The head of the Makita electrical screwdriver is not unscrewed.

How to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver is one of the most popular electrical tools that professionals and home craftsmen use. It is necessary for construction and finishing work in the house and at work. They can unscrew and screw screws, screws, screws. There is a wide set of different bit for this. If you insert a drill, you can drill a hole in a metal or tree. Know how to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver is necessary for its maintenance and repair. Regular cleaning will extend the life of the tool.

All models, including the bison, Interskol, Caliber, Deko, Dewalt (Dewalt), have a uniform design, and the ammunition used may differ. The classic cartridge is a hollow metal cylinder. It has a ring with an adjusting sleeve. which is installed right on the shaft. On the cartridge there is an internal thread or a special cone designed to fix the shaft.

The design of the cartridge

In design, cartridges are:

The fast.packed cartridge is just arranged. On a steel spindle there is a steel sleeve, the surface of which is corrugated, so it is convenient to hold it. You do not need to have a special key for tightening. The cartridge device of this category implies a gradual weakening of the clamp.

Quickly clamping option. wear.resistant and reliable, to use it more safe. But if it is actively operating, then it will become worthless over time. Fists that hold the drill are triggered. Nozzles with a round tail of a large diameter. Turned out, difficult to drag out. Such a product requires replacement. The only minus of the product of this type is a higher cost when compared with the price of key sleeves.

The key cartridge is considered more reliable. Fixing occurs using the key. In it, the drill holds firmly. It is often used in professional electrical appliances because it is suitable for heavy nozzles with large diameter.

Self.loading cartridge. a technically perfect type of product, does not need a special way. To tighten it, you do not need to make efforts. You just need to turn a little and tighten a movable coupling. On some screwdrivers, cartridges with one rotary coupling are used, on others. with two. The last option is convenient if you often have to change the working nozzles. For example, when you need to drill at first, and then tighten the screws, here you need to quickly remove and replace the drill with a bit, and vice versa.

Products with one coupling are suitable for devices with locks. In them, the blocker acts as a second clutch. You can install the part with one hand. In the absence of a lock, cartridges with two couplings are used. Here they install with two hands.

The external elements of the self.loading cartridge are made of plastic, the main details of the case are made of instrumental steel.

There is a special cartridge for bits-bit patron. Basically, it is used to install the bats, and when you need to wrap or unscrew the threaded fasteners:

Manufacturers produce a corner cartridge, which transfers torque to the bit. The position of the bit is regulated using a special handle. The corner cartridge is designed to work in places.

Before removing the cartridge, you need to determine the method of fixing it

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the Hammer electrical screwdriver (Hammer), Hiltchi, Hitachi DS 12 DVF 3, Enkor, Elitech, Resanta, Union, Stanley, Diold DEA-12li-08, Makita DF (Makita DDF), Metabo (Metabo PowerMaxxxx BS), Patron, Pit, Skil, Sturm (Sturm), AEG 14.4 and others, it is necessary to determine the method of fixing it.

Bit holders are connected to the tool with the help of:

  • Cone Morse. This type of fastening refers to a very reliable. The cartridge is put on the shaft and snaps.
  • Threads. In this case, it is wound on the shaft.

Some manufacturers in their models, as an additional connection, put a fixing screw.

On the most electric screwdriver, you can see a label that indicates the method used. The inscription 1-6 B10 standing on the surface, indicates the presence of a conical connection. 1-6 is the diameter of the shank in mm, 10-cone. To remove it, you will need a hexagonal key for 10.

When threaded, the cartridge is marked 1.0-11 m121.25. Two initial numbers indicate the diameter of the shank drill. The numbers that are after the letter mean the value of the thread. On the devices supplied from abroad, the marks are indicated in inches. Therefore, they can differ from the above.

Varieties of bit for electrical screwdriver for its intended purpose

What form the working part of the bit has, it depends on what it is intended for. The heads differ on this basis:

  • professional;
  • spring and magnetic;
  • with the design “fork”;
  • for drywall;
  • with anti.vandal slot;
  • for nuts and bolts.

Experts advise buying nozzles with a set. Plowing their cost is higher.

Many fasteners are twisted with such heads. They can be screwed up and tightened about 400 screws, and after that the nozzle remains in good condition. High quality metal is used for the manufacture of professional bits. Products are protected by a special coating.

