STIHL chainsaw does not start 180 reasons

How to check the receipt of a pulse from the engine crankcase

The fuel pump is located in the carburetor. Its work is carried out due to the receipt of pulses from the engine crankcase through the pulse channel. The channel is located in a rubber tube through which the cylinder and carburetor communicate.

If the impulse channel becomes clogged, the quality of the fuel supply decreases or it does not come at all. To gain access to the pipe, you need to remove the air filter housing and carburetor. After that, using a metal wire, check or clean the channel.

The STIHL 180 chainsaw is designed with many rubber parts. All of them require systematic inspection for cracks and other defects. If any, parts are replaced with new ones.

Another reason for the lack of an impulse can be the depressurization of the crankcase of the STIHL chainsaw. In this case, the air supply to the pump decreases or completely stops.

The tightness is checked using a vacuum gauge. In his absence, a medical syringe will come to the rescue. The operation is carried out on the engine with the carburetor removed. A little engine oil is taken into the syringe and poured into the impulse channel, and then the starter handle is pulled.

If there is no pulse, oil will remain in the channel. You can fix this problem by disassembling the engine and replacing the oil seals. If the oil is squeezed out of the channel, the problem is probably a pump malfunction.

How to check the performance of a candle

To check the spark plug for serviceability, it is inserted into the cap of the high-voltage wire and pressed against the engine cylinder. After that, pull the starter handle several times. It should be remembered that the spark plug is checked exclusively when the ignition is on.

Of course, every zealous owner takes care of his technique. Therefore, he always has new candles in stock. To make sure that the problem lies in the malfunction of the plug, you need to perform the above operation with a new plug. If a spark appears, then the faulty spark plug should be replaced with a good one. Otherwise, you should look for the problem in the ignition unit.

Fills the spark plug

In some cases, the STIHL 180 will start and stall or not start at all. Then we check the condition of the candle, it can be flooded. There can be two reasons for this “overflow”. improper starting of the engine on a cold one and a malfunction of the carburetor. We try to solve the problem by the following actions:

We turn the chainsaw over to the other side and wait until excess fuel flows out;

For better confidence, we jerk the starter several times, so gasoline will most likely come out of the cylinder;

We return the candle to its place, install the cap and try to start the engine again with a starter.

How to identify and fix a defect in the crankshaft bearings

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw may not start if the crankshaft bearings are defective. If they are present, there is a backlash in the crankshaft, which can be detected by swaying the flywheel from side to side. There are magnets on this element. And if the flywheel is in a movable state, it starts to come into contact with the contacts of the ignition module. This is the reason for the lack of a spark.

You can only replace bearings yourself if you have experience. In the absence of such, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Why is there no spark on a STIHL chainsaw?

The absence of a spark between the electrodes on the spark plug is the main malfunction that creates problems with starting the engine of a STIHL chainsaw. To identify it, you need to unscrew the candle and inspect it. If the spark plug is wet, proceed with further troubleshooting.

STIHL chainsaw does not start 180 reasons

Clockwork device

As with other saws, the carburetor acts as the main starting device. Considering in more detail the carburetor that the STIHL 180 chainsaw is equipped with, it should be noted that it has a single adjusting screw. In other words, it is a kind of idle speed adjustment screw. In this case, the nozzle, which has a full load, is stationary all the time.

In other words, the regulation is not applicable to it. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load in any way. You also need to pay attention to the factory settings, due to which the supply of the air-fuel mixture is carried out directly to the engine. over, this principle remains regardless of the operating conditions of the tool.

Main characteristics

The saw in question can be considered a compact option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large oil and fuel tank. A two-stroke engine helps the device perform its working functions, the power of which is sufficient for solving simple tasks. In addition to this, during operation, this instrument does not generate strong noise, the level of which does not exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it is enough to say that a person’s speech creates noise at a level of 76 dB.

  • The STIHL 180 chainsaw has a power of 2.6 watts. In principle, this is sufficient, bearing in mind that we are talking about a tool for household use.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.145 l, the fuel tank is 0.25 l.
  • Designed tire measures 350mm with 0.325 ” pitch.
stihl, chainsaw, does, start, reasons

What to do if the chainsaw won’t start further?

If the initial inspection did not give anything or the defects were eliminated during the search, and the chainsaw does not start further, then you need to look for more serious reasons. It is best to identify and eliminate such breakdowns in a service center. However, with experience, you can find and eliminate them yourself. What to diagnose and check?

