti-vibration system.
  • Saw bar with chain.
  • Two stroke single cylinder engine.
  • Fuel and ignition systems.
  • Housing made of high quality plastic.

Stihl 180 chainsaw, specifications:

  • A gasoline engine that runs on a mixture of fuel and oil in a ratio of 1: 50. Has a capacity of 2 liters. from.
  • The weight of the saw is approximately 4 kg.
  • The saw is equipped with a lightweight launch system.
  • The capacity of the fuel and oil tank is 250 and 140 ml, respectively.
  • The saw bar has a length of 14 inches (35 cm).
  • Automatic chain lubrication.

Video: Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Turnovers

Fuel problems

Problems associated with the intake and combustion of fuel in the cylinder are most often associated with improper operation of the carburetor. Typically, such a malfunction manifests itself in the form:

  • The engine starts poorly or does not start at all.
  • Interruptions in operation, when you press the gas, the engine "chokes" and stalls.
  • Too big single turns, the saw "roars".
  • Increased gasoline consumption.
  • Saw develops poorly revolutions.

Doing the carburetor adjustment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands will not be difficult. It has 3 adjusting screws. One is responsible for idling, and the other two are for fuel. Usually a simple setup is enough to make the saw work again, as it should. If this did not happen, then the carburetor should be cleaned with its complete disassembly.

Before thoroughly cleaning the carburetor, the fuel filters, breather and tank should also be flushed. Otherwise, the entire system will become clogged again. For some reason, most people only flush the carburetor, ignoring the rest of the fuel system. To disassemble and configure this element is best done using the standard manual "Stihl 180 chainsaw manual".

This manual describes in detail the diagram of the carburetor device, which has a difficult detailing.

Ignition system

Very often the saw does not start. The cause of this may be a malfunction in the ignition. To diagnose and eliminate the cause, it is necessary: ​​remove the protective cover, remove the air filter (it closes access to further actions) and the tip from the spark plug. We unscrew the candle with a special key (usually comes complete with a saw) and check it.

It is necessary to clean from possible carbon deposits.. It is necessary to pay more attention to the electrodes, to clean not only the working surface, but also inside the candle skirt. You also need to check and adjust the gap between the electrodes. After that, we check for the presence of a spark. You may need to replace a candle or a high-voltage wire with a candle tip.

If an oily coating forms on the candle, an excess amount of fuel enters the cylinder. Need to adjust the carburetor. After all these manipulations, you can start the saw and check its performance.

Chain lubrication

This usually occurs due to clogging of the lubrication system. We clean the oil pump from dirt. You can adjust the oil supply to the circuit. To do this, turn the screw to the side next to the drive sprocket. To check the oil supply, you need to start the saw. We bring the tire to any unnecessary surface and give revolutions for the movement of the chain, where the oil trace should remain.

This problem does not affect the operation of the chainsaw. But the tire with the chain must be lubricated, otherwise it will lead to a more serious breakdown.

Starter saw

The main cause of breakage is a broken cable. It is necessary to remove the saw cover, unscrew the 4 screws securing the starter. Replacement of the cord is not particularly difficult. Immediately you can check the status of the remaining parts of the starter. Before assembling, we lubricate the movable elements and clean from dirt, oil smudges. You can change the whole starter.

Engine and clutch

Before repairing the engine, make sure that you are able to do it yourself, without contacting a service center. If you still decide, you need to disassemble the engine. To do this, unscrews the four nuts that secure the cylinder. We check it and the piston for cracks, chips, scratches and the level of wear. We get a piston repair kit and make a replacement. After assembly, it is necessary to run the Stihl chainsaw.

Traction problems occur due to contamination or wear. Such a malfunction is manifested in the constant torsion of the drive sprocket or extraneous noise in the gearbox. The cause may be spring wear or breakage. Clutch cams sometimes crack when the chainsaw overheats. The problem is resolved by replacing the clutch.

You can view the "Stihl 180 chainsaw video reasons does not start":

General recommendations for use

When buying a new chainsaw, it is necessary to run it in. When working in the cold season, it is necessary to warm up the engine before intensive work. During operation, prevent overheating and take breaks to cool the saw. You need to do everything correctly and monitor the level of oil and fuel. Sometimes users ask themselves what other oil can be used for this saw. Do not fill in other brands of oils, but use only one recommended by the manufacturer. Do not break the fuel ratio. Do not use longer saw tires, this will not have much effect, but will lead to intensive wear of the chainsaw.

Chainsaw “Stihl” MS-180. Specifications and Usage Features

The Stihl MS-180 chainsaw is a product of the well-known German brand STIHL, founded in 1921 by Andreas Shtil. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of washing machines and steam boilers. The first STIHL chainsaw (Germany) was born in 1929 and had a weight of 48 kg. with a power plant capacity of 6 liters. from.

The units were improved, new structural elements were added. a saw chain with cutting and scraper teeth, automated chain lubrication, a centrifugal clutch, a membrane carburetor, anti-vibration handles, a chain brake, etc. With each new invention, the saw weight decreased, the functionality grew. Stihl is also known as the manufacturer of the quietest chainsaws in the world.

Is a site visitor often interested in how much the Stihl MC-180 chainsaw costs? The original Stihl 180 chainsaw costs between 12-13 thousand rubles. Future equipment owners are also interested in where the STIHL MS-180 chainsaws are assembled. It can be the USA, Germany and even China. Chinese fakes are quite common, but their prices are lower.

We offer you to watch a video that tells how to distinguish a fake from the original:

Standard equipment of the STIHL chainsaw

The standard equipment for the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw includes:

  • universal screwdriver;
  • tire 14 inches (35 cm);
  • chain of 50 links;
  • tire cover;
  • manual.

Description of the Stihl MC-180 chainsaw

This is a household tool designed for cutting branches and trees, sawing logs, and other activities in the garden. The Stihl chainsaw weighs 3.9 kg. The power of the installed carburetor two-stroke engine is 2 horsepower. The unit works from a mixture of gasoline (AI-92 and above) and engine oil for two-stroke engines. The kit can be a 35 cm long bus. A Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain with ⅜ inch pitch is used.

The manufacturer supplied the “Stihl” chainsaw with a lock against accidental start-up, and also provided automatic lubrication of the chain during operation (Еmatic system).
For the convenience of the operator, an effective anti-vibration system has been provided for a long time.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw:


In addition to the basic modification of the MC-180, there are improved models:

  1. Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14.
  2. Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco.

Consider each modification individually.

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14

This “Stihl” chainsaw is more advanced by the manufacturer, its weight is 4.2 kg. The two-stroke power plant runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil and has a capacity of 2 liters. from. Air cooling, the ErgoStart system makes it easy to start the engine by pulling on the handle of the inertial starter. QuickStop will instantly stop chain movement when you press the front stop.

Constant fuel consumption and the cleanest exhaust possible with integrated compensator. The tire is small. 14 inches, with the following parameters: 1.3 mm, 3/8 ″, 50 links. A Picco Duro chain of its own manufacture is installed on the bus, which dulls four times slower, differs in excess of strength and reliability.

The chain tensioning system is improved without the use of a special tool. The Ematic system allows the chain to be lubricated where it is needed, resulting in 50% savings in lubricants. Anti-vibration system protects the operator from excessive vibration.

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco

The weight of the chainsaw is 3.9 kg. Gasoline engine, single-cylinder carburetor with a capacity of 2 liters. from. There is also an easy-start system, a chain lock, anti-vibration. STIHL Oilomatic PICCO MINI 61 PMN chain, automatic lubrication system. The tire length is 40 cm. A compensator is mounted in the carburetor, which is responsible for fuel consumption, constant power of the chainsaw and the quality of exhaust gases.

Advantages of the Stihl MS-180 gasoline saw

Let’s talk about the features of the “Stihl” MS-180 chainsaw:

  • lightness of gasoline saw;
  • performance of 2 liters. from.;
  • Belongs to the “hobby class”;
  • easy start Ergostart;
  • quick chain tension;
  • electronic type ignition;
  • four rubber shock absorbers for damping vibration;
  • brake for Quik Stop chain;
  • sprocket roller insulation;
  • the carburetor is not adjustable (only idle speed is regulated, the engine speed is constant with the factory settings);
  • the presence of a stabilizing compensator;
  • single lever control;
  • chain reinforced;
  • the presence of two compression rings on the engine piston instead of one;
  • universality of a saw:
  • durability, reliability.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • noise at work;
  • high price;
  • limited operating time per day.

User’s manual

The passport of the “Stihl” gasoline saw MS-180 is an instruction manual that contains complete information about the tool itself. Before starting operation, it is necessary to carefully study the manual in order to avoid annoying malfunctions.

We offer you to read the instructions for the chainsaw.


Stihl MC-180 chainsaw consists of: gasoline engine, carburetor, casing, starter, flywheel, clutch, decompression valve, oil, fuel pump and tank, spark plug, saw chain, tire, sprocket, brake, air filter, shift lever , dust collector, muffler, clamps, tension wheels, gear stop, adjustment screw, handles.

Stihl chainsaw preparation for work

The preparation of the saw should be approached with all responsibility, since its lifetime in the future depends on this, as well as the safety of the operator himself. Consider the correct algorithm of actions when preparing a chainsaw for operation:

  • Stihl chainsaw is assembled (according to descriptions and diagrams in the manual);
  • the tire is put on and fixed;
  • chain is pulled;
  • the fuel mixture is being prepared correctly: gasoline is diluted with oil in a ratio of 50/1 (the amount of AI-92 gasoline is 5 liters, Stihl special oil for two-stroke engines is 100 ml.);
  • the fuel mixture is poured into the tank;
  • chain oil is poured into the tank;
  • the reliability of the tension of the fasteners is checked;
  • according to the instructions, the saw is launched;
  • carburettor is idled with the corresponding screw (the chain must not move);
  • the lubrication of the chain is checked.