Typically, in such a set there is a torsion bat for a shock model of an electric screwdriver. It differs in appearance. The torsion product has a very narrow area between the slot and the shank. It has a special flexible insert in the form of a spring. Working for twisting. Thanks to this structure, a torsion bat is used if necessary to tighten in heterogeneous structure or very dense material. At the same time, self.extinguishing fasteners are used. Using such a head, you can drown a self.tapping screw in the metal, including the hat.

Nozzles that are designed for drywall sheets have a limiter. It prevents the damage to the material during installation. Drywall is a fragile material, so screwing screws must be screwed without strong pressure.

Bits with which you can tighten and twist nuts and bolts have a non.standard shape. The working part of these heads has a hole. Such bits make different sizes. If you have to tighten the bolts and nuts with large hats, then an electric screwdriver with high power is needed.

The nozzles that are equipped with an anti.vandal slot have another name. a snake eye. The shape of such a tip is adapted for the fork key.

Bit with a “fork” type structure refers to a variety of anti.vandal slot. In appearance, she looks like a flat head, only in the middle she has a slot. Such elements are made of high.quality steel. Therefore, they are distinguished by strength and durability.

Bits with a magnetic tip and a spring fixer are designed to perform work in places and on the ceiling coating. Climers hold the bat in the adapter. The magnetic tip will reliably fix it in the notches of the screw, does not allow the nozzle to slip, it is possible to twist the self.tapping screw deeply. The spring nozzle allows you to work with fasteners located at different angles and in places.

How to insert a bat in an electric screwdriver correctly?

Before you start using the Bosch (Bosch), Deko, Makita (Makita), whirlwind, bison, girl, AEG, they select the nozzle. In size, it should approach the fastener hat. To install the nozzle in an electric screwdriver with a fast.packed cartridge, it must be put between the open fists, turn the sleeve clockwise.

In order to fix the nozzle in a tool with a key cartridge. It is inserted into the nest and rotated clockwise until full. To make sure that everything is done correctly, the electric screwdriver is included in the beginning in idle. Check the accuracy of the installation of the direction of rotation, it must coincide with the tightening of the screw.

When removing the bit, the tool is switched to reverse

What it is?

The cartridge serves as a landing place, the holder of the main working element of a drill or a penetrator. This can be not only a drill, but also a drill on concrete for tools with a shock function, a special nozzle in the form of a cross.line screwdriver. There are special nozzles for a drill designed for grinding, cleaning various surfaces. They are mounted on a rounded or multifaceted pin, which is also installed in the cartridge.

Cartridges for drills are different in design and the method of installation on the tool and are divided into three types:

Conical cartridge

Was invented back in 1864 by American engineer Stephen Morse, who also developed and proposed the use of a spiral drill. The peculiarity of such a cartridge is that the clamp of the working element occurs due to the mating of two gross surveys and a separate part with the landing hole. The shaft surfaces and a hole for installing the drill have equivalent dimensions of the cone, the angle of which ranges from 1 ° 25’43 to 1 ° 30’26 “.

The angle is adjusted by turning the base of the mechanism, depending on the thickness of the installed element.

Tozero-Vennesan structure

A more common type of cartridge on manual power tools for home use. The principle of the device of such a cartridge is simple. at the end of the pin leaving the pin, the thread is cut, and the cartridge is wound on it like a nut.

The drill is held in the cartridge due to three cone.shaped petals located in the center of the cartridge in Tsang. When the tsang nut is turning on a special key, the petals converge together and clamp the shank of the drill or other working element. a corolla for a mixer, nozzle for a screwdriver, shock, tap.

Fasted cartridge

It is considered the most convenient option. This is the latest in the time of the invention technological modification of this device. It is used in almost all modern models of well.known drift manufacturers.

The working cutting or other element is also fixed due to special petals, only for their clamping they do not require the key. The fixing petals are clamped with the hands. turning the adjusting sleeve, on which a corrugation is applied for the convenience of scrolling.

Removing a cartridge from the shaft of a screwdriver

The dismantling of the part is performed by the hexagonal key of the Mr-shaped 10 mm. A short part of the key is fixed in the cartridge. Next, the unit turns on, the free end of the key should hit the surface of the table or workbench. It is removed by turning the key and then should easily slip along the thread.

