A boat motor from a lawnmower with your own hands

What to make from the boat motor. Homemade boat motors. How to make an electric outboard boat motor with your own hands

A boat motor can be made of many mechanisms that gather dust in a shed or garage and are not used as intended.

It often happens that the equipment breaks down, and to fix it you need to spend more than half the cost of a new device. In this case it is much easier to buy a new device, and put the old one aside and use it as source of spare parts and various nuts and bolts. It is from such devices that you can make a boat motor.

If there are no such devices, you can inexpensively buy such a mechanism on the secondary market. The main thing in such devices is to have a functioning engine.

Boat motor from a grass trimmer

By minimally changing the design of the grass trimmer you can arrange an excellent pulling unit for a boat of any design. The engine and transmission in such a device is already there, it is enough to make a mount for the boat, and instead of a reel with a fishing line or a disk to install a propeller.

Before making a boat motor from a grass trimmer, it should be understood that the power of such devices is very low, and it is unlikely to move against a strong current.

Grass trimmer as a boat motor is ideal when used on a lake or pond.

The disadvantages of using this device should include a high level of noise. Besides, at small speed you will have to breathe absolutely all products of “vital activity” of this system.

A boat motor from a screwdriver

Excellent indicators in terms of noise production and environmental friendliness have boat motors on electric traction. You can make a motor for the boat from a screwdriver, but the power of the device should not be less than 300 watts. To transfer torque to the propeller, which is located underwater, you can use a flexible shaft from a grass trimmer.

A small aluminum propeller from a car fan is used as a propeller, and car batteries with a capacity of 60 A/h are used to ensure a long operating time of such a device.

The disadvantages of such designs is the need to carry a fully-charged car battery. The weight of such a part is more than 20 kg. The disadvantages include the limited power of such a motor, after discharging the battery will need to manually drive the boat again.

Boat motor from a power tiller

The most powerful of the homemade boat motors is a device made from a motor-block. Technique for the processing of the homestead plot is equipped with a robust and durable four-stroke combustion engines, which, when installed on a watercraft,

will allow him to develop a decent speed, both upstream and downstream. Such engines have considerable weight and are not usually used on PVC boats.

The easiest way to install a boat motor of this design is to make minimal modifications to the basic structure. It is enough to attach a single-axle tractor to the hull of the boat, and install aluminum blades instead of cutters. The blades must be in line with the shaft, which in this case is perpendicular to the movement of the watercraft The blades are rectangular plates, the lower half of which must be lowered into the water, and the upper part should be free to move in the air. Such a device of a rowing wheel, will allow you to move at high speed even in places where the depth does not exceed half a meter. A boat engine made from a motorcycle copes well with the swift current.

Other options

Make a homemade motor can be made not only using trimmers for grass and screwdrivers as a basis. If there is a desire to design a boat motor yourself and has a significant reserve of time and money, then as a power unit you can use any technical device equipped with an internal combustion engine or driven by an electric motor.

Many craftsmen put motorcycle engines on the boat. In this case it is possible to regulate the speed of the propeller with the help of gearbox switching. Powerful 12-volt motors, which are used in various mechanisms, can be successfully used as boat motors.

Features of the homemade engine

When converting the motor, it is worth considering that they were developed to perform different functions. Grass trimmer functions at high revolutions and a small torque, and the boat motor must do the opposite. Therefore, the redesign of the device requires special tools and even a drawing.

The grass trimmer engine is more convenient and easier to construct, since it has a number of necessary component mechanisms:

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  • very economical engine;
  • an unpainted fuel tank built in, allowing easy control of the fuel quantity;
  • The presence of a starter and gas in the device;
  • a boom equipped with a rigid shaft.

It remains only to buy the missing parts or make them yourself and you can proceed to the manufacture of the engine for the boat.

A grass trimmer functions at high revolutions and low torque, while a boat motor must do the opposite

What you can do

There are several options for fine-tuning the grass trimmer under the motor for the swimmer.

A very simple method, but requires additional financial expenses.

boat, motor, lawnmower, your

You will need to buy the following parts:

  • Clamp to secure the unit to the boat transom.
  • Propeller. You can buy a ready-made set over the Internet, because in stores such products may not be available. The package includes a special drive, made of stainless steel, as well as universal adapters for the flexible shaft of the trimmer for grass, which allows not to bother with the fact that they will fit your model of lawnmower or not.