We offer you to watch a video on how to assemble the “Stihl” chainsaw:

About how to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw our video will tell:

Break-in period for “Stihl” chainsaw

In the usual sense, a break-in for a Stihl 180 saw is not carried out. She is initially ready for work. However, the owner of the equipment must know and understand the following:

  1. The first 4 to 8 blasted full tanks with fuel, the work of the gasoline saw should not be carried out in a gentle mode for the entire power of the power plant with frequent interruptions for cooling the tool.
  2. The first 60 minutes of the Stihl chainsaw consists of work and rest periods: 2 minutes. work, 10 seconds. idling, a break. Idling for more than 10 seconds harms the spark plugs, leaving soot on them.
  3. It is very important to properly prepare the fuel mixture from high quality materials (1/50, AI-92 gasoline and above, Stihl oil for 2-stroke engines).


Before operation is checked:

  • chain condition, sharpening;
  • chain tension;
  • tightening fasteners;
  • filling fuel and oil tanks;
  • the presence of chain lubrication;
  • idling, etc.

After sawing work is carried out:

  • chainsaw cleaning;
  • chain tension loosens (required);
  • chain sharpening (if necessary);
  • condition of the tire, its wear;
  • filter maintenance (as required).

The new owners are often lost and looking for materials on how to properly disassemble (assemble) the Stihl 180 chainsaw. We suggest watching a video that shows how to disassemble and assemble the Stihl 180 chainsaw:

Faults and repairs

Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions and their elimination is another problem that worries tool owners.

Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw won’t start:

  • no fuel mixture;
  • no contact on the spark plug;
  • high-voltage wire breakage;
  • the fuel pump does not pump;
  • clogged fuel lines;
  • problems with candles;
  • ignition not adjusted;
  • pours a candle.

Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not develop the required number of revolutions:

  • soot on a spark plug;
  • the candle is worn out, replacement is necessary (after 100 hours of operation);
  • carburetor requires cleaning.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw stalls at idle:

  • carburetor not adjusted;
  • fuel or air filter clogged.

We offer you to watch a video on how to adjust the carburetor of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw with your own hands:

Some tool owners use the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw along with an angle grinder attachment, this allows you to build a home sawmill and perform longitudinal cuts.

The video shows the nozzle-angle grinder for the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw:

But even without this nozzle, some craftsmen found a way to perform a longitudinal cut with a conventional tire with a saw chain. We offer you to watch a video about a home-made sawmill from improvised materials:

Video review

And now you have the opportunity to evaluate this tool in your work by watching a short video:

Owner reviews

Alexander, 50 years old

“Great saw!” In work, the 12th year, for all the time, changed: the tire burned, chains were bought (winning soldering is a thing, but only in special services), an asterisk and filters. He saws everything, worked both at home and in the forest, even the old house fell down with it, and there he burned the tire. But the saw is still in force, it will work for more than one year! ”

Vladislav, 35 years old

“I bought Stihl somehow, at first there were no problems, but in the second year of service, problems started, it doesn’t start, it stalls, then the links burst, then the motor died! Finally. I was offended by the manufacturer. Now I understand that most likely I came across a Chinese fake, then there was no Internet, so I could walk around the forums and watch YouTube. The godfather also has Stihl, it has been working properly for 7 years, he bought for 2 goals before me. So different things happen! ”

Alexander, 32 years old

“I bought an improved BE 180 chainsaw, I’m 100% satisfied with the purchase. At the cottage and at the parents, the Stihl chainsaw was an indispensable assistant. Parents in the village. harvesting firewood, we always celebrate winter holidays in the country, there a fireplace. firewood again. Yes, and sawed out the old garden, planted a new one, and all with this cool assistant! I have it for 4 years. I advise everyone"!

Chainsaw Stihl-180: instructions and manuals and specifications for Stihl MS-180, device and diagram

The Stihl chainsaw is a unique device designed to facilitate the complex and time-consuming process of sawing trees and their further processing. It is difficult to imagine many necessary professions today without this miracle of technology.

Take, for example, builders (wooden house-building), lumberjacks, utility workers, and just people who often resort to its services in the course of running their own households. All of them approved this device and today cannot imagine life without this irreplaceable assistant.

The choice of a chainsaw should be carried out depending on what tasks it will perform. The main classification of chainsaws is divided into models of these types:

  • Household;
  • Semi-professional;
  • Professional.

A chainsaw can serve not only for sawing trees, but also for small logs in diameter. As a rule, her work should not exceed 40 minutes. in a day. These simplified models are notable for their low power and are used for periodic work. Professional chainsaws are much more advanced devices, designed to work 12-16 hours a day. See our ranking of the best chainsaws.

With the stihl 660 chainsaw you can pile up huge trees, so they are suitable for workers who are professionally engaged in sawmilling or construction. Semi-professional chainsaws are almost complete analogues of professional ones, only with a limited working time. Their possibilities are also wide! Read more about how to cut trees with a chainsaw here.

Product Manufacturer STIHL

The history of the STIHL brand dates back to 1926, when Andreas Stihl founded A. Stihl Ingenieursbüro. " Initially, the company specialized in creating working boilers and the first “washing machines”, and later on, the first model of a chainsaw was created with the money earned. This unit, despite the enormous weight (48kg) quickly conquered the market and began to be very successfully sold to countries near and far abroad.

The 90s marked the beginning of a family business for the company. Almost all members of the Stihl family began to take part in the life of the company.

In 1995, they established Holding AG&Co, whose main base was in Waiblingen and Disburg.

Since 2002, a completely alien person has become the head of the board of directors of STIHL AG. At that time, boss Hans Peter Stihl headed the supervisory board of the company and took over the chairmanship of the commission of STIHL Holding AG&Co.

After another 2 years, a modern company development center was opened, and already in 2006, a new assembly plant was launched in China.

Today the company is developing successfully., introducing new ideas and even more practical approaches into the work. STIHL inventions top the reliability rating of chainsaws.

Performance and specifications

As for the technical and operational characteristics of this chainsaw, they are in many ways superior to all modern market counterparts. See how to run a chainsaw properly here.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw device is designed in such a way as to achieve maximum indicative results, while not causing any discomfort during operation. The device is completely devoid of vibration and does not tire the operator’s hands.

The handle that surrounds this tool tightly "sits" on 3 shock-absorbing blocks made of rubber, which is also very convenient for using a chainsaw.

The Stihl ms 180 chainsaw has the following specific characteristics:

  • The maximum working volume is 31.8 cm³;
  • Nominal weight of only 3900g ;
  • The power level is 1.5 kW / 2.0 hp.;
  • The tire is 0.35 m long;
  • Characteristic chain type Oilomatic with a step of 3/8 “P (PMС3);
  • Tank with a volume of 250 cm³;
  • The idle speed is 2800 rpm;
  • Specific gravity. 2600 g / kW;
  • Permissible vibration level. 6.6 to the left and 7.8 m / s2 to the right;
  • Sound pressure is 97.0 dB;
  • Sound power. 106.0 dB.

It is easy to operate, does not require additional care, in addition to timely lubrication (if you do not follow the lubrication in time, it is quite possible to “kill” both the tire and the chain itself).

It is worth noting that the two-stroke engine of this unit is designed in such a way that it works on a gasoline-oil mixture. Only high-quality oil must be added to STIHL chainsaw gasoline. You can read about the exact use of Stihl chainsaw oil here.

For work using a brand of gasoline AI92 or 95 as well as engine oil from the company STIHL.

The quality of these operational elements will largely determine the impact on the functioning and life of the entire system.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw instruction provides for strict adherence to all the rules of its operation. This is important for warranty repairs as well as extending the life of the chainsaw. It is very important to use good oil to lubricate the chainsaw chains.

Device and circuit

The scheme of the Stihl 180 chainsaw (as well as the stihl ms 660 chainsaw) is quite complicated, and this is due to the features of the operation of this unit. In order to get acquainted with the specifics of its work in detail, it is necessary to study the instruction manual for the stihl ms 180 chainsaw.

Here is a selection of a schematic diagram of the chainsaw, all the nuances regarding the constituent parts and the implementation of the first and subsequent launch are indicated. To keep the device in good condition and to be sure of its performance, you need to know the basics of its device and the principle of activity. Also, for more efficient operation, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw.

Serial equipment of products consists of:

  • Guide bar type Ematic;
  • Saw chain Oilomatic;
  • An adjustable oil pump that ensures uniform distribution of oil throughout the chain and ensures excellent system performance;
  • A carburetor with a special STIHL compensator that regulates the optimal engine power;
  • Air filter;
  • Trigger lever (cold and hot);
  • Control lever;
  • Handle with especially anti-vibration system.

Step-by-step instruction and operation manual

Next, simply follow the Stihl 180 chainsaw walkthrough:

  1. Before starting, you need to press the chain brake forward, thereby activating it;
  2. Get rid of the protective coating of the tire;
  3. Press the decompression valve for quick start and fuel pump;
  4. Take care of installing the combined lever in the “cold start” direction;
  5. Place the chainsaw on a flat surface, step with your foot on its handle to improve its stability;
  6. Slowly pull the starter rope toward you, and then pull it quickly a couple of times;
  7. Put the throttle in the half-gas position and once again pull the launch cable;
  8. After starting the saw, press the "gas" and lift it off the ground;
  9. Release the chain brake and check the lubrication of the working chain, giving full “gas” to the device over a sheet of light paper (if there are drops of oil, the saw is working normally);
  10. The saw can be operated according to the rules.

See the video for more details:

For information on how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a file, see here.

How to distinguish from a fake

Chainsaw stihl 660 price china price. this is not an indicator of whether the device is original, or before you fake.