  • Compression in the cylinder;
  • Compression in the crankcase;
  • Carburetor operation.
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In the first case, checking the compression in the cylinder will allow you to find out the state of the cylinder-piston group (CPG) of a chainsaw that does not want to start cold. For this you need a compressometer. The device is screwed into place of the spark plug and the engine is idle. Measurement of readings allows you to judge the state of the CPG. In the absence of a compression gauge, the compression in the cylinder can be determined offhand as follows:

  • Place your finger on the candle hole;
  • Try to start the chainsaw engine.

By placing your finger on the spark plug hole and pulling the starter, you can check the compression in the cylinder.

If you feel that your finger is pulling strongly into the candle channel, then everything is in order with the compression. The absence of a vacuum in the chamber indicates a malfunction. The cylinder-piston group needs a more detailed inspection, which will give an idea of ​​the condition of the piston and cylinder, piston rings and bearings.

The chainsaw may not start on a cold one due to the lack of compression in the engine crankcase. The main reason for this is damage to the gasket placed between the cylinder and the crankcase. It is quite easy to detect the lack of compression:

  • Disconnect the upper tube from the carburetor;
  • Pour gasoline into a regular cork;
  • We immerse the removed tube in the fuel;
  • We pull the starter several times.

If the fuel from the cap is sucked in when starting the chainsaw starter, then everything is in order with the compression. If not, see the gasket.

If the fuel is drawn in, then everything is in order. the gasket is intact. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a repair kit and replace it. How to do this watch the video why the Chinese chainsaw does not start:

Starting the tool can be complicated by improper operation of the carburetor or its breakage. It often happens that during the sawing process, the fastening screws are loosened and air is sucked into the cylinder. Check that the carburetor is securely fastened. Inspect it for fuel leaks. There can be a lot of reasons for the malfunction. It is possible to pinpoint the malfunction, eliminate it and fine-tune the carburetor only in a service center.

After going through the step-by-step troubleshooting of the chainsaw engine, you can find the malfunction, fix it yourself and successfully start your working tool. Do not take on jobs that you are not sure of. Entrust the troubleshooting to specialists from the service center.

The chain doesn’t stop

If, when working with a chainsaw, you notice that the saw chain does not stop at the right time, then this breakdown may have 2 options.

  • The brake band is dirty. When the saw is in operation, dirt, sawdust, dust, etc. can get under the belt. As a result, the brake mechanism is locked and the chain does not stop when the throttle is released. The problem is eliminated by cleaning this unit.
  • The brake band is worn out. It is necessary to replace this element of the brake system.

Air filter

On the pages of the world wide web, you can find information that the STIHL 180 chainsaw can stall due to a strong contamination of the air filter. I would like to refute this not entirely correct information, and report that the STIHL MC 180 carburetor is equipped with an expansion joint, which is designed and installed in order to take in the air necessary for the normal operation of the STIHL 180 chainsaw, bypassing the contaminated air filter. Of course, the power with a clogged air filter will drop a little, but it will definitely not stall. The power may also drop due to wear of the piston, here it will already be necessary to repair the STIHL MS 180 piston chainsaw.

How to check the operation of the fuel pump

A membrane is located in the pump housing, which, during movement, provides fuel to the carburetor and engine. If the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw does not start, the diaphragm may have burst. You can check its integrity by removing the pump cover. If any defects were found during the inspection, the membrane is changed.

Repair of the STIHL 180 chainsaw

Expert advice

When repairing a carburetor, you must remember that it is a complex assembly, consisting of rings and many parts. This indicates that cleaning and repairs must be carried out with extreme care. If the tool stalls or does not start, then, in addition to the carburetor, it is necessary to check the spark plugs. If they are defective, they are unscrewed and dried.

Excess fuel can be drained out through a special hole. Malfunctions of the STIHL 180 chainsaw and their elimination are described in part in the instructions. After reading the article, you can understand that the candles should be dried for at least half an hour, after this time, the candle can be installed in place by starting the unit.

Fuel supply interrupted

Broken or damaged nozzle is a possible reason that the saw stalls during operation. In this case, the tool starts up, since there is a small amount of fuel in the engine, but it refuses to work further.

Storing the saw in sub-zero temperatures will crack the fuel tube. The situation will be corrected only by replacing the part.

