What gasoline can be poured into a chainsaw

Purpose of oil

Since the two-stroke engine is not equipped with a lubrication system, it is necessary to refuel the chainsaw with a pre-prepared mixture of gasoline and special oil. On domestic models, the brands M8, M12, MGD-14M are often used. Well-known foreign tool manufacturers insist on using their own brand oils, which are developed in cooperation with leaders of the oil refining industry. But practice shows that replacing one high-quality oil for two-stroke engines with another does not negatively affect the characteristics and duration of equipment operation.

According to the method of production of the base of motor oils, they are divided into:

  • mineral;
  • semi-synthetic;
  • synthetic.

In this list, they are listed in ascending order of quality and price. So if you add STIHL synthetic chainsaw oil to your Husqvarna chainsaw, it won’t notice the difference.

What gasoline to pour into a chainsaw

The chainsaw is considered the most popular type of hand tool used for working with wood. Unlike electric saws, it is adapted for autonomous use, which is a convenient and sometimes the only possible effective way to cut logs and other wood materials in remote areas. To do this, you just need to have on hand fuel for the chainsaw in the required amount and know the rules for refueling the tool.

Chainsaw fuel system device

Most modern chainsaws are powered by a single-cylinder, two-stroke internal combustion engine that runs on 92 or 95 gasoline. Old domestic models must be filled with 80 octane fuel.

In order to facilitate the design, hand-held chainsaws are not equipped with a gearbox.

The speed of the chain drive is determined by the speed characteristics of the motor, which typically exceed 10,000 rpm. Therefore, the fuel mixture for a chainsaw equipped with a high-speed engine must contain special engine oils.

Chainsaw fuel system includes:

  • refueling tank;
  • fuel filter;
  • carburetor;
  • hoses through which fuel is supplied for mixing with air and then into the engine cylinder.

The fuel filter is attached to the end of the hose that is lowered into the tank. With the engine running, a small pump built into the carburetor provides uninterrupted pumping of fuel. To start the engine, a mechanical pumping of gasoline is required with an additional device. a primer. A special air valve protects the tank from creating a vacuum when the liquid level drops during operation. The carburetor is responsible for the correct ratio of fuel to the forced air during the creation of the air-fuel mixture, which is fed into the cylinder for combustion. The entire fuel system works in concert with the ignition system in time with the movement of the piston.

Requirements for the fuel used

The main fuel component of a carburetor engine is unleaded gasoline. You should not experiment with the question of what gasoline to pour into the chainsaw. Its brand must meet the requirements set forth in the instrument’s passport and instructions for its operation. Violation of this rule may result in:

  • to a sharp decrease in the power of the saw and the unevenness of its operation in the case of using gasoline with a lower octane number;
  • to overheating of engine elements when the recommended octane number exceeds the rating.

It is strictly forbidden to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw with dubious mixtures, so you should use the services of the nearest gas station. It must be remembered that in addition to the octane number, automobile fuel has many other indicators that vary depending on the season.

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Do not store large stock for a long time. In winter conditions, the engine may not start with gasoline purchased in summer.

Fuel mixture preparation rules

It is recommended to prepare the mixture for the chainsaw immediately before starting work. Storing it for more than 10 days can lead to chemical reactions between the additives that make up the oil and the components of gasoline. This will negatively affect engine performance and exhaust gas composition.

If the use of the tool is stopped for a long time, the contents of the tank are drained or triggered at idle until the motor stops spontaneously.

Dilute oil in gasoline in the proportion recommended by the tool manufacturer. For different models, the ratio can vary from 1:20 to 1: 100. For the STIHL 180 chainsaw it is 1:50. This means that for 1 liter of AI-92 gasoline, you need to take 20 ml of oil. Deviation from these numbers can affect the operation of the motor:

  • a decrease in the proportion of oil will lead to mechanical wear of the cylinder and piston;
  • an excessive amount of oil will cause incomplete combustion of the mixture.
gasoline, chainsaw

It is strictly forbidden for two-stroke engines to use oil intended for other types of engines, especially working off.

