What candle is suitable for a trimmer.

What a spark plug for benzokos

Lifan X60 or Lifan Solano Silence candles are not hard to buy now. The main thing is to choose them correctly. The main feature of this process should be called nothing else, like the advice of the manufacturer. Specifically, the manufacturer usually advises a certain type of spark plug for a motor, which, according to its view, is completely suitable for your ICE.

In the passport of the vehicle or operating annotations, you can see any characteristics you need for you. These documents under no circumstances can be thrown away!

To simplify the choice of a suitable candle, you will need to know the distinctive features of marking the spark plugs for a specific manufacturer.

Standard marking contains such characteristics as:

What kind of spark plug to choose for motorcycles (trimmer), chainsaw.

It is better to give preference to tested brands.

Which form is better

Also, do not forget about the shape of the trimmer line. It affects the cost and efficiency of work. So, let’s talk about the main forms of section:

  • Circle is the most common, easy to manufacture and therefore cheap trimmer line. Perfectly suited to mow thin, young grass. However, when working, it is very noisy that it will hardly like the user of the trimmer and others. As a result, manufacturers released a round trimmer line with a twisted cross.Section. It is a little more expensive, mows tangibly quieter, but it is consumed faster.
  • A polygon or square is characterized by higher efficiency compared to round. Thanks to sharp corners, even rather thick grass will be cut off instantly. A square trimmer line costs a little more than round, thus, thus, a successful compromise between value, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or asterisk boasts the highest speed of mowing, and even dried or hard grass will not become an obstacle. Sharp edges will easily deal with it. Noise level is relatively low, but the cost of such a trimmer line is the highest. This scares away some potential buyers. In fact, the “Asterisk” fully justifies its cost when mowing hard grass, saving a lot of time to the user.

In addition, you can see a trimmer line of different sections on sale, but with special zazubins. They increase the efficiency of work, but at the same time they increase the cost of the material.

As you can see, it is quite easy to deal with the cross section. Remembering these simple rules, you will probably easily decide which trimmer line on a trimmer will be the best choice for you.

What is required

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Candle The key is 19 Or pliers
  • Spend of the ignition (use the operating manual for the selection)

Find a black plastic casing with protrusions on the trimmer case. There should be enough fingers to relieve plastic, but instead you can use a flat screwdriver.

Raise and separate the black plastic lining of the ridge from the spark plug.

With the help of a candle key, turn the spark plug counterclockwise until it weakens and remove it. You can use pliers to remove the spark plug, if you do not have a candle key.

Insert a new spark plug and turn it with your hand clockwise until it stops.

Use a candle key or pliers to tighten the spark plug clockwise to ensure a tight landing.

Attach the lower part of the plastic cover to the upper part of the spark plug. Press on the lid. Non.Pressure pressure is enough.

Replacing the spark plug of the trimmer completed.

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Hello. Please tell me the marking of the NGK candles for the Honda Lead/Joker 50/Shadow 50 scooter. AF20E engine type. Thanks in advance. Evgeny

NGK. BPR5HS, BPR6HS, BPR7HS, BPR8HS. I use the six, there are no problems.

What NGK candle is needed for Yamaha Jok for 70 cubic meters Tun Pistonov?

What candle is suitable for a pit 2t

Tell me and for Suzuki address v 50g.What a candle?He tormented them.

Hello! What candle do you advise for Suzuki Address V100? I know that native NGK, but with what viburnum I don’t know.

Native candle from the plant or NGK BPR7HS or DENSO W22FPR.You can buy these candles very cheaply on the site Exsist.Ru or EMEX.

Hello! What candle do you advise for Horse Freedom 150 cubic meters in advance

Hello! What candle do you advise for Honda Dio Af25 1997.In.? Thanks in advance.

Japanese engineers of the Honda plant recommend and put candles NGK BR8HSA or DENSO W24FR-L.If you do not have these candles, then you can put NGK BR6HSA, BR6HS, BR7HS, BR8HS, DENSO W20FR-L, W20FSR, W22FSR.These candles can be bought at Exsist.Ru or EMEX from 60 to 90 rubles.In ordinary stores and hucksters, basically a fake Chinese candle NGK BP6HS for 150 rubles is sold.In addition, she does not fit any Japanese scooter.

What candle do you advise for an old Suzuki gemma 50?

From the table I realized that if you put NGK-BPR8HS. There will be less probability of overheating than 6-7.? Correct if I am mistaken but with the 8th it will start in cold weather worse than with the 6th. In general, for the duration of the piston, I think to put NGK-BPR8HS.

Good afternoon! I began to move on a scooter not so long ago, I have Honda Tact 31. I learned a lot of informative on your site. Great site. Thanks a lot. I have a question (possibly not significant), about the candles. On my scooter there is a candle ngk-bp6hs If the candle ngk-bp r 6hs is the letter r- resistor. Whether it has a big role. I could not name the answer. Blagldar in advance!

Candle BP6HS is not installed on any Japanese scooter.This candle is placed by all the lambs selling Japanese scooters since it is very cheap on the purchase and is made in China.But the BPR6HS candle is installed at the factory in Japan for many scooters models.Conclusions draw a large role itself by the resistor.