Here are the basic criteria you must know:

  1. Original STIHL products are personally distinguished by a warranty and an individual serial number;
  2. The number directly below the silencer must match the main marking of the saw;
  3. The silencer must also have a serial number and the country of manufacture indicated;
  4. Original Stihl products are equipped with Stihl tires, as well as special equipment necessary for full-fledged operation.

Pros and Cons of a Stihl Chainsaw

Among the advantages of a Stihl chainsaw are:

  • Special anti-vibration system class AC;
  • QuickStop inertia type chain brake required for device safety;
  • Air filter in the public domain;
  • The regulating compensator guarantees stable powerful operation of the system;
  • Single lever type chainsaw control;
  • The use of Ematic grease, which allows you to save on fuel consumption;
  • The optimum cost of a chainsaw.

As for the last point, the question is how much the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be made to both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The fact is that the price is not high for different categories of the population. Also for use, this option may not seem quite cheap.

Despite the ease of handling, the relatively low fuel consumption and ease of maintenance saw is still not widely available for everyone (the average price is around 8000 rubles).

Saw Operation Safety

Safety is pretty simple.

In order not to be injured during work and not to damage the saw itself, it is important to work in special clothing, follow the simple rules for using a powerful device. information about the Stihl 660 chainsaw here.

Every worker using a Stihl chainsaw must be aware of:

  • The device and the principle of its action;
  • Possible varieties of problems as well as options for their quick fix;
  • The possibility of the effect of bestowal and its consequences;
  • Fueling rules;
  • Chain lubrication rules;
  • Rules for checking the operability of the mechanism.

Personnel working with the device must be dressed in overalls:

  • Special protective trousers;
  • Helmet with special headphones;
  • Safety glasses for eyes;
  • Gloves;
  • Special boots, preferably with non-slip soles.
  • You must have a first aid kit with you.


The manufacturer STIHL took care of investing a lot of modern ideas and innovative technologies in the development of unique chainsaws that can maximize the ease of human work. Stihl ms 660 chainsaw the price is not quite high. Find out how much the Stihl chainsaw costs here.

Since its opening, STIHL has been betting on modern, often revolutionary developments. For 85 years of experience, the brand name has become an absolute guarantor of quality and the introduction of advanced technologies. At the moment, the STIHL brand stands for the highest quality. In more than one hundred and sixty countries, this product is well-deserved and helps many people to complete their hard work. It is the main technical device STIHL that made the company a leading manufacturer of chainsaws.

One of the most popular STIHL MS 180 models. simplicity and ease of use, as well as small (relatively) size and optimal weight for work. And this, in turn, provides comfort during work.

STIHL MS 180 is a powerful enough device suitable for working with wood.

Another advantage of the model is the presence of a method of quick chain tension as well as electric ignition.

Why won’t a chainsaw start? Causes and solutions are described in this article.

Stihl mc 180 chainsaw. a quick overview of a reliable tool

Stihl mc 180 chainsaw. a tool designed for sawing wood in the transverse direction. The equipment belongs to the category of appliances for domestic use. The model differs from professional tools in the material of the working bodies and is designed to be used periodically, not more than 40 minutes per cycle of work.

Varieties of saws and specifications

The demand for Stihl mc 180 chainsaws among amateurs is due to ease of use and reliability. The basic model weighs only 3, 9 kg. Saber, blade length 35 cm allows you to cut logs or drop trees up to 30 cm cross-section. Two-stroke engine power 2 l. with. that allows you to perform all household work associated with the transverse sawing of boards and even firewood from any tree species. The fuel tank capacity is only 0.25 liters, but this allows you to work without stopping for 45-55 minutes.

A mixture consisting of recommended or transmission oil with unleaded AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline should be used for refueling. The ratio is 25 ml of additives per liter of gasoline.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw chain is an endless closed chain of 50 links. Other parameters:

  • chain pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • groove width. 1.3 cm;
  • manufacturing material high-carbon steel, chrome-plated steel, victorious brazing.

The working mechanism, a saw set, includes a tire, an asterisk and an automatic lubrication system.

The chain tension system is located on the side, which is convenient. A chain brake is provided.

Depending on the length of the tire and the modernization of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw, there are several modifications. Saws with a saber length of 35 cm belong to the models in the marking of which there are 14, their length in inches is 14. The same equipment for the engine and its parameters, but with a tire length of 40 cm, is called MC 180 16. Stihl mc 180 C chainsaw BE tool is above class. It contains a 40 cm long busbar, an easy-start system, and a quick chain tension system. Easy access to the air intake filter, a condition under which the tool life is extended.

Compliance with the instructions is the basis for long-term operation of the mechanism

For any tool, especially complicated, like a Stihl 180 chainsaw, an instruction manual is attached. Before you start up for the first time, you need to study the technical manual. This is even more relevant if you already have experience with the Friendship saw. Another layout, the chain tension system, the conditions for starting and adjusting the tool require prior acquaintance. There are reports on the forums that the sawyer poured a candle on the first start. he repeatedly pulled the starter, you need:

  • move the lever to the extreme position;
  • pull the starter slowly. 2 times;
  • pull a few times sharply and quickly.

To avoid problems, gasoline must be developed to the end, without leaving “sour” in the tank for several days.

The instruction manual provides a verbal definition of the markings on the tool body. There is also a characteristic of the parts, the procedure for disassembling the Stihl 180 chainsaw to replace the nodes, sharpening the chain.

Warnings about working with a high-risk tool and about safe practices will help prevent injury. It is important, changing the chain, be sure to check whether it is recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with the components may lead to breakdown, failure to comply with warranty service conditions.

DIY saw repair

With the advent of the lightweight and convenient Stihl MC 180 chainsaw in the household, it will completely replace the two-handed, bow and even a hacksaw. Over time, the chains become dull, the sprockets wear out, the oil supply system is damaged. Some problems can be fixed by yourself. Others require repairs at special service centers.

You can check if there is grease in the tank and if it enters the chain using a blank sheet of paper. Direct the tire onto a piece of paper; a characteristic mark in the form of an oil strip should remain on it.

You can repair the saw yourself only by understanding the assembly of the units and the sequence of operations for removing and restoring or replacing the unit. The Stihl 180 chainsaw instruction manual will become a reliable assistant. It is in it that you can find installation techniques and a sequence of repair operations:

  • oil supply systems;
  • bringing the carburetor to working condition;
  • repair or replacement of the oil pump.

In addition, the home master can shorten the extended chain and sharpen it.

If the saw chain remains dry during operation or the oil leaks, it means that the Stihl 180 chainsaw lubrication system needs to be repaired and the lubrication system must be repaired. Inspect the oil lines and the connection density with the fittings. Be sure to clean the filter at the oil supply. If there is slight mechanical damage to the hoses, the tightness can be restored with sealant.

The carburetor makes itself felt by the difficulty when starting the saw, the running tool does not gain momentum, stalls when throttling. The reason may be the wear of the cuff on the piston, as a result it draws in air during discharge. For repair, the carburetor is removed and gets to the cuff on the accelerator, disassembling the assembly in the sequence:

  • remove the cover with the membrane by unscrewing the screw;
  • remove the snap ring;
  • disconnect the air damper, remove the throttle;
  • pull out the accelerator with a spring;
  • replace the tiny piston with cuff and reassemble the carburetor in the reverse order.

Malfunctions may be due to the ignition system. After checking the performance of the candles and cleaning the soot, adjust the carburetor, the feed system and clean the injections. The carburetor is a complex unit and the operation of the chassis depends on its setting. If there is no confidence and skill, it is better to use the services of a specialist. Often, working on low-quality gasoline, with non-recommended oil, is the root cause of all malfunctions.

To help the master on the resources there is information on how to repair a Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, for example, a video will show the disassembly sequence.

About the diagnosis of the lubrication system, see here:

Features of saw chains

The working mechanism of the saw is a chain. The manufacture of saw chains is carried out according to a special technology:

  1. The cutting element is made of high carbon steel, and the use of chromium plating or applying a victorious layer to the cutter. The more complex the manufacturing technology, the higher the cost of the chain.
  2. The hinge holes are ground to reduce friction and extend service life.
  3. Rivets are used only hardened by a special technology.
  4. Marks are applied to the teeth, by which it is possible to determine wear and perform uniform sharpening.
  5. After connecting the links in a chain, the product is subjected to stretching to ensure dimensional stability during operation.

A well-thought-out system of automatic chain lubrication increases the service life. New saws should be selected according to the characteristics specified in the instructions for use of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

You need to know, chains with winning surfacing are 3-5 times more expensive than usual, but it is impossible to sharpen them with your own hands when repairing a Stihl 180 chainsaw. Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies use this tool more often.

For a long maintenance-free period, use the oil recommended by the tool manufacturer. A special mineral composition is used to prevent chain grinding. It is not permissible to use oil intended for addition to Stihl gasoline for saws.

It is often asked whether longitudinal cuts can be made with a Stihl 180 saw. The power of the saw allows you to work on cutting wood only across the fibers.

The price of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is significantly different. The most inexpensive basic model of a standard complete set. The cost of the device depends on the country of manufacture. A German or American product is more expensive than Chinese for well-known reasons.

Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Idle

Tell me what kind of malfunction of the Stihl 180 chainsaw? Each time it is necessary to blow out the carburetor before you start, and not blow the piston dry.

The gasket needs to be replaced.

Why, when the tool heats up, does the chain begin to spin at idle?

I will share a little experience in the repair of this motor chainsaw. The problem was that after the saw warmed up, after about 10 minutes, the chain began to spin at idle, the more it heats up, the more it spins. If you stop her forcibly, then the saw is deaf. If you try to spin the drum itself, then it goes tight, after the chainsaw is still standing, the chain starts spinning easily. Replacing the clutch did not bring any result. It turned out that it was an oil drive, the one that is behind the clutch. He had a sleeve squeezed out, replacing with a new one completely eliminated the problem.

