Stihl mowel floods the candle does not start. Law out -handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Why the lawn mower and a trimmer for the grass do not start possible causes and ways to eliminate them

If a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower is not started, then any desire to mow grass disappears. Very often, the owners of these tools face difficulties in starting a two.stroke or four.stroke engine after winter, when the tool was not operated for a long time. If this situation has occurred, then do not rush to take the tool for repair. Start finding a malfunction from less to larger, and with a 100% probability you will be able to start a benzotrimer engine. Where to start searching for a malfunction when the lawn mower does not start, we will consider step by step with all the details.

Hand starters are used to launch gasoline trimmers. Through such starters, manual movement of the crankshaft is carried out. At the same time, it is important to turn on the ignition so that when the crankshaft rotates, the fuel mixture entering the cylinder could be ignited. Inflammation of the first portion of the mixture will entail the launch of the engine, and at the same time the trimmer for the grass is ready to operate.

However, it often happens that attempts to start the engine come to naught. Naturally, when after 5 attempts to start the engine, it is not possible to achieve success, then you need to start diagnostic measures. There is a special sequence that should be followed to find the reason why the lawn mower is not started, and successfully eliminate it. The sequence of verification has the following format:

  • Check the presence of fuel in the tank, as well as the quality of a mixture of gasoline with butter
  • Determine the color of the spark plug, as well as signs of its functioning
  • Make sure an air filter
  • Check the fuel filter that is responsible for cleaning gasoline with oil entering the carburetor
  • The serviceability of the sapun
  • The reason that the lawn mower is not started, there may be a exhaust channel or muffler

It is these nodes that are the main sources of the problem of difficult trimmer for the grass. A more difficult problem is associated with a malfunction of the carburetor, which needs to be adjusted. Consider each node separately to find out the reasons why the trimmer for the grass does not start, and eliminate them with your own hands.

First of all. check the presence and quality of fuel

Do not understand why the lawn mower is not started, then initially make sure that there is a fuel in the tank. Often, beginners forget that it is necessary to periodically make pauses to season the tool with a gasoline mixture. If the gas mushroom tank is empty, then of course it will not start, no matter how much you try to do it.

If there is a fuel in the tank, but it is impossible to start the tool engine, then do not rush to disassemble the carburetor. Make sure that the trimmer engine is launched correctly, as indicated in the instructions. If the launch is carried out according to the instructions, then it is important to consider the following points:

  • Use not just high.quality gasoline with the maximum octane number, namely the brand recommended by the manufacturer. And far from always such a brand is AI-95 gasoline. If you do not know which gasoline is used for the lawn mower, then choose AI-92
  • The oil should be special. for two.stroke engines. If the lawn mower has a four.stroke engine, then pure gasoline must be poured into it without stirring with butter. On the quality of the oil for the engine engine, the grass should not be saved, as well as on gasoline. After all, the operational resource of the motor depends on the quality of the fuel used
  • Proper preparation of the fuel mixture in a benzotrimer. Observations show that most mowers are only the first time control the process of cooking oil with gasoline for a trimmer for grass. The greater the experience of Kosar, the less close attention is paid to the process of mixing gasoline with butter for a two.stroke engine. The ratio of gasoline with oil should be the way the manufacturer recommends. Typically, this ratio is 25 to 1, that is, 1 liter of gasoline needs 40 ml of two.stroke oil (motor oil for the car and even more so you cannot use it)
  • Proper storage of fuel mixture. It often happens that after the preparation of the fuel mixture, it costs for a long time for more than 2 weeks. It is impossible to store the finished mixture of gasoline with oil for a long time, as this leads to the fact that the oil is precipitated, and thereby the properties of both oil products are lost. Even thoroughly stirring after prolonged storage of the finished mixture is not a reason for its further use. That is why it is not recommended to prepare more than 2 liters of the mixture at a time

Make sure that all of the above points are made, and only after that you can start checking the condition of the candle. A trimmer for grass is not started for various reasons, and most of them can be identified independently. Resorting to disassembling the carburetor, if it is impossible to start the engine, is simply irrational. The next step towards finding a malfunction is a check of the state of the spark plug.