Tell me whether it is possible to put the NGK candles on China Skutor will be 11 years old

Scooter Honling Navigator 50 tell me please mark the marking of candles ngk. Thanks in advance!

On Honda Dio 27? What candle please tell me, 50 cc

Tell me the brand of the candle on the Viper Wind scooter

What candle is suitable for Yamaha Vino 3 KJ there 2.Cet

BPR6HS-DOY Candle is installed at the factory.

BPR6HS or BPR7HS.There are all spare parts for Japanese scooters on the IMPEX Japan website

Tell me please, and on Honda lead 100, which candle to put

Hello on Yamahacygnus 150gt. What candle is needed. THX!

And what type of candle is needed on the Kymco Agility City 125 R16? I would be very grateful!

Hello, please tell me the marking of candles for the STELS TACTIC 50 scooter.

Tell me the marking of candles on Honda VFR400R

Need a candle for a scooter Honda Eve Pax S. Tell me the marking

Hello! Candle on DIO ZX28 with piston low than 70cc which candle to choose, stood Ngk B8HS all in oil and ignition passes

What is the candle number on Racer Taurus 95ss?Carburetor dear, thanks in advance)

Hello! Please tell me the marking of the candle for the scooter Aprilia Scarabeo 400ie. Thanks.

What candle to put on Navigator »Grand Prix

Hello! Please tell me the candle on IRBIS SKYNET 150CC

Hello.I have Honda Fullmark, please tell me which NGK candle is put. Thanks in advance.

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Hello !What candle do you advise on a moped Riga 13.Engine D8?

I have a scooter Yamaha Jog Sa 36. 4t injection. What candles can fit?

Please tell me which candle is suitable for a scooter Habon?

Good evening! Tell me, please, what kind of ignition candle is on Honda SS 150 I and what key you can unscrew the candle on this scooter?

Tell me, please, what a candle is on Yamaha Vino 3kj.

Please tell me which candle is better to put Baotian BT151T-2B. (Scooter)

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Hello. Please tell me which NGK candle is suitable for the Honda SK 50 Dio scooter.

Hello. Please tell me what candle goes to the scooter Honda Gyro X

Hello, tell me which candle is suitable for Honda Dio 34?

Bollinger Bands Strategies THAT ACTUALLY WORK (Trading Systems With BB Indicator)

Something not to figure out with temperature quotes, which candle in the viburnum number for the winter according to the table for example. 10.

I’ll get better. On the move Dio 27.50 kub.-for the summer there is a market in the table. And for the winter?

What candle should be put on a scooter Suzuki Sepia ZZ

Good evening I have Honda Af 24 I can’t choose a candle, since the standard does not fit the block is shifted under the car candle

What a candle marking on Honda Tuei injector

Candle NGK Morking for Honda Tuei 67

Good afternoon! Please tell me which candle is better to put in Honda Dio 35zx?

Good afternoon. Honda Navi stands a candle ngk MR7C-9N. Tell me replacement.

And what a candle should be on Honda Tact 51 ?

I did not find an answer to the question? Ask your question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев field right now! To receive qualified assistance, describe in detail your situation, observing the spelling rules.

The main parameters of the trimmer trimmer line

Fishing lines can be classified according to the following parameters:

The thickness of the thread

You can find out about it by reading the operational characteristics of the trimmer or focusing on sizes and inscriptions on a universal bobbin. Typically, threads with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm are used for trimmers. True, for each device you will have to select a trimmer line of a certain diameter.

The thread for the trimmer, thinner than the required, the engine will not disable immediately, although it will significantly increase its wear. If you use the thread thicker than necessary, the resistance of rotation will increase, the engine will operate more intensely, overheat and, as a result, will break. True, a lot depends on the engine itself.

You can find out the approximate diameter of the trimmer line for the type of engine. If the trimmer works from electricity or battery and its power is 1 kW, you need a cutting thread with a diameter of 2 mm, and if its power is less than 500 W, you use a trimmer line not more than 1.6 mm.

For a gasoline trimmer, the trimmer line is chosen with a certain diameter. 2.4. 3 mm. The choice of such a thick trimmer line is associated with the features of gasoline units. They are more powerful and productive than their electrical counterparts. You can operate a thick trimmer line for a long time, in addition, it will easily overcome a long.Term dry.

The shape of the section

The most commonly selected trimmer line for electric ships with a round section. It is inexpensive and the most popular, sprinkles fresh grass well. Its main disadvantage is in the published level of noise, which is heard during the work of the trimmer. The noise of the trimmer line is close to the engine hum. For the best noise use, manufacturers offer to use a spiral trimmer line.

Today also produces a trimmer line for a trimmer. Of other forms, quite often rectangular and starry. Particularly productive fishing lines with zazubins and sharp edges are. Such faces cut the grass more evenly.

There are also options for trimmer line with notch and dents. They can download large weeds. The noise level published by such a trimmer line is low, and due to the increased properties of aerodynamics, the trimmer is given additional power. Such a cutting element is installed on powerful trimmers, which are planned to carry out work in overgrown, neglected areas.

To work with a trimmer line of this type, special heads are installed on the motorcycle. The trimmer line is wound on them. She copes with herbs of any kind (especially weeds) and shrubs. But its cost is quite high. The consumption of such a trimmer line is also high, since when serving from the coil, difficulties can arise with its extraction. It is usually used with disks in which it is inserted in small segments.