What is the clearance on the rings of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw?

On new ones. 0.2-0.4 mm.

Tell me, for what reason can gasoline go to the air filter of a chainsaw?

Problems with the carburetor.

The chainsaw has been in operation for 9 years, something began to rattle inside the muffler, as it seems to me, as if a nut had been thrown where, what could be? It works fine, but with a grunt, drowned out, shook the saw, a characteristic sound is also heard.

The net inside the muffler may have burnt out and fallen off.

Black color. fake, the original parts must be registered, the sign is printed "S".

Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Idle

MC 180 chainsaw, how and how to clean the carbon deposits on the piston to clean without removing the cylinder and harm the engine? And the groove depth of the saw bar became 7mm, how soon should I change it?

We do not recommend rinsing off any soot with additives, only disassembling. If the groove depth is less than 5 mm, the tire needs to be changed.

Today I had to disassemble my gas saw, the first time in 4 years. became idle after 10-20 minutes of operation. Carburetor disassembled to a screw. everything is in oil-and-dirt mud, everything is washed out, blew, collected, started up from the 5th. Normal, but a lot of speed. adjusting screw did not remember how he stood, screwed as he could. Twist by ear? and what does it regulate in general, idle speed or mixture quality?

This is the idle speed adjustment screw; turn it off while the engine is running until the chain stops rotating. In a 180m calm unregulated carburetor, only idle speed are regulated. I usually screw this screw after the carburetor overhaul so that the gap between the screw head and the carburetor body is slightly more than 1 mm. And then I spin a little idle. Put on the tachometer. but you can. so that the normally tensioned chain does not move on a warm engine.

The saw began to start up poorly, I think something was jammed. The air filter is normal, even without it tried. jerk Ten times. I twist the candle dry. If you start it, then you need to hold the gas; if you let it go, it will stall at idle. What could be?

Remove the muffler, look at the piston condition. Vertical furrows are possible. Or, with the piston lowered, the intake side area is visible. there you can see traces of abrasive wear on the surface of the cylinder. And you can also indirectly check the status of the piston on the starter. It is necessary to raise the saw by the starter handle. If it does not fall, the condition of the piston is very good. If it gradually slides down, in such jerks, then the state is average, the working capacity is saved.

Tell me, who came across? The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is new, gasoline is constantly leaking, from where it flows it is not possible to determine. The more gasoline in the tank, the more it flows.

Fuel tank breather. You can see by removing the starter. Can leak a little. Do not hold the saw with a full tank. Tucked in. work. If the tank is not full and do not lay on the left side. nothing wrong. But if an incomplete tank flows. It would be necessary for the service, while the warranty.

Tell me what exactly to clean in the carburetor. The mesh is clean, it’s clean under the needle, I did not unscrew the adjustment screws, I’m afraid if I add a carb deregulation to these symptoms. for sure it will be possible to put a cross. can soak it in acetone?

By carburetor. Turn out everything that can be twisted. remove covers, locking needle, adjusting screws, nozzle. We don’t pick out the small lids inside, but rather, we check to see if they have come unstuck. And we blow from a thin nozzle under high pressure into all holes, starting from those where the adjustment bolts were screwed. Then, when assembling the carburetor, screw in adjusting 1 1/4 turns and start adjusting by the tachometer.

I have a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, about 6. This problem. You start the saw as much as it works, and sometimes immediately, at full throttle starts to think and does not develop power. As if choking, but puffing. Gas let go stall. And it won’t start. Fresh gasoline. Filters changed. The silencer is clean. He cleaned the carburetor too. And this problem is not permanent. Yesterday it was, but today it’s working like a watch. Sinned on a candle. But she’s fine.

Video: Stihl 180 Not Adjustable Idle

I would start by checking the seals and bearings, make a pressure test and it will be visible. Pressure testing means checking with reduced pressure. When the piston is sucked in, this pressure rises, due to the lack of internal opposite pressure, the tongue of the crankshaft seal. If the pressure shown is delayed, or the pressure rises within 20 seconds to no more than 0.3 bar, then the shaft sealing rings are in good condition. But, with a further decrease in pressure in the crankcase, it is necessary to replace the crankshaft seal ring.

In the process of working with a chainsaw, there is a knock in the clutch, palpable, turned to the service center for this reason, to which I was told that there is nothing to worry about, it will pass, after which I asked if it would break the crankshaft main bearings, which I heard not. The instrument is 3 years old, someone threw it away, and I picked it up, AL-KO became, it turned out that the fuel and air filters were clogged and the idle was knocked down, I managed this and other little things. That’s just the knock of no resting dates, recently gone, maybe the clutch cams have worked out. The clutch does not slip. On MS 361 this is not. Help, tell me what to do, Well-KO saw, and so she got from the previous owners, this is an indispensable assistant at home, and everywhere.

Knock. this is the cause of a broken crankshaft bearing. Repair is urgently needed, because when the crankshaft bearing falls apart, the balls will damage the cylinder and piston group!

Tell me, how is the ignition installed? By tags taking into account TDC or otherwise?

The magnetic pair should be opposite the ignition module at a certain distance.

Is it possible to use mineral oil for preparing a fuel mixture for 2-stroke engines with air and water cooling?

It is impossible! You can use oil for 2-stroke engines with air cooling! We recommend only original oil.

Is there an adjustment to the oil supply to the circuit?

Not. Standard adjustment. At full throttle, oil is supplied to the circuit; at idle, no.

I was interested in the service that if black fluid flows between the cylinder and the exhaust pipe, then this is due to the break-in of the saw. If a run-in has already been made and there are such problems, what can be done to operate it further and how to get out of the situation? And also a candle is also thrown with an unburned liquid black mixture and the exhaust gases are wet and black

It is possible to operate, but you need to ventilate the combustion chamber, change the spark plug and wipe away smudges. And in the future, do not repeat the run-in and do not let the unit idle for a very long time.

A friend changes the piston on a chain saw Stihl 180, bought a Chinese kit. They wanted to put two gaskets between the crankcase and the cylinder. Goal. slightly reduce the degree of compression in order to reduce the negative impact of low-quality gasoline. Do you think it makes sense? If so, what thickness would you recommend laying?

How are you going to implement this? On this model, the connector goes in the middle of the seat of the crankshaft bearings. And there are no gaskets, everything is on sealant. With a compression ratio, compression will also go away. And on the Chinese piston, it rarely happens more than seven kilos. Yes, and let the familiar oil seals check for elasticity. And when assembling under oil seals, it is not necessary to smear with sealant!

Stihl 180 chainsaw broke. Builders sawed aerated concrete at a construction site. The result is no piston, the saw will not start, the tire and chain are in the trash. I called the service center, they say the original piston 6300, and the Chinese (Champion).2000. Plus glands and gaskets. Work for free (he was surprised). Does it make sense to restore this saw if you put a Chinese piston in there (the saw will rarely be used in the country) and change all the gaskets? I have a new tire and chain. you won’t have to buy it. According to estimates, the entire repair will cost about three and a half thousand. Is there any reason?

It is worth replacing the crankshaft, the bearings are likely to wear out. Be sure to disassemble and rinse the carburetor. it’s full of dirt. The filter must be changed. you’ll end up with a Champion saw in Calm. For rare use in the country. quite go.

Recently I bought a chainsaw MS-180, worked somewhere in tank 4, when cleaning, I found that the chain was not stretched, although this was not felt during operation, I began to tighten, the screw was turned. When I looked at the screw, I was horrified, it was sufficiently bent, tried to unscrew it. Did not work out. Tell me, please, can I somehow get it without contacting the service?

It is pulled out simply. screw up with a screwdriver, take out together with the guide. The thread on it is metric, nuts are easy to pick up. Only after editing is it necessary to drive off the nut. check the condition of the thread. The nut is long, it can jam if the screw is slightly crooked.

Stihl ms 180 the combined lever at switching jumps out from a groove of the saw case. What to do?

The seat of the control shaft was worn out. Replacing the saw body (crankcase).

What should be the pressure in the piston?

If you mean pressure. compression, then it should be at least 8 bar.

The saw started up normally when it started, it works at high revs and does not take off, does not want what needs to be done to work at idle?

Trigger the trigger.

The MS 180 chain saw does not suck fuel from the tank. Washed, cleaned the channel into the combustion chamber. What could be the reason?

The problem with the breather (valve creating a vacuum in the fuel tank).

Tell me, what size bearing is on this chainsaw?

Deep groove ball bearing 6002.

I bought a new chainsaw. No experience. To change the chain tension, I follow the instructions: I raised the wing nut handle and try to loosen the wing nut by turning it counterclockwise. But the handle does not turn. Maybe I missed some kind of procedure?

Raise the wing nut handle and loosen the wing nut; in doing so, loosen the tension wheel by turning it to the left.

Is it possible to replace only a burnt-out piston or should it be replaced complete with a cylinder?

You need to know the state of the cylinder. If everything is in order with the cylinder, then the piston can be replaced separately.

Saw ceased to wind up. When turned off, the shift control shaft flew out of the socket. from the abalone. He removed the casing. I look, the thrust on the throttle from the carburetor flies. Put this whole thing in place, put it together. And she did not start. I noticed that when the lever is down to the start, the air damper does not completely close the hole in the carburetor, it should be so, or it should completely close. maybe because of this not start?

Must completely close. Maybe because of this, the cold will not start. Perhaps the axis of the choke needs to be changed. Although you need to look. if the groove in the lever where the rod is inserted is not well developed, you can try to slightly bend the rod. For a little while, until it starts to close tightly. Most often, it does not completely close, and it is very difficult to start a cold one, and even there is no primer. This is one of the diseases of these models, a frequent occurrence.