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It is interesting! With prolonged storage of diluted gasoline with butter, these elements decay into heavy fractions. These fractions score not only the fuel filter of the tool, but also the carburetor channels. The maximum duration of fuel storage is no more than 14 days.

STIHL 180 shimmers the carburetor. Communities make the Blog of the chainsaw Stihl 180. Independent repair

Eight years ago, a saw was bought and worked out faithfully. And once again, I got it, chifir chiffir, and it doesn’t start the first thought, to make it up to repair, and then I thought, I cope with the UAZ, you can try with a saw. Checked the spark, there is a spark. Supply of gasoline, too. I twisted the candle, turned out to be filled with gasoline. In short, it turns out, the carburetor shifts. It rummaged on the network, it turns out that the gasket in Crab, tanks, constantly presses on the needle, hence the overflow.In principle, the most difficult thing was to find spare parts in the city. A set of gaskets of the carburetor, two studs of the muffler fastening, the nuts acidified, decided to change it for one, an enhanced air filter, a new sample and toothered emphasis, plastic teeth on the saw were bought.Further, simple. We remove the air filter by unscrewing the two nuts by 8, they also attract the carburetor, disconnect the fuel hose, remove the thrust from the carburetor and clench the switch control shaft and remove the carburetor.Remove the lid, look at the gasket, oak, change it and everything is in the reverse sequence.With the hairpins of the muffler mounting even easier, stood on the emery of the nut and replaced 🙂 And he also put a metallic emphasis.Drank started after repair and has already been tested in work.After a year of use, a little again, I was freezing.It was necessary not to save and take the original reptity.

If the stable start is not established in the process of work performed, we are looking for a malfunction in the carburetor. In the absence of proper experience, disassembly should be entrusted to an experienced specialist.

The cause of a severe start may be, except for the previously mentioned air leaks:

  • Jet pollution;
  • Water entering the float and depressurization of the float itself;
  • Weak fit of the float valve, which stabilizes the fuel level in the carburetor;
  • Refueling the fuel system with fuel surrogate or a mixture with a validity period.

Serious malfunctions that block the standard start, such as air leakage through worn seals of the crankshaft ends, a change in the ignition angle due to the lack of appropriate tools and technological equipment, are eliminated in the conditions of repair workshops.

If the chainsaw does not start anyway what to do

The main reasons for why the chainsaw is not started. over, this applies to the tools of different brands STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Champion and others. Friendship has a different principle of operation, but in general, the search for a malfunction should start with the ignition system, or rather, the inspection of the state of the electrodes of the candle. If the manipulations do not help get the desired result, then it is necessary to resort to more serious actions. This means that the following actions need to be performed:

  • Check the serviceability of the carburetor and set it up
  • Measure the value of the engine compression, and then draw the appropriate conclusion about its serviceability
  • Carter compression is checked

Checking the compression in the cylinder allows you to assess the state and serviceability of the CPH. To measure the compression, a compressometer will be required. It is screwed into the candle hole, after which the starter handle is twisted. The compressometer shows the corresponding pressure value in the cylinder. This value should be at the level of 8-12 atmospheres.

If the pressure value is significantly lower, then this is a direct sign of the device malfunction. The cylinder piston group is replaced with a malfunction with a new. When installing a new CPH, it is necessary to carefully treat all the parts with oil so that chips and bullying are not formed at the time of starting the engine.

stihl, floods, candle, does, start

If there is no compression in the crankcase, then the chainsaws will also not start. The reason for the reduction in the pressure in the crankcase is the gasket, or rather its damage. This gasket is placed between the cylinder and the crankcase and, to make sure of its serviceability, such manipulations should be performed:

  • Disconnect the fuel line from the tank
  • Lower the tube into a container with the prepared mixture of gasoline and oil
  • Start the chainsaw engine
  • If the engine starts and at the same time fuel is sucked, then this indicates the serviceability of the gasket

If the fuel is not absorbed, then you need to replace the gasket of the crankcase.