There is also a two.Component twisted trimmer trimmer line. Its purpose is a high.Quality mowing of dry. It is distinguished by a round section, resistance to ruptures and increased strength. It comes with the core produced from other material. Twisted trimmer line is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. She is able to cope even with small shrubs. Its main drawback is the high cost. For daily work, purchasing a twisted trimmer line is quite expensive.

The composition of the trimmer line

It is the composition that determines the life of the trimmer line. Often it is made of nylon. It slowly wears out and increases the efficiency of performance at high temperatures and high loads. The material retains its working properties for a long time, low temperatures do not affect it, as well as prolonged work.

The trimmer line of the coaxial group for trimmers is considered one of the strongest. It has a dense core, and therefore wears out gradually. Such a trimmer line is difficult to cut with a knife and when working creates little noise. There is also a trimmer line now, which includes intersperses of aluminum.

And spark plugs for two.Stroke engines of Moscow.

To find out how to buy a candle of ignition for a two.Stroke engine in Moscow at an affordable price, use our service. You will find cheap goods and the most profitable offers with a description, photo, reviews and addresses. And shops of inexpensive candles can be viewed in our online online catalog of Moscow goods, as well as find out where the spark plugs for two.Stroke engines are sold in bulk in Moscow. If you are a representative of a company or a store, add your products for free.

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Easy ordering. You can add spare parts for the tool, to the basket or send a request to e.Mail (having made the articles and names in the spreadsheet), and also contact by phone.

Diagnostic and repair service. It is repaired by power tools, benzo tools, as well as pumping stations, car moles (Kerchers), welding machines (inverters) and electric motors.

We guarantee the serviceability of our goods!

Country Country Country with the managers of the online store. Information in the catalog reports only the homeland of the manufacturer’s brand.

We draw your attention to the fact that this Internet site is exclusively informative and is not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. We also draw your attention to the fact that the descriptions of the goods may contain inaccuracies. The manufacturer has the right to change the appearance of the goods, its complete set and characteristics without prior notice.

When and how often to change the spark plugs

The service life of the candles indicated in the service book or the instructions for the operation of the car is valid for original candles. And it can often be increased: put platinum or iridium instead of nickel candles.

The approximate service life of the candle depends on the metal at the ends of the electrodes. They gradually burn out, the insulator material degrades, its electrical insulating properties become worse, which means that sooner or later the spark will go between the side of the central electrode and the candle body. But more often it happens that the electrodes of the candle wear out, the distance between them increases and the ignition coil is increasingly difficult to form a spark.

The candle does not always stop working completely, although this also happens. Interruptions arise first on some modes of the motor. For example, if you sharply press the gas pedal. In this case, the fuel will not burn out completely, but will fly into the pipe, on the catalyst. A device that serves to clean exhaust gases. Fuel consumption will increase, and the life of the catalyst will reduce. This is why it is important to change the spark plugs in time. In this case, a malfunction of candles is not the only reason why ignition can occur.

Replacing the spark plug BC-43E Motokos

Candles and malfunctions are related to the appearance:

  • Wear, more often the lateral electrode.
  • The crack of the insulator case.
  • Mething of both electrodes.
  • Erosion. Refinement of the lateral element.
  • Troubles of soot.

Not timely change of candles leads to a distortion of the gap and as a natural result, sparking with the consequences of the disgusting start of the car. The wear of the side electrode is caused by additives included in the composition of gasoline. The result is sparking, detonation of the motor. Products are changing.

The reason for the shift is even inconspicuous cracks in other words visually visible pins, chips on the body of the insulator.

When operating candles with cracks, the current leaks through the isolator on the candle housing

Disadvantages appear due to:

  • Wear (natural).
  • Detonations due to the wounded angle of ignition.
  • Fuel low octane number.
  • Low insulator.
  • Incorrectly exhibited gap.

The lack of a candle is the reason for the current leakage. The fact leads to a decrease in the category of spark between the electrodes. This is already a heavy launch of the motor, low reception, shocks when moving from a place, unbalanced idle turns.

Microcracks just find in the dark or garage’s garage.

Electrode melting. A manifestation of serious overheating

The occurrence of a rough, porous carbon fiber. It occurs due to the thermal load, low octane gasoline, the wounded ignition cycle. The defects of the distributor (trump) in another valves are not excluded. The mixture, ignition are checked, candles change.

Which trimmer line to choose according to the power of the trimmer

In the absence of the ability to determine the characteristics of the cord, it is necessary to be primarily guided by the rated power of the motorcycle. This parameter is indicated in the documents for the device and is measured in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (l.With.).

  • Electric trimmers with power up to 0.5 kW (500 t) used for injection of grass in country and household plots. Often they are not able to cope with hard dry plants and shrubs. For them, the ideal indicator of the diameter of the trimmer line will be no more than 1.6 mm.
  • Gasoline and electric devices with a power of 500 to 1000 (0.5 1.0 kW) Designed for cutting grass and shrubs in the average in area of ​​territories. The moment of rotation of the head in such models is significantly higher, which allows you to use trimmer line for trimmer 2.4 mm.
  • Powerful bushes and motorcycles with a capacity of 1000 watts used to work with large volumes of work on brushes of any grass and shrubs. The moment of twisting the mowing head is enough to cut a thick weed, thickets of shrubs and hard stems. For such productive models, a great option would be a 3 mm trimmer trimmer line, which can solve any issues to remove unwanted vegetation.

