What kind of oil can be poured into a uniaxial tractor

Oil for walk-behind tractor: selection and self-replacement

What type of oil is recommended for use for a walk-behind tractor and how should it be changed? The solution to this issue must be taken seriously, since the period of operation and the quality of the engine’s functioning depend on which oil to fill in a uniaxial tractor.

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Oil change in the walk-behind tractor

After about 100 hours of using the engine, it is necessary to change the oil in the walk-behind tractor, sometimes this procedure must be done after 50 hours. It is necessary to use only the form that meets all the requirements and conditions of use. So what kind of oil to pour into a uniaxial tractor?

What kind of oil to fill in a uniaxial tractor?

The whole procedure, based on which oil to pour into the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor and how to replace it, begins with the use of transmission substances. Before starting the replacement, you should initially track the level of the used oil, then wipe the dipstick with a rag. In the normal state, the lubrication level in the walk-behind tractor should be between the divisions that mean the minimum and maximum. If the level of lubricants falls below a certain level, then it must be increased.

The oil change procedure consists of several operations:

  • it is necessary to install the uniaxial tractor horizontally;
  • using a strong screwdriver, remove the plug on the drain tank;
  • drain the contents into a previously prepared container (the volume must be at least 2 liters), the duration of the entire process will take about 20 minutes;
  • screw back the drain tank cap;
  • pour the required amount of oil for motoblocks into the gearbox, then close the hole. Be careful when filling with oil so that it does not drip down the walls.

Sometimes users buy walk-behind tractors without lubricants, in this case they will need to be filled with fresh ones before they can be used. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, you need to use high-quality, reliable and suitable oil for the walk-behind tractor. Particular attention should be paid to the viscosity (the indicator is indicated on the label). According to this criterion, the best option would be oil labeled SAI, API. But first, you need to carefully read the manual, which will clearly indicate the recommended lubrication variation.

The oil for the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor is different, and its quality almost always depends on the cost. But in any case, its high cost will pay off, because engine repairs will cost a pretty penny, and even become a big nuisance.

It is important to use, if possible, oil from well-known manufacturers, their high-quality lubrication will protect the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor. The main thing in this matter is not to fall for a fake. When choosing an oil, pay attention to its properties, as well as what season it is intended for.

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Motor oils for motoblocks of popular brands

These or those engine oils can be suitable for lubricating engines of various motoblocks. Let’s take a look at which lubricants meet the guidelines of the most popular agricultural engine engine manufacturers.

Oil for a diesel walk-behind tractor. what to remember when choosing?

According to API standards, lubricants are divided into three types. for gasoline engines, for diesel engines and universal oils that can be used for all types of internal combustion engines.

If gasoline is used for the walk-behind tractor when refueling, then in this case, to lubricate the engine, you will need to buy engine oil, the packaging of which has a two-letter marking. The first must be the letter S, and the next one must be one of the letters A, B, C, F, G, H or J. If diesel fuel is used for refueling for a walk-behind tractor, then in order to lubricate the engine, it is necessary to buy oil, on the package of which it is mandatory the letter C is indicated.

Multipurpose engine oils are identified by a double marking, which indicates the possibility of use for lubricating both types of internal combustion engines. These engine oils, for example, can be labeled SG / CD or SF / CC.

Organic Mike cold start tractor part 2 on Vegetable Oil

This important question is of interest to the vast majority of novice farmers. Before giving an answer to it, it is necessary to study the technical characteristics of the walk-behind tractor available on the farm, and specifically. the cycle of its motor. For this feature, all internal combustion engines are divided among themselves into 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

The fuel / engine oil mixture should only be used in 2-stroke engines. In the process of its preparation, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the proportion indicated by the manufacturer in the manual for the walk-behind tractor attached to the kit. When refueling motoblocks powered by 4-stroke engines, you do not need to perform this procedure, since the operation of 4 strokes of such engines is supported by pure gasoline.

It should be remembered that it is impossible to dilute a diesel engine with engine oil to refuel diesel motoblocks, since all such motors belong to the class of 4-stroke internal combustion engines. If you do not follow this rule and pour a mixture of fuel and engine oil into the 4-stroke engine, this will inevitably lead to engine breakdown, which will result in the need for expensive repairs.

Ignorance of the answer to this question often causes breakdown of practically new agricultural machines. The answer to it is quite simple. in no case should you use car oil to lubricate the engine of the walk-behind tractor.

The thing is that the produced lubricant for the walk-behind tractor engine and the agent for the car motor are different in their composition liquids. Each of them has its own temperature regimes, as well as the principles of the lubrication itself. In motoblock engines, engine oil is distributed by splashing, therefore, for such engines, it is necessary to use lubricants, which contain special additives. Otherwise, the engine of the walk-behind tractor will fail quickly enough.

Oils for motoblocks


For the operation of these popular American engines, which are equipped with Neva MB-1, MB-2 walk-behind tractors and other popular units, you should use BriggsStratton 10W-30 branded semi-synthetic engine oil. Such engines are characterized by the consumption of a large amount of engine oil, therefore, during their operation, it is very important to regularly check the presence and amount of lubricant.