Sometimes the kit may include a clamp, so before you buy it, clarify what is included in the kit.

The drawing for attaching to the trimmer is in the manual. For installation will take about half an hour.

For the conversion you will need an angle reducer from an angle grinder, a propeller, which can be cut from a sheet of stainless steel, as well as seals and bearings for the fasteners. This method allows you to get the maximum speed, despite the small pitch of the propeller. In the field, the device requires additional adjustment, which is done with a pair of pliers.

This method is done as much as possible with your own hands. Let’s consider it in more detail on the example of a lawnmower with a two-stroke motor of 25 cm3. The device weighs 4.5 kg and has a power of 700 W and is equipped with a bent leg. Grass trimmer with such power allows the boat to move at a speed of about 5-7 km/h. For this, you need an angle gearbox from an angle grinder, a screw, which you can cut from a sheet of stainless steel, as well as gaskets and bearings for the fasteners

What you need

You will need materials as well as tools to make it:

  • grass trimmer.
  • Duralumin with a thickness of 2 mm. You need it for the propeller.
  • A clamp or any other device for attaching the unit to the boat.
  • Welding machine.
  • Fixing elements.
  • Additional tools for work.

All necessary elements can be purchased or made by yourself. You may need the drawing for constructing a homemade propeller, but not for the drive. The size of the propeller directly depends on the drive power, as well as the weight of the watercraft. For example, a propeller with dimensions of 10×3 cm is able to move a vehicle weighing about 120 kg.

Fabrication instructions

To make a boat engine from an ordinary grass trimmer you will need to do the following steps:

For running-in of the homemade engine you will need a tank of gasoline (0,5 l.) with oil at a ratio of 1:40. One tank of fuel can cover about 10 km of territory. Speed of the watercraft with such a motor is in the range of 5,6. 7,9 km/h depending on the load of the boat.

  • It is much easier to convert a grass trimmer with a straight shaft.If the rod has a bent shape, it will need to be replaced completely, because the steel rope will not be able to transmit the necessary torque. To modify the bent shaft you need to use a duralumin tube, press a sleeve of bronze into it and mount it in an appropriately fitted holder.
  • The screw should be made from a drawing of duralumin.Its dimensions can always be adjusted if necessary.
  • Screw mounting should be done in place of the trimmer head.Be sure to make a ring nozzle to protect the cylinders.
  • You can order ready-made kits on the Internet and save time creating the elements yourself.The set has all the necessary adapters to the shaft and drive, sometimes it even includes a clamp.
  • The device can be operated using the starter grip, but it is often inconvenient to use.It can be easily replaced with a normal bicycle gear shift.
  • To mount the motor, a screw clamp is used, and the mounting itself is made on the boat transom.

The engine on the boat makes the life of the owner much easier. However, gasoline engines make a lot of noise and consume a lot of resources. The alternative to this kind of motive power. electric motors. They are quiet units that run on cheap electricity and are slightly inferior to gasoline boat engines in efficiency. This version of the engine will cost less, the more so, you can make an electric motor on a boat with your own hands.

In the name “electric motor” lies the essence of the device, which it denotes. An electric motor for boats means a unit that propels a watercraft by the movement of the blades. Its action is based on physical laws. The feature of electric motors is the resource that they consume to perform their functions.

Fuel-powered boat motors are common around the world today. The electric motor for the boat, unlike similar units, works due to the consumption of electricity, not gasoline. Among some boat owners there is a widespread opinion about the low efficiency of such devices. However, it is erroneous. If properly designed, the electric motor is capable of providing enough thrust to move the watercraft through the water at normal speed.

Ways to make a boat motor from a grass trimmer

There are three ways to make a boat motor from a grass trimmer. Between themselves they differ in the parts used and the principle of self-assembly.

The method

This method stands out for its simplicity and economy.

It will be necessary to prepare for the work:

  • String clamp, which is necessary to mount the device on the transom of the boat;
  • Propeller. you can buy it readymade in a store. The unit comes standard with a drive unit made of stainless steel and adapters to be connected to the flexible shaft of the utility brushcutter. Some models of screws are sold together with clamps, so the buyer will need to clarify in advance the set of parts included.