We describe another way to replace the cartridge in a screwdriver. First of all, fists are unclenched. A screw can be placed at the bottom, this is an additional shaft mount. We twist it clockwise. Then we clamp the hexagon and with force we turn in the opposite direction. it should withdraw from the shaft. If the part does not lend itself, you need to hit with a hammer at the end of the key.

If these methods have not worked, you have to carry out full dismantling, get a gearbox and a latch along with a spindle. The elongated mechanism is fixed in a vice, the cartridge is unscrewed from it with a pipe key. There are fixers with a wrap for an ordinary wrench, it facilitates dismantling, but these copies come across infrequently.

Drill Repair. Removing a Stuck, Seized, Stripped or Stubborn Chuck (Makita LXPH01)

On the cone Morse, the part is knocked out of the hull with a hammer.

To have a more complete picture, how to disassemble the cartridge of the screwdriver, the video for familiarization is presented below.

Removing the cartridge from the screwdriver “Makita”

The screwdrivers are equipped with a rifled mount and an auxiliary fixing screw with left cutting.

We perform actions alternately:

  • unscrew the screw to the right side;
  • press a button that is stopping the spindle;
  • wrap the unit into a dense fabric and insert in a vice;
  • fix the hexagon in fists;
  • beat the hammer at the end of the key to scroll the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

If you know the principles of dismantling described above, then the question of how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver “Interskol”, “Bosch”, another popular brand, will fall off by itself.

How to remove the cartridge

There is nothing complicated to unscrew the cartridge of an electric screwdriver, for this you will need a hexagonal key for 10

As a result of this impact, the cartridge should be spent on the left thread, with which it is attached to the shaft.

This is one of the ways, but it is not the only one.

  • The fists of the cartridge must be completely unclenched, if there is a screw at the bottom of the cartridge, then this is additional mounts to the leading shaft
  • Turn the screw clockwise
  • Clamp the hexagon and try to sharply crank it counterclockwise
  • The cartridge should move, but if this does not happen, you need to deliver not a strong blow at the end of the key with a hammer

It happens that none of these methods helps, then the only way out is to completely disassemble the tool and pull out a spindle with a cartridge and a gearbox out of its design. This design is installed in a vice and only after that the cartridge is removed using the key.

On some models of screwdrivers there are special grooves that help to simplify the task. Unfortunately, for a modern tool, this is a rarity. The problem with the cartridge can arise if you overheat the tool, so you need to let the screwdriver be rested from time to time.

Principles of choosing a new product

If the old cartridge requires replacement, it comes time to choose a new. It is worth remembering that various types of cartridges are used in the design, the tool in which is clamped using the key, and non.closed or quickly and quickly and quickly and quickly and quickly and quickly and quickly.

head, makita, electrical, screwdriver, unscrewed

The advantage of the key product is that the clamp on it is performed better, however, the fast.packed are also not inferior in this parameter, but they have to be changed more often due to wear of the clamping mechanism.

If during the completion of the task it is often necessary to change the equipment, then it is better to choose a option, which will significantly save time. But when using a large diameter equipment, preference should be given to key cartridges.

Cartridges that are attached in an electric screwdriver using a cone can be made quickly and key and key, the choice is always behind the consumer.

If, after all of the above, the questions remained, then we advise you to watch the video, everything is the same there, only a little more clearly.

Owners of screwdrivers sometimes need to remove the cartridge from the power tool. This can be caused by various circumstances:

This operation does not require any special tools, skills. But, performing it, it is necessary to remember some features that complicate the actions to disassemble. Most three.cuping self.entitled cartridges installed on screwdriver are fast.packed. That is, have several differences from ordinary (key types):

  • The node has a plastic surface that can collapse even with minimal mechanical effects on it with metal tools.
  • A very close arrangement of the cartridge to the drill housing, with a small clearance that will not allow the spindle to fix with a tube key or a vice.

Another factor that can complicate the disassembly of the most easy way is the relative low.power of the screwdriver (if compared with drifts).

Varieties of malfunction

The cartridge is called fasteners, where the drill is fixed. Usually, standard drills are equipped with its fist.

Cases when the fasteners of the screwdriver jamming:

  • Fists do not move, but it is not possible to extract a grown drill or bit. During this fists are unevenly clenched, which complicates the fastening of the drill.
  • During the use of a drill too large, the fists are unclenched to the maximum, as a result of which it is not possible to reduce them by making great efforts.

