How to change line on a Stihl trimmer

How to wind the line onto the Patriot trimmer reel?

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Almost every beginner when using a trimmer is faced with the problem of changing the line. While it is very easy to change your line, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Changing the fishing line with proper skill will take no more than five minutes. you just have to constantly practice it. This article will look at changing line using Patriot trimmers as an example.


In order to change the line, you need to remove the old one (if it was).

The reel is the part of the trimmer structure that is located inside the mower head, drum or bobbin. Heads may vary depending on the manufacturer. But this article only covers Patriot, although their mechanism is used by many other companies.

Now you need to understand how to properly remove the head from the trimmer and how to pull the drum out of it.

Instructions on how to unscrew the manual head on the trimmer are described below.

  • First of all, you need to clean the head from dirt and adhering grass, if it is dirty. To do this, lift the mower head up and, grasping the casing, remove the special protective cover on the drum.
  • The next step is to remove the spool from the drum. The reel can be easily removed even with one hand, because it is not fixed in any way inside the drum.
  • The drum itself is fixed in the trimmer with a bolt. This bolt must be unscrewed, after which you can easily pull out the drum. To do this carefully, you should support the drum with the spool, while unscrewing the screw counterclockwise.
  • Now you can pull the coil out. As mentioned above, it is not secured by anything, except for a hook with a metal shaft, so it does not need to be pulled out with force. Carefully, in a circular motion, pull the spool out of the drum.
  • Now it remains to remove the old fishing line and follow the following instructions.

Installation of the spool and drum in their original place is performed according to the reverse algorithm.

Before threading the line, make sure you have purchased the correct thread for the trimmer. In the event that the thread is not suitable, the consumption of fuel or energy increases, as well as the load on the engine of the lawn mowers.

In order to replace the thread itself directly, you need to prepare a piece of thread of the required size. Most often, this requires about 4 m of line. The specific figure will depend on the parameters of the thread, for example, its thickness, as well as on the parameters of the spool itself. If you cannot accurately determine the length, you can do the following: insert and wind the thread until the coil is fully charged (the line level will be compared with the protrusions on the sides of the coil). It is necessary to ensure that the line sits evenly in the reel.

Do not forget that thick thread will be shorter than thin thread.

Stihl Trimmer Head-How To Rewind A 2 String Head. 25-2

The instructions for threading the line into the spool are described below.

  • The prepared thread must be taken and folded in half. It should be ensured that one edge is 0.1-0.15 m longer than the other.
  • Now you need to take the ends in different hands. The one that is smaller must be pulled up to the larger one so that it becomes 2 times shorter. When bending, maintain an offset of 0.15m.
  • Find the notch inside the coil baffle. Carefully pass the loop you made earlier into this slot.
  • To continue working, it is necessary to determine the direction of winding of the thread in the bobbin. To do this, it is enough to inspect the coil. there should be an arrow on it.
  • If the arrow-pointer could not be found, then it is quite possible that there is a written designation. An example is shown in the photo below. It is necessary to inspect the coil head. There is a direction indicator on it. However, this is the direction of travel of the coil. To get the winding direction, you need to wind in the opposite direction.
  • Now you need to load the spool with line. It is worth noting that there are special guide grooves inside the coil. Follow these grooves when winding the thread, otherwise the trimmer may be damaged. At this stage, you need to charge the coil very carefully.
  • When the user winds almost the entire thread, take the short end (do not forget about the 0.15m protrusion) and pull it into the hole located in the wall of the reel. Now you need to repeat this action in the same way with the other end (on the other side).
  • Place the reel itself in the head of the reel, before that threading the line through the holes inside the drum.
  • Now is the time to put the drum back in place. After that, you need to take the ends of the line with both hands and pull them to the sides. Then you need to put the lid back on (here you can safely make efforts until you hear a characteristic click).
  • Remained to do the “cosmetic work”. We need to see if the thread is too long. You can start the trimmer and check in practice if everything is comfortable. If the thread comes out a little long, you can cut it with scissors.
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Frequent mistakes

Although winding the line is a very simple task, many beginners can wind the line incorrectly. Below are the most common mistakes.