Cords for trimmers with a cross section of more than 3 mm are used extremely rarely and are solely suitable for super.Powerful devices of industrial type.

Types of cross.Line sections for trimmer

For the constant maintenance of vegetation on the site in the proper form, the traditional cord of the trimmer of the round section is suitable. The twisted trimmer line motorcosa has 1.5-2 times greater wear resistance compared to traditional round. At the same time, a high level of noise and a tendency to tears in places of contact with a trimmer head is considered its deficiency.

A polygonal or square trimmer line is characterized by greater shock force and is used to cut the thick stems of weeds, the processes of raspberries and dense thickets of weeds. Such models with a cross.Section of a sprocket or hexagons have a low resistance to breaks, but they can do a great job with shrubs. Based on this, the best cross.Section of the trimmer line for the trimmer depends on the specific model of the device and the features of the processed area.

Penet candles rating for trimmer

The chainsaws use electro.Isk spark plugs for two.Stroke engines. Similar or completely similar suppositories work on lawnmands, gas generators, small motorc likes and other devices with a small two.Stroke ICE.

The main parameters that the buyer needs to know:

  • The diameter of the thread that is screwed into the cylinder;
  • The length of this thread (into the vernacular of the skirt or shirt);
  • The gap between the central to.Weal core and the lateral electrode (mass), between which a spark is formed.

The exact gap for each chainsaw model is indicated in the operating instructions. In different models, it ranges from approximately 0.45. 0.55 mm.

There are other parameters. For example, thread step. But it is standardized for all candles of this type (M10x1) and do not think about it when buying.

There are voltage parameters on the candle. They are huge, from 10 to 20 thousand volts and above. They are taken into account by manufacturers for calculating insulators and t.D. The user is not necessary to know the exact voltage.

What candle is needed for a scooter

Candle for a scooter different brands of candles for scooters Table of description of their parameters, is also shown how to replace the candle with establish its malfunction.

Solid volumes are written about the spark plugs of ignition of internal combustion engines. A lot of information periodically appears in respected publications and various media. For reasons beyond the control of us, these streams of information (as the practice of repairs shows) do not always reach the owners of scooters. On the use of candles, a scoresters camp can be divided clearly into two groups. Some use an expensive miracle of Western technologies, others manage to get trophy samples from grandfather sheds. But all of them are united by one firm delusion that if there is a spark on the electrodes, the product is suitable for carving, then you can move forward and with songs.

To decide to replace the candle, there must be good reasons. All problems with the engine cannot be solved by feverish replacement of one candle with another. This occupation can be devoted to the rest of your life without seeing the fruits of your work. It is necessary to remember the following rules in which a working candle can ignite the working mixture:

One.Normal compression in the cylinder, measured not with a finger, but a compressometer.

Only having completed the above points, you can start a complete revision of the candle. Unfortunately, such a product as a candle for a scooter is not eternal as a world, and cannot be transmitted from father to son, etc.D. It is not installed from a dump truck to a motorcycle and further into a lawn mower.

Two.Stroke forced air cooling engines that are used on scooters, the candle replacement period is determined by a 8 mileage manufacturer.000 km. For comparison. A candle of a four.Stroke engine of cars has a warranty resource of operation 30.000 km. This is due to the mode of operation and as a result by different parameters laid down in the design of the candles. From this it is clear that each specific engine requires the installation of only those candles that are prescribed by the manufacturer. Information about the manufacturer and marking of the candle for a scooter can be found in a technical description or service book attached to the scooter.

Crankcase; 2. Crankshaft; 3. Connecting rod; 4. Cylinder; 5. Piston; 6. Cylinder head; 7. Spark plug

Let us give an example: on the common Honda Dio and Tact models, as well as Daelim Message, a NGK candle with the marking B 8 HS indicated on the insulator is used. For any reason, we want to replace this candle, but there is no original at hand. In this case, there is a table of interchangeability of candles, a string of which is given below:

This number of candles are completely interchangeable with each other and can safely be used as the original. As a rule, self-respecting sellers have a full table and the choice of candles, you just need to name the manufacturer and marking. You should not search and purchase candles at the collapse of various “collective farm” markets. At best, you will run into a fake for the company. Any “legal” candle, even domestic manufacturers, will work reliably and cost inexpensively.

Despite the allotted service life of 8000 km, it should be periodically (despite the good work) once every 1000-2000 km to twist the candle for a scooter for an external inspection of the state of the electrodes and checking the gap, which usually is 0.6-0.7 mm.

