The adapter under the electric screwdriver for the ice drill with his hands

Adapter for Ice Drill for electric screwdriver with your own hands Disassembling step by step

Fig 1. Compulsory attribute for our purpose will be an extension cord. You can take the extention bolt from Ice Pro (which we did), or you can take the bolt from the old Expert. Small problem is not a suitable hole for standard screw. You can take the easy way and replace the bolt with a thinner one, but we chose a little more labor-intensive way and increased the diameter of the hole:

Fig 2. Let’s take the handle off the ice drill

Fig 3. Put our extention cord in the place of the handle

adapter, electric, screwdriver, drill

Fig 4. Screw in the regular (or replacement) bolt

Fig 5. At the other end we will install 18 mm adapter with a handle

Fig. 7. We have a very compact version.

For self-made ice pick with a screwdriver will do most manual models with a detachable handle or separate screws. Some models of imported manufacturers are adapted to connection with power tool: for example, products of Swedish factory MORA. As a decent budget alternative suitable auger domestic brand TONAR, designed for automatic drilling. Models of this brand are presented to customers on the pages of the catalog of the online store “Trophy”.

Electric screwdriver parameter requirements

The choice of screwdriver for the ice drill is based on the tasks facing it, namely to work well and for a long time:

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Next is to decide what kind of battery is needed, so that after a few minutes your screwdriver does not turn into an unnecessary unit, uselessly dragged around the pond. Basically, anglers stop at three types of batteries:

As practice has shown, more often fishermen prefer the nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite the weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice drill. to break through any ice, regardless of severe frost. And this, you must agree, is an important factor in winter fishing.

Battery capacity is not on the last place when choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah, in order to have time to drill a few dozen holes before the battery is completely discharged.

How to create an ice pick from a grass trimmer with your own hands

Another device that can be adapted to an automatic drill is a grass trimmer. It is a fairly easy-to-use device. It includes an extended handle, a motor, a specialized head for the fishing line, to which goes the torque.

Creating an ice pick from a grass trimmer with your own hands, you need to prepare the following elements:

The main problem, which will need to be solved, is how to fix the ice drill shank on the head for fishing line. Once you manage to find a solution for docking the two mechanisms, the fisherman will get an excellent device for drilling holes. By the way, another option is to turn an ice drill from an ice drill with your own hands. Structurally there are no fundamental differences between these devices.

  • After using the auger, it is advisable to wipe it dry. This procedure is necessary even if a rust-preventive coating is available.
  • Store in a special case. Use a thick cloth with slits for ventilation.
  • In summertime machine oil (thin layer) the feet.
  • Snow and ice must not be blown off the blades. This will result in a bluntness.
  • Lubricate the folding auger with machine oil to prevent it from sticking.
  • A loose nut must be replaced immediately.
  • Scratches must be painted over to prevent corrosion.
  • When drilling the hole, it is necessary to distribute the load evenly. It is important to take into account the thickness of the hatch, the rotation speed of the tool.The success of fast, quality drilling depends on the auger model chosen and the technical characteristics of the electric screwdriver (nutrunner).

the satisfaction of a selfassembled auger will depend on the correct assembly of the construction, following all the rules.Fishing. it is recreation, fun and excitement.

Modification of the ice drill with an electric screwdriver

Today we suggest the following topic: ice pick refinement with electric screwdriver from professional fishermen. We have tried to cover the topic as fully as possible. All questions you can ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев after the article.

Some winter fishing methods involve constant movement of the fisherman in the water area and drilling holes. Even with well-sharpened blades, a day of fishing can be exhausting, especially if you have to drill through thick ice. An electric screwdriver for ice-thrower can facilitate the situation, which allows you to make absolutely no effort and, accordingly, to get less tired and enjoy being on the pond.

Cordless Drill Ice Auger Adapter In Action

Nowadays there are augers on the market that are originally adapted for connection with an electric screwdriver. These are products of Swedish company Mora. Some craftsmen adapt domestic products, leaving the auger and cutting off the handle.