  • Many people, when measuring a thread, think that 4 m is a lot. Because of this, people often measure less and therefore lack line. Do not be afraid to measure out a lot, because you can always cut off the excess.
  • In a hurry, some people do not follow the threading grooves inside the spool and wind the thread randomly. This will cause the line to come out of the reel and may even cripple.
  • For winding, use only the appropriate line. This mistake is the most common one. You need to monitor not only the thickness and volume of the line, but also its type. You should not use the first line that comes across for wrapping, which will not meet the goals. For example, you do not need to use a thread on young grass if you need to mow dead wood.
  • Do not turn on the device until it has been fully wound and collected. Although this is obvious, some people do this in order to check if everything is done correctly.
  • In no case should you confuse the direction of refueling, as this will overload the engine, and it will soon come out of working condition.

It is quite common for beginners to make mistakes, so you need to follow the tips given in this article.

See below for how to replace the line on the Patriot trimmer.

Fishing line. varieties and the possibility of replacing with other material

The trimmer cord can be of different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the line, the coarser the grass it will cope with. Experienced users recommend using a 2 mm line, which is versatile.

The shape of the line can be round (for juicy grass) or with sharp edges in the form of a square or asterisk (for beveling dry grass). The second type is less durable and wears out faster than a round cord.

One of the popular questions regarding the operation of trimmers is whether it is possible to replace the special cord for mowers with other materials, for example, metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc. You need to know that the installation of such items is not recommended, because with them the trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. During mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if they accidentally touch their limbs during work, a serious injury is guaranteed.

For trimmer owners who are interested in whether it is possible to use fishing line, we answer. this is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, which means that it will require frequent replacement.

Advice! Fishing line is well suited for harvesting grass near a fence or metal mesh. instead of wasting an expensive trimmer line, you can charge a large caliber tackle (2-3 mm), which costs much less.

Line winding algorithm

The order of winding the line depends on the type of reel. with one or two tendrils, as well as with automatic cord charging.

The line is sticking

If the line sticks together during operation, the main reason is the installation of a low-quality cord. During operation, the coil heats up, and a poor-quality string melts and sticks together. The second reason is the collision of the cord with solid objects. At the same time, it is abruptly decelerated, the thread is pulled into the head and sticks.

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Advice! To avoid problems, you can apply mineral oil to the surface of the line or, after winding around the head, spray it with silicone. A more competent solution would be to purchase a good quality head, which will allow you to forget about such problems.

So, replacing the line on the trimmer is not difficult if you know how to disassemble the reel and wind the cord. This process is similar for different brands of appliances. A detailed description can be found in the instruction manual of the instrument or watch the video.

Preparing to replace the line

Before replacing the line, you need to pull out and then disassemble the head. Usually it includes a casing, a spring (on some models), a bobbin with a line, a cover. It is necessary to disconnect the electric trimmer from the mains (or turn off the petrol trimmer), and then proceed to remove the coil. It can be fixed in two different ways: in the first case, it is necessary to completely disassemble the head, and in the second, just remove it from the gearbox shaft, on which it is attached.

  • find the latches on both sides, press and remove the cover to open the internal structure of the head;
  • there is a bobbin under the cover, it must be carefully pulled out of the case (sometimes a spring is hidden under it, it should also be carefully removed to the side so as not to lose it);
  • after removing the spool, a fixing bolt (or screw) becomes noticeable in the center of the body, which must be unscrewed in the opposite direction to the clockwise movement;
  • after removing the fasteners, it is necessary, holding by the housing, to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft with shaking movements.

The second method involves the following actions. The spool head is put on the gearbox shaft. To disconnect it, you need to lock this shaft. Usually in braids, for example, of the “Champion” or “Stihl” brand, a hole is made for this, into which a nail, rod or screwdriver is inserted. After fixing the shaft in a stationary position, it is necessary, holding by the body, to start turning the head clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is usually left.

Now that the head has been removed and disassembled, it is necessary to determine how thick the cord should be. You can find out the correct diameter for your trimmer by looking at the owner’s manual or at the bobbin itself, usually this information is indicated on it. Another way is to insert the thread into the hole from which it is fed. If the shit goes without difficulty, it can be used for work.

On a note! To understand how much line to wind for the reel, you need to wind it on the bobbin so that the height of the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. If the cord protrudes beyond the edges, the spool cannot be hidden in the casing.

The coil does not spin

The reasons the reel won’t spin are similar to the lack of line feed. This is improper or uneven winding of the string, its sticking, as well as short ends of the cord coming out of the holes.