Electric Drill Adjustable Speed

How to choose a drill with reverse and speed control

Electric Drill Adjustable Speed

When choosing a drill, it is necessary to consider for what type of work it is purchased. With such a necessary tool as a drill, probably every owner is familiar. Its main function is drilling holes, but in addition it can be useful for many more actions. For example, in some ways even replace the screwdriver. Of course, a drill is a very useful thing, so its purchase should be taken as seriously as possible so that the tool really helps, and does not lie on the shelf idle.

Choosing an electric drill, it is worth first of all to figure out what they are? Over the entire period of its existence, this tool has received many varieties and was supplemented by a two-speed gearbox, reverse and other useful options.

The hammerless drill has light weight and small dimensions.

There are six main types of drills:

  1. Percussion. with the help of such percussion instruments you can drill almost any material. It can work in 2 modes: just drilling and drilling with impact.
  2. Unstressed. they are characterized by precision drilling. Such an electric drill will perfectly cope with metal, plastic or wood.
  3. Corner. such an aggregate has a rather narrow circle of action, but it is this drill that is indispensable when working in a limited space.
  4. Drill mixers. this device is designed to mix different materials using a variety of nozzles. You can mix adhesive solutions, varnishes, gypsum or cement mixtures, paints and other materials.
  5. A screwdriver. a drill. from the name it is clear that in addition to drilling with such a tool, it is possible to tighten various nuts and bolts. The difference from other types of devices is the presence of a torque limiter or drilling depth.
  6. Diamond drilling tools are professional drills that can handle brick and reinforced concrete. They are “dry” and “wet”. The latter deal with hard materials, and the former with soft ones.

This is how the basic classification of drills looks. Its main mechanism is an engine that generates force to rotate the drill. But since the rotational speed of the motor itself is much greater than the mode of rotation of the drill, drills provide for interaction with the gearbox, which, if necessary, reduces the overestimated frequency of rotation of the motor, and at the same time increase the rotation force on the drill. Such a gear drill is switched on, as a rule, with a trigger switch, which also controls the number of revolutions of the cartridge.

Standard passport for an electric drill and its device

To understand how an electric drill works, you need to understand how it works. To do this, you can see the technical passport of the device, where everything is clearly shown and painted.

Many electric drills have a special switch (reverse mode), which can reverse the direction of rotation of the drill

Video: Electric Drill Adjustable Speed

Some features of the device drills:

  1. Many models of drills have electronic speed control, which allows you to keep the desired speed even taking into account the load on the drill. over, there are special torque devices that protect the motor from combustion if the drill suddenly gets jammed.
  2. Impact drills are famous for their "ability" to work with particularly hard materials. This is helped by a special percussion mechanism, allowing you to make hundreds of strokes per second. True, for this, special drills are used, designed specifically for hammer drilling.
  3. Trigger lock. drills have a special button that can lock the trigger if you need long drilling. If you pull the trigger itself, the latch will release it.

By the way, the trigger itself is a switch that supplies power to the motor. In modern models, it is also equipped with a function of changing the speed of rotation. With this trigger, the operation of the drill depends on the degree of pressure on the trigger itself.

Recommendations: how to choose a drill for the house

Before choosing a drill, you should decide which class of tool you need. household or professional. And then make the final choice of the device. For home use, a domestic unit will be quite enough, especially if you have to use a drill infrequently.

When choosing a drill, you should keep in mind:

  1. Power. “home” drills can have this indicator from 500 watts to 1,000 watts. This value makes it possible to work with metal, wood, concrete and other materials.
  2. The presence or absence of a percussion mechanism. for work at home, it is desirable that there is a “punch”, since it is often necessary to perform a variety of work, where you need to check both walls and other very different materials.
  3. Power. can be mains or battery. At home, the first option is quite suitable. True, it is better to stock up with an extension cord just in case.
  4. Rotational speed. usually this indicator is 500-1500 rpm. All drills have a special speed control switch that you need to use when working with different materials.
  5. Diameter of holes. these indicators can be found in the model passport. You need to know the maximum diameters so that you do not accidentally burn the tool on the first working day.
  6. Type of cartridges. for home use it is best to use a key chuck made of metal, which holds the drill bit securely. True, in this case, care must be taken not to lose the key to the cartridge itself.

When choosing a drill for home use, the frequency and intensity of work should be taken into account, since the model is household, it involves a short use

If the work is long, the drilling machine must be periodically cooled, turning it off from the network. It is especially necessary to do this if heat has started to flow from the drill body or the smell of burnt insulation is heard.

By the way, the rotation speed or the number of revolutions performed shows how the tool will behave during work with various materials. The larger this indicator, the higher the drill capabilities. Even if the power of the drill is small, a high rotation speed will block it. You can conduct a small test to verify this.

Analyzing all the moments, we can say that a household impact drill with a power of 500-800 W with speed control and reverse is best suited for a house.

Home Drill Rating

The Sparky BUR 150CET KL reversible drill is easy to use and light enough

So, the rating of impact "home" drills:

  1. Metabo SBE 900 Impuls. a very good drill with a power of 900 watts, with a two-speed gearbox, speed control, keyless chuck and the presence of reverse.
  2. Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT. reversible model with speed control. Easy to use, you can adjust the power.
  3. Sparky BUR 150CET KL can be used as a wrench or screwdriver. There is overload protection and speed control.
  4. Makita HP 2051 F. low power, but rather quiet operation, the presence of illumination of the drilling site and two speeds.
  5. Bison MASTER DU-810 ERM2. inexpensive, but with very good equipment. Light weight, comfortable to work with. There is a reverse and speed control. One speed mode.

Electric drill with reverse and speed control (video)

For mixing, drilling and screwing, it is better to purchase a universal tool with a high reliability class. But if you need a drill just for a certain type of work, the best option would be to buy a device with this particular function.

Adjustable Speed ​​Angle Grinder 230 mm

Adjustable Speed ​​Angle Grinder 230 mm

If the angle grinder is not equipped with a speed regulator, is it possible to install it yourself?
Most angle grinders (angle grinder), in the common people of the grinders, have a speed control.

The speed controller is located on the body of the angle grinder

Consideration of the various adjustments you need to start with the analysis of the electrical circuit of the angle grinder.

simplest electrical diagram of a grinder

advanced models automatically support rotation speed regardless of the load, but more often there are tools with manual adjustment of the disk speed. If a hammer type regulator is used on a drill or an electric screwdriver, then this principle is not possible on an angle grinder. Firstly. the features of the tool suggest a different grip when working. Secondly, adjustment during operation is unacceptable, therefore, the speed value is set when the motor is off.

Why do I need to adjust the speed of rotation of the disk with an angle grinder?

  1. When cutting metal of different thicknesses, the quality of work greatly depends on the speed of rotation of the disk.
    If you cut hard and thick material. it is necessary to maintain maximum speed. When processing thin sheet metal or soft metal (for example, aluminum), high revolutions will lead to edge melting or rapid washing of the working surface of the disk;
  2. Cutting and cutting stone and tile at high speed can be dangerous.
    In addition, a disk that spins at high speeds knocks small pieces out of the material, making the cutting surface chipped. over, for different types of stone, different speeds are selected. Some minerals are processed at high speeds;
  3. Grinding and polishing are not possible in principle without speed control.
    Incorrectly setting the speed, you can spoil the surface, especially if it is a paint coating on a car or material with a low melting point;
  4. The use of discs of different diameters automatically implies the mandatory presence of a regulator.
    Changing the Ø115 mm disk to Ø230 mm, the rotation speed must be reduced by almost half. And it’s almost impossible to hold an angle grinder with a 230 mm disc rotating at a speed of 10,000 rpm;
  5. Polishing of stone and concrete surfaces depending on the type of crowns used is carried out at different speeds. over, with a decrease in the rotation speed, the torque should not decrease;
  6. When using diamond blades, it is necessary to reduce the number of revolutions, since from overheating their surface quickly fails.
    Of course, if your angle grinder works only as a pipe cutter, angle and profile, a speed control is not required. And with universal and versatile use, the angle grinder is vital.

Video: Adjustable Speed ​​Angle Grinder 230 mm

Typical speed controller circuit

This is what the RPM board looks like.

The engine speed regulator is not just a variable resistor that reduces the voltage. Electronic control of the magnitude of the current strength is necessary, otherwise, with a decrease in speed, the power, and accordingly the torque, will be proportionally reduced. In the end, there will come a critically small amount of voltage when, at the slightest resistance of the disk, the electric motor simply cannot turn the shaft.
Therefore, even the simplest regulator must be calculated and executed in the form of a well-developed scheme.

And more advanced (and therefore expensive) models are equipped with regulators based on an integrated circuit.

Integrated circuit controller. (most advanced option)

If we consider the electrical circuit of the angle grinder in principle, then it consists of a speed controller and a soft start module. Power tools equipped with advanced electronic systems are significantly more expensive than their simple counterparts. Therefore, not every home master is able to purchase such a model. And without these electronic units there will be only an electric motor winding and a power button.

The reliability of modern electronic components angle grinder exceeds the resource of the motor windings, so do not be afraid to purchase a power tool equipped with such devices. The limiter can only be the price of the product. over, users of low-cost models without a regulator sooner or later come to their independent installation. The block can be purchased ready-made or made independently.

DIY speed controller

Attempts to adapt a conventional dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lamp will not work. Firstly, these devices are designed for a completely different load. Secondly, the principle of operation of the dimmer is not compatible with the control of the electric motor winding. Therefore, you have to mount a separate circuit, and figure out how to place it in the tool body.