The carburetor is an important and most complex element of the chainsaw. If all the above actions did not help to get a positive result, then this suggests that the carburetor is faulty. The main malfunction of the carburetor is to clog its channels and nozzles. Less commonly, membranes and other elements come out. In any case, you will need to disassemble the carburetor of the chainsaw, clean it and replace the failed parts.

As you can see, the reasons for the fact that the chainsaw is not started is enough. To find out what exactly happened in your case, you need to remember the symptoms the day before. Perhaps, before the chainsaws stopped starting, the engine failures were observed, power and performance decreased, and other breakdowns were also appropriate. Based on these technical symptoms, it is necessary to start the search. If you do not know where to start, then diagnostics should be carried out in order, as described in the material.

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Checking the fuel mixture

Suppose you don’t start a trimmer for grass. In this case, first you need to check whether the fuel in the tank is enough, also evaluate the quality of the fuel consistency. It is necessary to refuel a motorized unit only with high.quality gasoline. The lawn mower is not It is recommended to use fuel, the brand of which is not lower than AI-95. Refueling a trimmer for grass with fuel of unknown origin, acquired not at a gas station, is fraught with the appearance of frequent failures in the work of the tool. This can cause a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system. Repair in this case often exceeds the price of the device itself.

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Incorrect preparation of fuel consistency can also lead to this, which consists of oil and gasoline. The proportions, in which the designated components are connected are indicated by manufacturers in the guide for the operation of a trimmer for grass. Preparing the fuel mixture is not very recommended in large volumes, in other words for the future. Indeed, with prolonged savings, the loss of the determining parameters of the substance occurs. Therefore, if a trimmer is not started for grass

, It is worth draining old fuel and use freshly prepared fuel consistency.

Main reasons

As practice shows, gasoline trimmers for grass cease to start or function normally after winter, that is, long.term seasonal storage. Before subsequent attempts to launch the tool, a thorough diagnosis should be carried out in order to determine the source of problems. There are currently several of the most common causes of malfunction.

  • Initially, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel. Savings in such cases may have extremely negative consequences. Experienced owners of Motokos and experts advise preparing a mixture, the volume of which will correspond to the upcoming work, since its surpluses quickly lose their qualities.
  • Trammers for grass of such eminent brands, such as, for example, Husgvarna, Makita, Stihl, are very sensitive to the fuel used. We are talking about fuel quality and octane number. Ensure suitable operating conditions and extend the life of the equipment will allow the refueling with high.quality gasoline.
  • At the time of the launch of an internal combustion engine, the lawn mower can stall due to the fact that it floods the spark plug. Often in such situations you have to deal with the need to configure the carburetor. It is worth noting that similar problems arise when a braid for grass stops starting on a hot.
  • Sometimes the tool cannot be launched, although the candle is wet, which in turn indicates the intake of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. As a rule, this is one of the symptoms that there is no spark. The reasons may be the absence of normal contact between candles and a high.voltage wire or drying out the threaded connection in the candle channel.
  • If there are no problems with a spark, and at the same time the candle itself remains dry, then most often this indicates that gasoline is not downloaded. There may be several reasons in this situation. This, in particular, is about the state of the fuel filter and carburetor.
  • ICE of braids for grass is not started or immediately after launch stops working, which can be due to clogging of an air filter that prevents the normal supply of air necessary to enrich the mixture.

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Interruptions in work

To restore the saw, it doesn’t matter the Ural or STIHL brand, you need to know the place of dislocation of the breakdown. First, check and change the unsuitable fuel mixture

If I still did not start, then we check further on the items

First, check and change the unsuitable fuel mixture. If I still did not start, then we check further on the items.

The problem is in the candle. we pull out and dry. In no case should you pierce it, because this will lead to a malfunction of the part. Flies a candle on a chainsaw: what to do? 30 minutes after drying, you can insert a candle back, before checking if there is no fuel left in its place.

Benesopila has not been considered innovative techniques intended exclusively for professionals for a long time. Today, many summer residents and owners of personal plots have a similar universal unit in their arsenal. After all, modern manufacturers offer customers a wide selection of types and models of units of this kind.