As a rule, there is already a ready-made drawing in the propeller kit. This saves you the trouble of finding the necessary schematics. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to install a boat motor.

The method

To assemble the boat engine, the manufacturer will need to prepare an angle reducer, which can be removed from the angle grinder. You also need a propeller for modification. it can be cut from a sheet of stainless steel and bend the resulting blades at the desired angle.

Despite the relatively small pitch of the resulting propeller, this method of remaking makes it possible to achieve the maximum possible speed of the engine. The only disadvantage is the need for additional engine adjustment, for which you can use the pliers.

The method

This method differs from the others with the ability to make some parts for the boat engine with your own hands. This requires a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 25 cm3. The power of the motor from the grass trimmer should not be less than 0.7 kW, and its weight. no more than 4.5 kg. The unit must be equipped with a bent leg. The engine from the grass trimmer, which meets all these parameters, will make it possible to move the boat with a speed of 5 to 8 km / h with minimal fuel consumption. About the principles of its manufacture in more detail below.

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Making an engine from an electric screwdriver

Good homemade motors for boats are obtained on the basis of cordless screwdrivers. It looks optimal to use the device, which has a battery voltage of 12V. It will be possible to connect a car battery with a capacity of 45-55 Ah to such an electric motor. Improvement will consist of several stages.

Lifting mechanism

The propeller of an electric motor for a boat, made by his own hands, must move not only in the horizontal plane, but have a certain immersion limit and rise completely out of the water. The simplest design is the clamping system to which the motor is attached. It is rigidly attached to the transom with a steel frame and plate. The clamps are equipped with rings through which the tube will pass. A shaft made of steel wire or rod will run inside. Appropriately sized bearings are pressed inside the tube to ensure easy sliding.

Gearbox and propeller

the electric screwdriver is capable of generating the high rotational speeds required for drilling. The self-made electric motor for the boat doesn’t need such great speed, so a reducer is installed to reduce it. The most suitable option is to attach the gearbox from an angle grinder. In the chuck of the electric screwdriver is enough to clamp the top of the shaft to ensure a secure connection.

The role of a propeller can play the impeller from a car pump or computer cooler. But such an electric motor, made by your own hands, will not be able to provide the boat with the necessary speed. You can make a propeller from a piece of stainless steel 2.5-3.0 mm thick.

  • First of all it is necessary to cut a square billet 30×30 cm in size.
  • In the center, a square with a side length of 5 cm is marked. Diagonal lines are drawn through the corners. On these will be cut to a small square.
  • Each petal should be rounded and rotated along the axis by 30 degrees.
  • In the central part there is a hole for attaching it to the gearbox.
  • It remains to connect everything securely and test the resulting boat electric motor with their own hands.

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Redesigning the device

It is worth saying that such a tool as a chainsaw is successfully used in many cases, in which you need to manually make a motor for something. In order to implement the conceived, it is necessary to make only small changes in the design. When making a boat motor from a chainsaw, the number of changes made will be minimal, and therefore the device will retain the ability to perform its primary function.

However, you will have to choose: either a great saw or a good motor, but with low power. Here the main factor will be the price. If you compare the purchased product with approximately the same characteristics as a motor from a chainsaw, then the cost of the second version is almost three times lower.

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Device and principle of operation

The principle of operation of a homemade motor for a boat from a chainsaw does not differ from the factory products: the motor gives the torque, which is transmitted through a reducer to the propeller with reduced speed and sets the boat in motion. The entire structure is attached to the transom of the boat with a homemade clamp welded to the tube. A simple threaded connection does an excellent job and reliably fixes the motor in position.

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Design and principle of operation of the device

The principle of operation of a homemade motor for a boat from a chainsaw does not differ from the factory-made products: the engine produces torque, which is transmitted through a reducer to the propeller with reduced speed and sets the boat in motion. The entire structure is attached to the boat transom with a homemade clamp welded to the tube. An ordinary threaded connection does the job perfectly and securely holds the motor in position.

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Getting ready for work: the required technical base

To re-equip the chainsaw under the motor for the boat, will come in handy:

  • Gasoline saw. in this example this is a STIHL MS 180;
  • gearbox;
  • propeller mechanism, which you can make yourself or take from the engine;
  • lathe for turning work;
  • gauges;
  • metal angle;
  • angle grinder and power drill;
  • mounts.