Homemade speed controller

The simplest thyristor speed controller can easily be done independently. To do this, you need five radio elements that are sold on any radio market.

Circuit diagram thyristor speed controller for your instrument

The compact design allows you to place the circuit in the body of an angle grinder without compromising ergonomics and reliability. However, this scheme does not allow you to save torque when the speed drops. The option is suitable for reducing speed when cutting thin tin, carrying out polishing work, processing soft metals.

If your angle grinder is used for processing stone, or you can install disks larger than 180 mm on it, you need to assemble a more complex scheme, where the KR1182PM1 chip, or its foreign counterpart, is used as a control module.

The circuit diagram of speed control using a chip KR1182PM1

This scheme controls the current strength at any speed, and allows you to minimize the loss of torque when they are reduced. In addition, this scheme treats the engine more carefully, prolonging its resource.

The question of how to adjust the speed of the tool arises when it is stationary. For example, when using an angle grinder as a circular saw. In this case, the connection point is equipped with a regulator (automatic machine or socket), and the speed is adjusted remotely.

Regardless of the method of execution, the speed control angle grinder expands the capabilities of the tool and adds comfort when using it.

Speed ​​Adjustable Circular Saws

Manual circular saws are designed to perform straight cuts when cutting different types of materials. The tool can be used to cut boards in the transverse and longitudinal directions, as well as composite sheet materials:

  • ordinary and bakelite plywood;
  • chipboard and fiberboard;
  • plastic;
  • non-ferrous metals.

Circular saws with smooth speed control have an electric drive, and a disk with cutting teeth is used as a working body. The instrument is powered from a single-phase household network through a cord with a standard plug.

The article provides an overview of the three most popular models of circular saws from different manufacturers: Makita SP6000 Set, Bosch GKT 55 GCE and DeWALT DWS520K

Model Overview Makita SP6000 Set

Speed ​​Adjustable Circular Saws

Circular saw from the Japanese company Makita belongs to the category of professional power tools. The model SP6000 Set can be used in industrial enterprises (woodworking, furniture manufacturing and others), in construction and in everyday life. A hand-held circular saw is delivered to the consumer in a convenient plastic case, the case is convenient for storing and carrying the product. In a set:

  • a disk (48 teeth) for work on wood;
  • Allen key to replace the saw;
  • guide with non-slip lining.

The main advantages of the Makita SP6000 Set hand saw:

  • The model has an immersion function and can be used to cut from anywhere on the sheet.
  • The kit includes a guide that provides an even cut of material throughout.
  • High power and the presence of a smooth start allows you to make a quality cut.
  • Infinitely variable engine speed from 2000 to 5200 rpm provides the ability to select the operating mode for each material.
  • A wide range of settings for the depth of cut with a maximum rate of 56 mm, with an inclination of 45 °. 40 mm.
  • There is a function of setting a fixed cut depth of 2 mm, which is done on one side of the sheet with a subsequent flip and cutting to the entire thickness. This method provides the highest quality cut
  • Adjustment of the inclination of the cutting plane in the range from 1 to 45 °. The latches are located in the front and rear of the tool, which eliminates the oscillations of the disk.
  • Ergonomic handles with a rubberized finish that minimizes vibration and keeps the saw blade securely in use. The front handle is perpendicular to the cut line, which improves accuracy.
  • Thoughtful operator protection against accidental contact with the working body during use.
  • A convenient way to replace a circular saw using an L-shaped hex key through a side window in a protective casing.
  • The tool is notable for the high quality of components and assembly. there are no backlashes in the joints, and screw locks on the regulatory sectors are exceptionally reliable.
  • The presence of electronic protection against engine overheating protects the drive from failure.
  • A special module maintains a constant engine speed at any permissible load.
  • Low level of noise and vibration during the work of the electric tool.
  • High cutting speed of any materials, including non-ferrous metal sheets.

The hand-held circular saw of this model also has some drawbacks, in particular consumers, note a not very convenient way to adjust the angle of inclination. When returning to a vertical position, a corner is necessary to ensure proper accuracy. It is almost impossible to use a power tool without an original guide, the accuracy is significantly impaired.

User reviews published on the Internet are generally favorable. The analysis shows that the Makita SP6000 Set hand-held circular saw is successfully used in various industries. In construction, when laying parquet and laminate, where a high quality cut is needed. In furniture manufacturing enterprises, this model of circular saw is used to make patterns. This process requires the precision of cutting different materials.

Buyers indicate the acceptable cost of a professional model of a Makita SP6000 Set circular saw, which is much cheaper than analogues. The owners of this tool note a rich configuration of the product, which provides ease of transportation and storage. The hand-held circular saw has everything necessary for work in the set and is completely ready for use for its intended purpose.

Video: Speed ​​Adjustable Circular Saws

Bosch GKT 55 GCE Model Overview

The hand-held circular saw of the German company Bosch of the professional model GKT 55 GCE has been produced since October 2011. The scope of delivery of a product for sale through retail chains includes:

  • circular saw 165 × 20 mm for work on wood;
  • Allen key to replace the working tool;
  • cardboard box;
  • user’s manual.

The advantages of the Bosch GKT 55 GCE submersible circulating saw include:

  • Light weight and dimensions of the tool provide ease of use.
  • The handles are ergonomically shaped and are located rear. parallel to the cutting plane, the front. perpendicular. This ensures the stability of the tool on the cut line.
  • Convenient intuitive controls for the operation of a circular saw.
  • The high power of the electric motor allows you to saw any materials, including composite ones: laminated particleboard, fiberboard and MDF.
  • Electronic adjustment of the engine speed is possible in the range from 3600 to 6250 rpm. It is easy for the user to select the optimal operating mode for each material with a maximum cutting speed without overheating of the cut site.
  • The excellent quality of the circular saw makes the cuts very clean, which significantly reduces material consumption and reduces the cost of finishing.
  • High accuracy of adjusting the depth of cut in the vertical position. up to 57 mm, at an angle of 45 °. 42 mm. Extremely convenient limiter mechanism.
  • There is a disc immersion mode that allows you to start cutting from anywhere on the sheet.
  • Ease of replacement of the working body. circular saw. In this case, the spindle is fixed by pressing a button, and the fixing bolt is unscrewed with the key supplied.
  • The hand-held circular saw is compatible with the new Bosch FSN guide rail.
  • It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust formed during the operation of the tool.
  • The circulation saw is equipped with the Constant Electronic electronic system to maintain the shaft speed set by the operator when operating under load.
  • The working disk has teeth of a special shape with a special sharpening, which reduces the noise level when cutting material.

Among the shortcomings of the model, users include a short warranty period of only one year, but there is the possibility of its extension after registration on the manufacturer’s official website. Cases of the rebound of the saw during the immersion operation with damage to the surface of the sheet and the guide are noted. The diameter of the connector of the vacuum cleaner is incorrectly selected, which makes it difficult to put on the hose.

User reviews are mostly positive, indicating the high build quality of the product and ease of use. The ratio of price and quality of the product according to customer feedback is optimal. There is a need to purchase guides and clamps for maximum convenience when using a circular saw, these accessories are not supplied with the tool.

DeWALT DWS520K Model Overview

DeWALT hand-held circular saw of the DWS520K model is characterized by excellent quality of components and assembly. The scope of supply in addition to the product mentioned includes:

  • carbide saw blade with tungsten carbide tipped teeth;
  • a plastic case for storing and transporting a circular saw and accessories;
  • L-shaped Allen key for changing discs.

The main advantages of the DeWALT DWS520K circular saw are as follows:

  • The kinetic scheme of immersion of the saw provides a parallel direction of the application of force to the cutting plane. This provides complete control over the tool during use.
  • Saw movement down is only possible after the release of the lock, which ensures high safety of use.
  • A wide range of adjustments to the speed of rotation of the working disk from 1750 to 4200 revolutions allows you to set the optimal sawing mode of the material.
  • The vibration level during operation of the product does not exceed 2.5 m / s2 and is easily damped by rubber pads on the control handles.
  • The start key is large enough and with a long stroke allows you to work with gloves.
  • A well thought out mechanism for adjusting the depth of cut with reliable fixation with screws.
  • The depth of cut when working without a guide reaches 59 mm, the maximum for a tool of this class.
  • The disc included in the kit provides high purity for cutting different types of wood.
  • When using a company guide provides high precision cut sheet material.
  • The design of the guide allows you to make cuts on vertically located surfaces.
  • The device has a removable battery, which ensures the autonomy of its work in hard to reach places.

The disadvantages of the DeWALT DWS520K model are related to the ill-conceived disc protection, which quickly curls with sawdust without connecting a vacuum cleaner. High prices for branded equipment, and use without a rail is almost impossible. Consumers point to a lack of power when working with hardwood.

Recommendations for choosing a circular saw with variable speed control

The models considered in the review are quite consistent with their purpose. Hand saws Makita SP6000 Set and Bosch GKT 55 GCE are professional tools and can be used both in production and in construction, as well as for personal needs. The DeWALT DWS520K model is designed for a wide consumer and by its characteristics cannot be used for working with some types of wood and other materials of increased hardness.

Based on the foregoing, Bosch GKT 55 GCE and Makita SP6000 Set models can be recommended to those who are professionally engaged in the construction, manufacture of furniture and doors, as well as other types of woodworking. Circular saw DeWALT DWS520K is suitable for use in the household when working with a small to medium load on the tool.