Replacing the fishing line with a disc

Depending on the type of vegetation covering the garden area (lawn) and requiring removal, the line changes to a disc. This is necessary, since the cord is used only for grass of low height, and if you need to mow tall growth, tree shoots or bushes, instead of a string, it is better to use metal or plastic knives-discs. It is very easy to install them correctly, the detailed process is usually described in the owner’s manual and is similar for trimmers of different brands, be it Al-Co, Oleo-Mac, “Patriot” or other brand equipment. To change the line to knives you need:

  • block the shaft and remove the coil by turning it clockwise;
  • put the knife on the sleeve;
  • install the fixing cap and tighten the nut in a counterclockwise direction, and then tighten it with a wrench.

You can read in detail how to change a reel of line to a disc in the instruction manual of the device.

How to properly change the line on the trimmer

The trimmer is a handy and easy-to-use tool for cutting grass and trimming small shrubs and trees. As a cutting element, it often uses a fishing line (string, cord), because it costs less than disc knives and is safer to use. With intensive use of the tool, over time, you will need to change the line on the trimmer. This process is the same on mowers from different manufacturers, be it Husqvarna or Huter, with possible minor differences.

Testimonial: Electric trimmer Stihl FSE41. Can a woman replace a man in the household? If necessary. Yes. Trimmer workshop.

Hello dear friends!

“Mow the scythe, while the dew: dew. Down, scythe. Home.” I know this saying since childhood, but now its essence has undergone changes. The fact is that with a trimmer firm Stihl (Germany) should be mowed in dry weather, without dew.

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Summer brings warmth, harvests and, if you have your own piece of land, then many worries. One of them. lawn care. During the season I have to start mowing 5-6 times, depending on the weather conditions. The grass tends to grow faster than cucumbers and tomatoes))

And here is the “hero of the occasion”. subject of today’s topic:

My assistant helps me to remove excess grass near the beds, by the fence, around the trees, under the bushes.

Indeed, the trimmer is lightweight. just over two kilograms. Convenient handle at the top. And the location of the motor in the lower part of the device makes it possible, if necessary, to hold the trimmer with one hand, although not for long.

Here, in the upper part of the trimmer, inside the handle there is a special device for securing the electric cable, which prevents it from being pulled out of the socket. Very comfortably.

At the bottom of the tool there is an AutoCut mowing head with a spool that does all the work. The fishing line, tucked into the bobbin, with two ends rotates around the axis with great speed, bevelling everything that comes to its hand. The spacer (pictured on the right) prevents you from getting too close to the limits. trees, walls, asphalt edges.

I have been using this electric braid for three seasons. However, it was not necessary to fill the bobbin itself, I used the services of a neighbor. But recently I wanted more independence. I looked for information on the Internet, and. almost managed to do it myself.

First, I cut the line, about five meters. I folded it in half, threaded each end into the holes in the holes, aligned the ends. Next, I wound each end in its own groove, in one direction. It is important to observe the winding direction here. It should be opposite to the movement of the coil during operation.

How to determine in which direction the device rotates during operation is difficult. We must try this and that. If the line is tucked in incorrectly, then it will unwind, respectively, will not mow.

Just like the coil in the photo above. I hold it in my left hand, and with my right I wind the line around me.

The remaining ends are fixed in special cuts on the bobbin, opposite to each other. (In the photo above, this is not observed, later I changed it).

I insert the bobbin inside the spool, after passing both ends of the line through the special holes. I press it all the way.

I put on the lid on top. Its protrusions easily fall into the desired holes.

By the way, to remove the bobbin, you need to press these protrusions in the holes, on both sides at the same time.

The line wears out during operation. To lengthen it, it is necessary (in operating mode) to lightly tap on a hard surface, for example, on asphalt. The line is automatically lengthened.

But soon it ends altogether. And you have to go for a new package. I buy this one, branded, with a diameter of 1.6 mm:

And here is the finished work. Trimmer is indispensable in these places.

Although the “junior service personnel” also worked here:

That’s all the wisdom. Only at the beginning everything seems complicated. Producers write the truth, even a woman can.

Sincerely. Nina Nikiforovna Trofimova

PS. I process the beds with a Fokin flat cutter. An irreplaceable thing.

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Electronic ignition, adjustable handle and included backpack ensure comfort and minimum stress when working. Equipped with a protective cover to prevent grass from entering the operator.

The trimmer is easy to transport thanks to the collapsible bar.