How to cut a gas pipe in an apartment

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When you may need to cut a gas pipe

Having dealt with the methods of cutting gas pipes, let us dwell a little on the reasons that may lead to the need for such manipulations.

As a rule, the main reason for disassembling and cutting gas communications is the complete or partial transfer of the furnace equipment. Previously, according to the standards, the gas boiler had to be located near the riser, so that the pipes were connected and cut directly into the furnace equipment. However, these standards are now increasingly neglected.

pipe, apartment

Since when performing repairs in an apartment, the owners very often have a desire to move the gas stove from one end of the room to the other, move the boiler or replace it with a newer and more modern one, the gas pipes have to be cut. In such cases, corrugated metal or flexible rubber hoses are used to connect the plate.

Most Commonly Practiced Gas Pipe Cutting Techniques

Using an angle grinder or gas welding is the most common way to cut a gas pipe. To avoid accidents, the main pipe is first shut off, thereby stopping the gas supply to the apartment. The next step is to turn on the gas stove to burn off the remaining gas accumulated in the pipe. Only then can you start cutting the gas pipe. Note that the welding of gas pipes in the apartment is performed in the same sequence.

Gas welding is considered to be one of the most convenient, safe, reliable and fastest ways to shorten metal pipes. The operation of the equipment is based on the supply of a jet of high temperature oxygen, released under high pressure, which burns the metal sheet. As a result, a gap is formed in the metal at the designated place, which was required to be obtained.

However, oxygen alone will not be able to achieve a high speed of work. To speed up the process, gases such as acetylene or propane are used in parallel with oxygen. Pay attention to the fact that gas welding equipment is a rather complicated and expensive device. It can only be used by professionals who are aware of all the intricacies of working with such devices and have considerable experience behind them.

Therefore, since not every home craftsman knows how and knows how to cut a gas pipe in an apartment, in order to avoid troubles and unnecessary costs, it is better to entrust the cutting of pipes with gas welding to professionals.

Alternative methods for cutting gas pipes include the use of laser or plasma equipment. This, of course, is very modern and innovative, however, in practice, the use of gas welding is still considered the most appropriate at home. It is considered ideal in terms of price and quality.

How can you cut a gas pipe. rules and recommendations

Often, due to gas leaks, fires occur in apartments. Unauthorized interference of the owners in the gas system can become a frequent additional cause of an accident. In this article, we will tell you how to cut a gas pipe if for some reason you decide not to contact a specialized company for help, and how to protect yourself and those around you.

Sequence of work

If you nevertheless decide to carry out work, before shortening the gas pipe in the apartment, you need to acquire some tools.

  • hacksaw;
  • pipe cutter;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • welding.

As a rule, no one uses the old-fashioned method with the use of a hacksaw. Naturally, this method is devoid of any comfort, and the process itself is quite complicated.

Better, of course, to use a pipe cutter. this will be a better choice, especially when you need to prepare pipes for arranging any system. However, it will also be uncomfortable to use it, because in this case, the safety pipes will go close to the wall or ceiling. It will be somewhat difficult for the technician to get close to the pipe sections that need to be cut.

What to do if there is a problem with the gas pipeline

As mentioned above, if you find a problem with the gas pipeline, you need to react to it as soon as possible. Most often, the need to replace and cut a gas pipe arises due to the liquefaction of gas in it or a change in the movement of the pipeline.

Any cutting of a gas pipe in an apartment is accompanied by a high level of danger, because this substance is highly flammable. And for the formation of a flame, it is not at all necessary to be in contact with an open fire. one spark is enough.

Since it will be possible to shorten the gas pipe in the kitchen using an angle grinder or a welding machine, which, when interacting with the pipe, will give rise to sparks in order to prevent an explosion, you will need to take this procedure with the utmost responsibility.

Who to contact to replace the meter

It may also be necessary to cut the gas pipe if a planned or actual installation or replacement of gas consumption meters is required. Such manipulations are authorized to be performed only by representatives of housing and communal services or the gas service.

Earlier, when conducting gas supply pipes to private houses, they could be given the most incredible forms. for example, “snakes” to go around the furnace equipment, a column or a boiler. That is, if modern homeowners want to get rid of such “beauty”, to make the gas pipeline and heating pipes as invisible as possible, they can resort to one or another method of cutting pipes.

It is worth remembering, however, that unauthorized alteration of the gas supply circuit is strictly prohibited. To change the configuration of the pipe, to shorten it, or to direct it in the opposite direction, you will need a plan drawn up in a special institution. According to it, you will need to obtain official permission from the authorized bodies to start the dismantling and alteration of the gas supply in your home.