If we provide the equipment of such a plan, proper use and maintenance, the STIHL chainsaw candles are unusable extremely rare. But if one day the chainsaw did not start, you need to understand the problem in order:

The spark plug for a chainsaw is an important part as units of this kind. If problems arise with it (for example, it floods it), then they can lead to a breakdown of all equipment; If, when examining a candle for a chainsaw, the touch is completely dry, then this indicates the absence of fuel supply. Why is this happening? The salt of the problem is concentrated in the carburetor. Be sure to clean the fuel filter and turn on the engine again. Nothing happens? Then the carburetor needs to be disassembled and studied, but it is better to entrust this business to specialists from the service center; If the unit does not start, then this may indicate a problem with spark plugs of a different nature. it floods it. You have a stihl chainsaw: floods the candle and the unit engine does not start? To eliminate the problem, turn out the flooded light of the ignition and dry it well. In this case, it does not need to be pumped. It is enough to drain the fuel mixture from the candle hole and leave the part to dry for half an hour. Next, install it again and start the motor

In addition, it is important to inspect the contact between the tip of the spark plug and the high.voltage wire; It is important to ensure that the gap of the spark plug of the chainsaw is correctly adjusted.

Why flies a candle on the stihl chainsaw? The answer is simple: this occurs when the unit is launched by an inexperienced user who does not comply with the correct sequence of launching equipment to cold.

Because of this, the candle tip may fail. To verify the presence of such a problem, unscrew the candle and insert it into the tip. Then put the part on the block, and pull the launch cord several times. If there is a spark, you can not worry about the electrician and the state of the candle.

Be sure to check that the gap of the spark plug of the chainsaw is adjusted correctly.

The spark plug for a chainsaw is an important part as units of this kind. Why flies a candle on a chainsaw: reasons and. If problems arise with it (for example, it floods it), then they can lead to a breakdown of all equipment; If, when examining a candle for a chainsaw, the touch is completely dry, then this indicates the absence of fuel supply. Why is this happening? The salt of the problem is concentrated in the carburetor. Nowadays, you have a stihl chainsaw: floods the candle and why it floods the candle on the chainsaw. Be sure to clean the fuel filter and turn on the engine again. Nothing happens? Then the carburetor needs to be disassembled and studied, but it is better to entrust this business to specialists from the service center; If the unit does not start, then this may indicate a problem with spark plugs of a different nature. it floods it. We figure out why it floods the candle on the chainsaw, how to prevent it and how to deal with it. You have a stihl chainsaw: floods the candle and the unit engine does not start? To eliminate the problem, turn out the flooded light of the ignition and dry it well. In this case, it does not need to be pumped. It is enough to drain the fuel mixture from the candle hole and leave the part to dry for half an hour. Next, install it again and start the motor

In addition, it is important to inspect the contact between the tip of the spark plug and the high.voltage wire; It is important to ensure that the gap of the spark plug of the chainsaw is correctly adjusted.

Why flies a candle in a chainsaw

There are several common reasons for overflowing the combustion chamber, but, fortunately, each of the possible problems can really be eliminated without special skills. Among the actual reasons for filling the candle can be distinguished: an error at the first launch, a carburetor defect or clogging of an air filter. To get an extremely complete performance and understand why it floods the candle on a chainsaw, it is better to get acquainted with a brief analysis of each problem.

saws (for cold), expressed in excessive supply of the fuel mixture after several extra starter rotations. Distracted, or by inexperience, you can skip the moment of ignition and continue attempts to launch. Since the air damper at this stage is closed, with each starter jerk, only the fuel mixture will enter the camera, which will be recruited without the possibility of ignition. 5-10 extra revolutions are enough to pour contacts, after which the engine will no longer start, even if you open the damper.

It does not occur from scratch, but after prolonged storage of the tool without draining fuel. A mixture of gasoline and oil begins to break up already in the first month, reacting with miniature components of the mechanism that it envelops. First of all, the membrane grieves, violating the rhythm of its work. The axis of the float (rocker hand) grossed, making it difficult to include, and the tip of the needle is eaten, reducing the tightness. Even one of the 3 indicated defects is able to upset the operation of the carburetor system, which will not be able to restrain the moderate supply of fuel.

occurs after several dozen, or even hundreds of hours of operation. The reason is so banal that sometimes they lose sight of it, passing on to other options. Mud clogs pores, seriously reducing the throughput of the material, and therefore the speed gradually falls, and with severe gesture, the chainsaws are burst and stalls stall. The condition of the filter is easy to evaluate “by eye” by examining it at the time of taking out the candle for verification (they are under the same lid).