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An automated self-made ice drill with an electric screwdriver has a number of advantages over a purchased one:

  • It is very easy and simple to improve an ordinary ice auger in this way.
  • It’s much cheaper to attach an electric screwdriver than to buy a factory-built, specialized ice drill.
  • All work will require a minimum of tools and materials.

As a result we get an excellent automatic ice drill, the work of which can be enjoyed every time you go out on the ice.

To be able to drill through any thickness of ice, the ice drill needs a high-powered electric screwdriver. A weak tool will not be able to properly drill a hole in thick ice cover.

Naturally, for our purposes, only a cordless tool is used, which does not require constant connection to the electric network. It is imperative that an electric screwdriver has good physical strength and reliability. He must be able to withstand various loads, possible shocks and other troubles that await him during fishing.

adapter, electric, screwdriver, drill

An electric ice drill screwdriver should have the following characteristics:

  • Torque of about 80-90 Nm. In general, the higher this value, the easier the tool will cope with dry and thick ice.
  • Battery voltage 18-36 V. The higher this parameter, the more powerful and workable an electric screwdriver is, it is easier to drill through ice.
  • battery capacity of at least 2.5 Ah, but preferably up to 4 Ah. the higher this value, the longer the tool will work without recharging.

Good wrenches that fit under the ice drill produce by Japanese companies “Makita” and “Metabo”. Although you can use any other brands that meet these parameters.

Today, screwdrivers are equipped with two types of batteries:

  • The lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery is lightweight, recharges quickly, but is not a good friend at low temperatures. A tool with such a battery is expensive.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) weighs a lot, but is able to operate at temperatures up to.150 degrees.

It is obligatory to take two rechargeable batteries on the reservoir with you. They should be kept warm, for example, in the inside of the jacket. While one is working, the other should not be in the cold.

Of course, not only an electric screwdriver will do for creating an automated ice drill with your own hands. Other “twisting” power tools can also be used:

The latter, by the way, does not work from the battery, but from a technical point of view, it is difficult to implement such an idea.

Not every ice drill can be adapted to an electric screwdriver. Domestic products are not suitable because they rotate in the same direction as the cartridge nut unscrewing. As a result, it has to be jacked up all the time. Some craftsmen get out of this situation by using a reduction gear. But not every fisherman will be able to make it.

The best way to make an ice auger from an electric screwdriver is with foreign products. Almost all models of Mora can be adapted to an electric tool. For them, in any store, you can buy an adapter that allows you to reliably connect the cartridge to the auger.

Separately, one can mention the ice drill “Mora Nova System” model. The manufacturer allows to sell an auger with a removable cutting head separately, which connects to an electric screwdriver. For drilling thick ice, you can buy a special extension.

There are two types of adapters available for Swedish Mora products:

One can also note the adapters with a handle. They are more convenient in operation. The first is an adapter from “Higashi” with a diameter of 18 mm. Suitable for all Swedish augers and some domestic ones, such as products from “Nero”. The second one is for the ice drill “Heinola EasyRun”, which also has a fitting size of 18 mm and is suitable for other products.

So, now that all the elements necessary for making an ice drill with an electric screwdriver are considered, you can proceed directly to the assembly. Nothing complicated here already, when all the parts are at hand:

Connecting the chuck with the auger through the adapter. That’s all. automated ice drill made of electric screwdriver is ready.

As mentioned above, instead of a cordless electric screwdriver, you can use a screwdriver. It is more expensive, because this tool is available only for professional use. But, it has a very strong body and is made of better materials, so it will last longer.

For domestic augers, you need to provide for the use of a reduction gear, which will prevent the chuck from unscrewing while drilling holes. It also allows you to use a less powerful screwdriver, which will save some money.

With the onset of winter, more and more often fishing lovers are asking the question of how to make an ice drill from an electric screwdriver homemade to simplify the process of catching fish. Why an electric screwdriver is used for such purposes, and not a drill or torch? An electric screwdriver works from a rechargeable battery, so it is not tied to a power source. Let us find out in detail how to make an auxiliary device in the form of an ice axe.

In winter all bodies of water are covered with ice, which makes it difficult to catch fish. If the ice is thin, it can be broken through, but a lot of effort is needed. Every experienced fisherman knows that for a good catch one hole is not enough, so you need to make at least 10 holes in the ice a day to find your best spot.