How is mixing done

In order not to spend a lot of time on preparatory operations and not to store a large amount of the fuel mixture, it is usually prepared in an amount equivalent to 3-4 gas stations of the chainsaw. Mixing can only be done correctly with measuring utensils.

Some tool manufacturers include special containers with markings for the level of pure gasoline and its mixture with oil.

In general, you need to take a clean and dry bottle or canister and pour the required amount of gasoline into it using a funnel. After that, dilute the gasoline by adding oil to it. It is convenient to measure it using a syringe of the required volume without a needle. Close the container with a lid and achieve uniform mixing with oscillating movements. The oils used are painted in bright colors, so the finished mixture will have a shade by which it can be easily distinguished from pure gasoline and confidently refueled into the tank.

How much gasoline does a chainsaw consume

Most gasoline saws have fuel tanks between 0.3 and 1.0 liters. How often you need to pour the fuel mixture into the chainsaw depends on the chosen brand, engine power and work intensity. In logging and wood construction, professional chainsaws are used, characterized by high power and a long period of continuous operation. For housekeeping in a country house, in a country house or in the periodic manufacture of wood products, less productive, but light and convenient household models are used. For a professional tool with a power of 5-6 kW, fuel consumption when sawing logs can reach 3.0 l / h. For less powerful models with an engine of 1.5-2.0 kW, it fluctuates at the level of 0.6-0.8 l / h.

How long the diluted prepared mixture can be stored

The shelf life of the prepared oil-gasoline mixture is 1 month. Chainsaw manufacturers in the operating instructions recommend not to prepare a large amount of a fuel mixture. The best option is to prepare a mixture for work and full use, and then refill the fuel if necessary.

It is generally undesirable to store the mixture in the fuel tank of a chainsaw for longer than two to three weeks. When not using the tool, it is recommended to drain the fuel and dry the tank.

How to refuel a chainsaw

Let’s take a look at how to refuel your chainsaw. Failure to feed the saw correctly could pose a threat to the life and limb of the operator.

There are rules that must be followed when refueling the saw:

  • do not spill oil and fuel mixture;
  • the place where the saw will be refueled must be flat;
  • the place must be more than 2 m away from the area where the device will be used;
  • the site must be located away from fire; no smoking in this place;
  • while the fuel tank is filling, you need to fill the oil tank, which is intended for automatic chain lubrication; you can distinguish containers by special icons;
  • before pouring, wipe the container necks with a rag;
  • during operation, grease and gasoline must not be spilled, so you need to be careful when unscrewing the canister caps; when refueling, it is better to use a funnel;
  • care should be taken when screwing the lid with the latch;
  • experts advise not to fill the container completely, but to leave some free space.
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During the operation of a properly refueled chainsaw, it is necessary to regularly check the tightness of the containers and the operation of the motor. If the chain gets too hot, or gasoline is consumed too quickly (faster than oil), this should alert you. Before starting work, the chainsaw is run in.

With proper operation of the chainsaw, 1 tank of gasoline should be enough for 30 minutes of operating the device at maximum load. When gasoline runs out, there is still lubricant in the second container, but in a small amount.

Mixing principle and proportions

Oil from all manufacturers, except for Husqvarna, must be diluted at a ratio of 1:33, that is, the output will be a 3% mixture with the following composition: 30 grams of oil is required per liter of gasoline.

How to start and fuel a chainsaw

Husqvarna oil is mixed at a ratio of 1:50, the output is a mixture of 2%, which contains 20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline.

The volume of the chainsaw tank differs based on the engine power and its capacity (in cc). The average capacity of gasoline tanks for chainsaws is from 300 to 600 ml and more, oil tanks. from 200 to 400 ml. and more. The more horsepower the saw gives out, the more gasoline is placed in the gas tank.

The average fuel consumption per hour for a chainsaw is from 257 to 380 g / kW / h. The consumption of the gasoline-oil mixture depends on such indicators as the degree of load on the chainsaw, operating time without shutdown, the condition of the saw chain and tire, the coordination of the carburetor, as well as the model of the chainsaw.

For example, the latest generation of saws consume fuel more economically than older models.

Proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw. preparing a mixture for refueling a two-stroke engine

Suitable brands of oils and their classifications

In order to dilute the fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine, the following types of engine oils are used: synthetic, semi-synthetic. It is undesirable to use mineral oils, since they tend to solidify at low temperatures, and, moreover, are more expensive. Recommended type of oil for pouring with gasoline for mixing: oil for two-stroke air-cooled engines.

Modern manufacturers of fuels and lubricants label oils by types: synthetics, mineral, semi-synthetics, so it will be difficult to make a mistake with the choice. Note that European oil quality standards have been lowered, however the Swedish brand Husqvarna has kept the old standard as a reference. This is why the dilution ratio of Husqvarna oil with gasoline is lower than that of other brands.

How to choose your chainsaw oil

Oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines should be selected for more stringent requirements. Experts recommend using a mineral or semi-synthetic lubricating fluid, which is designed for 2-stroke internal combustion engines used at high speeds.

The advantage of using mineral oil for chainsaws is its low price. Synthetic fluids are more expensive, but have improved quality indicators and meet European standards.

Synthetic oils can be used with a large temperature difference, they do not create carbon deposits, they contain additives useful for engine operation.

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Scepter Oil & Gas Can Combo

Motor oil is produced by a large number of manufacturers, both foreign and Russian. The best quality oils are made by Husqvarna. According to some characteristics of branded products, domestic oil of the Lukoil brand is inferior.

Benefits of branded products:

  • economical consumption;
  • preservation of quality during prolonged storage or operation in adverse conditions;
  • a small amount of toxins;
  • no carbon deposits.

In professional and household saws, oils prepared according to the American API-TB technology are used. An analogue of this Japanese-made JASO-FB product is also used. Liquid, which was created for 4-stroke engines, cannot be used to make a mixture.

The color of the oil, for example, green, red, indicates that the product is manufactured by a certain company. When selecting indicators and characteristics of a product, color is not taken into account. Carefully choose engine oil, the manufacturer and composition of which is unknown.

Until further data on performance and product quality is obtained, it is best not to use this oil for now. You can mix motor oils with each other, which have the same characteristics of purpose and composition, which are products of famous brands and are of high quality. Mineral and synthetic oils must not be mixed.

To prepare a high-quality mixture, it is necessary to use those branded oils or their analogues, which are recommended by the instruction manual for the chainsaw. For example, fuels and lubricants of the Husqvarna and STIHL categories can be substituted for each other.

Experts do not advise using grease in the gearbox for chainsaws, which is produced for 2-stroke engines of mopeds and motor boats. The motors of such devices are used in milder external conditions, due to which they have low requirements for quality indicators.

Storage advice

The mixture must be prepared in the amount necessary to carry out a small amount of work, since with long-term storage of the solution, its quality characteristics deteriorate. The prepared mixture must be spent within several days.

A fuel mixture that has been stored for about a month will reduce engine performance. Resinous substances are formed in the nodes, and carbon deposits appear, the piston rings lose their mobility. The longest shelf life of the mixture is no more than 2 weeks. During this period, the solution will not lose its quality. If the air temperature is more than 25ÂșC, then the shelf life of the product is reduced to 10 days.

How To Fix a ChainSaw if You Put Oil in the Gas Tank. Video

gasoline, chainsaw

Some experts allow the use of an expired mixture to save money. To do this, it can be spent gradually, gradually mixing it into a fresh solution in a volume of no more than 10% of the total amount of the mixture. The finished gasoline-oil mixture must be filtered.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, then you can ensure the reliable operation of the chainsaw. Also, when performing work, safety precautions must be observed, since the chainsaw works using a chain rotating at high speeds and, if the rules of operation are violated, it can pose a danger to the worker himself and the people around him.

What gasoline is better to pour into a chainsaw

The chainsaw is started by an engine running on a mixture of gasoline and oil adapted to the ambient conditions. It is necessary to observe the proportions of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw, then the device will work stably. To achieve high power, the saw is used at high engine speeds. Therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the quality of lubricants and fuel.