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Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

General view of the angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E: Brief TTX:
– Manufacturer. Caliber
– Model. МШУ-125 / 955Е
– Case. shockproof plastic
– Power consumption. 950W
– The number of revolutions per minute. 0-11000 rpm
– Speed ​​control. present
– Circle diameter. 125mm
– Thread on the spindle. M14
– Safety class. II
– Supply voltage. 220V
– Dimensions. 380mm125mm110mm
– Weight. 2.1kg

– angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E
– protective cover
– side handle
– wrench for tightening
– set of spare brushes
– instruction angle grinder comes in a light box made of dense corrugated cardboard: On the box there is a company logo, appearance of the product, as well as some features of the model. The main performance characteristics are indicated from the end of the box: Since Caliber is a Russian brand, the instruction is completely in Russian: Appearance:

Video: Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

Disassembly and main parts:

It should be noted that I conducted the tests in the country with a very mediocre wiring. In the video you can see how the voltage sags under load (dipped to 210V), therefore, with high-quality wiring, this grinder will consume more than 1.1kW. Be that as it may, for working with 125mm circles this power is enough for the eyes.

I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to periodically disassemble the tool and clean the main components from dirt / dust. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the brushes and, if necessary, replace them. For this, a pair of spare brushes is supplied. Due to the successful design of the grinder, this operation will take very little time, because no need to disassemble the entire case. It is enough to unscrew the plastic clamping screws: And finally, a couple of recommendations for work:
– use protective equipment (glasses, protective cover). Do not neglect the use of the side handle. The power of this model, although sufficient, is possible jamming of the disk with strong pressure
– after prolonged use, allow the tool to cool. If the work is “on”, then for faster cooling, just turn on the tool “idle” at increased (maximum) speed. The cold air flow driven by the fan will cool the tool much faster than a simple break in work
– Do not work for a long time at low speeds. This model allows it, but you should not abuse it
– when working at low rpm, do not immediately turn off the tool to avoid local overheating. Let him work for a while, preferably at higher speeds
– do not exceed the number of revolutions indicated on the disc to avoid personal injury
– Do not operate the grinder near containers with flammable liquids, as well as in “oiled” work clothes. Sparks of such clothes from sparks are not rare

A small demonstration of the work:

good workmanship
high power
speed control
hypoid gear in gearbox
Safety class II (double insulation)
the ability to adjust the angle grinder (direction of rotation, rotation of the gearbox)
quick access to brushes

– there is no function to maintain the set speed depending on the pressure on the tool

Conclusion: the tool is really high-quality, there are no complaints about the work. Due to the sufficiently high engine power and the presence of a speed controller, this model allows you to solve most of the tasks. I definitely recommend buying it

Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

Specify delivery time and price by phone: 8-800-100-11-77

angle grinder (angle grinder) Bort BWS-1000-R is a powerful tool for cutting various metal substrates and is suitable for use in the home workshop or for short-term work tasks in construction. Among the features of the device can be noted the optimal balance between power and weight of the tool. With a sufficiently high performance, the angle grinder has a fairly low weight, which allows for ease of use. In addition, the advantage of the unit is the presence of the function of adjusting the speed of rotation of the disk, due to which you can easily adapt to work with a specific type of processed base. For convenient and quick replacement of the disk in the angle grinder, the spindle lock function and the ability to adjust the position of the protective cover without a key are implemented.

In a set:

  • side handle (1 pc);
  • a key to change the disk (1 pc);
  • additional set of brushes (1 pc);
  • protective cover (1 pc).

Video: angle grinder (angle grinder) Bort BWS-1000-R

Vanya F.

I came in a great build, I made a 5-year warranty. I advise everyone immediately after purchase to register with this brandan website.
For standard work tasks. okormormchik) issues the declared, does not glitch, does not overheat, does not wedge

12/30/2019 Pros: easy Cons: Took home for minus. 10 degrees the wire broke off near the entrance to the handle the wire was replaced by itself as it was taken on a site in Moscow. I. Orenburg guarantee expectation time no today the wire near the brush broke off from vibration. And before that I was looking for a malfunction. I disassembled it turned off the speed control did not help and then the needlework

The fan is blowing out of the big winter as cold.

12/06/2019 Pros: Not heavy, there is a speed regulator, a company guarantee. 5 years (of course, this is hard to believe). Cons: I did not like the power button! Very clumsily executed, the feeling that it will break.

Conventional angle grinder, made in China. Acquired several years ago, only the wire broke. The rest did everything to her: from cutting pipes to grinding various materials of wood, metals.

Pioneer P.

12/04/2019 Pros: Adjustment about, two handles, quick brush replacement. During active work it does not heat up Cons: The switch is uncomfortable just sucks! The wire is rigid, the casing does not have a quick clamp. Side handle in a terrible dream does not dream!

I worked with different angle grinders, at first I worked with my son’s angle grinders, and when the volume increased, I bought two in turn. the first China was PAG860K 115 mm 11 thousand adjustment, long handle. honestly worked for 8 years. this year brushes worn out. bought it. replaced, and they were enough for half a day. the second was not enough for an hour. The second Makita angle grinder 230 mm.
A week ago I bought a Bort BWS-1000-R and on the go to battle! A good unit, but the switch is not a tooth in the foot. it would be better, as in Chinese. small key and side button. in some moment. released the key. turned off and you can’t turn it on with a random press. The second unpleasant moment. oak wire even at 5-8 degrees. lies on the floor in waves and constantly hurt his foot. Once hooked and the angle grinder fell from a height of 40 cm. The side handle broke off. regretted to make it thicker. the wall is slightly thicker than 1 mm. Fitted from a Soviet drill. began to lay on the floor and still constantly cling to the oak wire.
There are pluses. I work a lot with metal and a second handle is needed, sometimes it’s necessary to crawl into "secluded" place and maintain the desired angle, and adjust about. allows you to perform complex "aerobatics".
In a word. judge you, and I work. if it weren’t for the thin pen, the stupid on and the oak wire, I would have put 5 s! The degree of reliability and durability should be high. Brought home. he took off his sides and looked at the brushes. when turned on, do not spark. then it will work for a long time! But in 2-3 minutes the gearbox heated up. there are dry gears, and the cat burst into tears. charged with lithol and now I drive for hours. I make blanks for two oil-working furnaces. I cut with meters and cleaning the entire area of ​​the workpieces. rusty metal, but dv. cold at all loads, and the gearbox is warm. degrees 30. no more.

11/29/2019. The board plows and at least henna. I bought an extension cord to replace the cord. from the factory would be put.
In summer, the gearbox is heated, but within reasonable limits.

Vladislav V.

12/04/2019 Pros: A good device, for this price for household needs what is needed. adjustment of revolutions is great convenient to grind or sharpen something at low revolutions. The casing is convenient in that you can adjust its position by pressing the eccentric lever in a few seconds without using the key. Cons: The start button is a bit uncomfortable.

Alexander K.

Saperov Alexander

11/30/2019 Pros: I’m happy with the Cons: the button sticks a little

Bogdan M.

Reliable angle grinder. I went through three repairs and landscaping with my parents in a cottage. Cope with grinding, and if you need to cut something. Very comfortable design, as for me.

Andrey L.

10.29.2019 Pros: It works out completely with its own money. Convenient grip due to the normal handle, speed control under the finger. Cons: I would advise everyone to unscrew their heads and use a normal amount of lubricant in the gearbox before use, there is little of it.

It must be understood that for this money you are acquiring a “hobby” class instrument, not a professional one. Accordingly, and to submit relevant requirements to it.

Maxim D.

09/13/2019 Pros: Good inexpensive angle grinder. In stock speed adjustment. Cons: Removed one star due to a power button lock. Most often, konka sinks and does not let go after removing her hand. Once knocked out of my hands, the angle grinder continued to work after the fall.

Took for repair at home. No experience with other angle grinders.


Video: Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

09/03/2019 Pros: price, speed adjustment. Cons: Workmanship

I bought it in one famous marketplace. Enough angle grinder for a park of weeks of inactive use. He was left alone with the service center, Mkrketpleys did not even send a warranty card with a seal. It’s better to overpay and take a proven brand angle grinder.

The angle grinder is very convenient and practical. The previous one worked faithfully for three years. The anchor failed. Tell me. Could you sell the angle grinder spare for this model?

The angle grinder is very convenient and practical. The previous one worked faithfully for three years. The anchor failed. Tell me. Could you sell the angle grinder spare for this model?


04/07/2019 Pros: Adjustable speed, for homework is an excellent tool. Cons: No

The description says. (spare brushes). not available

vital p.

03/30/2019 Pros: speed adjustment, price, convenient handle. Cons: button lock does not work.

the machine is powerful, very comfortable, not for long work, it gets very hot.


01/09/2019 Pros: Affordable cost Cons: Broke down very quickly

It lies comfortably in the hand and all that can be said about it

51 RUS Sergey Vasilievich RUS 51

11/27/2018 Pros: price and build quality Cons: the gearbox is heated without load, can it be so?

assembly and price are all normal, the reason is the heating gear

Sergey Kuznetsov

11/23/2018 Pros: Lightweight, moderately powerful, not to say that WOW is straightforward. Cons: MINUS LATCH button fixation, (bronze bushing) crashes, but it has finalized. And it’s not sickly how long HZ will last.

Max Larionov


11/02/2018 Pros: comfortable thought it would be worse Cons: until I noticed for the same amount I think it will not appear

Edward S.

10/30/2018 Pros: Price

He cut the tubing pipes, almost without a break, erased 3 circles. A friend skeptically assured that the apparatus would smoke, which was painfully cheap. I did not wait. The product is excellent.

Marat N.

10/25/2018 Pros: Quick-detachable cover, speed adjustment, good build quality Cons: Not yet revealed

Oleg N.

10/23/2018 Pros: Convenient handle, speed adjustment, quick-pulling casing Cons: not found

Cope with all tasks with a bang. Not very hot. He sits comfortably in his hand. Not very heavy. In general, I liked it. recommend

Ivan I.