How to store a lawn mower and exclude problems with its launch

Its launch depends on the correct approach to storing a trimmer for the grass. over, this applies not only to winter long.term storage. How to store a trimmer for gasoline grass in order to warn yourself against problems with the difficulty of starting it, it is necessary to take into account a number of the following recommendations:

  • Before you remove the tool in zipun for winter storage, you should drain the fuel from the tank. In addition, the remaining fuel is also required to remove, and this can be done by starting the engine, letting it work for a while until it stalls
  • Store the tool preferably in a dry room
  • Before starting the engine after a long pause for more than 2-3 months, you must first examine the candle electrodes, as well as check the main nodes-air filter, high-voltage wire, etc
  • When operating the tool, it must be borne in mind that overheating of the motor negatively affects the operational resource, so you need to take breaks when working, especially if a trimmer for grass with a two.stroke engine is used to work. Units with four.stroke engines are not only more powerful, but also more hardy
  • After winter, the first thing you need to do the following. pour a little oil into the candle hole, having previously moved the piston to the extreme dead point. This is necessary in order to lubricate the parts of the CPG when starting the engine, thereby excluding their quick wear

Only with the right approach to finding the reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start, you can independently find and eliminate the breakdown. over, for this you do not need to be a specialist at all, and to understand thoroughly in the design of gasoline units. Act in order in the sequence, which is presented in the material, and restore the performance of the lawn mower will be easier.


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Why does the lawn mower stall after starting?

After starting, the motor may stall if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it has been resolved. On what signs can be understood that the reason really lies in this? Very simple, by vibrations that will be clearly felt during the work of a gas station. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands by completing everything that is written in the instrument operation instructions.

The motor can stall due to clogged fuel valve. The reason is eliminated by cleaning it. If the lawn mower started up, and then stalled sharply, then it is difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. Weaken the valves of the carburetor to ensure the free approach of the fuel to it in the right amount.

With excessive air leaks, the engine may also stall. Add the engine speed so that air bubbles come out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Be sure to check the integrity of the fuel hose. In case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.P.), replace the part.

Ways to eliminate breakdowns

It is no secret that the best and most effective way of repairing is a prevention of possible malfunctions. As already noted, one of the key points is how correctly the gasoline-oil mixture is prepared. Its components should be gasoline at least AI-92 and high-quality motor oil. The proportions, taking into account the mixture, are indicated in the manual of the manufacturer, which is included in the supply of any gasoline trimmer for grass. As a rule, oil to gasoline is added using an ordinary medical syringe. In a similar way it is easiest to observe the appropriate proportions.

Quite often, when problems with the launch of motorcycles arise, the owners of the tool try to carry out repairs with their own hands. In the presence of the necessary knowledge and skills, this approach will significantly reduce operational expenses. First of all, it is worth checking the fuel system and, in particular, the filtering element. If clogging is detected, the filter will be easiest to replace with a new. If an air filter has become source of problems, then you can get out of a difficult situation even in the process of work with minor time costs. The following actions will need to be performed:

  • remove the filter element;
  • Directly in working conditions, you can rinse the filter used by gasoline;
  • When operating, braids for grass or at a summer cottage for cleaning use water and simple detergents;
  • After washing, the part is carefully rinsed and dried;
  • A completely dry filter should be lubricated with engine oil;
  • excess lubricants are removed by compressing the filter element with the hands;
  • The cleaned part is put in place and the plastic cover is attached with screws.

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If the described actions did not provide a positive result, then the next step will be the clearance adjustment using the corresponding carburetor screw. Many publications and videos posted in the open spaces of the World Wide Web are devoted to this topic. When trying to solve the problems under consideration, you can take several steps.

