What Compressor Is Needed For A Jackhammer

Choosing the type of compressor screw or piston

Reciprocating compressors are practically not used for sandblasting and processing. And all because of the air pulsations that the reciprocating compressor gives out due to its design. Because of them, the abrasive material mixes unevenly with the air stream and lumps are formed that have a bad effect on the abrasive jet and clog the nozzle.

Another reason not to use pistons for sandblasting is significant compressor oil carryover. Because of it, the abrasive sticks together, while disabling the sandblasting machine. For these reasons, it is wiser to use a screw compressor.

Choosing between diesel and electric

Now you need to decide on what type of screw compressor you need. There are two options: diesel and electric.

Everything is simple here. If your sandblasting job involves field trips where you are often unsure of the availability of an electricity source, a diesel compressor is your choice. Its main advantage is complete autonomy.

Electric compressors are more economical and easier to operate. It is also cheaper to maintain. But when the sandblaster is equipped with an electric compressor, it is always worth remembering that for this type of work, compressors with an engine power of 22 to 100 kW or more are usually used. Therefore, in field work, you should take care of access to an industrial power grid of 220 V, it will often not be enough.

Is it worth saving on a compressor?

The compressor is the most expensive element in a sandblasting system. In the process of completing the device, a natural desire to save money may appear, but you should not give in to it. By purchasing cheap compressors with unsuitable characteristics, you run the risk of stretching future work for a long time: the sandblaster may not have enough power and pressure. In an extreme case, the compressor, after a short operation, will break down by itself and disable the device, adding a lot of problems and additional expenses.

How to choose a compressor for sandblasting

For the operation of any sandblaster, compressed air is needed, which is produced by a compressor. It is its parameters that affect the speed and quality of sandblasting, as well as the consumption of abrasive material. But how to choose the right compressor for sandblasting, take into account all the parameters and not get confused by the technical details? This article will help you decide.

What Compressor Is Needed For A Jackhammer

Sandblasting machine and mobile compressor Chicago Pneumatic

3 best electric jackhammers

  • Makita HM1203C. Medium power bump stop. The chuck allows you to set the chisel in 12 positions, adjusting the angle of work. There are 5 modes of beat frequency, you can choose a suitable variation in the range of 950-1900 beats / minute. The model is equipped with protection against motor overload, the possibility of a soft start and a stabilization system to maintain the working pace during continuous use.
  • Bosch GSH 16-30. The tool of true professionals, daily production of up to 13 tons of filmed material. It has a vibration damping system that not only relieves stress from the hands, but also extends the life of the bumper. The body of the device is made of metal parts, durable, not afraid of falls. The tool will remain unharmed even if a wall falls on it.
  • Sparky K 615CE HD. This bump stop is equipped with electronics to record the force of the impact under any load. The comfort of work is provided by an anti-vibration system, smooth start, the ability to independently adjust the force of impact. To protect against overloads, there is a LED on the case, which signals overheating and possible malfunctions.

Noteworthy fenders with power supply are also produced by Dnipro-M, Kawasaki, Stanley, Hilti, Zenit.

How does the fender look and work?

The impact force here is formed by a special mechanism located under the housing cover. It is he who creates the necessary shock waves, which are transferred to the bumper cutter and further, to the material, destroying it. It all works like an earthquake.
The bump stop is quite heavy, noisy and vibrates very much in the process. True, manufacturers are trying to minimize the effect of vibration, but still, with frequent and intensive use of the hammer, it negatively affects human health.

Concrete breakers are also suitable for home use, but they are more common on large-scale construction sites or road works. If there is a need to purchase such a tool, you need to know how to choose a jackhammer: take an electric or pneumatic one, is the design important, what performance characteristics should you consider? A competent choice will save you from inconvenience during the work process and greatly facilitate the life of the builder.

How to choose a jackhammer: 6 tips

2Need a powerful and productive tool to smash walls, floors, and even asphalt? There is one called a jackhammer. Neither monolithic concrete, nor frozen impenetrable soils, nor brickwork, nor even the strongest stone can resist it. No obstacles on the way! With such a device, you can in a matter of moments remove the old tile from the wall, make a niche, remove the worn out road surface and much more.