Where to go if you plan to replace the gas pipeline?

If there is a need to replace gas pipes or connect new devices, the most correct solution would be to contact a specialized organization that supplies gas to the apartment. Representatives of the gas service have special equipment, performers are trained in safe working methods.

A service representative who comes to you will inspect the system, determine the service life of the gas pipes. In addition, he will check the premises for compliance with the requirements for the safe operation of gas equipment, carry out the measurements necessary to determine the amount of materials. Based on the data received, an estimate of the cost of work on replacing the pipeline will be drawn up.

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The replacement of the gas pipeline in the apartment must be carried out with the fulfillment of all safety requirements, the gas does not tolerate neglect of itself.

First of all, the performer must make sure that there are no sources of open flame, remove all unauthorized persons from the room. Before entering the premises, warning signs are posted on a mandatory basis, which should prevent the possibility of unauthorized entry to the place of work.

Before cutting the gas pipe, it is necessary to shut off the gas supply to the area to be replaced and purge it. The gas-air mixture must be discharged outside the apartment, while the room must be ventilated.

The release of the mixture into the general ventilation ducts is not allowed.

Only after completing all safety measures can you start dismantling. How and how to cut a gas pipe is known to many. There are no special differences with the dismantling of other pipelines, therefore, it is best to use an ordinary angle grinder for cutting. Of course, this can be done with a hacksaw for metal, but it will take longer.
Tapping into a gas pipe is carried out using gas welding, shut-off valves are mounted on threaded connections.

Duration of work

The duration of work is determined by the following factors:

  • Constructional specifications of the pipe.
  • The tools used in the work. The pipe can be cut with an angle grinder, welding method, hacksaw or pipe cutter.
  • Employee skill and experience.

The richer both theoretical and practical experience of the employee, and his skill, the more diverse the range of tools, the higher the dynamics of work.

It is better to contact a firm with a proven track record. Her masters will master the tasks of any complexity. The work is done quickly and with high quality. This is a guarantee of safety, reliable operation of gas equipment, and comfort in the apartment.

Start-up work

First of all, a visual inspection of the integrity of the pipeline is carried out, all the necessary plugs are installed, the connection of gas appliances is checked.

The next step is line blowing to remove ambient air from the pipes. It is also necessary to drain the mixture outside the room. At this stage, with the help of soap foam, the tightness of threaded connections and welded joints is monitored. The use of open fire (matches, lighter) for these purposes is not allowed.

The gas-air mixture after purging should not contain more than 1% oxygen, this is what determines the duration of the purging. The composition of the mixture must ensure even (without popping) combustion of the flame in gas appliances.

Within 24 hours after starting the gas, it is necessary to ensure enhanced control of the operation of all equipment.

How to cut a gas pipe in the kitchen and make installation

In the case of personal control, we give you the order of the main actions of the repair team. So:

  • The valve through which the gas is transferred from the main pipeline to the local network is closed.
  • Adequate ventilation of the room is ensured.
  • The section of the disconnected gas pipeline is purged to remove gas residues and possibly accumulated debris in the pipe.
  • Using a power tool (angle grinder) or a hacksaw for metal, an unnecessary section of the pipe is cut.
  • The remaining hole is plugged.
  • In the event that the pipe needs to be redirected, lengthened and drawn at a different point, a hole of the required diameter is drilled (punched out) in a predetermined place.
  • A plug is removed from the main supply pipe and a new segment is welded to it.
  • Places of welded and other joints are checked for tightness.
  • A gas stove and other gas equipment (water heater, gas water heater) are connected.

After carrying out the necessary checks, to the mutual pleasure of both parties, an acceptance certificate is signed.

The main types of tools cutting propylene pipes

All modifications of equipment manufactured for cutting thermoplastic polymer propylene pipes are subdivided into several design options.

Precision scissors. have a fairly simple, reliable split-tappet mechanism. This tool can dissect and fragment products with a diameter of 3.0–41.5 mm. The cutting tool has a steel blade (alloy grade) with a serrated bar, allowing for fairly easy, even cuts in propylene pipes.

Using precision scissors, you can easily cope with one hand, however, with large volumes of fragmentation of the material, fatigue of the muscles of the hand, forearm and shoulder quickly increases. The purchase of a tool implies a one-year warranty valid only with the correct use of scissors.

Choosing a tool for cutting a gas pipe in the kitchen

Cutting and transferring gas pipes in an apartment is a specific procedure that requires special tools. Craftsmen can use different devices, each of which has its own pros and cons.