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Ready-made nozzle kit

At the moment there are ready-made mower attachments that allow you to convert your mower to a boat motor with minimal effort.

The attachment already has a ready-made solution for attaching it to the gasoline engine of your grass trimmer.

Also attached to the boom is a control handle with a silencer button. The throttle grip is designed similar to a bicycle grip (meaning a bicycle with a gear shift) and has a ratchet that locks the selected position.

This kit even includes a special clamp designed to mount the entire structure on the boat (on the transom of the boat).

The grass trimmer attachment is easy to assemble, since its construction is very simple. All that’s left to do is:

If you read the reviews on the Internet about this device, they are mostly positive.


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Methods for making a boat engine from a brushcutter

The easiest way to make a motor on the watercraft is to use brushcutter with a straight leg (rod) and, accordingly, a rigid shaft. In this case all reworking comes down to the production of a propeller, which can be cut from a strip of stainless steel or duralumin. The workpiece size. 100х30х2 mm. The blades should be given a curved form, for which you need to bend them by about 10 mm. Edges of the propeller need to be sharpened. An example of a simplified propeller drawing is shown in the figure below.

Important! The size, quantity of blades and angle of their bend are chosen individually, based on the weight and size parameters of the boat and the engine power of the grass trimmer.

The produced propeller is installed in place of the trimmer head. It would be desirable to use a ring attachment, which would not allow the propeller to damage the boat. In more detail the process of refining grass trimmer with their own hands is shown on

Modifying the gearbox of an angle grinder

To achieve maximum engine speed, you can equip the trimmer for grass with an angle reducer from the angle grinder, which first need to finalize. Glands and bearings may be needed. The process of finalizing gearbox itself is to replace regular short shaft with a longer one, corresponding to the size of the boom trimmer for grass. However, to do so, the gearbox must be disassembled.

Important! The shape and fitting dimensions of the new shaft must correspond to the parameters of the component removed from the gearbox. This in turn makes it possible to use the existing bearings and pinion in the gearbox.

After making a new shaft, the gearbox is assembled, pre-protecting the bearing gland, excluding the penetration of water into it. In addition, it is recommended to apply thick grease to the existing gears or fill the inner cavity of the housing with it. Use rubber gaskets and/or sealant to seal the body.

On a side note! Increasing the speed of the trimmer engine through the gearbox, the propeller should be mounted on the output shaft of the latter.

Modification of grass trimmer with bent boom

If the owner of the boat has a lawnmower, the boom of which is bent, the latter must be dismantled and replaced by a straight tube of the appropriate diameter, made of duralumin. If the diameter of the new tube is larger than the size of the hole in the engine block, the landing place will need to be turned to the right size. The procedure for reworking is as follows (see “Repairing the Spool” on page 13). drawing).

  • First unscrew the standard nut 2, which is located in the bobbin with cord. At the same time it is categorically not recommended to throw away the fasteners removed from the boom, as the manufacturers of brushcutters often use their own types of threaded connections, which do not correspond to the standard ones.
  • Then unscrew the original nut 4 and remove the stern tube (pos. 8) and flexible (pos.9) shafts.
  • Then a plain bearing 6 is cut out (this has a bronze sleeve at the end of the shaft).
  • Then the plastic protector 10 is knocked out of the rod.
  • The previously removed plain bearing 6 is pressed into a previously selected straight pipe 7. It may be necessary to bore the tube for this.
  • Then the plain bearing 6 is carefully pressed with a hammer on the groove 5. It is important not to damage the pressed bronze bush.
  • Then the plastic protector 10 is cut in place and firmly inserted into the tube 7.
  • Then the stern shaft is connected to the steel rod, which will replace the flexible shaft 9. The help of a turner may be necessary for this.
  • The final step is to attach the propeller 3 to the stern shaft 8 using nut 2.

The assembled bar is connected to the motor with the help of specially made adapters, whose shape and size depend on the design features of a particular model of trimmer for grass.

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Materials and tools required

To remake the grass trimmer into a boat motor, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • lawnmower with a power of at least 2.2 kW (3 l.с.);
  • sheet of stainless steel or dural thickness of 2 mm and dimensions of at least 10×3 cm;
  • steel rod with a length equal to the length of the straight part of the grass trimmer boom;
  • Thread tap. Diameter must match the diameter of the metal rod;
  • Handbrake handle from a bicycle
  • a clamp for fixing the grass trimmer on the stern of the boat.