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The thing is useful, but not everyone knows how to choose it correctly and which jackhammer is better. The secrets of a successful purchase are revealed by professionals. And for a snack, a rating of 6 top bumpers of different types.

Ahead behind the bump stop: nuances, tips

All bumpers are divided into 2 types:

1. Pneumatic. Most often it is used in complex construction and installation operations, in mines. An outlet is not required for work. The bump stop quietly performs its functions at high humidity, is not afraid of fire and explosions. The tool is intended purely for industrial professional use, not in everyday life. The exception is small hammer drills that function as a bump stop. Example TOPEX 74L331. A compressor station is needed for smooth operation.

2. Electric. In such a bump stop vibration is felt least of all; special skills are not required to use it. Powered by an outlet. Most popular on the market. The segment includes both household models and professional-grade devices. There is also a minus: not suitable for objects with high levels of humidity.

There are also gasoline ones, but they are rarely bought. It is necessary to focus on the power indicator (from an outlet or without it) depending on the category of work performed. So, the electric bump stop is universal, it can crush concrete in two planes, however, it is worth considering the placement of the motor.

For horizontal tasks, a tool with a vertical motor is needed, and vice versa. Hammers with a horizontal motor are the most compact, weighing up to 10 kg. These household mechanisms will not cope with complex and large-scale construction work. For roads and large construction sites, only a vertical concrete breaker is chosen.

The list of essential parameters required when choosing the best jackhammer (electric or other type) also includes:

Impact attachments

The device allows you to change the nozzle for specific work. As a rule, attachments are included, but you can purchase them separately. Most popular tips:

  • Pick-crowbar. It is with this sharpened detail that the bump stop is most familiar to see. Such a nozzle is used for dismantling concrete, brick, stone, destruction of asphalt. It can also be used in non-standard situations, for example, to loosen the soil for its subsequent processing.
  • Scapula. Suitable for removing tiles from walls or floors, removing old plaster from the surface. The nozzle really looks like a small shovel, at the end it has a significant extension with a straight cut. The edge is sharpened and very sharp.
  • Chisel. This building element is needed to cut the reinforcement, destroy the frozen ground, make a hole or a niche in the wall. It is also used when working with metal structures during their dismantling.

The ramming attachment is also suitable for the hammer. Its mission is clear from the name to compact the soil (it is possible with stones), to close up faults in hard-to-reach places, and more.

3 best pneumatic fenders

  • Metabo DMH 290 Set. Lightweight, handy tool. Suitable for crumbling stone and processing steel products. There is shock absorption, which can significantly reduce vibration during operation. Quick-detachable attachments. Includes case.
  • Fubag HRС 4500. The purpose of the tool is processing of concrete and stone materials. Copes well with metal. The body of the device is made of a durable composite, there is shock absorption, which is important during operation. Includes 2 attachments. Weight is only 1 kg.
  • Caliber OMP-815. The mechanism with an impact energy of 43 Joules perfectly crushes stones and concrete. Thanks to the metal housing, it can be used even in aggressive conditions where there is a lot of dust, moisture or explosions.

It’s hard to say which jackhammer is better: electric or pneumatic. They differ in the type of work, but the result will be the same. Having given preference to an electrician, you only need to take care of the presence of an outlet nearby, for a pneumatic bump stop you need a compressor.

Compressor for a jackhammer: features of the device and operation

A compressor or air pump is an essential element when working with a jackhammer. These devices help in the course of various works, for example, loosening, de-icing, destruction of asphalt, concrete pavements, brickwork. What is the construction of this device? What models are there? You will find answers to these and some other questions in our material.

What compressor do you need?

The device for working with a jackhammer must be selected depending on the nature of the construction activity, as well as the number of jackhammers at the construction site. There is a classification of compressors for jackhammers. According to the division, devices are:

  • Diesel;
  • Air;
  • Gasoline;
  • Electrical;
  • Mobile;
  • Stationary.

