How to wedge the cartridge of the metabaro screwdriver. Video: how to remove a cartridge with a cone at the electrode?

The cartridge of the screwdriver jammed

The article introduces how to remove and disassemble the cartridge of a screwdriver correctly. Regardless of the power tool and the type of fastening, in most cases the head is subject to repair. If there are no options left, except replacing with a new one, you need to understand which element to put. Recommendations on this subject are also given.

  • Device and main types of cartridges
  • Fastening options for a screwdriver shaft
  • Supporting and labeling
  • Signs of a cartridge malfunction
  • How the head is removed from the screwdriver
  • With a fixing screw
  • With a cone cone
  • With a threaded mount
  • Removal from a disassembled gearbox
  • How to disassemble the cartridge
  • The second version of the analysis
  • Parsing a fast.Fast head
  • The nuances of removing, analyzing and replacing heads in screwdrivers of different manufacturers
  • How to repair a clamping cylinder
  • With a play
  • When beating a cylinder
  • When jamming
  • When scrolling
  • With incomplete output of fists

Methods of repair

Experts recommend, regardless of what reason the screwdriver jammed-what to do in the first place: into the inner cavity of the cartridge, including the surface of the cams, introduce a universal lubricant like WD-40. After 10-15 minutes, a rubber hammer (or ordinary, through the gasket) with moderate effort to fasten the cartridge and fists.

If the bat in the cartridge of the Bosch, Texas, practice, etc. Jammed., then (after lubrication) effectively solves the problem using two divorce keys. One clamp the base of the cartridge, the second neatly rotate its upper part. In order to avoid damage to the surface and the node itself, you should use soft, but dense gaskets of the skin type.

If your efforts have not led to anything, with minimal financial costs and extremely quickly the functionality of the tool will be able to restore the specialists of the workshops of the Successful Technique Service.

How to remove and change the cartridge

If you are faced with the replacement of the cartridge, initially, you should understand the method of its fastening. To conduct the procedure with a minimum of effort, experts do not recommend overloading the screwdriver in everyday use. If you work without a break for a tool for fifteen minutes, rotating parts can overheat and fix it tightly in the nest. Then it will be more difficult to replace. Experts recommend verified methods of removing the cartridge described below:

  • Unscrew the threaded fastening through the hexagon of the Mr. Next, insert a hexagon (size. 10 mm) with a short edge in a cartridge and squeeze tightly in fists. After that, start and instantly turn off the device at low speeds, so that the free edge will slightly hit the table, so the thread will weaken and you can unscrew the cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is kept on a thread with a fixing screw, then:
  • Unscrew the screw with the left thread on the FOCUS of the clockwise.
  • Then insert the hexagon into the fists, and with a quick movement of the hand or hammer to crank the free edge against the clock. Now you can unscrew the cartridge.
  • If both methods have not worked:
  • We take out the shaft from the open case on which the gearbox and the cartridge are located. To remove the cartridge, you need to use the pipe key.
  • To remove and change the cartridge with the Morse cone, you need to have a hammer with which the shank will be freed from the hull nest.
  • The carving of the cartridge of the screwdriver

    Structurally in the tool case, this mobile element is fixed in three ways:

    Fastening with the cone Morses is known long ago and consists in the following. The shaft has the shape of a cone that repeats the surface of the surface inside the cartridge. The same cone. Combining them in a certain way, receive a reliable connection.

    The sharing of the shaft with the cartridge using a threaded connection is the presence of threads at the end of the shaft, on which a cartridge has freely wound, having the same thread.

    The fixing screw is most often used as an additional mount. Its head has notes under the cross screwdriver, as well as the left thread. You can see this screw by promoting the fists that cover it.

    To find out what your mounting tool is, you must carefully inspect the tool body. Designation for each type of fastening has its own. For example, this: 1-6 in 10 will mean that the cartridge is fixed by the cone of Morsa of the size of B10, and it can be used for nozzles with a shank diameter of 1 to 6 mm. In the presence of such a record: 1.0–11 m 12 x 1.25. You will know that there should be nozzles with shanks from 1 to 11 mm, the metric thread has a section of 12 x 1.5 mm. Foreign manufacturers use indicators in inches, for example, 1.0–11 ½. 20 UF.

    In this article, we examined the main problems that arise during the operation of the tool, paid attention to such a responsible node in the design of the screwdriver as a cartridge. Along with this, we figured out how it is attached to the design of the screwdriver, gave some tips on its repair with their own hands, and also tried in general terms to illuminate ways to solve the problems of repair.