Fuel supply system repair

Fuel may not enter the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • Dirty fuel filter. Remove the fuel hose and check how the fuel flows. If the jet is weak, the filter may need to be cleaned. It is taken out through the filler hole of the fuel tank and cleaned; in case of severe contamination, replace it with a new one. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter every three months.
  • Clogged breather (holes in the fuel tank cap). Check also by disconnecting the hose, in case of blockage, clean with a needle.
  • Lack or insufficient amount of fuel. There may be several reasons for the malfunction. The first reason is a clogged air filter. Air ceases to flow into the carburetor in the required amount, in this regard, due to a too rich fuel mixture, engine operation is disrupted. The contaminated filter is carefully removed, cleaned and washed in water, then dried and reinstalled.
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Another reason is improper adjustment of the carburetor. Adjustment is made with three screws.

Timely replacement of the fuel filter ensures full fuel supply

The fuel hose and choke actuator must fit snugly against the fittings

The throttle lever cable must be in place

During work, you must use the instructions, otherwise you can only make things worse.

And the last reason is a violation of the integrity of the membrane or clogging of the carburetor channels.

To repair the carburetor yourself, you need to get acquainted with all its parts.

All parts must be clean, dry and in good condition.

The chain is not spinning

This nuisance often pursues inexperienced owners of chainsaws. They forget to release the brake after starting the engine. As a result, the chain does not spin, the brake system overheats, and the clutch mechanism fails. The problem is solved by removing the saw from the brake. If the clutch is not burnt out, you will notice chain rotation. Otherwise, the clutch mechanism will need to be replaced.

Stihl Chainsaw Won’t Start. The Reason Why Surprised Me

STIHL-180 does not start: reasons and remedies, why the chainsaw fills the candle, gasoline does not flow to the cold

Today, the manufacturer STIHL occupies a leading place among other companies that produce equipment for agricultural and construction work. The products of this manufacturer are famous not only for their high level of quality, but also for the optimal pricing policy and power of its models. Probably, it is quite difficult to meet a person who does not have a chainsaw of this brand. This is one of the most famous companies in the world. But the fact that out of ten possible, six people definitely have them. This is not surprising, since STIHL chainsaws deliver power as well as graceful design. But unfortunately, such giants of technology sometimes fail and require some kind of repair. Let’s talk about the reasons why the STIHL chainsaw won’t start.

It is important that even if you found the very cause of the instrument malfunction, this does not mean at all that you will be able to eliminate it yourself. Since there are such breakdowns that can only be corrected by a specialist. If you have carried out a direct manipulation regarding checking and changing the quality of the oil (see oil for the STIHL chainsaw), but, nevertheless, the chainsaw still refuses to start, in this case, you must continue to search.

But if you fully performed all the manipulations prescribed above and did not miss a single nuance, but nevertheless the tool has not yet been corrected, then in this case the problem lies in the group, which is called the cylinder one. But if you still could not “bring back to life” your iron friend, then simply take the chainsaw to a service center where your device will be repaired. Also, do not forget to take care of the engine to find out the ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws, read this article.

Briefly about the main

This model is the pride of the German manufacturer and is a direct tool designed for a minor level of work. It can be used for no more than twenty hours a month. This wonderful device will easily help you cope with the care of your garden, prepare firewood for the winter period of time (see how to cut a tree), make cleared areas, and will also be an indispensable assistant in other areas, let’s say, simple manipulations.

We can say that these mini-model of chainsaws, since it has a low weight, which is 3.9 kg, it does not have a large mass of both oil and fuel tanks. The manufacturer has equipped this device with a two-stroke engine with ample power for light work.

over, it is quite quiet as during operation the noise level does not exceed 98 dB. So that you can better understand the level of loudness itself, just compare its noise with spoken speech, which has an indicator of 76 dB.

The power of this model is equal to 2.6 watts. It’s worth noting that this is a fairly significant level of strength, considering that it is not a professional chainsaw. The oil tank has a volume of only 0.145 liters, and the fuel tank. 0.25 liters. The tire measures 350 mm and has a pitch of 0.325 inches.

Shtil chainsaw won’t start: reasons and solutions

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the chainsaw 180 of this manufacturer is one of his best “creations”, but it also has its drawbacks. Actually, which we will now talk about.