From the darkness of the century, the belief came to us, which is transmitted from generation to generation, the essence of which is that the electrodes of the candle should supposedly be cleaned in open flame: plates, fire, soldering lamp, wrapping a candle in a rag with gasoline and then setting fire to and t.D. We must warn our readers and say directly: as a rule, shamanistic dances and spells around bonfires have a deplorable outcome. Firstly, the candle is out of order and you will bequeathed to the descendants with a calm conscience, who, perhaps, reanimate it with advanced technologies. The second case will have more severe consequences. A candle for a scooter due to overheating receives a hidden defect, then it works, then no, for no apparent reason. A modern scooter (not having prejudices) will apply a special brush for metal for the cleaning of the electrodes and will do the right thing. The brush is affordable and easy to handle, and most importantly, it easily removes the carpet, without damaging the protective coating of the electrodes.

In order not to be in the middle of the road with a stalled engine, it is advisable to fulfill these simple requirements in advance. In addition to this, we can recommend that we carry with us a spare serviceable candle and candle key.

Choosing and replacing candles for a scooter

Assortment of spark plugs and their purpose

The 1st H1 candle HI/LOW: it just makes sense

The spark plugs perform one of the important functions in the scooter and at the same time are part of its two systems. The candle is the final link in the ignition system and one of the parts of the engine system. With the help of a candle there is an ignition of the fuel mixture in the cylinder. That is, the engine operation directly depends on the spark plug. And in order for the entire system to work without failures, it is necessary to correctly and in time to replace such a spare part as a candle.

A modern range of spark plugs is able to confuse any scooterist with a variety of brands, manufacturers and markings. And even an experienced driver can be confused in this whirlpool of numbers and foreign names, what can we say about inexperienced beginners. In addition, markings of different manufacturers are distinguished by the value of alphabetic and digital inscriptions on the candle. But everything is not so sad.

  • Firstly, you should know that models differ from each other in their technical characteristics.
  • Secondly, each type of candles corresponds only to the specific type of scooter. That is, the spark plugs are individually selected for different engine structures.
  • Thirdly, candles should be chosen taking into account the method of operation of the scooter (riding at high or low speeds).

Marking and potassium

Each candle has its own marking in the form of letters and numbers applied to the insulator, where each symbol has its own value:

  • The first two. The diameter of the seat and the size of the key for this candle;
  • The following two are special characteristics, for example, type of thread;
  • The fifth digital symbol is a border number;
  • Sixth (letter). Thread length;
  • Seventh. Characteristics and form of electrodes.

On the Internet you can find special markings tables. With the help of such tables, you can easily choose analogues of spark plugs for any scooter model. The main characteristics should be an identical potassium number and compliance of physical characteristics.

Potassium indicates the thermal equivalent of the spark plug and indicates the operating temperatures of the insulator and electrodes. Depending on the operating temperature, the candles are divided into “cold” and “hot”.

Cold candles have a short central electrode in their design. They are used to drive high speeds. If the cold candle does not comply with the method of operation of the scooter, the incapacitance will accumulate on the electrode, which will ultimately lead to break the candles on the housing and its replacement of the new.

Hot. Equipped with a longer central electrode, which contributes to comfortable driving at low speeds. If the hot candle will be operated at high engine speeds, this will lead to its overheating and cause a potassium ignition. With it, the ignition of the mixture will be carried out from overheated parts of the candle, which will undoubtedly affect the operation of the engine. In this case, the candle must be changed to colder.

Operation and replacement of a scooter ignition candle

candle, suitable, trimmer

To determine whether the ignition systems work correctly and the engine simply simply twist the candle and carefully examine it. The normal work of the systems will be indicated by the light brown color of the electrodes of the candle, the absence of soot and rust on them. The formation of velvety raid on the electrodes, their whitish color with signs of melting indicates a malfunction in the ignition system or improper adjustment of the fuel supply system. It is advisable to replace the candle with such damage, however, some craftsmen continue to use it after appropriate processing. It should be noted that even serviceable suppositories should be replaced after passing by a scooter from 8000 km to 11000 km.

To replace the candle on the scooter, it is necessary to provide free access to it. To do this, the design of different scooters models provide for removable details. If necessary, you need to unscrew the bolts and remove the lid for access inside. Then you need to disconnect the cap of high.Voltage wires, pulling it with an effort from the cylinder head. Contact from the candle will disconnect, and the cap will freely withdraw. Now you should unscrew the candle itself. To do this, you need to put the candle key on the candle and unscrew to the left side (counterclockwise).

With one candle, your belly fat will melt in one day without diet and exercises

Candle replacement should be carried out with a cold engine. The thread of the new candle cannot be lubricated with oil or solidol, the way its electrical contact worsens. The new candle needs to be installed in the nest and carefully twisted it first with your hands, and then the key. At the same time, you need to act carefully so as not to tear the threads of the thread on the cylinder head. Then you need to put a cap of a high.Voltage wire on a candle and check if it is securely fixed. After that, we mount the removed elements, installing them in its place and screwing them with bolts. Scooter is ready for further operation. Pleasant trips!

Lubricant system of two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines

Four.Stroke engines are equipped with separate lubrication systems and preparation of fuel.Air consistency.

Therefore, the pump supplies the oil directly to the rubbing surfaces, in other words, the crankshaft bearing and the place of contact of the piston with the walls of the cylinders.

To do this, the lubricant is poured into a special container, from where it comes through the channels to sections of overstated friction.

Apart from that, through the crankshaft and connecting rod, the oil enters the piston and washes it, reducing the temperature and lubricating the walls of the cylinder.