As fasteners it is convenient to use the hulls of old manual meat grinders. After sawing off the top of the meat trimmer, there is still a sturdy clamp, to which you can easily weld or screw the engine.

Of the tools will be needed:

Tap for threading the steel rod

A welding machine also comes in handy. Most metal joints do not involve their further disassembly, so it is faster and safer to tack the metal by welding than to drill and adjust the holes for screw connections.

Advantages of using the grass trimmer

First of all, it is worth considering the main advantages of using a grass trimmer to make a boat motor:

  • the cost of the grass trimmer is much lower than the cost of a complete motor for the boat;
  • Very economical fuel consumption;
  • reliability in operation;
  • small weight, which is very important when using the grass trimmer on rubber boats;
  • Built-in translucent fuel tank, through the walls of which the gasoline level is clearly visible;
  • fairly airtight construction;
  • A rigid shaft is installed in the boom;
  • ready-to-use elements (starter and gas) are available to control the unit.

All these qualities of the unit put it in the first place, if you take into account other options for remodeling. So, to trimmer for grass (requires power from 0.7 kW) turned into a full-fledged boat motor, it is necessary to purchase a special set of attachments or make them with their own hands.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a grass trimmer?

To create a boat motor from a lawnmower, a tool with a straight bar will do. If the grass trimmer boom is curved. you will have to work on its improvement.

The rework follows this algorithm:

    First remove the original nut (marked with number 2 in the drawing below). Do not throw it away and do not lose it, as it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.

If it is not possible to buy a ready-made set for modification, which was mentioned earlier, the adjusting handle can be taken from a sports bike handle.

The propeller can also be made by yourself from a piece of duralumin, using the drawing below:

The pitch is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. The angle is adjusted with the pliers. To do this, the workpiece is preheated.

To refuel the motor from the grass trimmer on the boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute gasoline with oil in the appropriate proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not expose the engine to high loads. this will be the break-in period. Depending on the power of the engine, a boat with such a motor can reach a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

Below is a video that demonstrates the work of such a unit:

Making an engine mount for mounting the engine on the boat

Install a homemade boat motor from a lawnmower, you can use a ready-made clamp. But if in the garage you have an old meat grinder, it will not be difficult to make a motor mount with which it can be mounted on the transom:

  • Using an angle grinder cut out the bottom of the grinder and drill a hole with a diameter of 12 mm in the transverse plane of the hull.
  • At a stud with a diameter of section of 12 mm and a length of 100 mm to flatten one end and drill a hole with a diameter of 6 mm in the resulting plane.
  • Insert into the resulting hole a bolt with a suitable cross-sectional diameter. The grass trimmer ring will be put on it, which was originally designed to attach the belt.
  • Now the homemade mount can be connected to the boat transom with a stud and nut. Install the motor and secure it with the appropriate nut.

Motor for the boat with his own hands

You can make a homemade boat motor out of a grass trimmer. First you have to prepare the materials and tools:

  • Grass trimmer with a capacity of 3 liters.с.;
  • 2 mm thick steel plate for the propeller;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners;
  • a clamp to install the motor on the side of the boat;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill.

Drawings showing all the dimensions, components and assemblies required for the operation, as well as the assembly diagram and procedure, should be made before the work is carried out.

You need to find out the size of the propeller, which depends on the power and weight of the boat with the load. It is necessary to take into account that a screw with dimensions of 3×10 cm, installed on the engine, can carry a boat with passengers with a total weight of up to 120 kg.

Work steps to make a motor from a gasoline mower:

  • To make a motor for a boat, you must first remake the bent shaft.
  • Then make a propeller.
  • Replace the plastic motor liner with a derailleur.
  • Attach the shaft to the engine from the mower.

Redesigning a bent shaft

The bent shaft must first be reworked. To do this, you need to take a nut with a height of 2 cm in the form of a cylinder with a notch inside. The unscrewed nuts and bolts must be kept as they have non-standard threads. Then redo the boom with a rigid shaft. Remove the flexible shaft from the rod by removing the nut.