    Removing the cartridge: Boster screwdriver

    Bosch brand screws are usually equipped with a fixing screw.

    • We put the key in fists and tighten the clicks.
    • The tool is placed on the edge of the table.
    • Pressing the stopper button, remove the cartridge lock on the shaft.
    • The cartridge is removed against the clock.

    All actions require special attention and sequence when disassembling/assembly.

    Having received theoretical knowledge about the types of cartridges, it will be easier for you to independently repair the screwdriver of intercol, hitachi, as well as other manufacturers.

    How to remove the cartridge from a screwdriver and replace with a new

    For housework, a good owner must have a large number of tools. With frequent use, individual elements of the units are worn out and stop working. In this article we’ll talk about how to unscrew the cartridge in the screwdriver. A relatively new tool in our market. In it, it is this detail that is subject to the greatest workloads and Rapid wear.

    This part is a hollow steel cylinder equipped with a ring and a sleeve. Fists are placed inside, they fix the removable bits and nozzles. The part is put on the shaft of the unit. Therefore, it has a conical surface or thread. The hole in it is intended to fix the removable tool.

    Types of cartridges

    Now there are two types of this detail:

    The first view has additional categories:

    Шуруповёрт Metabo BS 12 NiCd обзор после 1 года использования. Screwdriver Metabo after 1 year

    • Two.Litter. It is possible to unscrew and twist with both hands, one coupling adheres to, the second is scrolled to remove the nozzle;
    • One.Flair. All the operations described above are performed using one hand, this is facilitated by the shaft blocking system while removing the nozzle.

    The general characteristic of fast.Packed varieties is to change equipment without the help of special tools.

    The material from which the cartridge is made:

    Plastic products are light, but are not resistant to shock. Quick.Packed variations are used both in everyday life and production.

    Fist varieties are more reliable, they have a larger anti.Suggestion potential, they are durable, from the minuses. The relative severity of the part.

    Types of fastening

    The mount occurs using:

    The first mount is named after. BUT. Morze in the XIX century. The connection occurs due to the clutch of the surfaces of the shaft and cone with the hole due to identical cones. The mount is widely used due to simplicity and reliability.

    In the second form of the connection on the shaft and cartridge, the thread is cut. Combination occurs by winding the cartridge on the shaft.

    The third type is a modification of threaded mount. For reliability, the connection is fixed using a screw. He mainly has a head for a cross screwdriver and left.Handed cutting. You can see the screw only by fully opening the fists.

    Determination of fastening

    The mounting of the cartridge is determined by its visual inspection. Morse cone is marked as follows. 1-6 B22. The first numbers are the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, and B22 is the actual cone actually.

    Mdtools Module 5: Assembly Rules for Cartridge Valve

    The threaded connection is also indicated by numbers and letters, for example: 1.0. 11 m12 × 1.25. The first part of the marking again means the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, the second is the metric value of the thread. In imported screwdrivers, the value is indicated in inches.

    Removing a cartridge from the shaft of a screwdriver

    The dismantling of the part is performed by the hexagonal key of the Mr-shaped 10 mm. A short part of the key is fixed in the cartridge. Next, the unit turns on, the free end of the key should hit the surface of the table or workbench. It is removed by turning the key and then should easily slip along the thread.

    We describe another way to replace the cartridge in a screwdriver. First of all, fists are unclenched. A screw can be placed at the bottom, this is an additional shaft mount. We twist it clockwise. Then we clamp the hexagon and with force we turn in the opposite direction. It should withdraw from the shaft. If the part does not lend itself, you need to hit with a hammer at the end of the key.

    If these methods have not worked, you have to carry out full dismantling, get a gearbox and a latch along with a spindle. The elongated mechanism is fixed in a vice, the cartridge is unscrewed from it with a pipe key. There are fixers with a wrap for an ordinary wrench, it facilitates dismantling, but these copies come across infrequently.

    On the cone Morse, the part is knocked out of the hull with a hammer.

    To have a more complete picture, how to disassemble the cartridge of the screwdriver, the video for familiarization is presented below.

    Как я решал проблему пеоратора Metabo KHA 18 LTX с помощью болгарки

    Removing the cartridge from the screwdriver “Makita”

    Makita screwdrivers are equipped with a rifled mount and auxiliary fixing screw with left cutting.