Two.Stroke engines are deprived of a separate lubricant system, but they also have a crankshaft bearing in need of decreasing friction force.

In such power units, the fuel mixture first enters the crankcase, where the crankshaft bearing is placed, and then under the influence of the discharge passes by the piston, cooling it and lubricating the walls of the cylinder, enters the combustion chamber.

But gasoline does not have lubricating qualities, therefore, such devices are refueled with a gasoline consistency, in other words, watery fuel, to which a special oil was added.

The effectiveness of the lubrication of the fuel consistency is even lower than with engine oil, because the service life of a two.Stroke motor, and means a crankshaft and a connecting rod, is less than the same part of a four.Stroke motor.

Apart from that, the two.Stroke lubrication system makes special requirements for the clock, because it should be very much burned in the cylinder and create a minimum of toxic substances.

What candle is suitable for a trimmer

A candle is the element of the engine that determines the ease of its launch by 90%. Therefore, before the first launch of any device with a gasoline engine, I advise you to use a new clean candle. Then the first start will not cause you a storm of emotions, the memory of Mother and you will not endure the engine starter with the “meat”. The same situation occurs after winter storage of a benzo tool in cold, damp rooms like a garage, basement, shed. Again, do not zeal with oil overflows (preferably a bit less than the norm, at least at the first start). Excess oil will immediately flood the candle and you will not be able to start your engine. But if there is no new candle, then we read on.

For the DP200 engine Kiorits. DP270 Kiorits, For engines GX240 Honda , GX270 Honda Motobobok MTZ-05 According to the passport Candles are recommended:

Biting the candle of the chainsaw, benzotrimermer

I read a lot on the Internet “Recommendations”. It is clear that sellers of suppositories are interested in the purchase of new ones, frightening with grave consequences from attempts to resuscitate candles. There were several reports that when working, the candle is cooled by air-drunk lame almost to room temperature. But let’s see the colorful picture of the NGK company (manufacturer), on which we see that with a normally working engine the temperature of the candle skirt is in the range of 450-850 ° C. At these temperatures, the color of the luminary of the skirt is from dark. Red (680 ° C) to cherry (780 ° C). So either with the help of a burner or under the flame of a gas stove, heat the candle skirt to a cherry glow, and then leave to cool naturally to room temperature. Of course, one must be careful in terms of overheating of the upper part of the candle. Porcelain insulator covered with enamel, this part of the candle really should not overheat. Therefore, when calcining, you can place the candle in the pipe of the corresponding diameter, I used the “Chinese” end candle key, which was complete with a gas trimmer.

Next, carefully clean the central electrode with a brush. And you can use it. Here is the cleaning with a steel brush, or sandblasting will really lead to physical deformation of the candle electrode, which subsequently worsens its performance. This is clearly clear. Again, it is clear that before the start of the chainsaw or trimmer you will not pump the candle every time, but you will find out the reason why the candle comes into a poor state. But, when you have to start a gas outlet for the first time, and it is not known where and in what conditions it was stored, and how it was preserved, the candle can help you help.

Cleaning of spark plugs using solvents

candle, suitable, trimmer

Searches on the Internet allowed you to find another good method of cleaning candles from Nagar.

The fact is that now you can easily find a gel for cleaning electric stoves, exactly one that cleanses of soot. In the kitchen I found a sanitus gel, took an old toothbrush, smeared with this gel a smoked electrode, left 10-15 minutes, washed down under a stream of cold water, repeated the procedure three times and received an almost white electrode. If such fast therapy did not help, then you can cover the candle with gel and leave it overnight.

Firstly, it is recommended not to clamp very much (the moment of tightening is 12. 15 nm, as I have written above), then there will be less problems with unscrewing. It is necessary to twist counterclockwise;). I liked that they advise you to unscrew on a hot engine. Strange, but the need for unscrewing arises in most cases when it does not start! And the engine is cold!? I understand. In a car, when one of 4 candles does not work, the engine can be warmed up and three. It does not get out. It is necessary to pour WD40, “liquid key”, kerosene, wait and try to rock.


This color is considered a synonym for optimism and joy. And therefore, yellowish candles are recommended to light when there are guests in the house. Apart from that, they are often used to improve relations between wives. The fact is that catchy wax carries harmony inside itself, mutual understanding and reverence!

Associate the color of the sun and with the mental potential of a person. And therefore they light such candles before passing exams, passing the interview. You can use yellowish candles and just like that: lit in the house, they will bring financial well.Being, comfort, STIHL and friendly atmosphere.

Yellow candle

It’s the same Colour mental development, fortune telling, prophecy.

Light a candle and, looking at the fire, at the level of thoughts to let all the bad thoughts and feelings out of yourself and try to see how they burn-work to a good result.

Pink candle

Pink-mixture of reddish and snow-white, turns the material reddish into the color of friendship, love, expectation of change in personal life.

On a candle from a wick to the base in a spiral on any magical alphabet, you write a name-nesting number of times and light a candle. Looking at the fire, you see the necessary event by already accomplished.

You work an odd number of days before the combustion of a candle.