In rare cases, sponges are jammed during their free walking when unclenching or compressing. in most cases it is provoked by particles of garbage, chips, ward and others, which fell under the figure of one of the cams.

How to open a screwdriver cartridge

Professionals advise primarily inside the cartridge, which includes the surface of the cams, pour universal grease like WD-40. This is recommended for any reason to jam. After ten to fifteen minutes, to stand it and fists with moderate effort by a regular hammer through the gasket or rubber.

From such vibration, it will loosen the grip and release the tool. If necessary, after the introduction of universal lubrication, the cartridge can be a little warm with a hairdryer. In addition to the lubrication of WD-40, you can use machine oil.

One way or another, it is necessary for the fluid to penetrate deep enough inside, where the point of its contact with the drill is located. This method is suitable for both owners, both standard fasteners and fast.packed.

In the event that the battering is jammed, then after lubrication the problem is quickly solved by using 2 divorces.

With the help of one, the base of the cartridge is compressed, and the other carefully rotates its upper part. In order not to damage the surface and the node itself, it is recommended to use soft and dense gaskets like the skin.

In addition, in order to open the cartridge, it is necessary that it cools. In some cases, this one of this action is enough for the fists to release the drill, and it could be extracted.

The last way is the complete immersion of the drill into machine or vegetable oil for one hour. In the event that it is absent, you can use gasoline. When combining the above methods, it will be much faster to get.

If the problem cannot be solved independently, it is worth resorting to the help of competent specialists of workshops, who in a short time eliminate the malfunction.

And what methods to cure a jammed cartridge from an electric screwdriver do you know?

How to remove the cartridge

To remove the cartridge, it is necessary to produce only a few manipulations. This is a rather easy process. First you should find a hexagonal key for 10.

    The key must be very well clamped in the cartridge with the end that is the shortest.

  • Now you can turn on the screwdriver for a time, which will be enough for the key to hit the table during turning.
  • The cartridge will rotate through the internal thread with which it is fixed on the shaft.

This is one of the most common options. But there is another effective way that you can try. Fists need to completely unclench and look inside. In the case when a screw is installed inside, this will be considered an additional mount that will lead to the shaft. It is necessary to completely unscrew the screw. You need to do this exclusively clockwise.

The hexagon should be very clamped and try to very sharply turn it counterclockwise. As a result of these actions, the cartridge must stir up. If this does not happen, you need to take a hammer and hit the key. You need to do this as accurately as possible so as not to damage the design.

Additional measures

Sometimes there is a situation when none of the methods helped to cope with the problem. Then you have to completely promote and disassemble the entire tool, and then remove the spindle with a cartridge from the structure and the gearbox. Everything that remains should be well clamped in a vice, and then you can remove the cartridge using the key. It is worth noting that you need to clamp very carefully: there is a risk of a breakdown of the unit due to too much effort.

It is worth noting that in some models of screwdrivers, grooves are installed, with the help of which you can simplify the task of removing yourself. But in a modern tool it is quite rare.

The cartridge can jam if the tool has overheated. That is why it is necessary to periodically give the typewriter to rest. It is also worth ensuring that the cartridge does not start “hit”. This can also cause a malfunction.

The choice of a new tool

If the old cartridge could not be carefully disassembled and repair, then it is necessary to replace. You have to choose a new one. It should be noted that different types of cartridges can be installed in the design of the screwdrivers. They are key or non.confused, as well as quick.sounding. The key product is different in that the clamp on it can be performed better. Quickly packed cartridges are not inferior in this parameter, but they have to be changed quite often, since the clip mechanism very quickly becomes unusable.

If during the removal of the cartridge you have to often change the equipment, it is preferable to select a quick.packed option, since if you replace the old part, you can save time on this procedure. When using equipment with a large diameter, it is best to purchase a key cartridge.

There are cartridges that are fixed inside the device using a cone. They are also made with the key or are quick.and. The choice always remains exclusively for the buyer.

Features of removal of cartridges

The cartridge can completely crumble, becoming unsuitable. the fists in it are not able to fulfill their task, it is impossible to hold the drill. or start to play back. The inconsistency of the element does not allow to hold the bat tightly. Drills constantly fly out when working.