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The use of hand ice axes or ice picks is popular, but only in places where the ice thickness does not exceed 50 cm. If the thickness of the ice is more than 50-60 cm, it is quite difficult and difficult to drill the ice manually. Will help quickly and efficiently drill the ice such a useful tool as an electric screwdriver, which probably in the winter period lies idle in the garage.

For fishermen produced ready-made hand ice picks, Such a unit is designed to work by hand. So that you do not have to buy the factory ice drill, he has a decent and no less reliable alternative. Such an alternative is an ice axe from an electric screwdriver, which can be made entirely with your own hands without additional financial costs. The principle of making a homemade ice drill is simple and uncomplicated, but to make it, you will need to choose a suitable power tool, as well as components for the construction of the nozzle itself. It is worth noting that many people prefer to use a manual ice drill, which requires only a minor reconstruction to connect it to the power tool.

About how to make an ice drill out of an electric screwdriver, many fishermen want to know, who can not imagine their life without fishing and good catch. Winter is the best time to go fishing. However, an obstacle on the way to the catch is a thick crust of ice, for punching which you can use an ordinary drill for digging holes in the ground for the installation of poles. Only this manual tool requires not only the cost of physical strength, but also time. The automatic device made of an electric screwdriver allows to drill a hole in seconds, which is the first and the main advantage of this makeshift device.

The second advantage of a homemade device is that it can be made without any additional costs. In addition, it does not require any special knowledge and skills. The main costs that are needed to make a homemade tool are the costs of electricity consumed by the welding machine during welding work.

By taking on the task of making an independent device, you can save a decent amount of money, as well as make the necessary length of drilling equipment. Before proceeding to the implementation of the idea, it is necessary to first pay attention to the tool, that is, the screwdriver. This low-power tool has some requirements, which are described in the next section.

To drill holes in ice, you need a proper tool. An electric screwdriver is used as such. It has such advantages:

  • Self-sufficiency, achieved through use of removable batteries
  • Low weight, which is very convenient if you go fishing on foot
  • Ease of use. the device does not need to start, refuel or adjust, as, for example, a chainsaw
  • Reliability. if you choose the right tool for the job, there will be no problems with its use
  • Quiet operation. if you compare with a chainsaw, the difference in the sound of the motor is significant, and, as you know, fishing needs silence

Choosing an electric screwdriver requires an appropriate approach. For the ice drill, you will need an electric tool that meets the following requirements:

Peculiarities of making an auger part

Most fishermen are used to making different accessories themselves. This is due to the fact that not everyone can afford to buy a quality device in the store, and even more so if it is mechanized. To make such a product, you will need to prepare spare parts from the following list:

Electric welding will be required to connect all the individual elements. After all the parts are welded, they are grinded with a grinder. The resulting product is painted to protect against corrosion. Given the complexity of such work, you will need to contact a specialist. Therefore, it is better to buy a ready-made product in the store.

Types of battery

Today, an autonomous electric screwdriver, which can be used to make an electric ice drill yourself, is equipped with different batteries. The following batteries are popular:

  • Lithium-ion battery is lightweight, high charging speed, but is afraid of low temperatures. On top of that, such a battery has a high cost.
  • Nickel-cadmium battery has a lot of weight, but is able to operate at extremely low temperatures, which is relevant for winter fishing.

Experts recommend choosing nickel-cadmium battery models for ice fishing.

Experienced anglers always take two batteries with them on the ice. To ensure that the battery does not run out quickly, it is better to store it under your jacket in a specially made or pouch. The availability of two batteries allows for a significantly longer autonomy of the screwdriver.

Ice Drill from a Screwdriver: Makes an Ice Drill Adapter for a Screwdriver

Homemade adapter for an ice auger for screwdriver: manufacturing photo and video of ice drilling.

This home-made device greatly simplifies the process of drilling holes in winter fishing, and you can make an ice drill out of a screwdriver in just a couple of hours.

So, the process of making the adapter. Dismantled the handle of the manual ice drill.

