Trimmer husqvarna 128r will not start

Description and characteristics of lawn mowers 128R

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To make the tool turn on quickly even after a long period of inactivity, it has a built-in primer for priming fuel and the Smart Start system. The maximum working width is 45 cm. The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is a petrol trimmer with a straight bar and professional handles, made in a bicycle style. This allows much better control over the work process and the direction of the tool. Straight boom designs are considered more reliable than curved ones. The bike handles can be folded to make it easier to transport lawn mowers.

The weight of the tool is 4.8 kg without filled with fuel, installed cutting parts and protective cover. This allows the 128R version of the Husqvarna lawnmower to be used for a long time without interruption. The fuel tank of the petrol trimmer is made of white plastic to make it easier to control the amount of fuel remaining in it. The capacity for gasoline has a volume of 400 ml. To start the lawn mower, it is enough to gently pull on the cord, since the required starting force has been reduced by 40%.

The kit with the tool includes:

  • knife with 4 blades for hard and tall grass or bushes;
  • trimmer head (semi-automatic);
  • harness for 2 shoulders;
  • a set of keys;
  • bicycle handle;
  • operation and maintenance manual;
  • protective cover;
  • non-separable rod.

The line is used to remove only small grass.

The Husqvarna lawn mower start button automatically returns to the starting position for easier and faster re-engagement of the trimmer. A special blade for cutting the grass does not crush it, but puts it into swaths. The blade guard and the trimmer / line guard are the same and do not need to be removed when changing the rig.

Technical data sheet for Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers:

Description of characteristics Model 128R
power, kWt 0.8
Maximum recommended speed, rpm 11000
Working volume of the cylinder, cm 3 28
Gasoline tank capacity, ml 400
Fuel consumption, g / kWh 507
Muffler with catalyst
The presence of a speed limiter in the ignition system
Weight (without installed casing, blades and filled fuel), kg 4.8
Noise power level, dB 109-114
Rod length, cm 145
Knife diameter with 4 blades, cm 25.5

For a smooth and long service life, experts recommend using Husqvarna 2-stroke engine oil.

Husqvarna lawn mowers can also be repaired by hand, such as replacing a clogged air filter. over, it is located in a convenient and easily accessible place under the cover. No tools are needed to replace it. In the event of a breakdown, it is better to take the equipment to a service center, since ignorance of the principles of operation of individual parts can only aggravate the situation.

The most common malfunctions on Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers are ignition or fuel supply problems. In the first case, the petrol trimmer either stalls after a few tens of seconds, or does not start at all. To do this, inspect the condition of the spark plug. If it is wet, you will most likely need to adjust the carburetor correctly. Or the problem arises due to improper start, then you should carefully study the instructions.

If the spark plug is dry, it means that the fuel mixture does not flow. This is most often due to a clogged fuel filter or hose. The filter should be replaced (it is better to do this every 3 months), and the hose just needs to be cleaned.

A gasoline trimmer of this model can last for many years, the main thing is to follow the operating rules and timely inspect and replace the necessary parts. over, the price of the Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers fully corresponds to its quality and performance.

The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is worthy of your attention

Husqvarna 128R lawn mowers review. video

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I have been working with Husgwarna 128R for seven seasons on hay making. The volume of work is approximately 2-3 hectares per year. The positive aspects of this lawn mower: it is a chainsaw-like clutch design. it allows rebasing when mowing (gas release when pulling back). For seven years, the circular spring has stretched a little and the inclusion occurs at lower speeds, but this does not affect work and safety. The most important thing is never to burst or jam the clutch (unlike the Chinese ones). Unmatched efficiency per hectare does not exceed 10 liters of AI92 and depends only on the density of the grass and a properly selected disc. Reliability speaks for itself. 7 seasons without repairs. even the candle with which it was sold. The shape of the casing and its location to the disc ensures that the grass is laid in the swath with the correct adjustment of the handle and attachment to the knapsack suspension. Ergonomics and lightness make work a pleasure. Carburetor adjustment is simple and straightforward. When mowing lawns, three-blade discs with pointed blades with a diameter of 255 to 360 mm are excellent (the size is taken depending on the evenness of the lawn surface). while the quality and performance are not comparable to the work of a fishing line. Disadvantages: Attaching the handle bar to the bar will force it to be redone right away. it does not hold, the thread breaks when tightened. I drilled holes through and bolted them, but this season I replaced them with a calm one. The supplied Gross 255-4 disc should not be used on all herbs. Exclusively only on heavy ones. thick, dense and tall grass. On light grasses, he begins, like a flywheel, to spin the scythe to unnecessary turns. But there is not a word about this in the instructions. Well, there is one more thing this is the growth of the mower, its maximum height is 180-182 cm. With a greater height and with correct adjustment, you will “warm” your back with the engine, or you will not be able to adjust the correct angle of the knives at all. The line cut on this braid is not impressive. When working with a knife on a lawn, the effect is many times better, but to reduce the cutting height on flat lawns, instead of the native support cup, I put a smaller one from the Chinese lawn mowers. Well, actually, all the disadvantages.