The main tools for cutting a pipe are:

  • Hacksaw for metal. An excellent tool for high-quality and accurate cutting of pipes. But the use of a hacksaw will require a lot of effort and time from the master.
  • Pipe cutter. Allows you to get a high-quality perpendicular cut in a relatively short time. However, the use of a pipe cutter can be difficult in cramped conditions.

angle grinder when cutting off areas

  • Angle Grinder. An efficient and very fast way to cut gas pipes. Sparks appear during operation, so you need to take care of the availability of protection.
  • Welding machine. Suitable if it is impossible to use large tools. Cuts the pipe efficiently without leaving any traces. But the fire hazard of the method often pushes it to the back rows.

The choice of the tool is entirely within the scope of the foreman who will come to do the work. It depends on a large number of factors, including: the volume of the room, the location of pipes, materials, etc.

It is not recommended to use an angle grinder or welding machine in wooden houses. This could result in a fire on exposed surfaces and a fire. If you have to work with these tools, you need to take care of protecting the entire surrounding space. Gas cutting of pipe sections will additionally require protection of the hands and face of the master himself.

What will happen

If you are fabulously lucky and you, without the necessary knowledge and practical experience, prevent gas leaks, your amateur performance will be revealed at the very first scheduled inspection of gas equipment by representatives of the gas service.

The consequences are unpredictable: they can either turn a blind eye to the work you have done or draw up a protocol on an administrative offense that endangered the life and health of people.

Worst scenario. Comrades, I will not spoil your mood. What is a gas explosion in a residential building. everyone represents.

How to cut a gas pipe in an apartment

Cutting off a gas pipe is a rather dangerous business, since the gas can ignite not only from fire, but also from a spark, and a spark can occur when the pipe is cut. To protect yourself from an explosion, it is best to cut the gas pipe in the apartment with the help of professionals.

How can you cut a gas pipe

You can cut a gas pipe in the kitchen using a pipe cutter, welding, a hacksaw for metal or an angle grinder. A hacksaw for cutting pipes is currently used quite sharply. It is not always convenient to use a pipe cutter, since gas pipes are usually located very close to the wall. The best option is to cut gas pipes using an angle grinder or gas welding.

Tying into gas pipe

Pipe cutting procedure by welding

First of all, it is required to shut off the main riser and thereby stop the gas supply to the apartment.

Further, immediately after closing the riser, it is necessary to release the residual gas from the pipes. To do this, you just need to set fire to the gas burners and wait until the flame goes out.

The pipe can now be cut. In gas welding, the metal base of the pipe simply burns out when exposed to a high temperature oxygen jet. In this regard, the pipe is simply split in the place where the gas welding was performed.

Working with a gas welding machine requires serious training and a lot of experience, which is why it is better to use the services of specialists to cut a pipe using this method.

Transfer of gas pipes

The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment is carried out as follows:

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First of all, it is necessary to block gas access to the apartment with a tap.

Then it is necessary to purge the gas pipeline to remove all remaining gas from it.

Further, at the junction with the gas pipeline, the pipe is cut. The hole remaining after cutting must be welded.

Then it is required to drill a hole in the place of the main gas pipeline and weld a branch made of a metal pipe to it.

A crane is connected to the metal branch. After that, a layering is made to the gas stove or column. The pipe is connected to them using a flexible siphon hose. The length of this hose should not be less than two meters.

SNIP rules for the transfer and installation of gas pipes

The transfer of gas pipes in the kitchen and in the apartment requires compliance with the following conditions:

The gas pipeline should not pass through window, doorways, as well as through ventilation grilles.

The minimum distance between the power supply communications and the gas pipeline is determined in accordance with the PUE.

The gas pipeline should be laid at a distance of at least 2.2 meters from the floor level and from the bottom of the gas pipe.

Fastening of gas pipes to ceilings, columns and walls is carried out using hooks, clamps, brackets, hangers.

To shorten the gas pipe, it is necessary to cut it as described above. The cut is welded using gas welding.

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Why is it welded with gas welding? Why not electric welding?


Upon completion of all installation work, the entire system is checked for leaks and overall performance.

In general, the following questions need to be checked:

  • The readiness of the system to function, that is, everything must be twisted, everything must be summed up, and so on;
  • No fuel leakage in all units and connections.

The check is carried out in the old way. using ordinary soap solution. It is applied with a brush to all joints. If bubbles appear after application, then we can say that there is a leak. Such a connection is made poorly and requires processing.

Important! After the completion of all the work, the specialist who performed them is obliged to leave behind an act in which he indicates all the features of the work done.

It should also be noted that all changes are made to the passport of the premises. Contributions can be made only on the basis of the act, which was discussed a little higher.