From Swadhistan, Manipuras, Anahats, Vishudhi and Ajna, you need to release pink channels on the top of the spark of a candle (strengthening the elements of fire and pink) to the object for the same chakras with suitable installations for each channel. Work 3-5-7 days (but before doing this, think about whether you are ready to take responsibility for this process).

Write on paper a hitheman indicating the names and put the paper under the candle. Look at the candle and at the level of thoughts to create a good.

After burning out a candle, burn paper and send “in the wind”.

Red candle

The reddish color is the color of the blood, and, accordingly, life and existence, courage, health, sports achievements and farr in general. The reddish excites the nervous system, causes increased breathing, provokes the work of muscles. Personifies the desires and aspirations to win, capture, achieve fortune in life.

  • It is used for exorcism (better reddish church).
  • Cleansing of evil forces. Annealing of negative entities from the energy field is made.
  • Cleaning the premises. In the center of each room is a reddish candle. Give a burn to the end. It is better to keep the Windows open at this time.
  • To restore strength with fatigue, fatigue. You need to look at the flame of a red candle, trying not to think about anything.
  • In love magic, it is used during rituals and rites.
  • In the treatment with hypotension, with impotence and frigidity, with depression and melancholy, with the lethargy of the digestive organs, to strengthen the liver and stimulate the formation of hemoglobin.

Color candles and their magical use

Candle therapy is a simple system, as, however, all ingenious, has passed the tests for centuries: burning candle, fragrant essential oils and smoking physical. Plus the boundless forces of the man’s very mind, will, wave radiation of the body and spirit. It is important to be able to apply them correctly.

Colour candles and their purpose:

  • White-cleaning, purification, protection. Any goals
  • Black months, curses, damage, love spell at all costs, getting rid of negative emotions.
  • Red-love, happiness, improvement of health, expulsion of evil, improving fate. Passion and creativity.
  • Pink-love, friendship, happiness
  • Orange-involvement of sympathy, success. Work, career.
  • Yellow-subject, fortune telling, elimination of obstacles and everything, then brings misfortunes. Intelligence.
  • Green-flowering, material well-being, revival, luck, money, healing.
  • Blue-development and strengthening of parapsychic capabilities.
  • Blue Borba with fear, protection against otherworldly forces. STIHL, wisdom.
  • Violet-strengthening of strength of spirit, treatment of serious diseases, magic. Spirituality.
  • Purple contact with otherworldly forces, achieving power, overcoming something.
  • Brown-pasting of pets, all housing problems.
  • The white candle can be used in the same cases as church candles.
  • Cleaning Chakr. Near each chakra on four sides (except 1 and 7-here, 1 time) are made cross-shaped movements and an appeal to higher forces is read.
  • Burning of negative energy from a sick organ. Near a particular body, the actions described above are performed.
  • Cleansing of negative thoughts. It is necessary to look at the flame of the candles and ask for forgiveness from themselves, those who offended and those who offended you.

Brown candle

Emotionally very calm and practically nothing car. Candles made of unpeeled wax-brown.

  • Unpeeled wax candles are sustained for brownies. A bowl of milk is placed nearby and put on a clean napkin a boot of freshly baked loaf or fresh cake. You need to call loudly three times the one you are addressing and, offering a treat, express your request for help.
  • In case of animal illness.

Blue candle

Blue Colour personifies peace, even relationships, sensitivity, susceptibility, desire to achieve integrity. This is a symbol of calm water and evening sky, the keeper of calm and mystery.

I explain how to determine the good color of the spark plug

  • Constant burning of a blue candle helps recovery from serious diseases.
  • Light in the house of the dead. 2 hours of combustion “drives away” guests for 10 hours, and 1 month, they will finally be thrown.

Orange candle

The orange color is in itself.

A rune paper talisman is put under the phone to attract cash clients.

On a candle in a spiral, write the runes of Ansuts and Feuh an odd number of times. Light a candle for at least 15 minutes a day, meditating on calls of money customers.

Carburetor adjustment on a benzocos

On one candle, write your name, on the other, the goal of the right person (start writing from the wick side).

Candle Like An Adult | Extend Burn Time, Clean, & Repurpose for a Zero-Waste Candle Regimen

Supplies put at a distance of 10-12 cm from each other.

Also, the ignition coil can be broken in electrical equipment. In this case, the motorcycle is not started or starting and works with interruptions, and then stalls, or “hot” does not start at all.

You can check the serviceability of the coil in the same way as when checking the spark: we unscrew the candle, lean it against the trimmer body. If there is no spark with a jerk of the starter, or it appears through time. You need to change the coil.

How to start a trimmer

The question is how to start a trimmer if the trimmer does not start or it starts to arise if the gasoline trimmer engine is worn out, unresolved, or when a lot of fuel got into the combustion chamber due to violation of the engine in the combustion chamber (when the engine was “sucked”). To help the engine to start, you can pour a little fuel through the candle hole into the cylinder. To do this, it is better to use a special trigger, but you can also conventional fuel from a tank of a trimmer or benzoca.

How to get a trimmer, bay 20 g. Fuel in the candle hole

One. To start a trimmer (if the trimmer does not start), first of all, it is necessary to check whether there is a fuel in the tank and whether it is sufficient (whether fuel takes out to the fuel hose. Whether the fuel filter is immersed in fuel). This will not take much time. Open the tank cork and look inside.