    We perform actions alternately:

    • Unscrew the screw to the right side;
    • Press a button that is stopping the spindle;
    • Wrap the unit into a dense fabric and insert in a vice;
    • Fix the hexagon in fists;
    • Beat the hammer at the end of the key to scroll the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

    If you know the principles of dismantling described above, then the question of how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver “Intercommit”, “Bosch”, another popular brand, will fall off by itself.

    Rules for using screwdriver

    It is possible to ensure the long functioning of the tool if you adhere to simple operating rules:

    • Protect the unit from moisture;
    • Before use, be sure to adjust the tool;
    • Disconnect the battery during a change of nozzles;
    • With prolonged non.Use, periodically run the screwdriver for the discharge of the battery;
    • Have several spare batteries.

    Replacing the cartridge in a screwdriver at a home workshop on the shoulder to any man. Using the methods described above, you are guaranteed to do this operation quickly and with a minimum of effort.

    How to remove and change the cartridge

    There are several ways to remove it from a screwdriver. It is worth considering them in more detail.

    The first method is the simplest and is often used:

    • It is necessary to take a hexagonal key;
    • Squeeze the key with a short end in a special opening;
    • Turn on the tool for a second so that the hexagon hit the second end on the table;
    • Rotate the key, loosening the mount to pull it out.

    The second method is applied by professionals:

    • The fists of the cartridge are sequentially unclenched;
    • To unscrew the screw that is inside the part (if it is not visible, then it is covered with mud);
    • Close a hexagon in a fist;
    • Turn the key to weaken the mounting of the cartridge;
    • If you did not turn a hexagon, then you can hit the key with a hammer.

    Sometimes none of these methods can be used. Then you need to disassemble the screwdriver to get a spindle, gearbox and cartridge from it. When analyzing, it is important to remember where and what part should be, so that then everything is correct to collect everything.

    From the screwdriver Makita

    In the tools from this manufacturer, a fixing screw is installed. By unscrewing the screw, you need to click on the spindle stop button. Having enclosed the tool in a vice, you need to squeeze in the fists hexagon. Having hit the key with a hammer, you can safely unscrew the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

    From the screwdriver Bosch

    These products also have a fixing screw, but there are features of working with the tool from this manufacturer. The cartridge is disconnected as follows:

    • The hexagon is installed in fists and scroll through a couple of clicks;
    • The spindle stopper button is pressed and the cartridge lock is removed in parallel;
    • The part is removed from the screwdriver.

    It is required to perform actions sequentially so as not to break the components of the tool.

    Removing from famous models

    There are a lot of different models of screwdriver on sale, which are produced from under the wing of numerous companies. Buyers did not even hear about many of them. But there are models that are always by hearing. In order to certainly understand how to dismantle the cartridge, you should study examples of removing this part on the most famous brands of a screwdriver.

    Having gained the corresponding request on the Internet, you can see the result where the phrase will be written: how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver Makita. And this is understandable, because the brand is very famous, and therefore it is worth considering.

    Shurovyrt Makita

    In most cases, Makita makes such screwdrivers that are equipped with a threaded mount. He also has an auxiliary fixation in the form of a screw having a left thread. To disassemble such a device, you must adhere to certain actions.

    First you need to unscrew the fixing screw clockwise. After that, you need to press the spindle stop button. The case must be wrapped in a very dense fabric, and then squeezed in a vice. The fabric is required in order not to damage the structural elements. In the fists, you should squeeze the hexagon, hit with a hammer on the free plane of the key, and then unscrew the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

    This method must definitely help. The fact is that Makita screwdrivers are made according to one technology, and therefore the instructions for disassembly are universal.

    Bosch cars

    For those people who ask how to remove the cartridge from the Bosch screwdriver, you should definitely find out that a fixing screw is installed on such a machine. That is why all actions with the product of this company need to be performed in a certain sequence:

    The key must be put in the fists of the Bosch machine, and then delayed until several clicks are heard. The tool should be put on the edge of the table. You need to click on the stopper button, and then remove the lock, which is located on the shaft. The cartridge will need to be unscrewed counterclockwise.

    It is worth noting that when disassembling equipment, you must be very careful and observe a certain sequence. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. It is important not to forget to install all the details back.

    Theoretical knowledge about the disassembly of the mechanism on two devices should give sufficient skills in order to repair other types of screwdrivers, for example, Metabo (Metabo), bison with other types of screwdrivers. The question of how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver intercol should also fall away, no matter how problems should not arise with other manufacturers.