A thread is cut out inside the cartridge or there is a special cone for mounting on the shaft. Structurally, the element is divided into three types:

Quickly packed cartridges are considered the most popular: the tail is clamped with manual rotation of the sleeve of an electric screwdriver. The main differences in the types are that in one case the nozzles are fixed with a hand, in the other you can not do without a key. Manual clamps can save time, since the user does not have to choose the key. The main purpose of the cartridge is to ensure dense contact of the working bat and the rest of the mechanical parts of the tool. The key view copes better, therefore it is considered more reliable.

Quickly sound

The design does not imply the presence of the equipment of the equipment of the equipment when tightening the cartridge. the bit in it is not fixed so reliably, unlike the self.loading type. The fast.packed cartridge consists of:

A quick.sounding look is divided into two more types:

If the user buys the first type, then there should be a special lock in the box with a with a fart.dock. it allows you to change the equipment without scrolling the cartridge. Two.shift species allow you to install a bit without additional devices, which is more convenient in conditions of frequent need to change the drill. The equipment is removed when the hand is fixed with one ring of the cartridge and scrolling another.


This species differs noticeably from the rapidly packed. It’s all about an interesting function that allows you to additionally clamp the bat in the process of scrolling an electric screwdriver. You can distinguish self-and-fast types by a characteristic crack when relaxing or tightening the cams.

How to remove the cartridge

There are enough manufacturers of scorchings. each has small secrets of analysis of the mounting of the cartridge. However, the overall design does not differ. So, there are several ways to disassemble the cartridge.

Quick repair Makita cordless screwdriver almost original

Holding the cartridge with his hand

There is always a screw inside the cartridge. It needs to be twisted to the right. clockwise, since there is a reverse thread. The tool is inserted into the cartridge hole. If the screw is not required:

When the latch succumbed, set the reverse mode and clamp the cartridge. If you are going to pull it manually, it is better to choose the second speed. Further, with a jerk clock, it is possible to remove the cartridge from an electric screwdriver.

Sometimes the head does not give in. Then switch to the first speed, select the reverse mode and clamp the cartridge with the hand. Then click on the start and fix the head with the hand. This is enough in 30-40% of cases, in the remaining 60% you have to tinker to disassemble the electric screwdriver.

Method of removal from disassembled electric screwdriver

Sometimes the tool gearbox fails. to repair it, the cartridge must be removed from the shaft. Process:

  • Find and twist the counterball inside the cartridge.
  • Prepare the head (in most cases. 19 mm, but sometimes you have to select the size individually).
  • Put on the head on the back of the gearbox and fix it tightly.
  • With the other hand, spin the cartridge counterclockwise with light movements.

Everything, through simple frauds, managed to remove the element from a disassembled gearbox.

With the help of a hexagon

At first, again, the screw is twisted inside the cartridge. clockwise. Farther:

  • Close a hexagon with fists.
  • Set the moment for drilling. it is recommended that the battery be squeezed to the maximum.
  • Set the reverse mode.

The essence of the method is that the hexagon must hit something solid. It can be a table, stone, metal, etc. You need to bring the tool and click on the start. The hexagon will begin to fight on the surface and the cartridge will twist from the shaft.

How to disassemble an electric screwdriver Makita

In order to disassemble the Makita electric screwdriver, you must first disconnect the battery. Then all the screws that hold the two halves together are unscrewed in the tool body. After that, the case is removed, and in front of the master all external components open: engine, gearbox and switch. It is also worth noting that such models often install special plates responsible for switching the modes. With not the most attentive disassembly, a small plate can simply not be noticed. After disassembly, you can immediately start repairing the corresponding part.

One of the most frequent problems of the Makita electrical screwdriver is the problem with the first speed work. over, at the second speed, everything functions perfectly. This problem is associated with a malfunction of the tool gearbox, which does not allow effectively use the first speed. Consider how to get rid of this problem and repair an electric screwdriver.

Reducer disassembly

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the tool itself and separate the gearbox. Now it is important to remove all the unnecessary details at this stage. To do this, just pour all the gear from the gearbox. It is worth noting that if there is no information about the exact location of each part, it is better to disassemble it sequentially and accurately.

Write down and mark the location of the gears. This is necessary for high.quality assembly of the gearbox after repair work. You can also use training videos or articles.