Remove the cap and unscrew the spark plug with a candle key.

Next, you need to check and, if necessary, clean the electrodes of the candles from soot or other deposits using the brush on the metal or thin screwdriver. Electrodes should be clean. When cleaning the electrodes, you must be careful not to damage the white ceramic insulator of the central electrode.4. It is advisable to pump the candle electrodes on the gas stove burner or lighter (observing fire safety rules). You can check the operability of the candle by inserting the candle into the cap and ensuring the contact of the case with the “mass” of the engine, and then turning the trimmer engine with the starter and evaluating the presence and quality of the spark between the electrodes of the candle.

Pour into a candle hole about 20 g. Fuel with a tablespoon, glass or medical syringe. Then immediately install the spark plug in place and tighten it.

Close the air damper (turn on the starting gas) and press the manual swing button 3 times, pause 4 seconds. Between each press.

Pull several times by the starter handle and start a trimmer engine (benzo.Coat). As soon as the trimmer engine starts to immediately close the air damper.

Eight. If the engine does not start after that, then it is necessary to replace the spark plug with a new one, since the reason is most likely in it (you need to buy a candle of ignition with the marking indicated in the user’s guide of the Trimmer / Benzokosi).Nine. If the engine still does not start, it is necessary to clean the carburetor with the carburetor cleaner.

Ten. To quickly clean the carburetor of the trimmer by the carburetor cleaner, you need to remove plastic lids and air filter to access the carburetor (it is advisable to completely remove the carburetor from the engine and disassemble). Spray several times with a stream of carburetor cleaner to the central jet and other available carburetor channels (through). This can be repeated several times and make sure that the channels are clean and without soriny.

Eleven. It is necessary to check for pollution the sparkling mesh in the muffler of a gasoline trimmer / benzoocos. If it is clogged with a soil, this can be the main cause of the poor starting of the engine and the net must be cleaned with a metal brush. The sparkling mesh in the muffler of the trimmer is designed to prevent the departure of hot particles from the silencer, which can cause a fire, falling, for example, to hay or other easily hodgent materials.

How to start a trimmer if, after everything done, the engine still does not start, it is necessary to analyze if the bay is 20 g. Fuel in the cylinder, the engine begins to work for a short time, or starts, works and stalls again, which means that the reason is in the carburetor, which either does not supply fuel at all, or supplies little fuel, or mixes fuel in the wrong proportion. In this case, you need to either buy a new carburetor (it can be clogged), or take a trimmer carburetor for repair, or adjust the carburetor on your own. If after pouring 20 g. The engine does not show signs of life at all in the trimmer cylinder / benzokos, which means that the cause of the spark plug must be changed to a new one (buy a candle with a trimmer tolerance) or clean the old candle.

Thirteen. At the end of the season, it is always necessary to drain fuel from the tank both in a trimmer (benzocosa) and in any other technique with two.Stroke engines. Pour the fuel from the tank into the bottle through the funnel, then start a trimmer to develop the remaining fuel from the carburetor until the engine stalls. If this is not done, then when stored for more than 1 month, the fuel will begin to be relaxed into light and heavy fractions and oil mixed when refueling with fuel, it precipitates, which will lead to the control of the channels in the carburetor and, accordingly, to the exit of the trimmer from building.


It is necessary to regularly check for pollution and change the fuel filter in the fuel tank of the trimmer (benzocouses) in time. The fuel filter for its replacement can be easily removed from the tank using a wire hook. The fuel filter is easily clogged with bottom precipitation in the fuel tank, which leads to a deterioration or stopping the supply of fuel from the tank to the carburetor of the gasoline trimmer.

For refueling a trimmer, it is not necessary to use ethanol gasoline, since in small two- and four-stroke engines that are not used every day or at least every other day, this is a big problem. Ethanol from gasoline precipitates and turns into resin or varnish, clogging microscopic jacks and carburetor channels.

To maintain a carburetor in purity and good technical condition, you can buy a special additive for fuel for two.Stroke engines, which cleanses the carburetor of tarry deposits. The additive price is relatively small and it (additive) is not dangerous.

Also, you should abandon all old metal cans, which over time rust inside. Parts of this rust will cause clogged filters, jackets and channels in the carburetor and, as a result, the inoperability of a gasoline trimmer (or benzo.Coat). Over, immediately, as a rule, the owner of the trimmer cannot determine where this clogging is taken from.

How to start a trimmer Husqvarna 333r


  • Pull the suction on the motor (close the air damper).
  • Pump up fuel 6. 8 times.
  • We hold with your left hand (not with your foot!) for engine covers.
  • Pull the cord handle lightly to choose the free stroke of the starter.
  • One or several times quickly pull the starter handle to start the engine (only you need to pull it to such a height and with such force as not to tear out the starter cord!).
  • Lower the starter handle lightly in place (do not throw!).
  • Push the sucker (open the air damper).
  • The trimmer engine works. You are smiling. Everyone else has a puppy delight!
  • After a few seconds, gnaw lightly to drop the starting gas turned on.
  • Warm up if the motor is cold, 3. 7 minutes., Depending on the air temperature and you can mow.