    How to repair a clamping cylinder

    Often the reason for the removal and analysis of the screwdriver head is the repair of individual parts and the elimination of defects. About how it is done with your own hands at home.

    With a play

    If the deviation of the sleeve during operation does not exceed 1 mm, then this is not critical. With a larger backlash, you already need to disassemble the device. Repair of a screwdriver cartridge for this case is carried out as follows:

    • Spin the fasteners on the top cover of the tool, remove it.
    • Disconnect the engine from the gearbox, carefully check all the mounts.
    • Disassemble the gearbox. If the sleeve failed, then it caused a strong play. This part must be removed manually and replaced with a new copy.
    • Then you need to lubricate all the rubbing elements and collect the gearbox back in a clear sequence: the sleeve. Shaft. Bearings. Stop ring.
    • The gearbox is attached to the place to the engine.
    • The top cover of the screwdriver is twisted back.

    When beating a cylinder

    If a cartridge beating is observed in the screwdriver, the reason also lies in the gearbox. It needs to be dismantled, disconnecting from the electric motor, disassemble, carefully examine all the details. Fighting sleeve. Consequence:

    After determining the broken elements, you need to purchase new ones, install everything correctly, collect the gearbox back and attach it to the engine.

    When jamming

    Another common problem. The cartridge begins to jam. This is due to the fact that the fists over time lose the full clamp. To repair the head, there are several methods at once:

    Как установить ручку переключения режимов пеоратора Metabo KHE24/Metabo rotary hammer repair

    • Carefully smear the cylinder in all places. Perhaps the reason only in this.
    • Squeeze the cartridge in the hand and hit 1-2 times a lot of a wooden hard object-a beam or a stable table.
    • Squeeze the case with a grip, and the cylinder by the gas key. Put the screwdriver with a cartridge on the table and turn on.

    Often the head jams after clogging with sawdust and other small garbage. If there are suspicions of clogging, the cylinder should be well heated with a construction hairdryer, and even better. Hold on an open fire for several minutes. Then the part is carefully lubricated.

    When scrolling

    If the cartridge scrolls, then the matter is most likely in washing the teeth on the fixing coupling. The problem is solved as follows:

    • Extract the coupling.
    • Small holes need to be drilled in place of the worn cloves.
    • Insert the screws into the holes. Their protruding parts are removed by nippers.
    • Return the coupling to the place and check how the cylinder is now walking.

    With incomplete output of fists

    You can detect malfunctions in the work of fists only after parsing the cartridge. As a rule, the teeth are erased either on them, or the thread on the clamping nut is grinded. With a worn thread, the fists at the time of the clamp slip and do not come out completely. As a result, the centrrine is disturbed, the backlash appears. Output. Replacing nuts or fists. But not in all cylinders it is feasible. Then it remains only to buy a new head.

    The cartridge of the screwdriver does not clamp the bat

    Each active user of the tool faced a situation when he jammed the clamping mechanism of the cartridge of the screwdriver intercol, Makita or any other brand. This constructively simple but functionally significant node is subjected to serious dynamic, vibration and shock loads. Dust, metal shavings and other small mechanical fractions also penetrate it. All these factors lead, if not to fatal breakdowns, then to periodic failures in the operation of the mechanism.

    Typical cases in which Metabo, DeWALT, etc.:

    • When trying to use a drill of maximum permissible size, the fists are diluted to the maximum, after which it is not possible to reduce them with the application of standard efforts;
    • It is not possible to extract a drill or bat clain in a cartridge. The fists are not divorced. Often they are clamped unevenly, which worsens the fixation of the drill.

    Less often jamming of the sponges occurs during their free stroke during compression or unclenching. Usually particles of garbage, scale, chips, etc.P., falling under the figure of one of the cams.

    What is a cartridge

    The cartridge resembles a metal cylinder. The part is attached to the shaft of the screwdriver.

    The purpose of the element is fixing the working bit of fasteners.

    The device of the cartridge

    Internal thread on the cartridge or a special cone is designed for attaching to the shaft. Structurally, the most wear components are divided into three main types:

    The shank in this case is clamped by manual rotation of the tool sleeve.

    Clamping elements that are installed on modern screwdrivers and drills allow you to reliably fix the shanks with a diameter of 0.8-25 mm.

    Perhaps the only minus of a new product of this type is the higher cost relative to key sleeves.