10/04/2018 Pros: Price Cons: The gearbox crumbled after 3 days of use

Vladimir Maslovsky

Kirill Zelinsky

09/12/2018 Pros: convenient Cons: not yet found

Igor Ya

08/07/2018 Pros: Price. Purchased for only 1350. Cons: Poorly assembled

Not very assembled, backlash on the spindle, the clamping nut is not balanced, I think it’s clear how it will affect reliability. There is no way to get an extended 5 year warranty. The adjustment is smooth, but there is no speed support, at low speeds it is easy to stop with your hand. It was collected for all 1350 rubles (at first I thought that it was used, but there wasn’t a new one, but the whole thing was shown). It smells like a decent Chinese instrument)

Sergey E.

06/14/2018 Pros: Grip handle, length, weight. Quick-release casing on an eccentric. Speed ​​controller from zero to maximum. Hatches for replacing brushes (included). Soft wire. Cons: As such, directly, here are the flaws. not found.

Here I will leave my comments and dreams, suddenly the developers of Bort read.
Turnovers are regulated from zero. it’s great, but in this case the machine does not pull. When polishing a tree, it is necessary to catch the force of pressure, eat, feed and speed at the same time. Fortunately, it is easy to catch revs, the wheel is exactly under the finger, but if you replace the variable resistor with a variable capacitor, then you can work without losing power on the spindle. It would be nice if the handle with the button had the ability to rotate 90 ° to the right / left. it will be more convenient. It would be nice to have a case, because a bunch of different disks fly around the bag, and the native cardboard box has no dimensions for the disks and, in general, is intended only for delivery to the buyer.
I’m still glad to use this tool and I recommend this Bort bws1000r device to others.

Fedor V.

05/20/2018 Pros: Good price, build quality. Cons: None.

For several months it works without interruptions, complaints. Absolutely enough power. The cord is long. The device for the home is indispensable. And I think that in professional activity it is quite applicable.

Vyacheslav P.

03/14/2018 Pros: Sits in hands. Convenient adjustment of turns

Igor M.

02/04/2018 Pros: Affordable price, while this quality is quite good, it’s nice to work with such a tool. Now we are doing the repair. I use it very actively while everything is super. It does not get very hot, comfortable, and everything is needed in the kit. Producer well done, did a good thing. Normal materials selected, not flimsy.

recently acquired this miracle of technology, very pleased with the purchase. Of course it is difficult to judge how this device is suitable for the pros, and I use it not so long ago to evaluate it as objectively as possible. But! I like it so far. It is well assembled, comfortable, good materials used. It does not overheat, it works well, at least for now. Well, in general, a successful model for lovers. small yes udalenka. Now let’s see if it can withstand the repair, but so far inspires confidence.

Sanya T.

12/30/2017 Pros: I liked everything as a whole, and the assembly, and equipment, and most importantly. quality and stability in work. For my price, I think this is a very good option. Hold comfortably, the extra handle fits comfortably and locks well in a comfortable position. Cons: not found yet

Dmitry h.

Valentine M.

12/06/2017 Pros: a convenient handle in which the switch is combined with the lock and immediately adjust the speed. Compared to my second Hyundai angle grinder, this one is much more convenient. I do not regret that I bought it. Cons: I haven’t revealed any flaws so far, I use little, but Bort chose because Bort had already bought a drill for himself and was very pleased with its quality. So I recommend everyone the budget quality of the Board.

I like the colors 🙂

Alexey S.

06/08/2017 Pros: Convenient crustacean and power button. There is a speed control. Easy. There is enough power for small work in the country. Cons: for the price they are not))))

Great car for its price. I bought it to my father first, did not work much, and immediately bought it for myself.

Dmitry S.

05/18/2017 Pros: The price is sky-high, while the characteristics are quite decent, and it also works pretty well. A complete set, the angle grinder is assembled decently, there is no feeling that this is some kind of cheap Chinese bullshit. There is enough power to go here. Cons: as for me there are no shortcomings, at least some significant ones that would interfere with work.

Ruslan Sh.

05/07/2017 Pros: compact size, convenient, lightweight, inexpensive Cons: not found yet

on weekends for the holidays they moved to the country and finally tested my new thing. already managed to make a small bench for the kids) A very convenient cool thing, powerful, functional and most importantly. inexpensive after all. With such characteristics. great option. Country option.

Valera W.

04/25/2017 Pros: the price pleased, I took the products of this manufacturer for the first time, I did not know what was waiting for me, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, a good angle grinder, comfortable, thoughtfully everything, everything suits the function. It is powerful, lightweight, compact, and it’s generally convenient to work with the second handle, all the more it is attached in any position, if only it would be convenient. Well, in general, the price-quality ratio is more than good. and the body is normal. Everything suits me

normal thing, you can take

Victor S.

04/18/2017 Pros: price, quality, comfortable Cons: no

I bought this angle grinder on the Internet, of course, at first it was embarrassing that it was made in China, and the price is suspiciously good, but because of the price I decided to take it all the same to try what kind of apparatus it is. And you know, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. made very carefully, plastic looks not cheap china, very durable, the seams are made carefully, in general there are no complaints about the assembly. Power is good, enough for domestic tasks. It is very comfortable due to its light weight and compact design.


04/12/2017 Pros: decent power is quite assembled, it’s kind of not horny, everything keeps securely, it’s convenient to hold it on the snot, the hand does not slide on the function’s surface, everything you need is there, nothing extra size and weight are good, a purely household option Cons: so far, it’s not, I like everything, we will see how it shows itself further

02/16/2017 Pros: Not heavy, there is a speed regulator, a company guarantee. 5 years (of course, this is hard to believe). Cons: I did not like the power button! Very clumsily executed, the feeling that it will break.

Conventional angle grinder, made in China. I got it recently, while the flight is normal.

Angle Grinder Board Adjustable Speed

Angle Grinder Board Adjustable Speed

It is difficult to imagine a house where there is no electric drill. This is a favorite tool for almost every man.

Usually the user does not worry about the drill, the tool works for himself, and let it work. But then a strong beating of the drill appeared or the clamping mechanism jammed, repair loomed on the horizon. There was a need to remove or even disassemble the cartridge. Here, some inexperienced masters will need advice on how to perform the necessary work without ruining the drill completely and irrevocably. To begin with, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the information on the types of cartridges and the methods of their attachment to drills.

Design Features

The main types of cartridges for household drills the following:

  • quick-clamping or BZP, convenient in operation, allowing you to easily and quickly change the tool, but the strength and durability are not too high; nevertheless, drills with quick-clamping chucks (with one or two couplings) are deservedly popular;
  • gear-crown, requiring the use of a special key.

There are also other varieties, for example, SDS and SDS-max from Bosch. But you should not dwell on this issue in detail, since the type of the chuck by the method of clamping the drill does not affect the way the chuck is mounted on the drill spindle.

Attaching a Chuck to an Electric Drill Spindle

Actually There are two mounting methods:

  • cone pairing;
  • threaded connection.

You can find out the type of fastening by marking:

  • the inscriptions B10, B12, B18, etc. characterize the parameters of the Morse cone, the special shape of the mating surfaces (a total of 9 sizes from B7 to B45 are provided); before this designation mark the diameter range of drill shanks, for example, 1−6 V10;
  • type designations 1-15 M13 × 1.3; characterizing the metric thread parameters (diameter of drill shanks, thread diameter and its pitch);
  • UNF abbreviations (full marking is similar in structure to the marking of metric threads, for example, 2–13 mm ½. UNF, where ½ indicates the diameter of the thread in inches, and the number 20 indicates the number of threads per one inch), which means fastening with an inch thread ; this type of connection is typical for imported instruments.

Video: Angle Grinder Board Adjustable Speed

Technology for removing a cartridge from an electric drill

To perform this operation The following tools may be required:

  • vise;
  • wrenches (wrenches, plumbing, open-end wrenches):
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • a hammer (preferably a mallet made of rubber or wooden);
  • pliers.

Previously, the tool is removed from the cartridge. The key chuck can also be unlocked without a key by inserting a drill shank into the hole.

Cone mating dismantling

This pairing option should not cause disassembly difficulties.

If a fixing screw is present, it should be loosened.

It is recommended to orient the tool with a drill down and take off the cartridge with light tapping hammer (to protect mechanisms from damage, the best option is to strike with a rubber or wooden mallet on the cartridge case through the gasket. open-end wrench).

If there is a device for removing bearings, it is better to use it.

Dismantling with threaded interface

In this case disassembly procedure is as follows:

  1. The cams are sunk as far down as the head of the internal screw is located on the bottom of their socket, which must be reached with a screwdriver. However, the presence of a screw is optional.
  2. The screw is unscrewed from the spindle with a screwdriver, the fixing screw has a left-hand thread, that is, it is unscrewed by turning the screwdriver clockwise. If there is difficulty in turning the screw, you can lightly tap it with a hammer through a screwdriver.
  3. The cartridge from the shaft is unscrewed like a regular nut with a right-hand thread, that is, by turning counterclockwise. If the process is difficult, the use of two keys is recommended. The spindle is fixed with a spanner, the chuck is unscrewed with a gas spanner. You can insert a thicker hexagon into the cams and unscrew the cartridge with it.

If, however, the operation fails, you will have to disassemble the electric drill body to provide access to the spindle.

And one more tip: if the screw turns out to be damaged during disassembly, then you can purchase a punch adapter, it will contain a suitable screw.


Features of the work on the removal of the cartridge of drills of different companies (in particular, interskol) can be studied when watching a video.

The recommendations given are also valid for rotary hammers and screwdrivers.

And a few more tips:

  1. Before any repair work on the drill, disconnect the power cable from the network.
  2. If the case is complicated enough or there are doubts about your qualification as a household appliance repairman, it is better to turn to professionals for help. Otherwise, there is a risk of completing the repair with the purchase of a new drill.
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