  • The trimmer for the grass is placed on the side so that the “air” is from above. This will allow the fuel mixture to enter the lower part of the carburetor. Often, attempts to launch the internal combustion engine are successful if you pre.dismantle the mentioned part and literally send a couple of drops of gasoline directly to the carburetor itself.
  • If, after all the described actions, the braid could not be brought into working condition, then the candle and, in particular, the presence of a spark should be paid attention to. In parallel, all fuel from the combustion chamber is completely removed.
  • Often, the owners of the benzos are in situations where the fuel and air filters are clean, the candles are good, the fuel mixture is fresh and high.quality, but the internal combustion engine does not show signs of life. In such cases, experienced experts recommend using universal and proven many years of practice by launching. It is necessary to transfer the air damper to a closed position and pull the starter handle once. After the damper, the engine is opened and the engine is launched 2-3 times. In the vast majority of cases, the result is a positive.

Problems may arise with the starter itself. Often there is a cliff of the cable and a breakdown of the handle. You can cope with such troubles yourself. In other cases, as a rule, the starter is replaced. It is worth noting that the Danish device can be purchased and installed with your own hands.

The light of the ignition during the launch of the ICE of the Trimmer for the grass can be filled with fuel. Even with a high.quality mixture and the presence of a good spark, it is unlikely that you can get a device. The most effective exit will be to extract a candle and dry it. In parallel, you can check this spare part for performance, when identifying malfunctions, replace it. This procedure includes a number of simple steps, namely:

  • drown out the device and wait for complete cooling of the power unit;
  • turn off the wire;
  • extract the candle itself;
  • examine the dismantled part;
  • make sure the presence of a gap (0.6 mm);
  • screw a new, working candle and tighten it.

In practice, many repair work related to the fact that the braid for the grass has stopped starting and which sooner or later has to face the operation of a household lawn mower, it is quite possible to cope on its own. But with serious malfunctions, it will be most rational to contact a specialized service. However, the key factor in such cases will be the ratio of the cost of repair and the price of a new trimmer for the grass.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at uninterrupted operation of the gasoline pump. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work facilitates the removal of unexplored residues and dirt. Clean only chilled nodes. This method contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, you must use fuel with recommended oil in the instructions. If the fuel mixture remains in the fuel tank, the oil will swim and, when starting, land on the damper, worsening its adjustment. The mixture may besiege and clog fuel in the carburetor.

stihl, floods, candle, does, start

When saving the equipment for the winter, inspect, lubricate the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in a lubricated rag and store it in a dry place.

This is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mower, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gear and the engine increases. A worn piece of wire flies at the speed of a bullet during disconnection. Effective mowing can lead to the rapid wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Asterisk” line.

stihl, floods, candle, does, start

While leaving the personal plot, sometimes people have to face the fact that their lawn mower is not started. There are several reasons for the refusal of this tool.

The lawn mower will not start. the reasons

Incorrect storage, a long break in extreme, untimely maintenance and other factors lead to the fact that the lawn mower may stop starting.

Diagnostics of the reasons should be started with checking the main nodes. fuel tank, candles and candle canal, air and fuel filters, saopan, graduation channel. Most often, problems are associated with one of these nodes, and their thorough inspection will help to decide why the lawn mower will not start.

If you use low-quality fuel (below AI-92), this can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system, the repair of which will result in about a third of the cost

In addition, it is important to observe the correct ratio of gasoline and oil specified in the operating guide to your specific model

The operation of the engine can also prevent fuel filter pollution. If this problem is detected, you need to replace the filter. Air filter also does not hurt to check also. When contaminating it, it is necessary to dismantle it, rinse in water with detergents, dry, grease in oil and put in place. Spark plugs that do not show signs of life must be replaced with new.

Sometimes the lawn mower starts up normally, but then stalls. This is mainly due to incorrect tuning the carburetor or its reservation. Determine that the reason is precisely in this, you can by vibration that are noticeable during operation. You need to configure the fuel supply adjustment, following the instrumentation instructions.