    To fix the element in a clamping product of the BZP type, there are enough several seconds.

    At the same time, the help of auxiliary components is not required.

    The adjustment sleeve canvas is corrugated, so the rotation of the cylinder is not difficult.

    Pressure adjustment on the shank of the product is performed using a locking element.

    Over time, the details of the clamping mechanism wear out.

    Therefore, the arrangement of a cartridge of the BZP category implies a gradual weakening of the clamp.

    As a result of wear, the sleeve is not able to reliably fix the round shanks of the large diameter.

    In disassembled, self-and-packed models are: they are:

    Design and features

    Unlike popular modern sleeves, this classic version requires the use of a special key. But in this case, a more reliable mount in any situation is possible.

    GDP belongs to the clamping cartridges of a cam.

    They make it possible to clamp both products with round shanks and cylindrical elements. The main components of fist GDP:

    • Cylindrical case;
    • Adjusting sleeve or ring that rotates from the outside;
    • Fist mechanism that is mounted inside.

    The tsang mechanism is made from durable steel.

    When the sleeve or ring rotates, the latter form a single whole.

    Due to this, reliable fixation of the products occurs.

    Types of cartridges

    About species. The clamping devices of screwdrivers are divided into:

    The difference lies mainly in the fact that self.Loading models fix products automatically.

    If the tool has a lock, you can use one.Way cylinders.

    In the absence of a lock, you will have to use a two.Button type.

    Elements with one coupling can be clamped with one hand.

    To work with another type, the participation of both hands is required.

    Quick and self-loading models are intended mainly for modern tools.

    It is convenient to use models with automatic clamps to those who have to quickly and often change various nozzles.

    Key options are less convenient, but more reliable. They are better clamped and more resistant to shock loads.

    If the cylinder is used in intensive mode, it is recommended to choose a screwdriver with a key.

    How to remove and disassemble a screwdriver cartridge

    Cams are less convenient, but provide a more reliable connection. When the key is rotated, the adjusting sleeve clenches steel fists until they are closed.

    Quickly jokes are delayed faster. They do not need a key.

    Types of quick.Recessed structures

    • One.Month. To install the bat, one hand is enough, since one of the parts of the case is recorded automatically.
    • Two.Shift. Both parts are mobile, and one of them must be held with a hand so that it does not rotate.

    If you need to replace the cartridge in a screwdriver, it should be taken into account that one.Button is used only on tools with locks.

    The material is plastic or metal. Plastic products are less reliable, but it is more convenient to work with them, as they weigh less.

    What to do if the cartridge does not understand

    Into a shock drill or perforator Insert a bolt about 1 cm with a diameter, you can use a broken drill. Put this part, bred fists, perform the procedure on the floor or table. A piece of rubber is taken as a shock absorber, which will rest with the perforator with the sleeve. It is included for a few seconds. After the repair, the screwdriver is collected. You need to put everything in place, do not confuse the position of the cams, which, with prolonged use of each other, are rubbed and deformed.

    One of the most common problems is The jamming of the cartridge, which must be crushed. Before eliminating this, its inner surface and fists are well lubricated with a WD-40 tool, left for 10-15 minutes. After this part, they knock with a hammer through the gasket. When this does not help, the base of the node is clamped by the dilutant key, and the top is carefully twisted by the top.

    Often jamming occurs due to the fact that the mechanism gets inside metal sawdust and different small garbage. You can get rid of this if you warm the cartridge with a construction hairdryer or hold over the fire, then grease abundantly.

    Most of the models of screwdrivers are versed in the most part

    Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

    Before removing the cartridge from the Hammer screwdriver, Hilti, Hitachi DS 12 DVF 3, Enkor, Elitech, Resanta, Union, Stanley, Diold DEA-12li-08, Makita DF (Makita DDF), Metabo (metabarmaxx bs ), Patron, Pit, Skil, Sturm (assault), Aeg 14.4 and others, it is necessary to determine A way to fix it.

    Bit holders are connected to the tool with the help of:

    • Cone Morse. This type of fastening refers to a very reliable. The cartridge is put on the shaft and snaps.
    • Threads. In this case, it is wound on the shaft.

    You can see at the screwdriver itself Test, which indicates the method used. On the surface of the inscription 1-6 B10, talks about the presence of a conical connection. 1-6 is the diameter of the shank in mm, 10-cone. To remove it, you will need a hexagonal key for 10.