How to move gas pipes to a new location

Quite often, a situation arises when it is necessary to transfer gas equipment. And if you move from one place to another any gas appliance does not present any particular difficulties, then the transfer of a gas pipe in an apartment is already a much more serious problem. The thing is that working with such equipment in itself is not an easy task that requires certain skills and abilities.

Gas connection in the apartment

over, wrong actions can lead to very sad consequences, so we can say that such work without special training is not only difficult, but also quite dangerous.

So, it must be said right away that the transfer of a gas pipe in an apartment can be conditionally divided into two large stages:

  • Harmonization of the transfer in the respective services;
  • Immediate actions.

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Approval stage

Before considering this issue, it should be noted right away that the approval must be passed not only in the case of an apartment, but also when it is planned to transfer the gas pipe on the site. in general, for any such work, the process of their approval is mandatory.

So, it all starts with the fact that there is a need to transfer, or the need to simply cut off extra centimeters, or the need for any other actions with the gas pipe. If there is such a need, then an official written statement should be made to the service serving the relevant area.

The application contains the address and some other data, as well as the request for the transfer itself.

After writing the application, after a while, at the address that was indicated, a representative of the gas service serving the area must arrive. As a result of his work, a conclusion should appear on the possibility or impossibility of performing the transfer work. He will also tell you if the pipe can be cut or not, where it can be moved and where not, and so on.

Gas connection of a private house

In the event that this issue is resolved positively, then specialists (the same or another person) make the appropriate calculations, which include the cost of future procedures. It should be noted that it will be representatives of the gas service that will carry out the transfer of the gas pipe in the kitchen, so you will have to pay in any case, but how much this procedure costs is difficult to say, since are different everywhere.

In addition, the final cost will depend on what related work will have to be performed, for example, you may have to digest a pipe or shorten it, or even draw up a new technical plan for placing equipment in the house, and so on.

Direct transfer

As already mentioned, the entire procedure will be performed by a qualified specialist, but you still need to know the procedure for its implementation. And so, the steps for performing the transfer are as follows:

  • First of all, the main fuel line is shut off in the house, through which the fuel enters the room;
  • The so-called purging of that section of the pipeline that is located in the house is carried out. This procedure is necessary in order to completely remove all fuel residues;
  • Next, you need to cut off the area that you plan to change. The hole formed is welded;
  • Further in the supply pipeline, in the place from which it is planned to start up a new branch, a hole is drilled using a drill and a conventional drill for metal;
  • A piece of pipe is then welded to this hole;
  • At the second end of this segment, shut-off valves are mounted, that is, a crane, which, if necessary, can completely shut off the fuel supply;

Advice! To make the connection of the tap and pipe hermetically sealed, use tow and a special sealant, or a special tape.

  • After the tap is installed, the connection is made to the consumer. This is done using one of three types of flexible gas hoses;
  • The pipe is additionally attached to the wall, which is carried out using special brackets;
  • The last step is to open the fuel supply valve and that’s it.

I must say that flexible hoses must be selected in advance by size, since they have certain lengths, therefore, if necessary, they cannot be shortened, if we are not talking about an ordinary rubber hose, which does not have fittings at its ends.


As you can see, transferring a pipe from place to place is not such an easy task. This is due, first of all, to the great danger. That is why such work is prohibited to be performed independently. The complexity of the work also lies in the procedures that must be passed before moving the gas pipe, that is, the procedures for documenting a permit to perform such work.

How to do it right: Install the kitchen if the gas pipe interferes

Make it beautiful, formal, or almost legal?

Why are the pipes so strangely positioned??
Because there are a lot of gas standards. And they strictly regulate the location of the gas pipeline in the room: height from the floor, distance to gas appliances, placement of valves, etc. As a consequence, a bizarrely curving pipe appears. This is not negligence or malicious intent of the designers: it is often the only “forced position” that allows compliance with the norms.

And the highways are always “external”?
Yes. Because according to the standards, gas workers need free access to all elements of the gas infrastructure: not only to the fittings, but also along the entire length of the pipes. Concealed installation of pipes is allowed, however, such a gasket must be laid down by the building project. Local redevelopment of an apartment with a transition from an open to a hidden gas pipeline in a building where an open gas pipeline is provided for according to the project is not allowed.

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“People’s” solution to the problem of inconvenient gas pipes
Most owners of kitchens with inconvenient gas pipes violate safety rules. The most common thing is to close the entire gas pipeline into a drywall box to get a flat surface without pipes. A particularly bad idea is to close the line along with the controls (valves that shut off the tap and any other non-piping parts, including plugs). I meet this in every third Moscow apartment that I take for design work. We have to explain to clients that “as it is” cannot be left.