The lawn mower is poorly started on hot

When the lawn mower worked properly, and after a short break does not want to start again, you need to press the gas trigger and sharply pull the starter cord several times in a row, until the engine starts and only then release the gas trigger.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

At the factory, cold motorcycles are pressed for gas, on the contrary, is not recommended. It is necessary to tilt the lawn mower so that the air filter is at the top and click on the leak button 5-6 times, then install the function of switching the functions to the Start position and pull over the cord several times before the engine factory. After a few seconds of operation, braids for the grass, the start system can be turned off.

What to do if the lawn mower does not start ? In this article we will consider the main reasons for this breakdown.

Most often, the lawn mower refuses to start because the fuel fills the candle. This can happen due to the fact that worn nozzles serve too much fuel in the combustion chamber, and its excess flies a candle, which is why it cannot generate a spark. If the candle is always wet, then this may indicate the wear of the gaskets, which is why the flowing oil prevents the formation of a spark. If the candle is dry, and the lawn mower still does not start, then, first you should replace the candle itself.

Another common reason-a 4-step lawn mower refuses. Here you can recommend a simple test: by clicking on the trigger, twitch the launch cord several times. If after that the engine has not started, then your tool needs a more detailed diagnosis with subsequent specialized repair.

New chainsaw or benzotrimmer (lawn mower) may not start.

If you pump fuel, trying to start from cold or hot start. Cool down! Open the carburetor damper for work at a “hot start”, and start the technique by holding the fuel supply trigger to the maximum, and during the establishment, try to slow down to a level of a slightly higher stroke to warm up the engine engine-usually 30-45 seconds are enough to warm up for heating. Another example, when the fuel mixture is pumped. turn the chainsaw so that the muffler is below. From it can start dripping the mixture. This is also a reason when a chainsaw does not start. When starting, exhaust gases are visible, but not pump, saw after a while. The next day, a chainsaw or a lawn mower, if stored in a warm, is usually launched from the working position, try. It was not possible to start, then do everything according to science starting from the cold launch. Fuel filter in the tank. It is necessary to check its functionality. But do not leave an incoming pipe without a filter. It also makes sense to check the air filter. You need to remove the air filter and try to get it without it. If it starts, you need to either clean and rinse the old filter, or install a new.

stihl, floods, candle, does, start

There are two more advice from experienced users inexpensive motorcycle:

The lawn mower is easier if it is put on the side with an air filter up so that the mixture obediently falls down into the carburetor, and you can still remove the air filter, drop 1-2 drops of the mixture in the carburetor, install the filter in place and oh. Starts! If you could not start it again, then you should twist the candle, dry the combustion chamber. At the same time check the candle for performance. She may unpredictably fail. One of the annoying reasons is a non.working spark plug. So, the candle is good. What are we doing? If the warranty period has passed, the service is to go far and there is no desire, then you can still take some steps to reanimate the tool with your own hands. If there are no traces of the mixture on the candle, the candle is dry, then the mixture does not enter the engine cylinder from the carburetor. But still it is worth checking to finally work a candle. Pour a little mixing directly into the cylinder and twist the candle. We make several attempts of the establishment. No need to pull out the maximum to the stopping handle, break the starter mechanism ahead of time. With a good candle, the engine starts, will work a little and stall. that’s right. So the carburetor does not miss the mixture. It happens that out of savings, the user buys gasoline where cheaper. At such gas stations, water is possible to get into gasoline. Such gasoline was sold to you.

Either the storage of gasoline or the mixture was in a container with an open lid with a high humidity, or even a drop of water fell into the mixture. One small drop of water in the carburetor is enough to break its coordinated work. If the user also tries to save on fuel additives (oil for 2-tact engines), then the situation worsens, since such oil dissolves worse in gasoline. In a carburetor, a thin film is formed on a fuel filter in a carburetor. The intake of the mixture is greatly limited or ceases. Carburetor in motorcycles and chainsaws. a very subtle mechanism. Remove from the engine and disassemble it carefully. Dismantled in the low.fling room, blowing, dried, washed the fuel filter mesh (very neatly!) if contaminated. For gas equipment with a service life of 1-2 years, this is enough, it remains to collect and start. We start according to all the rules of science of the institution. cold start, hot start. And here is a universal advice for launching a chainsaw or motorcycle and even a snowman (if a candle, a clean air and fuel filter, a fresh mixture of gasoline and oil in the corresponding proportion)-close the carburetor fabric, 2-3 movement of the starter, open the carburetor air damper (completely ), 2-3 starter movements. So repeat. After 3-5 cycles it will begin to start.