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Great machine. Once started to stall, but cleaning the flame carrier fixed everything.

Getting a Husqvarna trimmer running again

Trimmer won’t start after winter

How to be in such a situation? Don’t worry and panic. This is a very common problem that can be solved in just 3-4 minutes. Firstly, if last year’s fuel remains in the gas tank, then it must be drained. Gasoline loses its octave properties after 2 weeks of inactivity. Secondly, you need to start a lawn mower after a long stagnation in a slightly different way. First you need to open the throttle and pump a little fuel mixture into the carburetor, then pull the handle until you feel a little resistance. After that, you can start the trimmer.

Petrol trimmer does not start well

So what if the petrol trimmer won’t start well or won’t start at all? The most common reason for such a breakdown is poor quality fuel. Remember that, for example, trimmers of the brands “Stihl” and “Husqvarna” are unlikely to start on fuel quality lower than AI-92. You should not save on fuel, because repair of parts of the cylinder-piston group can be one third of the total cost of the scythe, and sometimes even half. Also, when preparing the fuel mixture, it is necessary to correctly observe the proportions of fuel and oil, which are always indicated in the instructions for the trimmer.

What to do if high-quality fuel is poured into the gas tank, there is a spark, but the tool still refuses to start? It is necessary to check the condition of the candle. It is located in the center of the mower body. It must be carefully unscrewed and make sure there is no plaque on it. If there is, then carefully clean the candle from carbon deposits and dry it.

If the lawn mower does not start even after the methods suggested above, then you need to try to remove the air filter and start the device without it. If the trimmer still does not work, thoroughly dust the old filter or buy a new one.

It also happens that the mower works for a maximum of 5 minutes, and then stalls and does not start until it cools down. In this case, try opening the filler cap of the gasoline filler cap. a suction sound should appear. Then screw the cap back on. If you do this manipulation while the trimmer has just started to stall, then the speed will be restored, and you can continue to work. If the mower stalls before opening the lid, then you just need to start it as expected according to the instructions.

Trimmer won’t start. Why?

A petrol trimmer is a surprisingly useful thing that can be used to tidy up not only a miniature lawn in the backyard of the house, but also mow a lawn of considerable size without any extra hassle. But, like all things in this world, it tends to break. In this article we will try to figure out what to do in cases where the trimmer refuses to work.

Trimmer starts and stalls

If, when you try to start the trimmer, it starts, but immediately stalls, then the air filter may again be the reason for this. It is necessary to remove it and check if it is clogged with dust. If this is true, then you need to thoroughly clean it or purchase a new one. Also, the problem may lie in the malfunction of the ignition coil. In this case, it is better to take the mower to a service center.

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Husqvarna trimmer has starting problems

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Why the lawn mower won’t start. troubleshooting

Caring for the personal plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. To correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful unit in the country needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

  • How to start diagnosing lawn mowers
  • Checking the fuel mixture
  • We carry out diagnostics of the candle and candle channel
  • Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers
  • Breather and exhaust port
  • complex reasons for lawn mowers failure
  • Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

We carry out diagnostics of the candle and candle channel

If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawn mower stalls when started, then a flooded candle may be the cause. Here, for repairs, an ordinary candle wrench is suitable (every motorist probably has) and a spare candle.

  • We unscrew the candle and wipe it;
  • Dry it thoroughly (do not ignite);
  • We drain the excess fuel in the chamber through the spark plug hole and dry it;
  • We clean the old candle from carbon deposits using a file or a lady’s file;
  • We set a gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
  • We put everything back in place and try to start the trimmer.

It is necessary to dry the canal for at least 30–40 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of re-filling and a new candle.

If the candle is working, the socket where it is located is completely dry, and the lawn mower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly damp. No matter how wonderful spark the candle gives out, there is simply nothing to light up in a dry chamber.

If the trimmer motor still does not start, a reason such as the absence of a spark due to poor contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire should be ruled out. If the connection is of good quality, and there is still no spark, most likely, your ignition unit has “flown”. Here it will not be possible to do without a master, since the part is not repaired, but is sold as a single unit.

Filter diagnostics for lawn mowers

Another reason why the gasoline scythe stalls is the air filter. To eliminate it, try removing the filter and starting the trimmer without it. If it works out, then you will have to change the air filter to a new one, or at least blow through and thoroughly clean the old one.