    When threaded, the cartridge is marked 1.0-11 m121.25. Two initial numbers indicate The diameter of the shank drill. The numbers that are after the letter mean the value of the thread. On the devices supplied from abroad, the marks are indicated in inches, therefore they may vary from the above.

    Screwdriver and its design features

    You should start repairing a screwdriver with your own hands with familiarization with its design. The main element of the screwdriver is an electric motor. Screwdrivers are both network and battery type. The use of a network screwdriver resorts less often, due to such a drawback as the need to connect the tool to the 220V network. The battery.Type tools are more popular, as they allow not only the repair work of the house, but also beyond its borders.

    The main nodes of the battery screwdriver are:

    • Frame. Usually all screwdrivers are made of durable plastic.
    • Start button. It is arranged so that the number of revolutions of the cartridge depends on it.
    • Electric motor. In the battery tools, single.Phase collector.Type and direct current engines are used. The engine is a rotor, a stator in the form of magnets, as well as a brush unit.
    • Gearbox.
    • Effort regulator.
    • Reversion switch.
    • Battery. It is usually removable and often equipped with a product in a double copy.
    • Cartridge. As a rule, fast.And.Packed cartridges are used.

    Some models are additionally equipped with LED lighting lights, as well as battery charging indicators. Returning to problems with a screwdriver, it should be noted that any of the above elements can cause a tool malfunction. What is needed for repair? First of all, it is required to find the cause of the breakdown, and then make the appropriate decision to eliminate it. The tool can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially, it is required to find out what is the problem of the inoperability of the screwdriver: in mechanics or electrician. This will not be difficult to do, so we consider the breakdown in more detail.

    Malfunctions of the mechanical part

    It is possible to identify mechanical malfunctions of screwdrivers by such a feature as the audibility of the functioning of the electric motor. When you press the start button, signs of the electric motor are heard, but at the same time the tool cartridge does not rotate or the characteristic sounds of a malfunction are heard during rotation.

    The device of the screwdriver is quite simple, but a significant drawback is that all elements are almost 2-3 times smaller than electric drill. The mechanical possible breakdowns of the screwdriver include the following malfunctions:

    See also: Equipment for the production of polyid sand products. Production of polymer.Sand tiles. DIY polymer.Sand tiles

    • Bench of the cartridge. Despite the fact that fast.Sounding cartridges are more universal and simple in work, their significant drawback can be called a low service life. It is impossible to fix a fast.Packed cartridge, so if the tool refuses to hold a drill or bit, then the cartridge should be removed and replaced with a new. This is one of the most frequent malfunctions of the tool, but at the same time it will not be necessary to disassemble the screwdriver.

    It should be noted that the small dimensions of the mechanical part of the tool are somewhat complicated by the process of repairing the tool, so be sure to be careful when carrying out repair work.

    Malfunctions of the electric part

    Unlike a drill, screwdrivers function mainly from batteries. This means that different electric motors are used in the design of these tools. Determining the malfunction of the electrical part of the screwdriver is not difficult. If the battery is charged, but when the “Start” button is pressed, the sound of the electric motor is not heard, then the reason is the breakdown in the electrician. Consider the main types of malfunctions of the screwdrivers on the electric part.

    • Battery malfunction. Initially, you should pay attention to the battery. As a rule, boat-quality nickel-cadmium batteries are used at screwdrivers. They have a significant drawback, which consists in the need to charge it only when it completely “sits”. Such batteries cannot be recharged, as this reduces their service life. If one day the screwdriver refuses to function, then do not rush to disassemble it, make sure that the battery is working and gives out a charge. You can check by connecting the second battery. The battery charge can also be checked using a tester, which should show the corresponding voltage value.
    • Charger malfunction. There is a special charger for charging the battery. If the battery is discharged even after you have charged it, then you should check the integrity of the charger. For these purposes, there are usually light indicators on charging devices. If they are not, then you need to use the multimeter.
    • Failure to include button. It is necessary to check the start button, since often the cause of its inoperability is the oxidation of contacts or dust. The tool should be disassembled, then clean the contacts. Buttons usually in screwdrivers have a function of regulating the speed of rotation of the cartridge, for which the transistor is installed. If the tool works, but the function of regulating the speed number is absent, then you need to replace the transistor.

    Now you know the main signs and types of screwdrivers of screwdrivers. To repair it, you do not need to be a specialist, but enough to stock up on the tool and free time.