How the saapun affects the possibility of launching the gas mowing engine

Having excluded the malfunctions of the filters of the lawn mower, it is necessary to check the saapon. The cabin is called a detail that is responsible for the normalization of pressure in the tank. When the fuel gradually leaves the tank to the carburetor, then the pressure increases (the vacuum is created). To discharge the vacuum inside the tank, a saapun is used. a kind of valve that is on the tank cover of the tool. This valve has a filtering element through which the air entering the tank is filtered.

Over time, the filter clogs, and becomes the reason for creating a vacuum in a gas tank. Trite, but in 30% of cases, a trimmer malfunction for grass in the form of the impossibility of starting it is associated with clogging the cabin. The trimmer’s saapun can be cleaned, and the operation of the tool can continue. Make sure that the cause of the trimmer’s malfunction for grass is precisely the sapun can be as follows:

  • Wrap the gas tank cover
  • If air is pulled when diluting, then it is already possible to assume with 100% confidence that a saepun has come out of order
  • Twist the lid and start the engine of the lawn mower. If the trimmer for the grass starts, but after a while (when the amount of fuel in the tank is reduced) stalls, then it is necessary to clean the saepun

You can clean the bacon through a conventional sewing needle. Many do not even know about this important detail, so they often do not understand what to do when the mowing benzotrimer engine does not start. Answering the question of the influence of the saapun on launching the motor, I must say that it has a direct effect. Excessive pressure in the tank prevents the fuel supply to the carburetor, so the engine does not start.

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How to eliminate the malfunction?

To ensure the normal performance of the motor, there are several options for avoiding the problem. Consider each of them.

Bearing the motor

For candles that floods with oil, there are not many solutions to the problem. You can try to separate the power unit, which is carried out as follows:

  • High.voltage cables are dismantled and all SZ is extracted. At this stage, it is advisable to remember their location. After that, unscrew the high.voltage cables from the coils.
  • Consumable material is drained from the motor, the plum plug is put in place. You need to pour a special remedy in the engine in the engine. The best option would be to split all ICE cylinders.
  • After that, SZ must be slightly twisted, this will prevent the evaporation of the product. So you need to leave the car for 6-12 hours, depending on what is written in the instructions for the use of the cleaner. After waiting for the corresponding time, to unscrew the SZ, but to do it carefully, otherwise the cleaner, along with the remains of the car, can be sprayed on the engine compartment.
  • After the plum plug is unscrewed and all the consumables are drained along with the remnants of the carbon. You can pour oil into the motor and twist it on the starter for 10 seconds, this must be done without installed SZ and connected coil. Such actions will prevent a hydraulic system when launching an internal combustion engine. When you make sure that there are no more so far from the cylinders, SZ must be tightened in place.

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Why the trimmer does not start for grass is a spark?

If there is a spark on the candle, but the trimmer for the grass does not start, then the reason is the supply of the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. To make sure this, you should perform the following actions:. Pour it into the combustion chamber through the candle hole tighten the spark plug

the quality of the components of the fuel has changed (the octane number of gasoline and the brand of oil); The air temperature and its vacuum (height, heat, coolness, frost) have changed very much; The beginning of the operating season of a trimmer for Husqvarna grass (first May, after winter storage);

Why the gasoline lawn mower does not start?

When your gasoline lawn mower is not started, first of all, it is necessary to check the presence of fuel in the tank. If it is absent. share it to the desired level. Often, when the device is not used for a long time, gasoline is “exhausted”, so it must be completely drained and seasoned with new.

First, close the air damper completely, lifting the lever up, and then open, lowering the lever to the centimeter down. Fix three gas buttons. Pull the label of the starter and the engine starts up. Dress the lawn mower on the belt.