How to wedge the cartridge of the metabaro screwdriver. Video: how to remove a cartridge with a cone at the electrode?

The cartridge of the screwdriver jammed The article introduces how to remove and disassemble the cartridge of a screwdriver correctly. Regardless of the power tool and the type of fastening, in most cases the head is subject to repair. If there are no options left, except replacing with a new one, you need to understand which element to put. Recommendations […]

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Cultivator Texas what kind of oil. Video: Cultivator Texas oil replacement

What oil to pour into the Texas cultivator Consider the procedure and features of oil change in cultivators. Regardless of the type of engine, it is not recommended to use individual additives for lubricants, which are in large quantities on the market. This can reduce the performance of the composition. The spent product should be disposed of with the least […]

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How to disassemble a fastpacked screwdriver cartridge. Video: how easy it is to remove the cartridge of the drill or screwdriver

How to disassemble a screwdriver cartridge It’s no secret for a long time that it is more convenient to unscrew and tighten the screws and the fastest in the fastest with a screwdriver. At least which tool has the ability to wear out and fail. This is especially true for moving and often used details. In a screwdriver, such a […]

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How to assemble a starter on a trimmer video

Grass Trimmer Starter Assembly Sequence Although the process of assembling the lawn mower starting unit is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly, there are several nuances that should be paid special attention to: The coil with the spring installed must be turned over and mounted in the groove of the starter body so that all the protrusions become […]

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How to remove the line from the reel of a grass trimmer video

How to replace line on a trimmer? Replacing the grass trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced lawn mower owner to perform a rather difficult job. However, before starting work on changing the line on the trimmer, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the work. In particular, measures should be taken to prevent unintentional or […]

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