The end of the rod has no bearings, a bushing replaces them, so it must be cut out. Remove the tread. Since the metal pipe is bent, it is difficult to align it, so it will not be used. Take a dural tube of the same diameter or smaller than the hub.

A bronze sleeve is installed in the tube. To do it, you have to bore the pipe a little. Then the bushing should be carefully pressed into the groove with a hammer. At the same time it is not recommended to apply force so that the bushing does not spoil. The tread is cut to the right diameter and put into the rod. If the tube has a large diameter and it is difficult to fit it into the hole in the head of the engine, it is necessary to grind it to the required size.

Instead of a flexible shaft, take a steel bar and connect it to the motor shaft. Then a screw is screwed onto the shaft and secured with a nut. Then it is necessary to fix to the motor rod with the inner shaft using adapters. These must be made in a lathe workshop. Different mower models may have special features that need to be taken into account.

Using the gearbox from the angle grinder

To create a boat engine on the basis of a haymaker often use a gearbox from an angle grinder. It needs to be reworked. Shaft with a pinion must be replaced by a longer one, which will match the rod. The end of the shaft is made similar to the extracted short shaft, so that the same bearings can be used.

In the places where the bearing is installed, mount the seal, which will protect the angle reducer from water. The gear case is screwed together with sealant. The gearbox is filled with grease to cover the gears.

Propeller making

To make the propeller you need a 100 mm long and 30 mm wide strip of duralumin. If you put the propeller on the table, from it to the blade there must be 10 mm. Adjust the angle of the propeller blades with the pliers. Before this, the dural is annealed. You can make screws with 2 or 3 blades, different sizes. The dimensions of the propeller have to be chosen individually.

Hunting and Fishing Community Blog About the boat motor

Good afternoon fellow anglers! Found such a miracle on the Internet! The design is not complicated, but there are a lot of questions. Maybe somebody uses one and can share their impressions. And another question: whether it is necessary to register this device in Belarus as a boat motor. Thank you all!

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At what speed is its power? You have to get up to 2,500 on the propeller. What to lower it with?? And what is its torque characteristic?? The closer to a diesel motor, the better. In general, I think this is all bullshit.

I support those who are against this miracle motor.Better be patient and buy a normal, at least 5 hp, or better yet 15 hp (if the boat will allow)

I work in a garden service. chinese boat motors hauled in the summer only the noise was worth it. Met this device, a good thing, though air cooling is not a problem, if you look at the summer around town maintenance workers are running with trimmers all day mowing and nothing boils and the motors do not break. This motor has three.8 force, if someone in the garden is a simple gasoline trimmer, you can buy a simple boot and operate in the same way (I found the boot at a price of 8,500rub.) it’s good enough for small rivers. You should not expect anything more. contacted the service and spoke to the mechanic who services these engines. Surprisingly bad feedback from him I have not heard. the price of such motor is 11 500 rubles. Now going to buy a friend of mine this motor and in practice will check out. good luck to all

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Made pretty good quality, starts up without a problem. Economical, convenient “automatic transmission”. The disadvantages. it roars so that I temporarily lost hearing in one ear. Make it quieter is not possible. The speed on my boat is about 8 km/h. A lot of noise in the gearbox, or the clutch mechanism as it heats up, when it falls apart do not know, I drove 10-20 km. Here’s a live photo: www.drive2.ru/l/4062789/

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Lawn mower engine. I have a grass scythe like this 3.3 hp.according to the passport. You can probably put it on a light rubber. but there is something cooler !(

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The engine from the lawnmower. I have a grass scythe like this 3.3hp.♪ the passport says ♪. You could probably put it on a light rubber. ♪ but there’s a cooler thing ♪ !(

) Look out, I’ve been sick for three days.

The engine from the lawnmower. I’ve got a grass braid like that 3.3 hp.♪ according to the passport ♪. You can probably put it on a lightweight rubber band. But there’s a cooler thing !(

) watch out I’ve been waking up for three days.

Lawnmower engine. I have a grass trimmer like this.3c.according to the passport. You can probably put it on a lightweight rubber. but there’s a cooler one !(

I couldn’t get out of my mind for three days.

Gardentool website.under petrol grass trimmers.

Saw a man on a rubber band float once. Cool. Stake on the account should only be as a helicopter!