Screwing bolts instead of teeth

After all the gears are removed from the gearbox, the inside of the device will open to the eye. Given the specifics of the problem, most likely the master will see that all plastic teeth on the inside were worn. This occurs with prolonged operation of the device, or with a gross violation of the rules of use. Plastic teeth are quite soft, so that under the influence of temperatures and constant mechanical load they simply grind. This leads to the fact that the main gear has nothing to cling to and she begins to scroll at.

To repair and restore performance, it is necessary to restore the teeth. There is no need to restore all teeth, and it is enough to install two iron.

To carry out the desired, you will need a drill, small bolts and a drill. It is advisable to use a drill with diamond spraying, as it will allow you to effectively cost the extra part of the bolt in a relatively short time.

  • At the location of the plastic tooth, the hole in the side wall of the gearbox is drilled. It is necessary to use a drill of a slightly smaller diameter than the diameter of the bolt. So it will be possible to screw it with effort and ensure reliable consolidation.
  • It is necessary to drill two holes diagonally to ensure reliable retention of the gearbox and stable operation of the tool. Thus, the load will be distributed according to two teeth.
  • During the drilling, it is advisable to direct the drill a little down, so that then the bolt does not stick upward. Otherwise you will have to process it for much longer a bourgeon.
  • Now it is necessary to screw the bolts into the obtained holes with force.

After all these manipulations, the harvesting of the teeth will be ready. Now it is necessary to properly process them and give the appropriate form. This is done with the help of drill.

Using drill

The birches are processed from the sides and, if necessary, shortened along the length. It is necessary to give the bolts the shape of a real tooth and provide for the installation of a crown without interference.

Important! It is not recommended to overheat the bolt during the operation of the bourgeois. Otherwise, it can be very hot and melt the surrounding plastic. The gearbox body is deformed, which will lead to more serious problems. So during work you need to take breaks. To let the bolt cool.

As soon as the teeth are ready, the reducer crown can be inserted back. If everything is done correctly, then it will be inserted without any interference. Two teeth are usually enough to restore the performance of the gearbox, so screwing more bolts is not logical.

How to repair a battery of an electric screwdriver

The screwdrivers working from the battery are also very susceptible to wear of the battery. This happens over time even with proper use. If you do not follow the operating rules, the battery will stop holding the charge very quickly. And in this situation there are two ways: to purchase a new battery or try to repair the battery of the Makita electric screwdriver with your own hands.

The second option will require spending a certain amount of time and effort, and the presence of special elements is also necessary.

The battery of an electric screwdriver is a set of a certain number of special nutrient cans that is soldered to the charge controller and make up a holistic structure.

The corresponding nutrients can be found in handlies or laptops. There are also such banks in some quantity. In laptops, 6 cans are usually used, and 4 in shoes. 4. But the quantity may be different and depends on the battery capacity.

If the master has unnecessary elements of such lithium batteries, then they can be used to fix the battery of an electric screwdriver.

Dismantling of the battery

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the battery of the electric screwdriver Makita. To do this, it is disconnected from an electric screwdriver, and then all the screws are removed from it. The battery body opens and you can see the design of the element itself. There will be 10 cans soldered to each other and soldered to the power controller.

It is necessary to disconnect the banks from the board. For this, a drill with a special nozzle is used.

Disconnecting cans from the board

Using a bourgeois with a disk nozzle, banks are drained from the board. The connections of each contact with the controller are sequentially removed, as well as the elements are disconnected from the general frame.

It is necessary to do this rather accurately so as not to damage the board itself, but sufficiently intensely, for complete disconnection.

Soldering new cans

Immediately after the exemption of the frame and the board from old nutrient elements, new ones can be attached to them. Before soldering, it is recommended to strictly clean the surfaces on banks and on the board of the remains of the last soldering. This will achieve better contact for a long time.

head, makita, electrical, screwdriver, unscrewed

Now all new banks from other devices are placed in the appropriate places on the frame and in turn are soldered to the power controller. It is recommended to do this with a thick nozzle on a soldering iron, since there will be a lot of solder. The contact should be very reliable and have a large area of ​​contact.

After consistent assembly, it is recommended to wrap the entire structure in special paper and place back in the case. Then the battery is assembled again and closes with a lid, which is attached to the screws.

Before use, the battery must be recharged at a special station until a full capacity, and only then connect it to a screwdriver for checking. If everything is done correctly, the battery will again become working.

Banks for replacement can be removed from other batteries or bought separately. The cost of them is quite decent, but still manual replacement will cost much cheaper than buying a new battery.