Look at the photo above: there is no pipe and there is gas in the kitchen. this does not mean that the pipe is sewn up.

The second possible risk is prosecution for illegal redevelopment. If you “hit the pencil” for the gas service, you can’t get away with a single fine. A common practice is the transfer of information to architectural supervision services, which first come with a check, and then begin to visit with inspections (what if you break it again).

The alleged problems with the sale of an apartment, in my opinion, are greatly exaggerated. Thousands of apartments are “quietly” sold with similar violations, since a rare buyer will be able to find a wired gas pipe by eye (and on this basis bring down the price, for example).

There is a risk of gas leakage and explosion. We will not consider it: people who sew up gas pipelines know what they are going for, and it is naive to talk about security in this context.

gas pipe transfer
If the pipe turns and loops do not suit the owner, he can request a transfer service from the gas service. At least so that the pipe looks neater and can be delicately masked.

What to do: Contact the local company on the balance sheet of which the object is located and write a statement about the need to move the gas pipe in the kitchen. If the renovation in the kitchen is in full swing and you need it “urgently”, you will have to upset you: it will not work urgently. The masters who are supposed to inspect the object have to wait from two weeks to several months (in Moscow). But perhaps you are lucky. it is your gas workers who will be quick.

The next step is the development of the project for the transfer of the gas pipe in the kitchen. This is a service that is performed by the design department of a gas company after a foreman’s visit to your house. After the necessary calculations, the engineers will “draw” the pipe in such a way as to maximally take into account your wishes, but at the same time not violate the norms. Project development can take from one to four weeks, depending on the workload of the project office.

Let’s say the new version is better than the current one. After the project is developed and agreed with the management of the gas company, installers arrive at the facility, cut off the gas in the building and carry out the installation. Typical arrival time is 5–7 days after the application is submitted (with the finished project already in hand). In most cases, the work is completed in a day. In total, the transfer of the pipe can take up to 6-8 weeks, and the bureaucratic costs will be quite significant.

Idea with

Cut the gas pipe in the apartment.

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Announcements on NN.RU. Construction

Collapsible metal archival cabinet ШХА-50 consists of one section, one section, one swing door. Complete with: four.

Archival metal cabinet SHKHA-50 (40) / 1310 collapsible and consists of one section, one swing door. Supplied with two.

Tool cabinet. A robust welded structure made of a shaped tube, sheathed with a sheet of metal. The metal cabinet has 2 doors on.

Modular cabinet of the SHRS-11ds-400 series (additional section). Supplied without left-hand side, as have a common side wall with an adjacent.

How to Shorten a Gas Pipe to Fit an Oven | Ask This Old House

Our gas workers. professionals who regularly undergo certification to obtain permission for this type of activity. Important to remember:

✓ A horizontal section of the gas pipeline runs from the gas riser, on which the gas valve is installed
✓ The gas hose is only installed after the shut-off device
✓ There is always a horizontal section of the gas pipeline up to the gas valve
✓ The crane is located at a height of at least 75 cm from the floor level

We carry out work on cutting (shortening) the final section of the gas pipe with the subsequent installation of the valve. Our experts will quickly and efficiently cut the gas pipe in your apartment. Work is carried out with the gas cut off in the apartment.

The cutting of the gas pipe is carried out exclusively in accordance with the current legislative norms (see the Moscow standard for the operation of the housing stock “ZhNM-2004/03 Gas pipelines and gas equipment of residential buildings”). With our help, this procedure will be performed:

✓ Cheaper at least twice
✓ Without delays in the form of project approval within two months
✓ Fixed price. no overestimation of the cost following the approval of design work (this is a common trick)

Rules for transferring a gas pipe in the kitchen

Cutting a gas pipe in an apartment and house


Do you live on the top floor? Is the gas pipe interfering, taking up all the usable space? There are 2 ways to shorten the gas pipe on the top floor:

✓ No welding. The pipe is cut, then a crane is installed on it. This method is FORBIDDEN, because on the top floor, the lowering is not fixed from above, and when inserting a new crane, you can simply break the pipe between the floor slabs. Do not be fooled by the offers of dubious firms offering this service in relation to the last floor!
✓ With welding. The pipe is over-welded with a bend of 180 degrees, then a tap is installed.

Bottom line: on the top floor, the gas pipe often rises from the floor to a height of 180 cm, bends 180 degrees and ends with a tap. Want to cut your gas pipe so that the gas tap is below the countertop? Our gas workers will be happy to help you. Take care of your lives!