Air compressors are used in the course of various types of work in various areas of construction activities. For example, such devices are often an integral unit in the chemical industry, in the metallurgical industry. In addition, firefighters use similar structures. If we talk about devices of an electric type, then they are necessarily used at a voltage of 380 V and in the presence of no more than two jackhammers. Electrical units are quite compact in size, easy to operate, and do not require constant maintenance. Traditionally, the design of such a unit includes a reverse and wheels, but pneumatic automation, on the contrary, is absent.

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However, in the event that there is no electricity at the construction site, and more than two jackhammers are used for work, then a diesel or gasoline compressor will be an excellent assistant. These devices also have their own subspecies, they are piston and screw. Professional builders assure consumers that the latter option is more efficient: it runs quieter and longer, uses less fuel, and is more reliable and easier to use. At the same time, the screw unit is superior to the piston unit in cost. Compressors, classified by mobility, are divided into stationary and mobile. The advantage of the latter is their smaller dimensions, while the former is of lower cost.

Design and principles of work

Most often, compressor units are made of stainless steel. This approach ensures the durability and reliability of the devices, but at the same time negatively affects the mass and mobility of the device. The basic building blocks of any jackhammer compressor are:

  • Suction type air filter;
  • Compressor block;
  • Engine;
  • Lubrication system;
  • Cooling system;
  • Current condition sensors (air pressure, filter system condition, oil temperature, etc.);
  • Devices for removing accumulated condensate and oil;
  • Valves of several types: safety, non-return, etc.

Over, the absence of any element from the above is unacceptable and should be the reason for refusal to purchase. In this regard, carefully study the appearance of the device, as well as its internal characteristics (this can be done on the basis of the instruction manual attached to each unit without fail). The compressor is used when it is necessary to compress air to a certain required volume. During this process, among other things, oxygen is purified from various additives (dispersion impurities or vapors). For this, the unit draws in air inside.

How to choose?

In the process of selecting and buying a compressor, one must be guided by certain essential features of this device. In particular, the following indicators are important:

  • Air consumption (the most common indicator is 1300);
  • Number of working jackhammers (from 1 to 6);
  • The presence or absence of electricity;
  • Impact strength;
  • Impact frequency (number of impacts made in 60 seconds);
  • Cost;
  • Manufacturer (there are devices manufactured by both domestic and foreign companies);
  • Type of drive;
  • Weight in kilograms and dimensions;
  • Efficiency;
  • Available modes, etc.

See the following about the SO-7b compressor for a jackhammer.

Differences between pneumatic and electric breakers how to choose

Generally, the most popular application of a jackhammer is demolition of buildings and structures. Hence the corresponding requirements: the unit must be strong in all technical and operational characteristics from power to weight. This means that it is easy to handle such strong materials and surfaces as concrete, pavement, etc. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it for its intended purpose, the result, unfortunately, will be deplorable.

In the modern construction market, there is a rich assortment of affordable and effective models. The modernization process of pneumatic and electric breakers has led to the fact that they have become convenient and understandable for working in various areas of space. At the same time, it is not necessary to be a professional builder in order to perform the necessary manipulations with high quality. Having studied the article of the portal, you can independently master the principles and gain useful skills. Let’s understand the main differences between pneumatic and electric breakers.

  1. Jackhammer weight

-A lightweight jackhammer (up to six kg) is perfect for high-rise, repair and even finishing manipulations.

-Medium jackhammer (up to 10 kg) is used for horizontal surfaces.

-If you want to tackle excavation or foundation work, then buy a heavy jackhammer (up to 30 kg).

  1. Popular types of peaks

Depending on the scope of manipulation, different types of peaks are useful. There are three of them: pike-crowbar, pike-blade, chisel.

1. The pike-crowbar has proven itself to be excellent for loosening the soil, removing the asphalt layer, dismantling brick or concrete structures.

2. At the tip of the blade, the task is different: it participates in creating a smooth asphalt edge, as well as crushing ice.