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Changing the oil in the engine of the walk-behind tractor

The working life of the engine of an agricultural unit depends not only on the quality of its components and assembly, but also on how correctly and how often you will change the engine oil. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can extend the life of the unit and save it from typical breakdowns.

To change the lubricant in the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to preheat the motor of the unit. To change the oil in the engine of the walk-behind tractor, you need to proceed in the following order:

  • First place the unit in a horizontal position. Holes for filling and draining oil are always located on the left side of the walk-behind tractor engine. The oil remaining inside the motor must be drained through the drain hole, which is closed with a conical threaded plug. If the plug is twisted too tightly, then you can unscrew it with a long screwdriver;
  • Place a wide container with a minimum volume of 2 liters under the drain hole and slowly unscrew the plug. After finally removing it, wait 10 minutes until the lubricant is completely drained from the walk-behind tractor engine;
  • After that, tighten the drain plug and start filling with new engine oil. It is best if you choose 10W40 synthetic or mineral oil as a new formulation. Its volume should be equal to the amount of previously drained oil.

The lubricant in the engine of the walk-behind tractor should be changed at least once every 25-30 hours of operation. If you do not use the unit too often, and all the work takes you about the same amount of time, then you can change the oil once a year. At the same time, remember that if you do not have time to work 30 hours per season, then the oil still needs to be changed, since during the idle time of the walk-behind tractor, the properties of the composition noticeably deteriorate.

If you have just purchased a single-axle tractor, then you need to change the lubricant in its motor after the first 5 hours of operation of the unit. The fact is that after assembling new motoblocks, small debris remaining inside the motor enters the oil, which leads to engine jamming and the appearance of minor breakdowns. In order for the motor of the new unit to be completely cleaned, the oil in it will need to be replaced three more times. 2 times after 5 hours of operation, and the third. after 10 hours.

Can motor oil be poured into a uniaxial tractor?

This question is very relevant, especially among novice farmers. Many of them use automotive engine oil, considering that there is absolutely no difference between it and the composition for filling the motor-block motor.

In fact, using car oil is a big mistake. The fact is that such a tool does not have the characteristics that are needed for the proper operation of the walk-behind tractor. This results in accelerated wear of the cylinders and the piston group of the motor, which leads to a breakdown of the walk-behind tractor and the need to completely replace its engine.

To prevent this, you should use a specialized motor oil for a walk-behind tractor, the composition of which fully meets the requirements of an agricultural machine. To fill the motor, you can use 2-stroke or 4-stroke oil. it all depends on the type of engine of the walk-behind tractor.

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The manufacturer of the lubricant is also of great importance. formulations from popular brands have proven themselves best in practice: Shell, Mobile, Castrol and Liqui Moly. they work equally well in engines manufactured by BriggsStratton, Subaru and other well-known companies. The third important factor is the seasonality of the engine oil. it depends on this characteristic at what temperatures the composition begins to lose its most important properties. In order not to miscalculate, we advise you to choose an oil for an all-season walk-behind tractor. it does not lose its characteristics at temperatures ranging from 25 to 40 ° C.

Oil for a diesel walk-behind tractor. features of choice

When choosing engine oil for a diesel walk-behind tractor, you should follow the instructions in the operating instructions. However, if the instructions for use have been lost, then you will have to study the formulations on the market more carefully.

Diesel engine oils are classified into the following categories. To determine the type and conformity of the composition for a specific walk-behind tractor, special markings indicated on the container with grease will help:

  • API CJ-4. formulations with this marking are designed specifically for motoblocks with a capacity of 10 liters or more. from. and more. The composition of these lubricants has a high viscosity, which guarantees the correct operation of all elements of the motor unit;
  • API CI-4. these oils should be used for engines equipped with different types of injection and pressurization. Such oils have good dispersing properties and high thermal oxidation stability;
  • API CH-4. lubricants with this marking fully comply with all modern requirements and quality standards. Among the advantages of these compositions, one should highlight the ability to fill them in diesel engines running on fuel, the percentage of sulfur in which exceeds 0.5%;
  • API CA. formulations of this type are optimal in cases where diesel fuel contains a small amount of sulfur. Oils with such markings protect the walk-behind tractor engine from the formation of harmful deposits on its walls;
  • API CB. the use of oils of this oil reduces the risk of corrosion of motoblock bearings;
  • API CC. such oils will be the best option for a turbocharged engine without a supercharger. These compounds help walk-behind tractors to withstand prolonged loads and work properly in difficult conditions;
  • API CF-2. oils of this group show themselves well when used in motoblocks that are subject to heavy loads.

After purchasing a suitable engine oil, you can proceed to pouring it into the motor of the walk-behind tractor. The procedure is quite simple:

  • Place the unit in a horizontal position first;
  • Place a wide container under the drain hole in the engine and remove the plug by gently prying it off with a screwdriver;
  • Wait until the old oil is drained from the motor, and screw the plug back into the hole;
  • Fill the engine with at least 2 liters of new lubricant.


Remember that the oil in new walk-behind tractors should be changed three times with an interval of 5 hours of moderate use. After that, it is required to replace it no more than 1 time in 25 hours of operation of the walk-behind tractor.