Checking the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of the gasoline streamer, check the presence and quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not be greedy and “do not be clever” in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its amount based on real needs. Excess gasoline left over after work loses its quality over time.

How to start diagnosing lawn mowers

If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main components and assemblies. The verification algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Exhaust channel.

These nodes are most often the source of major problems that can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

Breather and exhaust port

Often, “gentle” branded lawn mowers will not start and stall due to a dirty breather. The main function of this element is to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. When this unit becomes clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank, which prevents the supply of fuel. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning the breather. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

Normal operation of streamers with internal combustion engines can be disrupted due to the ingress of dirt into the exhaust duct or clogging of the muffler mesh. There is such a problem on older generation models. The issue can be resolved by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-spark grid.

complex reasons for lawn mowers failure

If the step-by-step troubleshooting algorithm does not work, and your scythe still does not start or stalls, it is worth inspecting the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons for erratic tool performance. There are three main problems here:

  • Clogged ducts or nozzles. All this is cleaned by special washes or blown by a powerful jet of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wires, as the bore may be damaged;
  • Worn carburetor gasket. Exit. replacement of a failed gasket;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use an ordinary household tonometer, replacing it with a suitable pressure gauge. Watch the readings: if they do not change, everything is fine, but if the pressure starts to drop, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. We’ll have to find it and replace it with a new one.
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If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the gasoline trimmer may not start due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or scuffs are found on the piston or cylinder, they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory checks. A small backlash of the piston when rocking the connecting rod indicates that it is time to change the rings. It is best to entrust this procedure to the specialists of the service center.

Troubleshooting strategy

Where to start troubleshooting if the trimmer won’t start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth inspecting the following units of the unit:

  • fuel tank;
  • spark plug;
  • fuel and air filter

As we have discussed, there are a number of reasons why a gasoline trimmer may not start. But with a harsh approach to the problem, the malfunctions indicated in the material are simply eliminated in artisanal conditions. It is worth seeking help from specialists only if the passage of critical breakdowns. As a result, you should always correlate the price of repairs on your own with the for servicing the unit in the workshop.

Filter check

Another common prerequisite for which it is not required trimmer starts, there is a blockage in the filter area. To confirm the hypothesis, it is enough to dismantle the designated unit and test the start-up of the unit without it. If the trimmer engine starts, most likely, you will have to create an air filter change or, at the minimum, perform a painstaking purge of the old one. If there is abundant contamination on the filter element, use the latest mesh. When resorting to similar actions, it is not necessary to leave the absorbing tube completely without a filter. After all, haste in our example leads to the need to repair the entire piston group of the engine unit.

Often the engine of branded trim models stalls due to a clogged breather. The main task of the designated component is to equalize the pressure in the fuel tank. For which the design of the contamination of the unit is intended, a vacuum appears here, which greatly complicates the supply of fuel. The fault can be removed by cleaning the breather with an ordinary sewing needle.

Troubleshooting strategy

Where to start diagnosing defects if the trimmer won’t start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth looking at the following units of the unit:

  • fuel tank;
  • spark plugs;
  • fuel and air filter;
  • outlet channel;
  • breather.

Specifically, the breakdown of the above locations for the most part leads to the fact that it starts poorly trimmer. It is necessary to consider how to remove such problems.

Diagnostics of the candle channel

What to do if the used fuel mixture is in perfect order, but the petrol trimmer does not start as before? The prerequisites for the failure of the mechanism are variations to be found in the excessive moisture of the candle channel. To diagnose and eliminate the difficulty, you need to do the following:

  • Unscrew the candle. Wipe it painstakingly, and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the appropriate plug hole.
  • Clean an old candle if there is carbon deposits on its surface. To cope with the task will allow the use of an ordinary ladies’ nail file or a file.
  • In the process of installing the element at its destination, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the gap.
  • Assemble the multifunctional unit back.
  • Try to start the trimmer.

It is recommended to dry the candle channel for at least half an hour. But do not resort to calcining its parts. After all, heating the spark plug leads to its final damage. What to do if the service of the multifunctional unit is performed according to the above tips, but the trimmer does not start, a spark of course in this case? Under such circumstances, it is worth treating the threaded connection with gasoline. The latter does not need to be abundantly impregnated with fuel. It will only be slightly moisturized. Such actions should be taken to ensure ignition. After all, no matter how strong a spark is given by a candle, in a completely dry chamber there simply will not be anything to ignite.

Outlet duct diagnostics

You will like the smooth operation of the trimmer when dirt builds up in the exhaust duct or a blockage forms on the muffler mesh. In most cases, such a discrepancy appears during the operation of older generation trimmer models. The issue of dismantling the anti-spark grid and cleaning it is being resolved.