3. A chisel for crushing objects and materials.

The range of temperatures at which the device ceases to function is not so wide: only 5-5 C˚. In this situation, there is no need to panic: it’s all about the presence of high humidity in the compressed air. This means that it expands significantly inside the hammer. Then the temperature there rapidly drops, ice forms, which interferes with functioning. What should be done? Place the device urgently in a warm and dry place or apply diesel fuel to a hammer. It is strictly forbidden to use an open flame, a blowtorch, etc. For these purposes. It is not safe. According to statistics, new models tolerate frost worst of all.

3. Compressor of a jackhammer

Firstly, if there is a large-scale front of work carried out in the off-season (ice blocks, frozen soil, etc.), as well as on the roads, in mines, at complex objects, then a compressor is needed together with a jackhammer.

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Secondly, it is possible to equip the unit with a chisel and a lance to separate superhard materials into parts. This will add additional options to him: not only deliver accurate punches efficiently, but also create energy for long drilling. This means that the impact force, the frequency created by the bump stop per unit of time, will be optimal. It is difficult to imagine, but the unit can form holes up to two meters deep. In this case, the level of complexity of the object’s reinforcement does not matter.

Thirdly, 1300 l / min is considered the traditional value of air consumption under pressure. The jackhammer unit can be mobile or stationary, as well as operate on diesel fuel, gasoline, electricity.

Fourth, immediately calculate the number of jackhammers that you plan to immediately connect and work with them simultaneously. As a rule, if there is a 380 V voltage network and two functioning jackhammers, then electric compressors are ideal because of their compact size and ease of maintenance.

Fifth, if there is no electricity at the work site, and the rhythm and timing dictate the appearance of several jackhammers at once, then give preference to a diesel or gasoline compressor (5000 l / min).

Sixth, if you have a sufficient amount of money, then screw compressors for a jackhammer are an excellent option in every respect: ergonomic, durable and reliable.

4. Pneumatic breaker

At idle speed.

The pneumatic breaker mechanism means it can be used effectively for a variety of needs. Specifically, the breakdown is done with the directional airflow from the air compressor. All this functions under high pressure. In connection with this chain of stages involving the use of gas, you get a fairly cheap device with a constantly maintained movement. Hence, he has so many adherents.

4.1. Pneumatic hammer

It is very important when you are faced with the task of creating clearings in such capital materials as concrete or asphalt. In addition, the pneumatic hammer is a heavy artillery for industries such as ore mining, quarrying, excavation. A tool for manipulating road beds, boulders and stones is also relevant.

4.2. Safety recommendations

1) When working, you cannot do without protective elements: wear appropriate clothing and shoes on your body, and glasses on your eyes.

2) Pay attention to the safety of hearing organs. To do this, get effective specialized plugs. They have to cope with increased noise levels. Ordinary products are useless here.

3) Professionals advise taking frequent breaks. So there will be no threat to health or well-being.

4) Every time before starting, check that the device is working properly.

5) If this is the first time you start a jackhammer, then especially carefully study the instructions and the reliability of connecting all the elements into a single whole.

Unfortunately, without exception, all pneumatic tools are very noisy. As you know, this level is almost one hundred decibels, which, you see, is a lot. Knowing this indicator, you can easily determine whether the choice in their favor is optimal or not.

5. Electric jackhammer

If you do not go into the complexity of the internal structure, then you can come to a logical conclusion: electric jackhammers are practically in no way inferior to pneumatic ones. The main difference: the motor is electric. This means that the unit is functioning from a stationary outlet. In terms of external and internal filling, it does not have a separate compartment for air: it gains power for destruction from the tool itself.

5.1. Scope of application

The advantage of the electrical device is its ease and availability of use. You may not have a lot of experience behind it to use it portable. However, keep in mind that its electric motor heart is not as strong as that of an air compressor. Hence, some restrictions: redecoration in an apartment, house, country cottage, landscape design, simple manipulations with the roadway.

5.2. How to protect yourself from misuse

There are not so many tips. However, without taking them into account, you should not take risks and start work.

The cord must always be intact and clean.

If it is wet for some reason, dry the power tool first.

However, in cases where there is moisture in the work area, be sure to purchase an outlet with a switch. Approach this question very responsibly.

Electric breakers are much quieter than their pneumatic counterparts. This is the secret of its greater demand among contractors and construction organizations.