  • A fairly common problem is that the STIHL 180 chainsaw does not start and fills the candle. The reason for this is that the oil used to lubricate the chain starts to leak. Since time is merciless and simply breaks the tightness exactly in the place where the hose from the oil pump and the oil tank is actually connected. Naturally, this problem can be solved, but, given the design of this chainsaw, it will not be so easy to do this, since you simply have to completely disassemble the device in order, as they say, to get to the right place. The video shows more clearly: https: // V = UOsYJBOVuwg
  • Many are worried about this question: why does the STIHL 180 chainsaw not start? If you believe the experts, then in such a situation you first need to open and then close the lid on the gas tank. Or get out and dry the candle. Or try to ventilate the combustion chamber. In most cases, this kind of manipulation is enough for the device to work. But there are times when the STIHL chainsaw does not start, but there is a spark
  • In the above case, you need to make a direct check of the gasoline supply, the air filter and the direct performance of the spark plug. Since the basis of this kind of breakdown is the breather, namely its contamination. Because when it is completely clogged, a kind of vacuum arises in the gas tank itself, which simply interferes with the fuel supply process. This issue is not difficult to solve, since all you need to do is clean it using a needle.
  • There are also situations when the device, in principle, started up, but immediately died out.
stihl, chainsaw, does, start, reasons

The main reasons for this kind of malfunction are the carburetor and filter, which could simply be clogged.

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In order to exclude the saloon from damaged objects, it is necessary first of all to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor itself and actually check if fuel is leaking from it.

  • You must remember that in the process of correct operation of the chainsaw, gasoline should flow out in a dense and stable stream. It is also not uncommon for the STIHL 180 chainsaw to not start up hot and actually stall after switching on or holds power for a fairly short time.In this case, the problem of breakdown lies precisely in the muffler, which can be simply clogged with any deposits that arise through the operation of the device. and which settle during the exhaust process.
  • Also, a fairly common cause of tool malfunction is insufficient lubrication of the device chain itself. The reason for this may be channels that are simply clogged, or the reason is in the oil line that is leaking.
    • Connecting pipes or the connections themselves in the area of ​​the oil pump fittings can also leak.
    • It happens that the STIHL 180 chainsaw does not start well because of the cylinder, which can be broken. But to determine its condition, a visual inspection is enough. But if even there you find the formation of irregularities and chips, then you can be sure that you have found the cause of the breakdown.
    • If, by checking, you find that the malfunction is in the candle, then you simply need to unscrew it, and then dry it directly. But it is worth noting that in no case should you pierce it, since you will simply ruin the part, and it will be unusable. You also need to drain excess fuel from it through a special hole.

    In addition, you must remember that direct drying should be carried out for at least thirty minutes, and only after this kind of manipulation can you install it back and actually try to launch the tool directly.

    over, there may be such that the expiration date of your candle has simply passed, in which case it is necessary to replace it. Therefore, it is a great advice that it is best to always have a new candle in stock or, best of all, a set. Then you can replace it at any time and actually understand whether it was the direct cause of the device breakdown. over, a weak contact can also be the cause of a breakdown, which actually connects the high-voltage wire and the end of the candle. Also, the cause may be a breakdown of the ignition unit. It is worth noting the fact that in order to eliminate this kind of problem, it is necessary to replace the unit itself, since it cannot be repaired.

  • Equally important is the excitement of the owners of this model regarding the systematic idling after the first gasoline tanks themselves are empty. But if experts in this field are to be believed, they argue that this kind of situation does not pose any problem. But still, if this kind of process is repeated often enough, then you need to simply reduce the engine speed by using a carburetor screw.
  • In addition, you can personally clean the muffler itself, since the cause of the malfunction may also be in it. This manipulation is not difficult. A fairly common phenomenon of poor-quality tool operation is the carburetor.
  • But it is worth noting that it will be best if specialists will repair it, since if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, then you can simply break it down and have to buy a new one.

    STIHL saw winding device

    The basis of the plant of this kind of model, as well as all other chainsaws, is the carburetor. But since we are talking today about the STIHL 180 chainsaw, we will not deviate from the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw, that is, it is a kind of idle travel adjustment screw. While the fully loaded jet is stationary.

    In simple terms, we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see here), while the full load setting simply cannot be changed. It is important that the carburetor itself at the factory was configured in such a way that regardless of the actual conditions under which the chainsaw is directly operated, the air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine itself.

    Summing up

    In fact, as you can see, there are a lot of reasons for the breakdown of the STIHL 180 chainsaw, and at the same time, there are also many solutions to this problem. If you are faced with this situation, then simply follow all the above recommendations and then, undoubtedly, you can repair your device, and it will delight you with its work for many years to come.

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