I measured the place of the future adapter’s fastening.

Then I welded the U-shaped adapter from metal angle.

I cut off a hex shank from the drill and welded the shank to the P-transition and to the ice drill, the construction is demountable, drilled a hole and screwed in the screw.

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We are trying on a screwdriver, I used a cordless drill-electric screwdriver Makita BDF 458 RFE 18V 13 mm 3.0Ah Li-ion 91. 58 Nm.

The quality Makita battery packs work well in cold weather and drill as many holes as I need.

Adapter for ice drill for screwdriver

The adapter is a necessary thing for any ice drill. It is to play the role of connecting element between the screwdriver and the working ice drill itself. By means of an adapter a usual manual ice drill can be transformed into an electric one, calculating correctly the dimensions and diameter of all components.

The adapter for the electric screwdriver to the ice drill consists of two halves:

    Hexagonal or quadrilateral on the screwdriver side (about 2.6 cm);

A round shaft for the drill (approx. 6.8 cm) in which a hole is drilled for the fastening bolt. Standard seating diameters. 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each fisherman can make his own adapter, picking up for him a steel rod of suitable diameter and asking the milling operator to grind one edge in the shank for fastening to the screwdriver. It remains only to drill hole for fixing adapter with ice drill tube.

The choice of an ice drill screwdriver is based on the tasks facing it, namely to work well and for a long time:

How to make their own hands

To make such a device for fishing with your own hands is not difficult, although you will need the skills of a turner. First of all, you need to cut off the handle from the ice drill. the screw with a straight shank should be left. At a distance of 2 cm from the cut you need to make a through hole across the pipe. In it should freely pass a bolt of 8 mm.

To fix the drill in the chuck of an electric screwdriver, you need to make a special adapter of their metal cylinder. Diameter of the barrel should be adjusted so that it could effortlessly pass through the hole in the pipe ice drill. Then, the same cross hole is made on one side for the bolt.

It is important to observe the alignment of the holes. On the other end of the dummy you need to make a hexagonal shank for the chuck of an electric screwdriver. It is better to entrust this to an experienced turner, but you can try to grind the hex by yourself on a grinding wheel. It is hardly possible to make the shank neat, but nevertheless the ice drill will have a positive impact on the ice drilling speed.

Before inserting the adapter it is desirable to complete the ice drill with anti-drowning protection. For this purpose it is required to fix the metal disk above the auger. This will not allow the fishing tool to drown in the ice-hole.

Now you can fasten the adapter into the hole, but it is better to make the angle of the cutting edges sharper before trying it out. To do this you just need to put some washers under their mount. Thanks to this approach it will be easier for the power tool to dig into the ice.

You don’t have to throw away the handle at all. It is possible to make a fixation for it on the end of the pipe. With this approach, even if the screwdriver battery will be discharged, the fisherman will still be able to make an ice hole the traditional way.

Hello all! It is the dead of winter, the ice is already a decent thickness, the holes are drilled for a long time, and now just at the right time on a fishing I will test one interesting thing, namely the manual gear for connecting any electric screwdriver to the ice drill.

Hello there! The dead of winter has come, the ice is already a decent thickness, the holes are drilled long, and now just at the right time on a fishing trip, I will be testing one interesting thing, namely the manual gear for connecting any electric screwdriver to the ice drill.

Testing shows that holes are drilled with this device just fine! This thing really comes in handy when in the process of fishing you need to drill a lot of holes. I even purposely fully charged the battery at one and a half ampere hour, in order to count later how many holes can be drilled on one charge.

  • Easy to upgrade, which does not require special skills and professionalism.
  • There is no need for a large financial outlay.
  • The genuine interest that this simple design arouses.

To make the ice drill work long and be a real helper to the fisherman, you need:

In this regard, we can immediately say that the manufacture of the ice drill of this design, although simple, requires special attention. After all, you do not have to drill a hole, and himself. The easier and faster will be drilling, the more comfortable will be the fishing process itself. Fishing should be organized so that it is a recreation and pleasure, not hard and exhausting work.

The choice of the ice drill drawbar is based on the tasks facing it, namely to work well and for a long time: